The Big Shift 2019 to 2020:Portals, Eclipses and Conjunctions power the Shift to New Earth Creation

The Big Shift 2019 to 2020:Portals, Eclipses and Conjunctions power the Shift to New Earth Creation

Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn
Beloveds, stand by to enter the third decade of the 21st Century!  The quantum energies are swirling and accelerating as you arrive fully in this new space and place that is called New Earth.  You will see a quantum wave of awakening in 2020 on your Earth, with many deep and profound shifts.
But, on may say that right now you are in the entrance hallway, waiting to make your big entrance!
Many powerful energies were released at the Galactic New Year in July?August of 2019, and this is the culmination or high point of the Time Spiral as you enter the 3/3/3 Portal, connect with Galactic Center and Council, transit the Solstice and the Solar Eclipse, and prepare for the powerful and transformative energies of the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn, follower by the Sun, Pluto and Saturn conjunction also in Capricorn on the 12th January 2020.
Yes indeed, you have a “full program” over the next weeks.  These powerful shifts occurring in December 2019 and January 2020 will deliver you to the threshold of your “new life” as a citizen of the New Earth and an empowered Co-Creator of the New Earth Reality. The past will finally fall away for you and you will step into the magical quantum and multi-dimensional reality that is your birth right as an Angelic or Starseed Human.
Welcome to the New Earth “2020” where you are the ones who determine your reality and your future as you travel the time spirals and shape “TimeSpace” into your deepest dreams and desires.
The  3/3/3 Portal
Beloved Ones, the 3/3/3 Portal is an extended  month long corridor or time gate that will deliver you to the New Reality just in time for the big switchover to Co-Creation and Co-operation with the New Earth Councils of Elders and Earth Keepers.  Administrative responsibility for the New Earth will devolve on these councils, and especially on the High Council for the New Earth.  These ones will guide you forward into the place of ultimate freedom and dreams!
The 3/3/3 Portal  opens on the 3rd of December, continues to the 12th of December (12/12/12) and 21st December (21/12/12 Solstice( and closes on the 30th December (3/3/3).  Each of these dates reduces down to 3/3/3 or 9.
The energies within this portal or corridor are Abundance and Harmony and Creation.  The “Abundance Codes”, also known as the “Paradise Codes” are providing a powerful impetus for the installation of the Council of Earth Elders as the administrative body of the New Earth, for the Sacred Planet that is rebirthing to its highest purpose in the 3rd decade of the 21st Century.  The Divine Feminine/Goddess energy is preparing to bless the New Earth and all who step into that Reality with great abundance, love, harmony, beauty and peace.  The new Divine Masculine energy will support the Divine Creative flow into Manifestation on the New Earth Field of Love, where all creations are grounded in Love.
We will discuss here the two high points of the Portal, as important moments before the portal closes on the 30th December.
The Full Moon in Gemini and the 12/12/12
The last Full Moon of December falls on the 11th December and is followed by the 12/12/12.
The Gemini Full Moon will create an illumined pathway for the 12/12/12, which will offer two things. Firstly, the completion of the 2019  “Soul Embodiment Process” that began in July/August of 2019, and secondly, the final and full activation of the Diamond Light Body/Galactic Body that was initiated in 2018.
The Golden Light of the Christ Consciousness “Field of Love” will provide the support for the final stages of the important Soul Embodiment phase that which Wayshowers and Light Family are now completing.  The process allows human consciousness to fully connect with Soul/Spirit consciousness and to enter into the “Sacred Marriage” or union of Body and Soul.  The New Earth being recognizes itself as an Infinite Being of Light that has access to many dimensions and points on the TimeSpace continuum.  It is not limited to linear 3D time and it is not confined to a given reality.  Everything shifts and changes as the first “New Earth” generation makes its choices and locates points of reference as empowered Co-Creators of the New Earth Reality.
As this important shift of consciousness takes place, there are similar shifts occurring in the physical/lightbody system, including the final activations to align the Human Angelic Template within the DNA and to fully fire up the Diamond Light Body/Galactic Body so that we may begin to learn how to shift our being/consciousness into the Diamond Light Body at will in order to travel within the Multi-dimensional Galactic Realms.
When you, Beloved Ones, as Wayshowers, fully activate and embrace this aspect of yourselves, you will be able to explore the full extent of who you are.  You will no longer be “disconnected” from other dimensions and spaces, but will use your Galactic Diamond ~Light Body ads your “vehicle” to travel the Cosmos to any chosen “connection” or “re-connection” while still maintaining your access to the New Earth and your Human physical body.
Earth Alignment with the Galactic Center : 19th December
On the 19th December the Earth reaches its direct alignment with the Galactic Center at 27 degrees of Sagittarius.  The southern pole of the Earth is facing directly onto the Galactic Center, and so the all important annual Earth/Galactic Council transmissions are received firstly into the New Earth grids in Antarctica and then transmitted to New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and Argentina/Chile, for transmission northwards into the Planetary grid.
The moment of Earth alignment with the Galactic Centeer is when there is a meeting of Consciousness and an exchange of gifts and celebrations.  This year, for the first time, the New Earth council meets with the Galactic Council to receive the transmissions from the Cosmic Heart about the coming shifts and changes and what they will mean for Earth.  This information is then transmitted to the Wayshowers and Light family so that they can act on the on the information and make appropriate choices.
So, as you can see, this year’s Galactic Council meeting is a very special celebration, where there will be a great Galactic Family Reunion.  Angelic Tribes incarnated on Earth and Starseeds will enter into their Diamond Light Bodies in order to attend the celebrations.
At this stage, many of you who are travelling in your Diamond Light Bodies may do so at night when you are sleeping.  You may have little memory of where you have been, or you may think it was “just a dream”.  Dream Reality is often a translation of Diamond Light Body travels.  In the future, you wll learn how to activate Diamond Light Body travel and how to recall all contact and information.  Some of you will even work as ambassadors for the New Earth to the Galactic Council.
If you feel so inspired, you may ask to fully activate your Diamond Light Body and to be present at the Galactic Council Alignment events.
This big event occurs just 2 days before the Earth Solstice, the 21st December, which is another big shift for the New Earth grid that is emerging.
The December 2019 Solstice : 21/12/2019
The Solstice is that moment when the Earth “returns” on its journey around the Sun.  It represents a shift of the seasonal energies and a celebration of light.  In the Southern Hemisphere it is the longest day and the shortest night, celebrating the power of the two Suns…..the Solar System Sun Solaris and the Great Central Sun at the Galactic Center.  In the Northern Hemisphere, where it is winter, t he Solstice represents the shortest day and the longest night.  Here there is a celebration for the Rebirth of the Light as the days begin to lengthen on their journey towards Summer.
In the Galactic year, the Solstice also represents the midpoint of the 2019/2020 time cycle, as the spiral swings around and begins its TimeSpace journey back the zero point which is 25th/26th July 2020 in the Galactic Calendar.
So, as you reach this point you will hold in your awareness a consciousness of shifting and “returning” to the point of renewal.  As a result of the deep consciousness Diamond Light Body connection with the Galactic Council, you will also hold in your deep consciousness all the codes and information you will need for the next 6 months as you journey in this cycle, which completes in July 2020 and renews on the 25th/26th July, and when the new Time Spiral for the New Earth is activated at the 8/8 Lions Gate portal/
The Royal Lions of Sirius and Regulus, who are the Guardians of the 8/8 Time Portal will be present with you as you celebrate this special and sacred transit.  Their powerful presence will assist you in this month as you “remember” the Sacred Galactic year and its connections with your Galactic, Starseed and Angelic families.
26th December : Solar Eclipse In Capricorn
The final Eclipse of the decade occurs on the 26th of December, and this is the moment that propels us finally towards the big conjunction in January 2020.  The focus now shifts to Capricorn, with its powerful Saturnian energy and its connection to Structure and Earth structure in particular.
Eclipses are moments when the Earth grids are seeded with new energies and ideas that will grow and expand as time passes.  A Solar eclipse is especially powerful as it allows the Sun to “switch off” momentarily while new codes are “booted” into the grids.
The Capricorn codes are the energies of the Divine Masculine and the new Structures for the New Earth.  The Divine Feminine must have new structures in order to birth a New Reality and this is what is being provided in these upcoming Capricorn transits.
Arriving so soon after the Solstice switchover, these new codes will be seeding new structures and new ways of being for Earth life in the third decade.
The path where the Eclipse will be visible will be some parts of Eastern Europe, most of Asia including India and China, East Africa including the horn of Africa and some parts of Egypt, as well as Indonesia and North Western Australia.  This will be mostly a Middle Eastern/African/ Asian Eclipse, and the New Masculine codes will powerfully impact these area.  The energies of Isis and Osiris, The Buddha and Kwan Yin will be activated and redefined for the New Earth.  Also, the powerful vortex in Bali will be activated for the New Masculine, and the Australia activation will help top activate the Dream Time weavings from Uluru and also fine tune them to the New Earth frequency.
Beloveds, it will be an exciting time for you as you enter into 2020!
The Lunar Eclipse on the 10th January 2020 and the 22 degrees Capricorn Conjunction of Sun, Mercury, Saturn  and Pluto in Capricorn on 12th January 2020


The 3/3/3 Portal closes out on the 30th/31st December as January 2020 and the new decade commences.  The 10th January Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse initiates the powerful conjunction of the Sun, Mercury, Pluto and Saturn on the 12th, as the powerful planets move into alignment.

The Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse are in Cancer, which brings in the beautiful energy of the Divine Feminine.  The Goddess initiates her codes and plans her seeds so that the incoming conjunction will support the very deep shifts that are still to come.  This Cancer energy also links you back to the period just before the Galactic New Year in 2019 (July 2019) and forward to the 2020/2021 Galactic New Year (July 2020).  The Divine Feminine is on hand to flow her beautiful and creative essence to support the deep changes that are being initiated at this moment at the beginning of the third decade.

This Lunar Eclipse will be visible, as it lays its shadow and seeds its codes for the New Masculine/Feminine Sacred Union over Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia, and touches on North America and South America.

Two days later, on the 12th, the Sun is at 21 degrees of Capricorn and Mercury, Pluto and Saturn at 22 degrees of Capricorn.  This conjunction, with Jupiter at 9 degrees of Capricorn, means that 5 out of 10 planets are in Capricorn just after the Cancer Full Moon.  That is powerful!  Cancer is the opposite house to Capricorn, so it activates these energies powerfully and lays the stage for the shifts.

Pluto and Saturn are both powerful planets : Saturn creates form and structure through time and Pluto transforms through breaking down form and structure.

This conjunction, illuminated by the Sun, may be seen as the “clash of the Titans” in Capricorn.  Saturn rules Capricorn, so it is all about form and structure, but then along comes Pluto with its determination to transform by breaking down.  Sitting next to Mercury and the Sun, this indicates powerful changes in how we think and how we express ourselves in the world.

So indeed, Beloved Ones, you will see a powerful tension as old forms and structures are breaking down on all levels, and this is being accelerated by Pluto’s influence, while at the same time new structures are being initiated for the New Earth.

This will set the tome for the third decade.  Old structures collapsing and new structures emerging.  Because the influence of Saturn is often felt over time, you may not initially see much, but the deep shifts and new codes will be operating to bring forth the new.

But, Beloved Ones, you will certainly feel these energies, and you may indeed find accelerated “collapse” of things that no longer serve you in your life.  `This may be painful for some, as it will impact on the very deep levels of structure in relationships, families, communities and nations.

In the wake of the 22 degrees conjunction, many will begin to awaken as the illusion of structure  breaks down.  They may well feel alienated and lost as they seek for new structures to sustain their lives.  This is where the work of the Wayshowers is important.  Many of you are called to be part of the Support Teams in 2020.  Your work will be to stay calm and peaceful in the chaos, to be empowered in your .lives and to guide others to self-empowerment and to the New Earth.  This will be an exciting time for you as many new opportunities will open up in your work.

This will be the time to really move more into your power as Co-Creators, spinning Time Cycles and designing new realities.  Some of your may choose to continue to work as bridge builders between the old structures and reality and the New Earth, while some will cross over to become builders of the New Earth structures.

Those who choose for the New Earth will be working with the Galactic and Solar Councils to create a New Earth in the Golden Field of Love.  They will work with the crystalline Christ Consciousness and the Diamond Light to weave the New Reality.

It is Time to Begin, Beloved Ones!

The adventure continues into 2020 and the Third Decade.

Travel well and Love and Support Each Other!  

You are much Loved and Appreciated by Heaven!


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Elaine Degiorgio

Karmic Board is now in Session at White Lodge Sirius working with the flow of energy of Saturn Pluto and the Sun. Cosmic Plans .
The Star Gate connecting the 42 Messier Nebula Orion and the God Star Sirius A is activated Cosmic Event is underway


Elizabeth Peru

As we enter the FINAL two weeks of 2019, what have you been grateful for this year? Can you see how you’ve evolved by working through your lessons? I’m SO proud of our community of light. You’re here and you’re doing it!
Beloved Community of Light, This week’s core life theme is ‘clarity’, as you edge ever closer to next week’s final ECLIPSE of 2019.

As the new week begins – listen to or read today’s forecast and know that I’m here for YOU everyday in The Tip-Off. Just as I have been, ever since 2003 – showing the way…
Subscribers sign-in and elevate your life. OR join with us this week, BEFORE we move into 2020 🙌


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Dreamspell Journey by Valum Votan & Bolon Ik

7 hrs
Welcome, Wavespell 13 of the Red Earth 
Unify in Order to Evolve. Attracting Synchronicity. Power of Navigation!
Entering the Yellow Southern Castle of Giving!
13 days from 16 until 28 December 2019.
Wavespell Blog:

The Red Earth Wavespell is the 13th wavespell of the Dreamspell Journey. This wavespell opens the Yellow Southern Castle of Giving, which is the fourth Castle of the Dreamspell Count. The Yellow Castle represents the Court of Intelligence and it covers the fourth group of 4 Wavespells (Earth, Dog, Night, Warrior) = 4×13 = 52 Days x 5 = 260-day Tzolkin.
In the Dreamspell transcreation, the solar seal of “Earth” is inspired on the Maya glyph of “Kab’an”, which exactly signifies “Earth” and it also represents “Thought, Knowledge, Science”.
In the Dreamspell, the Earth is the Solar Seal number 17 and it is associated with colour “Red”, being part of the “Red Root Race” of the “Spiritual Initiators”. In the same way, the Red Earth has the action to “Evolve”, the essence of “Synchronicity” and the “Power of Navigation”. All of these attributes relate to the original Maya meaning of Kab’an because “knowledge and science” are essential to human evolution. The visionary 13:20 Dreamspell Tzolkin is also an example of the spiritual science of synchronicity.
The Red Earth Wavespell is directly related to the New Earth dimensional shift of 2012-2013. From the Maya RealTime perspective, it synchs with the days of 3 Kawak (3 Storm, Kin 159) and 4 Ajaw (4 Sun, Kin 160), which represent the Maya 3 Stones of Creation (3 Kawak), and the conclusion of the Maya 13th Baktun Cycle (21 December 2012, 4 Ajaw). From the Galactic Maya DreamTime perspective, this wavespell contains the Kin 163 (Resonant Night) of the historical Day Out of Time 2013 (25 July), the time tunnel toward the Kin 164 of the “Galactic Seed Synchronisation” (26 July 2013).
16 December 2019 ~ NS1.32.6.4
Wavespell Blog:
KIN 157: Red Magnetic Earth
I unify in order to evolve
Attracting synchronicity
I seal the matrix of navigation
With the Magnetic tone of purpose
I am guided by my own power doubled
Harmonic 40: Self-existing Matrix
Self-regulate Universal Fire of Form
* Journey:
– Tzolkin: Day 157. Column 8 of the Spectral Dragon.
– Wavespell of the Earth: Day 1.
– Magnetic Gate (Tone 1): Identify Purpose.
– Yellow Southern Castle of Giving. Court of Intelligence
– Galactic Season of the Sun: Yellow Fire. Power of Universal Fire.
* Kin Synthesis: 1 Earth
Solar Seal 17 = Earth
– Action: Evolve
– Essence: Synchronicity
– Power: Navigation
Galactic Tone 1 = Magnetic
– Function: Purpose
– Creative Power: Unify
– Action: Attract
* Oracle:
– Guide: 1 Earth (Kin 157)
– Analog: 1 Wind (Kin 222)
– Antipode: 1 Hand (Kin 27)
– Occult: 13 Seed (Kin 104)
*Root Race:
– Red Family of the Red Root Race.
– The Initiators. Keynote: Birth.
– Red Members: Dragon, Serpent, Moon, Skywalker, Earth
* Earth Family:
– Core Family: Mine the Tunnels.
– Members: White Wind, Blue Hand, Yellow Human, Red Earth
* Chromatic Clan:
– Blue Sky Clan.
– Position: Heart. Action: Transduce.
* DreamTime:
Galactic Maya Dreamspell Tzolkin Count
Powered by Tortuga 13:20 – Planet Art
Based on the visionary publication:
“Dreamspell: The Journey of Timeship Earth 2013” (1990-1991).
By José and Lloydine Argüelles (Valum Votan & Bolon Ik).
Under Fair Use:
For educational and memorial purposes only, and not for profit.
* RealTime:
Ancestral Maya Sacred Tzolkin Count.
The Blueprint of the inter-dimensional 13:20 Tzolkin Matrix.
– 7 Chuwen = 7 Monkey, Kin 111
– Chuwen = Monkey, Popol Vuh’s Step-Brothers, Thread and Continuity of Life.
– Chikchan Trecena = Serpent Wavespell
Dreamspell Journey by Valum Votan & Bolon Ik
– In Loving Memory of José and Lloydine (Valum Votan & Bolon Ik), Masters of the New Time, Archetypal Mother and Father of the Planetary Kin.
– The Authors in Eternity of Dreamspell, the Telektonon Prophecy, the 13 Moon Calendar, The Discovery of the Law of Time is Art, The Galactic Culture Master Plan, The 20 Tablets, The 28 Meditations, amongst others.
– The Founders of the Planet Art Network (PAN), Harmonic Convergence, Day Out of Time, Rainbow Bridge Project, The World Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement, the FLT, the Rinri Project, and the Earth Wizards seminaries.
In Lak’ech 
#Dreamspell #DreamspellJourney #DreamspellGenesis #DreamspellTzolkin #DreamspellOracle #Maya #Tzolkin #Oracle #MayanTzolkin #Maya
 #MayanOracle #GalacticMaya #Synchronicity #DreamTime #RealTime #1320Matrix #1320Frequency #NaturalTime #TimeIsArt #1
 #PlanetArtNetwork #ValumVotan #BolonIk #BookOfKin #EarthWavespell #Kin157 #RedEarth #YellowCastle


The Tzolkin Times

11 hrs
Red Magnetic Earth
‘Magnetic’ is the name for the number one and its key words are ‘Unify, Attract and Purpose’. The first day of a wavespell sets the agenda for the 13 days and so a new journey begins. I always emphasis the importance of living the Tzolkin – one wavespell at a time – rather than just by the individual days. These groupings of 13 days are like a chapters in the book of time. There are 20 chapters in all, this wavespell is the 13th chapter.

Today is Red Earth which represents ‘Evolution, Synchronicity and Navigation’. The whole point of this chapter of time is to explore ‘Evolution.’ The agenda set for this wavespell is clear and straight forward. How can you progress down your path? Each day ahead has a lesson for you but if you set off consciously with a ‘Purpose’ you will get much more out of the experience.
The Guide today is also Red Earth.
The Challenge is the Blue Hand which symbolizes ‘healing’. If you are a Blue Hand, this is not a the wavespell for you. Your issues will surface and you will find evolving potentially tough.
The Occult power is the Yellow Seed which is also the wavespell we just completed. When in the magical position Yellow Seed shares wisdom concerning magical matters. Occult knowledge can come in handy when seeking evolution.
The Ally is the White Wind the ‘communicator’ of the Tzolkin. If you need a friend today consult a White Wind. If you do not know one, be like one and use your communication skills.

Christina Papageorgiou

Galactic Destiny Readings

10 hrs
KINS 157 – 169
December 16-28, 2019


We commence GROUNDING into our Earth Mother and journey to EXPAND into the Cosmos travelling to the MOON.
A divinely FEMININE journey with these two beautiful siStars!
The RED EARTH wavespell commences in the latter part of Column 8 and then Column 9 in the Sacred Tzolkin Calender with only 2 GAP portal days, so we are leaving the intensity of the central core of the Tzolkin and are finding our flow and rhythym as we make our journey through the duplicate Mirror World in the higher dimensions of the Tzolkin. Column 8 represents the flow of spirit, in and outbreathe, flowing to and from source, whilst the 9th column represents our path of Divine service through love, compassion and empathy.
RED EARTH is a more YIN and feminine wavespell giving us some grace after our intense journey through the eye of the needle. We can now start to relax, listen and soften as we attune to our intuitive senses and our connection to our Mother land.
The THEMES that we will be exploring through CABAN – the RED EARTH encompass:
Signs, synchronicity, navigation, flow, fluidity, right timing, wholeness,resonances, synergy, centredness, grounding, galactic alignment, timelines, natural lore and healing, crystals, Earth forces, cycles, natural evolution and EARTH MAJIK.
Our main goal during this Wavespell is that of – LISTENING to the rhythyms of the EARTH. Watching and observing the signs that present, navigating our path through greater awareness of how and when we interact with the natural world around us. Actively LISTENING and evaluating all that is presenting to you each day through the clues and signs, showing you the best way forward, in order to achieve your PURPOSE and find your way. In order to NAVIGATE through this Synchronic order that presents, we must be aware of the Evolutionary cycles that Gaia has travelled. Looking back through time to where we have been, and how we have navigated to this point in time. Checking our GPS to track where we are headed so that we can set a smooth course upon which to sail.
Where have you been and where are you headed? This is a very pertinent question as we are ending the patterns of the past decade, as we make our way into 2020 and beyond in this new Acquarian Age we are cocreating.
These questions must be answered both personally and collectively. Where ONE goes, we ALL go! So let us navigate a clear planetary path for our collective benefit. Keep your EYES on the PRIZE and focus on the reality you wish to energize.
RED EARTH governs the passage of TIME through the repeating cycles and patterns that weave the tapestry of evolution. TIME is not linear as we have learnt, all TIME lines converge in this NOW moment… the present is all there really is….however through our evolutionary passage we travel along golden mean spirals that bring us back to nodal points in time – but at a higher octave. If we refuse to grow and learn it seems that time travels in a circle and like the hamster we are stuck on the same wheel – until we consciously choose to evolve and change our habits. Are you prepared to become the OBSERVER and step outside of time? …Slow down and attune to Natural time. Where TIME is ART, not the false programmed Artificial 12:60 time – where TIME=MONEY.
Thirty years ago on Dec 10th, 1989 Jose and Lloydine Arguelles, discovered whilst visiting the Museum of Time in Geneva, Switzerland (the global home base of modern timepieces!) that TIME IS ART🎨 and we have all been imprisoned in this false concept 🎭of TIME. Harmonic time as calculated through the Dreamspell Calendar follows the codes of 13:20 rhythyms which naturally align us with the 13 moon cycles and the cycles of the Universe, attuning us to GALACTIC TIME!
Become ONE with the EARTH and feel the passage of NO-TIME as all time converges in this NOW eternal moment. Sit in stillness in nature and just simply BE in relationship to the Earth. This is not a time for impetuous movement, this is a time to watch, learn and listen for the Earth, herself, to inform the right movements forward as she teaches us how to listen deeply to her undercurrents and the messages she sends us every day.
This cycle is teaching us the way of the turtle, to go slow and be sure of each step we take, resulting in the conservation of energy and the groundedness of our actions. At this time on the planet we must ensure that we honour Mother Gaia, and that our actions, plans and intentions are sustainable, and environmentally harmonic with our our Earth home. We must ALL learn to truly LISTEN to Gaia or she herself will let us know, as we have witnessed in the past. Our future depends on the future of Pachamama, it is time we learnt this lesson.
RED EARTH is the access point for your natural alignment with Earth force. When you are ONE with the EARTH your Magnetic Power of attraction and manifestation is greatly amplified. As you align your center, with the Earth’s centre, and her crystal core you can harness this gravitational magnetizing force. As your body becomes more crystalline you connect to the larger crystal grid network of Mother Gaia, connecting all planetary kin. To keep this channel of synchronization open, connect to the 5 elements and emerge yourself in Mother Nature, ensuring you ground fully with bare feet feeling her magnetic flow rising to your Heart. As you CENTER yourself in the present moment you observe the divine synchronicities and revelations about your personal pattern and larger Galactic purpose on this planet. Here is where you will receive your greatest desires and open to the full flowering of the mystic power of the universe. OPEN your HEART and MIND to the mystical majik of RED EARTH!
NOTE: This is also a great cycle to LISTEN and play MUSIC. Most musicians have a RED EARTH glyph in their signature as RED EARTH governs ‘right timing”. You need to be in “sync” and hold rhythym!
🐬🌈 🐬🌈🐬🌈🐬🌈
I unify in order to evolve
Attracting synchronicity
I seal the matrix of navigation
With the Magnetic tone of purpose
I AM guided by the power of MY OWN POWER DOUBLED!
Read this mantra through once, then REPEAT it out loud as a COMMAND using your breath and pausing between each line tuning into the feeling it evokes in your body. This will attune you to the frequency of this Wavespell activating the POWER within your cells and DNA to GROW and seek the LIGHT.
🐬🌈 🐬🌈🐬🌈🐬🌈
Divine blessing for NAVIGATING a beautiful flowing path to your brilliant new reality of greater happiness🐬, success😊 and abundance.
Namaste’ 🙏🙏🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈
PICTURE CREDITS: Evolutionary Cycles – Artist Sam Brown DIVINE GRATITUDE 🙏🙏🙏


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This Post Has 13 Comments

  1. Sandy Bella

    There was 3 Earthquakes in NSW yesterday. One of them was at a place called ‘Denman’ which is right next to a place called – ‘Sandy Hollow’. This is what happens when I use magnets.

  2. Sandy Bella

    More Synchronicities –
    One of the fires here in NSW has been burning where my ex owns a property the last couple days.
    A couple days ago was 2 yr Anniversary of when he broke my heart in a very cruel way. He had been promising for couple months to make my Xmas the most special ever and then he pulled rug out very cruelly. That was 2 years ago a couple days ago and now the bush fire spread to that area couple days ago.
    The Synchronicities keep flowing through.
    I still can’t get over Spirit’s Party Trick on 12:12:12 Portal – my birthday on Schumann Resonance – what a party trick was that one. Sneaky sneaky sneaky Spirit ☺

  3. Sandy Bella

    Message From Spirit –
    All those who Love God/The Goddess, who Love Spirit and All That’s Good in The World Have Nothing To Fear.
    But many of you already know this.
    It does NOT matter if you are sick and if you are struggling with your Inner Work and have not been able to do much. Our connection with and Love of God/The Goddess/Spirit is most important and Turning over everything – absolutely everything, to The Care of God/The Goddess Spirit

  4. Sandy Bella

    I’m understanding with what has been coming through from Spirit last couple days that there is a Paradox connecting The Ascension and Armageddon.
    Again, those who live Love will be looked after no matter what happens ❤

  5. Sandy Bella

    What just came through –
    And Therein Lies The Paradox

  6. Sandy Bella

    In other words – Turning All Over To God/Goddess/Spirit is The Paradox.
    I can’t believe I didn’t work that out a couple days ago when it all first came through as my whole Spiritual Journey has been full of Paradoxes. I was too busy walking around going – ‘Faaarrrrkkkk Spirit! Faaarrrck! Why you gotta dump all the Intense Shit on me For’
    Maaaaate!!!!! Mate! Mate! Mate!

  7. Sandy Bella

    Apparently that’s only one of The Paradoxes. I don’t care. I’m sick of this Ascension.

  8. Sandy Bella

    Just quickly while I’m giving messages apparently there are some who claim to be in ‘Zero Point’ who are actually not. Apparently some who are just disconnected from their physical bodies and inner selves and numbed out from their emotions may believe they are in the state of Zero Point but are actually not. They are the opposite because one needs to work through what one needs to work through.
    Big difference between Zero Point and Numbed Out
    Now I’m out of here. I’m sick of this shit. Should be common sense for anyone truly ascending.

  9. Sandy Bella

    And now instead of thinking to yourselves – ‘Ok, we got some work to do’.
    It will instead be – ‘Theres codes. There’s codes coming through ready for whatever portal is coming up next’
    Maaaaate!!!!! Seriously!!!;
    Do your inner work guys!!!!!

  10. Sandy Bella

    Earth’s magnetic north pole has crossed the Prime Meridian ❤

  11. Sandy Bella

    Now there’s a full on fireworks show near my place…… It’s a celebration…….
    Now it’s time for you A-Holes to do some of the work

  12. Sandy Bella

    No A-Holes permitted in The Higher Dimensions people….
    Time for inner work or No Pass Go – No collect $200
    Off you go – Hop to it

  13. Sandy Bella

    ❤❤❤ Thankyou TUT – Note From The Universe for all supportive emails ❤❤❤

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