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MEDBED:    The Essence of the Medical Bed

MEDBED:    The essence of the medical bed

Restoration  : The Med Bed is not just a tool; it is a revolution. It harnesses the power of space-age technology to treat and nullify virtually every disease and injury known to mankind. How, you ask? By reverting genetic information (DNA) to its purest form.

If you’ve ever believed that our human capabilities are limited, think again. Much of our inherent genetic power lies dormant, suppressed by factors we are only beginning to understand. The Med Bed awakens this dormant power. It’s not just about treating symptoms or diseases. It’s about unlocking our genetic potential, a potential that has been stifled for generations.

However, in order for someone to access the restorative magic of the Med Bed, their soul wave must  resonate with the 5th dimensional wave. This is not just a treatment; it is an evolution.

Shedding light on two vital elements

Before we delve deeper, it is essential to establish some fundamental truths.

  • Timeless Technology  : What we consider “cutting edge” today has roots that go back centuries. The technology that is about to redefine our world already existed, hidden in plain sight, masked by layers of deception and secrecy.

  • Space Alliances  : Extraterrestrial entities, our allies from beyond our skies, are sharing with us what they have used for eons. They see our upcoming “news” as “retrotechnology.” And while “retro” may conjure up a sense of the past, remember that these are tools that have stood the test of interstellar time.

Beyond the medical bed

With the launch of GESARA, an arsenal of interstellar healing technologies is about to be revealed. The Med Bed, while revolutionary, is just the tip of the iceberg. Plan  Q, a grand strategy that took off in 2019,  has been central to these revelations.

The Med Bed’s initial applications were off-planet, healing those rescued and soldiers fighting dark cosmic entities.

The Med Bed is a beacon of hope in a world teetering on the brink of transformation. As this technology continues to flood GESARA signatory nations, we are not only looking toward a healthier future, but toward a humanity redefined.




UPDATE!!! Tesla’s Medical Beds Are Destroying Big Pharma Elites

Nikola Tesla, the brilliant mind far ahead of his time, discovered a truth that remains intentionally hidden from the public: a universal life force permeates everything around us, and can be harnessed to achieve unparalleled healing.

Tesla not only discovered this energy—known as chi, prana, scalar waves, or zero-point energy—but he also understood how to harness its restorative powers for the benefit of humanity.

However, the very forces that could help humanity have been suppressed by the government and elites who feared losing control over the masses. This is a concrete reality with  Tesla’s Med Beds and BioHealers as proof.

Tesla BioHealers manifest this hidden knowledge, cylindrical devices that emit scalar fields to charge depleted cells with life-sustaining energy. Placed three feet away from the body, these cylinders act as a power source, recharging cells and organs from the smallest particles to the largest systems.

To fully utilize Tesla’s Med-Beds,  users must learn to harness theta brainwaves, which resonate between 4 and 8 Hz. This frequency aligns with the scalar field energy emitted by the Med-Beds, creating a deep connection that activates their regenerative power. Mastering the control of these waves helps unlock the Med-Beds’ full potential, charging cells and organs with life-sustaining energy for unparalleled healing.

The voltage of individual cells jumps from the somber 15 millivolts typical of cancer cells to a powerful 70-90 millivolts, halting the spread of malignancy and invigorating all bodily functions. The immune response skyrockets, the blood purifies, and mental clarity sharpens.

Yet the establishment remains adamant in hiding these facts, burying Tesla’s technology under layers of bureaucratic obstruction. Why? Because if people realize that  Tesla’s BioHealers and Med Beds can obliterate chronic disease and illness,  the pharmaceutical-industrial complex will collapse. Their business model thrives on human suffering, selling poisons that sustain addiction and lifelong medical debt. Tesla’s technology is poised to break that stranglehold, and they can’t afford to risk it.

Tesla medical beds utilize these BioHealers,  strategically placed under the bed, to immerse patients in an invisible field that recharges their cells, revives their spirits, and restores their natural vibration. But here’s the catch: to fully receive the benefits, one must overcome the fear and negativity sown by the elite.

Med Beds require a higher mindset,  one that embraces gratitude, empathy, and trust. Tesla called us to transcend the 3D matrix of anger, distrust, and emotional manipulation that the government wants us trapped in. But once we ascend into the realm of creative and compassionate thinking, Med Beds unleash their full transformative power.

Government authorities and pharmaceutical giants thrive on a sick population, feeding us an endless stream of toxic treatments that do little more than line their wallets. Med Beds, however, represent a revolution — technology that empowers individuals to reclaim their health and transcend the chains of state control.

Tesla's Medical Beds
Tesla’s Medical Beds



July 10, 2024 energy waves
We are grounding our new reality.
The Gateway energies of 7-7 give us new insights,
and they give us each the chance at individuation –
the opportunity to stand apart from the collective Soul, from the group think,
and to establish a solid foundation of inner reliance and determination,
on which we build our hopes and dreams into reality.
Long bar of white resonance coming in:
We are grounding our new reality.
grounding our new reality
grounding our new reality



 Breaking News Zimbabwe wants to go international with their currency. Which is now endorsed by the Monetary Fund. Do you all have your Zim-Notes? Because this country is ready to start trading in the international markets again. The 1st known bond in history dates from circa 2400BC in Nippur, Mesopotamia (ironically modern-day Iraq). It guaranteed the payment of grain by the principal. The surety bond guaranteed reimbursement if the principal failed to make payment. Corn was the currency of that time period. Zim-Notes are considered bonds. Do you understand why Zimbabwe is going Gold-back with their currency? Do you understand that it was impossible to pay the Zim Bonds out before now? That the country had to go back to precious metals? In May 2023 Zimbabwe released a gold-backed digital currency for peer-to-peer and peer-to-business transactions as well as to act as a store of value as the country’s currency continues to lose ground against major currencies. Holders of physical gold coins, “at their discretion”, will be able to exchange or convert, through the banking system… into gold-backed digital tokens,” the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe said in a statement inviting individual and corporate entities to use the digital currency that can be bought either in Zimbabwean dollars or foreign currency. This proves to you all what I have been yelling from the mountain tip. We are moving into a system where all currency will be accepted. Metals Electronic Paper Digital Period. We are not moving into the model where oligarchs like Kraus Schawb wanted to remove those options and only allow CBDC for all users whether we wanted it or not. Which of why at one point he was urging western nations to abandon the dollar or paper currency outright.
Something Big About to Happen for XRP
Something Big About to Happen for XRP


Something Big About to Happen for XRP: Crypto OG




Widely followed crypto pundit “Crypto Bitlord” boldly asserts that XRP is on the verge of experiencing something magnificent enough to impact prices.

Crypto Bitlord, who has been in the space for over a decade, voiced this bullish sentiment in a recent post on X. Specifically, the post warned market participants that “something big is about to happen to XRP,” suggesting the need to strategically position for the impact.

This bold claim comes amid XRP’s discouraging price performance since this bull season. For instance, after Bitcoin set the stage, prominent altcoins like Ethereum and Solana came close to surpassing their previous all-time high in March. In contrast, XRP only rallied to $0.74, below its yearly high, and lost steam the following day.

Now, XRP trades at $0.4391, nursing a 9% loss in value since the past week. However, prominent market watchers like Crypto Bitlord believe a turnaround is imminent. In response to his tweet, community members are speculating about the nature of this anticipated significant event.


Edo Farina, Head of Social Adoption at XRP Healthcare, took a skeptical stance, arguing that everything significant about XRP has already happened.

He pointed out that XRP is the only cryptocurrency with regulatory clarity in the U.S. and that the World Bank has categorized it as a stablecoin suitable for cross-border payments. Additionally, he noted that the automated market maker (AMM) is now live on the XRP Ledger.

Likely Events with Potentially Massive Impact on XRP

Meanwhile, commentator Alex Cobb highlighted crucial impending developments as likely events. Topping the list is the final judgment in the SEC vs. Ripple lawsuit. Notably, the litigants have both submitted their points for what fine is appropriate for Ripple’s violation of federal securities laws, now pending the judge’s blessing.

Attorney Fred Rispoli recently suggested that Judge Analisa Torres might make the final decision on either the 31 of this month or July 13. The latter date holds poetic relevance to July 13, 2023, when the judge ruled that XRP is not a security—a landmark decision that saw XRP soar by about 100% in 24 hours, reaching $0.93.

Another point Cobb cited is a potential BlackRock XRP ETF filing, though this prospect is less likely. Close industry observers believe a Solana ETF would precede that of XRP. Indeed, asset manager VanEck has already filed for a Solana ETF, with other issuers expected to follow suit.

Lastly, Cobb suggested that a major bank adoption announcement from Ripple or any institutional players seeking to leverage XRP could be on the horizon.


Disclaimer: This content is informational and should not be considered financial advice. The views expressed in this article may include the author’s personal opinions and do not reflect The Crypto Basic’s opinion. Readers are encouraged to do thorough research before making any investment decisions. The Crypto Basic is not responsible for any financial losses.




Quantum Leap in Wealth Creation
Quantum Leap in Wealth Creation



To all of you who have spent years being ridiculed on social media and being called “crazy” and still standing up for what you believe in and trying to spread the truth to the public:

· You lose friends and family, and despite being ridiculed, you speak the truth.

· To all the Light Workers, Starseeds, Wayshowers, and Alternative Therapists who have always felt left out and different but never stopped being people who tried to offer another perspective on things: I learned about energy healing, crystals, Mother Gaia, and healing therapies while everyone around me laughed. You were different, you were eccentric, and you never adapted or adapted to this situation without regret.

· For sensitive people who are heartbroken after learning about human trafficking, pedophile rings, and harm to children.

· The woke people who realized what was going on in the world and had to break their hearts into a million pieces while thinking everyone in their lives was losing their minds. You had to face all this alone and it broke your heart, but you made it through and faced the dark night of the soul!!

· To the old souls who feel alone and different, who strive every day to help humanity who have lost many friends and family in the process of awakening.

· The people who don’t go out anymore, the people who research till the end of the day, the people who dare to stand up and say things that no one else would say.

· You have dedicated your life to this ascension process.

· I respect each and every one of you.

· This process is the hardest thing anyone has ever had to do, but you did it first.

· Every day more and more people are waking up.

· I know it’s hard and I know you can be exhausted and exhausted by the negative reactions you’re getting, but this fight will be over soon and soon the world will realize what we did. , and stay strong because you will find out why you did it.

· Where one goes, all go too.

· This time will be mentioned in history, and your efforts to awaken and heal humanity will not only affect our existence on Earth, but everything throughout the universe.

· This is a galactic event and you chose this task before incarnating into this timeline.

· You chose to be here now.

· You are a divine being, remember who you are. Endless blessings. The best is yet to come. God is in command.

continue reading…


Faster than Light

The fastest way to navigate a space is to fold it.

Curvature motor


  • distorts space
  • Warp Drive Engine
  • Lost technology
  • faster than light
  • Fold space-time
  • Propulsion technology
  • To travel to the stars
  • Antigravity or levitation
  • High speed rotation
  • Miguel Alcubierre invented
  • Schauberger repulsion
  • Alternative scientific theories
  • Implosion instead of explosion



The space drive of the   starship   Enterprise Star Trek  could become a reality sooner than we think. A space race is underway to achieve faster-than-light interstellar travel, although there is still much to discover and invent. It involves a sophisticated mix of traditional and new gravitational techniques to create a curvature bubble capable of transporting objects at high speeds. After all, the Milky Way is about 120,000 light-years across, which would be no easy feat to traverse.

The concept of   warp   drive   or warp drive has its origins in science fiction, especially in the  Star Trek universe  , where faster-than-light travel is permitted. However, the idea has a theoretical basis in physics, particularly general relativity, and has been explored in the context of theoretical physics research.   ‘  Warp’   means in English to deform or deform a piece of wood.

According to the latest scientific advances, a “warp drive” engine   capable of distorting space-time and allowing interstellar travel at superluminal speed  is getting closer to becoming a reality.  This theoretical model of space-time manipulation in so-called warp drives complies with established laws. There are several groups of engineers and physicists in several countries dedicated to developing the first  warp drive   capable of distorting space-time.

Research teams in   China  , the United States, and other countries are actively working to develop a prototype   warp drive  . They believe that achieving the first successful demonstration of space-time warp drive, likely in a laboratory experiment, would be a key milestone that would trigger a new space race.


A recent study published in the journal   “Classical and Quantum Gravity”   presents the first viable model of a curvature engine based on the concept proposed by Mexican physicist   Miguel Alcubierre   Moya   in 1994. Unlike previous designs, this new concept does not require negative energy, which does not exist in known physics.

Alcubierre  demonstrated that, according to   Einstein ‘s field equations  , it was possible to deform the geometry of space in a way compatible with what a curvature engine would do. However, from these same equations it was deduced that to achieve something like this, compressing the space in front of us and expanding it behind us, would require an enormous amount of negative energy.

The Alcubierre warp drive     is an idea that a spacecraft could achieve faster-than-light travel by contracting space in front of it and expanding space behind it, under the assumption that a configurable density field could be created smaller than that of a vacuum, i.e. negative mass. 

The main idea is to create a   “warp bubble”   around the ship that would distort spacetime, allowing it to travel at high speeds without actually moving through space. This would avoid problems like relativistic time dilation.

This   “curvature drive”   is based on a mathematical model that would allow faster-than-light travel without violating general relativity. In this idea, a model was built that could transport a volume of flat space inside a bubble of curved space.

This bubble, called hyper-relativistic local dynamical space, is driven by a local expansion of spacetime behind it and an opposite contraction in front of it, so that theoretically the spacecraft would be set in motion by forces generated by the change made in spacetime. 


While this new design is a major breakthrough, it would still require a large amount of energy to operate. Furthermore, it would only allow for sublight speed, not light speed. For large-scale interstellar travel and to become a Type 3 civilization, engines capable of exceeding light speed would be required.

In short, the dream of a warp drive engine    is closer to becoming a reality thanks to new theoretical designs that are feasible within the limits of known physics, but there are still important technological challenges to overcome before a working prototype can be built.

If humanity has any hope of becoming a type 3 civilization in the future, that is, a society capable of harnessing all the energy of its galaxy, we will need curvature engines capable of deforming space-time and surpassing the speed of light.


The news comes after the AP announced the creation of   Warp  Factory, an online toolkit designed for researchers studying the physics and engineering of warp drives.   Christopher Helmerich  , another senior scientist, said the toolkit is a   “reality check”   for the warp drive research field, and that the company plans to offer up to half a million dollars in grants for research proposals that aren’t based on exotic concepts like   “negative energy or superluminal matter  . ”

According to the AP, interest in warp drive technology  has skyrocketed   , something they noted in the numerous research papers and presentations received from physicists around the world:   “More researchers are devoting time to the mechanics of the warp field, which indicates a positive trend in the growth of the community.”  f6bv5is7ibhyxj23fdnfsgowvm  .  HTML

https://www.elconfidencial.  com/technology/novaceno/2024-06-29  /warp-drive-motor-faster-  than-the-light_3913060/


This is similar   to   Viktor   Schauberger ‘s Repulsion    , which was a flying saucer design powered by an implosion vortex-based system, which was developed during World War II. According to his theories, Repulsin could generate lift and propulsion by creating controlled vortices in fluids or gases, taking advantage of the natural patterns observed in the movement of water and air.

Schauberger ‘s work     on   Repulsion  was   part of a secret German program to develop advanced spacecraft using antigravity technology. In short,  Schauberger’s Repulsin     remains a fascinating but controversial concept in the annals of unconventional science.

His vision of harnessing nature’s patterns would challenge our thinking about technology and its relationship to the natural world. As we move toward a golden age, revisiting  Schauberger ’s concepts   could provide unexpected insights into the future of propulsion technology.

The repulsion   is  based on Schauberger’s theories of implosion and vortex dynamics   , which contrast with the mainstream explosion-based technologies  of  its time. The device is said to harness the power of implosive energy spiraling inward to create lift and propulsion, as opposed to traditional methods that use combustion and explosive energy expanding outward. That is, implosion rather than explosion.

The   Repulsion  consists   of a series of discs and channels that create a rotating vortex. This design aims to induce a powerful implosive force, generating a vacuum effect that can result in lift and motion.   Schauberger ‘s work   often emphasized imitating natural processes. The structure of the   Repulsion  ,  with its helical shapes and spiral movements, is inspired by natural forms such as water vortices and tornadoes.

The device is believed to work by rapidly compressing and expanding air or fluid, creating a spiral vortex that produces a strong suction force.   Schauberger   theorized that by achieving high-speed rotational motion,   Repulsion  could   reduce drag and create a form of antigravity or levitation.

Schauberger ‘s ideas     about fluid dynamics are rooted in his observations of nature, particularly the movement of water and air in spirals and vortices. He believed that modern technology, based on explosive principles, was inefficient and destructive. Instead, he advocated a harmonious approach, using implosive forces to harness energy.

Schauberger ‘s invention     attracted the interest of the German military during World War II, as Repulsin had potential applications in propulsion technology, including aircraft and submarines. It is said that   Schauberger   was forced to work on his designs for the Nazi regime, specifically the SS. After the war,   Schauberger   emigrated to the United States, where he worked on a variety of projects, but faced financial and contractual disputes.

Schauberger ‘s vision     for sustainable and harmonious energy solutions resonates with the modern environmental and alternative energy movements. Some researchers and inventors continue to explore and experiment with  Schauberger ‘s designs    , attempting to validate or reinterpret his concepts with modern technology.

Schauberger ‘s ideas     have permeated popular culture and frequently appear in debates about lost or suppressed technologies and alternative scientific theories. His life and work have inspired books, documentaries, and a devoted following among those intrigued by the possibilities of unconventional science.

The principles behind this invention challenge conventional thinking and inspire continued curiosity and exploration. Whether viewed as a misunderstood genius or a purveyor of fringe science,  Schauberger ’s legacy   continues to provoke thought and inspire innovation. 

Link to the full video in Spanish:



The launch of GESARA, the evolution of medicine, the birth of the 5th dimensional world, these are all more than just events.


A Thousand Revelations in the Land of the Rising Sun

Medical bed technology is expected to be unveiled in stages after the launch of GESARA. This rumor suggests that the use of medical beds will begin after the introduction of free energy.

However, there is a twist. Sources suggest that the medical bed operation may remain secret, at least initially. It could be several months, possibly a year, before it is made public. Chances? Currently 50/50.

Why secrecy? The most compelling reason is the need to prioritize patients who urgently need treatment in a medical bed. Instead of using the standard method of requesting treatment, we will proceed with treatment primarily by quantum computer “selection.”

It is understandable that public exposure in the early stages of such a revolutionary method could cause confusion, disruption and, in some cases, harm.

A Brave New World and the Future of Japanese Medical Technology

The world is on the brink of a revolution, a revolutionary change that promises to reshape society, governance and medicine as we know it.

The Global Economic and Security Reform Act, widely known as GESARA, is not just another change, but a new beginning. And as the long-awaited GESARA elections draw closer each day, the rumors about what this means for Japan’s healthcare infrastructure and the world’s transition to a fifth dimension grow louder. Are you ready?

Things are about to change drastically, so act together.

The health revolution: Japan at the forefront

The land of the rising sun, Japan, is not immune to innovation. However, the latest news concerns the approach to the medical bed.

Initially, Japan plans to deploy these medical beds primarily in existing hospital facilities. But taking a step into the future, Japan has a vision of creating a kind of “new center of medical technology and healing. This is not just a hospital.”

This is a place where technology and compassion meet and the future of medicine is reimagined.

Think about it. There are currently countless hospital facilities being established in prime locations across Japan. While some detractors point to the lack of trees, vegetation, and other natural environments in these locations, I am a firm believer in Japan’s capacity for innovation. By strategically downsizing and redesigning these facilities, they can be transformed into new epicenters of medical technology and healing.

In the first phase of GESARA’s inauguration, medical beds will be placed in existing hospitals and universities. But this is just the beginning.

With the launch of GESARA, we are not just aiming for the finish line. Instead, we are embarking on an incredible journey to build a new world, a 5-dimensional realm where progress, empathy and growth thrive.

Let’s not give up lightly. Change, especially on this scale, is disruptive; the transition to the 5th dimensional world is not a walk in the park. There will be confusion, resistance, and what I call “irritable behavior” from those who have difficulty adjusting to this new reality.

However, one thing must be clear during this turbulent time. That is the integrity of medical technology.

Take note, dear reader. As the world embraces this new era of medical technology, opportunists will emerge.

Fraudulent “new technologies and medical treatments” will emerge. There will be those who seek to exploit this profound change for financial gain.

However, always remember that, as promised in GESARA, genuine medical and healing technologies will always be offered free of charge.

Beware of scammers and always make sure you are accessing legitimate services. Fraudulent actions are inevitable, but awareness can help you deal with this challenge.

This is not just an article. It is a clarion call, an impassioned call for vigilance, adaptability and unity.


The world is evolving and Japan is on the threshold of a quantum leap in medical technology.

The launch of GESARA, the evolution of medicine, the birth of the 5th dimensional world, these are all more than just events.

They are a testament to humanity’s resilience, innovation and spiritual progress.

As we navigate this new era, remember to stay informed, stay skeptical, and most importantly, stay united.

The journey ahead is long, but together we can overcome any obstacle and truly lead the way to a new and wonderful world.

Papapa: Yes, the article was a message to Japan about Medvedt. The problem seems to be the consciousness of those who accept it. In Japan there are still many people who are asleep, and there is still a lack of conscious evolution, and there are still many people in Japan who do not believe in MedVet and its installation in hospitals because it is a medical device.

To increase Medved’s healing power, it is necessary to synchronize wavelengths and vibrations. It may be difficult for people in Japan today to understand this. This is because many people do not recognize the invisible world and think that denying it is reality and normal. The real Japan is God’s country.

What Kabbalah wanted to take away from the Japanese most is the holiness that the Japanese originally possessed. God tells me, “You are not the only one. God tells me, “I know you will be nervous at first about the awakening of the outside world, but don’t worry. Being born in Japan at this time is something special. Therefore, I believe in the true power of the Japanese people.”





St. Germain Violet Flame Purification
St. Germain Violet Flame Purification


🌌✨ Love of Two Souls on the Mothership ✨🌌

In the heart of the cosmos, aboard the celestial mothership, two souls unite in a profound bond of love and light. Their connection transcends the physical, reaching deep into the spiritual realms where their hearts beat as one.
Divine Union 💖 These twin flames radiate pure love, illuminating the ship with their harmonious energy. Their bond is a testament to the power of love that knows no bounds.
Cosmic Journey 🌠 Together, they navigate the stars, exploring the mysteries of the universe. Their love fuels their journey, guiding them through the infinite expanses of space.
Eternal Connection 🌟 On the mothership, their souls remember their eternal bond, a connection that has spanned lifetimes and dimensions. They are each other’s anchor, providing strength and solace.
Sacred Space ✨ The mothership becomes a sacred sanctuary where their love blossoms. It is a place where they can truly be themselves, free from earthly limitations.
Higher Purpose 🚀 United in love, they work towards a higher purpose, spreading light and harmony throughout the cosmos. Their union inspires and uplifts all those they encounter.
Embrace the cosmic love of two souls united on the mothership. Let their journey inspire you to find and cherish your own divine connections. 🌌🤍✨


Love of Two Souls on the Mothership
Love of Two Souls on the Mothership






Note from Judy: 

On Wednesday, July 10th,  a Global Debt Jubilee  has been set to break the chains of our financial slavery by bringing about the global currency reset of 209 sovereign nations to a gold/asset-backed currency standard.

Our Social Freedom Begins  with the Destruction of 34 of the Deep State Globalist Cabal’s Satanic Icons, Like the Statue of Liberty, Along with Their Ties to Epstein’s Nefarious Child Trafficking Tunnel System.  BQQQM!!! Debt Jubilee Begins July 10th! Prepare for Revolution!



While the Cabal manipulated the weather with HAARP technology, several states and regions declared States of Emergency.  At the same time, the Fed has been closing banks without warning to seize money from private accounts without cause or legal authority.

Why? Answer:  The Rothschilds, Rockefellers and globalist elites who owned the US Federal Reserve and IRS since  1913  collected, spent and encouraged Congress to spend more than US taxpayer dollars. All of this turned the US dollar into fiat paper money while increasing the national debt by charging the government interest on its own money so they could use it.

In other words, the entire US Financial System,  which had been broken for nearly 17 years (since  2008  ) while running on the fiat US Dollar  ,  was now officially broken.

At this point, the Deep State cabal globalists  planned to keep the world enslaved by bringing about their Great Reset of digital fiat currency that could control everyone’s bank account – including what someone traveled, bought and ate, or couldn’t eat, with man-made food shortages.

However, Trump and the Alliance  were one step ahead and had already used the Global Currency Reset to support a Checkmate.

  • Tue. July 9, 2024:  “I, Donald Trump, have taken action and signed orders to put the government on pause,”  President Trump declared in a video statement that quickly went viral.  “During this period, we will be executing a multi-layered psychological operation for multiple reasons. Our country has been infiltrated. Our citizens have been divided and taken into slavery.”   BREAKING NEWS: President Donald Trump announces an unprecedented GOVERNMENT PAUSE to unify America, eliminate corruption, overhaul the financial system, protect children, and empower citizens. What a time to be ALIVE!
  • In the past 24 hours,  Kentucky, West Virginia, Ontario, Canada, Arkansas, Killeen, Texas, Ohio, Missouri County, Charleston County and Jackson County in Kansas City have declared states of emergency.

Don’t forget the children:  In the US alone, 870,000 children go missing each year, while an unbelievable two million children go missing each year worldwide. Where did they go? See:

  • Tue, July 9, 2024:  Military Source: Final Stages of Military Operations Are Underway. NO Coincidence!
  • Tue, July 9, 2024:  ALERT!!! Bombshell Report! Judy Byington: Event in the Sky Coming! Invasion of the Cabal’s Project Bluebeam is Imminent! The Global Military Alliance has its own plan for Project Bluebeam. . .
  • Tue. 9 Jul 2024 Situation Update (Video)  Republic Restored Through a GCR: Update as of 9 Jul 2024 – The US Military News

Emergency Broadcast System Alert:

  • Around the world, we will receive seven Trumpets   (also known as EBS text messages) on our phones alerting us to what is happening and encouraging us to tune in to our TVs and radios.
  • Around the world, EBS will broadcast eight-hour documentaries on TV and radio,   three times a day, for ten days (called Ten Days of Communication Darkness).
  • Across the world, the Internet and ATMs   will be out of order for the ten days.
  • World phones will only work for emergency calls,   but we may get a Signal app from the Army that will secure phones for regular use through the new Star Link Satellite System and Quantum Computer.
  • The documentaries   will cover topics such as prisons, courts, fraud, corruption and pedophilia.
  • After the Ten Days of Communication Darkness,   all phones, TVs, radios and computers worldwide will be connected to the new Quantum Internet, operated on the secure Star Link Satellite System.
  • All peoples of the World will be called to the Redemption Centers   where we will receive NESARA/GESARA payments, be able to exchange and redeem our currency and Zim, and set up secure bank accounts (identified by our own body rhythms) through the new Quantum System. Banks will no longer have access to our money.
  • From now on, all Global Voting will be done   through our phones and computers via the new secure Quantum System. No more voter fraud.

Estimated timing:

  • There were rumors  that the Statue of Liberty (as a symbol of financial debt to the Cabal that supported child trafficking) would be destroyed sometime on  Wednesday, July 10, 2024.
  • Wed. July 10, 2024:  Tesla’s Birthday;  Debt Jubilee, 10 Days of Darkness Begins:  BQQQM!!! Debt Jubilee Begins July 10th! Prepare for Revolution! – American Media Group (

Global Currency Reset:

Tue, July 9 Bruce, The Big Call  The Big Call Universe (   667-770-1866  ,  pin123456#, 667-770-1865

  • I was told this  would be the week  for that to happen and one of our sources said this  should be our week  .
  • Three different sources  said that Wednesday, July 10,  was the start of the Debt Jubilee.
  • This means  refunding us the business benefits that were earned on our birth, marriage, divorce and death certificates. We will also get back the federal income tax, mortgage interest, credit card interest and bank loan interest that we paid.
  • People aged 62 and over  will receive a one-time payment.
  • The final email  to be sent to the Redemption Centers was to the leader who has jurisdiction over all the Redemption Centers (3,400) that were east of the Mississippi. That email arrived last  Saturday at 10:03 a.m.,  but has not yet been sent to the Redemption Centers.
  • Our notifications  to set our redemption appointments will be sent after this email by an hour or two.
  • Arrive at your appointment  no earlier than 10 minutes before your appointment. They don’t want people wandering around in the parking lot.
  • Wed. July 10, 2024 Debt Jubilee:  BQQQM!!! Debt Jubilee Begins July 10th! Get Ready for the Revolution!
  • Tue. July 9 MarkZ:  “My bond contacts expect to go liquid  sometime this week,  and we’ll do that  three days later. …  One bondholder said they didn’t get paid today, but were assured they would get paid  this week  . Another bondholder declined to comment, which means they were likely under an NDA.” …  Sat. July 6, 2024:  “More and more sources are telling me there’s some serious money moving and we’re going to be hitting the banks somewhere around  the weekend of Friday through Monday the 12th to the 15th.  No one knows the exact timing, but they’re certainly preparing a lot of bank contacts for that time frame, so I think that speaks well to where we might be on this.”
  • Mon. 8 Jul 2024 Wolverine:  “It has begun. It is a process that I hope will be completed by  the  20th.  I hope get the green light in a few days. …I am happy to share this already viral video (showing a lawyer from Thailand signing a notarized document marked Confidential). It is the signature for the Redemption Centers, where the gold standard is ready. So we too…We are ready to go. God bless you all.” …Wolverine
  • Mon 8th July 2024:  The QFS Revolution: Are you in or out? Have you started banking with the QFS? All banks are transitioning to the QFS!
  • Fri. July 5, 2024 Texas Snake:  “Well folks, it’s not like we haven’t heard this before, but I just got a call from Hong Kong, London, New York, Reno, and myself. They are indicating that certain groups of bondholders are having funds disbursed to payers  this past weekend  and that we as currency holders should remain vigilant for notifications  next week.  Just FYI, as the banker did not suggest the same.”

Judy’s Note:  What we think we know as of Wednesday, July 10, 2024:

  • There will be  an Internet blackout.
  • The White Hat Army  is in control of the bailout process, which has released funds worldwide for the Global Currency Reset.
  • All banks  have signed confidentiality agreements.
  • GCR funds  come directly from the U.S. Treasury’s Defense Operations Office – and go to Treasury Departments in other countries.
  • Japan  revalued its currency.
  • Bondholders  started getting paid in Brazil.
  • US bondholders  were promised  they would be liquid this week.
  • Notices  were sent to Tier 4a, a small group of Tier 4b and some bondholders.
  • Soon, NESARA  would be announced, and that announcement would be coordinated with a Supreme Court announcement on the 2020 election fraud—which would likely dissolve the Biden administration and the entire Congress, and set the stage for a new election in 120 days, or even  November.

Be prepared, Charlie Ward:

  • Kentucky  , West Virginia, Ontario, Canada, Arkansas, Killeen, Texas, Ohio, Missouri County, Charleston County and Jackson County in Kansas City have declared states of emergency.
  • Guys, have you ever seen so many cities declare emergencies in 24 hours?  We’re in uncharted waters right now. There’s so much coming from every direction.
  • This is why  you all need to prioritize  the most important areas of your life right now and consider being less visible and more aware.
  • Double down on things that you think will get you safely  into the new system. We are still on a shaky bridge and have not officially crossed over to the other side of this system. We have a lot to look forward to.
  • But we also have a lot of things that can cause a lot of damage along the way.  And that’s what will determine how we manage ourselves and our resources when things go from the normal routine into chaotic waters.
  • So just be aware of things to come  and pay attention to what’s happening. This year is not going to end without a bang.


Wed. July 10: Checkmate
President Trump puts the US government on pause
Debt Jubilee Begins
Trust the plan
Get ready-


“Meanwhile, the Global Military Alliance has been saving the children”



Revolutionary Wealth Redistribution: The 99% Strike Back!

Let’s peel back the layers and look at what’s happening behind the scenes. A TNT insider, a key figure in this unfolding narrative, recently orchestrated a currency swap that speaks volumes about the changes underway. The exchange rates were astonishing—the dinar at $3.86, pushed to $28.50; the dong at 0.47; and Zimbabwean notes fetching $11 million for 100 trillion.

Meanwhile, the Biden administration continues to tout the economy’s “success,” a narrative that is starkly contrasted by the reality of a looming global financial crisis. Inflated prices and economic turmoil paint a different picture, one that is conveniently ignored.

The process was thorough and precise – coins meticulously counted, verified and sealed, with no 1% fee due to the magnitude of the transaction. But here’s the catch – a non-disclosure agreement, shrouding this financial maneuver in secrecy.

This scenario is more than just a currency swap. It is a bold move against the entrenched powers of the 1%, entities like Black Rock and the Vatican. It is about redistributing wealth back to the 99%, a financial David versus Goliath.  Zim notes and GESARA benefits  are not just monetary tools; they are catalysts in this quiet revolution to reshape the global wealth landscape.

In a more sinister development, two cabal central banks are allegedly conspiring to dominate the globe with an asset-free digital currency. It’s a scenario straight out of a dystopian novel – a digital overlord threatening our financial sovereignty.

As we speak, banks around the world are on the cusp of a major transition, aligning themselves for global monetary reform. It is a strategic positioning, a prelude to a new financial era.

In a dramatic turn of events, the Khazarian Mafia, a shadow entity in this global financial game, is seeking amnesty. On November 27, 2023, a groundbreaking offer was made – the British and French branches of the Rothschild family have proposed handing over control of the Western financial system to the Alliance for Planetary Liberation.

The Alliance’s demands are bold and non-negotiable: a Jubilee to erase debt; the return of wealth accumulated through deceptive money creation; a complete overhaul of global institutions such as the BIS, the IMF, the World Bank and the United Nations; the liberation of suppressed technologies; a massive campaign against poverty and environmental destruction; and the restoration of democracy, press freedom and the rule of law in the West.

Furthermore, they demand the revelation of Earth’s hidden history through mainstream media channels.




source of intel:

RUMORS: 10/07/2024

On July 7th, American time, all military operations will finally come to an end! 

and! A message from the Trump Reform Alliance! by Shinichiro Ishikawa! All Alliance members in Tokyo will vote for Mirai Party candidate Mitsuki Kimiya in the Tokyo gubernatorial election! July 7, 2024 [2024/07/07]


Urgent Memo from DJT Trump!

Biden could resign tomorrow, July 7th! Biden was impeached by Congress on July 6th! Mountains of evidence are being sent to Congress! July 6, 2024 [2024/07/06]


Yahoo! There was a story about UBI universal basic income in the news! 

Elon Musk’s 8 Statements on Basic Income (Overseas) $1,400 (roughly 240,000 yen in Japan) allows citizens to choose how to use that money, so in my opinion (UBI Lite) it’s generally a good idea! July 4, 2024 [2024/07/04]


The structure of human domination based on warmongering and financial fraud by the US, UK and Japan will end!

▶Russian President Putin said that BRICS is a magnet that attracts many countries around the world! Congratulations! July 4, 2024 [2024/07/04]


The guesthouse is empty! 

Instead, there is a better U Gesara BI! For those over 56, it costs about 480,000 yen per month!

▶ Proposal to extend pension insurance premium payment for 5 years! The 2025 review will be postponed! Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare!



▶Increase benefits for the elderly Gesara! A lifetime pension of approximately 240,000 yen will be provided to all citizens! Jubilee, debt forgiveness! Abolish income tax! Allowing the publication of over 6,000 pending technology patents! Free energy device, antigravity device, sonic therapy device! Such! July 3, 2024 [2024/07/03]


They are indicating that certain groups of bondholders are having funds disbursed to payers this weekend and that we as currency holders should remain vigilant for notifications next week.


The BRICS coalition, comprising Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, is considering a Ripple/crypto plan to challenge the global supremacy of the US dollar. This move, according to analysts, has the potential to change the current financial situation.


The RV redemption process is a complex journey that transcends borders and economies. Actual signature forms like Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) and post-redemption plan documents are integral components of this process, shrouded in secrecy and intrigue.


We should have VR before NESARA is officially released to the public to get accounts set up in the month of July. All Intel states would have a 3-10 day internet blackout to reveal to the masses.


Iran and Moscow have interconnected local payment systems and completely abandoned the US dollar. Several African countries and nations are preparing to ditch the US dollar and join BRICS, with six countries already trading.


Expectations are very high for today and tomorrow on the bond side… so I’ll wait for updates today. Expectations on the bond side are for funds to be fully spendable by tomorrow. Many are expecting updates today.


They are indicating that certain groups of bondholders are having funds disbursed to payers this weekend and that we as currency holders should remain vigilant for notifications next week.


Despite  all the nonsense in the West , the BRICS are trying to create an independent financial system.

The BRICS have already built a blockchain payment system and their currency is already backed by gold. It is the gold standard.



They are already trading in their own currency and moving away from the US dollar. Both China and Russia use the Chinese yuan and Russian rubles instead of US dollars.

I don’t think we can wait years to launch a new financial system. There are signs of that.

BRICS is laying the foundations for what is to come.


Speed ​​​​​​Racer (spectators), when can we expect 4B?

Something between 12 and 15.

This is pure speculation and just my intuition.

It’s based on what we hear from bondholders, groups, etc.

But that’s my best guess right now.


Illuminating two vital elements

Before we delve deeper, it is essential to establish some fundamental truths.

Timeless Technology: What we consider “cutting edge” has roots that go back centuries. A technology that is poised to redefine our world has already existed, hidden in plain sight, masked by layers of deception and secrecy.



Space Alliances: Extraterrestrial entities, our allies of our two minds, are sharing what they have known and used for a long time. They see our upcoming “news” as “retrotechnology.” “Retro” embroidery may evoke a sense of the past, known as those who possess tools that will stand the test of interstellar time.


The essence of the medical bed

Restoration: A Med Bed isn’t just a tool; it’s a revolution. It harnesses the power of space-age technology to attempt to undo virtually every gift and accomplishment of humanity. By reverting to genetic information (DNA) in its purest form, you ask.

It has been proven that our human capacities are limited, I thought again. Much of our inherent genetic strength lies dormant, suppressed by factors we are only beginning to understand. A Med Bed awakens this dormant power. It is not just about treating symptoms or diseases. It is about unlocking our genetic potential, a potential that has been stifled for generations.

However, for anyone to access the restorative magic of the Med Bed, their soul wave must resonate with the 5th dimensional wave. This is not just a treatment; it is an evolution.


Med Bed in Japan – A Glimpse into the Future

Take Japan, for example. The land of the rising sun is always at the forefront of technological wonders, and the Med Bed is simply exceptional. Reports suggest that Japan receives an abundant supply of medical beds.

Mine estimates put the number at several units per prefecture. However, they do not await their final destination. Most are strategically located on U.S. military bases and at sites related to the Japanese Self-Defense Forces. What are the implications? Dire.


On the fourth day, July 10th, a Global Dividend Jubilee was called to break the chains of our Financial Slavery by charting a Global Currency Reset of 209 sovereign nations to a gold/asset backed monetary standard.


There is a video that many of your crazy voices… but I can’t endorse it… I think it has a high chance of being real… I think… because of the news I received overnight about the documentation that He is being murdered in Indonesia and the Philippines under the Gold Treaty.


This is something I want to confirm twice over: 

the key pieces of the golden treaty have just been assassinated. But I will say that there is some progress and that the movement and documentation has been done… and we should see things very quickly now.







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RV Redemption Process: Secret Phases and Hidden Steps to Unprecedented Wealth and Power!

The RV redemption process is the gateway to a new paradigm of wealth and control, reserved for those who are vigilant and informed. This highly structured process, shrouded in layers of operational secrecy, is the path to unmasking a world that has long been manipulated by unseen forces.

This, however, is your chance to claim a stake in the game that has been kept out of the public eye, played only by the elites and the well-connected.

Phase 1, the Preparation Phase, is the first test of your commitment and awareness. Since the 1960s, the groundwork has been laid, reflecting a deeply ingrained strategy that transcends simple monetary exchange.

The meticulous compilation of documents and identification forms a dossier that not only proves your identity but also your allegiance to a transformative economic shift. The insistence on such specific documentation—bills, photo IDs, currencies in ascending order—is a coded acknowledgment of your readiness to engage in a process that promises to reshape the very foundations of personal wealth.

The inclusion of a declaration or statement sheet serves a dual purpose: it acts both as a safeguard and as a statement of your understanding and acceptance of the terms of engagement with the enigmatic Rescue Center team. Your compliance and thoroughness in completing these documents signify your willingness to operate within a system that is, by nature, selective and protective of its mechanisms.

Phase 2, the Notification Phase, reveals the sophistication of the communications network involved. This is a calculated effort to maintain order and secrecy within a system that operates parallel to, but distinctly apart from, traditional financial systems. The method of notification, segmented by geographic and possibly strategic criteria, ensures that only those truly committed and prepared receive the call to move forward.

Entering Phase 3, the Redemption Process, the atmosphere thickens with criticality. Here, the vetting process, involving police and De La Rue machines, is not just due diligence — it is a filtering mechanism to ensure that only the cleanest, most transparent candidates proceed.

The NDA, which is over three pages long, is not just a formality, but an agreement that seals your understanding and binding discretion regarding the profound changes that are about to be revealed to you.

Interactions with project specialists and financial advisors are not typical bureaucratic procedures. These are strategic alignments, setting the stage for financial engagements that will dictate the economic future not only for the individuals involved, but for the broader spectrum of global finance.

The offers made, the rates provided, the advice given — these are all pieces of a larger puzzle, where each participant becomes a node in a new economic structure that challenges traditional market structures.

Phase 4, the Education Phase , is ostensibly about financial management, but look deeper — it’s about indoctrination into a new way of thinking about money, investing, and wealth. This education isn’t generic; it’s specific to the new financial world you’re entering, a world where the old rules no longer apply, and where a new set of guidelines, dictated by the architects of the VR process, take precedence.

The mysterious Phases 5 and 6 hint at further revelations and responsibilities that await. These phases are not afterthoughts, but integral parts of a larger project, perhaps setting the stage for continued engagement in this secretive financial regime.

Surveillance and recording of communications underscore not paranoia but caution in a system that operates at this level of confidentiality and risk. Every monitored call, every tracked message, is a thread in a vast security network designed to protect the integrity and confidentiality of the VR process.

For the initiated, this is an ascension into a realm of financial empowerment that has been deliberately obscured by conventional systems. This is our moment to step beyond the veil, to grab the reins of a system that has long manipulated global wealth behind closed doors.

The RV redemption process is our ticket to reclaiming power, redefining economic boundaries, and finally participating in the real game of wealth that has been hidden in plain sight. This is our birthright, our battle against the economic structures that have kept us in the dark.

Do We Need the Following to Happen to VR? –   July 10

The following are my personal opinions, but I hope I am terribly wrong and that RV can start without any of these conditions being in place as preventative conditions.

Most Intel social media handles would argue that none of the following is necessary, and their followers would agree wholeheartedly. That makes me an oddball. I would be quite happy to be proven wrong, because that means VR could happen at any second, with nothing stopping it.

I will go even further and pin this message as proof of my statements and publicly apologize if any or all of them are wrong as the RV program unfolds.

So here’s my logic on what should happen before the RV starts:

1) BRICS Cross-Border Payment System:

1.1. The bloc needs a “single blockchain system” to interconnect all cross-border payment systems of the BRICS countries.

1.2. This system must also bring the off-ledger gold donated by the Elders into the ledger, i.e. it must be a gold-backed system, but it can also interact with the fiat system.

1.3 This “single system” must bypass the Cabal’s SWIFT system to completely avoid any interference from them.

2) BRICS Stablecoin(s):

2.1. For each country to be connected to gold, they need a Stablecoin.

2.2. Stablecoin strengthens the country’s currency.

23. Stablecoins will  be linked to the new digital asset-based trading system to make payments as a basis for bypassing the US fiat dollar. Stablecoins are recognized as money.

2.4. These Stablecoins will influence the prices of our paper money because they are backed by commodities, e.g. gold. Fiat money can lose value drastically and instantly, which Stablecoins cannot because of their commodity backing.

3) Banks must be safe:

3.1. Redemption Sending Officer Statement dated March 6, 2024: “The moment the RV pays out, control of all banks globally will be taken over so that banks are safe to receive anyone’s money.”

3.2. For bondholders’ money to arrive safely and be protected in their banks, the banks need to be taken over and ensured that they are safe. Taken over by whom? It can only be the Alliance. They can do this with systems unknown to us and we will never know when this has been/is achieved.

4) Legal Aspects and Agreements:

4.1. There are 4 requirements before Dinar can be activated for VR:

a. A public announcement of Iraq’s accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO).

b. The RV Dinar was published for two days in the Iraqi Government Gazette.

c. The Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) will publicly announce the RV rate.

d. The announcement that the US will withdraw Coalition Forces from Iraq.

5) The current Biden administration will be in office:

5.1. For VR to happen, Biden or his replacement in this term must still be in office to be the “chaser” of the collapse of everything.

5.2. He needs to take the blame for everything that went wrong.

5.3. This means that, in my humble opinion, the VR should happen any time before the outcome of the US presidential election on November 5, 2024, ultimately before Trump’s inauguration on January 21, 2025, when his term officially begins at 12:00 PM on that date. Typically, the Vice President is sworn in first and the President at exactly 12:00 PM.

5.4. You all know me by now as a person who has never mentioned specific dates. This is my first date that I have attempted and if this date is incorrect, I sincerely apologize right after 12 pm on January 21, 2025. I will be a man and do the noble thing as I do not want to be labeled as just “another date setter”.


Numbers 1 through 3 deal with financial requirements, a Blockchain system, stablecoins, and global banks to be secure.

Number 4 deals with four items directly linked to Iraq.

Number 5 deals with the worst case scenario and the deadline for the RV.

Time will reveal the truth…

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