Afrika and ORGONE

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AFRICA + ORGONE = Grid in High Magnificence 🧡💜

WE jumped earth parallels to a very high frequency earth parallel. In the US the Energies are now as High and Sacred as they are in Africa. Africa is a super-portal of dimensional energy.

Yeah. THIS IS WHAT IT **IS** FOR US N♡W. 😶 I suggest taking a few moments, to Acclimate to this Fact. Wow. Feel the Energy and Harmonize Yourself w/ It ♡.

If you are feeling Surreal with very Bright vision, you are Activating/ Upgrading to Match this new High* Frequency in the US. This is So very powerful 💙 We, the front-liners, have CO-CREATED this phenomenal leap FORWARD by Anchoring phenomenal Amounts of Light Lately. When I LOOK in the Sky, i See WHAT WE DID ➡️

Truly 💜💛🦄

FURTHER, with all the L♡VE-SEX Recoding we did the last week.. it HAS Co-Created + Brought Back ➡️

Our Original Spark of Light that Was There at the moment* of our Conception (aka Orgone Energy!) ➡️

But* that had been diminished due to Matrix Factors. This is a deeper blue shade, that we have been seeing much of at Twilight hours lately. This frequency has never been Anchored till NOW. We have Been Re-integrating Our Original life spark (aka Orgone Energy). IT is so big for our Lightbody Process. To Integrate our higher self Fully. We have Brought Back our Original* Sexual* Energy* ➡️

You are going to feel the Pulse of Life (Orgone Energy) within You more powerfully now 🍍🍊🍍🍊 Africa very much holds this Energy, of the Pulse-of-Life!

IN-SIGHT: Bc we Re-Integrated this Level of Orgone Energy for the last week, WE have Brought African-Level of High Mystical-Dimemsional Light (which has the quality of physicalized* mysticality and sexuality- something that has been missing* in the West)- we Anchored this.. Into Gaia’s Consciousness Grid in the last week. Quite a Feat, especially considering the big difference between African and US Energy. WE merged this like Pros 💜🧡💛

That’s All for now. Going to Pass Out now from the Intensity of this Upgrade. Lol 💜


Photo of tonight’s Orgone/ Life Spark, Frequencies, at Twilight ➡️



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  1. Yay, finally some mention of orgone energy in this whole ascension process. I have been studying orgone and orgonite for 3 years. I have it all over my property and house, in my car and around my whole neighborhood. There are a handful of etheric warriors distributing orgonite throughout certain countries in Africa as well as in the US and Europe, who report back with their stories of how it quickly changes things for the better. Africa indeed has many portals and much power that has not been corrupted by evil bc they are not inundated with all these awful gwen towers and haarp arrays like other countries. Orgone is slowly helping me regain my health and life force back after moving into this modern new house filled with deadly emfs from the smart meter and all the wifi components. I used to have nonstop ringing in my ears and I within days became so sick after moving in. Sick to the point that I had suddenly come down with 5 autoimmune dis-eases and was on dr ordered bedrest, couldn’t work, couldn’t sleep, literally never been so sick in my life and for so long. Since learning about orgone energy and bringing it into my home I am slowly getting better, no more ringing in ears, finally getting some sleep and some energy back. Everyone should learn about orgone and orgonite. Thank you for the message today.

    1. Ohm me, what a story, Andrea! Andrea too here. A 71yo ret. Nurse, morphed wholistic medicine woman. What a journey it’s been! I started making orgonites a year and a half ago. The emfs, the chem trails motived me to do something and that’s what they did!!! Have made several batches but now on hiatus as i’ve been traveling. Soon to begin a batch. Love the process of building them, i soar.
      Please tell me some about your orgonites, your healing progress. For the past few months I’ve had a string of illnesses like never before, had grown quite weakened and still i work daily to regain my strength. The illnesses have been a trial by fire, during the horror of unrelenting pain, little sleep for months, i never lost my connection to my Creator. I never doubted my ascension from the ashes. Today i even felt like doing some yard work. I have developed a morning exercize routine, go for walks throughout the day, slowly but surely i get stronger. I pray that both of us experience a full restoration to health…now!! Jahha! Let’s believe this! Write to me, please. Blessings, love and light. ajv

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