Back to history, how it was…

co-authorship – KRYON from RUSSIA
by Sergey Konashevsky
Hello my dear ones! I AM Kryon of Magnetic Service.
Then, a hundred thousand years ago, sixteen stellar civilizations merged into One Union participants in the experiment, the genetically engineered biological body of man. However, the visible, the biological structure (your physical body) – is only part of the MULTIDIMENSIONAL HUMAN. And not just because you are immortal MONADS, which are particles of Creator of the entire Universe. Heads of the Experiment set the task to create a MAN-GOD, which, evolving in the material (four dimensional) world, will know his true “SELF”, gradually detached from the biological structures are creating Divine Essence, he turns to the Creator. In addition to the biological body experiment participants created seven major subtle bodies and multi-dimensional complex organized structure, which is still hard for you to imagine. Light Workers! You still have no idea who you really are. After participating in the Experiment you have forgotten that at the same time its Authors are you. Magnetic invisible component of DNA is a unique, wonderful Space program, which allows you to create New Worlds in the Universe … on the basis on which they have not co-create! Yes … now for you just hard to imagine! But, nevertheless, it is true!
Human genetics is a complex set of genes consisting of representatives of different civilizations, different star systems. The basis lemuriaof our genetics seeds laid 16 stellar civilizations. From stellar systems of the Pleiades, Andromeda, Arcturus, Orion, and Panokteon (part of the so-called Orion’s Belt). Besides genetic component to human created a multi-dimensional light body (it is, in particular, what is known to you as the Merkaba). It has the shape of the star tetrahedron (a pyramid when it is, as it were penetrates the other, forming a complex structure).
After a difficult (Oh! Not so easy!) the process of creating a multi-dimensional human, the final stage of the Great Experiment began. Among the boundless ocean, near the modern continent Australia, from the water appeared island, which began to grow and grow. And then, finally, the island turned into a real continent. Its name many of you have already heard, it is Lemuria. The first of the New civilizations, which has opened the final phase of the Experiment. It happened a little more than a hundred thousand years ago (98,004 years B.C.). On the new continent born a new man – Lemurian. In appearance it is not very much different from modern man (the people who lived even earlier, had, for example, a different number of hands and eyes). However, differences still existed. Firstly, height. He reached 6 meters (18 feet). Moreover, first Lemurian women were above men. And only the sunset of civilization men began to increase in much the same way as women. Second, the eyes. They were disproportionately large, unusually shaped. Third, the unusual shape of the head for you, its skull was disproportionate longer.
Despite the fact that Lemurians were high, their bodies can not be called powerful and muscular. It is important to mention a very important detail. While force of gravity on the planet was different. Far less! That’s why high Lemurians was easy to move around on the ground. Lemurians our planet called Gaia. Planet gave to Lemurians for the first time, good food, has created the perfect conditions for life to develop. Fast enough passing phase of gathering and herding, new people have mastered the craft of shipbuilding. At the beginning of their ships went on the oars, then the first sails were constructed. Science from Lemurians developed rapidly. As soon mastered the crafts necessary for survival in the material world, civilization moved on. Lemurian among a large number of thinkers, philosophers and scientists. Following increased multitude of inventors engineers. So instead of sails on the ships Lemurians create most powerful engines, which are based on the interaction energy of crystals. It took hundreds of years. It took another thousand years, and rose into the air Solar Ships (air vehicles). Believe me, my friends, they were perfect your aircrafts and rockets? Even as a perfect !!! Species of air vehicles were dozens! From fast, which could travel around the world, and very slow, which rolled children … under the supervision of adults, of course. Can you imagine? Lemurian lucky kids! They could almost make themselves as small pilots!
My friends! Do you know any fly units did not have Lemurians? MILITARY! They did not have any military equipment! Because Lemurians no one fought. Apart from the main continent – Lemuria – while on the Planet there were three more. These continents have not been settled by other civilized people. And one of the main tasks was for Lemurians to master them, to build a cities, other settlements, the necessary social facilities, roads and parks. 35 thousand years ago Lemurian civilization has reached a high level of development. One of the main problems faced by the Lemurians in the development of their society, became … a low birth rate. This happened after about seven thousand years after the occurrence of the highly Lemurian civilization. Despite the best efforts of scientists, geneticists, various experts, children were born less and less. And then Lemurians decided to throw all their forces to increase life expectancy. It should be noted that the people of that time were very correct way of life. It combines mental, intellectual work with individuals, paid much attention to the spiritual life. Engage in what would now be called Yoga (from Sanskrit- connected with Spirit life), special exercises, carefully designed spiritual practice (meditations). As a result of all the efforts, life expectancy has increased almost three times. Previously, the Lemurians lived about five hundred years …. And then they began to live up to one thousand five hundred years! But it did not solve the underlying problem. Number of population declined. What caused deep despair in the whole society. The Love lived in the hearts of young men and women, they keep marriage, but the birth of a child in the family was a great rarity. The researchers could not find an answer to this question. And all attempts to create a human embryo is artificially fails.
Then one day in the Public Supreme Council of Lemuria came one person. He spoke with public figures and made amazing offer! He said, that he would find a new bodies of people which are so necessary for Lemurians. People almost taken him for a madman. But after that they listened him attentively. What this man said? First of all, we will call his name. His name was Kraun-Van-Selfing-Ruony-Kleus-Amody. Some Lightworkers already know, that Lemurian names at that time, described to be very long. The first name of a person was assigned at birth. Second – in the first rite of passage (something like Baptism in Christianity). Third – during the marriage. Fourth – at the end of education. The fifth – after the first success. The sixth was given not to everyone, and only then, when a person has reached any outstanding, very significant progress in their professional (or social) activities. They were in Lemuria the people who had more than six names. Maximum was 16. Only the most famous figures received so many names.
“Amody” translated from Lemurian means “skillful researcher lands”, in our opinion – the archaeologist. For brevity, let us call this man Kraun – the name given to him at birth.
Archaeologist Kraun reported the sensational news. He made an amazing discovery. Through archaeological excavations in the central part of the North of the continent (now Eurasia), he discovered the entrance to a mysterious cave. The entrance was locked. It is surprising that in a night dream he saw the unknown symbols. Angels in a night dream was told him that exact mental representation of symbols (visualization) will open the door to a mysterious cave. Waking up, Archaeologist from memory drew all the characters on paper (at that time the Lemurians still use paper, because it later became recorded information telepathically on special crystals). Then he kept them in memory. Approaching the cave, mentally he drew all five characters, given to him in a night dream by Angels. And – lo and behold! – A huge rock turned around its axis. Entrance is free! Kraun without fear, stepped forward. Through several meters archaeologist was at the site of the elevator. When he stepped onto the elevator began to descend.
In the Cave Kraun faced with an incredible and fantastic! There, deep underground, were the bodies of men kept in specially equipped premises !!! They were not like the Lemurians. The height was almost half, bodies had rounded head. The eyes a very different form, those eyes were not horizontal, like a Lemurians, but rather vertically. Closer to the distance between the eyes and nose decreased, closer to the forehead – increased. Hair all people were only the bright red, not brown and blond, like the vast majority of Lemurians. The bodies of people can not be called dead. Kraun realized that they somehow miraculously still warm life. But at the same time, the human body was immobilized. Lemurians did not know about Samadhi state – when the Spirit rises to the Upper World, without interrupting its connection with the body. Therefore Kraun incredibly surprised. He understood that the Angels brought him here with a purpose, a very important mission. The excited researcher returned safely to the surface. The following night, again in a dream, Kraun saw these same stunted growing up to 3.5 meters (remember, that Lemurian height reached 6 meters), the redhead people, one after another coming out of the cave and blinking their unusual eyes from light of the bright sun. The voice in the dream called Kraun immediately return to the capital of Lemuria, the city YARUSLEM and talk with heads of Public Council about that he saw in his night dream.
Kraun did so. They make a special expedition and sent to the location specified by the archaeologist. Facts confirmed. Indeed, in a mysterious cave, deep underground, in specially equipped rooms were well-preserved bodies of people. Lemurians were already well aware of the fact that the body can not exist without the Spirit. Therefore, immediately asked ourselves the question: where are the essence of who spiritualize the body ?! They have already left this world, or remain dormant in the bodies? The exact answer to no one could. A heated debate. Some have proposed to close the entrance to the cave and not “offend God.” Let the bodies remained with peace where they were found. Others said: “It is no coincidence bodies found! And what if this is HELP for Lemurians from the Higher Powers?”, “We must look for a way to revitalize the bodies!” Vigorous debate continued for a month. They could not arrive at a consensus.
Once, at a regular meeting of the Public Council, sounded a new sensational statement. This time it came from one of the heads of Public Council, will call him Laertomis (name given at birth). This man was known among his Lemurian wisdom and ability to solve all sorts of practical issues. Suddenly, he said that, he as well, as Kraun saw a prophetic dream. My friends! It should be noted that while, different as you, Lemurians were very respectful to the information transmitted in a night dream (Kryon smiles). Dreams representatives of this civilization have not seen often. But when have dreamed a dream, they know that the information is transmitted from the Spiritual world. They treated this with a greater understanding and respect.
So Laertomis saw a prophetic dream in which was shown to him: in a cave, except red haired people, there was another – different from them, completely different. First, dear Lemurian did not even dare to tell others how the body looks like. It turns out that this body was …with four arms! But the nose, eyes, face almost no different from the Lemurians. Angels said to Laertomis that soon this person can become alive. But only if the entire Public Council of Lemuria, all the participants, as one will want it. That the four- hand man, said Laertomis, it is Great Sage, who can get answers to almost every question.
Lightworkers! It is not difficult to guess that after a thorough search another room was found in a mysterious cave, which really was the body of the four-armed man. And then the Public Council of Lemuria took a break in order to make an important decision. For three days, the participants retired, spending time in silent solitude. On the fourth day of the regular meeting, and what do you think? All as one, heads of Lemuria (there were 33 people) were in favor, to revive the Sage.
In the next day, from the North of continent, from the place where they found the mysterious cave, flew news. On the morning from the cave came out same four-armed man. He welcomed all who were there, including Kraun. Then he uttered the first sentence, which is forever entered in the history of Lemuria. How do you think, what said the Great Sage? His body was motionless, “canned” state (SAMADHI) conducted under the earth for thousands of years. Maybe he was very hungry and will ask for food? (Kryon smiles). No, my friends, the wise man said the other words. Here is that historical phrase:
– What a light planet! What a pity, that we have to make it heavier!!!
And only after this phrase, he asked … not a food – no. Extraordinary man asked to give him a clean drinking water. During all the time that the Sage lived in Lemuria (which is more than two thousand years!), he never took a food. He was drinking only water and always his body was healthy, strong and muscular. Lemurians called emerged from the cave Great Lone Sage. But he had also the official name – Amon-Ra-Khat-Wouk-Homi-Satya- Singhi.
The phrase of sage surprised those who met him at the cave. But even more, they were amazed when they found out that the wise man – not just a representative of a very different civilization that lived long before Lemurian (completed exist in this world 137,000 years ago). Amon-Ra (this abbreviated name is preserved even to your days) reported that he is a representative of the Government of Spiritual World. His Spirit entered the body of human civilization ARIMOYI, which is specially for this purpose has been specially preserved in the ancient underground vault. The representatives of this race of ancient people looks like the Lemurians. However, they were much smaller (even smaller than red haired people). They were four arms. But another major difference that you will not see with eyes, each Arimoya fought two hearts in his chest! Oh, if you would know – what kind, cheerful and smart people were those Arimoya! Someday I’ll tell you about them. But now it is about the Lemurians and the huge role they have played in the development of modern human civilization.
Amon-Ra said to Lemurians that he came with a very important mission. He told them that the Lemurian civilization plays a special role in organizing the final stage of the Great Experiment, which takes place on the planet Gaia (remember that this is called the Earth by Lemurians). Amon-Ra has pleased the people, saying that all of them – in fact, is the Great Angels, who came from the Spiritual World. Once they have passed the strict selection, careful preparation, and only after that are embodied in this world, on the planet. Being a part of such Experiment is very honorable and responsible. Amon-Ra told the main goal of the Experiment. Its essence is that the highly developed Spirits leave the Higher World, Spiritual Homeland, embodied in the matter, leaving Them Divine part and forget about who they really are. The gods are no longer gods, going into the dense world. And then … after Gods should know, do remember that, who are they really? Whether they will be able to return to the Upper World? If they will manage to find their way Home? In the time of Lemuria condensed matter is still not very strong. One of the goals that put before the Lemurians – seal the matter, make the separating Veil, the earthly world of men from the Spiritual World, it have to become even tighter. To do this, they have to solve a number of challenges. Amon-Ra said:
“On one of the continents we have to build a pyramids. Your ancestors seven thousand years ago, built same pyramids, but they were truncated top. Those reservoir of planetary energy. Now, we will build a pyramids with a sharp top, through which the energy of the planet will go to help seal the matter. Gradually, the force of gravity (gravity) will increase. People will be smaller after density of matter across the planet will increase. Before, when I was incarnated as Arimoya, the planet was heavy. That is why I feel now, it seems so light. Gravity is much less! In fact, a little bit sorry that we have to make the planet more heavier … But it is – our mission, my friends … “
Amon-Ra did not go to live in Lemuria, although he was given to live the most honorable place in the capital – the city YARUSLEM. He stayed in the mountains, built himself a beautiful wooden house (by the way, for this house not be used single artificial element, all – only natural wood). From capital of Lemuria began to come him the leaders of Lemurian society. They began to develop a plan for the construction of pyramids. Of course, Lemurians asked Sage about red haired and stunted people in the cave:
– What to do with them?
Then Amon-Ra gave the answer:
– You have to wake them up, to withdraw from the state of Samadhi. Do you still do not understand why these bodies are there?
The answer to this question is known only Laertomis – the very public figure, who had a dream of four-armed sage in a cave.
– The Great Lone Sage, they have become us and we have become them?
– Yes friends. Between the red haired people and your should be marriage. You will have children. These children will become more attuned to the force of gravity on the planet to live in dense matter. The growth of people will be reduced, the body structure will change, become more muscular, fit for physical work. Because life in the dense matter is heavier. And you know about it.
And now, my friends, exactly one month after this conversation had solemn ceremony of AWAKENING from Samadhi state red haired people. This race lived before the existence of Arimoya, between 298 – 376 thousand years ago. They were called HORAYONS – guardians of the Sun teachings. Horayons and Lemurians become good friends. Boys and girls, men and women of different races fell in Love. They had marriages, after children were born, became representatives of mixed race. So, in the “bowels” of Lemuria began to emerge a new races. So the light began to appear, and those who subsequently will be called ATLANTIANS. But it took another thousands of years to Atlantians separated from Lemuria and formed a new race. O!!! This is another separate, large and fascinating history, which is required to explain later.
Finishing the story about Lemuria, I want to go back to the construction of the pyramids. You understand that we are talking about the so-called Egyptian pyramids? This is the background of their construction.
What about Lemurians … Be grateful to them! They did a great job to ensure that there was a modern civilization! It was the landing of the Forces of Light on the planet. They honorably served its purpose. Now it is your time, the representatives of modern civilization, to understand why you came into this world. Lightworkers already understand this … You, my Sunshine ones, perform your high mission of Angels embodied from the Spiritual World. Therefore, all of you are so much loved. And so it is!
Message received by Sergei Kanashevsky, Russia, Siberian Federal District, Novokuznetsk
July-October 2010

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