You are currently viewing Paliadorian Covenant ~ LEADERS OF LIGHT ~ Knowledge of the Ancients has Returned ~ Invocation of the Song of Spring
The Prayer of Surrender

Paliadorian Covenant ~ LEADERS OF LIGHT ~ Knowledge of the Ancients has Returned ~ Invocation of the Song of Spring

Paliadorian Covenant ~ LEADERS OF LIGHT ~ Knowledge of the Ancients has Returned ~ Invocation of the Song of Spring



Paul White Gold Eagle

Greetings Shamans of the Earth and the Sky of the Way of Healing and Peace for all Sentient Beings

As our beloved Venus moves into her home sign of Taurus and Pluto transitions into Aquarius we initiate the full Shift of the Ages into Aquarius, 5D and the New Golden Age of Enlightenment.

Through this Equinox Gateway of the 2oth and Heavens Cross on the 22nd we breakthrough the 23rd into the Fire of Aries and the Higher Self, symbolized by Upper Egypt and the Mind of Buddha. Through these activations and initiations we make our transformations of Divine Alchemy and balance the five elements both internally and externally and vibrate our Body, Mind and Spirit with the Harmony of the Music of the Spheres.

With these massive energies flowing in Pachamama received another powerful activation today with a magnitude 7.0 earthquake in the Kermadec Islands  at 00:56 UTC .

Through the Resonating Queens Chamber of our Sacred Heart Centers we come into Divine Resonance with our Mother/ Father God Source Creator and Consciously Co-Create the New Heaven upon the New Earth.

We have powerful Crystalline Rainbow Diamond Codes coming in today from our local Solaris bringing in Stellar upgrades and activations for our Quantum Leap of Consciousness into homo-Luminous, light beings of Infinite Life.

With the Rising of Lemuria and Atlantis, the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine merge in Hieros Gamos and the Eagle Flies with the Condor over the Elysium Fields to transmit the Holy Union Codes of Unconditional Love and Oneness for all our Earth Angelic Ground Crew of the 144 to complete our missions of assisting Gaia and all Her Children of the Sun to elevate and raise into the Frequency Bandwidth of the Fifth Dimension, the Celestial Kingdom on Earth…A’Ho!





Right now: Moon at 19°41′ Capricorn, Sun at 26°02′ Pisces

sabian symbols

Current Sabian Symbols

Current Sabian Symbol for the Sun

A harvest moon illuminates the sky.
Sabian Symbol for 27º Pisces

The current Sabian Symbol of the Sun is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing solar influence, the vital energy and the personality, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this day, while the Sun’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 27º Pisces.


Current Sabian Symbol for the Moon

A hidden choir singing during a religious service.
Sabian Symbol for 20º Capricorn

The current Sabian Symbol of the Moon is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing lunar influence, the emotional background, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this moment, while the Moon’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 20º Capricorn.




Galactic codes in the level embodiment of Paliadorian and abilities being upgraded, Mission/ Master contracts being activated.. 👑💜
Paliadorian Covenant
Paliadorian Covenant
Pay attention. Portal open until March 23.
ALL ALIGNED UP physically mentally emotionally and spiritually Tune in moment by moment.
You are going to witness the new flows of LIGHT, they will be unique and quite extraordinary!! ❤️
Keep this line up for more experiences to come. Embrace this Light and witness these new Cosmic Rays.
Portal open
Portal open

✨Knowledge of the Ancients has Returned✨

There has been a massive awakening..
The information that is stored deep in your cells,
The codes and key codes
Have been fully ACTIVATED now to allow you to FULLY unfold
In this Cosmic Dance
Along with your brothers & sisters of ALL races & ALL colors
Reunited the aspect of self
From Lemuria & Atlantis
The merging of Hearts
The true Divine Union!
❤ Valerie

The Approaching Equinox

We are just 4 days out from the Equinox and the solar and galactic energies are so intense.
There was a huge explosion on the far side of the sun a couple of days ago, probably an X Class Flare, which caused an Ion storm earth side.
The Earth has continued to put on a pre Equinox display of color and light in the night time sky.
Equinox is a pivotal moment in the unfolding of the Sacred Year when it is necessary to hold Love and Balance in your Heart. You are holding steady the time spiral that you are currently unfolding. If you can stay in peace and balance, so will your time spiral. If you descend into chaos then so will your time spiral, momentarily.
I like to think of it as a vessel on a potter’s wheel, which was the image used by the ancient Egyptians for the Creator God Ptah. When you hold your creation steady you create a beautiful vase. When you wobble then it become unsteady and unstable and you get a crazy lopsided vase.
That is why we need, right now to stay in peace and balance no matter what goes on “out there”.
I have found that with these intense Solar energies I have felt very dizzy and ungrounded, so I am working strongly on grounding into the Emerald grids of the New Earth. My meditation. project with my community is the celebration of the Sacred Garden Temple on New Earth.
Being in the shady gardens of the Sacred Temple helps me to deal with the intense heat we have right now and an approaching storm for the Equinox.
We are certainly living in interesting times. Remember to rest when you need to, stay hydrated with high frequency water, and stay in your heart’s wisdom and love!
Have a wonderful day!
Colors of the Heart
Colors of the Heart
image by Mike White 
We are Materializing the Krystalline Diamond Plasma Liquid Light Particles Within this New Galactic Cosmic Gaia Template’s …. New Krystalline Golden Diamond Silica Plasma Liquid Light Energy Matrix…. Transmission… The Snow Transmits ❄️ Rainbow Plasma Liquid Photonic Light!
Beautiful Pastel Liquid Orange/ Yellow / Aurora Green / Purple Diamond Star Light Particles Plasma Photonic Light Fields….
So Magical the Rainbow 🌈 Blue Galactic Sun’s of the Aurora Earth..
Beyond Words… Beyond the Galaxies… Beyond the Human Mind… to See this Krystalline Silica Plasma Photonic Light Fields From Our Inner Universal Soul Physical Body Vessel Star Gate Chamber Experience…. The Only One Who Can Experience this is You…. It’s Your Rainbow World… We Allow Others in to Our Universe from a Place of Pure Love…. No Judgement/ Old Mentalities Consciousness Steps Into this Fields Systems…. Remember To Allow Your New 5D Beyond Self to Have Time to Experience this Magical Experience to Hold the New Earth 12D Krystalline Quantum Fields…
So Magical Awesome Galactic Passageways..
Mermaid and Turtle
Mermaid and Turtle
As change takes on power and speed, we are being asked to go into gentleness and slow down, return to self in order to remove all forms of tensions that are just as destructive as fear.
Collectively we are all after ascension with Gaia so everything is perfect in its imperfection.
Being present to yourself in your physical body has been repeated for many years, this is key, heart/soul/spirit alignment to merge with Source God.
It’s only in this space that God can reveal himself to you!
Allow God to show you the real version of yourself, the truth and welcome, everything else is illusion (fear/judgment/duality).
Welcome the Christ consciousness that has returned among us and establish it in you by integrating and rooting it strongly.
I am that Christos Consciousness
I am the forgiveness
I am the peace
I Am The Love
I am I am I am
GRATITUDE to all who are supporting these new frequencies and Divine harmonics during the Equinox Gateway passage.
The influx of new light has been dazzling, dismantling, and deeply encoded for the realm-shift experience. I know many of you have seen this new light and its veil-thinning effects in the field. ⁠
This Light is aimed at activating the Crystalline within Gaia’s core as well as our DNA, Hearts, Consciousness, and those new Crystalline senses we have been talking about.⁠
Gate & Grid folks, we assist Gaia’s core shift in this Now. ⁠
The Equinox Gateways opened Monday, March 13 (with a big CME and Proton storm), just one week before the Equinox on Monday, March 20 at 2:24pm PST. This StarGate alignment is open through March 23rd.⁠
There is a beautiful, simultaneous preparation for Equinox and activation of Infinite Hearts happening in the collective in this Now.
This is a week to be ALL IN with your realm choice. Physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual alignment through new creations, and connection with your Divine Presence. ⁠
Get out on Gaia for the organic core-shifting energies and assist kingdoms, elementals, and HUmanity with receiving these organic Stargate flows.⁠
It is a one of those dismantling & activating passages when we FEEL our consciousness and realities changing each day. ⁠
It is a lot of new Light Intelligence (the purest type to enter our fields yet) to integrate. ⁠
Pay attention to what presents: We consistently shed the illusion and finite constructs – and open to the Infinite freedom of the Infinite Kryst Heart.⁠
Create a vibrational match for the realm-shifting, perspective-changing, heart-opening core shift happening within Gaia.⁠
Meditate and be in creative flow to witness the new light influxes – quite extraordinary!⁠
In Love, Light and Service,
Sandra Walter
Sandra Walter




Aurora Ray

A Call For Action By The GFOL

Greetings, beloved ones!

Your evolution has our full attention. Today we wish to speak to you about the fact that humans on planet Earth are still not living in peace and harmony as they should be. The recent events on Earth reveal a great deal about what we’ve been up to on this planet. Clearly, we need some help. What we need is your help, people of Earth. We come to you with an exciting opportunity: to become a member of the Galactic Federation.

All of the events that are happening are an expression that the planet is in transition, transitioning into light, into higher frequencies of consciousness that you will participate in.

In this moment, your planet is going through a cleansing period wherein She is going to ascend her vibration from being a 3D planet/body to a 5D reality, with an elevating consciousness of humankind from the lower 4th-3rd dimension into the higher 4th-5th dimension. You will experience this ascension in your physical reality, which means you will feel it physically in your bodies.

The fifth dimension is not a theory. It exists right now and you can ascend into the fifth dimension at this moment. Now the fifth dimension exists in the third and fourth dimension like a parallel reality or like an invisible realm. It co-exists with our world. The different densities are not separated from each other.

There are many reasons for you all to leave the 3D reality. Perhaps not everyone is called to do this, but you are. You may not know it yet, but your soul needs this transmutation more than anything else in your current incarnation. You are ready, dear one.

Ascension is addressed to people who are awake, conscious and self-aware. It’s the last chance to awaken and make an evolutionary leap in this lifetime, before Mother Earth completes her planetary ascension.

The soul’s rewards for this massive transformation are vast. This is partly the reason why you decided to sign up for this mission.

It is a fantastic opportunity, because you took a major step. You stepped aside from the old version of the 3D world and hence stepped aside from the old version of yourselves to enter into the new world.

Accomplishing this whilst being incarnated into a human body in the density of the third-dimensional reality is huge.

There is one more step left before you can embrace your ascended consciousness. You have already walked the path of love and forgiveness, but still need to get rid of your last ego illusions if you want to be really complete. Being connected with the Light, you should also get rid of your last shadow.

The final step is to let go of the ego. Many people face difficulties in their lives as a result of their ego. Ego can bring sadness, anguish, hatred, and jealousy into one’s life. Ego will never be a vehicle for the fifth dimension, nor will it ever be a portal to the beyond.

The ego is focused on achieving its objectives. The ego yearns for a brighter future. It can yearn for the other life, the fifth dimension, and even the afterlife. It doesn’t matter what it yearns for; yearning is what it is, as is projecting into the future.

The desire of the mind is to be exceptional. The ego yearns for acknowledgment that you are someone. Someone accomplishes that desire through wealth, while another achieves it through power, politics, and yet another through miracles and juggling. However, all of their desires are aimed at appeasing their ego.

Your ego is the source of your sorrow. The only way out is to become a spectator of your own mental processes.

Being ordinary is the only miracle, the unthinkable miracle.

There is no ego to be discovered whenever you are now and here. You are the epitome of silence.

Being separate as an ego is the source of all unhappiness; being one, to be flowing, to be immersed in life so deeply, so completely, that you are no longer there, that you are lost, then you are entering into the fifth dimension.

The ego is the voice in your head that brings endless mind-chatter. It judges everything and everyone and places these judgments into different boxes.

It points its finger towards others and things labeling them good or bad, right or wrong.

We invite you to go beyond wrong-doing or right-doing. Practice neutrality ad instead of being persuaded by your ego-mind to judge whether something is good or bad, try asking yourself what the situation or another person triggers you. What is it trying to teach me? What can I learn from this? How can I utilize this information for growth and the evolution of my consciousness?

Step out of the mind-prison and into freedom, peace, and tranquility. Do not let your thoughts determine your reality.

Focus on your feeling center. Embrace the idea that love is the only reality. What would love do? Focus on this question when the ego mind-chatter appears.

Love, God, and light all emerge from the death of the ego. You are reborn when the ego dies; all suffering vanishes as if it never was. A deep sweetness and gentle joy emerge in your being for no apparent reason. You can’t describe it to anyone, and you can’t even explain it to yourself. It’s enigmatic and unfathomable.

You are then totally relaxed. You are feeling peace, calm, bliss and love radiating from the center of your being. It fills every cell of your body. It flows around you. It is a great light that penetrates everywhere.

We love you dearly.
We are here with you.
We are your family of light.

Aurora Ray
Ambassador of the Galactic Federation

Copyright 2023 Aurora Ray. All rights reserved.




Living The Dream
Living The Dream


A world filled with Love & Awe
A place of Unity & Happiness
Where Manifestation is Instant
A community of High Vibrational Beings
See US In
Unconditional Harmony & Love
A Multidimensional Wonderland💥
Focus on your Heart and Connect to US
Infinite Being YOU ARE
Together as ONE with All Beings 🙏
Sendings Waves of Cosmic LOVE❤
The Arcturians & Karen Lithika
Carolyn 144 GODCODE

Carolyn 144 GODCODE

A flip is occurring from feeling stifled and repressed, to aligning with receiving the abundant supply of the Universe. It has taken some seclusion from external energies to be in your own energy, and get this alignment in order. Finally feeling peaceful, grounded, and independently successful can integrate. From this foundation, more insight and direction from the Divine continues to bless you.

You have healed and transmuted so much from childhood and genetically. You may not have realized the value and purpose of your efforts until now. These results are revealing themselves, and will be reflected in your children, and the future generations to come. Have patience and trust in the changes happening that will be attracting love, happiness, and blessings into you and your Family’s lives.

In Jesus Christ’s name amen. God bless you 🕊 Love Carolyn


Mermaid Pearl
Mermaid Pearl
Mermaid Pearl by Felix Oesinghaus
“Venus enters Taurus which can bring some focus to our home lives. Taurus is ruled by Venus, and this energy can shift to our relationships and our connection to others. Venus wants us to make sure that there is commitment and solid foundation if we are moving forward in our relationships, both personal and professional. Taurus reminds us to put some energy into our home, putting focus on creating an environment that sustains and nourishes us.
Mercury conjunct Neptune in Pisces. Sun in Pisces square Mars in Gemini. Venus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn. Venus enters Taurus – The triple conjunction in Pisces peaks. A storm at sea, a tiny sailboat rocks precariously from side to side. Mercury sits cross legged sends up prayers, waits for the miracle. But the Sun is having none of it. Ego thrusts faith aside, tries to force its will on the universe. Hear me! I demand it! A siren smothers a giggle as she watches Venus frantically try to maintain her grip on a treasure chest. ‘Just let it go’, says the siren as she dips out of sight.
Here we are then, emotions cycling up and down. One minute everything to hope for, the next a roaring rage. Fear’s engine thrums. Hair stands on end. It all feels so precarious, and we want it resolved NOW before it’s too late.
There is no ‘late’ whispers the universe. There is only now and now and now. There is no want, only need and the endless energetic flow of the universe. It will carry you if you yield, if you stop, if you listen. Look – here is land, sand, roses blooming over the welcome arch. Take off your shoes. Feel the Earth. Here is substance and sustenance. You and matter. This is all. This is everything. You matter.
Degrees and Times
Mercury, Neptune 25°Pi08′ – 17:12 (UT)
Sun 25°Pi53′, Mars 25°Ge53′ – 18:09 (UT)
Venus 29°Ar52′, Pluto 29°Cp52′ – 19:58 (UT)
Venus 00°Ta00′ – 22:34 (UT)
© Leah Whitehorse
Painting – Grand Manan Island, Bay of Fundy by Frederic Edwin Church
Grand Manan Island
Grand Manan Island

Kin 42 ~ White Electric Wind

The number 3 is called Electric and its keywords are ‘Activate, Bond and Service’. The Yellow Sun wavespell is a 13-day journey of discovery and a time when long awaited answers finally come. The 3rd step of any wavespell is about activating the process. It really adds electrical energy to whatever day it is combined with. Day one is about setting the goal and purpose, day 2 we remove the things in our way, and on day 3, we push the button and take off. Once you get used to living the Tzolkin one wavespell at a time, you observe how the energy of the numbers creates a ‘flow’. If you look at the graphic for today, you’ll see how the wavespell is depicted. The shape is representative of the energy and how it moves … It is a wave-spell.
Today is White Wind, which represents ‘Communication, Breath and Spirit.’ These days are always great for writing letters or poetry, for speaking in public, for having that conversation you have been putting off….for saying sorry too. One of the keywords associated with White Wind is ‘spirit’ and so don’t forget it is a great day to send or receive a message from the Universe. As it is an ‘Electric’ day expect your voice to be amplified! You can activate communication today and so your message has a lot of power. Be careful what you say.
Today’s Guide is White Worldbridger which represents ‘Death, Opportunity and Equality’. Think about what you need to let go of because to cross over the bridge to a new level you first must be lighter, stronger. Also, your words have power today and this can facilitate crossing over to a new place. The Worldbridger is a diplomat always, and insists you are fair in your communications and see both sides of the argument.
The Challenge of the day is Yellow Human and so if you were born on a Yellow Human day, you will find this today not easy. Challenges are meant to make us stronger and Yellow Humans always have trouble communicating, so on challenging days, it’s a great opportunity to remind yourself that you need to try harder even if it’s really difficult. Your voice is a muscle that needs exercising. It’s good for you to have a verbal workout!
The Occult power is the Blue Storm which is all about making big changes and when it is in this magical position expect these changes to be powerful. The Blue Storm can be a bit naughty and cause mayhem, a bit like his Blue Brother the Monkey. But also like the monkey and any other potential ‘naughty’ energy, is always very well behaved when in the magical Occult position. They seem to suit this role very well. I like White Wind days because of this aspect.
The Ally is the Red Earth which represents ‘evolution’. If you need assistance, people born on Red Earth can offer support. If you are a Red Earth, be prepared to help others evolve today. You’ll enjoy the energy boost too.
Kin 42
Kin 42


3 IK – KIN 42
16 MARCH 2023
I activate in order to Communicate
Bonding breath
I seal the input of Spirit
With the Electric tone of Service
I AM guided by the power of Death
16/3/2023 = 7/3/7 = 7/10 = 8
16- TOWER struck by lightning/Sudden unexpected events
7- Spiritual Test/Initiation/Solitude/Majik/Mystic/Magician
8- Infinite Abundant Source Flow
✨MONTH/YEAR codes✨
3- Holy trinity/Creativity/Joy/Happiness
7- Spiritual Test/Initiation/Solitude/Majik/Mystic/Magician
10- Manifestation/Authority/Power/Leader
1- New beginnings/Original/Leader/Independent/Unique
20- The AWAKENING/Clear vision
23- Royal Star of the LION /Strength/Protection/Support
KIN 42 = 6 Heaven/Christ/Family/Harmony
A powerful DOORWAY to SPIRIT is OPEN today, for very clear DIVINE GUIDANCE, to implement the DIVINE PLAN for humanity.
Day 3 in the YELLOW SUN ☀WAVESPELL of ILLUMINATING💡 our HIGHEST EVOLUTIONARY PATH, to reclaim our SOUL POWER and full Sovereignty. 👑👑👑
Today we ACTIVATE our capacity to SHINE,☀ by communicating the Spirit messages that are felt through our connections with others. This is the phase where disparate elements are brought together, unified in their QUEST to serve the world!
🔥✨🔥NOTE! The ELECTRIC WIND💡🌬🍃 coupled with the YELLOW SUN🌞 make for a potent ELECTRO-MAGNETIC FORCE🔥🎇 – driven to accelerate your ASCENSION through DEVOTION to SPIRIT and the DIVINE PLAN on EARTH… This is ROCKET FUELLED ACCELERATION TODAY! 🚀🚀🚀
ELECTRIC💡 is tone number 3 in the tone of creation. It is the first of the three EMOTIONAL realm tones. It’s focus is being of SERVICE to others through the action of BONDING, that is coming together with others to cocreate and be of SERVICE. ELECTRIC energy provides the ignition or spark for your manifestation, it is a current that needs to keep moving and flowing, transmitting energy.. It also adds POWER to anything you are creating today. An extra electrical boost to draw upon. The power of 3 is derived from 2 units merging and creating the third, more powerful entity. This action duplicates the essence of bonding in service that the Electric tone provides.
Today beckons you to become emotionally mature. Together with your divine counterpart offer your united energies to be of Service to all. EXPAND your focus from bonding with one to the joy of bonding with all. The ELECTRIC tone coupled with the White Wind is a very potent force to receive CLEAR guidance for your Divine Service Mission. Tune in for the powerful messages from Spirit today.
Today we are questioning how we can activate our electrical power, to send waves of pure charged energy to uplift and energize others through Divine Service.
Surrender your little human to the Will of the DIVINE🌬🕊 and elevate your consciousness to that of a DIVINE HU-MAN. In this state you can leave a powerful LEGACY on our planet, and influence the lives of a greater number of people.
All great rewards🏆 for a LIFE well LIVED, in SERVICE to the DIVINE 👏– the POWER that UNITES US ALL as ONE – global HU-MAN family!👬👫👭🌎🌏🌍
Today’s question is “Am I willing to SURRENDER my life purpose to Spirit, connecting with others to creatively express the Will of the DIVINE?”
Divine blessings for the FULL expression of your electrical POWER through ACTIVE DIVINE SERVICE! 💥
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – Kin 66 🌈🌏
CONSCIOUS SELF: WHITE ELECTRIC WIND 💡🌬🍃 IK today provides the wind beneath our wings. Follow the signs and really LISTEN to the voice of SPIRIT! Be still and present in the timelessness of the eternal NOW MOMENT.
❓What are you hearing, feeling, sensing, knowing?
❓How does this information from Spirit align with your desires, dreams and intentions?
❓Are you in full alignment with and ready to cocreate with Spirit?
How do we integrate that into our reality?
We need to have an OPEN mind to receive the messages that assist us with our creative vision and our creative ideas. We need to allow thoughts to FLOW through us and not identify with them. We are the vessels for this consciousness to flow through.
Use discernment to know which ideas are the best to implement. Channelling ideas and messages, writing, painting, drawing, speaking, singing. The solutions come forth through allowance.. Switch off and tune in today, to the whisperings of the Spirit messengers.
Can you HEAR them? 👂
Today we have an 8 day code, giving us an INFINITE FLOW of SOURCE energy.
Our IN breath is of Cosmic knowledge, and the OUT breath is through creative expression, returning the energy again to our Creator. . At times we feel things coming in, but we cannot express them outwardly. Then one day, out of the aethers, we discover we can articulate this wisdom in perfect resolution.
✨✨✨By ALLOWING the IN BREATH and OUT Breath of OUR CREATOR to FLOW through us, we can realize soul expansion, and allow our Creator to expand through our self actualization. This is our sole/soul PURPOSE to realize ourselves as GOD/SOURCE. 🌞🌞🌞
When you have forged a STRONG connection to Spirit, the messages come through LOUD and CLEAR. DIVINE SOURCE is always needing more foot soldiers on Earth, to fulfill the Will of GOD and the DIVINE PLAN for EARTH.
Once this partnership is operative, other people rely on you to give them clarity and direction. Currently many souls are lost, confused and are feeling the hopelessness of the false narrative. It is our role as the Rainbow Warriors to give them ✨HOPE✨ and inspired messages that
The very BEST ADVICE we can give anyone is to GO WITHIN, and forge their own STRONG connection to Spirit, so that they become independent and sovereign beings, able to find their own solutions.
In turn this builds their faith and TRUST in the DIVINE PLAN and then GOD’S ARMY💪 grows to be a formidable force for PEACE 🕊and benevolent change. 💕🌈
HIGHER SELF/GUIDE: WHITE ELECTRIC WORLDBRIDGER – 🔥🌈🌉 CIMI It is our networks that will today ignite🔥🎇 the messages to be shared. We are activated by connecting with others and allowing the electricity of sharing stories through music, dance, writing, however spirit chooses to breathe through us. Receiving messengers from all reams and sharing our wisdom with our kin.👬👫👭 This is the foundation of the new common-unities, all contributing our unique skills, knowledge and talent for the benefit of the whole.
We need to SURRENDER to the voice of the Divine, through the DEATH of Egoic control of our lives, ruled by FEAR.
Through fully SURRENDERING your life and purpose to SPIRIT, your Mission is elevated to a higher level touching more people and creating more MIRACLES for all concerned.
Trusting that Spirit has our back and our best interests covered. Being spontaneous and flowing each day with the messages and guidance received. The signs, impulses and promptings that direct our unique Mission.
We serve the LIGHT🎆 today by being the conduits for Spirit’s messages. Reaching out to bond👭👫👬 with others, and creatting the matrices of LIGHT, that Spirit channels through us, as the bridge from the Spirit realm into the physical.
SUPPORT: RED ELECTRIC EARTH 🔥💡🌏 CABAN Signs and synchronicities FLOW through the energy of CABAN. We need to open our minds, our ears and our eyes to recognize these SIGNS flowing from Spirit, and then integrate them into our actions.
CABAN will reveal the RIGHT TIME, RIGHT PLACE and RIGHT PERSON. When you follow the SIGNS – MAJIK happens, and the most beautiful outcomes and gifts arise from your daily interactions. Be spontaneous and BE PREPARED to FOLLOW the SIGNS!
Observe nature, the birds, the flowers, the insects and all creation for your messages.
❓What beautiful spirit animal messengers will visit you today?
❓In which DIRECTION are these signs taking you?
Set your course and allow CABAN and IK to provide the navigation tools to lead the way to your HIGHEST DIVINE form of creative expression.
OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: BLUE SPECTRAL STORM 🌩🌀🌪CAUAC has the Spectral tone today. This STORM is very LIBERATING, having the POWER to dissolve and release any impediments to becoming a clear conduit for Spirit’s communication to flow through your vessel.
The SPECTRAL STORM 🌀🌪 SUPERPOWER is a clarion call for the RAINBOW WARRIORS to LIBERATE themselves and our PLANET through UNIFICATION.. Banding together with your TRIBE to spread the word of GOD and do GOD’S work together.
BLUE STORM assists WHITE WIND today, in bringing through this breath of LIBERATING FRESH AIR 🍃 Finally clearing and purging the toxic mind and limiting emotions, making the space for new higher wisdom to come through. The purification that releases masses of energy, that is generated by releasing all concepts of HOW anything ought to be, and purely allowing energy itself to transform and LIBERATE in the FLOW of our connection to ALL THAT IS.
The FREEDOM that is generated through chaos 🌪 dissolves resistance to change. SURRENDER to the winds of change as CAUAC blesses us with the power of regeneration.
CHALLENGE/GIFT: YELLOW ELECTRIC HUMAN 💡 😊 EB represents the battle of the EGOIC mind versus the BUDDHic mind. In order to have an open and accepting mind we need to let go of judgements, criticism and FEAR. We cannot hear the voice of Spirit if our mind is cluttered with FEAR and busyness, which clouds our thoughts and pollutes our actions.
In order to hear the VOICE of Spirit 🌬we must align with and hold LOVE in our HEARTS and MINDS.💕
The most powerful WARRIOR is the fearless one, who holds LOVE in his HEART and knows that even death can not separate him from his CREATOR/SOURCE.
The DEATH of egoic control of your thoughts, through conscious SURRENDER will accelerate your union with Divine Mind. It takes vigilance and constant intention and awareness to elevate your thoughts and E-motions, to a higher state of being. YELLOW HUMAN’s gift today is to raise our consciousness through mindfulness, leading to our own self Mastery.
The ELECTRIC HUMAN today is a precursor to our culmination in this 13 day illumination cycle, as we conclude with the COSMIC HU-MAN. Our journey is to EVOLVE into a DIVINE HU-MAN – GOD man. The QUICKEST way to achieve this is to align with DIVINE WILL through SERVICE, as a conduit for Spirit to work MIRACLES on the Earth plane.
Surrender your little human to the Will of the DIVINE🌬🕊 and elevate your consciousness to that of a DIVINE HU-MAN. In this state you can leave a powerful LEGACY on our planet, and influence the lives of a greater number of people.
All great rewards🏆 for a LIFE well LIVED, in SERVICE to the DIVINE 👏– the POWER that UNITES US ALL as ONE – global HU-MAN family!👬👫👭🌎🌏🌍
Today’s question is “Am I willing to SURRENDER my life purpose to Spirit, connecting with others to creatively express the Will of the DIVINE?”
Divine blessings for the FULL expression of your electrical POWER through ACTIVE DIVINE SERVICE! 💥
Namaste’ 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – Kin 66 🌈🌏




🔥 NEW!! HATHA YOGA: for beginners 🔥


This is the first in our series of Yoga Training. This is a Hatha Yoga Practice for beginners. This session runs about 20 minutes and is a light and gentle Yin Flow Yoga for all ages. Enjoy your Practice! Namaste 🙏 CLICK HERE to sign up for training





Invocation of the Song of Spring

I invoke the yellow, violet, orange, pink, green flame of the Divine. I allow the colors of Spring to fall as a waterfall through the Stellar Gateway, through my galactic chakra and over my physical vessel.
I envision myself surrounded by yellow, violet, orange, pink and green pastel colored spheres.
I invoke the essense of the Magnolia flower to clear my aura.
I invoke the essence of the Crocus flower to shield my heart.
I invoke the yellow flame of the Forsythia plant to brighten my energy field.
All of this light today has been brought down from higher dimensions onto my vessel and into Mother Gaia. I am grateful for the colors and light surrounding me. I am grateful for Spring.
I bring the yellow, pink, green, violet flamed down over my neighborhood, my state, my country, my continent and Mother Gaia in her entirety.
I see the colors flowing as water and feel the waterfalls pouring over her being.
I hear the sounds of the birds singing and harmonizing Gaia’s field.
I AM Song.
I AM Light.
I AM Spring.
I AM Happy.
Blessings from Gaia,
Emily Kate, Ashnia-Ala
the Song of Spring
the Song of Spring

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