You are currently viewing Solar Halo & Lightship Portal! The Power that comes from WITHIN! Ley lines REVERSING Polarity ~ Inner Earth Meetings ~ YIN YANG SONIC REBIRTH!

Solar Halo & Lightship Portal! The Power that comes from WITHIN! Ley lines REVERSING Polarity ~ Inner Earth Meetings ~ YIN YANG SONIC REBIRTH!

Solar Halo & Lightship Portal! The Power that comes from WITHIN! Ley lines REVERSING Polarity ~ Inner Earth Meetings ~ YIN YANG SONIC REBIRTH!



Paul White Gold EagleΒ 

Greetings Star Heart Blossom of Eternal Bliss Consciousness

Happy 8:8 Portal of Divine Wisdom!

Today’s Energies are connected to our Lion Gateway of our Lyran Nation of the New Lemuria.

The Passion and Pure Beauty of the New Earth and the Clear Light of Bliss is flowing in directly from the Great Central Sun and Prime Creator of the most High.

All Starseed Earth Angelics of the 144 are being upgraded and inundated with the Codes and Keys of the New Creation of God’s Kingdom on Earth.

Continue your journey within your Sacred Gold Heart Center as we go through and through and through until full and total compression breakthrough as SuperNova Consciousness of the One True Source.

The Truth of Eternity is calling you Home to the Crystal Palace to be a Mirror of the Pure Awareness of Buddha Mind and consciously Co-Create our Pure Land of the Enlightenment of our New 5D Golden Age of Eternal Life.

Feel the Joy and Bliss guiding you Home to the Kingdom of Heaven within your Still Center…A’Ho!







🌹Inner Earth Meetings last nightΒ πŸ‰Agartha Grids + Ley Lines.Β πŸ’Ž
Crystalline Coves. New Peace Agreements. ✨

✨Energy UPDATE:
Still a lot of movement from the
πŸ’ŽPLASMA Energy + Solar Flares.
Soo plans May change,
🌈You might be Re-Routed if you’re on the Land right now.
We’ve been in a Reverse Vector of sorts.
πŸ‰Ley lines REVERSING Polarity
Someone else might be on your LEY LINE already doing what’s needed.
❀ Valerie
Ley lines REVERSING Polarity
Ley lines REVERSING Polarity
The Elohim Angelic blueprint have received the call & forming the lines!!! Can you FEEL THAT wave 🌊 coming!!!!
The purge of the dense world. The GRAND REBIRTH OF THE NEW EARTH of GODS PEOPLE! There’s no stopping it.
The Elohim Angelic blueprint
The Elohim Angelic blueprint
Passage Through The Central Sun Of The Womb Mind
Allowing For A Release Of Karmic Magnetic Weight
Allowing For The Restoration Of Mother’s Magnetic Centre Within You
Your Harmonising Principle
Your Manifesting Principle
Calling To You What You Need For Life Alone!
In This Passage…
Black Hole Becomes Golden Sun
Narcissist Becomes The Golden Child
In This Wholly Passage


Deeaia Cosmic BlueRay

Today choose to Be fully present in your body and in your everyday live! The energies that are coming in are very intense, therefore your physical body may require some adjustments and tender-care.
It is time to speak your truth, your Divine wisdom and share it!
When you open your Heart to your True SELF you will Inner-stand your True Power.
The Power that comes from WITHIN! The authentic power that you were born with, that was taken away from you by life, by living the Human life! This Pure, Authentic Power is deep embedded in your DNA which wants to come out now and Fully Activate your WHOLE body.
That power is gentle and loving with kindness & compassion. It gives you the Confidence to listen to everyone on an equal footing free of judgement or preconceived notion from beliefs. It is not a matter of being right or wrong. It is a matter of Being Pure, Authentic and Honest to your Self.
With Peace and Softness at heart, breathe, allow, and let it flow!
You are LOVED
The Power that comes from WITHIN
The Power that comes from WITHIN



Solar halo & lightship portal! Of course our sun is a portal itself and many ships travel through. The sun was massive this morning and just as it’s transforming and the portal to ascension. You too are transforming from density to light.

Integration is needed! Diamonds are formed under pressure and as some of you feel this pressure, release and let love in. As the light gets stronger, you will need to get stronger in acceptance, trust, love and courage. May you fortify in the light now!

lightship portal
lightship portal
2/17/24: Something hits today. Maybe a plan opens up or comes together. Maybe the way becomes more clear. Maybe that decision you’ve put off finally flows with divine timing. Something hits today. Maybe you’ve had enough, too much, or too little. Maybe you’re tired of treading water.
Don’t underestimate February’s ability to change your course and aim you in a new direction… or make peace with the one you’re on. Your Right Action is to face the day with an open heart and mind… and trusting nonresistance. Whatever today drops was put into play well before now. You’re simply catching up to it. Something hits today… and it was meant to.
Star Heart
Star Heart
We are going through a whole regenerative process on all levels now, even as our conscious levels are expanding, dormant faculties of our soul are being opened, which we simply could not access in the density, duality and separation of the old earth.
My heart and soul are just overflowing with joy and gratitude.
We are not even fractionally aware of the immensity of what is occurring now.
Within us is the living miracle, as it is unfolding without.
We are finally transcending the ego and embracing unity as our sacred heart opens and we experience unity consciousness.
Within the sacred circle and spirals of creation there is only ONE.
All is Love.
And so it is!
a whole regenerative process on all levels now
a whole regenerative process on all levels now

Eirini ~ Crystal and indigo guide to the galaxy

FEBRUARY 16 2024
Presented Trinity ChoiceΒ πŸ”±
Full chakra alignment to the Original Purpose of the Soul!
A new multi-satisfying and meaningful Existence is here! Orgasmic Life!





Today and tomorrow are another two major days of the cellular purification, healing and upgrade that the month of February brings!
It is the turn of the feminine energy to receive her elevation into the new cosmic frequencies.
Soon the meeting of both masculine and feminine will take place andΒ the sonic nuclear explosion will take place which will transform the inner worlds,Β rebirthing both in the next Light field.
Will they take it?
Remember that we have already received the Twin Flame code of stability and steadiness!
If you have not yet touched or received important revelationsΒ and proofs on your nuclear karmic trauma and pain since the December Solstice,Β chances are that you will during the next two weeks.
The shadow is to be recognised fully and then transmutted.
The purification of all aspects of the cell is the main part of the ascension process.
This is our path of preparation towards the hatching of the eggΒ which can only take place via one’s True GenealogyΒ and it is via our True genealogy that we can receive the DNA informationΒ that we need in order to consciously retrieve the memory of our True Identity,Β restore our beingΒ and be able to return home when ready.
The restoration of our Divine DNA is connected to soundΒ and today we will use sound codes in orderΒ to connect to the essence of this restorative process.
The sound strings of the universe are made by the sound essences of the family lines of Godly Earth!
These are the genetic structures of Godly Genealogy and they were created through the Divine Logos!
β€˜β€™It is via the personal Diamond Code that One will be able to hatch the egg!’’
Blessings of cellular restoration!
El Moryana Anadimiana
OL A Christos
Huna Ma Anata Kumara
Yellow Galactic Warrior


Your work, your efforts, the new energies that are coming right now and your ability to absorb this energy has brought it into your world at a quantum leap from the previous timeline. It was not gradual growth; it was a physical a leap! The energy for this acceleration which you accumulated and created through your energetic work and through your conscious understanding of this work is the help you can bring to yourselves and to Gaia through this work.

This was not expected. It is a new achievement because there was hope but no one said that your work was enough to achieve it, but you did anyway. It is an absolutely great feeling and you will continue to feel the victory of that by the acceleration that will move you even further. When you acknowledge your achievements, you bring more joy and more energy to your ascension and you attract more forces and more supporting groups to you.

Watch your children, watch the children around you because a lot of what is changing is coming through them and is provided by them. They are closer to where you are going because they just came back from there. They keep this energetic signature, this energetic reflection in their Auric Field. By watching them, by being with them, by spending time enjoying their presence wherever and whenever, you actually achieve the results that you want much easier. You are welcoming a new generation. At the same time, you are seeing yourself in this new generation because some of you will be returning to the Earth plane to continue this work. It is interesting how you can see this work through the children. Perceive, prepare for the future.

One thing that you see by working with kids is that they don’t have barriers on their hearts and spiritual work. The hardest thing for you in the past was to overcome, or get out of this limited space. Your system of beliefs and society’s system of values was forced upon you. You can learn from the children to expand yourself into the whole universe and to be this universal presence at this particular moment in this particular time and space. This is such a harmonic, new and unique feeling of being. You can bring this back into your life. You can start living like that again because that is what you are here for. That is what you want. You have the full right to do that and be like that despite what is happening on the perimeters and in the 3D world of lower vibration. This inner child in you is even more harmonious and more beautiful. It will help you pass through this period of time allowing you to be all the time on the top of this joyful, beautiful relationship with the whole universe rather than to be tied only to the experiences of the 3D world.

You are moving forward on a very high level of vibration and because of this, the lower vibrations are like moving backwards. They are falling farther and farther behind. The separation from this lower vibration is happening very fast now. The higher the speed of your momentum and the higher the level of vibration you have, the faster this separation will be happening.

Hugs and love to all of you,



Aurora Ray

Major Update from the Galactic Federation: “Welcome, Humans! You’ve Reached 5D!!”

“Greetings, dear humans! This is a message from the Galactic Federation to all of you who are ascending to the 5th dimension (5D) in consciousness. We are overjoyed to welcome you to this higher plane of existence!

For those unfamiliar, the Galactic Federation is an assembly of benevolent ET civilizations from various star systems and galaxies that come together in service of the spiritual development of the Universe. We have been watching over you and assisting with Earth’s ascension for quite some time.

Now that you’ve collectively raised your vibrations high enough to enter 5D frequencies, we can finally make direct contact with you!

This is an incredibly exciting time for humanity! Leaving the density and constraints of 3D consciousness behind, you now stand at the doorway to a new world of light and possibilities. The veil between worlds is thinning, and your dormant multidimensional abilities are awakening. You are evolving into Galactic Humans!

We are here to help guide you through this transition and take your first steps as conscious co-creators in the higher realms.

There is so much to explore together in this new Earth paradigm. We will be sharing advanced knowledge and technologies to assist with humanity’s continued evolution. It is our honor to welcome you as equals and friends.

We have long awaited this reunion – not just here in the Milky Way galaxy but across this entire Universe. Celebrations are happening across many interstellar civilizations!

Together, we have succeeded in birthing an enlightened planetary civilization. Well done!

Activating Your 5D DNA:

As a newly awakening 5D human, you are now going through a process of activating and upgrading your DNA to a higher dimensional frequency. The Galactic Federation is assisting this process by beaming powerful light codes and ascension energies to the Earth!

These energies are specifically calibrated to trigger and awaken the dormant aspects of your soul’s higher DNA template.

This new 5D DNA contains expanded information and new codes that allow you to access your divine gifts, talents, and abilities. It heightens your intuitive senses, psychic perceptions, and connection to your higher self.

You will notice new clairsenses emerging, such as clairvoyance (clear seeing), clairaudience (clear hearing), claircognizance (clear knowing), and clairsentience (clear feeling/sensing). Channeling, telepathy, energy healing, astral travel, and other metaphysical abilities are also coming online.

As this 5D DNA comes online, it upgrades your lightbody and energetic vibration to be in greater resonance with the higher dimensions. You are better able to hold and integrate more light and perceive through the lens of unity consciousness.

Trust in this activation process. Stay grounded through meditation, spend time in nature, and get plenty of rest as the adjustments take place. Know that you are being divinely guided to step into your highest potential as an awakened galactic human!

Influx of Ascension Energies:

The Galactic Federation is sending powerful ascension energies to Earth to help shift the planet and humanity into a higher state of consciousness. These high vibrational energies are being beamed to the planet in a massive influx over the coming months!

The ascension energies being sent are of a very high frequency that resonates with the upper chakras and higher states of awareness. Their purpose is to accelerate the ascension process for humanity. The influx is helping to awaken and activate dormant DNA, expand consciousness, and attune people to higher dimensional frequencies.

These energies will assist with the planetary shift into the 5th dimension. They are designed to help cleanse and release stuck lower vibrational energies and patterns from the collective consciousness. This will pave the way for more light and higher awareness to anchor into the Earth plane.

On an individual level, the ascension energies bring many benefits. They enable deeper healing on all levels – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. You’ll find it easier to release and transform density as your cells vibrate at a faster rate.

Your psychic abilities will begin to awaken and strengthen as the ascension energies unlock intuitive gifts and higher perceptions. Spending time in nature will help you tune into and integrate the incoming energies.

You’ll also experience heightened creativity and manifestation abilities. This is a potent time to seed your intentions, generate positive change, and align your actions with soul goals. The ascension energies will support your desires if they are of the highest good.

Staying centered in the present moment will allow you to work with the accelerated energies in a graceful way. Be patient with yourself and others as you adjust to the higher frequencies. Drink plenty of water and rest when needed.

This is an exciting time for us all! The influx of ascension energies is helping propel Earth into the splendid realm of the Fifth Dimension!”

We love you dearly,

We are here with you,

We are your family of light,

We are the Galactic Federation.


Aurora Ray

Ambassador of the Galactic Federation

Copyright 2024 Aurora Ray. All rights reserved.



Galactic Federation of Light
Galactic Federation of Light


On Saturday February 17th, the Moon, ruler of our moods and unconscious responses, is in Gemini the Twins and will be in a positive connection to Chiron, the Wounded Healer, in initiating Aries. When the sensitive Moon is in Gemini, our feelings can be a little scattered and all over the place……
we vacillate back and forth from one emotion to another. With Chiron the Shaman’s influence today, we can activate the integration process……in the hopes of bringing balance to our hectic inner emotional state. Gemini is about logic, but the Moon is about our emotions, so an inner dialog of communication may be required in order to sort out what we are truly feeling. It is possible that communication with others in our life is also required. It may assist us with the clarity that we are seeking, or help to shine light on a situation that needs healing.
Blessings of Love and Light to All! ❀️
the Moon, ruler of our moods and unconscious responses, is in Gemini the Twins
the Moon, ruler of our moods and unconscious responses, is in Gemini the Twins
Mercury in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus. Venus conjunct Pluto in Aquarius. Mars in Aquarius sextile Pallas in Sagittarius – There’s so much Aquarius energy! Political struggles, bad news, nervous deliberations, group breakdowns, anxious thoughts. The mind skips and jumps from scenario to scenario. The future looks bad, good, bad… Hyped up on cosmic caffeine it’s hard to know what to think. Communications are spotty, interrupted, not what we expected, erratic, downright crazy. Electrical faults tinker with technology. Faulty thinking creates mental loops. Turn it off and turn it on again!
Meanwhile, the heart dives deep into shadowy territory, the alchemical properties of love and how it can change us vies with a powerful attraction to control. Right now, with everything so wired and weird out there, some control, any control seems to soothe the heart. But the more we try to control our relationships or finances, the more our true freedom is compromised. Get underneath the fear. Address unpleasant emotions like jealousy or possessiveness. Create an action plan based on calm observation of patterns. Listen to the wisdom of your heart to liberate your power.
Degrees and Times
Mercury 19Β°Aq16′, Uranus 19Β°Ta16′ – 03:52 (UT)
Venus, Pluto 00Β°Aq51′ – 08:48 (UT)
Mars 02Β°Aq53′, Pallas 02Β°Sg53′ – 00:20 (UT)
Β© Leah Whitehorse
Website :
Painting – Jealous woman by Jean-FranΓ§ois Portaels
Jealous woman
Jealous woman

Kin 120 ~ Yellow Electric Sun

β€˜Electric’ is the name for the number three and its keywords are β€˜Service, Activate and Bond’. The third day of a wavespell has a lot of energy and it can be electrifying! We are in the White Mirror wavespell with its agenda of seeking truth. We can really get going with this mission today, the electrical shock springs us into action! The number 3 also represents service. And this energy reminds us to be of service to others. Today, think about how you can be of service to your fellow mankind. Perhaps there is a cause or a protest that you can get involved with that requires you to serve your community.
Today is Yellow Sun which represents β€˜Enlightenment, Universal Fire and Life’. And so, today we activate enlightenment. The Sun shines and it illuminates our way which certainly helps in the quest for truth. When the sun reflects in the mirror however, this can be blinding so proceed with caution. Can you handle the truth? On these days you can experience good ideas popping into your head and answers to problems you’ve been struggling with. The Yellow Sun is the last glyph of 20 in the Tzolkin. When we tumble down the columns (of which there are 13) we pass each glyph along the way, eventually ending in the Yellow Sun before we begin the tumble down the next column. It just seems natural that we get answers by the time we get to the Yellow Sun.
The Guide today is the Yellow Seed which symbolizes sowing awareness. This is a very helpful guide for a day such as this. We are on a journey to discover the truth and the Yellow Seed leads us to awareness. Expect useful information to come your way and helpful clues to materialize. To summarize: We are activating enlightenment guided by β€˜becoming aware’.
The Challenge today is the White Dog which represents β€˜Love, Loyalty and Heart’. When the dog is in the doghouse, love gets left out of the equation. When seeking truth and enlightenment, we can get caught up in our ego, over-intellectualize everything and then matters of the heart get forgotten. It’s hard to be in your heart and head at the same time. Who says you can’t teach an old Dog a new trick?
The Occult power is the Red Dragon which symbolizes birth and nurturing. Dragons live in caves and a cave is considered to be the womb of Mother Earth. Dragon invites you to be taken care of and nurtured. When in this powerful magical position, expect to be taking care of today in a magical way. Offer nurturing to others as well, especially those poor doggies who get no love today.
The Ally is the Blue Storm, the game changer of the Tzolkin. When in this friendly position the Storm is more helpful than disruptive. If enlightenment is proving hard to come by today, consult a Blue Storm, they can offer support and friendship.
If you are a Blue Storm, remember that just because you find today easy, doesn’t mean everyone else will and so help out wherever you can.
Kin 120
Kin 120


3 AHAU – KIN 120
17 FEBRUARY 2024
Bonding LIFE
I seal the matrix of Universal Fire
With the Electric tone of Service
I AM guided by the power of Flowering
17/2/2024 = 8/2//8 = 8/10=8/1=9
17- Immortality/legacy
8- Infinite Abundant Source Flow
9- Completion/Endings/Destiny/Mission/Grace/Humanity
✨MONTH/YEAR codes✨
8- Infinite Abundant Source Flow
1-New beginnings/Original/Leader/Independent/Unique
20- The AWAKENING/Clear vision
24- Charisma/Happiness/Healing/Joy
KIN 120 = 3 – Holy trinity/Joy/Creativity/Union
Tremendous Soularβ˜€ ELECTRIC POWER to charge any battery you need!🌩🌩🌩
Day 3 in the WHITE MIRROR WAVESPELL of reflection, truth, illusion, endlessness, and magnification.
Today we SHINE our MIRRORS by activating emotional IN-DEEP-END- DANCE πŸ‘― guided by the urge to BOND πŸ’ and co-create with othersπŸ‘­πŸ‘«πŸ‘¬ in SERVICE to the Divine.β˜€
ELECTRIC πŸ’‘is tone number 3 in the tone of creation. It is the first of the three EMOTIONAL realm tones. Its focus is on being of SERVICE to others through the action of BONDING,πŸ‘« that is coming together with others to cocreate and be of SERVICE.
Yesterday’s LUNARπŸŒ“ tone polarized our molecule of energy, and now the ELECTRIC tone BONDS the 2 elements together again as ONE, and then ACTIVATES the energy with a strong ELECTRICAL charge.🌩.. so we have HUGE energy to access for our intended purpose.πŸ’₯
ELECTRIC energy provides the ignitionπŸ”₯ or SPARK πŸŽ‡ for your manifestation, it is a current that needs to keep moving and flowing, transmitting energy.. It also adds POWERπŸ’₯ to anything you are creating today. An extra electrical boost to draw upon. The power of 3 is derived from 2 units merging and creating the third, more powerful entity. This action duplicates the essence of bonding in SERVICE that the Electric tone provides.
Today beckons you to become emotionally mature. EXPAND your focus from purely bonding with ONE to the joy of bonding with ALL. Together with your KIN offer your united energies to be of DIVINE SERVICE to HU-MAN-ITY..
NOTE: The ELECTRICπŸ’‘ tone coupled with the SUN is very highly chargedπŸ”₯ rocketπŸš€ fuel energy!! DOUBLE TESLA 🌩POWER!!! Get ready to BOOST this rocket into the outer STRATOSPHERE today!!!! Take note and use this POWER wisely today!
β›”β›”β›”BEWARE! The e-motional triggers and MIRROR games today, as the ELECTRIC MIRROR REFLECTS and MAGNIFIES. This can cause highly charged EXPLOSIVE πŸ’₯ outbursts! Be prepared to witness and HEAL whatever the ELECTRIC MIRROR reflects.
This LIGHT is extremely BRIGHT today, as the ELECTRIC SUN casts a very dark SHADOW… illumination at its highest voltage! Control that excess FIREπŸ”₯ and channel it into CREATIVE pursuits.
So blessed be pure hearts! ❀❀❀
Make sure you catch some GOLDEN SUN β˜€ rays today! And focus your INTENTION on directing this Soular ELECTRICAL β˜€πŸŒ©πŸŽ‡ energy into beneficial pursuits and unions. You can MAGNETISE these Soul-ar rays through your INTENTION to attract your beloved for the highest good of all, and harm to none.
Enjoy this BEAUTIFUL SUN β˜€SHINY day, FEELING deeply through your senses, SHINING your LIGHT✨ as you BLOSSOM 🌻into your Highest Potential, bonding with others to cocreate our New World! 🌏🌍🌎🌈🌈🌈
Today’s question is “How can I ACTIVATE my DIVINE MISSION through SERVICE with others, enabling me to SHINE BRIGHTER and fully BLOSSOM?”
Divine blessings for the FLOWERING of beautiful Divine partnerships and Missions. 🌻🌻🌻
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈
CONSCIOUS SELF: YELLOW ELECTRIC SUNπŸ’‘ β˜€– AHAU represents the SOURCE of all life – the GOD SELF and our mighty I AM presence.. Today’s 8.8. code amplifies the FLOW of energy to and from SOURCE, whilst the ELECTRIC tone IGNITES IT.. ⚑πŸ’₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ HUGE creation codes available to us today Planetary kin… Be careful to not get BURNT!! πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
AHAU prompts us to STEP UP and become independent SOVEREIGN πŸ‘‘ beings, who are emotionally mature and responsible. This enables us to REFLECT on the TRUTH from our own PURE and Divinely guided perceptions, FREE from the influence or bias of others.
The ELECTRIC tone ignites the spark of TRUTH in our being, so that we can FEEL what is TRUTH, and what is deception or falsity in our pure essence. Each of us is answerable to GOD alone, our CREATOR SEES ALL and KNOWS ALL. If we accept total responsibility for our own thoughts, words and deeds, then we become SOVEREIGNπŸ‘‘ and are able to serve as Divine Conduits.
It is time for us to claim our MASTERY, but in so doing, we must walk our talk, and live our DAILY LIVES through the lens of Spirit and the Enlightened Masters that we are becoming! . β˜€
🚫🚫🚫 NOTE: The ELECTRIC SUN frequency may literally ACTIVATE CME’SπŸ”₯ and Solar Flares 🌞πŸ”₯ today – the HEAT is RISING! πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
EARTH has been blasted with a continuous stream of SOLAR FLARESβ˜€πŸ”₯β˜€πŸ”₯β˜€πŸ”₯ these last few weeks.. – so many people reporting increased ELECTRICAL charge/CHI in their bodies stressing their nervous system!! .🌩πŸ’₯.. Today’s code in addition may stress your C.N.S. so get out in nature and consciously GROUND this excess SOULAR electrical energy into NOVA GAIA. 🌍🌎🌏🌈
HIGHER SELF/GUIDE: YELLOW ELECTRIC SEED🌩 🌾– KAN – KIN 224 – 3 KAN was the SOLAR SIGNATURE of the 2021 DREAMSPELL YEAR – during the PLANDEMIC fiasco.. The ELECTRIC SEED was the IGNITION πŸ”₯ point – creating the drama to forcibly AWAKEN the masses. And AWAKEN them it did! It was a very rude AWAKENING for many souls on EARTH.. Most STAR SEEDS were already AWAKE and so we watched as the DRAMA unfolded, waiting patiently for the TRUTH to be SEEN.
Sadly many people are so deeply entrenched in the hypnotic dream-spell that no manner of chaos can/will ever awaken them from their slumber. The focus of that year was surely on AWAKENING.. but today KIN 224 asks us to step up and volunteer for ACTIVE SERVICE.. Moving beyond the waiting game and taking INSPIRED ACTION!! Such is the power of the ELECTRIC SEED.
✨🌱✨🌱✨🌱 As this ELECTRIFIED SEED 🌩🌱 is the higher guide today, we are being rocket propelledπŸš€πŸš€ into our destiny path. This is a potent acceleration for our forward progression in our DIVINE DESTINY – so take note of what arises and what you are SHOWN today..
The MIRROR WAVESPELL aligning with all these DIVINE codes OPENS a powerful DOORWAY for twins, divine partnerships and unions. The DOORS of opportunity are OPENING wide – so STEP through into your destined life.
β€πŸ’‘β€πŸ’‘β€πŸ’‘β€ Today we may experience close BONDING😍 in divinely destined relationshipsπŸ’‘ that reflect a timeless quality through growing and blossoming together, 🌼🌸
NOTE: πŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’ž The moon is in sociable GEMINI πŸ‘«πŸ‘¬ the sign of the TWINS, amplifying the VIBE for coupling πŸ’‘ – a great DATE night!🌹🌹🌹
By being totally transparent and honest we can honour our own TRUE feelings, being REAL and emotionally independent. Only then can we come together with others, as Sovereign beings, and truly focus on the potential of creating great things together. πŸ‘­πŸ‘¬πŸ‘«
KAN and AHAU ask us to focus on the ✨HIGHEST POTENTIAL of LIGHT✨ in order to ACTIVATE this timeline, uniting with others to SERVE through the HIGHEST TRUTH. πŸ•ŠπŸ•ŠπŸ•Š
May TRUTH and integrity prevail in all your creations, and relationships, as we collectively ACTIVATE GAIA’s HIGHEST potential timeline.πŸ“ˆ A huge electrical boost to assist OUR Ascension journey today. . πŸŒ©β˜€πŸš€πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯
SUPPORT: BLUE ELECTRIC STORM🌩 πŸŒ€πŸŒͺ🌩🌧– CAUAC the LUNAR STORM has morphed into a powerful ELECTRICAL🌩 STORM today, as we clear away the last of the debris from the cataclysmic planetary STORMS. wATCH out for ELECTRICAL STORMS TODAY!! 🌩🌩🌩
As the supporting energy there is tremendous POWERπŸ’₯ and energyπŸŽ‡ behind these forces, to fuel your new path of SERVICE and commitment to humanity. Ask for this STORM power to catalyze the energy needed to shift into a HIGHER GEAR! πŸš€β˜€πŸš€
CAUAC continues to catalyze change today, as we allow the transformation of our emotional bodies, releasing any drama, illusion and lower density in our cell-ves and thus our relationships with others. By elevating our emotional maturity and operating from a PURE heart and mind, we then come more into alignment with the cycles of Gaia, navigating our evolution as one unified body connected in co-creating the Collective dream.
OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: RED SPECTRAL DRAGON πŸŒ€ πŸ‰– IMIX connects us deeply with our emotional “feeling” senses today, as we become our own Mother to our emotional body. The SPECTRAL DRAGON enables us to dissolve and release any stagnant e-motions, in order to LIBERATE more energy, freeing ourselves to CREATE and BIRTH new ideas, projects, dreams and imaginings, releasing more LIFE FORCE. πŸ”₯🌞
IMIX beckons us to become response-able for clearing and purifying anything that we are feeling, whether it be β€˜ours’ or not! If you FEEL it inside you, then you have the capacity to CLEAR it , both on a personal level and for the collective. Regardless of where the negative energy originates!
As Masters we can FACE it and clear it in a “detached” and evolved manner, rather than apportioning blame and becoming entangled in the MIRROR games! This is how a Divine parent operates, accepting responsibility for her children. In this way we clear everything so much faster, and NOW is the time for this!
This is the Law of REFLECTION gifted by ETZNAB during this Mirror wavespell. We can dissolve and clear all that no longer serves us, or humanity with great success.πŸ‘βœ¨
Once you have cleared the debris and density you become a pure channel and CREATOR, able to utilize the potent CREATION energies that the SPECTRAL DRAGON releases. Today’s 8.8 abundance gate brings more FLOW and access to SOURCE energies to fuel your DIVINE SERVICE responsibilities.
NOTE: You can utilize the DRAGONS to assist you in CLEARING and harmonizing energies in any realm… they are also brilliant PROTECTORS and guardians – so remember to call on them!! πŸ‰πŸ‰πŸ‰
CHALLENGE/GIFT: WHITE ELECTRIC DOGπŸ’‘ πŸ•– OC is the trusted loyal servant of the Divine, who operates from a PURE and loving HEART. ❀ The ELECTRIC DOG can be highly emotional (and somewhat unstable!) if it becomes obsessed with coupling and the need to give and receive LOVE. This obsession can lead to feelings of betrayal, loneliness, unworthiness and trust issues – pushing away those that would normally be attracted to you.
Allow all the SHADOW energies to be felt and lovingly released in order to feel the endless order of the Harmonic Matrix of Creation. Become receptive to feeling the unconditional love that pervades all of Creation, through nature and life itself. As you TRUST and let go, then LOVE automatically flows and your tribe gathers to cocreate your grander MISSION together.
The ELECTRIC DOG beckons you to TRUST that the DIVINE LOVE that flows from your HEAVENLY parents, is enough to nurture and replenish you. WHITE DOG always TRUSTS that all is in Divine Order and perfectly ordained, as life unfolds perfectly according to the Divine Plan.
✨✨✨TRUST in your Destiny and TRUST in God’s plan for our planet and HU-MAN-ITY!🌈🌏
So blessed be pure hearts! ❀❀❀
Make sure you catch some GOLDEN SUN β˜€ rays today! And focus your INTENTION on directing this Soular ELECTRICAL β˜€πŸŒ©πŸŽ‡ energy into beneficial pursuits and unions. You can MAGNETISE these Soul-ar rays through your INTENTION to attract your beloved for the highest good of all, and harm to none.
Enjoy this BEAUTIFUL SUN β˜€SHINY day, FEELING deeply through your senses, SHINING your LIGHT✨ as you BLOSSOM 🌻into your Highest Potential, bonding with others to cocreate our New World! 🌏🌍🌎🌈🌈🌈
Today’s question is “How can I ACTIVATE my DIVINE MISSION through SERVICE with others, enabling me to SHINE BRIGHTER and fully BLOSSOM?”
Divine blessings for the FLOWERING of beautiful Divine partnerships and Missions. 🌻🌻🌻
Namaste’ πŸ™β€πŸ™β€πŸ™
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈





πŸ”₯ New Earth Ascension Report and Astrology ReadingΒ πŸ•‰Β for the week of

πŸ•‰Β  February 11th through 17th 2024 from my Sacred Condor πŸ”₯



Included in this weeks special New Earth Ascension report and Astrology reading for the week, my Sacred Condor covers the astrology for the coming week from February 11th through Feb 17th 2024, reads three powerful transmissions from our Sacred New Earth Scribes and a very special Prayer of the Holy Grail.

Enjoy her calming soothing Divine Feminine Goddess voice and transmissions.

Thank you for your support and blessings. Namaste










Please use, for powerful clearing and restoration of the sacred vessel of our evolution.
In alignment with the authority of the eternal mothers and grandmother’s
As a frequency holder of the golden magnetic womb of this world, I command that any and all black cube technologies , interference, false entitlements and siphoning is immediately expelled from my womb and the Planetary womb.
I ask the cosmic mother to magnetically extract these unwelcome energies in a return to source
I command that the sacred golden womb is returned to purity and full power and rightful authority.
I command that the wholly frequency of this golden womb resounds around and throughout the world.
I command that this frequency is remembered and honoured and any frequencies dissonant to this are immediately magnetically returned to source now.
I ask for the graceful assistance of the eternal mothers and grandmother’s with this golden restoration now



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