Message to Lightworkers ~ Sept 18th 2015 by Caroline Oceana Ryan

Message to Lightworkers ~ Sept 18th 2015 by Caroline Oceana Ryan

By Caroline Oceana Ryan, 09/18/2015

The latest guidance for Lightworkers, from our friends, the fifth and sixth dimensional beings known as the Collective:
Greetings, friends!
We are glad to have the opportunity to speak with you again today.
You are noticing the powerful energies now flowing to the Earth, and feeling the changes on every level of your being.
This sounds perhaps a bit cliché. And yet look at your lives.11742667_972514042810026_3766654330292706797_n
Notice the areas of your everyday living where you are no longer so hard on yourself.
Notice where you are more easily able to give thanks for the abundance that so constantly flows to you, regardless of your outer circumstances.
Notice how you no longer desire to be in an ego-based struggle with others. How you release judgment of others and yourself.
And how you wish only to fulfill your purpose, to laugh more, to love fully, to eat purer foods, to sleep restfully.
Certainly these have not been your main concerns in past lives, excepting only those lives where you were granted the chance to concentrate on these, and those have been few indeed.
In other words, you have begun to create your life from the inside to the out, rather than the reverse, which you were taught from the cradle onward.
You see now the thorough truth of the matter—that there is no “matter,” whether physical object or outer circumstance.
All is energy, in the sense that all belongs to an endless stream of Life and living. All belongs to the ongoing experience of the soul and its desire to see more, experience more, and be more.
Unending expansion—this is why you came, and what you are here to celebrate.
And now these energies are giving you the wave of forward movement to ride upon, so that you are able to do that very thing.
1395350_10204586750812628_4326808178496940401_nAre there still areas of your life where you feel to be struggling?
Where you worry that the bills will not be paid, the children will not behave wisely, the politicians will never “come clean”?
Are there still times when you see the images of the refugees on your television, and hear of natural disasters or other calamities, and despair that the Earth shall ever be free?
You have waited long enough, you feel—and so where is this great change?
And we will not surprise you by saying that this great theatre that is playing out all around you, this beautiful illusion that is physical life, was not written by someone else.
You are the one to rewrite it, if you are not happy with the script or the story as it plays out now.
And indeed you are rewriting it. We see daily that you require clarity, truth, honesty, and an end to the violence, in ways that would have been unthinkable fifty or 100 years ago.
We see you creating with these empowering energies not only a new Earth, but a new life and a higher consciousness within you.
And we see you remaking the very material of which your physical bodies are made.
For it is the crystalline structure you take on now, moving out of the carbon-based matter humankind has for so long existed in.
What is it, to become made of Light?
It is to be release the belief in separation. To release the need for survival and all that fear engenders within you.
It is to take on the characteristics of the higher self—to release ego in the sense not of forgetting the individual self, but of releasing the11251774_10204340805984161_8761289303991314120_n fear and pride of the lower self.
For millennia, you have sought merely to survive.
You have lived in communities where community or family locked their door against all others.
And you will perhaps have compassion for the belief in the need for separation, in the need for belief in lack and the impermanence of life, as during those many centuries, your Earth was a place of very low density.
You lived as you felt you had to live in those times, and still those survival instincts, fears, worries, and separations exist in you, believing they are needed, and that they serve the purpose of keeping you alive.
And yet we would say, there has now come a time when you have chosen to release this survival form of living, which is found even amongst those of you who have many millions of dollars.
Survival is an energy more than a lifestyle, and it is one you are releasing now, in the midst of these very high and fine vibrations coming to the Earth plane.
She receives such gladly, even knowing the sudden movements and disturbances that Her land, air and seas experience as they release the toxicity of the old Earth, in favor of a higher form of living.
You as well have felt these disturbances—not to be swallowed up by them, but only to allow them to bring you to a time of cleansing the old toxicity and the old lower vibrations out of your own hearts, minds, and bodies.
And so as you view these changes, and feel them powerfully running through you, know that these strange electric frequencies are not here to engulf you, to harm you, or to take you from what has in the past kept you safe and well.
They are here to open the door to your heart of hearts, and say, “Allow us to show you how you look, living in Joy. Living in Peace. Living in the Love of your Divine aspect.”
lightworkers message“Allow us to show you what you are capable of building, of experiencing, of being. And know that your Angels and guides are with you at every moment, and that many trillions of higher beings cheer you on in this extraordinary Ascension moment.”
For it is so, that even the smallest child refugee, seemingly frightened at what they are experiencing, is a great and higher Being of Light, caught up in the whirlwind that is a planet Ascending.
And so look up, and know we are with you.
Look up, and see your soul and Divine Self, pouring out their Love for you.
For how could it be that you would travel this path alone? You never have, and you never shall.
Namaste, friends! Know that you do not merely walk the Rainbow bridge to Ascension.
Your beautiful energies are the Bridge itself.
Copyright 2015, Caroline Oceana Ryan

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