You are reminded that You have NOW entered as of a few days ago, A HIGH CREATION/MANIFESTATION MODE. You are strongly advised to be very meticulous with Your choice of words and thoughts.

Many Light Shows in store.

Unity and Gatherings strongly encouraged, there are NEW Gifts to be shared.

Now is the “time” to orient You Higher Service in conjunction with Your SURRENDER to Your Higher Purpose. Voice this aloud to God within You and God, You are ready. This “surrender” WILL activate the Higher Timelines for You and Guide You to the most open path. Recognize Your cues and do NOT hesitate. It IS Time to LEAP once again.

Confirmations of Your success abound.


Love and Light
Rick Jewers

Massive Template Wipe!

We have gone in deep since about a day and a half ago. When i tuned in, i saw it is a big template wipe. This means our consciousness is getting rewired into new consciousness templates. In a very big way. When we ‘turn back on,’ our consciousness will be functioning in a new way. More elegance, more love, more joy ♡

Symptoms may be: confusion, disorientation, headaches, not knowing what to do, thoughts muddled, feels like we are dying inside but we can’t locate the source of the pain/ discomfort/ confusion. Bloating. Bloating that feels hard to the touch. Blurry vision. Muscle stiffness. Swollen face/ body. Feeling like you’re walking underwater, each step feels labored. Emotional pain/ discontent/ disconnect…

This is just part of our lightbodies (including the physical body) upgrading into more fullness. Not to worry, though it is quite uncomfortable at the moment. We will shift out of this at any moment now, and we will feel a flow in our realities again. Lots of highs and lows lately, bc we are taking big shifts very quickly.

Hone in on what you truly love and cherish, in your heart of hearts.. bc we are constantly being asked what we love most, so that we create our realities by this standard! ♡

Note: no matter how many posts we read that say our symptoms and pain are part of the awakening into light.. we can still forget and it can still bring up fear… this is bc it’s not yet common knowledge.. so we tend to feel like something us going wrong when it is actually the opposite ➡️

imagine your aura, very big, and with each phase of clearing/ upgrading we go thru, your aura gets bigger and brighter.. like a light bulb that starts dim, but grows in intensity of light.. this IS what we are doing with each upgrade phase.. except our colors are a lot more varied and radiant than a lightbulb would be; it actually looks like a fountain of radiant light, overflowing ♡ this fountain of light keeps expanding (the light structures growing more intricate & beautiful; the colors growing more radiant), with each upgrade phase we go thru ♡♡♡~•°

Christie Dimensional

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  1. Sandy Bella

    Looks like I’m not retiring just yet after all!

  2. Sara Michael Sandrell

    Difficulty accessing your website AND YouTube channel today. All the more reason that I kept trying! FINALLY! Late this morning got into the website. Yahoo! VERY important information for me regarding the Violet Flame. Thank you, Paul!!!

  3. Paul Butler

    Namaste Sara,
    nothing stopping us now! 🙂 Much Love and Light…Paul

  4. jesse landa

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