Hieros Gamos





Paul White Gold Eagle

Greetings Celestial Earth Angelics of the Universal One

All Infinite Paths eventually lead back to Source.The Original Mind of the I Am Presence or Buddha Consciousness. Choose a Path and go all the Way with it, never looking back and forging forward through the unknown waters of Eternal Light.

The Bodhisattvas are with us to assist Gaia and all her Children of the Sun in the Transformation into the Paradise she has always evolved to be.  Kuan Yin the Bodhisattva of Compassion transmits the Clear Light of Bliss to you in this Now to Open the Eyes of your Spirit so you may know all things. In this Gnosis we resolve all things perfectly in the Unborn Mind of Buddha.

Remember there is nothing to attain other than the Self Realization of your Oneness with Source and All Life. This is the connection with all things experienced by living from your Heart and walking gently the Sacred Path of the Holy Spirit. Namaste.

We are entering the New Golden Age of Heaven upon Earth, Goddess Speed…A’Ho!


Right now: Moon at 5°06′ Capricorn, Sun at 6°28′ Scorpio

sabian symbols

Current Sabian Symbols

Current Sabian Symbol for the Moon

Ten logs lie under an archway leading to darker woods.
Sabian Symbol for 6º Capricorn

The current Sabian Symbol of the Moon is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing lunar influence, the emotional background, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this moment, while the Moon’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 6º Capricorn.


Current Sabian Symbol for the Sun

Deep-sea divers.
Sabian Symbol for 7º Scorpio

The current Sabian Symbol of the Sun is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing solar influence, the vital energy and the personality, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this day, while the Sun’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 7º Scorpio.





Jennifer Catron


Massive shift in the field today.. Dismantling of density held within the grids happening since last night.. ( result of yesterday’s final 10-10 activation) New Earth grid coming online.. Realities rearranging, realigning as continuous choice points are being made.. ( all new codes/ constant downloads streaming in from the Galactic center as well as the Central’s energy frequency is new- different tone/ different color spectrum .. influx is increased in preparation for 11-11 .. high level of plasma as well. Quantum jump in progress again.. Multi dimensional blue print activations/light body DNA activations.. all timelines and realities converging as one. Happy Co- creating! 💜💜💜


Shree Laxmi
Shree Laxmi


Roberto Nunez

We are going through an energy filter that has our best interests in mind. This energy filter prepares us for an intensity of light, revelation, and change we’ve never experienced before.
This is a Divine opportunity to release, cleanse and dissolve every negative burden..
Don’t turn your attention to the collapse of external systems, like politics, false flags, etc…. pause and focus on your personal journey into the spiritual, into the light, seek the truth.
We’re on the best timeline.



Sophie Grégoire

Your world has changed and it keeps changing. Your transformation continues, daily almost. The energy is about to lead you to the necessary upgrades and growth that your soul wants to experience now. You are greatly helped and supported by the Universe so that your next cycle lands and solidly implements. Nothing can stop your soul’s plan. What’s meant for you is finding you.


 Incoming Activating Waves
Incoming Activating Waves



Ana Maria Shekinah


So much upgrades within our bodies … our celles are awakening and rebirthing Golden Child …Sacred Trinity within without … everything is getting ready to be seen… to be held and loved within the Divine purity of our Souls. Take care of your body and nurture yourself. This weekend and next week are going to be very powerful in ways we haven’t experienced before. Surrender… let the Sacred waters of the pure Divine light washes away all that is ready to be washed away… let go and flow…
Nurture yourself and your beautiful bodies that are giving birth to this Golden New World ✨💛✨
Love yourself and be grateful for every breath… for all the abundance that is breathing through you… and is getting ready to be seen ❤️🌹love
Golden New World
Golden New World


Pars Kutay

With all the DIVINE SOURCE ENERGIES Are Coming into the planet in the Present NOW Moment. . .
mankind’s technological devices are NO match for the Individual and Elevated Collective Consciousness which can register Planetary SHIFTS via Attunement to the HIGHER SELF. . .
and its “Devices” are registered as “Light Activations”—Upgrading and Downloading of Vital Knowledge from the Supernal Realms.
The current “Eclipse Portal” that WE Are in is Aglow with Transformational Spiritual Atomic Particles that can give us amazing information and revelations—later confirmed by certain Planetary Happenings—that can prove that. . .
WE Are Definitely in a Space / Time of “Choice Point Power” that can either spur the Collective on to Stabilization and Peace or the opposite.
Mind (Consciousness) Is ENERGY.
ENERGY Is Life Force.
Life Force Has Creative Vibrational Frequency just as does our planet Earth/Gaia and the Entire Solar System.
Each day is an opportunity to SHIFT HIGHER. . . to Shine BRIGHTER. . . to Change Dross to GOLD.
All WE Need is the Transforming FIRE of the Phoenix Bird. Our Sun in rhythm with the GREAT CENTRAL SUN is Providing this.
Let us Soar as WE Head further towards the Lunar Eclipse of November 8th and as WE Enjoy the Final Weekend of October 2022.
~ 💜 ~
Memories of Lemuria
Memories of Lemuria



Linda Li

Dear family of love and light, the incoming energies have been very healing and powerful. The purpose of these intense energies are here is to dig out the deeply buried and accumulated human miscreation and let them go once and for all. The process is very intense.

The Divine says that most humans on earth, currently, are not aware of the deeply buried miscreation, and therefore, the releasing process can be intense and sometimes, violent. The Divine encourages light workers to work gently with these energies and be aware of the process. Know it is the deep emotions and the human miscreation that we are working with and releasing, and letting go when they come up so that the process, gradually, will be more tolerable and less painful.

Human miscreation is one thing that causes a great deal of suffering for Gaia and humanity in general. Humans miscreate because humans forget the fact that they are creators. They have creative faculties such as the mind, the thoughts and the intentions. With guided intentions, humans can create beautiful things and live that they want to experience. However, miscreation happens when human intentions are being misused, along with wounded human ego and the results will be detrimental. Over time, there have been a great deal of miscreation on Gaia, and the miscreation on Gaia, partially has been keeping the planet and humanity low and down.

Now the planet and humanity are ascending. The miscreation has to be released and transmuted. Gaia has a great deal of miscreation and misuse of human energies buried. Now Gaia wants them to come up and be transformed. The process is intense but necessary.

Linda Li and the Divine and the company of heaven. So it is.



Mother Goddess
Mother Goddess


Diego E. Berman, PhD

Dear friends, we are now fully immersed in the Eclipse Passageway energies, which started on October 25 and will last until November 7-8.
I will be posting daily updates on the energies as we walk together this new eclipse corridor to help you navigate and make sense of what might be happening within you and around you.
As we move deeper into the eclipse passageway, the energies become more intense. As you can see in the picture below, planet Earth is now being showered by the end of the lightcodes of the first (solar) eclipse and the beginning of the wave of lightcodes slowly arriving from the second (lunar) eclipse.
The main objective of this intense combination of “past” and “future” eclipse information we are receiving these days is to trigger our personal and collective evolution. We are moving away from inflexible, outdated, limiting 3D structures into more fluid, lighter, and compassionate 5D ways of being. This is the reason why parts of your lives seem to be dissolving and moving away from your timeline. You are moving into new ways of being that are no longer able to hold the old and outdated patterns. The physical and emotional symptoms you may be experiencing these days are related to this 3D to 5D shift. (There are other energies at play as well right now, solar wind related geomagnetic storms, but today we are focusing on the eclipse lightcodes). Remember to ground yourself all through the eclipse corridor
As we walk this eclipse corridor, take a step back and look at the bigger picture of your life. Step away from the limited vision and reactive frame of mind of ‘me against them.’ Try to change your perspective, shift your point of view and zoom out. We are but a speck of dust in the Universe yet we think everything revolves around us. We build fences and walls and create invisible borders.
We become so lost in our individual experience that we do not realize that most of the things that keep us awake at night are actually distractions.
This moment is just a breath in the timeline of your life. This life is a fleeting moment in the tapestry of your soul’s experience. Your soul’s experience is a flash in the timeline of the known Universe. And the known Universe is a grain of sand in the unknown Divine Universe.
Today, please take a moment to see the bigger picture, and look at your life from a higher perspective. To find deep compassion in your heart, and to acknowledge how far you have come in the timeline of your soul’s journey. And even though our presence on this planet is just a flash in the universal timeline, please know that by being here on Earth during this evolutionary period you are assisting in creating a more loving and compassionate planet. You are part of the team co-creating the 3D to 5D evolutionary jump.


Eclipse Corridor
Eclipse Corridor


Ally Raye


Some have asked, “Is something wrong with me? I feel nothing. I feel no joy, no hope, no anything. It’s like everything feels meaningless. And, honestly, I don’t feel love for anything at all right now.”
To these precious hearts, I say:
This is merely an indication of where you are in various states of consciousness. What is occurring is much like what we hear about “stars.”
On this beautiful brave journey, we are propelled inward through our HEART. We pass through various frequencies and states of awareness. We find ourselves in what feels like a vast void. And, in fact, it IS. We arrive to a state of “no thing”- of “nothingness.” There is “no thing” and “no one.” There, each ebbs and flows, with their own soul’s experience. Some explore this state for “long periods” dancing and twirling with a variety of feelings and emotions. And some arrive there and make a deep “peace” with it. There is no “right or wrong” as each soul knows its purpose in this “state.”
Although it so much more profound then I will write here, there is a beautiful truth found in this experience…
When you have found yourself feeling this nothingness, this “no love at all,” you will certainly soon find yourself in a sudden and beautiful explosion into the LOVE YOU TRULY ARE…
Wait for it….
Don’t be tempted to let your mind fill this precious “emptiness”…
Simply BE…
Patience has its purpose.
There is no need to fear.
You are a galaxy of stars.
You are Divine.
You are being born anew.
All is truly well in all of eternity!
It Is So.
Love Is. Love Is. Love Is.✨🤍✨
God Is. God Is. God Is. ✨🙏✨
You are a galaxy of stars
You are a galaxy of stars
This Has Been A Tripple Shift & Tripple Download From The Great Central Sun Together With The Great Galactic Sun. Being Enhanced & Amplified By The Nirvana Key of Completion.
As A Metamorphosis & Major Epiphany Has Been Received & Will Continue To Be Experienced By Many On Gaia 28 October, 2022. This Has Very Different Energies & Higher Frequencies. 💙 With Father & Divine Mother & The Elohim. FROM THE GREAT CENTRAL SUN.
From The Great Central Sun Akashic Records.
Today, 28 October, 2022 is yet another very significant day as can be seen as described above. This Tripple Shift & Tripple Download From The Great Central Sun & The Great Galactic Sun Combined Timeline & Stargate :
The Nirvana Key of Completion :
Has long awaited for these times. Not only beyond Gaia but Within The Great Central Sun & Stars & Other Worlds Beyond The Great Central Sun.
This is a very different Shift & Download; affecting not only those on Gaia who are receptive to these very high energies, frequencies and vibrations streamed down onto Gaia Direct From :
The Omnipresent Omnipotent Power of Creation : Existence Itself :
But Together With :
The Third Sun of The Threefold Sun Trinity of
The Great Central Sun :
But With The Nirvana Key Of Completion :
Brings great benefits and assistance to inhabitants on Gaia, long awaited and pre-destined for these times. Timing inevitably being the key.
This Inter Dimensional NEW Timeline & NEW Stargate takes the seekers on Gaia beyond that which has been so for many on Gaia into New Awareness & Understanding.
All Shifts & Downloads Released Onto Gaia and inhabitants have a Specific Role Or Key :
The Key For the 28 October, 2022 is :
This, The Nirvana Key Takes One Deeper Into That Which Has Always Been. In essence what has been released onto Gaia not only for :
The Ancient Ones From :
The Great Central Sun :
But Also :
Star Seeds & Galactics From Beyond :
The Great Central Sun.
Within The Great Central Sun IS NIRVANA
One of the innumerable Suns Within :
The Great Central Sun Is :
And Also :
Both have been shared by Aed & Suryananda in depth.
The Nirvana Sun Sphere :
Has Within Innumerable Suns
Whilst Being Within :
The Great Central Sun.
The Nirvana Sun Being The 13th Higher Self of
The Ancient Ones From The Great Central Sun.
Star Seeds & Galactics Will Have Their Own Way of Measuring Their Higher Selves.
Was Visible On Gaia 21 April, 1970 :
Aa described in detail earlier this year on several occasions : The Great Galactic Sun Spaceship
Was Visible On Gaia acting as both a signpost and steps on understanding in greater depth long hidden aspects on :
The Great Central Sun & Creation
As absorption has taken place leading to the significant impacts to the inhabitants on Gaia as these Cosmic times have come to fruition.
The Great Galactic Sun Spaceship :
As described was seen as a Vast, Exquisite Very Low Star, unprecedented being seen so low to people on Gaia. A sense of just being over one’s head. This was so for Suryananda who saw :
The Great Galactic Sun Spaceship :
21 April, 1970 and remained looking at this in great fascination for a long time from about 8.30 pm that night.
On board The Great Galactic Sun Spaceship :
Were Vast Numbers From :
The Great Central Sun Being Some of The Elohim & Masters. Adam El Daoud being one of the many Masters. Within The Galactic Sun were also many Star Seeds & Galactics.
Thus The Completion Of A NEW DIMENSION
Has Been Completed Known As :
This Does Not Change That :
As Within :
Has Come Into Being.
For The Ancient Ones :
Star Seeds & Galactics.
Encompassed Within This Description As In The Heading Will & Has Begun To Assist Many On Gaia To Go Further Into :
Nirvana & It’s Inherent Aspects & Meaning Than Ever Before On Gaia.
This With Yet Another Tremendously Powerful Tripple Shift & Tripple Download Combining
Will Have A Tremendous Impact To Many On Gaia As The Creative Aspects On :
The Great Central Sun & Creation :
Become Manifest Thus Consciously Aware :
For Many More Whilst On Gaia Than Has Been So Prior.
Thus Deep Routed Questions As To Existence :
Will Become Less Complex.
Whilst Within The Great Central Sun :
Divine Consorts Of The Ancient Ones :
As Also Star Seeds & Galactics :
Will Journey Together Into This :
Which Has Come Into Being.
This Is A Very Exciting Day.
Father looked in during Aed & Suryananda’s session.
As initially shared in confirmation :
This Was Released Onto Gaia & Inhabitants Many Hours Ago.
Aed & Suryananda’s journeys on The Great Central Sun & Creation continues.
Adam El Daoud & Suryananda.
Divine Consorts. 💙
Friday, 28 October, 2022.
Readers Of The Great Central Sun Sacred Scripts Akashic Records & The Great Central Sun Akashic Records.
Also Both Aspects : The Great Cosmic Sun : The Great Galactic Sun : The Violet Flame Sun : Amenti : Atlantis & Many Others.
Honorary Attendees To The Violet Flame Sun Stargate.
Honorary Attendees To The Violet Flame Sun Timeline.
Seers To The Great Central Sun : The Great Cosmic Sun : The Great Galactic Sun : The Violet Flame Sun : Amenti : Atlantis & Others.
The Surya Sun Seers.


Karen Lithika


Deep Internal roads of Light are Awakening
Like Crevices of Light appearing in a vast mountain range. We bring through this visualisation to address the in roads of light reaching you.
It is Deep and Powerful as the Awakened Aspects of you navigates the Cellular Awakening of YOU.
Understand much occurs as you sleep, for the Etheric Light World is awake in numerous light roles.
Simply see the Light Evolution of the NOW morphing, awakening. As you fuel each day with the air you breathe, the nourishing food you consume. Leads you to the path integrated within the deep crevices of light.
For the path is unique, coupled with your light mission requirements. Your worldy commitments.
Simply embrace the Wonderful
Have Faith in the Chosen Path
For the Future is Bright and Exciting
Advanced Souls of Light
Cosmic Pathways are Now Imprinted in your World. There is no turning back from the future before you.
As you prepare and align in Light.
With Love For Your Journey.
Arcturian Light Team
Karen Lithika

Asara Adams

💜🌟💜 Energy Update by Archangel Michael
“Greetings, Beloved Ones.
We are sending you blessings of Love and Light, in this Now Moment, and we are inviting you to open your heart to our message for you…
Dear One, it takes a certain determination and strength to shift your experience into a higher light and love filled reality.
As you are moving through your life, you have always the choice what you are allowing to persist in your experience.
Many are not aware of the tremendous power of your choice and that you are choosing either consciously or sub-consciously:
You are choosing the quality of your thoughts.
You are choosing the quality your conversations.
You are choosing the quality of what you are observing online and in your media.
You are choosing the quality of your emotional state.
And yes, it does take determination and strength, every moment of your life.
Especially now, as Planet Earth is moving through these intense times.
However, we hear your fatigue and tiredness.
If you are feeling that you don’t have enough determination and strength, ask for our Angelic help and assistance.
Make the call:
“In the name of my Beloved I AM Presence, I now call forth the 7 Mighty Archangels and the entire Angelic Host to strengthen my resolve to create a better Reality for myself and the World!”
Make this call as often as you are guided to.
It will become stronger with use.
We are here for you to assist you to give you the determination and strength needed to first become aware of your thoughts and emotions and then to choose better feeling ones at all times.
You are well on your way, Dear One, and we can tell you that Divine Heaven on Earth is waiting for you.
Know That All Is Well, Beloved Ones.
Welcome Home.
We are walking beside you, every step of the way.
Dear Ones, you are loved beyond measure. Always.
I am Archangel Michael and I bring you this truth.
Thank you, Archangel Michael!
Channelled through Asara Adams
Archangel Michael
Archangel Michael


Adrienne Elise

Here we are, in the strange time in between Eclipses. Last Tuesday’s Partial Solar Eclipse with the Sun, Moon and Venus at 2 degrees Scorpio seems to be uncovering our deepest suppressed emotions and insecurities. At exactly 2 degrees, this New Moon Eclipse is speaking about ‘coming together’, but it only seemed to bring up the deep pain and what has been keeping us apart. We are going deep into the rift of separation, so that we can come back to wholeness, the only way we can really be together. SuperNovas, it’s time to receive love back into our heart.

The Sun and Venus will continue to stay close through the first half of November. We are re-arranging our feminine identity. It’s time to clean up those shadows and lies and empower her in a new way. We are facing karmic patterns from the past, as Venus and the Sun catch up to the South Node of the Moon in Scorpio. Venus meets the South Node on Nov. 3rd, and the Sun will come up to the South Node on Nov. 6th. This weekend, Mercury will move into Scorpio and join these planets, conjuncting the South Node of the Moon on Nov. 7th. This is the day before the Total Lunar Eclipse in Taurus, which happens on Election Day in the US. L’America, Columbia the Goddess, must finally be set free.

Mercury in Libra is in a sweet trine with Mars, and in a tense square with Pluto in Capricorn. This is bringing up tension around where we feel challenged in our power from outside authority. Mercury at the end degrees of Libra, in square to Pluto is not helping us feel any more connected to the Dream of Love we have been holding on to by strings for so long. It’s a feeling of exasperation and hopelessness. Don’t give up! You are closer than you think. The dream lives within you, and cannot fade. So lets get on with the show.

Mercury is in trine to Mars, just as he prepares to turn retrograde. This means that the next few months are inviting us to Awaken and live this Utopian Dream of Perfect Love, right here in our very own energy field. But in order to activate, we must retrieve our voice. This Mars retrograde is a re-initiation and re-membering of who we really are, and a preparation for our role in the future, SuperNovas.

Mars turns retrograde at 25 degrees Gemini on October 31st. A very spacey, creepy, unknown feeling is coming from the two month extended square between Mars and Neptune in Pisces. It’s like our warrior has been hit over the head with some shocking truth and he’s still trying to come to. It might take a couple of months to process. We will feel Mars in square to Neptune through the month of November. Mars will retrograde back to 8 degrees Gemini before turning direct on Janurary 12th. Mars will make one final square with Neptune at 25 degrees, just as he exits his retrograde shadow on the Ides of March, 2023.

Jupiter has been sitting precariously at Zero degrees Aries for this last week. Jupiter is crossing over the potent Aries point of new creation for the second time this cycle. Jupiter moves back into Pisces on October 29th. We are facing everywhere that we haven’t been able to claim our life and vigor, and a life fully lived, because of messed up patterns and programming from the past.

It’s a rather creepy Halloween with Eclipse Season, Jupiter moving back into Pisces, and Mars turning retrograde. There’s something from the past that we need to retrieve. Mars retrograde in Gemini says that it has to do with our Voice, that has long been suppressed. The Venus Sun conjunction Eclipse is trying to uncover the true identity of the feminine, from underneath the lies and delusions of the Piscean Age. You know it’s gonna get stranger.

Saturn is now direct, but will linger at 18 degrees Aquarius for a couple of weeks before really moving forward. We are still feeling the Saturn Uranus Square, but it’s influence is beginning to wane. This Square has been affecting us for the last year and a half. It’s about stubborn structures that don’t want to change. We are coming to terms with what in our life might need to stay, and what might need to go.

It’s a great purge, so why not support the detox and clean up our bodies and our life? It feels better to let go. But a bit scary, during this strange abyss that is the time in between Eclipses. It’s a dark tunnel but we are beginning to see that the light that is indeed at the end of it. Hang in there. It’s a potent time to rebirth yourself into something completely new. Leave the karma and programming in the ashes of the past. Let the fires of truth burn away all that is false, so we can once again sit on the thrown of our own Autonomy. There ain’t no point in looking behind us, so let’s get on with the show.


Lotus Born
Lotus Born
Mercury enters Scorpio – Conversation becomes more intense. Highly perceptive, we may be more aware of persuasion, game playing, power trips and manipulation. Tune in to your psychic sensor. Observe. Unconscious motivations leak out through body language. Explore your psyche with openness and curiosity. Sit with the truth. Knowledge is power.
Consider what must be spoken and what is best kept silent. Words can be the poison or the antidote. The right words spoken at the right time can heal a toxic environment, including the inner landscape of the mind – thank you, I love you, I forgive you. Direct thoughts to eliminate self-doubt and exude strength. Begin a dialogue with the shadow self.
Degree and Time
Mercury 00°Sc00′ – 20:22 (BST)
© Leah Whitehorse
Painting – Study of Black against Yellow’ by William Merritt Chase
Study of Black against Yellow
Study of Black against Yellow

Kin 164 ~ Yellow Galactic Seed

‘Galactic’ is the name for the number for eight and its keywords are ‘Harmony, Integrity and Model’. The eighth day of a wavespell is all about restoring harmony in your life and understanding the value of this balance. If you have fallen out with someone, make it up to them today. You will feel warm and fuzzy inside if you make amends! It is also a great day for making and enjoying music, so get into your groove. The number 8 also reminds us to check our integrity. If you are on the spiritual path, this is vital. There is no way on heaven or earth that you can have harmony in your life, if you are not impeccable.
Today is Yellow Seed which represents ‘Targeting, Flowering and Awareness’. Yellow Seed days are all about planting ideas, sharing wisdom and raising awareness. As it is a Galactic day, this awareness should be about the importance of harmony. Try to get along with everyone that you encounter today. This is a lovely combination of day and number and ideal for gardening, planting ideas and of course, sowing awareness. The Yellow Seed is concerned with knowledge and fact finding and information gathering. The Seed is a very curious character who needs to know everything. This enthusiasm for knowledge is quite contagious and you may find yourself today wanting to find out more in your field of interest.
The Guide today is the Yellow Star which represents ‘Beauty and Art’. When following the guiding star, remember to appreciate beauty. Wear something pretty, admire artwork, cheer up your space and remember that you too can shine like a star. Whenever this sparkly energy leads the way, our paths are illuminated and that shows the way forward very clearly, so we won’t get lost today.
The Challenge today is the White Wizard, the charmer of the Tzolkin. No one is spellbound today by the Wizard and he isn’t happy when his charms and spells are weak. If you are a Wizard, today will be annoying to a certain degree but don’t fret, you too can find some harmony today.
The Occult power is the Red Earth (also the wavespell we are in) which represents ‘Evolution’. When in this position the Red Earth offers evolution in magical understanding. In fact, magic plays a great deal of importance in the pursuit of evolution. If you look back at your life and think about the occasions where you evolved – by what seemed to be just pure luck. Well, isn’t luck just another word for magic?
The Ally is the Blue Eagle which symbolizes ‘Vision and Creativity’. If you need an Ally today consult an Eagle if you know one. If you don’t know one, use some Eagle medicine and fly high to get a better perspective of your situation. If restoring harmony proves tricky maybe having a vision is what you need. If you are a Blue Eagle, you’ll feel extra friendly towards everyone today.
Kin 164
Kin 164




Christina Papageorgiou



8 KAN – KIN 164
29 OCTOBER 2022
I harmonize in order to target
Modeling awareness
I seal the input of flowering
With the Galactic tone of integrity
I AM guided by the power of elegance
29/10/2022 = 11/10/2022 = 11/1/222 = 2/1/6=2/7 =9
29- Spiritual tests/trials/strength
11- Portal/Gate/Polarity
2- Twins/Partners/Cooperation
1- New beginnings/Leader/Original
9- Destiny/Mission/Service/Humanity/Grace
✨MONTH/YEAR codes✨
10- Manifestation/Authority/Power
1- New beginnings/Leader/Original
7- Mystic/Majik/Spiritual/Initiation/Solitude
2- Twins/Partners/Cooperation/Alliances
6- Heaven/Christ/Family/Romance/Fertility
20- The AWAKENING/Clear vision
22- Architect of PEACE/Master builder
KIN 164 = 11 = 2 11.11
11- Portal/Duality/Doorway
2 – Twins/Partnership/Cooperation
11 2 and 2222 codings – the emphasis of codings for the year of 2022 – where we are walking through doorways together into the NEW harmonious world. Today we are SEEDING🌱 our new world as the DREAM of HARMONY✨ takes root! 🌏🌍🌎 🌈
Day 8 in the RED EARTH WAVESPELL🌎 of evolution, through navigating our way through the signs, synchronicity and Earth Majik. Flowing and aligning with the rhythms and cycles of Nova Gaia.
Today we are integrating our capacity to LISTEN to the SIGNS, and bring our MINDS to focus on Harmonic, congruent and creative thoughts, strongly in alignment with Mother Gaia, her nature and her cycles, as we welcome a NEW HARMONIC CYCLE of PEACE.🕊✨
GALACTIC – Tone 8 in the MENTAL realm. ACTION – modeling, POWER – harmonize, ESSENCE – integrity. The GALACTIC tone will influence much MENTAL analysis today! The most important factor is that we model integrity in our thoughts, words and actions. The principles of honesty, integrity, congruency and transparency are becoming ingrained in the foundations of our new world.
We are modeling what it is to be a cocreator of this New World.
❓❓Are our intentions based on harmony through integrity of being?
It is time to WALK our TALK!🚶💬
we need to reflect on the messages from spirit, and ensure that we are aligned in order to co create more Harmony in our world. Our plans need to be transparent and for the highest good of our community and planet, for them to hold up in these new energies. Our projects and business models will then serve as a model for others following in our footsteps who hold the ideals of unity, peace and harmony as a priority.
At tone 8 we have entered a new scale, and we are so proud, we just have to model ourselves for others. We have also mastered Harmony at this stage. We are GALACTIC and don’t we know it! Today we are modelling GALACTIC CULTURE and what it is to live in Harmony with all sentient beings throughout the Omni Universe! ✨✨✨
CONSCIOUS SELF: YELLOW GALACTIC SEED ✨ 🌾– KAN. Today is a day to roll up your sleeves, put on your gardening gloves and green thumbs, and plant those new SEEDS! Today is indeed a great day for GARDENING on any plane! Whether that be physically in our own gardens, or the collective gardens of our Planet – the GARDEN of EDEN. 🏝🌴🌏
We are aiming to SEED our HIGHEST POTENTIAL today, through focusing on initiating our new ideas and projects. As it is a GALACTIC day, we are focused on our MINDS, raising our beliefs of what we “thought” was possible for us, allowing for greater potentials to be seeded.
Yesterday we were ENVISIONING our DREAMS, and today we are cultivating those ideas, plans and harmonic patterns to majikally manifest the new path we are navigating upon. It is time to GET REAL and create it!
KAN also encourages us to fully BLOOM🌼 today, to share our packets of LIGHT🎆 with others so that our SPARK🎇 can ignite their soul’s potential. It is a beautiful day to FLOWER and plant new ideas in the MINDS of the receptive, in order to target greater planetary awareness of our evolutionary path.
The GALACTIC SEED is a great catalyst for targeting Planetary AWARENESS. Awakening the masses to the TRUTH of their existence and their greater destiny.
HIGHER SELF/GUIDE: YELLOW GALACTIC STAR✨ 🌟– LAMAT The star glyph of LAMAT is a PORTAL which connects you to the sacred movement of planets, stars and galaxies. LAMAT is a gateway to the 5th Dimension, and it opens stargates to the Pleiades, Sirius and beyond.
LAMAT is infusing us with higher frequencies and illuminating our MINDS to raise the bar. With more LIGHT in our MINDS, our future is indeed looking brighter each day.☀
LAMAT carries the codes for PEACE, HARMONY and celebrating our LIFE as ART. Yesterday we were envisioning the DREAM, today we are painting it on our blank canvas! 🎨 We now have a new canvas on which to paint the next her-story of our planet.
Today we have a perfect SYNERGY of the energies of LAMAT✨ and KAN🌱, intertwined in this beautiful Cosmic dance providing powerfully focused energies. We can use this potent energy to fertilize our new harmonic systems – developing new ways of living and being in our common-unities in harmony with Gaia and each other.
The Yellow kin are the RIPENERS🍌 providing the impetus for us to fully flower🌻 and SHINE🌟 as the beautiful StarBlissSuns🌟🌹🌞 that we came here to BE!
LAMAT is reminding us to EXPRESS TIME as ART🎨 through being creative with our kin – to dance, sing, paint, draw and have a BEAUTY filled day, integrating pure HARMONY through our creative MINDS.
Take this opportunity today to START AFRESH and see our world born anew. Energize and focus on this daily, to magnetize the elegance in our reality.
SUPPORT: BLUE GALACTIC EAGLE✨ 👁👁– MEN provides the GREATER VISION today, reminding you to ✨KEEP YOUR SIGHTS HIGH! ✨ Believe that YOU CAN achieve more! Greater beauty and harmony lies beyond the Horizon. The old world is GONE, what was disharmonious is now replaced with beauty and elegance. Believe in BETTER!
BLUE EAGLE as the keeper of PLANETARY MIND – (the collective conscious and unconscious memory programs of all humanity) – enables us to reformat our collective minds – erasing the old paradigm as the operating system..
We are installing a NEW OPERATING SYSTEM – of Harmonic Mind – in alignment with the rhythms and cycles of our Mother Earth and Cosmos. Connecting to a greater force – the UNITY consciousness that connects and animates all creation. 🍥🍥🍥
BLUE EAGLE gives you the power to ENVISION👁 the completion and accomplishment of your DREAMS, energizing and anchoring them into this realm. You can perceive each step in your path, as it leads to the whole – allowing you to imprint the total blueprint, into your SEEDS of creation.
BLUE EAGLE gifts you, with the POWER to SEE👁 and recognize the full potential of your ideas, knowing which one is the most fertile needing to be planted first.
The GALACTIC EAGLE will ensure that you are fully focused on the Highest Good for all. GALACTIC CULTURE will prevail from this moment forth, driving our new VISION for humanity.
In the year 2000 I had the honour of travelling to CANBERRA – our nation’s capital with two very gifted GALACTIC sisters – both EARTH GRIDworkers.. Spirit enticed us there on the premise of attending a conference – but unbeknown to us we found ourselves spontaneously drawn to another MISSION.
Synchronistically a group of healers were participating in a GLOBAL DRUMMING ceremony in the woods🌳🌳🌳 near Parliament House at 12 noon that day (clearing the land and ley lines). Spirit urged us to do some “site-seeing” and we found ourselves in the upper levels of the building at exactly 12 noon feeling the rhythm and pulse of the drumbeat.
Ravens started to gather around us and we tuned in and saw many mandalas and templates spinning in the aethers. We worked together to overlay these 5D templates over the Parliament buildings. These were the blueprints for the NEW political, financial, education, justice and social systems.. It was such a JOY to witness and we were very excited that this would come to pass in the YEAR 2012… Well 22 years have now passed and it has taken a little longer than we realized, but MAJIK is now HAPPENING..✨✨✨
On 11 FEBRUARY 2022 – 22222 – GALACTIC SEED day – at 9am in the grounds of PARLIAMENT HOUSE🏦 a group of passionate educators gathered to discuss a NEW EDUCATION SYSTEM. Their purpose was to educate the children at the FREEDOM camp. They chose NOT to teach the current outmoded curriculum, but rather new dynamic wisdom teachings based on the NEW TIME.. I was soooo excited to hear this announcement as it reminded me of the templating that occured in 2000 and NOW IT HAPPENED on the same ground, at our nation’s capital.🎉🎊🎇🎊🎉.
It all starts with ENVISIONING👁 the blueprint into the aethers for the ideas to be sown. It may be immediate or it may take YEARS, DECADES or even LIFETIMES to eventuate.. but it all starts with YOU having an IDEA and SEEDING IT into the QUANTUM FIELD.
The DIVINE PLAN is wondrous to witness as it unfolds in the most MAJIKAL ways. ✨✨✨
What is also very exciting, is that as people meet, gather, talk and network in their new TRIBES and common-unities, they communicate these new ideas they have, and the new systems will take root through these like minded beautiful souls..
✨THIS IS HOW WE CREATE THE NEW CULTURE✨ – it evolves organically from the ground up – rather than being IMPOSED by a “patriarchal authority”
This modelling is occurring globally as people AWAKEN and lean towards the LIGHT, modelling the NEW WAY of LIVING in HARMONY with each other and GAIA.
OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: RED RHYTHMIC EARTH 🌏– CABAN is today’s SUPERPOWER guiding our Planet to RESET and synchronize with the natural harmonic cycles of the Cosmos. This blessing ensures we can harvest the full benefits throughout this next cycle we are entering. Riding on these evolutionary waves to carry us forth into the next greater cycle of our evolutionary journey, through the expression of higher and more compassionate consciousness.
NOTE: Earth is receiving a pummeling through this higher frequency and continuous Solar Flare/CME activity.. GAIA is rapidly ascending now and taking us all along for the superduper ride!
CABAN is our planetary GPS system, meaning it will be easier to align with the many SIGNS, and synchronicities that point you in the right direction. The RHYTHMIC TONE will guide you to organize your physical body and environment to find greater BALANCE and HARMONY. To find your center. Finding greater balance through LISTENING to the EARTH.
Your heart❤ and that of Mother Gaia will have greater connectivity today, bringing forth the POWER TO SEED🌾 the highest potential to majikally manifest your new life path.
This is the RIGHT TIME! ✨✨✨
CHALLENGE/GIFT: WHITE GALACTIC WIZARD✨ 🔮 – IX provides today’s gift, and that is to OPEN OUR HEARTS❤ as we revere all LIFE through creation. We become more receptive to the higher frequencies, flooding our planet and flowing through our expanded consciousness, feeling the ONENESS and connectedness of ALL beings.
As we realize this universal TRUTH we begin modeling a timeless and receptive MIND that can reflect endlessly the truth of what is real and what is unreal. Modeling the compassionate Mind of the true Masters that we are becoming.
❓❓What qualities are you choosing to focus on? What best comprises your state of mind and favoured reality?
Our challenge today, is to anchor these majikal energies that will SEED our Highest Potential Divine Destiny, in order to create more balance and equality for all beings and our Planet. Aho Planetary kin! ❤✨❤
Today’s question is “How can I model a higher octave of harmonic mind, that SEEDs 🌾 my beautiful new LIFE and the NEW TIME?🌈⏳
“Am I choosing a HARMONIC reality, seeded on beauty,🌹 elegance✨ and PEACE🕊 reflecting TIME= ART?🎨🖼
🐬🌈 ❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈
Divine blessings for the beautiful new doors OPENING wide TODAY, leading to our elegant NEW World!✨
Namaste’ 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈





🔥 Implant Removal Ceremony 🔥


Cutting all Chords and Soul Contracts ~ Freedom from all False Programs, implants, inserts and overlays:






The Summit Lighthouse

Forgiveness Decree




Forgive Often

It’s a good idea to do the decree for forgiveness at least once every twenty-four hours. You will find that the memories of negative events will lose their emotional charge as the energy that went into them is liberated. The more recent negative events will begin to recede from your mind as they are transmuted. Then events from the past will begin to come to the fore. These events will, in turn, recede as they are transmuted, leaving you free to go forward with your life.


The following decree can help you to forgive and let go.

Before you give the forgiveness decree, say a simple prayer like: I send forgiveness to all whom I have ever wronged and to all who have ever wronged me. Then begin the decree.

Think of the incident that you have always felt you could never get over. Allow yourself to feel the anger welling up inside of you.

Now see a deep-pink flame of love enveloping that anger. Then see it mixing with the violet flame that already surrounds you. Visualize the violet flame transmuting that anger. Then see the flame of forgiveness, deep pink, violet and purple, expanding in your heart and whirling.

See it becoming spheres of light that go forth from your heart. Watch these spheres sprout wings, or filaments of energy, and fly from your heart toward the hearts of those you need to forgive.

Each time you give the decree, repeat this visualization. See the spheres going farther and farther from you. Send them to everyone you can think of.

If it is yourself that you need to forgive, see the sphere of violet energy bursting like fireworks over the memory of everything you wish you hadn’t done. See the violet energy erasing and dissolving all your thoughts and feelings that are tied up in those actions. Put all your blame, your shame and your sense of guilt into the violet fire.


Forgiveness Decree

I send forgiveness to all whom I have ever wronged and to all who have ever wronged me.

I AM Forgiveness acting here,

Casting out all doubt and fear,
Setting men forever free
With wings of cosmic Victory.

I AM calling in full power
For Forgiveness every hour;
To all life in every place
I flood forth forgiving Grace.


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