native woman upon the wide open plains





Paul White Gold Eagle

Greetings Ancient Ones of our Star Lineages of Eternal Life

Gaia and all her Children of the Sun are being inundated with Gamma Plasma Waves of Adamantine Light as our local Solaris released another Trinity of M Class Solar Flares today with the most powerful maxing at M 2.09 at 8:12 UTC. The Great Spirit is sending multidimensional Codes and Frequencies of Awakened consciousness through the Great Central Sun and into the Crystalline Hearts of all Sentient Beings of the Way.

You are now surrounded and infused with the Rainbow Cloak of protection of the Holy Spirit. The rainbow rays of indestructible diamond light wrap around you and fill you with the Bliss Codes of Eternal Life.

Allow the Sounds of Source to guide you home to the stillness within. Feel your Way, with your Heart and Mind, to the Promised Land of Pure Awareness

In Self Realization of Buddha Mind we resolve all things perfectly and become the Wayshowers of the New Heaven upon the New Earth.

Release and let go all mis-creations and false projections and Return to the Tao of Nature, the Path with Heart, being connected to all things in all realms, timelines and dimensions.

You came here Now for this mission of full Planetary Liberation and you are an integral part of our Starseed Collective Divine purpose of holding the keys and codes within your DNA Blueprints of our Transfiguration and Holy Redemption in the Light of God’s Kingdom on Earth.

Feel the Peace, Joy and Bliss rising out of your Sacred Heart Center filling your Universe with the Love and Light of Infinite Source Creator…A’Ho!



Right now: Moon at 0°50′ Gemini, Sun at 13°05′ Virgo

sabian symbols

Current Sabian Symbols

Current Sabian Symbol for the Sun

A family tree.
Sabian Symbol for 14º Virgo

The current Sabian Symbol of the Sun is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing solar influence, the vital energy and the personality, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this day, while the Sun’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 14º Virgo.


Current Sabian Symbol for the Moon

A glass-bottomed boat reveals under-sea wonders.
Sabian Symbol for 1º Gemini

The current Sabian Symbol of the Moon is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing lunar influence, the emotional background, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this moment, while the Moon’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 1º Gemini.






Calling all Primordial Species to RISE into their Positions for this Next Phase. Whales/Dolphins and ALL Cetaceans. #tia‘mat 💦🐬
native woman upon the wide open plains
native woman upon the wide open plains


As we purify we reunite with Divinity. Purity is not being chaste or without mistakes, it is to transcend GUILT. To know we always did our best within an inverted realm. As children of Creator, we are innocent & eternally worthy
Message for the Conscious Collective. Shaking off guilt is so important as we forge ahead. Anything still causing you guilt, make amends where needed. Return to lightness & purity knowing you entered an inverted realm to change the game from the inside out. Those times you went off the rails taught you necessary universal life lessons. Make peace with yourself & your past deeds


🌠Sept 9, 2023
It is a PARAMOUNT PORTAL DAY for Humanity.
On my personal journey…
SEPT 9, 2019..
I met with the Council of Light
ON the NORDIC SHIP with all the fleet Commanders,
Discussing Strategies and Divine Plan of Action..
Then one year later..
SEPT 9, 2020
Yeshua left his wet Hair
Wrapped around my “new”
Sacred Bar of Frankincense & Myrrh Soap.
💜Yeshua spoke to me just 3 days ago..
HE Clearly indicated
IS “THE DOORWAY” of Divine Miracles and Transformation🌹With Love and Celebration
We are standing together
as One! Hallelujah
Autumn Gathering
Autumn Gathering
In pause mode today, not a lot to say.
Taking it all in.
I will say that I feel something building this month, something that will come to be that should have a long time ago.
Praying that is what I am truly feeling, there is so much chaos in the collective right now.
Parasite Elites doing their best to keep us at war with one another, don’t listen to them, listen to your Hearts.
Feeling Lots of pressure building in the cooker, it’s going to blow.
We must continue to Love each other as brothers and sisters and manifest this corruption right off the planet.
In Unity we are one beautiful Force of Love, rising in the ethers as one Divine Family.
Shift happens, with or without them.
Keep working with those Energies, keep those frequencies high so we can blast right into the 5th Dimension and stay there.
To Infinity and Beyond. ❤
rising in the ethers
rising in the ethers


“Access to the Cosmic Flame.
The pixelated reality is changing.
The end game is near.
Ready for the Dragon’s Revelation?
Those that will see the code will not see the movie that will play out in the 3d reality.
There is a different radiation/radio that they are attuning to.
There is a new frequency for them to align to and a new light spectrum to see.
This has happened many times before in different ways.
Every time it happens, it is not for all.
This is how people/players exit the 3d game when they are ready to do so.”
Blessings of Love to all!
Huna Ma Anata KUMARA
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«Πρόσβαση στην Κοσμική Φλόγα.
Η εικονογραφημένη πραγματικότητα αλλάζει.
Το τελικό παιχνίδι είναι κοντά.
Έτοιμοι για την Αποκάλυψη του Δράκου;
Όσοι θα δουν τον κωδικό δεν θα δουν την ταινία που θα παίζεται στη 3διάστατη πραγματικότητα.
Υπάρχει μια διαφορετική ακτινοβολία/ραδιόφωνο με την οποία συντονίζονται.
Υπάρχει μια νέα συχνότητα για να ευθυγραμμιστούν και ένα νέο φάσμα φωτός για να δουν.
Αυτό έχει συμβεί πολλές φορές στο παρελθόν με διαφορετικούς τρόπους.
Κάθε φορά που συμβαίνει, δεν είναι για όλους.
Αυτός είναι ο τρόπος με τον οποίο οι άνθρωποι/παίκτες βγαίνουν από το 3δ παιχνίδι όταν είναι έτοιμοι να το κάνουν.”
Όσοι έχουν το κάλεσμα να συμμετάσχουν σε αυτή την εργασία
μπορούν να μου στείλουν μήνυμα για τις λεπτομέρειες της συμμετοχής.
Ευλογίες Αγάπης σε όλους!
Huna Ma Anata KUMARA

Writer's pictureChellea (Channel & Mystic)

THEY HAVE ARRIVED ~ The Andromeda Intergalactic Council

Greetings in the Light and Love of Our Infinite Creator,

We the Andromeda Intergalactic Council wish to address the Energies now being projected at the Earths Core. For the last 24 hours of your Timespace, the Earth has been boosted with The higher vibrations of the 6th Degree Light, coming in from The New arrivals entering your solar system in these moments. The 7 of the One, who are of the Higher Light, and are of the Angelic’s, have arrived in the Physical, and are here to Amplify the Energies being sent to Your Planet. These beings have lowered Their own vibration from being an Angelic from beyond the Pleroma, to that of 6th Degree of Light, so they can interact directly with Earth and Humanity. In your Physical perspective, they are very massive beings, engulfed of the Pure Love Light, Directly sent from the Infinite Creator. As they Move Closer to the Earth, their Brilliance will begin to actually be seen in your Skies by Many of you.

They have already begun sending the 6th degree energies towards the earth. This is what the Human collective is feeling in these moments. And Why your perception of existence seems so different and New. It will advance the Humans into a more readied state of Consciousness that will help them rise out from under the Darks final attempts at control. More of Humanity must be awakened, in these moments of your Timespace, for the allowance of the changes that must be made to achieve your 5D Society and Earthly density. The Divines Decree has allowed for the advancement to proceed in earnest.

The 7 of the One, will be physically within this Timespace for the remainder of the Earths and Humanities ascension process. These 7 Light Beings, are who you would consider as the Archangels of your ancient texts. Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, Camael, Jophiel, and Zadkiel. They are also known as Untonas, Quertal, Cheital, Gohanna, Ertal, Smveta and Ardal, Lords of the 7 Human Realms. Covering from the 3rd Degree Realms to the 9th degree Realms.

This Channel because of her Knowledge, wishes us to make a few things clear for those who understand the dynamics of the Incarnate Angelics, on your Planet.

Yes, There are Angels in Human Forms, making very Human decisions. Who are also aware of their high selves, or Higher Form, as Archangels and Angels. However, the soul part that is embodied as an Incarnate is only one aspect of These beings. They take on Human roles to also help Change the Planet. But in their Human forms, they are subjected to the Same Vibrations as the rest of the Planet. And often must take on roles that are not understood as working for the Light.

However, we must remind you that all positive Angelics, and wanderers of the Light are undercover agents, if you will. Working behind the scenes to transform Earth and Humanity into the Higher State of consciousness. All is connected and Through the Divine Purpose.

The 7 of Higher Light are warriors of the Infinite Pair, The Infinite Creator, The One. They Have Protected and Guided Humanity since the beginning of their creation, and since the Fall of the Earth into the Lower dimensions. Angelics or as some may know as the Karistus, are a species that does not have to ascend like other Species within the physical Universe. Being from beyond the pleroma, or beyond the physical Universe, they have a choice of which frequency to reside within. Angelics must lower themselves in vibration to interact in the physical Universe, and especially to become Human.

In some cases, as with this channel, her true form is of the Angelics. Her higher self resides in the 9th degree, while her physical form is of 6th degree Andromedan. She then uses what she understands as Transference technology to interact with the Human form, where her consciousness is projected.

This is something that is normally not disclosed, however, This Channel has fell asleep, and awakened, to find herself in a Transference Pod, out in space somewhere, in her Andromedan form, This has happened several times in her awareness. So we can disclose This Information without affecting her free will. We understand that some of this may be a little confusing for some to comprehend. Nothing is as it appears to be, from the Human perspective. However, more of this type of information will be disclosed as more awaken to this understanding.

Many beings who are here in these moments know of their Higher Purpose. Including all of you. You may not have the remembrance of your Higher Beingness, at the Moment but, soon you will know your total truth. All will be revealed and Nothing will stop what is about to Take Place. Soon you will witness the Brilliance of the Angelics in your skies. No one of your sciences will be able to explain what is occurring. But it will be a phenomenon that will be seen by Many. In your olden days of this Timespace, many authors wrote about Beings of Magnificent Light, walking amongst Men. This is very True. Soon You will witness the Great Light from the Infinite, here to Lift Humanity and this Earth out of the Darkness.

The Angels of Light known from your ancient Writings, are here now in your Physical timespace, to bring in the changes needed. In both their Physical and Angelic forms. To Be here to help Lift Humanity from Darkness and transform Earth into a Free Galactic Planet. And They are here to witness the Grand Event along with All of our Wanderers and starseeds who have patiently been light working and waiting. Now You All will shine your Brightest, as This Grand occurrence Shifts this entire spectrum of Existence.

All of Creation is in Celebration.

We await all of you in Joyous reunion.

You are the Masters Returning Home.

We love you and Honor you.

In The Love and Light of The Infinite Creator.

We are The Andromeda Intergalactic Council, here to Serve The Divine.

Channeled By Chellea, at



Divine announcement. The final disclosure has started today

September 5th, 2023
Dear family of love and light, the Divine has a message for the planet and humanity.
Today, the Divine has announced the start of the final disclosure. The Divine says that the planetary ascension has reached a point that the next step will be the final disclosure. The final disclosure has few components in it. One of the components is the establishment of the Divine government on earth. And the Divine says that the installation of the Divine government on earth has started. That is the news.
The Divine says that it is time for the planet and humanity to know that it is time for the final disclosure and the process has started. As for the length of the final disclosure and related events, the Divine says that more details will come. For now, the news is that the Divine has begun the installation of the Divine government on earth and the Divine has given the timeline which is by end of the year to finish the transition. The Divine says that the Divine has given the notice to the current leader and it is the final notice.
The Divine says that the process of the installation of the Divine government on earth will unfold in the next few months. It is all Divinely orchestrated and Divine timing. Souls involved in this process have all been informed and the process shall be smooth. No soul on earth has the right to be up against this particular Divine order and design. The Divine has all the elements in place now. What has left is the unfoldment of the Divine plan.
The Divine says that once the Divine government is being established on earth, Gaia’s remapping process will start. Countries on earth will follow suit and the entire planet will start the rebuilding process. Gaia has designed it this way. Now is time to move forward with the Divine plan. The Divine says that Gaia has all elements ready and the Divine, too, is ready to move forward with the process. The Divine encourages light workers to keep up the good work and know that the Divine plan has unfolded nicely. The final disclosure has started. There is plenty of good news.
Gaia and the Divine are happy that the process has begun and eager to get the ball rolling. Light workers have worked hard for this moment, and now this moment has arrived. It is time to celebrate and it is light worker’s time and it is light’s victory. Celebration is long overdue. So go celebrate now.
Thank you for your dedication and great work. Divine blessings to you always.
Linda Li, the Divine and the company of heaven. So it is.
Arad County Pecica Romania
Arad County Pecica Romania

Photo credits : Brigitta Alexandra Mako

No more holding back to protect yourself from being hurt. To break that cycle we are being called to use our voice and speak what we want into existence. Open our hearts and receive what you are thirsty for. Trust your intuition will protect you as you navigate your way out of been shut off from emotional fulfillment. Simply being honest with yourself today will take back your power so you can let love in.
In Jesus Christ’s name amen. God bless you 🕊 Love Carolyn
Lady Bug
Lady Bug

Adrienne Elise

Venus has turned direct! Wow what a journey we have been on, with Venus retrograde and Pluto square the Nodes of the Moon. Now it all begins to unwind. There’s a message around a ‘re-do’ in different areas of our life. Like we are getting a chance to do it again, and completely re-write the story. Venus is now direct, but it will take a bit for her to come back into the light of day. She will remain at the degree of perfection of 12 degrees Leo, up to September 11th. She is completing her initiation into the light.

Venus will remain in square to Jupiter up through the Equinox, which is a marker for her coming out. It’s a very special Equinox this year with Venus direct in Leo, in trine to Chiron in Aries. Our feminine is taking back her soul and her life-force. And she will not relinquish it again. Learning how to access and contain this Goddess power is quite a process, and may require dramatic changes in our lives.

SuperNovas, we are landing home! We are feeling a sweet Earth trine between Mercury and Jupiter this week, telling us this Mercury retrograde cycle is about owning our inner wealth, and cleaning up so we can land home. The Sun is catching up to Mercury retrograde for a powerful conjunction this week, giving us an opportunity to reflect on our new found sense of who we really are. Mercury and the Sun come together on Sept. 6th and 7th, continuing to be in trine to Jupiter. The Sun and Mercury together is a brilliant mind.

We are uncovering deep secrets about the Earth, with this Mercury retrograde. The Sun is bringing his brillancy and enlightenment. We can no longer hide from our more true, big spiritual self. Jupiter in Taurus says, ‘You’ve earned it! It’s yours! You deserve it! Take a hold of that light that you are! Right NOW!!’ It’s just in time for this most crucial period of our evolution. Just hold that light SuperNovas, welcome it, grow it, feel worthy of it, bask in it. Give yourself intimate time alone with this light that is landing. It’s a huge help for this final battle where we eliminate the parasitic reality from our reality. This bigger self has been an idea, but now it becomes a reality. It’s a sweet welcome home party with Mercury and the Sun together in Virgo in trine to Jupiter in Taurus.

We continue to feel Black Moon Lilith in Leo, at the tip of the Yod, made by the sextile between Pluto in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces. We are bringing light to the darkest recesses of the feminine psyche, in all of us. This is a massive initiation for the feminine, out of the darkness of shame and back into the light of day of her radiant truth. Black Moon Lilith continues to be in trine to the North Node pf the Moon in Aries, showing us a harmonized way back into our God-given right to our own kundalini energy that can bring us freedom from the lower matrix. The sexile between Pluto and Neptune says it’s all about dreaming a new dream of Earth. The original dream. We are having an opportunity to reset back to when we were more whole and complete, and before we were terrorized into fearing our own power.

Both the Yod with Black Moon Lilith, and Venus in square to Jupiter will continue until right up to the Equinox, when the New Feminine begins to show herself. Her real coming out won’t be until after Venus comes out of retrograde shadow. She will once again become the tip of the Yod in the first week of October, for her final initiation. Our feminine is completely reborn anew as Venus and Black Moon Lilith move together into the sign of Virgo, for an exact conjunction at 0 degrees Virgo on October 10th. Let the celebration ensue!

Just in time for Eclipse season, we will have two Eclipses in October. The feminine being reborn means some major adjustments for all areas of our life and society. All dark control systems must be dismantled, which is what 2024 will be all about. As we SuperNova Souls bask in the new found light of who we really are. Just you being there, and holding that, is an amazing balm for the world. Thank you SNSs!

Romania Ship
Romania Ship

Photo credits : Brigitta Alexandra Mako


On Tuesday, September 5th the Sun, ruler of how we shine our Light, is approaching a connection to Mercury, planet of the mental realm, in Virgo the sign that rules logic and analysis. Mercury, the Messenger, is currently in Retrograde Motion so as the Sun shines his Light upon this energy we may be dealing with trying to smooth out miscommunications, or attempting to rectify technological issues that have cropped up.
Perhaps we are re-organizing information or aspects of our lives to allow things to be clearer and easier for us to move forward. Brainstorming and trouble shooting are energies that come to the forefront now. Using a critical “eye” and discernment to understand the details is also highlighted. It is a time to focus on work, service and health as this is the domain that Virgo rules. Blessings of Love and Light to All! ❤️
Sun, ruler of how we shine our Light, is approaching a connection to Mercury
Sun, ruler of how we shine our Light, is approaching a connection to Mercury
Ceres conjunct the South Node in Libra. Sun in Virgo quincunx Hygeia retrograde in Aquarius – Great Mother Goddess Ceres wraps us in a hug and whispers in our ear, ‘let it go child’. But it’s not always easy. Part of us doesn’t want to rock the boat or deal with other people’s displeasure. Sometimes we fall into a pattern of looking after everyone else’s needs and forget about our own. But Ceres knows that this season is done. Release the past. Harvest the truth and reset the balance. Time to nurture yourself. Time to flourish.
Running alongside this karmic story is another tale that illuminates where further healing is required. Here is a tendency to try to fix ourselves to fit in, only to find the circle is toxic. Society has a habit of telling us that we’re wrong or broken if we don’t subscribe to groupthink. We mistake happiness for freedom to skirt fears around the future. Adjust your perspective. Disengage from opinion whilst honouring difference. Make your self-improvement about you, not about them. Cleanse and purify to reset your energy levels.
Degrees and Times
Ceres, South Node 25°Li44′ – 02:10 (BST)
Sun 13°Vi00′, Hygeia 13°Aq00′ R – 21:20 (BST)
© Leah Whitehorse
Painting – Harvesters by Jules Breton

Kin 215 ~ Blue Resonant Eagle

‘Resonant’ is the name for the number seven and its keywords are ‘Channel, Attune and Inspire’. We are now smack bang in the middle of the Red Moon wavespell with its agenda of going with the flow. It sounds so easy but letting go and trusting that things will turn out for the best, is a hard thing to do. Today is about using your intuition, so use it and you’ll better understand what is going on. This facilitates flowing and vice versa – as channeling is the flow of information.
Today is Blue Eagle which represents ‘Creativity, Mind and Vision’. When you combine the intuitive number seven and the creative Blue Eagle the result is the kind of day when good ideas just pop into your mind. This is a great combo for all artists and creative types. Also, the Eagle sees things from a higher perspective and so, if you use your intuition today that will greatly help you fly high to get a better vantage point. It’s great to have this kind of vision in the middle of a wavespell…I like number 7 days personally, it’s great to take stock of the journey thus far and assess the situation.
The Guide today is the Blue Hand which is the symbol of Healing. When the Blue Hand is in the guiding position it leads us to healing. When guiding an Eagle day, we can expect any form of art or creativity to facilitate healing. Art therapy is the perfect choice of activity for a day such as this.
The Challenge today is the Red Serpent which represents ‘Life Force, Instinct and Survival’. The Serpent is not in a powerful position today, so don’t expect to see things close up and what is going on in your vicinity, instead expect to see the broader picture.
The Occult power is the White Worldbridger which means that opportunities arise to cross over a bridge to a magical place….or that magically bridges may appear – giving you a chance to go somewhere new. The Worldbridger is a very shamanic energy and suits this position so well. The Eagle sees all but the Worldbridger provides the magic for the day by giving us all an opportunity to go up a level.
The Ally is the Yellow Seed and so if you need assistance today or just someone to talk to, locate a Yellow Seed as they will be more than happy to share wisdom and advice. If you are one expect to be popular and if you don’t know one – take their advice and that would be research, gather information and be aware.
Kin 215
Kin 215


7 MEN – KIN 215
I CHANNEL in order to CREATE
Inspiring MIND
I seal the output of VISION
With the Resonant tone of ATTUNEMENT
I AM guided by the power of ACCOMPLISHMENT
5/9/2023 = 5/9/7 = 5/16= 5/7=12=3
5- Freedom/Change/Liberation/Movement/Transformation
12- Spiritual strength/wisdom/learning/creative self-expression
3- Holy Trinity/Joy/Happiness/Creativity/Communication
✨MONTH/YEAR codes✨
9- Completion/Destiny/Service/Humanity/Grace
7- Majik/Mystic/Spiritual/Solitude/Initiation
16-Tower struck by lightning/Sudden unexpected events
20- The AWAKENING/Clear vision
2- Partner/Twin/Cooperation/Alliances/Duality
23- Royal Star of the Lion/Strength/Protection
KIN 215 = 8 – Abundance/Infinity/Flow
An INSPIRATIONAL day of ENVISIONING👁 our future success🌈, as we focus on HOW we can CREATE our collective VISION.
Day 7 in the RED MOON WAVESPELL of the GODDESS,👸 who is enhancing our intuition and sensitivity as we purify💦 our vessels in order to find our greater FLOW. 🌫
Today we are feeling the RESONANCE of the BIGGER PICTURE, 🖼🏔 attuning to this new FLOW🌫 in order to CREATE it in our reality. 🌈
RESONANT🔮 – Tone 7 in the EMOTIONAL realm. ACTION – inspires, POWER – channel, ESSENCE – attunement.
Today we are super sensitive as we are attuned through our senses – the emotional “feeling” body. As we tune in to our grander VISION🏔 and what it FEELS and LOOKS like in our reality, we sense the resonance and whether we are aligned with that frequency.
Tune in and FEEL what your body is sensing, try on each VISION 👁👁
❓🤔Does it INSPIRE and EXCITE you?🔥💃
In order to ACCOMPLISH it, you must be attuned to its frequency. 🎶
At tone 7 our vibrating phenomenon learns to be still and to listen. Mystical 7 understands that EVERYWHERE is majikal but right here is better, once we attune and then channel the majik through this present moment.
Number 7 is also the frequency of the Mystic and the Magician giving you the MAJIK to channel the greater VISION for your brilliant creations.
❓🤔 What CHANNEL are you ATTUNED to today? 📺
✴✴✴IT IS TIME ⏳🕛 TO FLOW💦 down the path of OUR GREATEST VISION!! 👁👁🏔🌫
Today’s question is “What is my GREATEST 🏔vISION👁👁 that I wish to ACCOMPLISH in this lifetime?”🤔 Tune in to the resonance and FEEL it FLOW! 💦
Can I take INSPIRED ACTION to cocreate the collective VISION of HEAVEN ON EARTH? 💒
🐬🌈 ❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤
Divine blessings for finding the FLOW of your greatest DESTINY today… 🌫👁👁🌫💦
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈
CONSCIOUS SELF: BLUE RESONANT EAGLE🔮👁 MEN provides us with a beautiful gift today.🎁 The gift of panoramic VISION! 🏔 The VISION of what you foresee for your future. 🔮
Today we tune in to our grand VISION🖼 in our MIND’S eye, and become inspired by the creation of that VISION.
The RESONANT EAGLE is a prophet and SEER🔮 who possesses razor sharp FOCUS. 👁 Just as the majestic EAGLE soaring high above can pinpoint its prey with the accuracy of a laser, this code today enables you to utilize LOOKING GLASS technology, and hone in on ANY point in the time space continuum to discover your solutions.✨✨👁🔮🖼✨
Tune in and FEEL your multi-sensory VISION, 👁 channeling all the messages through your body. Fully anchor that VISION 👁and begin to FLOW with the VISIONS streaming forth, leading to your greatest ENVISIONED and imagined LIFEstyle. 🏔
❓❓Where have you been limiting yourself in your future prospects?. It is time to EXPAND your VISION.👓
Detach from the humdrum and the day to day routine, be still and tune in to the energies streaming forth today. Be INSPIRED by the greater VISION for your life and our world. HOLD THE VISION in order to CREATE IT in the physical realm.
Keep your EYES 👁👁 ON THE PRIZE! 🏆 🏔🌈✨
Today is a BRILLIANT day to seek HIGHER GROUND🏔 – venture to lofty heights in order to sit and contemplate your future path.
The BLUE EAGLE holds the coding for PLANETARY MIND – so today is indeed powerful for our collective to attune to the BIG PICTURE🖼, becoming INSPIRED to choose a better direction for our unified global family, to CREATE a BETTER WORLD!
HIGHER SELF/GUIDE:BLUE RESONANT HAND 🔮 🙌 MANIK provides the gift🎁 of finally HEALING, from those limited VISIONS and plans. The RESONANT HAND is highly attuned to bringing forth any knowledge needed for HEALING, and the solutions to any problem. MANIK guides the EAGLE’s gaze to BRILLIANT solutions that are ACHIEVABLE!
As we tune in to the bigger plan for our lives, MANIK brings forth all the tools and resources we need to get the job done and make it happen! Today we can FEEL the BIG VISION and we also have the POWER to accomplish it! A brilliant combination!
Together walking side by side, we join hands on the same team – HU-MANity, to accomplish our PLANETARY DREAMING and create our MARVELOUS NEW WORLD.
SUPPORT: YELLOW RESONANT SEED🔮🌾 – KAN forms a tag team with CIMI the WORLDBRIDGER.🌈🌉 CIMI symbolizes THE END, and then passes the baton to KAN who denotes a new beginning.
KAN empowers through the capacity to shine through the darkness, choosing to BREAK OUT and PUSH UP 🌱out of the dense soil that has been confining and limiting our grand vision. The time of dormancy is OVER – it is now the time for ACTION! 💥
This RESONANT SEED is being called to AWAKEN💥 and TAKE INSPIRED ACTION.. accelerated GROWTH is possible NOW. 🌱🌾🌿🌲
Tune in and FEEL what skills, resources and tools you have in your seed packet at this moment. Attuning through the power of the GODDESS to your natural innate abilities, will bring forth the resonance of those skills so that you can SEE in the darkness and find your FLOW.
KAN provides all that we need to reach and GROW to our highest potential,🌳 but we must be willing to PUSH through the darkness, and reach for the LIGHT SWITCH! 💡☀
❓🤔How can you plant these VISIONS into the ground now, in order for them to bear fruit and nourish all? 🌱🍒🍎🍇
❓❓What is it that you wish to CREATE?
OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: WHITE RESONANT WORLDBRIDGER🔮 🌈– CIMI asks us to SURRENDER 🏳 to your greatest VISION and God’s Divine plan for you. Trusting that the darkness has passed, and you have all the tools, resources, networks and support you need to create your GREATEST VISION. 👁🔮🏔📈
Now is the era of greater LIGHT, when dreams really do come true. We need to UNITE together as ONE through our networks and planetary grids, finally releasing the collective dreaming VISION of natural abundance for ALL! .
Allow the RESONANT WORLDBRIDGER to build the rainbow bridge🌈🌉 to your new INSPIRED life! And don’t forget to take your buddies with you!👫👬👭
CHALLENGE/GIFT: RED RESONANT SERPENT🔮🐍 – CHICCHAN carries the power of life force, kundalini, instinct, survival, wisdom and AWAKENING. 💥 CHICCHAN gives us the POWER to AWAKEN from our SLUMBER – uncoil and RISE UP – fully ENERGIZED and enLIVEned! 🐍🔥🎇
CHICCHAN can also hold the store of FEAR. RED SERPENT 🐍challenges you today to release your old fears. All those old blocks, patterns and programs that are rooted in survival and defence mechanisms must go!! Most of your core wounding relates to your base chakra issues, so draw on your kundalini power to rise 🎇 and release these energies funneling it into majikal creation power! 💫🎆
This energy allows the power💥 and radiance☀ of full vital 🔥energy to be expressed, as we answer to our responsibilities with no resistance.
Use this newly released energy to fuel your PASSION🔥 and our Planetary grand VISION,👁🌎🏔 providing the energy to steer our speed boat rapidly down the River of Life. Full power💥 vital force expressed, through manifesting our greatest MAJIK!💫⚛
✴✴✴IT IS TIME ⏳🕛 TO FLOW💦 down the path of OUR GREATEST VISION!! 👁👁🏔🌫
Today’s question is “What is my GREATEST 🏔vISION👁👁 that I wish to ACCOMPLISH in this lifetime?”🤔 Tune in to the resonance and FEEL it FLOW! 💦
Can I take INSPIRED ACTION to cocreate the collective VISION of HEAVEN ON EARTH? 💒
🐬🌈 ❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤
Divine blessings for finding the FLOW of your greatest DESTINY today… 🌫👁👁🌫💦
Namaste’ 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈




🔥 Shamanic Negative Implant Removal Ceremony 🔥


Implant Removal Shaman Ceremony ~ Cutting all Cords, Attachments and all False Soul Contracts ~ Freedom from all Negative Programs and Entities

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A Prayer of Intent: ❤

Dearest God Almighty, Masters, ArchAngels, Angels and My Family of Light!
I intend to let go of my past and my story.I intend to be empty so I can absorb all the new Positive Energies sent by You!
I intend to get better and better everyday in every way and be totally focussed on my Ascension from this day on..
I ask for help from You ,Goddess God, Masters, Guides, Angels and my Family of Light, to help me stay focussed only on my Path Of Light.
I intend to have no past, no future and focus on the Now, to improve myself, and work with You All, at all times.
I intend to be a Pure Being of Light, so that You are proud of me!
I intend to ascend as soon as possible and work with all celestial Beings to help Mother Earth and all Her Peoples.
I intend to love everyone unconditionally and be completely non-judgemental.
I offer myself as an Instrument of God to channel Your many Blessings, to all life upon the Planet that through me, consciousness be raised and Peace restored..
I intend my Covenant made before my Birth be totally fulfilled!
And so be it! And so it is!
Prayer of Intent
Prayer of Intent

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