You are currently viewing Cosmic Divine Light ~ BIG Initiations in the Field! Powerful DNA Activations ~ The Garden of Eden Paradise is to be Actualized!
Phoenix essence to be reborn by the light

Cosmic Divine Light ~ BIG Initiations in the Field! Powerful DNA Activations ~ The Garden of Eden Paradise is to be Actualized!

Cosmic Divine Light ~ BIG Initiations in the Field! Powerful DNA Activations ~ The Garden of Eden Paradise is to be Actualized!



Paul White Gold Eagle

Greetings Sacred Light Warriors of our Salvation Manifestation

We have massive energies flowing in through this powerful Equinox Gateway preparing our Starseed Earth Angelics of the 144 for tomorrow’s most intense Zero Point Portal of the year. Over the next several days we will all be inundated with Solar Gamma Plasma Waves of Orgone Energy transmitting from the most high.

Our local Solaris released another major M Class Solar Flare today maxing at M 8.72 at 12:54 UTC.  Pachamama also received another powerful activation today on the Ring of Fire with a magnitude 6.1 earthquake in Vanuatu at 21:11 UTC, 111 codes coming in, The Trinity of the ONE.

Everything we are experiencing in these final days of the false 3d matrix is preparing us for our full Quantum Leap in consciousness into homo-Luminous, beings of Infinite Light and Infinite Life.

We make our jump into the abyss of the unknown with total Faith in our Higher Self and Eternal Source Creator to catch us and carry us to the other shore of Enlightenment forever more.

With the Courage of our Lyran Nation of the New Lemuria and our Lion Kingdom we journey through the Ascension Portal and into our New Heaven upon the New Earth. Together we rise in the Glory and Blessings of God’s Kingdom on Earth…A’Ho!





Right now: Moon at 15°53′ Sagittarius, Sun at 28°33′ Virgo

sabian symbols

Current Sabian Symbols

Current Sabian Symbol for the Sun

A man gaining secret knowledge from an ancient scroll he is reading.
Sabian Symbol for 29º Virgo

The current Sabian Symbol of the Sun is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing solar influence, the vital energy and the personality, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this day, while the Sun’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 29º Virgo.


Current Sabian Symbol for the Moon

Sea gulls fly around a ship looking for food.
Sabian Symbol for 16º Sagittarius

The current Sabian Symbol of the Moon is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing lunar influence, the emotional background, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this moment, while the Moon’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 16º Sagittarius.








BIG Initiations in the Field. Release everything that is not in Resonance with your Divine Mission. Blast Off!! ⚡️⚡️⚡️
Grow with the Flow
Grow with the Flow
✨️Powerful DNA Activations✨️on many levels and related to the Individual Journey✨lineage &️ galactic DNA activated:️it sounds like an Inner Earthquake👽
The Bathing House near Craster, in Northumberland, UK
The Bathing House near Craster, in Northumberland, UK

📷Stevie Landscapes

⭐️Mari’s essence embedded within the Sky Lion. She is the Pearl – Alnilam – the Soul of the Sky Lion. She is the Ayin – Sirius – the Eye of the Sky Lion. She is the Queen – Regulus – the Heart of the Sky Lion.⭐️
© Ostarel 🌺
Sky Lion
Sky Lion


Unleash the Light. Near X flare just now. Calling All Galactic Warriors of Light. We are ready. Dark forces Extinction Event. New Earth Golden Age.
Great White Brotherhood
Great White Brotherhood


Christos Sophia paving the way and magnetizing with Libra season & the equinox for this weekend. Balance, justice, harmony, truth, unity and so much love. As a Libra, of course I channel so much of those energies. Better believe it’s about to increase.  Lightworkers should be focused on anchoring this weekend as well as all should use the momentum of the portal energy wisely. Remember, your heart is the portal! Intention with gratitude is so powerful. You came to transform our planet and humanity back into the light from density, distortions and illusions with your magnetic soul signature that is your soul frequency. I am grateful to attune others back to the light of their soul and blasting all antichrist energy from this planet and humanity now. I call for justice for the children, I call for truth amongst all deceptions. I call for unity within your sacred heart. May you remember the light that you are 
Peace on Earth
Peace on Earth
From equinox opens up a portal for not just the high christ masculine birth , yet also the Sophia dragon Phoenix essence to be reborn by the light to burn her chains and shackles  , and release her  from all her wounds so she can shine and be soft again –
So her womb can heal again…. And so her feminine true essence of the heart can blossom even from the flames ….
This really is a powerful time for change and a change of guards to burn the shackles and prisons that bind you and awaken the true dragon fire essence within….
Unwind, unbind and reset the Akashic clock
It’s time to be the real you, attachment , falsities and cling ons free!!
Phoenix essence to be reborn by the light
Phoenix essence to be reborn by the light

Gene Key 46 – A Science of Luck

September 21st – 27th 2023

Seriousness – Delight – Ecstasy

“We might think that Ecstasy takes place in some far-off spiritual dimension. It takes place right here among human beings. We’re natural-born ecstatics. To allow that level of beauty into our inner being, we have to unlearn many of our masculine traits. ” – Richard Rudd, 64 Ways


Gene Key 46
Gene Key 46
9/21/23: Today is unstable, unpredictable, unsympathetic, and definitely unapologetic. Anything can happen as September continues to mess with your perspective, expectations, plans, and attitude. You aren’t in charge. If you were you would unknowingly and unintentionally revert to Old You Ways. Old You Ways, however, are being replaced by New You Opportunities… and New You Opportunities don’t play by old rules. They look and feel different… maybe a little too easy or fun and that feels strange. But life does not have to be hard. Your Right Action today is to observe and receive without commentary. September needs only one thing from you… compliance.
Trees are truly all-powerful. Not only do they absorb carbon dioxide and turn it into oxygen, but according to Essene masters, trees can also “𝘢𝘣𝘴𝘰𝘳𝘣 𝘯𝘦𝘨𝘢𝘵𝘪𝘷𝘦 𝘦𝘯𝘦𝘳𝘨𝘺 𝘢𝘯𝘥 𝘵𝘶𝘳𝘯 𝘪𝘵 𝘪𝘯𝘵𝘰 𝘱𝘰𝘴𝘪𝘵𝘪𝘷𝘦”: Rooted deep within the Earth and rising to the sky, trees absorb Earth and universal life force energy, also known as “ki” (as in Reiki), “chi”, “prana”, “mana”.
A relationship can be established with trees as long as you understand the channels of communication and open those energy channels to cultivate calm, presence, and vitality. As with any human contact, constant connection is also beneficial for both the tree and the human.
Whether you believe it or not in ancient beliefs, trees are essential for the generation and cultivation of life.
Trees are truly all-powerful
Trees are truly all-powerful


*please take what resonates
We are planning and writing our own destinies but in the process of planning, writing and experiencing our own destinies in each reality, we contract certain powers and entities that are connected to it.
Upon contracting these powers, we also give part of our own powers as a guarantee for the period that we will be playing in this reality/level.
I am writing about this because it is important to know that we absolutely have to address these powers and entities on our way in and out of each reality/level and also take back our powers since we are on our way out.
Mother Earth has been guiding us in each step of the way of the process of our exodus.
Part of this process was to work with the 3 Fates.
Back on March the 4th of 2023 we did work with the 3 Fates and also with Lilith.
More pieces of the puzzle have been added to the whole picture and I understand that this goes way deeper than what I thought back then.
In this reality the 3 Fates are very important components of the game.
The myth says that even the Gods/Goddesses had to obey their decisions because Gods and Goddesses have karma too and often must incarnate as humans to rebalance this karma.
They each hold a great piece of our experience in this reality so that is why when one decides to exit this level of the game, one absolutely has to first have a Heavenly New Soul Plan and then
go through the process of the 3 Fates in order to settle their agreements with them.
As I have written before, the whole story is about the True Living Children that were stolen!
Lilith and the 3 Fates hold important information on this.
The 3 Fates are Lachesis, Clotho and Atropos.
Via my research and work on the 3 Fates I have decoded and I am still decoding a bigger understanding of our experience here and their importance to it.
There are laws that no one can skip, not even Gods/Goddesses.
This is just how the game is.
So I am guided to prepare a group session in October in connection to the next level of ascension that is now opening for us so that we can also address the qualities and agreements of the 3 Fates
which on a cosmic level, are very important.
I will announce more soon.
I was told that whoever has not properly understood their connection to the Fates and the connection of the Fates to the Cosmos and how to address this, they will be pulled back in order to do it.
The 3 Fates hold a great part of the story that we are asked to metabolise.
Blessings of Life to all!
Huna Ma Anata KUMARA
*A kind note,
I am aware that often some try to perform the processes that I write about
on their own which is fine with me.
But after reading this,
please do not to try to work with them on your own,
it is better to call upon your Higher Self to guide you properly.
Things are not always as they seem or how our minds think they are.
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*Art by the Golden Wheel deck
3 Fates
3 Fates




Angelique M. Larson

I was guided to share this weeks experience leading up to the Autumn Equinox.

On Monday 9/18,Tuesday 9/19 and Wednesday 9/20/23 I was guided to facilitate a gathering, Cosmic Divine Light three-day activation workshop. In these gatherings we call in the light from the heart center of Source, The Ascended Masters, The Angelic Kingdom of Light and The Celestial Star Nations. To bring in the frequencies for the
highest and greatest good of the human collective here on Tara Nova GAIA as well as for all beings throughout all of creation.
At the start of our workshop on Monday as the light code activations came into our earth’s atmosphere. We were joined by The Masters of The Goddess Planet Cassiopeia, The  Pleiadeans, The Arcturians, The Andromedans and the Angelic Kingdom of Light. I was shown the left and right hemispheres of the brain, as healing support was being felt assisting the hypothalamus, pituitary and pineal glands. Support for the physical optic nerves as well as the etheric optic nerves. And balancing of the left and right hemispheres of the brain. I was also seeing the inflammation on the brain being cleared along with any parasites such as candida on the brain that often leads to depression. I was informed that this healing would assist the collective. over the three to five days to come with the additional light plasma activations coming into our earth’s atmosphere over the autumn equinox and the integration days following. 
I have been guided to walk this path anchoring the light in service to humanity since 2009. And began facilitating classes in 2011, when visions of New Earth started to come into view, and the work and service to humanity that is required. I’m being guided to share this for awareness, and to thank all of the light workers who have been and are on a similar path. When one hears the call to service, the inner knowing of what is required, and passion is fueled by a profound love for all of humanity. We signed up for this before we incarnated here on Earth.
And we have been doing the work, many of us in silence for decades. Many of us are tired, just as are all of you, however we keep on, keeping on for the liberation of all. As we continue tuning in and listening to the inner guidance from Source and the company of heaven.
As you all know, change can be difficult, and at times even a bit bumpy, however I bring a reminder and an invitation to shift your perspective.
You chose to come here at this time to experience all there is to experience in human form. As well as the lows, the highs and everything in between. As you continue to bring your mind into your sacred heart center. Until this becomes automatic, and you are in the zero point of your peaceful presence, within your sacred heart. The invitation is to pivot your perspective from change being difficult, to excitement. Excitement that with great change comes co-creation for Heaven on Earth…The Garden of Eden Paradise to be actualized. Keep focusing on this vision for all of us to experience.
Deconstruction can stir up a lot of emotions, my heart goes out to each and every one of you, during our changing times, we are experiencing. Remember Dear Hearts of the power that lies within you! You are the one who can shift your mind and your thoughts. Allow the child like wonderment and excitement of creation and the new experiences of our sacred Mother Earth being healed from within as the surface of her body and inner waters are purified and relandscaped. Creating the profound beauty of Paradise on Earth that is shifting and evolving before our very eyes.
We have compassion and empathy for all life on Earth that is being affected by the great shifts. Many Souls chose to come here to play a part a role, for their souls’ growth and spiritual evolution. Through our connections and experiences with each other. Right down to choosing when to exit the earth plane to move on to their next grand adventure through the vast dimensions of creation. 

Do practice sell care beloved, hydration with structured water and trace minerals and or Celtic sea salt. Listen to your bodies and give yourself what it requires. Ask yourself what it is you require most in this sacred now? Your body will tell you, if you take the time to be present with it, and allow it to fully communicate to you.
I have one more message, and this is a reminder to become comfortable with change. For it is the one constant in our earthly experience. The more we can become comfortable with it and calmly observe the lessons that our external reality is relaying to us. We can learn through peaceful presence and our nervous system will begin to down regulate on its own. As we truly honor, nurture and care for our sacred celestial divine beings.
As you restore your peace and calm within, through nurturing self-care as you heal all that is being triggered this peace and calm within will be felt by our Sacred Mother Earth. And this peace and calm will ripple through her and all around her as we fully embody the peace we choose to see in the world. 

You are Sacred, You are Loved, And You are Always Supported!
I Love You, All
Cosmic Divine Light
Cosmic Divine Light

To receive is requiring a release. The dark feminine entity is being completely removed internally and externally. We have been preparing for this for and while and are ready for this detox. Rest, renew, recharge, and receive the gift of these finals endings. This will result in you and your Divine Feminine Christ self being put first. You will receive the happy home and relationships you’ve been manifesting. Infinite possibilities are opening up and available. Simply follow where your heart guiding you.

In Jesus Christ’s name amen. God bless you 🕊 Love Carolyn


Elohim lineages
Elohim lineages
On Thursday, September 21st, the Moon, ruler of cycles, in Sagittarius the Archer may be taking a bit of a pause before she uses her bow to shoot her arrow. The Moon today will first challenge Mercury, ruler of our thoughts, in critical Virgo and Jupiter, ruler of our beliefs, in stubborn Taurus. This may cause frustrations, impatience, misunderstandings and negative thinking. Luna will then have an opportunity to balance herself with a sextile connection to Mars, the Warrior, in peaceful Libra.
We end the day with a Grand Trine in Fire, with the Moon, ruler of our emotions, in liberating, fire sign Sagittarius, Venus, ruler of harmony, in take charge, fire sign Leo, and Chiron, healer of karmic wounds, in initiating, fire sign Aries. This has the potential of directing healing energies to take place within our relationships, with our inner motivation, and with how we value ourselves. Once again, we can find our confidence and courage to point that arrow in the direction we want it to go. Blessings of Love and Light to All! ♥️
the Moon, ruler of cycles, in Sagittarius the Archer
the Moon, ruler of cycles, in Sagittarius the Archer
Sun in Virgo trine Pluto retrograde in Capricorn. Chiron retrograde in Aries trine Juno in Leo. Saturn retrograde in Pisces trine Vesta in Cancer – I write these aspects with the sound of ting, ting, ting trilling in my ear. The sweet sound of a triangle gently calls us to pay attention. Here is the help we were looking for to make our way through Neptune’s fog, through Pluto’s pressure, through Saturn’s heavy karma.
You have the power to change your life, one tiny step at a time. You are capable. You’ve got this. Let go of what you no longer need. Resolve to live your truth.
Transformation happens when you embrace your shadows and trust yourself to step into the unknown. Commit to your healing path to jump start your creativity. Hope is a bridge to the heavens. Disciplined focus and spiritual practice offer steadfast support to manifest your vision. Live with devotion. Have no fear of endings for every ending is a beginning. Be brave. There are a thousand ancestors cheering you on. Come, let’s walk together on this path made of light.
Degrees and Times
Sun 27°Vi59′, Pluto 27°Cp59′ R – 06:20 (BST)
Chiron 18°Ar32′ R, Juno 18°Le32′ – 22:07 (BST)
Saturn 02°Pi00′ R, Vesta 02°Cn00′ – 23:03 (BST)
© Leah Whitehorse
Painting – A November Rainbow – Dolwyddelan Valley, November 11, 1866, 1 p.m.
A November Rainbow
A November Rainbow

Kin 231 ~ Blue Planetary Monkey

The number 10 is called ‘Planetary’ and its keywords are ‘Perfect, Produce and Manifest’. The 10th day of a wavespell is always about things happening. I personally find them very rewarding. You can have high expectations today because of the manifesting energy. As we are in the wavespell of communication, today is perfect for having that conversation that will produce results. People born on these days are perfectionists and when we all experience a ‘Planetary’ day expect things to turn out really well. Of course, what that energy is mixed with depends on the day and today is …Blue Monkey!
Today is Blue Monkey and key words associated with Monkey are ‘Illusion, Play and Magic’. This is a perfect day to play or – if you are not on your toes, a perfect day to get monkeyed! Be careful also that you don’t drive yourself crazy with monkey mind. The eternal chatter that steers us away from clarity. Meditate or whatever works for you to calm yourself down. Monkey sure does like to have fun with us and it may be quite hectic today but certainly not dull! Monkey is all about magic and today is a manifesting day. This combination means there’s great potential for magically manifesting what you want.
Today’s Guide is Blue Storm which represents ‘Catalyze, Energy and Self-generation’. A day guided by this restless energy is never relaxing. The overwhelming need for change in your life will guide your actions today and motivate you to get off of your backside. However, as it is a perfect day and there’s much monkey magic available, the chances of making big changes are very high.
The Challenge of the day is Red Dragon which represents ‘Nurturing, Birth and Being’. Monkey energy is always in opposition to Dragon symbolizing Monkey’s destiny to evolve into Human ‘Being’. Monkey needs nurturing but it doesn’t come naturally to them and often monkeys do not take care of themselves sufficiently. People born on Dragon days will get monkeyed and we all may have so much fun with Monkey that we will end up quite worn out and in need of care.
The Occult is the White Dog which represents ‘Love, Loyalty and Heart’. And when the playful puppy is in the position of magic, he has a lot of fun and adventure. There’s magical love to be discovered and much tail wagging.
The Ally is the Yellow Star which symbolizes ‘Beauty, Art and Elegance’. Yellow Stars are great to have around today with their enthusiasm for beauty they naturally get along with Monkey because there is beauty in magic. If you are a Yellow Star, you will be very sparkly today and this will make you very popular.
Kin 231
Kin 231


10 CHUEN – KIN 231
I perfect in order to Play
Producing Illusion
I seal the process of Majik
With the Planetary tone of Manifestation.
I AM guided by the power of Self-generation.
21/9/2023 -3/9/7 = 3/16=3/7=10=1
21- Crown of the Magi/Honours/Advancement/Victory
3- Holy Trinity/Joy/Creativity/Communication
10- Manifestation/perfection/Authority/Power/Leader
1- New beginnings/Original/Unique/Leader/Independent
✨MONTH/YEAR codes✨
9- Completion/Destiny/Service/Humanity/Grace
7- Majik/Mystic/Spiritual/Solitude/Initiation
16-Tower struck by lightning/Sudden unexpected events
20- The AWAKENING/Clear vision
2- Partner/Twin/Cooperation/Alliances/Duality
23- Royal Star of the Lion/Strength/Protection
KIN 231 = 6 Heaven/Christ/Harmony/Romance
Today we have a majikal monkey day for Manifesting greatness!
Today is Day 10 in the wavespell of IK (pronounced eesh) – the Great WHITE WIND🌬 🍃who holds the power of Spirit and is bringing forth the BENEVOLENT WINDS of CHANGE! We are learning to embody Spirit by becoming hollow vessels for Spirit to communicate and work Divine MAJIK through our being. 💫💫💫
we have a 21/3 DIVINITY code amplifying the DIVINE blessings, on a 10/1 MANIFESTATION day.. We also have a PLANETARY tone 10 giving us a 10.10 DOUBLE MANIFESTATION code!!
Today we are becoming 💫✨DIVINE ALCHEMISTS!✨💫 Receiving the whisperings of the wind, to guide our Majik wands in manifesting our Dreams. Becoming FREE to be guided by a greater force that knows what humanity needs to MANIFEST on a Planetary level for our greatest good. HALLELUJAH! ✨✨✨
PLANETARY🌏 – Tone 10 in the PHYSICAL realm. ACTION – produces, POWER – perfects, ESSENCE – manifestation. The 10th stage of the Wavespell is the perfection of all we imagined as possible. And more! It is the HARVEST stage where we happily reap our manifest splendour. The forms we have been imagining begin to manifest into our reality, and our lives begin to reflect the GREAT DREAMS and deep soul longings that we desire.
The PLANETARY MANIFESTATION tone on a 10 MANIFESTATION day, combined with the BLUE MONKEY – MAGICIAN/ALCHEMIST⚛ is a phenomenal GIFT for spontaneous MANIFESTATION 💥 out of the ethers… utilize this POWER with great caution for the highest benefit of all.
PLANETARY energies enable us to build and manifest strong connections with Spirit and Pachamama today. We have the power to PERFECT and accomplish great ABUNDANCE, through our MANIFESTATION process today. This power relates to the physical world thus bringing forth our dreams, desires and creations into the material world!
❓❓🤔What can you manifest today, to make our beautiful planet a better world, in which to LIVE a joyous life?🌎🌈
With such powerful DIVINE MAGICIAN codes on a physical MANIFESTATION day – we have fantastic energetic support to collectively fuel our PLANETARY DREAM of having AWAKENED, compassionate and ENLIGHTENED beings living upon our beloved Nova Gaia – with all the resources we need to THRIVE in a Utopian paradise.
PLEASE 🙏 – take a minute today to energize the manifestation of this COLLECTIVE DREAMING.
IMAGINE THAT – A world full of AWAKENED Buddha’s/Christ’s/Sophia’s what an AMAZING world that would be! 🌺🌼🌸🌻🌞☀
🌞🌞🌞Hold the collective PLANETARY 🌏 DREAM of our new 5D Ascended Gaia🌍 in your MANIFESTATIONS today.
P.S. You may desire to tap into the PLANETARY GRID – and the powerful PYRAMID ENERGIES to add electrical BOOST to your Manifestations today..🔌📐
ESPAVO! It is time to grow up and accept our sovereign POWER! 👑🌟
✨✨✨There are NO LIMITS to what we can manifest once we know HOW. ✨💪✨
Start small and then expand your horizons, as you get more confident and can accept this as truth. Alchemically there is no difference energetically in manifesting $1 or $1 million dollars out of the aethers. The only difference is in your MIND and your belief in doing so!
So today we have a wonderful opportunity to accelerate our evolution as DIVINE MAJIKAL ALCHEMISTS💫💫 – knowing that we wield the same power as our CREATOR – we are GOD/GODDESS –
Let us join together as PLANETARY CITIZENS to take charge and MANIFEST – PEACE, LOVE, PROSPERITY, HARMONY and BLISS on a PLANETARY LEVEL – returning to the Garden of Eden – as Creator Gods!🕊🌈🐬🌴🎨🌸🌞🌈
Today’s question is “Am I ready to break FREE from the Matrix illusion and PLAY on a bigger, better stage as a Divine Alchemist ⚛– MANIFESTING – PLANETARY ABUNDANCE, peace, joy and BLISS for all PLANETARY citizens”
🐬🌈 ❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤
Divine blessings for your powerfully accelerated, aIchemical DIVINE MANIFESTATIONS today!💥💥💥
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈
CONSCIOUS SELF: BLUE PLANETARY MONKEY 🌎🐒 CHUEN – was yesterday’s hidden power and today HE is upfront and totally visible! BLUE MONKEYs are very powerful ALCHEMISTS⚛ – They are the MAGICIANS💫 of the Dreamspell holding the electric blue current of Creation to Manifest their MIND’S thoughtforms into matter. ⚛⚛⚛
2023 Year has a number 7 frequency, which is the resonance of SPIRITUAL MAJIK – so whenever BLUE MONKEY, or WHITE WIZARD appears in the daily seals we have AMPLIFIED manifestation POWER to create our DREAMS… What an AWESOME GIFT for humanity. 🎁⚛🎁
BLUE MONKEYS 🐒 are incredibly crafty and can be real tricksters and illusionists, as they have the power to transcend realities..They are the TIME LORDS ⏳who can shapeshift and disappear at will… now you SEE them, now you don’t! Pulling imaginary white rabbits🐰 out of their hat🎩 with the flick of an agile wrist. They ALWAYS have another TRICK up their sleeves!
BLUE MONKEYS are equally brilliant at bi-location and exploring the astral realms…They can be quite “slippery” characters at times and always keep you guessing… They are very cheeky and love the sound of LAUGHTER – enjoying the GAME of LIFE… The STAGE is their playground and they revel in the spotlight.
Jose Arguelles. the father of the Dreamspell is a Blue Spectral Monkey🐒 (11 Chuen) and beautiful sistar @ Vasumi Zjikaa a brilliant Dreamspell teacher and pioneer is one too – (6 Chuen) BLUE MONKEYS are highly intelligent – Geniuses – who dwell and create in these majikal realms beyond our perception.✨✨✨.
The PLANETARY MONKEY🌎🐒 – is extraordinarily gifted as 10 CHUEN can Manifest effortlessly on a PLANETARY scale.
KIN 231 ENABLES us to negate and erase BLACK MAGIC and perfect the beautiful DREAM-SPELLS needed to bring back enchanted HEARTS💞 – rather than hypnotic mind control programs.
LOVE will ALWAYS find a path through all darkness. 💗✨💗
Take note of the GREAT GIFT that KIN 231 affords us today on both a personal and PLANETARY LEVEL – pure potent Creation energies on a GLOBAL SCALE! 💫
CHUEN🐒 is the DIVINE CHILD👶 who easily manifests through JOY, LAUGHTER and his PURE connection to SOURCE. In this state of PURITY and INNOCENCE through the original essence, BLUE MONKEY holds the key to BLISS..💞.
The totem for BLUE MONKEY is the DOLPHIN🐬 leaping out of the boundless waters of BLISS aligning with 5D .. absolute ecstatic JOY through PLAY and laughter.
At zero point – SOURCE – energy can be experienced as PURE BLISS – pure unconditional LOVE which is the force holding Universes together. Allow CHUEN to show you how to MANIFEST BLISS ON EARTH. 💒
BLUE MONKEY🐒 is bringing forth potent Majik through the power of spontaneous PLAY, really energizing our manifestations. Make sure you go within and ask SPIRIT what it is that you truly NEED to Manifest in your life for the highest good of your soul?
✨🚫 Be extra mindful today as “All that glitters is not GOLD!💰 ⛔
Do not fall into false ILLUSIONS🤑 (greed/fame/power/fads/addictions/superficiality) as to what it is, that you need to acquire/achieve in order to reach that perfected state of Nirvana.💞
The simple things in life are what bring us true happiness. Our Divine Child needs nourishment through LOVE, PLAY, connection, Good NUTRITION and sustenance through the Natural World.
✨✨✨Focus on the FEELINGS, the joy and contentment of being satisfied, and then all that you desire will magnetically FLOW into your life.✨✨✨
You are a Child of God and like every parent, OUR DIVINE MOTHER/FATHER wants to provide for all your needs. Focus on PLAY and having FUN, stay in that state of being and let GOD/GODDESS look after the rest!
When my WHITE SOLAR WIZARD son was very young he would constantly manifest whatever he wanted, which was usually food or toys. I was constantly amazed how strangers would appear out of nowhere (often even disappearing before I noticed) and provide my son, sitting in his pram, with whatever it was he desired.
I was not a fan of McDonald’s fast food and of course he would constantly want their toys (like all indoctrinated children do!). Knowing that Mum was not taking him to McDonalds, he had to flex his manifesting muscle to acquire the whole set of the current fad.
One day I grew tired of his requests and I told him “You cannot have everything you want son!”, he replied in his matter of fact voice (at the GRAND old age of 2) “Why not?” with such authority, that his response totally floored me! I was speechless to find a valid reason . “Why not, indeed” I thought to myself.
When we have incredible Majikal powers at our disposal, the world is our oyster, and we CAN manifest anything our Heart’s desire (with harm to none!). Manifestation 101 – my son taught me a valuable lesson that day!
This is the INCREDIBLE Manifestation POWER of the BLUE MONKEY🐒 – the pure innocent desires of a precious heart ❤.. If your desires are focused through your HEART, your magnetic manifestation waves will rearrange the Quantum Field ✨⚛ to deliver your wish PRONTO!💥💥💥
HIGHER SELF/GUIDE: BLUE PLANETARY STORM 🌎🌪🌀 CAUAC will unroot and CLEAR anything that has been blocking or impeding your manifestation powers.
❓❓What beliefs, programs or patterns need to be transformed, in order to have a powerful manifestation vortex at your disposal?
❓❓What is stopping you from manifesting your true Heart’s desires? 🤔
Allow BLUE STORM🌪🌪 to wash them down the drain, FREEING you to start afresh – with confidence, knowing that the breath of Spirit is the POWER driving your engine! The PLANETARY STORM has the full force of SPIRIT today, clearing away the old structures and replacing them – LIKE MAJIK – with new shining ones!
The PLANETARY STORM has arrived on the eve of EQUINOX ensuring this global RESET of SEASONS will catalyze potent PLANETARY TRANSFORMATION. Get out of the PATH of turmoil, and allow the STORM and WHITE WIND to bring forth a great TSUNAMI of BENEVOLENT change!
SUPPORT:YELLOW PLANETARY STAR🌍🌟 LAMAT brings forth the elements of Beauty and Grace, as well as opening a portal for PLANETARY ABUNDANCE to flow through… from our starry skies. The PLANETARY STAR is opening the GATES to the NEW TIME and the new HARMONIC GRID – leading to our Utopian Paradisiacal world.
❓❓How can our world be made more beautiful through our manifestations?
❓❓How can you use your Majik powers to manifest for the benefit of others, your friends, family or community?
Manifesting for the good of others, is much easier than for ourselves, so flex your muscles💪 and start materializing! Even better when you gather with your kin and form a MANIFESTING group.
LAMAT is the beautiful PEACE-ful diplomat which holds the vision for our New Utopian world.. so add extra SPARKLE to your wand to energize this beautiful DREAM.
OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: WHITE SELF-EXISTING DOG 🎁🐕💟 OC- Yesterday’s shining DOG STAR returns today as the hidden power, continuing to support you in OPENING your PURE HEART… allowing the pulsing codes from Sirius to activate your heart’s desires.
WHITE DOG reveals the TRUTH within the illusion, and ensures your manifestations are for the highest good, as is everything that is manifested through a pure heart.
The SELF-EXISTING DOG📦🐕 as the SUPERPOWER today, allows you to manifest your thoughtforms, DREAMS, desires and imaginings into FORM in the physical plane. This is accentuated when the HEART and MIND are totally aligned.
The SELF-EXISTING tone 4 is the NIKOLA TESLA tone, – so this POWER combined with the MAGNETIC toroidal field of attraction through your HEART POWER is the key to the COSMOS for CREATION.
WHITE DOG is a loyal DIVINE SERVANT, totally devoted to Spirit. The key to accelerated manifestation is to be a vessel for DIVINE WILL through Service. Then Spirit will ensure that your manifestations supply all your needs, to equip your Earthly Mission.
CHALLENGE/GIFT: RED PLANETARY DRAGON🌎🐉 IMIX challenges us to accept that we live in an ABUNDANT universe, filled with INFINITE CREATION resources to fulfill our needs PLUS MORE!!!.
RED DRAGON is the first tribe, who brings forth SOURCE energies, through b-Earthing into this world. IMIX is the guardian of the sacred womb of CREATION – where the raw primal matter exists, ready to be shaped into our imaginings.
RED DRAGON nurtures us, she is the Cosmic Mother. Mumma IMIX suckles her young, providing the milk and sustenance needed to grow strong, until they can fend for themselves. We ALL have this CREATION POWER at our disposal, we no longer require our parents to provide for us.
ESPAVO! It is time to grow up and accept our sovereign POWER! 👑🌟
✨✨✨There are NO LIMITS to what we can manifest once we know HOW. ✨💪✨
Start small and then expand your horizons, as you get more confident and can accept this as truth. Alchemically there is no difference energetically in manifesting $1 or $1 million dollars out of the aethers. The only difference is in your MIND and your belief in doing so!
So today we have a wonderful opportunity to accelerate our evolution as DIVINE MAJIKAL ALCHEMISTS💫💫 – knowing that we wield the same power as our CREATOR – we are GOD/GODDESS –
Let us join together as PLANETARY CITIZENS to take charge and MANIFEST – PEACE, LOVE, PROSPERITY, HARMONY and BLISS on a PLANETARY LEVEL – returning to the Garden of Eden – as Creator Gods!🕊🌈🐬🌴🎨🌸🌞🌈
Today’s question is “Am I ready to break FREE from the Matrix illusion and PLAY on a bigger, better stage as a Divine Alchemist ⚛– MANIFESTING – PLANETARY ABUNDANCE, peace, joy and BLISS for all PLANETARY citizens”
🐬🌈 ❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤
Divine blessings for your powerfully accelerated, aIchemical DIVINE MANIFESTATIONS today!💥💥💥
Namaste’ 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈




🔥 Shamanic Negative Implant Removal Ceremony 🔥


Implant Removal Shaman Ceremony ~ Cutting all Cords, Attachments and all False Soul Contracts ~ Freedom from all Negative Programs and Entities

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Recalibration of our Hearts is one the strongest transformations we are experiencing right now.
Coherence, intent, Ascension practices, presence, and qualification of our light activates the Heart to interpret and refract light as a Crystalline Stargate.
It feels profound and completely New, and quickly shifts our consciousness to experience Infinite Kryst states of the Higher realms.
Because #Ascension
Recalibration of our Hearts
Recalibration of our Hearts

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