Love is our Prime Directive

Love is our Prime Directive

by Sananda
My Beloved Brothers and Sisters, it is beyond time that we gave you more concrete information about why the difficulties on Earth are still continuing, why the Prosperity Programs and other dispensations you have been promised have not yet become tangible on surface Earth. It is not that we wished to withhold anything from you; our concern is always foremost for our beloved channels and other Boots on the Ground who are on the front lines, making the changes happen for all of you. Until now, it was not safe for us or for them to speak openly about the Co-Creation we are all taking part in.
What you are seeing and experiencing now is the final showdown between the Lightworkers, embodied and in spirit, and the embodied cabal. They are the only ones left of the once far-reaching network of darkness that included Anunnaki, Reptilians and other members of the Archon Alliance. None of those earlier dark forces have been permitted to remain, except those who are now working for the Light. Although the human cabal does have control of the left-over technologies their handlers provided for them, and they saint_germain_by_frangomes-d42et9eare very adept at promoting their own image as dangerous and powerful, there are actually very few of them left in charge.
As we have all learned in recent weeks, those who are left are what you might call hard-core. They are utterly in denial about the inevitability of the end of their reign of terror, and they truly do take satisfaction in “turning the screws” to create pain and suffering in those they deem their “enemies” – anyone who stands in the way of their domination and control of the planet. They have shown this tendency this week. With each advance of the levels of Light across the globe, they have increased the levels of sound frequency attacks, creating a din that is especially painful to those on the surface who are tuned to higher dimensions.
The technologies are more advanced than you know. We have seen the example of them fine-tuning their attacks to cause intense pain and even deafness in our Christine and Kathryn. They are capable of listening in to all conversations and increase the attack any time they hear something they don’t like, aiming at any weakness they detect in their “targets,” whether physical, emotional or mental. They are using their best attempts to break Lightworkers, especially by causing physical pain, and here in the family of my beloved Twin Flame, they are also torturing Kathryn by her seeing Christine in great pain. It is sadistic, merciless, in spite of our constant actions to try to get through to their hearts.
Of course it is terrible for Archangel Michael and me to see our beloved twins in so much pain. You are wondering why we don’t just put a stop to it, are you not, just as we could put a stop to all the suffering on Earth? I will try to explain to you, dear friends, so you can understand why and how the Company of Heaven works in these circumstances. It is not easy to grasp our dilemma when you are on the ground, but I will try to make it clear to you.  Believe me, I know that understanding does not really make it a whole lot easier, but it helps to ride it out.
It is not ever a case that we lack concern or empathy for the horrific conditions on the ground. It has become far worse than we had hoped – the most difficult timeline, and the most difficult circumstances. This is because most of humankind has not become aware of how abominable the conditions actually are, who is responsible for them, or that there is anything they could do about it. Most of humankind still believes this is just the way life is, and we need to make the best of it. And so they do nothing to change it.
Kathryn: Sananda, can you or the others – the Company of Heaven – feel these frequencies the way we do – as if our heads are going to explode, and every organ and bone aches?
Sananda: No, Sweetheart. Their frequencies do not reach us in higher dimensions. When we have come to make our “appearances,” the cabal has turned down the frequencies. We rely on you and the reports of other Lightworkers to tell us what they experience, and we do meter them. The Ashtar Command is monitoring very carefully, and they know what levels of frequencies create pain, mental confusion, and so on. You are protected, ultimately, because you ask to be, and because of your original contract to do this work, but for the time being, we know it is nearly unbearable for you, as it is for many others. It is a new development in the past few days that they have begun to tailor the attacks to individuals on a large scale. This is of great concern to us.
Let me explain why we cannot simply turn it all off, snatch the cabal off the planet and either rehabilitate them against their will or take them elsewhere to spare Earth’s inhabitants any further suffering. As much as that would please many, it simply cannot be done. For one thing, it is not as simple as you might think to identify on this planet who is an official member of the cabal and who is an enthusiastic supporter, or an accomplice. Many of the minions are more vicious and cruel, or worse, than their leaders, and they number in the millions.
There is no line that divides you and them. Some of you are unwitting supporters – although it is becoming more obvious every day how “normal” everyday practices support the dark power structure. Take for instance, the simple understanding that GMO crops are deadly, engineered by the cabal, and a huge source of funding for their programs, yet most citizens have not refused to buy them. Instead, those who are even aware of the difference have fallen for the manipulative arguments about “labeling” – which by Lightworkersdefinition means GMO’s will be allowed. Roundup, the agent orange of food production and lawn care, is still a big seller among homeowners; giant gas-guzzling luxury cars often serve one or two people; credit cards and accounts at big, money-funneling banks with criminals in charge are convenient and popular; war-mongering politicians work as shills for the cabal and regularly get elected – all are engaged in or enthusiastically supported by a fairly large number of the collective. Through their beliefs and actions, most of humanity is in fact aligned with the cabal.
Those of you who are reading this have been aware of the fairly large discrepancy in consciousness between hard-working Lightworkers and nearly everyone else. Your efforts to awaken those around you are having a gradual, measurable effect on the collective consciousness; this is why we have so constantly encouraged you to be courageous in your teachings and steadfast in your Ascension practices.
Now, let me continue to explain the dilemma we face, as we work our way steadily toward the final resolution of Planet Earth’s rise to higher dimensions. Many of you are aware of the Universal Laws under which we all operate. One of those primary laws is called the Prime Directive, which states clearly that no civilization or its representatives may under any circumstances interfere or intervene in any way in another. This is an especially crucial and completely binding Law which controls space travel and visitation between planets and races. Any exchange or interaction which might create change must be agreed upon by all, including the representative Councils which guide the planets or individual cultures. This protects the individuality and unique nature of various cultures, planets and galaxies. In the case of sweeping change, all individuals within the civilization itself must agree before the change can be enacted.
Now, you see, in the case of higher dimensional planets, this is a fairly simple process, since all can meet as Higher Selves to come to unanimous agreement about desirable changes and the procedures for implementing them. All is carefully overseen in the interest of the Greater Good. It is a more complex process for planets in lower dimensions.
On Earth, the take-over by the dark forces was surreptitious and deliberately designed to subjugate humankind, but the human collective at the time, the Higher Selves or the incarnates, did not formally object to the gradual introduction of belief systems, technologies or other major changes. Rather, humankind saw themselves as innovative and open. Caught up in their own idealism and relative youth, they were distracted by the entertainment and novelty, unaware of the future implications of allowing these incursions by others. Many of the most destructive alliances, beginning during Atlantis, were created in secret by a select few “native” Earthlings. So began the cabal, what you might think of as a “home-grown” terrorist group. They were influenced by “invading” dark forces, but initially, the dark ones could be accurately said to have originally come by invitation.
It became clear to the Company of Heaven that humanity’s drift into darkness, combined with a great attraction for soul-destroying nuclear weaponry, was quickly creating a threat to the entire Universe. Maldek had already been destroyed, and Earth appeared to be close behind. A great Council was convened to decide the fate of Planet Earth. As is customary, all the Higher Selves of Earth incarnates were in attendance, as the possibilities were weighed and discussed thoroughly. The Company of Heaven, in agreement with the Higher Selves, were sadly but resolutely in favor of a complete dissolution of the planet, with a possibility for the souls who had incarnated there being sequestered until such time as a suitable planet could be found to allow them to start over. That process would have included considerable training in Higher Dimensions and eons of Earth time before they would have been allowed to reincarnate in human bodies.
As the solemn meeting was approaching its final decision, beloved Sanat Kumara, my brother from Venus, stepped forward and offered to come to Earth to hold the Light, centerkeeping the bridge to Mother and Father and the Company of Heaven until humankind would be able, with the help of experienced souls from other planets and galaxies, to raise themselves out of their dark pit and back onto the path toward Ascension.
I agreed to come with Sanat, and our family of Kumaras came forward to support us. I quickly gathered several of my Kumara brothers, and eventually all the ones you now call the Elohim, the approximately 144,000 volunteers who also came along with me and my Twin Flame, whom you now know as Kathryn. Archangel Michael and his Christine agreed to lead the Seraphim, who came in their selfless angelic form, and we were given the blessing of Mother and Father to attempt this challenging undertaking. Sanat and Kathryn joined with Terra to become the soul project which would provide greater energy to support her in the unforeseen difficulties ahead, and they remain committed to carry her through her healing and restoration phase to come.
Those Masters you now know as your loving sponsors and mentors were also involved in the initial plans, and have incarnated over and over to help raise the human collective back to a place where they could recognize and feel their connection to God and to the Higher Dimensions, the place we all call Home.
Next came a pivotal Council meeting in which the terms of our “intervention” were laid out. We were all coming from far-flung planets and would therefore be considered an invading force under the Prime Directive if we were not formally invited by the Earth Councils. And so it was contracted with the Higher Selves of all human incarnates that the mighty force of Elohim would be welcomed into the Higher Councils and onto the soil of our beloved Terra if they were willing to incarnate in human bodies along with those they wished to help.
Mother and Father God foresaw the pitfalls and the dangers we would face under the conditions we had agreed to. To spare us the heartbreak of total defeat, and in honor of the Higher Selves who had thrown in with us to change their planet’s fate, Mother and Father set a limit – a time/space boundary where they gave the pronouncement and the prophesy that there would be an end to this dark/light struggle on Earth, and that end would be proclaimed in favor of the Light, regardless of how close or far humankind had come to Ascension. That end-point has been reached, but there is one more condition that was agreed to in the original contracts.
In accordance with the Prime Directive and the recognition of free will throughout the Universe, the human collective on Surface Earth must meet one of two formal conditions in order for a direct intervention from Above (or from their representatives) to be permitted. Humanity must reach a specific level of Light, as monitored by the Ashtar Command and others. That percentage must be achieved by either a huge upswell of Lightworkers in concert reaching a prescribed tipping point (a compound equation, depending on the numbers of Lightworkers involved), or every human on Earth reaching a 51% Light quotient individually.
ascension3333The second condition would be for the entire human collective to agree to welcome their Star Brothers and Sisters to Earth’s soil. This could be achieved by the majority agreement of all the Councils of all the nations of Earth. There are now several social, political or economic organizations which could spearhead such a move. As further enticement, the Ashtar Command has been given permission to create easy and comfortable “Peek-a-Boo” moments in which sightings of space craft leave people with curiosity, wonder, pleasure, excitement and no fear.
You can see why we have worked so hard on all fronts to achieve success in one or all of these possible ways. At times one option seems most promising. At other times, the wind shifts and an unforeseen event makes another option most prominent. Together with our Boots on the Ground, we pursue all possibilities.
This effort began because our hearts went out to our human brethren, the brilliant creations of so many caring progenitors. As our endeavor progressed, more Masters and Angels came from far and near, all feeling the draw to this small but captivating blue planet and her troubled inhabitants. All were approved and “vetted” by the Earthly Higher Selves before they were allowed to participate in the governing and assistance of the planet. As representatives of Mother and Father God, we would always willingly agree, although the same did not hold true for the dark forces, who came periodically and surreptitiously to seduce and manipulate the population. Earth Councils did not deny them entrance, much to our consternation. There were many who saw this as an opportunity to profit and gain control for themselves. This made our work far more difficult.
Unfortunately, there has been a the vast and growing separation between the Higher Selves and the incarnated selves on Earth, because of the thickening veil and the culture of darkness on the surface. Thus, it was never possible to forge an agreement in the Councils of incarnated humans to formalize our benevolent intervention. As you know, this remains true to this day. Governments across the globe, controlled by the cabal, refuse to acknowledge our existence or our wish to bring loving assistance and hope for all. Our only other option in the meantime has been to incarnate as Lightworkers, often suffering assassination, burning at the stake, and other traumatic ends.
Before we came, Earth had already fallen, in terms of the vibration of all her inhabitants, into the lower 3rd dimension, where she has remained until the last few years. Given the difficulties we were faced with, holding even was truly a triumph, but it was not enough to bring Earth into a higher dimension. So, as you Lightworkers know, we have been involved in what you might call an all-out full-court press since 2012.
Mother and Father are well aware of the violations to the Prime Directive that were committed by the Archons and by their “boots on the ground,” the human cabal. Fortunately for the Multi-Universe, there is no tit-for-tat when it comes to Universal Law. One violation does not a second justify. And so we are working step by careful step, with Mother and Father always at our side, to use every possible means to reach our beloved Earth Brothers and Sisters and to bring relief to our Beloved Ones wherever we can. You are reading our messages, listening to our radio shows and webinars, and you are working with us, here at the edge of Creation. We send you our encoded messages of Love and support with every transmission.
Keep in mind, Beloved Ones, that any intervention approved, any dispensation permitted will become the makings of Universal Law. Be careful what you ask for, and know that our Love is steadfast and unwavering. We are creative and we are determined, and we will find the means to make your dreams come true. We will do it together. Remember that you are one of those needed – an incarnated human – to fulfill our requirements for Earthly approval of our ultimate Landings and other benevolent interventions.
Actions like the revaluation of all the Earth currencies was a massive undertaking, involving incarnated humans from every country in the world. All the agreements are signed, all the principals are trained and in place, and all will unfold as planned, with maximum safety procedures in place to protect you and your prosperity.
We are on the move, Beloved Brothers and Sisters, and we will succeed. As you know from being a human, nothing is cut in stone. Human beings are changeable, often unpredictable, but we know that the ultimate quality called ‘Humanity’ is Heart. Together we can transcend all challenges.
I am your Sananda, and I love you without end, without reservation, and with all my heart.
Transcribed by Dr. Kathryn E. May, September 20, 2015
Community Corner
“Fear, Anger, Jealousy, Resentment, Hatred, Blame, Condemnation, and Judgement Are Absolutely UNREAL!”
Jesus through John Smallman
Hello, this is John with Jesus’ message for Sunday September 20th 2015. Today he is again talking about the inevitability of humanity’s awakening into Reality. And, as with my last Saul message, I am posting my complete communication with Jesus so that you can see where I’m coming from with my doubts, and my intention to release them, as the moment for our awakening approaches.
Good evening Dear Jesus.  Thank you very much for your last message, what do you have for me this evening?  Today I have been tired, mostly at peace, content, but uninspired. It feels as though I received my last message from Saul a long time ago, and yet it was only last Thursday afternoon, 2 brief days ago! Time is surely quite unreal.  It appears that we addressed issues that many are concerned with, judging by the many comments I have received.  So that was very good.
But, right now I feel blah, bored . . . peaceful . . . but without direction or motivation, so an inspiring and uplifting message from you would be good, BUT you and Saul have given me so many that I sometimes see these communications of ours from the point of view that they are merely “more of the same,” “nothing new,” and “do they really have any validity?”  In other words I do have doubts. They do not last, and I know that they are a distraction, my ego attempting to convince me of the reality of the illusion, something I know is unreal.  However, it would be nice to be able to dissolve them once and for all.
As you must know I most firmly believe in life after death and in an infinitely loving God, Presence, Source, but, like most humans, I have no idea what that really means.  Reading accounts of people’s NDEs is uplifting and encouraging, but life here on Earth leaves much to be desired, especially for those in war zones, those fleeing war zones, and those suffering with floods, forest fires, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and various forms of ill-health.
So I feel I should not complain at all, BUT, as I experienced listening to Anita Moorjani’s interview with Brian Rose (

), I do feel that something of ultimate importance is missing from my life, something I remember I had but can no longer remember, other than knowing that something important is missing. And of course all the inspiring messages from you and from Saul are about the fact that there is only Love, and the only concept of that that most of us can imagine is “falling in love” with another so that life can be lived in a loving, uplifting, and very satisfying relationship.  However, very few of those seem to work long term – even though we are only here momentarily! – so I guess we are all really looking for what we lost when we chose to separate from God.  And, having forgotten what it is that we lost, we have no real idea where to look, and where we do look does not reveal any satisfying answers.  So, Dear Jesus, please respond with a message that uplifts and inspires me and our followers. We are in need of reassurance, reassurance that reinforces and strengthens our wavering faith so that we continue making our way very positively along the path to our inevitable awakening.

Good evening John.  The task we here in the spiritual realms have taken upon ourselves, and that you who have chosen to experience human lives at this point in humanity’s awakening process have also taken on, is to uplift and inspire humanity into awakening.  We pass messages to you, they inspire you and strengthen your faith in God, and you then share them freely and indiscriminately so that all of humanity can become aware of and then choose to be part of this longed for process leading you to your inevitable awakening.
As we have said, humanity has made the collective decision to awaken, but the distractions and enticements with which the illusion seemingly presents you almost constantly keep drawing you back into it.  This has been an ongoing struggle for you since the moment, just a moment ago, that you made the choice to build and enter into the illusion.  The illusion is a very clever construct. Many of you have seen conjurers and magicians performing extraordinarily convincing magical tricks, so you understand the concept. But the illusion that the one Son of God built to attempt to separate Himself from His Father is way more convincing than anything that a human illusionist could possibly produce.
The saving grace is, of course, that time, like the illusion, is unreal, utterly unreal! Yes, to all of you apparently immersed in it, it seems totally real, but I assure you that it is not.  Those of you who have had NDEs (many more of you than you might think) know this, and have shared that knowledge with all who wish to be informed. Throughout the eons mystics and enlightened ones have also been telling you this, but, as I said, the distractions and enticements of the illusion, like the tricks of conjurers and magicians, draw you in because they seem so real and entrancing to you.
Illusionists tricks and sleight of hand are always finally revealed for what they are, unreal, illusions, and the grand illusion in which you seem to be living, often very unhappily and unsatisfactorily, will also be shown to be unreal.
You are One with God. That is your state since the glorious moment of your creation, and it is an unchangeable state because God is changeless and so, therefore, are you.  You were created absolutely perfect because, naturally, all that God creates is eternally perfect.  That does not mean you are in a state of stagnancy, motionless.  Creation, God, is eternally creative, and the potential for further creation is limitless. Unchanging does not mean a stationary or uncreative state, it means a state that is constantly and eternally extending Love, infinitely. This means that you, every sentient being, is forever expanding in Love and creativity . . . your potential to create like God is limitless.
This is your natural state, creating and expanding the field of Love that is God and in which He created you.  What He creates He shares and extends without limit or restriction.  Love is limitless and changeless, there is nowhere within It that anything unloving can be present, because there is nothing else, and there is no potential for anything that is unreal or unloving because Love fills the whole of Creation, being the whole of Creation.
When you awaken into Reality, your eternal Home, as you will when you release your fearful grasp on the illusion, your joy will be beyond, way beyond your wildest dreams.  Keep renewing your intent to awaken and for humanity to awaken by daily, hourly, in fact moment to moment restating your intent to be only loving regardless of the situation in which you seem to be involved.
Love is All.  Therefore, Love, when you embrace It, dissolves all that is not in perfect alignment with It.  Fear, anger, jealousy, resentment, hatred, blame, condemnation, and judgment are absolutely UNREAL!  Let them go, release your anxious grasp upon them and allow them to dissolve into the nothingness from which you imagined them into being.  It is only your grip on them, your belief in them that appears to maintain them.  Not one among you wants any of them, you only want Love, so open your hearts, as we keep advising you to do, and allow the Love that surrounds and envelops you in every moment to embrace you, waking you up into Reality, your eternal Home.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

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Quote of the Day

“The Great Awakening of Earth’s People Has Begun in Earnest…”
Hilarion through Marlene Swetlishoff
“All human interactions must begin to take place in honesty, sincerity and transparency, for the old ways of intrigue and backroom agreements are over.  Those who continue in the old ways are being brought to the light of truth and will be held accountable. This fact of the workings of the new energies is being brought to the awareness in every nation in the world.  It behooves the leaders of each nation to extend true compassion and kindness to those who are making clear to them that humanity will no longer tolerate any form of deceit, dishonesty and disrespect.  The world has truly become a melting pot where each race is represented in each nation and the concept of ‘the other’ will no longer apply.  For it is becoming increasingly clear that within each human heart beats the love and wisdom of the Creator of All That Is, that each individual throughout the world is aligned in oneness with every other individual.  All seek to express this truth in their everyday lives.” 
                                                                       ~ Hilarion 9/20/15


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