You are currently viewing TEMPLE OF HEPHAESTUS ~ X-Class SOLAR FLARE ALERT – Ancient Future ~ Eternal Return
Venus in Leo

TEMPLE OF HEPHAESTUS ~ X-Class SOLAR FLARE ALERT – Ancient Future ~ Eternal Return

TEMPLE OF HEPHAESTUS ~ X-Class SOLAR FLARE ALERT – Ancient Future ~ Eternal Return



Paul White Gold Eagle

Greetings Shamans, Healers and Sages of our New Earth Arising

On day 5 of 10 Galactic Activation Portal days in a row on the Mayan Tzolkin Calendar Our local Solaris burst forth a X Class Solar Flare sending with it the Code Shifts for our transfiguration in the Light.  Just in time for Full Supermoon in Capricorn tomorrow Moonday with a  7:3:7 Portal our local Sun released a X Class Solar flare maxing at X 1.08 at 23:10 UTC. The Gamma Plasma Waves flooding Mother Earth are bridging in our 73 into the 37 New Earth Freedom Codes of our Heaven on Earth coming in from the most High; Mother Father God Source Creator. These are intense energies pumping in… so be sure to anchor in, meditate, rest, stay hydrated and rise with the Kundalini of Gaia, for as she rises we rise with her.

With these massive energetics flowing in Pachamama also received another powerful activation with a magnitude 6.9 earthquake on the Ring of Fire in Tonga at 10:27 UTC very deep at 224 km depth.

The Gold Ray of Buddha Consciousness is emanating from the living hearts of our Earth Angelic Starseeds of the 144. Through the Pure Awareness of our true Nature we activate the full creative potential within our DNA to step into our roles as Conscious Co-Creators of our Pure Land of the New Heaven upon the New Earth. Keep holding the Vision for Peace, Freedom, Harmony and Prosperity for all sentient beings of the Way. 

We are on the precipice of the Great Shift of the Ages into the New Golden Age of Eternal Life…A’Ho!






Right now: Moon at 6°30′ Capricorn, Sun at 11°00′ Cancer

sabian symbols

Current Sabian Symbols

Current Sabian Symbol for the Sun

A chinese woman nursing a baby whose aura reveals him to be the reincarnation of a great teacher.
Sabian Symbol for 12º Cancer

The current Sabian Symbol of the Sun is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing solar influence, the vital energy and the personality, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this day, while the Sun’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 12º Cancer.

Current Sabian Symbol for the Moon

A veiled prophet speaks, seized by the power of a god.
Sabian Symbol for 7º Capricorn

The current Sabian Symbol of the Moon is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing lunar influence, the emotional background, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this moment, while the Moon’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 7º Capricorn.




Meta Observers bearing witness to all that is in a State of Flux, are Deeply Integrating any and all Misapprehensions, all the while Originating new Truths new Lives new Worlds
Dragon Eye
Dragon Eye


The inner masculine is purging dense heavy weight… stripping him bare to the presence of god & his pain, purging emptiness to fill himself back up with Pure light – A Master is birthing 💎
Vibrational waves will be up and down but the amplitude, the maximum extent of a vibration or oscillation, measured from the position of equilibrium will not be very high. You will be going up and down, but still be on a very high level of vibration. It will not only be forward and backward but also from side to side. While you are trying to understand the going forward and backward, you will also release all the emotional, old, and unnecessary steps that you are still trying to hold to. Because of all this unstable movement, everything will be falling away from you. In other words, the movement forward will be in such a way that it will not allow anything to stick to you and you will be moving forward like a fast-moving ship without anyone able to stop you.
Be aware that you will be bombarded, influenced by everything that is happening around you. Because of your higher vibration, because of this movement that your higher self will be creating for you, you will not become attracted to anything that is not helping you in your growth.
You will be meeting a lot of new people, doing a lot of new activities, attracted to trying new things or new practices to bring through. Because of moving forward, due to this energy, you will go to your goal in the big picture very smoothly and very determinedly.
Hugs and love to all of you,
Vibrational waves
Vibrational waves
I’m Currently Being Shown that I have Teleported/Biolocated and Am Being Worked on By A Male Galactic Electric Blue Shaman in the Underworld Temples of Maya/Aztec…. He’s My Twin.
He’s Diligently Working on the Architecture of My Physical Vessel Temple that Looks like a Labyrinth…
We’re Being Activated to a New Lightbody Physical Vessel Systems that are overriding the Old Chakra systems… There’s no Chakras Here, it’s a Full Body System.
For that We’re Being Shown How to Shift from Attachments so that we no longer Materialise them within our Hologram… Fully Crystalline Architecture of a Crystal Planetary Body….
We’re Resurrecting and Coming back to Our Full Galactic Diamond Light Body Systems….
We Connect with our Galactic High Teams and Councils and Surround Our Pure Self With Andaras.
Heart is the Haven…. HEART is the Hive..
Please Receive What Resonates…
Shekaya Tara
Buddha Ray
Buddha Ray


Dear friends, we just had an intense X class flare in our Sun. This X1.08 solar flare just took place on the surface of our Star, at the same time that the Super Full Moon energies are bathing our planet.
Those of you who are energy sensitives may be energetically feeling this X solar flare, manifesting symptoms such as dizziness, vertigo, exhaustion, visual issues, ear righting, and mild headaches. Joint pain may also appear out of the blue.
This is a powerful energetic combination, the super moon wave will feel stronger that it was meant to be. Basically, the intense X flare is opening up our energy fields and thus allowing the moon energies to work deeper within our systems.
An intense week is starting, with the 7:7:7 portal also taking place on Friday 7/7/2023.
There might be some sleep pattern disruptions as well, just take it easy, breath deeply, and ground your energy. We are experiencing a big wave of transformation these next 48 hours, and our bodies need time and rest to integrate and process the changes. We are being prepared for the 7:7:7 wave, taking us closer to our spiritual truths. Much love!
Diego E. Berman 2023 Ⓒ
Blue Dragon
Blue Dragon
An inpouring of such beautiful powerful and loving energy such as never has been before.
We are surrounded by the Divine Company heavens lifting us through this all, holding us, surrounding us, as we are being prepared for the next surge of cosmic events.
It is a deeper and more profound heart and soul opening as we remember who and what we are in truth, even as new souls are entering the planet who are epitomizing the Power of Divine Love and Light.
We are being purified, so that we can absorb and expand and are able to hold greater Light in our physical, emotional, mental and all our bodies. Each particle of Light carries keys, codes, and sacred geometries which are activating every cell and DNA strands. These are activating the Godcodes within.
It is time to simply allow ourselves to absorb in quietude and stillness, in nature. Breathing deeply and allowing the very lifebreath to flow into us and through us, lovingly, consciously.
In truth, there is so much Love.
Love infinite and never ending.
Seek and you shall find.
Knock and it shall be given.
The deeper you delve, the more miracles reveal themselves in the silent wonder of your soul.
Divine Company
Divine Company


Gene Keys: Unlocking the Higher Purpose Hidden in Your DNA – by Richard Rudd –


Gene Key 39 – The Tension of Transcendence

July 2nd – 6th 2023

Provocation – Dynamism – Liberation

“The 39th Gift is all about unlocking freedom, at all levels. These people are either utterly locked, or they’re the great unlockers and unblockers. Once they’ve learned the art, they become expert at helping others. They can apply this Gift into any field we can imagine, because ultimately they know how to release stagnant energy through a system. They’re very valuable people.” – Richard Rudd, 64 Ways



Gene Keys: Unlocking the Higher Purpose Hidden in Your DNA – by Richard Rudd –



JULY 3 2023


Today I was guided to visit the temple of Hephaestus/Vulcan in the ancient agora of Athens.
This place has a very unique, peaceful and sweet energy and it really feels as if time never touched it.
I was sent there by the Priestesses of the Holy Flame and I am bringing a message by the Goddesses.
The Divine Feminine is already taking her next step
of elevation to a greater embodiment of her being.
“The Goddesses have been preparing the ground for the changes that are coming, those who have connected with them are already being lifted to a higher level.
Nothing will remain as it is.
Τhe Heroes that were locked away since the last reset are now free again.
May they find remedy and healthy restoration soon.
The energy of Hephaestus is in the service of all Living beings that wish to have a safe Christed passage to the new world.
People are guided to connect to the Divine and follow their inner guidance in the times to come in order to be prepared and fully protected during all the changes.
There is plenty of time for this.
Please know that those who will be creating chaos on purpose, at the times of these great changes, they intend to abandon everyone and look after themselves and their own.
At this point on Earth,
permission has been given to everyone to reclaim their divine rights and jurisdictions according to natural law, no matter what the fallen ones might be saying or doing.
Their lies will be great but easily detected.
They are to be skipped and ignored as the truth will be available to all from within.
The Living Ones are encouraged to come together and unite their powers of manifestation and brilliance.
In this way they will overcome all challenges and thrive!”
Blessings to all!
Huna Ma Anata Kumara
Fb: Crystal and indigo guide to the galaxy
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 Mt. Shasta
Mt. Shasta

Full Moon In Capricorn: Guru Purnima activates Portal of God’s Will/ Sun Sirius Conjunction

🌕A Full Moon in Capricorn as Venus/Inanna reaches the summit of her Shamanic journey as Capricorn Wise Woman Metagoddess translates into restructuring and reevaluating our Foundations- structures , routines,patterns & discipline, intimate relationships & collaborations in alignment with how we truly see ourselves, what aligns with our innermost needs requirements, peace and desires, what we seek to embody / our true North/ our Purpose/ our Service…..and above all what aligns with our commitment to ourselves / honouring the highest authentic expression of our Soul Truth and Desires and Dignity.
💞Venus/ Inanna as Capricorn Wise Woman Metagoddess Cycle brought in many revelations as to what foundational aspects have we neglected wrt health, pleasure, work, responsibilities,abundance and relationships (with self and others)…and these indeed have Karmic connections!!. It is the relationship with Self first and foremost that needs to be in alignment for only then will it reflect in our outer world. What needs to change for Sacred Union within , Balance within, Peace within….To bring our epicenter of Happiness Within…for if the Source of our Happiness and Fulfillment is outside of us…our foundations/world will be rocked at the slightest of tremors. The outside (reality) changes only when change takes place within/ As Within So Without.
New Foundations/ templates can not be built on flimsy & shaky grounds, and so all that is flakey / Karmic/not aligned with our authentic needs and desires and duties will need to be released .
🔱This Full Moon is celebrated as Guru Purnima in Vedic Astrology/ India-The Day Lord Shiva became a Guru and Imparted his Wisdom to his first disciples -The 7 Sages/ Saptarishis . Lord Shiva is The Monad of The Blue Ray of Sirius and we have a Sun Sirius Conjunction on The 6th of July which potentially serves as the launch pad of the major Sirius Gateways- 26th July and Lions Gate/8;8- Cosmic Downloads of God’s Will. Thus this Full Moon is all about bringing in Foundational and Structural Changes so that we are in a better position to move out of Karmic Trauma Cords and Containments (Nodes change to Aries/Libra Axis on the 18th of July) to Anchor New Age Creation Codes (7;7) in alignment with God’s Will ( Sun Sirius Conjunction 6th July) .
EnLight ,InGrace, InJoy
Be The Change You Want To See
Sa Kei Na
Full Moon In Capricorn
Full Moon In Capricorn
Dear family of love and light, the third round of planet-wide clearing continues. The Divine says that from Divine and Gaia’s perspective, the clearing is very effective. Planet wide political systems are going through a thorough clearing and examination. The old 3rd dimensional systems have been expired. In some countries and soul groups, the new earth systems are being installed and are underway. The new earth leaders have been called to duty and some of them are now working hard to bring the new earth systems to their soul group or country. The Divine is very encouraged by what is happening. The process of leaving the old behind and birthing the new is planet wide and very active. For that, the Divine is very thankful for the light work and appreciative for the new earth leaders and the great work that they do. Gaia, too, is very grateful and waiting for the new systems to start running.
The Divine also wants to let the light workers and humanity to know that energetically, the world wide old systems are going so that the new earth systems can come. It is the design and now is the time for all souls on earth to start to adapt to the new earth systems.
The new earth has totally different and new guiding principles. Spiritual laws are the basis for governing the new earth and new human race. The new earth leaders will have these spiritual principles guiding them at every step of the way so that the new earth living and leading will be efficient and possible.
The Divine asks new earth leaders and light workers to continue to remember the spiritual laws and practice these spiritual laws in daily life. Only that way, the new earth living can be smooth and leading the new human can be possible.
The Divine says that there are some souls on earth who are designed to be the leaders for new earth. These souls have been through a great deal of training. They are guided in their every day lives. Now their time to lead has come. The Divine asks these leaders to move forward and step up to their role. Know that time ahead is very challenging but also for these souls. So they need to be ready mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. They have whatever it takes to complete their mission, and the entire Divine and company of heaven are on their side. There will be no chance work. All is Divinely designed, step by step. Have faith and know that your time ahead is real and precious. Take the bull by the horns. And you know that you can do it. So go there and have fun. It is your time to shine.
Again, thank you for your love and light and consistent light work. You are deeply appreciated. You are precious to Gaia and humanity. Divine love for you always.
Linda Li, Gaia, the Divine and the company of heaven. So it is.
Beloved Ones,
We welcome one of the most intense months of this year. July together with March is one of the most important ones for us to continue integrating the light, wisdom, and power required to heal and activate our light bodies, removing all implants/imprints and any other form of distortion that they may have, and that is causing us energetic imbalances, as well as our connection to our soul, monad and Unified Self.
It is not until we finally clear and release all that is impeding this natural connection to our Higher Aspects, that we can begin the descension of wisdom that we are meant to integrate, for our bodies are not properly connected, aligned, and prepared to receive this light input. This is why is so important to consciously work with ourselves, at all levels.
From July, until the end of August, we will reach the cusp of all that we have been working with, during the previous months. July is a master month, as its 7/7/7 portal indicates, for it is a portal that will signify the end, and hence the beginning, of a New Sovereign Era.
There are many who have already stepped out of the 3D mind control, embodying higher levels of Love, wisdom, and power, which is what helps us discern what is authentic, from what is another form of manipulation.
At this stage of our ascension journey, many are working on integrating plasma, wisdom descension, and/or planetary gridwork. We are all in different stages of our evolutionary journey. However, no matter where we are, all of the previous lead us to self-mastery, for all of them are pivotal to building our light body, re-connecting ourselves to our soul, monad, and Unified Self, receiving the wisdom required for us to continue evolving.
July will too be a month for us to be fully immersed in planetary work, for there are many of the Earth’s gates and spaces ready to anchor the fifth-dimensional crystalline frequencies that are constantly descending upon our planet, helping us in the transition that we have already initiated.
Many are the personal, and planetary changes ahead, as this new month’s five universal frequency reminds us. A 5 frequency indicates change again, after a short period of stabilization, for it is Law to be in a constant state of movement and transformation, especially when we have consciously chosen to evolve. A change that is also represented by the Nodes, which shifts as well this month. A number that denotes the intensity of the events occurring at that time, and above all, the peak of the change that we have been creating, for us, and our lives.
Number 5 is the so-called changemaker. However, all changes come from within. This is a month in which we bring this creational phase from within, from an inner space of peace, discernment, and clarity, into our outer reality. It is a frequency that teaches us how to transform from within all that we wish to change on the outer.
As the 7/7/7 portal reminds us too, this is a phase to let a Higher Intelligence guide us through change, revealing the Truth to all who are ready to listen. This is indeed where we are now, in a stage of deep revelations and self-mastery, a passage to show us clarity in all situations of our human experiences, and the road to enlightenment, which is always a challenging path, not free of obstacles, but worth it to walk.
In truth, all is meant to help us in our chosen journey, everything even that, which we consider “negative”, helps us see where we are not being who we are. Furthermore, number 5 symbolizes self-liberation, liberation from cults, old programs, and everything that keeps us small and in fear, which is everything that was created by humans, in a lower state of consciousness.
We always have the perfect energies for us to align with, starting to disengage from old beliefs and ways of being. It is our final choice to continue in the old or be brave to step into new horizons.
Have a blessed July, Beloveds.
Within Infinite Love,
Art by: Encoded Frequency
New Sovereign Era
New Sovereign Era
You are in the process of a higher awakening and experiencing a shift to an elevated vibration. As you awaken into this next time line you will initially feel disoriented and out of alignment. Many gifts, abilities , powers, and codes within you have awakened into this new timeline resulting in a transformation of your inner energy flow.
Your energy body is now reacting differently to Planetary energy, as you navigate through the world in a totally new way. You are activating in your new lightbody, and you are beginning to connect with it.
Like someone awakening from a long sleep we are attuning to our capabilities, powers, gifts, and our own energy frequency,It may seem like the waves of light are more intense, this is because Ascending souls have leveled up and can now sense and benefit from them more fully.
The inner lightbody has always been with you; you are now learning to consciously tune into it use it, and align with it. Whether you are still going through shifts or have already received this transformation, everything is progressing as it should.
Revelations are illuminating the unhealthy habits that have been hindering our success. Recognising and accepting this truth empowers us all to make the necessary changes and progress towards the rewards that are ahead.
You are supported in unearthing the underlying causes that have been revealed, which may possibly be linked to the ancestral father wounds. The new Earth energies presents an opportunity to heal the inner masculine energies within you Bringing in energetic union with the inner feminine.
Starseed ascending souls will now experience more inner freedom with their Divine Masculine power this establishes necessary boundaries and brings honour into your purpose as an Ascending being. The unification codes will activate the inner masculine and feminine aspects to complete your ascension journey on this Earth School and into the Light Body.
Challenges often provide opportunities for higher levels of growth at an accelerated pace. It’s now about holding the vibration of love amidst challenges, you open yourself to receiving deeper insight and blessings. Every challenge holds a silver lining and hidden blessings, awaiting your awareness.
This powerful planetary shift allows you to claim the seeds of your creation , power, As fragments of light, and codes of consciousness are always within the challenge. Cleansing old energy and making way for your inner light is an ongoing process, not a one-time endeavour.
In each moment and situation we have the ultimate choice to respond with love or react with fear. Love expands our energetic fields and propels us forward, while fear contracts and limits our true potential.
Spirit are always standing by ready to be of assistance , Because Ascending souls are now choosing love , they will experience the profound effects it brings in to new life .
Many are already feeling the effects of The next full moon known as the Buck Moon, it will occur on Monday, July 3, it is a supermoon, it will appear much bigger and brighter because it will be at the closest point to Earth in its orbit. This amplified Lunar energy is going to bring in major awakenings and changes for many .
In Loving and Devoted Ascension Collective Service . Channeled / written by Ascension LightWorkers . Copyright ©️
Planetary energy
Planetary energy


For the Light Metamorphosis is enabling you to receive and feel the True Light of You.
I am shown this in a light encoded message, for the path of the light navigator is to pave the way for humanity.
We ask you to See and Feel this 🙏
The true calling of your Light Mission is the Path to the Uprising in Light.
Continue the Light Mission.
Simply Stand Firmly and Feel your Light Force moving through Gaia.
Simply See the Power of You.
The Amplification of your Light Signature is the task before You.
Simply Feel and Express The Light of You🌿
The Cosmic alignment of your World, the light expansion of this timeline is now at play.
Simply Breathe and Expand in the Light of Now 🙏🌿
With love Wayshower 💥
The Arcturians & Karen Lithika
Thank You Artist 🌿
On Sunday, July 2nd, lovely Goddess Venus, ruler of relationships and finances, in “take charge” Leo is in a challenging square aspect to rebellious Uranus, planet of independence and liberation, in stubborn Taurus. The Divine Feminine wants to break free now……
from people, situations, emotions and mindsets that are holding her back from her creative self-expression, leadership potential, and shining her Light! The first step is to be strong in her confidence. The second step is to find her will power. And, the third step is to take action! Blessings of Love and Light to All! ♥️
source: source:
Venus in Leo
Venus in Leo
Venus in Leo square Uranus in Taurus – This first square between Venus and Uranus opens a new act, one which will consist of three parts that will conclude at the end of September. It’s time to be open to new ideas, new people, new inspiration in order to rebalance and reconnect at a heart level. Here is a potential breakthrough, a chance to improvise, an opportunity to find happiness in a whole new direction. But there is also potential for tantrums, boredom, unpredictable relationship dynamics, sudden splits, financial instability, radical shifts of taste, stage fright.
Yes, there are some sharp corners to navigate but there are thrills and excitement if we dare to take a calculated risk that is aligned with our deepest values. Get out of your comfort zone. Take a chance on love. Take a chance on finding new ways to connect with your partner. Test new materials if you are an artist. Try new hobbies and pastimes. Create space to shine. Free your heart to enjoy this colourful world with bold, fiery passion.
Degrees and Times
Venus 21°Le46′, Uranus 21°Ta46′ – 15:33 (BST)
© Leah Whitehorse
Painting – Music Pink and Blue by Georgia O’Keeffe
Music Pink and Blue
Music Pink and Blue

Kin 150 ~ White Resonant Dog

‘Resonant’ is the name for the number seven and its keywords are ‘Attune, Inspire and Channel’. This is the 7th day of the Yellow Seed wavespell and the 5th Portal Day in a row. The number seven is all about tuning in to the cosmic frequency, attuning one’s self to a higher vibration. Use your intuition today and receive insights that will help you progress further on your path. Remember that we are in the Yellow Seed wavespell and its agenda is all about sowing awareness. Today’s psychic number helps tremendously with that mission.
Today is White Dog which represents ‘Love, Loyalty and Heart’. The playful puppy invites us all to play today and so don’t growl about it. Try not to take life too seriously for once. The Dog teaches us to act with our hearts instead of our heads and that’s why Dog is so lovable. Even if you are a cat person, you can appreciate the love a pet gives unconditionally. If only humans were more like those pets. If we had more heart, we’d solve all our problems. ‘All you need is Love’! The White Dog also represents the joy of doing what you are passionate about and that entails putting all your heart into whatever you do. If a job is worth doing, it is worth doing well. As it is a ‘Resonant’ day, this suggests that we can easily tune in to the love vibration.
The Guide today is the White Wind which symbolizes ‘Communication, Breath and Spirit’. Communication guides our actions today and so ensure your communications are coming from the heart. Speak with love and understanding and try to avoid debates and ego clashing. If you receive a communication that is not loving, don’t drag yourself down but retaliate with love.
The Challenge is the Yellow Sun which represents ‘Enlightenment’. Yellow Sun people tend to spend a great deal of time in their heads. It’s not that they are unloving, no on the contrary. It’s just that their brains are indulging in too much thinking. Sometimes, you just have to trust what the heart feels. If you are a Yellow Sun you may find today drives you a bit crazy. It doesn’t hurt you from time to time, to remember to be less in your head anyway.
The Occult power is the Blue Monkey which represents ‘Magic’ and this is the position of the Occult, or Magic. Monkey is right at home and on his best behavior today providing us with magical experiences. Of course, it’s natural that there is more magic in the air, when the Dog is inspiring us all to be loving. Love and Magic go hand in hand don’t you think?
The Ally is the Red Moon which symbolizes ‘Going with the Flow’. If you are a Red Moon, your easy-going energy will be in much demand today. If you don’t have one in your life, do what a Red Moon would do and that’s take it easy. It’s OK to just wait and see how the day unfolds.
Kin 150
Kin 150


7 OC – KIN 150
2 JULY 2023
I channel in order to LOVE
Inspiring Loyalty
I seal the process of HEART
With the Resonant tone of Attunement
I AM guided by the power of Spirit
ENTER ME!! 💥💥💥
2/7/2023 = 2/7/7 = 2/14=2/5=7
7- Majik/Mystic/Spiritual/Solitude/Initiation
✨MONTH/YEAR codes✨
7- Majik/Mystic/Spiritual/Solitude/Initiation
14- Media/Publicity/Promotion/Recognition
5- Freedom/Change/Transformation/Movement/Liberation
20- The AWAKENING/Clear vision
2- Partner/Twin/Cooperation/Alliances
23 – Royal Star of the Lion/Strength/Protection
KIN 150 = 15= 6 – Heaven/Christ/Harmony/Love/Romance DIVINE LOVE ALCHEMY
Day 5 GAP day 💥💥💥💥💥– halfway through the passage!! What a forceful PUSH forwards!!! 🚀🚀
Day 7 in the YELLOW SEED WAVESPELL🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻 of AWAKENING, flowering, new beginnings, ripening, opening to more LIGHT and blossoming into our Highest potential. Day 7 on a 7.7.7. coded day gives us a QUADRUPLE 7 code!!! kapow! 💫💥💫💥
Today the ONENESS portal to UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS is WIDE OPEN!!! We are tuning into Spirit through our PURE HEARTS ❤ and being inspired to connect with kin as ONE HEART, and ONE LOVE! 💝 . .
The 2 coding emphasizes RELATIONSHIPS and coming together, whilst the 5 code is LIBERATING more LOVE. We are nearing COMPLETION of this 4 MULUC GODDESS YEAR, where we are constructing a NEW PARADIGM built on LOVE and COMPASSION..
RESONANT 🔮– Tone 7 in the EMOTIONAL realm. ACTION – inspires, POWER – channel, ESSENCE – attunement. The RESONANT tone very powerfully IGNITES the potential for great ALCHEMY today, as it provides the ability to fine tune and channel the majikal forces available to us all and walk through the doorways, offering new pathways and opportunities.
Today we are super sensitive as we are attuned through our senses – the emotional “feeling” body. So tune in and FEEL what your body is sensing. At tone 7 our vibrating phenomenon learns to be still and to listen. Mystical 7 understands that EVERYWHERE is majikal but right here is better, once we attune and then channel the majik through this present moment. Number 7 is also the frequency of the Mystic and the Magician which doubles the MAJIK of the BLUE MONKEY superpower present today !!
❓❓What are you ATTUNED to today?
❓❓What form of MAJIKAL LOVE portal will you manifest?
OPEN the doors in your HEART to greater LOVE💕
Today’s question is “How can I attune to DIVINE LOVE 💓 and unite with our PLANETARY FAMILY as ONE HEART?” ❤🌍👫🌎👭🌏 ❤
🐬🌈 ❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤🐬
Divine blessings for the BLISS filled merging with DIVINE LOVE in the COSMIC ocean of ONENESS!❤🌈☀🐬🎆
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈
CONSCIOUS SELF: WHITE RESONANT DOG🐕 – OC lovingly snuggles into your body radiating the pure unconditional love ❤and loyalty that our animal companions naturally exhibit. Their connection to SOURCE through their heart portal is so strong and so pure, that they have an infinite supply to bestow upon others. No limits! Their pure presence provides comfort and healing to all those humans lucky enough to be in their presence.
❓❓Is your HEART attuned to the flow of LOVE???? ❤❤
OC is the loyal devoted servant of Spirit and is eagerly willing to please his “Master”. The unconditional LOVE and LOYALTY is what drives the Resonant Dog in his Mission to do GOOD on this Earth Plane. OC is most satisfied when he can EXPRESS his core of LOVE through his dedication and service to the Divine Plan.
OC reminds us today of the pure unconditional love💕 we need to connect to and then reflect to others, without judgment. This is our natural state of be-ing and one to which we need to return. A field of total ONENESS and connection TO ALL THAT IS, through our HEARTS, each heart connected through our planetary heart, the cosmic heart and the heart of GOD/GODDESS! 💕💕
HIGHER SELF/GUIDE: WHITE RESONANT WIND🌬🍃 – IK communicates Spirit, the essence of which is the mandala of original cosmic order. Stop, be still and LISTEN to the whisperings of the Great White Wind. Great SPIRIT is communicating LOUD and CLEAR through the portal of your higher HEART today. Each person is a hollow vessel to channel and universalize this FORCE, through their being.
The RESONANT WIND is very clearly attuned to Spirit and is transmitting this through your entire being to INSPIRE and uplift you.
❓❓Are the messages that are coming through, LOVING and gentle, with respect for all souls?
❓❓Do you feel aglow with the LOVE and warmth filling your cells and energy field?
If it UPLIFTS and makes you FEEL GOOD, then the messages are TRUE and are coming from SOURCE – trust your HEART barometer! 💕
The WHITE DOG🐩 – guided by the power of SPIRIT🕊 – his driving force, is a phenomenal duo today. They are blessing us all with COSMIC WAVES of pure DIVINE LOVE flowing from SOURCE – the COSMIC HEART of all CREATION. 💓💓💓💕💞
It is a brilliant day for planetary kin to come together, to network, to communicate, to create, to laugh, dance, sing, channel and meditate. What inspires the NEW TIME, is to merge hearts with others, breathe in and channel the new energies.
Open your EARS and your HEART to the voice of Spirit. 💕 Dedicate your SOUL’s purpose, to the fulfillment of the Divine Plan through your legacy.
SUPPORT:RED RESONANT MOON👸 – MULUC represents the GODDESS and our intuitive Feminine aspect. More GODDESS energies adding to our yearly GODDESS energies today. The DIVINE FEMININE agenda is very CLEAR and consistent in achieving a better, more caring world for us all.
Unconditional LOVE flows endlessly from our connection to SOURCE, particularly from the GODDESS, our Mother aspect of SOURCE. GODDESS provides all the love, nurturing and comfort that any child craves. We just need to OPEN our hearts and allow the FLOW! 🌫💓🌫
Yesterday the RHYTHMIC GODDESS gave us a huge FLUSH🌊🌊 to cleanse and purify our physical bodies and physical environment, to make SPACE for more LOVE to FLOW freely. 💓🌫 Today she continues this desire to make your HEART squeaky CLEAN, so you can easily ATTUNE to DIVINE LOVE.
Allow MULUC to wash away any impurities and heart walls you have constructed in order for DIVINE LOVE❤ to flow endlessly once more!
❓❓Do you FEEL love, forgiveness, empathy and COMPASSION for your fellow kin? Friends and enemies alike? 🤔🤔
These beautiful qualities are the indicators of a PURE HEART❤ and one that has EXPANDED to hold infinite COSMIC 🍥❤ LOVE.
Be OPEN to channel, receive and SHARE the LOVE❤ that flows within you, freely with all souls ❤❤❤
OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: BLUE RESONANT MONKEY🐒 – CHUEN brings forth powerful MAJIK💫💫 together with THE 7 RESONANT tone, and 7.7.7 day code!!! 5x the MAJIK today leading into the 7.7.7 portal in 5 days time!!.
✴✴✴The most powerful force in all of CREATION is the POWER of LOVE. ❤💓💕💞
BLUE MONKEY🐒 represents the BLISSFUL Dolphin 🐬🐬jumping out of the deep blue sea of LOVE,❤ the attraction of JOY into the void of CREATION. The Dolphin energies carry the codes for 5D Bliss and joy. Return to your purity and innocence to reclaim your forgotten majik and reclaim the power of your heart. 💕
There is nothing more BLISSFUL than attuning your HEART to LOVE ❤ – channeling and anchoring that infinite LOVE through your being, an ecstatic dance in every single cell! Take a deep breath and TRUST, then dive deeply into the heart of love. ❤ Merging with ALL THAT IS, in pure joy, as the PURE Divine child👶 through the merging with Divine Mother’s compassion and pure nurturing love.
Our pure, innocent DIVINE CHILD is ALWAYS connected to our SOURCE, and is the KEY to accessing this infinite LOVE. Find some time today to PLAY, reconnecting with your inner child and natural exuberance – reconnect and remember that this is the true expression of a pure innocent soul. Remember to LAUGH and spread this vibration throughout our world – the sounds of LAUGHTER have been greatly amiss – so use this SUPERPOWER to restore BALANCE and INSPIRE others to lift their frequency. 🐬❤🌈
As you recalibrate your frequency and attune to the power of LOVE, you will MAJIKALLY transform every aspect of your being, your life and the world around you. Such is the POWER of LOVE as the great TRANSFORMER… pure ALCHEMY turning LEAD into GOLD. ⚛⚛⚛
CHALLENGE/GIFT: YELLOW RESONANT SUN ☀– AHAU challenges us to reclaim our DIVINITY through ENLIGHTENMENT.☀Accepting responsibility for our full Sovereignty👑 and independence! Becoming the WAYSHOWER who LEADS from his pure HEART. 💕
The path of GROWTH🌱 is now NOT through pain and suffering, but rather through LOVE. Total SOUL EXPANSION through the experience and expression of PURE BLISS and ECSTASY in our lives.
This is achieved through expanding your heart toroidal field and SHINING your heart LIGHT. Expanding your LOVE and LIGHT out into the Cosmos and connecting to the Divine LIGHT of pure cosmic consciousness – the Solar codes that raise your frequency bringing forth this era of the NEW GOLDEN AGE. . The expansive opening of the LIGHT that independently SHINES, co creating with SOURCE itself.
We are all NOW returning home, full circle to the RADIANCE of the ONE HEART! 💗
🎼One love, one heart
Let’s get together and feel alright
Hear the children crying (One love)
Hear the children crying (One heart)
Sayin’, “Give thanks and praise to the Lord and I will feel alright
Sayin’, “Let’s get together and feel all right
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa🎶
🎼One love, one heart
Let’s get together and feel all right
As it was in the beginning (one love)
So shall it be in the end (one heart)
Alright, give thanks and praise to the Lord and I will feel all right
Let’s get together and feel all right🎶
CREDIT: LYRICS Bob Marley, Curtis Mayfield
Today’s question is “How can I attune to DIVINE LOVE 💓 and unite with our PLANETARY FAMILY as ONE HEART?” ❤🌍👫🌎👭🌏 ❤
🐬🌈 ❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤🐬
Divine blessings for the BLISS filled merging with DIVINE LOVE in the COSMIC ocean of ONENESS!❤🌈☀🐬🎆
Namaste’ 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈




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