You are currently viewing Celestial Phenomenon ~ Immense Energy of Plasma Waves in Mercury Retrograde ~ Blue Ray Shekinah Sophia ~ WHAT YOU LOVE

Celestial Phenomenon ~ Immense Energy of Plasma Waves in Mercury Retrograde ~ Blue Ray Shekinah Sophia ~ WHAT YOU LOVE

Celestial Phenomenon ~ Immense Energy of Plasma Waves in Mercury Retrograde ~ Blue Ray Shekinah Sophia ~ WHAT YOU LOVE




Paul White Gold Eagle

Greetings Divine Consorts of the Great Spirit on Earth

We have reached critical mass in the Great Awakening of our Ascension journey. Now our Awakened Spiritual warriors of the 144 shall uplift, elevate and expand into the Infinite Light of Source Creator. The Kingdom of Heaven within is the Bright Virtue of the Still White Magnetic Light at the Center of all things we call the Great Mystery.

In the Oneness of all Life we realize our True Nature of Buddha Mind and resolve all things perfectly in the Pure Awareness of our Sacred Self. We release all programs, Perceptions, and beliefs of separation to heal and transform all discordant in the Quantum Field of Consciousness to bridge Heaven and Earth and consciously Co-Create the Pure Land of Amida Buddha.

Our rebirth into the Pure Land is our Divine birthright for in our mission of Planetary Liberation we made the greatest sacrifice to journey into the “Valley of the shadow of death” to free all of humanity from fear and suffering and be the Wayshowers of Truth, Peace and Unity for all our Good People of the New Earth.

With the courage of our Lion Nation of New Lemuria we breakthrough all barriers and bondage and call in our Freedom Codes of the one true Ascension timeline of Terra Nova Gaia Galacticus in this Eternal Now…Aho!








Part of the reboot in the mainframe of human consciousness is a clearing of the Akashic Records as we co-mingle Andromeda & Milky Way Galaxies.
Our consciousness is already co-mingled ❤
Akashic Records
Akashic Records
Amazing Restoration
The Central Mind,
The Portal Of The Navel,
The Womb Mind Is Unifying,
In Alignment With The Unified Cosmic Central Sun.
There Is Nothing But Harmony
As The Power Of The Sun Meets The Magnetics Of Andromeda.
We Are Of This Highest Creational Intelligence Now
Unified Within
Blue Andromedan Goddess
Blue Andromedan Goddess

Women will birth New Earth through the power of their wombs.

Men are here to protect all that is sacred.
Our wombs are here to birth the New Earth and they’re ready to be awakened to their highest emanation of their original divine blueprint and embodiment of divine love and creative powers. Each of our wombs holds different codes to birth the new age on this Earth. I’m feeling this call really strongly at the moment.
She’s coming to her power and she will no longer be silenced and manipulated. She’s the primordial emanation of Divine Mother. She’s deep and ancient. She holds deep mysteries of creation and has power to create massive shifts on this Earth. Hence the distortion of our wombs has been so vast so we won’t come to our full power.
Everything we’ve known, experienced as women is mostly all distorted reality and the awakening from this takes deep devotion to truth and restoring trust to God. It’s a deep desire to return to our true nature, to collapse all distorted programs we’ve been imprinted with.
There are only two things here sovereignty or enslavement. And it can be very comfortable enslavement, it’s very clever and difficult to see. It’s harsh but it’s true. You play in the illusion or you free yourself. And if you’re here for true liberation and return to divine love, it takes devotion and dedication. It’s the only path worth taking, really. And you have to choose it, all of you.
To your sovereignty,
Hana x

Twinflames in the Beginning 💞

Aeons ago beyond the confines of time and space, you and your twin flame stood before Alpha and Omega, the Father/Mother God, and vowed to bring to earth a portion of God’s creativity—to bring energy from the Spirit plane of your being, your I AM Presence, into the world of form for action, for good works—and then to return to the plane of Spirit having mastered time and space.
Learning to translate spiritual energy to the physical plane required a series of incarnations in both masculine and feminine embodiments. In this way, each twin flame had the opportunity to reflect the fullness of the Father/Mother God.


Working from your DIVINE HEART within, is to use LOVE UNCONDITIONALLY.
This is the final key to your full transformation into New Earth frequencies. To REALISE that the Divine LOVE within you is FULLY UNCONDITIONAL.
Duality cannot exist on the same plane or frequency as Unconditional Love!
ONLY LOVE is REAL. There is no separation, that was simply the illusion we all experienced in order to learn, and to help us remember and return to being what we always were, and are, divine beings, we are ONE LIGHT, ONE LOVE, ONE SOURCE.
YOU ARE THAT LOVE. Holding it steady is the Highest Frequency, and the challenge is to hold it steady 24/7 whilst we go through the final section of this unique and momentous event. Be strong, courageous, dearest Starseeds, warriors of Light. We are within a hair’s breadth… it will happen in an instant.
I am being told to Stand by…
With deepest Divine, and yes, totally Unconditional Love, respect and deep gratitude to you All for being here NOW! Allow this frequency to see you through safely. You are divinely protected and very much loved.
– Josephine 💕💖🌟
Blessings dear meme creator! 💕💖🌟
Unconditional Love
Unconditional Love
4/16/24: People, like any species, can be a danger to themselves and others when they feel cornered. So it’s important that you not feel trapped by confining duties, obligations, or expectations in this productive year (especially self-imposed ones)… because that’s the point where your connection to Creative Flow can diminish.
And as Flow ebbs, so does your energy and inspiration. Today you can see where you feel short on options or stuck. And this is where perspective is crucial. Sometimes options and opportunities are simply waiting on the other side of the situation, so taking another look from a different viewpoint can make all the difference. We have many more choices than we can ever take advantage of. The trick is seeing them.
Creative Flow
Creative Flow

Blue Ray Transmissions:

(Physical Ascension Symptoms) On the Other Side of ***The Celestial Phenomenon of the eclipse//Harnessing the Immense Energy of Plasma Waves in Mercury retrograde.
Currently, we are in the wake of the most powerful and potent energy shifts from the latest solar eclipse. Many of you are now experiencing the plasma energy emanating from this cosmic gateway, which is undergoing a process of transformation and realignment.
These potent emanations will continue through this week and the following, where you will adjust to the new energies and frequency resonances.
The force of streaming light that comes from this eclipse after the initiation entry causes this energy to push powerfully through you, causing the resurfacing of your core wounds, your holy purpose, changes in relationships, and a new expression of your being.
Even days and weeks after the solar eclipse, you may feel a buzzing of energy as the frequency vibration of the planet has shifted. The Blue Ray’s, ultrasensitives, and Starseed lightworker empaths are feeling the effects and changes in your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies, making you feel more sensitive at times.
(Your sensitiveness and empathy are a holy power and a divine mission of the Sacred Feminine Spirit, restoring the divine vibration on this planet that is changing the human species).
Ascension Shift Symptoms Awakening: The Celestial Process
The Sensory aware beings the New Divine Angelic Humans
It is suggested to consult a healthcare professional for symptoms as not every symptom is from ascension. And though it may be an ascension symptom, you still may need assistance with the process.
There are times when you can feel the energies running through your body and at times, there is almost a buzzing sound.
Feeling a burst of inspirational energy, well-being, and joy.
The release, liberation, and freedom after the slow sludge energy.
Some can experience a period of slow energy, where it feels like the energy is thick and it is more challenging to accomplish your work, daily activities, and projects. And where you are not as productive as you would like to be, however, certain projects, people, and meetings just breeze through.
Know there is a reason and cause for what feels like the slowdown of energy; you need the time for your body, mind and spirit to adjust and realign to a new higher flow, divine timing, and frequency shift.
Some can experience hair static where more electricity and plasma in the air and also muscle cramps.
Sleep disturbances include waking up earlier or later, as well as in the middle of the night.
Reassurance of the realms you are connected and a part of: the Angelic, Fairy, Mother Earth, Shambhala, and Cosmic. This is not just for you; it is for the world to receive this through you.
Vivid and powerful dreams and messages from your dream state.
Digestion: Some will be more hungry than normal, and others can find it difficult to eat food, with occasional queasy stomachs. Also, some foods you eat at certain times go right through you.
Out-of-body experiences, feeling like your energy is wavy in and out of your body.
high-pitched ringing tones in the ear that come and then go, Tiredness, fatigue, or a or a trance-like state—this can be on and off for a day, days, or weeks.
Some can experience the energies so thick and come over you like a trance where you have to lay down. These are the times your body needs to be quiet and still, for re-adjustments and new energy circuit balancing. Emotional healing and old wounds of the past resurfacing, Increased intuition, Relationship changes, shifts, endings, and new beginnings.
Everyone is shifting in frequency in some way, some more significantly than others. Not all will be able to choose to meet you at a coherence frequency. This will cause a transformation in relationships, including your personal relationship with yourself. Relationships will either shift up together or not in resonance.
The God experience:
the Holy Spirit, the Shekinah Sophia. This experience began following the first eclipse of the year and has continued throughout, particularly through the Cosmic Gateway portal. It will be an experience where you have a powerful understanding of the Creator that will be tied to who you are, your mission, and your soul’s history. Some will have visuals of the God Experiences where they see in their environment other worldly beings, phenomena, and creation taking different forms to communicate and show you.


Shekinah Sophia
Shekinah Sophia



This next part was written last week:






Dear Masculine,
you might suddenly wake up realizing that you want the One/thing you thought you didn’t.
Dear Feminine,
you might suddenly wake up realizing that you do not want the One/thing you thought you did.
From now until the end of the year this blockbuster movie is called
Directed by the Great Spirit!
Written by Divine Intelligence!
Filmed at the location of Earth!
Starring: Everyone
By ‘Grow up’ productions!
Hasta la vista baby!
Since yesterday when I started writing about the lighting of the Olympic Flame and during today’s ceremony in ancient Olympia, I observed certain omens surrounding the whole process that I interpreted as negative.
Things will be getting more difficult for the unaware humanity and the external events will continue revealing the great shadow that was hidden.
What is playing out now is connected to energies and repetitions of unresolved problems of really old stories!
This is the karma coming from the stories of war, greed and struggle between the different families which continues to this day.
In the inner worlds the return of the Divine Masculine is taking place strongly and this can be really felt on the physical body of those who are aligned and at certain moments, embodiment feels overwhelming!
Rest is needed as we are in the middle of the correction and flipping of inner polarities.
The new plane of perception and perspective is changing and a new one is opening up so what could not be seen before, will be seen now!
“Certain very ambitious and known protagonists are being uprooted and certain seeds of evil are being humbled but some of them, will also dissolve in the cosmic winds and disperse for good!”
This is not a joke, this is the return of the Twins!
Blessings of a smooth return for the Divine Masculine!
El Moryana Anadimiana
OL A Christos
Huna Ma Anata Kumara
Yellow Galactic Warrior
Fb: Crystal and indigo guide to the galaxy

image by: Debbie Edwards

To The Ascension LightWorker Collective .

A significant shift in the Earths timeline has occurred, resulting in an acceleration of momentum. This shift is activating a higher level of consciousness known as the higher self consciousness, allowing for the integration of God/Source codes of Light.
As a result, ascending individuals are evolving into a heightened state of being, with enhanced abilities and a greater connection to the multidimensional aspects of existence. This shift will soon manifest more tangibly in the physical reality.
On the ascension journey, ascending individuals will naturally focus on self-healing and reclaiming power from past karmic and unhealthy conventions and relationships, this accelerates growth towards higher realms and universal energies. Starseeds play a vital role as transmuters, maintaining high frequencies to transform negative energies and ancestral karma through their expanded light.
These evolved souls intentionally incarnate into ancestral lines with significant negative karma to release, heal, and elevate their entire lineage. As the groundwork for a new navigational system for the New Earth .
During challenging times when things seem chaotic, it quite often signals the clearing of old energies to create internal space for higher vibrational alignment.
There will be a greater presence of manifestations in the physical realm, as the collective consciousness has consciously opened this reality.
The efforts of Starseeds are characterised by endurance, perseverance, focus, loyalty dedication, self-connection, and self-realisation, all have played a significant role in reaching this point.
The unlocking of multidimensional aspects is centered in the heart, leading to a growing and expanding sense of being even more multidimensional over the past five years.
This unlocking will propel the collective into new levels of awareness, with the heart serving as the gateway to receive new information and Light codes directly from Source. This heightened state will activate higher insight, knowing, seeing, and enhanced telepathic abilities.
The transformation begins within through practicing self-love and self-acceptance, which will reveal the inner radiance and true essence. By developing a strong foundation of self-worth and embracing your innate light, you are paving the way for positive changes.
This planetary transmission carries the potential to catalyse a deeper level of awakening for souls who are ready to embrace the universal truth. It serves as a reminder to re-connect, and open self to receive new codes of consciousness.
Embracing your rebirth as a new journey begins, enriched by the inner work and transformations you have previously experienced. Discovering the light, power, and love within your new self like an explorer navigating uncharted territories.
Your soul has gathered energy, evolving from old beliefs and forms to nourish the new version of you. This divine moment marks a major rebirth, where something new emerges from what once was.
As you enter the next phase of ascending life trust in your growing strength and confidence in this transformed self. Reflect on your progress and embrace the changes you have undergone. Celebrate this next chapter where your higher ideas, connections, relationships and lifestyle choices fully support your ascension .
When you are in alignment with your true self and your purpose, a multidimensional synergy occurs where what you need effortlessly comes to you. In this higher conscious state, there is no need to rush or stress, instead, you find yourself working with exuberance and joy. The effort you put in doesn’t feel like hard work but more like a joyful expression of your true essence.
Being in alignment allows you to be your most authentic self without apologies or reservations. You are free to express yourself fully and completely, un effected by self-doubt or fear. Everything falls into place naturally, and you find yourself in a state of synchronic flow, where opportunities and blessings come to you without struggle.
In this state of alignment, being fully present and true to yourself becomes effortless. You will no longer feel the need to overextend yourself or work tirelessly to prove your worth. Instead, you recognise the beauty of just being, of living in the moment and embracing your true nature.
Being in alignment in new earth energy grants the ascending the privilege of living authentically with more ease and grace. It allows them to embrace life as a joyful expression of your true self, where everything you need effortlessly finds its way to you,
In loving and devoted Ascension service
Source inspiration by Ascension LightWorkers ©️
synchronic flow
synchronic flow
Carolyn 144 GODCODE

Carolyn 144 GODCODE

Avoid letting mistakes of the past hold you back. Forgive yourself and move forward with the lessons learned. The fact is that you are here in service to God, and Chosen to create a new paradigm. A big part of this is now to take back your power and confidence so you can fearlessly lead. You’ve come so far too hold back any longer. Override playing small and staying still due to fears from the past.

A path has opened calling you to trust in God’s plan to move into the light. Utilize what is available and pull all your energy back to focus on this right now. Go within and listen to the intuition that is awakening.

You have to be your own saviour, and right now is the opportunity to save yourself. Prioritize your own needs and use your wisdom to continue forward into your New Earth Destiny.

In Jesus Christ’s name amen 🙏

God bless you 🕊 Love Carolyn

The Earth is awakening to a new song
The Earth is awakening to a new song

Adrienne Elise

The Sun and Mercury just crossed over each other at 22 degrees Aries. Now Mercury retrograde is heading back over the powerful point of the Total Eclipse that happened on April 8th. Mercury comes into exact conjunction with Chiron at this activated placement of 19 degrees Aries on April 16th. We will be feeling this potent conjunction for the rest of the week, reverberating, like the activating effect of that incredible Eclipse. 19 is a number of ‘the most high’, perfect wisdom and awareness. As it contains ‘1’, the beginning, ‘9’ the end, and they add up to 10, or 1 again, a New Beginning. This is confirming that this Aries Eclipse was indeed an gateway into a new reality, a death and rebirth experience.

Chiron represents our deepest wounds, and in Aries its about where we have given up our life and life force to external control. This Eclipse and conjunction with Chiron and Mercury retrograde at 19 degrees Aries says that this is the rebirth of the Once and True King within us. WE are standing strong and taking back control of our world. This Eclipse is a healing and activation of the Divine Masculine. When the wounds of Chiron are healed, therein lies a Super Power. In the case of Aries, that power is unbridled life force. Are you ready to be ReBorn? Are you ready to feel Alive Again?

Mercury retrograde will catch up to Venus at 17 degrees Aries on April 19th. This is a sweet meeting, reminding us that whatever unfolds on Your New Path, in your New Reality, must be fully in alignment with What You Love. This Venus Mercury conjunction is qualifying this whole season. We must go back and get in alignment with the Goddess. It’s a rebirth for the Pure, Abundant, Divine Feminine. We are being invited to fall back in Love with Her.

Mercury will retrograde back to 15 degrees Aries, in conjunction with the North Node of the Moon, before turning direct on April 26th. Mercury will be hovering very close to the North Node, at 16 degrees Aries for the Scorpio Full Moon on April 23rd. The North Node is about how to move forward, and what direction to go. Mercury conjunct the North Node on turning direct, at the exact midpoint of the sign of Aries, confirms completely New Direction. It’s a Rebirth, and so the only way forward is for part of our selves to die, so we can be reborn into our Most Amazing Future. Something completely new. So different, that it is completely out of our present frame of reference. Prepare to get your mind blown!

The Scorpio Full Moon happens at 4 degrees, 18 minutes of Scorpio. At the early degrees of the sign, this Full Moon is bringing a deep craving for more meaningful connection. Our Original Soul Groups are being called back together. The Sun in Taurus, and the Moon in Scorpio will make a T-square with Pluto in Aquarius. Are we really ready for the Aquarian Age? We must own our Wealth and come back together in our Power, if we are going to make the Leap.

This Scorpio Full Moon is about establishing a new reality in which to Land. We are Jumping out of the old stories but into what? We must establish something New. But what? The Mother is calling us to come into deep alignment with her. We are claiming back Dominion, with the Mother, of Her resources and technologies. They can no longer be allowed to be used to cause harm.

Jupiter and Uranus are approaching exact conjunction. This is an epic meeting of powerful planetary energies, speaking to Owning Our Access to Our Own Power and Energy. Jupiter and Uranus meet up at 21 degrees of Taurus on April 18-21, and again at 22 degrees Taurus on April 25-26. This makes the rest of April a potent time of Higher Chakra Activation.

Jupiter expands whatever it comes across. Uranus represents higher frequency vibrations and advanced technologies, as well as our connection to our Higher Self. Get ready for a Massive Activation and Awakening with these big player planets coming together, on the heels of this Rebirth Eclipse. It’s now or never for us to overcome all fear of our Own Power and Stand Up to claim back what is rightfully Ours. The Light is Flooding In and Nothing Can Stop It.


On Tuesday, April 16th, the Moon, ruler of reflection and receptivity, is in Leo the Lion, She will not be making any more connections today, but she is approaching a positive trine aspect to Venus, ruler of happiness and harmony, which will be exact at 4:03am Wednesday morning Eastern Time.
We can benefit from this beautiful energy by connecting with others, expressing our creativity and shining our Light out into the world. Like attracts Like so be vital, passionate and bold……be joyful, playful and peaceful……be loving, affectionate and open to all of the blessings that the Universe has to offer. Both the Moon and Venus are an aspect of the Divine Feminine Archetype, therefore they are magnetic and attracting to our wishes and desires. Make it count!
Blessings of Love and Light to All! ❤
the Moon, ruler of reflection and receptivity, is in Leo the Lion
the Moon, ruler of reflection and receptivity, is in Leo the Lion
Mercury retrograde in Aries square Ceres in Capricorn. Mars in Pisces sextile Ceres in Capricorn and semi-sextile Mercury. Astraea in Cancer square North Node in Aries and South Node in Libra –
‘But Mum, why? This is what I want!’ Mercury stamps his foot.
‘You can talk to me when you have calmed down’ says Ceres smoothly and shuts the door. Mercury kicks the steel, yelps, swears.
‘Hey son’. Mars emerges from hunting seahorses. ‘Sometimes you need to stop telling the universe what you want and just trust that you’ll get what you need. Softly, softly, my boy. We love you to the Moon and back!’
Mercury huffs, sighs, sits. The only hint of frustration his drumming fingers.
So goes the cosmic conversation today. Calm the mind. Don’t let your need for an answer, information, or conversation consume your energy. To all things a season. Wait with grace. Turn your mind to creative projects. Get excited about the endless offerings from your imagination. Feed your mind healthy material. Nurture yourself with comforting words. Acknowledge what you need without viewing it as a weakness. Find peace amidst the noise.
Degrees and Times
Mercury 19°Ar11′ R, Ceres 19°Cp11′ – 14:16 (BST)
Astraea 15°Cn33′, North Node 15°Ar33′, South Node 15°Li33′ – 15:06 (BST)
Mercury 19°Ar08′ R, Mars 19°Pi08′ – 15:45 (BST)
Mars 19°Pi12′, Ceres 19°Cp12′ – 17:43 (BST)
© Leah Whitehorse
source :
Painting – Neapolitan boys-fishermen by Orest Kiprensky
Neapolitan boys-fishermen
Neapolitan boys-fishermen

Kin 178 ~ White Solar Mirror

‘Solar’ is the name for the number nine and its keywords are ‘Intention, Pulse and Realize’. There’s no messing with this number, it gets the job done. I feel sorry for folk who have a ‘Solar’ child because they get what they want and it’s hard to say no to them. Utilize this energy today and get what you want, use your intention but be discerning, don’t take what you don’t need.
Today is White Mirror which represents ‘Reflection, Endlessness and Order’. Today is all about the ‘intention to find the truth’. Be prepared to be shocked, surprised, intrigued or stunned.
Learning the truth can have that effect if you are digging around for answers, you never know what you may find. If you have the nerve and you are prepared to hear what you don’t want to hear, then go ahead and make it your intention to discover what is really going on. Take a good long look in the Mirror today and make it your intention to be truthful about what you see. That includes good things, like your potential and inner beauty.
The Guide today is the White Wizard, the charmer. When the Wizard guides Mirror, there is potential for hornswoggling. Be wary of folk trying to enchant you in order to conceal truth. On the plus side, you can be enchanting and if you need to use a little charm to extract answers, then that’s fine but don’t harm anyone in the process.
The Challenge is the Yellow Star which represents ‘Beauty and Art’. The search for truth can bring up some ugly things and that’s just the way it is. PLAIN truth is just that. If you are a Yellow Star, you may not enjoy today’s reality check. You are not interested in learning what is really going on because it may dissolve the beautiful fantasy you created.
The Occult power is the Blue Night, the dreamer of the Tzolkin who dreams up some powerful stuff when in this position. All the possible outcomes and scenarios are considered by Blue Night with his awesome imagination. You can tap into this imagination too and it will help you get your head round all the possible explanations for what is going on. Make it your intention to make your dreams come true and the truthful Mirror can tell you which ones have a realistic chance. As the dreamy Night is in this magical position, there is a chance that magic can help these dreams be realized.
The Ally is the Red Dragon, the nurturer who suits the Ally position because their natural friendliness is much in demand and they enjoy helping out other folk. If you are one expect to be needed. If you don’t know one, do what they would do and withdraw into a comfy cave if that’s what you need. Also, if you have any plans to launch something new today, then go ahead as Dragon also represents new beginnings.
Kin 178
Kin 178


9 ETZNAB – KIN 178
16 APRIL 2024
I PULSE in order to REFLECT
Realizing ORDER
I seal the Matrix of ENDLESSNESS
With the Solar tone of INTENTION
I AM guided by the power of TIMELESSNESS
16/4/2024 = 7/4/2024= 7/4/8 = 7/12=7/3 =10 =1
16- The TOWER/Sudden unexpected changes
7- Majik/Mystic/Spiritual/Solitude/Initiation
10- Manifestation/Perfection/Power/Authority
1- Leader/New beginnings/Original/Independent/Unique
✨MONTH/YEAR codes✨
4- Form/Structure/Foundation/Earth/Angelic
8- Infinite Abundant Source Flow
12- Acquiring spiritual strength/wisdom
3- Holy Trinity/Joy/Communication/Creativity
20- The AWAKENING/Clear vision
24- Charisma/Happiness/Healing/Joy
KIN 178 = 16 = 7 – Mystic/Majik/Spiritual/Solitude
✨16.16✨ DOUBLE TOWER!!
A powerfully REFLECTIVE DAY to BREAK THROUGH💥 the Matrix with the power of LOVE! 💓
ECLIPSE OF THE HEART💕 36 months ago KIN 176 aligned with a NEW MOON🌛 SOLAR ECLIPSE🌞🌒 IN GEMINI 👬👭 on 10th June, 2021. We are re-ACTIVATING – these codes through this 4TH Galactic spin in this higher spiral of the TZOLKIN Calendar.
The SOLAR ECLIPSE activated a 💕 🔥TWIN FLAME PORTAL 🔥💕 so this is potent energy for re-IGNITING the SPARK🔥 in these destined re-UNIONS.
The RING of FIRE 🔥🌞 SOLAR ECLIPSE occured last year, whilst the NEW LUNAR MOON🌛 was in the sign of GEMINI👬 The SUN was also in the sign of GEMINI,👭 so we had a DOUBLE WHAMMY of GEMINI👫👫 energy activated, doubling the IMPACT of the TWINS. GEMINI symbolizes the TWINS and lovers, being the sign for TWIN FLAMES. 🔥🔥
This also AMPLIFIES the ECLIPSE of the HEART energy 8 days ago.. through KIN 170 MAGNETIC DOG..
18 MOONS/months ago we passed through the 11:11 Gateway, whilst the moon was also in GEMINI again, – so we had a DOUBLE WHAMMY TWIN FLAME. portal. Today is a continuation of these doorways favouring reunions and reconnections with our beloved kinfolk, during this WHITE DOG wavespell. .
This HEART EXPANSION is being AMPLIFIED by the SOLAR MIRROR and WHITE DOG today, favouring many happy REUNIONs and homecoming for kindred souls.
💝🐕👪🌹 💝🐕👪🌹💝
Day 9 in the WHITE DOG 🐕WAVESPELL of unconditional love, loyalty, devotion, Service, friendship and Faith.. We are uncovering and healing all that separates us from SOURCE LOVE in order to BE LOVE! 💕
✨✨Today we allow Christ consciousness🌞 through the endlessness of time, to PULSE through our being with the blade of pure reflection, to realise pure unconditional LOVE.💞 The timeless POWER of CREATION.
SOLAR🌞– Tone 9 operates in the SPIRITUAL realm ACTION – realizing, POWER – pulsing ESSENCE – intention The 9th day of the Wavespell is the one that gives the last push prior to manifestation. The SOLAR phase is where we wake up to the fact that our Will affects the reality we experience, so we begin PULSING, extending our intent into realization. Visualizing what we want to manifest and pulsing that intention from our heart.
Today we are pulsing pure Christ Consciousness🌞 and unconditional LOVE.💓💟
✨ ✨✨Today is another VERY special SPIRITUAL day symbolizing the ENERGY codes of CHRIST’S RESURRECTION though the link to the 2021 SOLAR ECLIPSE PORTAL – as the DARKNESS eclipses the LIGHT – but the LIGHT returns through a blazing RING OF FIRE🔥 bursting forth from the DARKNESS.
The SOLAR🌞 tone represents the CHRIST LIGHT, as it is a pulsing energy that emanates from the SUN, bringing forth the power to realize and manifest your intentions. CHRIST is the SON/SUN of GOD! This code coupled with the White Dog wavespell ACTIVATES HEART BASED CONSCIOUSNESS… which is the basis of the teachings of YESHUA. 🌟
All the codings through each successive GALACTIC SPIN🌪 compound, adding layers and depth to our life experience, enabling us to forever GROW and EVOLVE to a higher level of consciousness. All is synergistically combining to bring forth a beautiful ELEVATING SOLAR force. 🌞🎆
SPIRIT said that the LIGHT✨ has LIT UP 💡the darkest of places. Where there was DARKNESS now there is LIGHT. ✨🌟🌞
GET READY FOLKS – additional turbo boosting the POWER of the LIGHT, as we rapidly ACCELERATE into this new CHAPTER 💥💥💥💥
Make sure you are fully CONSCIOUS of your energy and INTENT today, and FOCUSED on what you wish to REALIZE. This is UBER important during this super SOLAR charged, MAGNIFYING MIRROR code!
Make a LIST of what DARKNESS you wish for the SUN to burn,🔥 and what LIGHTNESS you wish the SUN to ACTIVATE☀ and energize.
From DARK🌒 to LIGHT!🌞 The POWER of transformation and resurrection is strong today.
Today’s question is “How can I harmonize the darkness into THE LIGHT, becoming more receptive to PULSING💓 the PURE TIMELESS LOVE of Christ Consciousness🌞 through my being?”☀💟🌞💓🎆
🐬🌈 ❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤
Divine blessings for bathing in the pure Golden Soul-ar SOPHIA/CHRISTOS LOVE❤ ALCHEMY⚛ today.
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈
❓❓❓What VISION and intention are you PULSING💥 into your new reality?
💝🐕👪🌹 💝🐕👪🌹💝
A GIFT to raise your Christ frequency.
528Hz ✞ 432Hz ✞ CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS ✞ Vibration of the Fifth Dimension ✞ Solfeggio Frequencies
💝🐕👪🌹 💝🐕👪🌹💝🐕👪🌹
CONSCIOUS SELF: WHITE SOLAR MIRROR ☀🛡– ETZNAB reveals the patterns of our existence and reflects the order of TRUTH. Seeing that every pattern that we have resisted thus far, actually has a gold lining that points to our greatest gifts. This resistance is born through a subconscious FEAR of some type, seeking to keep us hidden from sight and becoming our greatest glorious self.
The SOLAR MIRROR is seeking to refine our perception of PURE DIVINE TRUTH through a clearer lens.
The MIRROR is a portal or doorway that REFLECTS two realms which symbolizes our paradox – the control Matrix versus the HARMONIC MATRIX.
This DUALITY battle between DARK and LIGHT – GOOD VS EVIL and such is coming to a CLOSE as we progress towards UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS now. This reflects a balance or union of OPPOSITES – masculine and feminine creating a unified WHOLE being/entity. We are now being elevated to embody compassion and HIGHER LOVE through unity consciousness.
✨The SOLAR MIRROR KIN 178 seeks to BLAST US OUT of the OLD MIRROR WORLD💥 Once FREED from the SHATTERED MATRIX the amplification power of the PYRAMID (which is the glyph for the WHITE MIRROR) will use the flame of the Pyr🔥 to ignite and activate our HEARTS to CHOOSE a PASSIONATE new world. 💞
We are able to stand in the Hall of Mirrors and reflect upon a multitude of different perspectives in order to see, FEEL and know the TRUTH. Where the swords are honed, from the heart, to reflect all that is not needed on the journey home to the heart of SOURCE,💟 pure love,💓 pure consciousness☀… the timeless journey home.
Realizing that PURE LOVE is not a sugar coated acceptance of all that surfaces, but a sword finely honed that strips away all that is not necessary, for each soul’s journey back to the HEART of all, through unified consciousness. ❤❤❤
As we are purifying and refining our INNER TEMPLE to embody more LIGHT, we are focused on REFLECTING a loving ❤ environment as we HONOUR our cell-ves and our interdimensional unlimited nature. We connect to the unconditional DIVINE LOVE 💕 of ALL THAT IS, within our Heart space as we radiate and pulse that outwardly. ❤☀❤
The places we inhabit, both at home, at work and at play, need to anchor this unconditional love that permeates the walls, floors, ceiling and everything therein. As this love embeds, others are drawn to this space to merge in and comfortably inhabit. The higher the frequency of the space, the higher the vibration of people we attract. Now is the time to create the Sacred spaces both internally and externally to nourish and nurture your beautiful soul.
Embrace this REFLECTION of this unconditional and endless LOVE. 💞
HIGHER SELF/GUIDE: WHITE SOLAR WIZARD☀ 🔮– IX.. the Higher guide power today is INDEED a beautiful GIFT of an extra dose of LOVE.💟💕.How DIVINE to have the charismatic and ENCHANTING WIZARD as our Higher Power today!The SOLAR WIZARD unites with the OVERTONE WIZARD to give us DOUBLE SOLAR POWER… WHAT A BOOST!!
The SOLAR WIZARD- KIN 74 is guided by the WHITE DOG🐕 – so there is a very strong prevailing force of PURE UNADULTERATED LOVE guiding the HEART, and ACTIONS of this shining and charismatic Wizard. 💕
Through becoming more receptive, we are guided by the reflections (WHITE MIRROR) of TRUTH. ETZNAB and IX are both revealing the infinite TRUTH of all that is, beyond any false illusions or projections.
WHITE WIZARD has the capacity to access wisdom from all realms and dimensions and uses his SWORD of truth, to cut all restrictive ties and cords of attachment from beliefs, programs, patterns or people that may be draining or limiting you from receiving and pulsing greater LOVE. 💕 IX uses his majikal Shamanic power to alchemize through the power of LOVE!
❓❓❓WHO or WHAT is limiting you from expressing pure LOVE? 💟💟💟
✨✨✨When you express your TRUE essence and live from your PURE HEART,❤ life becomes Majikal.💫
Just as SNOW WHITE👸 melted the hearts of all beings who felt the purity of her heart, you can also wield the power of enchantment, over others and your world. This power comes from the HEART and is used in an honest and uplifting, life enhancing manner, giving strength and power to all those who connect with you, rather than the hypnotic, mind controlling and enslavement methods of the enchantress of old.
✨The WIZARDS of the New Earth are the wise sages and saints who live life guided by their pure HEARTS. 💕 The era of the Dark Magi is closing and all Majik has returned to the realm of LIGHT!✨💫🌟✨✴
The GEMINI TWINS👬 represent one LIGHT and one DARK, each reflecting the polarity in our Matrix which has been the theme of the MIRROR. TWIN FLAMES usually take on these SHADOW games and may even fluctuate back and forth with each other’s roles. The LIGHT attracts the DARK and vice versa, in order to create BALANCE. This was the Universal Law of Polarity..
Now this Law is being harmonized, so the pendulum will no longer SWING to and fro, so erratically. We will be FREE to find our balance through our EQUILIBRIUM point – and of course that is our HEART.❤
✨ KIN 178 – the SOLAR MIRROR today gives us the opportunity to UNIFY and HEAL these polarities bringing back THE LIGHT in all its Glory. 🌞🎆
WHITE WIZARD guiding this energy today gives us a DOUBLE DOSE of WIZARDRY energy, enabling humanity to use the endless WHITE MAJIK to DISSOLVE and release the BLACK MAGIC’S hold upon our planet – bringing forth an Era of endless LOVE.💞 💗💞💗
SUPPORT: RED SOLAR DRAGON 🐉– IMIX – Mother IMIX is assisting us in birthing our manifestations today through LOVE.💕 This is pure CREATRIX energy which can be accessed to be BORN ANEW.🐣 To pulse forth our intentions to BIRTH the NEW – new romantic partners, new projects, new beginnings – whatever our TRUE HEARTS desire.
Birthing better, purer and more Divine versions of ourselves through allowing our true Diamond💠 💎 essence to SHINE through. Nurturing our primal AWAKENING to our connection with that of pure creation.
The SOLAR DRAGON🌞🐉🐉 strongly reflects the SOPHIA WISDOM🌹 codes, and the MAGDALENA- divine feminine aspect of creation, bringing a balanced reflection of the polarities UNIFYing into ONE.
We are allowing our HEARTS❤ to respond to the impetus of pure Sophia/Christ Consciousness🌞 flowing through us. Witnessing how we are enlivened and experience more joy and bliss through the Majik💫 that is birthed through us and our creations. Realising ourselves as part of the pattern of ever-expanding and awakening consciousness flowing throughout Creation.
OPEN YOUR HEART💟 and allow Mother Dragon to birth even greater LOVE through your being today!
OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: BLUE OVERTONE NIGHT👑 🌃– AKBAL dives deep down into the abyss, bringing LIGHT through the HALL OF MIRRORS to all our deep subconscious distortions. ALL IS REVEALED through the LIGHT of TRUTH and LOVE today.
The SUPERPOWER of AKBAL today is to ✨COMMAND your DREAMS and heart’s desires into being ✨– pulsing out those intentions to the Universe to bend and shape your new reality into being. What a HEAVENLY GIFT – the hidden agenda behind today’s code gives you maximum leverage power of this SOLAR FLAME🔥🔥
Use your intuition to attune to the signs that AKBAL is revealing, particularly through your DREAMSTATE. 😴💤
Trust in the deeper Collective Dreaming of evolutionary transformation. Trust all that is reflected today, that EMPOWERS the dreaming of ABUNDANCE💰🌞 for all beings, guided by the childlike inner-sense of our own hearts.
The power to DREAM the NEW DREAM of pure love and LIGHT, filled with the absolute DIVINE MAJIK from SOURCE. . 💫💓🌞🎆
NOTE: You can use the POWER of lucid dreaming today, to seed your focused intentions through the DREAMTIME, to manifest your HEART’s desires in accelerated TIME! GOOD LUCK DREAMWEAVERS 🕸💞💫✨
CHALLENGE/GIFT: YELLOW SOLAR STAR ☀🌟– LAMAT is a portal in itself adding more potent DOORWAYS of opportunity today. LAMAT is also the keeper of the HARMONIC MATRIX reflected through the NEW TIME – where TIME=ART. This blessing of today’s code enables us to transcend the old TIME=MONEY paradigm and fully launch into the new CREATIVE and HARMONIC TIME which we CELEBRATE on D.O.O.T. dayS! Beauty, creativity and elegance awaits beyond the doorways.
We are entering a VERY significant GATEWAY to HARMONIC TIME through ✨TWO SUCCESSIVE SUPER LAMAT PORTALS✨ on 26 APRIL 2024 – as MERCURY stations DIRECT again – with the YELLOW RHYTHMIC STAR 🌟 opening the first gate, and then 20 days later, on 16 MAY 2024 – the YELLOW COSMIC STAR 🍥🌟 – What a CELESTIAL BLAST🌠🌠🌠 of BEAUTY that will be.. woweeee the NEW HARMONIC TIME is HERE NOW beloveds.
NOTE: This 20 day period will be a potently fertile and CREATIVE time to express your LIFE as ART 🎨🖼 as the TRUE NEW EARTH SOVEREIGNS.
it is time to RISE and SHINE beloved STAR🌟 BLISS🐬 SUPERNOVA SUNS! 🌞
LAMAT allows the pure luminous reflection of the gifts of creation, to SHINE through us today, raising our BLISS 💟 barometers! 🌡 What a beautiful STAR we have today! The SOLAR STAR takes centre stage, pulsing forth all the glittery Starry Solar codes through our bodies.
We are integrating the pulses of harmonic patterns in our vibration so that we can create from a pure, clean palate. New creative and beauty filled lives, that assist us to continually birth a new better and BRIGHTER version of our cell-ves- beloved STAR BLISS SUPERNOVA SUNS.✨🌹 ✨ and our beauty filled NEW WORLD. Realising the potential for harmony as we join as independent light beings co-creating a New Time, and a new potential. AHO!
✨We are GIFTED🎁 once again with a very divinely SPIRITUAL day today. An EXCEPTIONAL DIVINE LOVE code to accelerate humanity’s evolution. ✨
We are inspired to RISE🌄 and SHINE ☀BRIGHTLY as the precious STAR 🌟BLISS❤ SUNS🌞 that we are, EXPANDING our HEARTS💟💓 and our being into pure consciousness! A new way of being for the newly crowned👑 CHRISTED GOLDEN SOUL-AR HU-MANS! 🌞🌞🌞 ✨
Today’s question is “How can I harmonize the darkness into THE LIGHT, becoming more receptive to PULSING💓 the PURE TIMELESS LOVE of Christ Consciousness🌞 through my being?”☀💟🌞💓🎆
🐬🌈 ❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤
Divine blessings for bathing in the pure Golden Soul-ar SOPHIA/CHRISTOS LOVE❤ ALCHEMY⚛ today.
Namaste’ 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈





🔥New Earth Ascension Report and Astrology Reading for the week of

April 14th through April 20th 2024 with my Sacred Condor 🔥



Included in this weeks special New Earth Ascension report and Astrology reading for the week, my Sacred Condor covers the astrology for the coming week from 14th through April 20th 2024 which includes this weeks Astrology and very powerful Celestial Event as the Sun enters Taurus Season and with the Jupiter/ Uranus Conjunction in Taurus. She also reads four powerful transmissions from our Sacred New Earth Scribes and Leads a Healing Ceremony, Guided Meditation and Prayer for the Jupiter-Uranus Conjunction in Taurus.

Enjoy her calming soothing Divine Feminine Goddess voice and transmissions.

Thank you for your support and blessings. Namaste



Amplifying Mother Plasma Intelligence for the upcoming energy shift ~
The collective subconscious has shifted after many years of release and clearing. This changes our collective creation abilities, supporting new Source-informed unified creation which honors the higher trajectory and benefits the whole.
Wave-like sensations are felt as Mother Plasma cleanses us with Zero Point possibility. Remember this New Light is literally encoded with frequencies, harmonics and crystalline structures that shift our perception, and change our expression from particle-based density to wave form.
Waves of the new Mother Plasma may feel like sailing on a boat in the Cosmic Ocean. Floaty wave-like sensations are felt; gentle rocking or sudden waves of energy passing through the field.
There is a palpable softness in these grace-infused plasma waves. Allow yourself to be embraced by the stillness, gratitude, compassion, and Infinite LoveLight Intelligence. This is the Divine nature of the realm shift. Our creation of a physical Self and dense realities feel like they are dissolving into the Cosmic Ocean once more.
Rather than judgment of the old illusion, or impatience with its inevitable demise, there is a calm appreciation of what was. An honoring of what was created, paired with a rejuvenated desire to participate in a new creation. We are capable beings; let the light reveal what lights up your heart in this Now. Your service, interests, beliefs, and habits may be different than previous versions of Self.
Notice how Gaia’s core magnetic shift and magnetic field fluctuations affect the magnetics of our Infinite Kryst Hearts. They work in tandem, consistently informing our realities, DNA, and experience in order to create the New. Resistance or fear creates distortion. Let us embrace this wave-based flow state as our baseline experience during this phase.
There is a massive magnetic shift happening at Galactic Center. Let us open to these realm-shifting, consciousness-shifting, heart-opening magnetic changes with ease and grace.
In Love, Light and Service,
source: :
Cosmic Mother
Cosmic Mother

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