Sangeeta Handa



Can you hear her payals ringing?

She is coming…..

Next year, in 2024, KalYug (the Kali Yuga era) comes to an end! This period has been the lowest in Light Quotient wherein, humanity’s been subjected to heinous intense assaults, battering, ambushes, constant attacks, and sorceries, by the Dark Quotient that reigned supreme with the inexplicable inflictions of unimaginable and repugnant horrors upon the innocent and vulnerable masses of God’s creations.

This has been an Era of Evil indeed!
The ‘Cycle of Fire’. But.
Fire of the Evil!

On a much milder form, the fading Age of the Pisces was one of nauseous deception and trickery. Herein duplicity stood tall and arrogant in power. And still is, in fact most heightened today with the Dark in panic, as they find themselves standing on quicksand that is rapidly swallowing up what’s left of them. This Era enslaved humanity, imprisoned the planet, quarantined the world! And successfully! Pisces being a spiritual sign of peace, submission, was a time of the Sheep who followed its shepherd blindly in capitulation (surrender). It has been a Time of the Blind Following! The Faith element of Pisces was subjugated and perverted into non-resistant and unreasonable surrender to its master. And this master was the Evil Entropy of the Dark Consciousness. Pisces was an Era ushered in by Lord Jesus who advocated – not blind faith – but, complete focused attention upon God and Christ Consciousness with – a conscious submission to the Light. He brought in the Cycle of complete Obedience and Surrender to God. And what did the Dark do? Who clone everything that Light creates? The Dark cloned the Shepherd, but an evil shepherd, for the meek sheep to pay obeisance to. And so, the Absolutes Faith was convoluted into unconscionable Blind Faith that governed, ruled supreme, the entire Yuga of Kaal.

However. With the “2024 Lion’s Gateway” and the “8888:8888 Portal Opening”

the Year of 8

the Yuga of Evil and the Piscean Submission to Slavery

shall come to a grinding, screeching Halt!

Now. The magnificent PORTAL of the 11:11, in the ending of the Year 7, is being heralded by the GODDESS OF LIGHT – MAHA LAKSHMI MA, and She is shepherding forth the New Era, the New Yuga of Aquarius. And this Aquarian New Yuga, the intermediary era to the onset of the SatYug, is not simply one of the Water Bearer – but, of the REBELLIOUS WATER BEARER.

From the ambers of the Burning Times of the Yuga of Evil Fire

shall rise and shine the –


ground-shattering, avant-garde, progressive, innovatory


MAHA LAKSHMI MATA, is the Goddess of God’s Light. She is therefore assigned the Cosmic Title of “MAHA”. From Her Energy she created Kali, Durga, Saraswati. The Goddesses of evil combat (Durge), the destruction of evil (Kali), and wisdom (with beauty) of Light (Saraswati). Now. The 11:11 Portal occurring on the eve of the entry of the Goddess of Light is no happenstance! There is a great profound intense Occult meaning lurking in its shadows. She wishes all to think and feel about this. Wisdom cannot be poured upon ears that aren’t interested beyond the sheer curiosity of query. Invest into finding the Treasure within! The title of this Sacred Article suggests the Holiness of the confluence. You have two Sacred days – the 11th and 12th of November – to delve into the depths of the God and Goddess Vibration and bathe in It’s peace and joy and, as well, unravel the magik of Truth, Oneness, Faith (absolutes), Union, Will, Power – of all that, which you are!

Allow MAHA LAKSHMI MA to come into your house, into your heart. Welcome her from the 11:11Portal, thru which She shall enter you and your environment. Enjoy Her Company! She has many Gifts for you! One of which is a Sacred Geometry, a Yantra, that She shall place within you at 11:11 of the 11th of Nov. Recite Her Mantra, as she is ingraining Her Yantra within your cellular body. Together you shall then be creating – “The MAHA TANTRA of Ascension”!

She is going to ready you for

FREEDOM Freedom from the Blind Maze forever!

This 11:11 PORTAL is thus so important!

Appearing on the Eve of 2024. Appearing on the Twilight of Immortality. Appearing on the Precipice of the 8888 – THE VICTORY OF LIGHT

MAHA MATA LAKSHMI MA speaks to you:

“You are each a DURGE as you battled relentlessly every evil! You, my precious children, are a KALI too; borne from within my bosom, just as I created the 3 Goddesses; as you destroyed the evil again and again, repeatedly and with such faith, fervour, and power – without ever giving up, without ever losing hope, without ever changing sides! Now the time is approaching, when you shall emerge from this horrifying yet strengthening ‘Agni Pariksha’ (Test of Fire) of the toughest Yuga, as – SARASWATI! You have truly triumphed, overcome the unimaginable travesties Victoriously! And with such dignity! That soon, you shall be crowned as the Saraswati’ of God Source!

“The ‘Twilight of KalYug’ is the hardest endtime of the Agni-Pariksha. Herein it is demanded of you, each one of you, to HOLD GOD’S LIGHT STRONGEST WITHIN and radiate nothing else! The ground shall disappear beneath you, the skies may darken, the air become unbreathable but, you shall remain unshaken and stand tallest above the sinking sands in the mouth of the dark hole! Let nothing touch you but the Light of God! Know nothing but the Absolutes Faith in God. Exude nothing but the Will of God with ShivShakti!

“You are the Blue Violet Ray of God! Remember that! That has been your training before your present descent. You are wholly truly and exclusively the WILL POWER SHAKTI of God! Hold God’s Mantle with grace and integrity. You are His LIGHT HOUSE OF VICTORY – the Victory of Light!

“And I AM re-igniting within you the YANTRA OF VICTORY – the Symbiology of 8. The Square within the Square, to open the Square – that locked you into the 3D yantra of duplicity and separation. The time for this learning is now coming to a closure and, those who have learned the lesson need to be freed. This Portal, through which I shall enter, is for RELEASE & FREEDOM. I AM the GODDESS OF LIGHT and it is in my portfolio to open your locks. So, dear children, you are to be Initiated on the 11:11 Portal. Please tune into the 11 o’ clock of the IST time zone as well, as it shall enable me to collectively open your locks. And. I shall remain with you till my assigned time of Diwali Puja mahurat in India on 12th evening during the Twilight Zone (the ‘Twilight of KalYug’).

“And on Diwali, when the world remembers me with such collective love in their hearts, I shall Bless each of you in your heart and visit your homes at the allotted Puja time! All shall receive my Gift and Blessing!

“We in heaven await your ascent back home with bated breath! You have been so brave in the mouth of evil and, fought so well that, Victory and Freedom are your well-earned rewards. We look forward to our union in the Light! And I look forward on seeing you at Diwali and the 11:11 Portal.”


Diwali occurs always on Amavasya – the darkest night without the Moon. She enters from the darkness, to Light up your lives! The Goddess of LIGHT comes in total abject darkness because, darkness is when one realizes the need for light. Light is yearned for only when all hope is gone. Your prayers are heard at that moment of utter defeat when you are indeed bereft of all ego and the cry of purity for help sounds loud thru the corridors of evolution. And LIGHT enters!

Maha Mata Lakshmi has heard your cries for Freedom from slavery. She is coming! Get ready!

Timing for Diwali Puja mahurat: IST 5.30 pm to 7.29 pm November 12, 2023


ऊँश्रीं ह्रीं श्रीं ! कमले कमलालये प्रसीद प्रसीद! ऊँ श्रीं ह्रीं श्रीं! महा लक्ष्मी नमः:।।

OM Shreem Hreem Shreem! Kamle Kamlaaye Praseedh Prasedh! OM Shreem Hreem Shreem! Maha Mata Lakshmi Ma Narayan Nameh 11



Number 11 is a Master Number of Illumination (Light radiance). On this day and time (tune into IST 11: 11 as well) Maha Mata Lakshmi shall —

Short Circuit the 3rd dimensional frequency and ignite the

New Coded Yantra of the 888 Divine Circuitry!

The Circuitry of Freedom from 3D Darkness

into the Circuit of the

Victory into Light






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