The Sacred Key ~ Ultimate State of Bliss ~ Dakini Day ~ TRANSCENDING NOW ~ Pillars of Light

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 The Sacred Key ~ Ultimate State of Bliss ~ Dakini Day ~ TRANSCENDING NOW ~ Pillars of Light ~ InterGalactic Multidimensional Heart


Paul White Gold Eagle

Greetings Blessed Deities of our Angelic Legion of the 144. Ascending through the Vortex of 5d New Earth of non-linear Timelessness.

With these fiery energies of Divine Feminine Goddess Shakti flowing in activating all StarBlossoms on the deepest levels we are in the Event frequencies building to a culmination point of the final Omega Point of all 3d timelines. We call this the Harmonic Convergence of the New Infinite Golden Age of Eternal Bliss Consciousness.

As these Goddess energies rise with Pachamama we had pillars of White Light appearing on the Schumann charts today with an amplitude of power of 26 hz. Pillars of Light are being seen in the skies all over the world. Higher light is becoming visible as the eyes of our spirits are being opened and we awaken from the dream into that which is real. Only Love is real. I Am the Love that is Eternal Life and Eternal Light… A’Ho!

Right now: Moon at 16°45′ Aries, Sun at 14°42′ Gemini

sabian symbols

Current Sabian Symbols

Current Sabian Symbol for the Moon

Two prim spinsters sitting together in silence.
Sabian Symbol for 17º Aries

The current Sabian Symbol of the Moon is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing lunar influence, the emotional background, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this moment, while the Moon’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 17º Aries.

Current Sabian Symbol for the Sun

Two dutch children talking.
Sabian Symbol for 15º Gemini

The current Sabian Symbol of the Sun is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing solar influence, the vital energy and the personality, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this day, while the Sun’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 15º Gemini.






Happy Dakini Day everybody!
“In general the dakini represents the ever changing flow of energy with which the yogic practitioner must work in order to become realized. She may appear as a human being, as a goddess – either peaceful or wrathful – or she may be perceived as the general play of energy in the phenomenal world.”
~ Lama Tsultrim Allione, from her book Women Of Wisdom

-SA Smith

We had some big energies come in through the night causing less than good sleep.
We’re starting to see them rebuild now.
These energies seem to be concentrated, more intense.
A little goes a long, long way.
Ascension symptoms continue to be intense as well.
New month, New energies.
Remember this is Action Month.
We are switching our attention from internal to external.
Notice the changes in your appearance, your eyes, your skin, your feet.🌟
Then go further, look at the world around you.
Feel the emotions, feel the energies.
You’ll quickly feel that interesting current in the air.
Anything is possible in these energies.
It’s an exciting time, Divine One!
We have been experiencing higher energies all afternoon.
Energies layering in, one on top of the other.
Weaving those energies in all around you.
We have more hitting the Magnetosphere now.
So expect these to continue through the evening.
Many will experience some intense Ascension Symptoms, others won’t.
Light sensitivity
Blurry Vision
Dry Mouth
Brain Fog
digestion issues
Joint stiffness
Restless legs
Head Pressure
Ears ringing and popping
Root chakra upgrade
hot & cold flashes
and more…
This whole Ascension is unique to you.
Whether you’re feeling blissful or anxious, everything you’re going through is exactly on the mark for your path.
In other words…YOU ARE DOING IT!! 🌟💜🌟
HEALING: THE FINAL CHAPTER. There’s a final & complete transmutation of old core wounds happening within many light bearers. The deep wound you thought you’d healed, will suddenly be ripped wide open. When you stand strong in your light, you can master it all. Love is the remedy.

InterGalactic Multidimensional Heart/Toroid Vortex: 4th June.
The Great Attractor (14deg Tropical Sag), astrophysical heart of the Laniakea Supercluster.
Tens of thousands of galaxies are orbiting the Great Attractor (Norma/Abell3627), second largest magnetic/vortex attractor in the known universe.
Wiki: The proposed Laniakea Supercluster is defined as the Great Attractor’s basin, encompassing the former superclusters of Virgo and Hydra-Centaurus. Thus the Great Attractor would be the core of the new supercluster.
Something is happening to our vibe.
Pillars of light visible in Canada, this confirms Earth’s expansion is currently underway.
The Light field is changing under our eyes, at other energy frequencies.
Considering the sky as a screen of events, the transition of Earth’s magnetosphere is visible.
There is an invisible, intelligent ′′ weak nuclear ′′ force that is sending to Earth of gamma impulses 3 times a day (which the most sensitive people perceive) that lasts a few seconds or minutes.
These physics impulses represent the fusion of 2 stars that spiritually can mean the alchemical wedding, the new merger with UNIT.
These impulses help acquire a new consciousness and thus emit new vibratory frequencies that really change the old structure, creating a new one in our brain (a new neural network) that will automatically project a new thought and reality.
We will be a step up and in connection with the heart vibration. This change movement will generate a bifurcation in the system.
This bifurcation generates and presents us with 2 possible realities (2 factors available) and each person will have to choose where to stay and where to go consciously.
There is ALWAYS a choice to make and it is our responsibility to choose with conscience and without judgement for anyone who is ready to take the evolutionary leap and who is not.
From heart to heart a Brother of the Stars. 💖
Marisa Marisa
Photo: taken June 1, 2021, by Jude Allen, Canada.
When dreams come true,
when visions become reality,
when victory finally is gained,
it becomes all the more heart-felt,
soul-felt-ly sweet
as tears of gratitude well up,
because this was gained,
in the wake of sweat,
trust and indeed leaps of faith and with it –
the keep-on-going,
when the going gets tough.
Such moments are priceless,
and indeed,
once one has been carried through such times,
you know that whatever heart-soul vision you follow,
whatever life brings,
you will always be carried through,
and more than this,
you are and will gain in soul mastery to the highest degrees.
Judith Kusel
OK I’m feeling it, I am FEELING IT!
I am talking about the Mars opposition to Pluto that is exact on the 5th of June, I didn’t want to write about it until I was fully aware of its specific energetic template, it’s a frequency, each planet has a voice, a sound, and my body responds to it. This isn’t to say that this particular alignment hasn’t already been in action, it has, the orb of this aspect began on the 24th of May, but what with all the other sounds and songs in play right now it had all gotten much of a muchness in the transformation pool.
Until about an hour ago…
I clearly recognised the different frequency coursing through my cellular body, and the only way to describe it right now is like a trillion stallions have escaped rein and are galloping for freedom.
Mars is now hovering over my ascendant, and Pluto is hovering over my natal sun.
Tremendous transformation is available, and just five days before the solar eclipse.
It can truly feel like you are being turned inside out, and the more density held in terms of the stories and beliefs, the attachments, and addictions, then the more destructive this current shift is going to appear.
Our role here is to use the feelings as our guide, to ask the questions that lead us to the unconscious activity that is playing out underneath and creating the realities and experiences that we are no longer in alignment with.
With Mars in play it is likely to feel like a build-up in energy, anything ranging from anxiety to rage, if you are seeking some assistance here then please head over to the shop where you can purchase the Healing Anxiety Hypnosis, this will also assist with the full spectrum of reactive emotions and calm the storm of anger and rage too.
Pluto is the planet of transformation, deep transformation, the core programming, and due to its far-out distance reflecting its depth on the inside what we know is this current movement is a wave powerful enough to create something akin to a personality transplant providing the mind mastery is focused upon.
Simply feeling it is the cluelessness, that old “this too shall pass” does nothing but create loops. I liken spiritually awakening to surfing, paddling out to catch the wave and when it comes, we have work to do, otherwise the opportunity is missed and we get to hang around waiting for the next wave.
If you are feeling this, then take this wave and lets surf!
A personality transplant is BIG, this is BIG, and this is your opportunity NOW to ride the surf all the way home, all you have got to do is FEEL this wave, be at one with this wave, understand every single ripple of this wave, become ONE with the wave.
What is your story beloved? What is the fear or confusion arising?
Do you have some limiting beliefs telling you that you can’t, that you won’t, that it doesn’t work, that everything falls to the wayside? That you are not big enough, not strong enough?
What is the story? Where is the conflict?
This is no time to battle although Mars in its lowest octaves will certainly wage a war if you allow, but you, the conscious one, this is your job to hold peace talks, this is your job to stop, turn inward and speak to that voice within that is appearing to hold you back or sabotage those desires and dreams that you are OH SO VERY worthy of having and being.
Ego, inner child, whichever label you choose, is now ripe and ready to give up the weight of this current belief system. The tiredness, the resistance, the wanting to keep you safe, its done, its not necessary anymore, and all it takes is a moment of your tender loving care to listen, to validate, fully acknowledging the fear and where it came from, releasing the cords of judgement, blame and shame that are attached, completely isolating the root, digging around it so that it can finally be pulled up and out and the new more healthy and sustainable seed can be set in its place.
We are not our stories; our limiting beliefs were perfect for the purpose of being unaware and plugged into those rat runs we called fate but they are no longer of any use. We are Quantum Masters in remembrance, it is now a new program install and it is our job to carefully, respectfully, make the switch over from the old way to the new.
Kindly does it!
Meditation is key here, slowing everything down, being gentle, soothing those galloping stallions, bringing the ease, holding the vibration of grace, and pulling up the charge to a standstill for a moment in time.
Find your centre – Try a song called Follow the Sun by Xavier Rudd, this could well be the medicine that the cellular body requires if you are feeling the gush of energy that is now present.
Journaling is your best friend during these shifts, get all the junk up and out onto paper. Start to look at the next available step you can take, that you can align to, that you can own fully that will take you one step closer to your heart’s desire, and when you are ready then take that step, then plan the next, and take that, and keep it going. Don’t look up and definitely don’t look down, just focus on the goat steps (I am a Capricorn – so its been about the goat steps since the Pluto Saturn conjunction in January 2020) and begin to move steadily in the direction of your BEST life, the space in which the next highest version of you is already having the time of your life.
In another dimension, this is already completed. As I said yesterday your next highest version of you is watching you and calling you, asking you ‘if not now then when’.
Another thing to mention is that Mercury is now in perfect square with Neptune once again, as I have said before these aspects are much of a muchness however Mercury is now in a backspin so we are going over some old ground, whatever this is it is TOTALLY illusionary, and once you have sounded your truth, made the cut, its not going to be long before you are wondering what all the fuss was about.
Are you ready to declare to your field that you are open and prepared to shift into the next available frequency version of you?
If so, say the words TRANSCENDING NOW 👇👇👇 and let us rise together as ONE.
Next stop solar eclipse – its meant to be BIG right now!
I love YOU!
Here is the Mercury square Neptune transmission for you to recap –

Are We Waking In the Dream…
Or Dreaming Awake…
That the Perception Of that Which We Dreamed Of…
Becomes That Which We Begin To Perceive…
Or Are We Awakening To that Which Was Always there…
Beyond the Limitations Of Our Conditioned Mind’s Perception Of Possibility…
That We May Experience As Reality…
That Which Was Previously Believed to Be Only that Of Dreams…
What Do You Dream…
What Do You Perceive…
For Perhaps Your Dreams Are Leading You…
To the Reality You Have Yet To Perceive…
Should You Wish To Choose To Change Your Mind…
That They Are Not Dreams…
They Are Realities You Are Stopping Your Self From Perceiving…
We Are Between Worlds…
Between that Which Has Been…
And that Which Is to Come…
Between that Which We Have Been Told We Are…
And that Which We Truly Are…
We Are…


Collective ascension forward is bringing forth the knowing that healing and growth is occurring for you now. Peace be with you Beloveds 🙏🏻🕊🙏🏻 You are witnessing events in your life unfolding, bringing greater awareness to the Master plan, that’s preparing to birth. Fortitude to receive the deep healing and closure from childhood wounds is needed during this mercury retrograde. You have done so much to heal not only yourself, but also the land, and the trauma her it being ripped away from the elders of the land, our Indigenous Family. A lot of purification and restoration is occurring for the great awakening of New Heaven, New Earth, and the Land of Milk and Honey.

Death of the ego in the masculine is here. Fears, anxiety, and limiting beliefs are being replaced with Christ and Unity Consciousness. The Divine Masculine Christ are ascending through the 1111 Union Code portal gateway. This is grounding in the flesh, bringing great illumination, expansion, and movement forward Collectively.

We, our Family of Light Beings, are aligning as the same match of being One Harmony and One Tone, that are the frequencies of Christ. Together with Earth’s Kingdoms and the Galactic Race, we are beginning a new cycle as One Body of Christ, healed from the past with peace, forgiveness, and closure. We are moving away from lack and into a higher vibration of love, trust, divine support, and intellect. Observe this new embodiment downloading from Source.

We are completing the departure away from old earth relationships with narcissists. Karma is clearing on all levels gently, with ease. Restoration of what these thieves took from you is replenishing and rejuvenating you. Rest while the Divine heals and restores you, your health, and your life. Understanding in the mental body is showing you the valuable lessons of how these past relationships have supported you ascension into your new Light Body.

Destiny is here to ascend the Divine Feminine Christ over the Rainbow Bridge into physical Holy Grail Union 818. Light body upgrades are opening the heart space to receive new love offerings and courtships. A lot of change is here. Simply be in the flow and stay connected to Spirit, as we continue through this Lunar Eclipse cycle.

🕊 Love Carolyn



Backing up in his home sign of Gemini, Mercury will meet up with the Sun and the Moon for next week’s Solar Eclipse. With this Eclipse in square to Neptune, we are feeling tension between different timelines and realities.

This Mercury retrograde and Gemini Eclipse are giving us an opportunity to completely re-arrange our psyche. Its getting easier an easier to see the conditioning that has kept us playing small. We must face down this false programming, in order to come back into our true power and potential.

This Astrology is forcing us to examine where we have just ‘gone along with the program’ in order to just survive, and have human connection and acceptance. Living lies eventually disconnects us from all Truth.

These Neptune transits are inviting us to be open to the only thing that is really true, a connection to life force, vitality and Source. World events are giving us a potent opportunity to make our way back into living in connection with spirit, and with each other. Is it finally time to fully live life with meaning and purpose?

This Eclipse season is an invitation to jump on the highest, most optimal timeline. Mars opposing Pluto leading up to this Eclipse, is showing us all of the contracts and loyalties that have kept us in a disconnected and disempowered state. We can use this energy to release contracts that are keeping us in multiple, disparate timelines. It’s time to clean out the hidden cobwebs and release the stories and distortions of our ancestors. We must claim back our connection to Source, our right to fully live, and invite the light deliberately and firmly back into our lives.


Venus in Cancer trine Jupiter in Pisces – Soft vibrations ripple through the ether as the two benefics form an enchanting connection to one another today. Yes, there are rumbles in the background, a gathering storm of other aspects but still, the sun is still shining, the birds are singing, the sea looks inviting so let’s deal with the rest another day.
Today is for such things as a long bath with a glass of wine; baking cookies, buying art or flowers for your home; creating an altar to bring you joy or inspire your faith; dancing to your favourite song, pulling out photos from the past that make you smile, re-reading an old book that evokes peace and calm. Life is rarely perfect so it’s important that we know how to comfort ourselves and generate joy. Make time to relax. Give to charity. Say a prayer for the world, lost children, grieving hearts.
Degrees and Times
Venus 01°Cn44′, Jupiter 01°Pi44′ – 00:32 (BST)
Painting – ‘The Enchanted Home A Pastoral Landscape Surmounted by Cupid’ by Francois Boucher
Kin 172 ~ Yellow Electric Human
‘Electric’ is the name for the number three and its key words are ‘Active, Service and Bond.’ The third day of a wavespell is when things really start to get going. Day one identifies the purpose, day two identifies the obstacles, and day three pushes the launch button. This activating energy electrifies any day it falls on.
Today is Yellow Human which represents ‘Wisdom, Free Will and Influence.’ So, today we ‘activate the human’. Yellow Human is a vessel that fills with wisdom from spirit. We activate that channel today and so be prepared for your intuition to be bang on. The Yellow Human has free will to do with that wisdom, what he/she chooses, so consider carefully what you share…the message may be just for you.
The Guide today is Yellow Warrior which represents ‘Intelligence and Questioning’. When Warrior guides, he is encouraging us to go on a quest. This entails wielding your will power. Whatever you need to get done today, use a little warrior power to yield results.
The Challenge is White Wind, the communicator of the Tzolkin and when in a challenge position this can create miscommunication and crossed lines. Don’t believe everything you hear today.
The Occult power is the Red Moon, and when in the magic position it can facilitate relaxing moments that are so profound that enables one to reach a deeper understanding of the Occult/Magic.
The Ally is Blue Hand and so if you are one, expect the phone to ring and for your advice and friendship to be in high demand.
3 EB – KIN 172
4 JUNE 2021
Bonding wisdom
I seal the process of Free will
With the Electric tone of Service
I AM guided by the power of intelligence
4/6/2021 = 4/6/5 =4/11 = 4/2=6
4- Form/Structure/Foundation/Earth
5- Freedom/Change/Transformation/Liberation
11- Gate/Portal/Polarity
2- Twins/Partner/Cooperation
6- Heaven/Christ/Harmony/Fertility/Romance
KIN 172 =10=1 New beginnings
A DIVINE DAY to activate our legendary DIVINE SERVICE MISSIONS.🕊😍
💝🐕👪🌹 💝🐕👪🌹💝
Day 3 in the WHITE DOG WAVESPELL🐕 of unconditional love, loyalty, devotion, Service, friendship and Faith.. We are uncovering and healing all that separates us from SOURCE LOVE in order to BE LOVE! ❤❤
Today we use our INTELLIGENCE to fearlessly choose the path of SERVICE that leads to greater LOVE.❤❤❤
ELECTRIC 💡is tone number 3 in the tone of creation. It is the first of the three EMOTIONAL realm tones. Thus there is a very strong emotional charge today🎇 which may create outbursts/tantrums 💥in those who need to find their balance, particularly as YELLOW WARRIOR🏹 is present in the higher guide position. ELECTRIC energy may create a short fuse🎇 making things combustible,🔥 the battles may arise in order to be resolved and taken to a higher frequency.
The ELECTRIC energy can be better harvested through the higher aspects of this tone which encompass being of SERVICE to others through the action of BONDING, that is coming together with others to cocreate and be of SERVICE. The ELECTRIC tone beautifully combines with today/s gift – White Wind to focus on Divine Will and your Divine Service Mission. 🕊✨🕊
💝🐕👪🌹 💝🐕👪🌹💝
CONSCIOUS SELF: YELLOW ELECTRIC HUMAN 👴– EB invites us to use our higher INTELLIGENCE today, choosing to focus on the higher path of unconditional LOVE. ❤❤ Listening to our emotional intelligence knowing that we are FREE to CHOOSE🤔 what we FEEL today.
❓❓❓Will we energize and dwell on the path of greater separation and division, revealed through the emotional triggers and battles that may arise? 🏹😢
❓❓❓Or will we choose the path of greater connect-I-on with our planetary kin? 👫👭👬😍
We are in control as to how we re-ACT and whether we shall engage and FUEL the arguments and battles! SILENCE IS GOLDEN✨🕊 -The POWER of SILENCE is a very powerful sword to wield. Choosing forgiveness, compassion and acceptance always facilitates greater union, and in so doing we influence others to act accordingly.
We can choose to focus on the E-motions 🌀that create greater bonding 💏with our beloveds and planetary kin, expressing LOVING KINDNESS. ❤❤❤ We can also CHOOSE to be of greater Service through LOVE and mutual respect for others. Choosing the higher path of LOVE and Devotion through expressing our emotions in a higher frequency bandwidth. The vibration we emit is all a matter of FREE CHOICE.🤔
❓❓❓What level will you align with today?
Unconditional love💕 is activated through honouring the wisdom that is revealed through EVERY choice of kindness, compassion and harmlessness. 💞
HIGHER SELF/GUIDE: YELLOW ELECTRIC WARRIOR🏹 -CIB is the courageous and fearless Rainbow Warrior that QUEST-I -ONS what IS, in order to create WHAT SHOULD BE!
This RAINBOW WARRIOR 🏹is ELECTRIC💡 so he yields incredible POWER.💥He may have a short fuse🎇 and be easily triggered to re-ACT.. but through his intelligence born through experience he learns to become a Spiritual Warrior and use the tool of LOVE❤ as his “weapon” of choice.
CIB beckons us to QUESTION how we FEEL inside our Hearts❤ and our Solar Plexus –💛 POWER center. Examining WHAT is triggering our emotional responses and WHY. FEAR is simply a cry😢 for greater LOVE. 💕 CIB gives us the courage today to OPEN OUR HEARTS and express LOVE, taking a chance on LOVE and not closing or guarding our Heart.
YELLOW WARRIOR enables us to activate true unconditional love today, through our FREE WILL to
SUPPORT: BLUE ELECTRIC HAND🖐 – MANIK inspires us to complete our Healing cycles. Accomplishing the final closure of what was incomplete or needed our attention, in order to FREE up our energy and LIBERATE us from the past, paving the way for greater LOVE to flow into our Hearts and our lives. As we trust the emotional healing that occurs when we are brought together with others, through bonding in common-Unity we all thrive. LOVE is the great panacea that heals all ailments and dis-ease! ❤❤❤
BLUE HAND also supports us in our expanding Missions as we volunteer for new responsibilities, acquiring new skills, channeling more wisdom and guidance to set us on our new path devoted to our Divine Service.
Get ready to step up to accomplish GREAT THINGS!💥
OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: RED SPECTRAL MOON 🌜 – MULUC – The GODDESS Is today’s SUPERPOWER, purging and detoxing any remaining emotional stagnation or restriction, working with MANIK🙌 to effect great transformation. We find great liberation and release through cleansing of our emotional body until it is pristine, clean and pure.
MULUC then allows us to FLOW 🌫with the current, allowing the power of Universal waters to support and guide our boats,⛵🌫 steering us in the NEW direction. Allowing a deep sensitivity to flow with the continual change in the river of life.🌫
To freely GO WITH THE FLOW,🌊 allowing the liberation of great change to set us FREE!
Take some time today to PURIFY the wounds of the past decade, in order to wipe the slate CLEAN – ready for a Higher Service Mission.
CHALLENGE/GIFT: WHITE ELECTRIC WIND 🌬– IK challenges us to open our CHANNELS and become more receptive to the whisperings of the wind and connect to the guidance of SOURCE – Father/Mother God/dess. Attuning to the information forthcoming from many dimensions and realms. TRUSTING and allowing SPIRIT’s messages to help us deeply anchor our missions here on Earth.
WHITE WIND’s🌬🌫 blessing today strengthens our connection to co-create with spirit in new wondrous ways. Get ready to serve in a very PURE Divine partnership with spirit. We are all but conduits for the Divine Will to flow through us.
Our challenge today is to SURRENDER🏳 our human will and align with the greater Divine Will✨ in our destined missions.
Open to the MAJIK and be receptive and watch your LIFE majikally transform in wondrous ways.. Greater DEVOTION through Divine Service to others, is the highest path to pure unconditional Divine LOVE! 💙💛💜
Today’s question is “How can I SERVE Spirit by FEARLESSLY choosing to activate unconditional LOVE,❤❤❤ leaving the battles of the past BEHIND!🏹
🐬🌈 ❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤
Divine blessings for liberating yourself from the emotional battlefields and rising to a Higher plane of LOVE! ❤❤❤
Namaste’ 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈

White Gold Eagle

Trinity Stargate 144

Hummingbird Medicine 888

Crystalline Arc Descending

Christos Code Ascension

Resurrection Simulation Freedom

Mythos Gnosis Revelation

New Earth Alignment = Unity

Great Mystery ~ Eternal Consciousness

Spirit Center Stillness

Light Victorious Alliance

Council of Nine – Gold Eagle Completion

Divine Abundance Liberation

Sovereignty ~ Royal Lion

New Lemuria Crowned

Magdelene ~ All Roses of the Rainbow

Knight Codes – New Jerusalem

Here I Am Now

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