Interdimensional Communication ~ Releasing Time

Interdimensional Communication ~ Releasing Time

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Greetings, we are the Arcturians. We are here within this Nowness to commune with you about expanding your consciousness so that you can perceive and move into alternate, parallel and higher dimensional realities.
Your consciousness is shifting in between that which you have once seen as tomorrow and today. For you are beginning to release the confines of time that are bound into your third-dimensional thinking and is faster in your fourth dimension thinking. And, as you move into your fifth-dimensional thinking and your fifth-dimensional state of consciousness, you are beginning to release time.
And without time, that which has been in between who you want to be, what you want to do, where you want to go is not there. The in between was an illusion of the third and fourth dimensional matrix. As you continue with your acceleration of consciousness you will find that as your consciousness is peaking into your higher states such as your alpha or theta waves and your gamma waves and brain waves, then you will begin to perceive something over there, no, inside to your right, no – it is within. You will begin to perceive that there is something else that is going on around you, over you, under you, through you.
But your third-dimensional brain has no way in which it can interpret this situation. Your third dimensional brain and your ego self then becomes concerned and pulls you out of your reverie. Then in a flash, the 3D breaks go on and your attention is directed back into the third-dimensional matrix, back into the fourth dimensional matrix, back into time.
Now this matrix is much like a web, like a spider web, in which you can attach your third-dimensional thoughts and emotions to create a third-dimensional thought form. And that third-dimensional thought form will move out into your world and it will gather other thought forms that are similar and bring them back to you. So therefore if you have a third-dimensional thought of: “I would like to have a wonderful conversation with some people that I care for” – then that energy field will go out into your world and you may not be too surprised when shortly you receive an email or a Facebook or a phone call from somebody who is important to you.
Now on the other hand if your thought form is one that is fear based it will still go out. If you were to say, “I am lonely. I have no friends. No one ever connects with me.” Then what you will see in return is that no one else will connect with you. As you are moving into your higher states of consciousness and you can actually perceive these thought forms – now you do not perceive them in the same manner as you would perceive a book that has energy or a newspaper that has information – with your third-dimensional perception.
Instead as you move into your higher states of consciousness you will begin to feel something that is inside of you or slightly above you or that moves just past your eyes or whispers in your ear or a feeling that you have in your body. Perhaps a picture of something will come into your mind. Or even a thought will be there and you don’t know, “why did I have that thought? I wasn’t thinking of that but I was appreciating my life and I was loving my life.” Then something happened that was filled with Love.
Over time, the time that you are still using for your third-dimensional cause and effect, you are beginning to realize that when you put out positive loving thoughts then something positive and loving will come back to you. Also if you are in the midst of a situation that you don’t know how to deal with – instead of pondering and stomping and wondering and worrying – if you just say, “dear higher self there is something that I need to address and if you could please assist me.” Then you wait. You wait for that thought form to return to you.
Now because you called your higher self you have made a different kind of thought form. You have made an inter-dimensional thought form. As you call to your higher self and say, “please assist me with this situation”, you have used your free will to open up an inter-dimensional portal so that you can consciously perceive information from higher expressions of yourself and/or higher beings – Archangels, Angels, Ascended Masters, Elohim, higher dimensional galactics. We are all waiting for your call.
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