Message to Lightworkers Keep Going Through and Through and Through

Message to Lightworkers Keep Going Through and Through and Through –

During this time of the shift on earth many lightworkers are feeling tired and stressed. This is ok. It is a sign that you are feeling on a deeper level and are shifting with these energies penetrating the Earth. We must keep going through and through and through.
We are almost through the most difficult times. Many people are feeling like they are losing control or losing their minds. This is natural. No worries. We are all in this together. You are going to make it. You have made it this far. Only a little further to go.
Stay centered and focused. Have faith you are here for a reason. The fruits of your labors will be realized soon. Enjoy the ride.

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    pretty interesting stuff but I’m not quite sure how to connect with my guides. I’m going through an awakening and here where I find myself and I’m a new born again Christian. I feel weird sometimes coa people always told me I have a very different perception on almost everything and that makes me kind of feel weird and inferior. I’m really into trying know a few things about my past life and how to get in touch with my guides for directions. I’ll hope to hear from you. keep up the good work

  2. Paul Butler

    You can connect with your guides through meditating and connecting with your higher or we can say deeper self. there are many good guided meditations for this on youtube. You should never feel weird or inferior by what other people perceive and experience or judge. You are a divine infinite multi-dimensional being. You came here for a much higher purpose than you can imagine. You can pray to be one with God and call on the Holy Spirit to guide you to the Truth. Find the Joy and Bliss within and be in Peace my friend… Paul

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