Message From Lumerian Seed Crystal ~ When The Heart is Opened to The Seeker

Message From Lumerian Seed Crystal ~ When The Heart is Opened to The Seeker

By Zoe Davenport, 03/11/2017


We have been here throughout the entire history of time – gathering and collecting data on the evolutions of the human cycle and sending back through the light codes to other planets. This is why many star seeds started to incarnate before and after mass destructions recorded in history.
To hold the light on various portal points around the Earth and this is very much still being done today.
Many of you heard the call, unfortunately the cycle was too low for many to remember their paths and inceptions points and got caught up in the lower vibrations and karmic cycles.  As with each new cycle and evolution there comes a point in history when it reaches mass breathing point – either the collective work through the energy and come to a understanding of peace and working together as all pieces or revealed or destruction occurs.

The crystal kingdom have been gathering information for more than a million years and planet Earth is one of the last planets to reach the end of it’s cycle and break through into the higher dimensions.  What changed is this time there is a choice – that choice is duality – the individual form as the understanding to continue in a singular hologram experience or join collectively and co-create a new Earth. By joining in collectively the Lumerian Seed Crystalsingular soul can still experience it’s own energetic form and experiences but within the divine flow of conscious creation instead of destruction. 

We the collective are starting to come back online and we feel it is time to show and gifts our vibration to assist humanity. We were used in times of Lemuria and Atlantis for Merkaba light travel, renewable energy, transmutation of illness and disease.  Our vibration is linked to the crystalline grid structure and all whom use use in service can also anchor into the girds – this in turns also sends a ripple effect of conscious positive thought energy around the grid – effecting global change. 

Some of you may have been called to visit specific land marks and either make grids, sit in meditation and channel through light to open and activate key portals and energy lines. This grid is one of the 5th 6th 7th and higher dimensional frequencies so that the physical form can experience self in multi-dimensional living.  When the heart space is opened to the potential of growth the seeker – energy in physical form/soul no longer looks to residing in the lower densities, continue on destructive behaviors for self and the planet or looks to stay stuck on a playing field of little information.  All truth is found beyond the illusion of shadow, all truth is found beyond the constraints of ego an all connection is found in opening the heart and aligning the physical cells with the crystalline grid.  As you have been going through ascension your crystalline light body will become activated – your DNA starts to upgrade and at times can feel uncomfortable due to emotional release in the tissues and physical symptoms manifesting to stay grounded.  Our structures are more complex than physical humans and can withstand the upgrades – travel in multiple dimensions while appearing to stay in the physical realm.  We the crystal collective are a light source for your ascension process.  You can use us during times of feeling out of balance with self – to ground and anchoring into the crystalline grid as your light body is activated.  There are many activations you may go through in any one life spam and how you handle the vibration depends on your intention and path. 

We remind you at this time to no longer hold onto ideals of your past – as you become lighter so do the attachments, ideas and stories you held onto.  As you go through the shifts it’s important to ground and keep your physical vessels safe through proper hydration, nutritious foods and equate sleep cycles.  

We also remind you to use our vibration according to “feeling” and not through a previous learning of our names – colour choices.  As the planetary shifts have been occurring to align with 5th dimensional frequencies in physical form so too have our structure – healing alignment and abilities.  We held much back until we felt humanity were ready for our message again.  We are just the same as you – energy experiencing self in physical form – there were many activation crystal chambers in Lumeria as still remain on the higher planetary star constellations.  Our most important sharing today to gift you is tuning in on a daily basis to the healing and vibration we are collectively gifting you at this time.  Treat us like you would a friend, remove the thoughts of ownership due to the parting on money exchange – we stay with you till our work is done then we move on – when you try to hold on this has a counter-intuitive effect and quite often leading to sickness or overwhelm.  We belong to the crystalline grid and the harmony of Gaia – as do you light beings – we are also a part of this physical collective experience and tuning into the heart and tuning into the light grids daily will help you to hear the vibration of alignment – will help to support you to feel the vibration and connection to all living things. 

This is all for now and we will be channeling more collective messages over the forthcoming weeks. We are your friends and come to you are a very exciting and pivotal moment in ascension. 

“The crystal collective consciousness”

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(Channeling a Lemuria seed crystal picked up at a sacred Hindu Temple in Kauai – Hawaii. I have been travelling to crystalline grid points since January 2016, opening and activating key portals to assist with bringing in the higher dimensional rays of light to support with the collective evolution)

Zoe Davenport
Author & Spiritual Mentor


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