ENERGY UPDATE – Higher Level of this Ascension – Superconsciousness – Rick Jewers


You have Now entered
another Higher Level of this Ascension.

As the Collective, You have compiled the experiences and knowledges within the One, to fill that past Level, for the First Wave to move forward, once again. The First Wavers, or Advanced Ones, are NOW entering a New stage of their development.
You are witnessing, and trying on for real, some of Your New abilities and Prowess. In Your development, You have reached the stage of the label; ” Superconsciousness”, and have taken the meaning of the label out of the “fantasy/imaginary” into this Reality, where it IS SO, where it IS FACTUAL. With this great achievement and testimony, You have CHANGED AND ADVANCED, not only the NOW, but beyond the limitations of Societal thought and parameters. With these New evolved Consciousness abilities, You cannot remain in a world that ignores the possibility. Therefore, You MUST Create the next level and the next world. Many WILL follow You, You need not drag them along, nor exert energy in the direction of what is lesser than You. Your sensitivities have heightened, becoming even more of a Guidance Mechanism, Guiding You away from the Mundane and lower density that no longer serves. You WILL become very nauseated and drained if You are to ignore the initial sensitivity of subjecting Yourself to lower densities.
Your main focus at this time, where Your energy is best directed, is Creating the next temporary Level, a level of financial freedom, which IS A LAYER OF THE 5TH DIMENSION, TO BRING INTO THIS NOW. Add no thought energy to the Mundane Timeline, LET IT DISSOLVE AS A DIRECT RESULT OF YOU NOT FOCUSING UPON IT, nor energetic events playing out there, REMEMBER, YOU ARE SUB CREATORS, GO AHEAD AND FOCUS ON CREATING THE NEW AND LOCKING IN THE FREE 5D GRID FOR YOU.
The most powerful group of You, are the Ones that have Mastered and overcome the anchors, of which the anchors are, fear and negativity. Those anchors cause separation and allow for the veil to remain to some degree, preventing Ones from advancing to their higher abilities and their higher consciousness which contains more of their memory of All time, the keys.These Ones will come along later after they complete their inner work, in subsequent Waves.
Waves are formed by the credentials acheived by a group, the level. Unity is key. Those United and most compatible, rise as a Wave Together. Codes are transferred/shared among the Wave which are the keys, and allows for that level to advance connected to each Other. Each level is more Magical and empowering, taking You out of the lower dimensions. Your Portals, once purified by Your Grace, is the connection to the next level.
This Ascension is about stripping away ALL the layers and joining Together in Unity, NO ONE ASCENDS ALONE, but are placed in Waves acording to Their development.
The next level of Divine Magic begins. 😉
Love and Light
Rick Jewers

Rainbow Bridge

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  1. Eric Smith

    I love your site and your energy. I just feel great LOVE of Mother/Father Gaia whenever I connect. I even feel that the clearing of your throat is sometimes code to certain individuals, I really do. Spent all day today Friday in bed, feeling active now. I have noticed a distinct pattern of 4 hours of sleep/downloads followed by 4 hours of energy. 3:00 A.M. is my noonday it seems, so I just roll with flow. I send my LOVE of Mother/Father Gaia to you and the 144 … NAMASTE!

  2. Mary Schönherr

    How Do I Gain Financial Freedom As A Homeless Starseed ?

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