You are currently viewing Ancient Oceans Expansion ~ Cetaceans are Activating – Water Avatar Inter Species Cooperation ~  ANCESTRAL LIGHT HEALING
Owl Nation

Ancient Oceans Expansion ~ Cetaceans are Activating – Water Avatar Inter Species Cooperation ~  ANCESTRAL LIGHT HEALING

Ancient Oceans Expansion ~ Cetaceans are Activating – Water Avatar Inter Species Cooperation ~  ANCESTRAL LIGHT HEALING



Paul White Gold Eagle

Greetings Blue Lion Nation of our Venusian Lineage of Light

The Healing Light Codes, directly from the Great Central Sun are filling this realm with the Universal Life Force for the transformations into Solar Light Bodies is complete. We are in the final phases of our metamorphosis to the Luminous Ones of the New Earth. The Blue Healing Hand of the Great Spirit touches your body, mind and Spirit to bring the five elements both internally and externally into Perfect Harmony and Divine Resonance with the Music of the Spheres. All is a Great Symphony of Cosmic Origins playing to the tone and tune of the Sacred Music of Life.

The Yin and the Yang dance together as Shakti and Shiva through the Universe of the emanation of the Great Eagle. We make the energetic pass to step through the Gateway of Freedom and into everlasting life. The Space time continuum has reached the Event Horizon of  the Return of the Elders and the Innocence inheriting the Earth. Together the Eagle flies with the Condor to Usher in the New Golden Age of Enlightenment for all sentient Beings of God/ Goddess.

The only True Prayer is to be one with God, Mother/ Father Source Creator. The Prayer is to call upon the Divine Re-Membrance of your already Oneness with the Holy Spirit, the Great Mystery. We Pray and Meditate to realize that we are one with God. The Oceanic Energies are surrounding us in Her Healing Holy Waters of Sophia Shekinah Shenandoah of the Great Mountain Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

All things are perfectly resolved in this Now, in the Eternal Unborn Unchanging Mind of Buddha.

The Diamond Codes of Transfiguration are flowing in as our Sacred Vessels are being upgraded beginning in our atoms, cells, DNA and then into our bones and marrow Shifting our Temples of Light into Crystalline Avatars of the New Eden of Infinite Life…A’Ho!





Right now: Moon at 13°36′ Leo, Sun at 11°06′ Aries

sabian symbols

Current Sabian Symbols

Current Sabian Symbol for the Moon

Cherub-like, a human soul whispers, seeking to manifest.
Sabian Symbol for 14º Leo

The current Sabian Symbol of the Moon is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing lunar influence, the emotional background, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this moment, while the Moon’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 14º Leo.

Current Sabian Symbol for the Sun

A flock of wild geese.
Sabian Symbol for 12º Aries

The current Sabian Symbol of the Sun is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing solar influence, the vital energy and the personality, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this day, while the Sun’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 12º Aries.





💦Ancient Oceans Expansion💦 + Cetaceans are Activating – Water Avatar/Inter Species Cooperation + Peace Agreements! #dolphins🐋

⚡️Galactic Updates⚡️

April 10 – Orion ReBoot / Mainframe 890890
April 15 – Pleiadian Templates / Updates to 123123
April 24 – Open Andromeda Portal / 456123
Ancient Oceans
Ancient Oceans
Rest easy because you have the Universe surrounding you. Trust that your prayers have already been answered. Don’t doubt the powers of angels. Trust that angels are assigned to help guide you towards solutions. Although it may not seem like it, surrender your fears to the angels and claim that everything is working out according to Divine order.
11:11, 10:00, 10:01, 717, 333, 222, 444, 555…
Divine Order
Divine Order
Tune into the 5th Dimensional Frequencies.
The Energies of Heaven are Rushing in awakening more Souls.
The Essence of Love is flowing into the Soil of Mother Earth, as the frequencies heighten in her Crystal Caverns of inner Earth.
Heart Wide open to receive more of these Elevated Frequencies.
Feeling Grateful for all these beautiful experiences.
Loving it. ❤
The Essence of Love
The Essence of Love
Dear family of love and light, the energies are very intense and some times, can be heavy because we are transmuting the old energies and thought patterns and emotional wounds and hurts. The Divine says that the energies will continue to be intense so that the old energies can be transmuted faster and the Divine plan can be unfolded faster.
Being a light worker my self, I know how hard it is to do our light work day and night without tangible result. And sometimes, being a light worker means enduring all sorts of assaults and hardship. And that makes it even harder for our mind to understand and accept the role.
So when I get into that kind of mind ego state of being, I normally will do a lot of self talk, and also I am blessed that I have the tool of kundalini yoga. Doing kriyas to remove triggers and unwanted thought patterns are very critical for me and it keeps me going. That is why having a spiritual practice is so essential right now. We need daily practice to keep us on track and keep us in a good place emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.
Looking time ahead, the month of April will be even more intense and it can be earth shattering for some. The Divine encourages us to keep up the good work and stay in the heart center. Only then, we can be the eye of the storm and be the peace and calm for our family and humanity. Remember that we have been prepared for this time, and now it is time to use that preparation for the greater good of all.
Divine love for you always.
Linda Li and the Divine. So it is.
Owl Nation
Owl Nation
A Huge Shift already started. It Woke me up about 4am this morning.
It will continue on through April. It is Supposed to start on April 1st and this Shift will Create a Massive change with those Unawoken especially with the Masculine Energies.
These Masculine energies could be in either gender male or female embodiment. As it only refers to Energy not Gender.
This Shift is to happen Globally and as it happens those Online fully awaken will Receive Gifts that has never ever been even Comprehended or
Understood even existed before.
This will be a Huge Mass Leveling Up especially for the First Waivers.
The first
Waivers are going to See things from a Whole New Perspective once this Energetic Gift is integrated.
I was told April 1st 2023 is equivalent to January 1st 2023 however we don’t See it that way because the Calendars have been changed.
More Light quotient coming to the Planetary System now than ever Existed before.
I believe you’re going to start to see more of the Dark Denser energies and Chaotic out of Balance Energy will be coming to the Surface for Transmutation and this will happen Globally as well.
Also be Aware that much will be happening with that of Darker Energies because they are losing their Battery Source of energy which is You.
As you many of the 1st & even those of Second Wavers Level Up in Frequency the Denser Vibrational Frequencies can NO Longer use those they once did as a active Food Source.
They will Not have Access to the higher Levels of Frequencies that is taking place on a very Large Scale Now. This is going to Create another Level of Panic for the Denser Levels.
The Denser Levels being that of 4th Dimensional Entities that were Once able to attach themselves to you as a food Source will NO Longer have Access.
Many Contracts have ended & many more are coming to a Close very Shortly. This will Create some Distorted Energies that will be coming into a level of Awareness for Some that never knew existed. It is All apart of the Waking Up Process.
Lot of Chaotic energy on a Mass Scale all over the World will start to take a huge Step Up with regarding becoming in a Balanced State.
You Don’t have to Fear it because it’s exactly what needs to happen for Evolution to take place on an energetic level.
Much of the Narcissistic energy from across the Globe will continue to be coming to the Surface as it No Longer has a place to go or fit in.
In saying that many of these individuals will become awaken & begin to See with a New Level of Awareness a very New & Clear Perspective that they were Unable to Comprehend before.
I Suggest keep your Energy Fields Clear and know you’ll be Releasing a lot of density as the new Light Activations comes in.
Many are Leveling Up again Spiritually as well as Mentally, Emotionally and even Physically.
With the New Energy coming in that was to Supposed to start on April 1st you’re going to be feeling Fatigued due to the level of Transformation taking place.
Drink a lot of fluids and if you have to lay down or sit down go easy.
Some of you have even put added Weight on so you would have more Space for more Electromagnetic Light to enter.
Once everything comes into Balance & is integrated the Weight will return to normal, that being Whatever your normal Weight is.
Kundalini with be running very Powerfully over the the next few days & many that have Never experienced or felt Kundalini will be in a New level of Awareness
Keep yourself in a complete State of Balance regardless of what Projection is Playing out in your Field.
1st Waivers you are Now working with Master Frequencies & have the ability to Impact & Influence your Reality rather quickly Now. Keep your Vibration high. Play with allowing yourself to Change the Frequency of your Environment so you can experience the change All around You. Put your awareness on Feeling the difference Vibrations that you can alter.
Remember all Chakras must be in Alignment & you must have a Wide-Opened Heart Chakra that is fully in Alignment with your brain.
Step out of your Comfort Zone & allow yourself to Know & experience a Expanded State of Being.
For many this will be a Huge Level up in many area’s of One’s Life.
Much Transmutation is taking Place. Be Open to Recieve It!
This Shift
This Shift
For those still intent on looking for a sign cosmic forces have been exceedingly obvious in the direct aftermath of the Equinox and the most significant power date of 23.03.23
Not only are we treated to the beautiful visuals of the moon conjunct with Venus, announcing an auspicious time of flowing feminine energetics as a directive to those Sensitive enough to feel such phenomena, but we also see the mega statement in the move of the planet Pluto into Aquarius, last seen in this cosmic stance, 225 years ago in 1798 and now settling in for the long haul taking us to 2043… ! But in addition we have a cosmic parade as the planets line up with the moon to form a pathway in the great cosmos, which astronomers describe as a rare arc of planetary alignment ( and I call an anchoring of light bridges at points of great energetic significance).
Added to all of this we have been aware of geomagnetic storms, caused by emissions from our very active sun which have produced a colourful display from the aurora borealis (or northern lights) being more vibrant and visible and geographically further reaching, of which many are showing rare pink or red in the curtains of light.
These happenings are all very significant but in my mind the showing of magenta is the most potently important to the Sensitive community.
Scientifically the colours are caused by chemical reactions with particles, such as Oxygen, Nitrogen, Helium and Hydrogen emitted from the sun as they reach the atmosphere of the Earth at cloud level.
The science of colour and light has always been significant in the interpretation of physical energies within spiritual communities. The showing of pinks, reds and purples in the skies above us is worthy of contemplation by science and by spirituality.
The magenta ray is a combination of the purple of the violet of the Crown Chakra and the red of the Root Chakra, meaning that it represents the ability for our energies to join for the respective head to tail linear of the chakra system, to join together to become cyclic. Those who can perceive this vision are connected to their higher state of being in the Light and are sitting in a new state of enlightened awareness.
Angelically, pink is the colour of Archangel Chamuel, who is associated with the bringing of LOVE into any situation.
You may remember that I have expressed how the Angelic Agenda for the empowerment of a conscious humanity involves three main spiritual working groups working together in a united connected vision.
This is a benchmark in the coming together of separate spiritual agendas to merge on an energetic level to work harmoniously on a loving plan for healing and transformation across the globe. My guide first told me of this in 2001, calling it ‘the gathering’.
This will be a time of great creativity and innovation as we bring forward loving ways to move forward as a species and as a part of a living planet.
As a result of this innovative collective process it will be the purpose of the millions of Earth Angels, who are currently incarnated and have been positioned in roles across the communities; to work to bring these heartfelt agendas into reality and to create new priorities for change, which will have a major impact on the lives of individuals.
2023 will be a powerful time of group working and synchronising a pure vision that will bring many Lightworkers together on one heart felt mission. The intense purging and clearing of toxic energies across the Equinox has cleared the way for clear channels of communication from guides and has made ready for pure hearted connections.
The Magenta ray is the key holder to the codes for this great agenda. Outwardly it represents the combined loving hearts of the many guides across multi dimensions, who are choosing to gather together in the higher realms to support us at this time. You have never been more protected, guided or loved.
The Magenta ray
The Magenta ray

Aurora Ray

Ascension Update

Dear Beloved ones,

The final energies of this pivotal and evolutionary leap in consciousness have begun and are stepping up and into the collective light and energy fields.

A new wave of codes, frequencies, and energies is emerging. These are specific codes designed to activate individuals who are ready for this next stage of their growth. The new energies will serve as an ancestral DNA pattern activation, bringing you back into wholeness on all levels of your consciousness.

This will enable you to finally let go of ancestral patterns that still exist in the deepest layers of the human psyche.

This energy cascade is coming through with many changes, and many of them will be profound.

This upgrade will help all of you to go through real positive changes in your lives, personally, psychologically, and on the planet as a whole.

The energies coming through with this cascade are new to humans. You have been evolving for quite some time, and this new energy comes in as an evolutionary shift.

We have incorporated wonderful energies in this energy update, such as self-love, compassion, acceptance, and understanding. This will also provide you with an opportunity to heal your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual bodies.

With this new energy, you are also being provided with a chance to transmute all the energies that no longer serve you.

This update is the opportunity to find your true spiritual path.

This will provide you with the opportunity to calm your fears and forgive yourselves and others. You will be able to release attachments and fears.

This update is also designed to help you align more with your true purpose and to connect with your higher self.

When feeling fear, instead of hiding from it, let it pass through you.
Allow yourself to feel fear, but fall back into love. This is the best way to release the old energies and to help you ascend.

Ascension is the energy of divine spiritual consciousness, power, and truth. It is the highest vibration of all energies. Ascension is about the expansion of consciousness.

Ascension is the energetic process of rising above your physical body to higher levels of consciousness. It is a process of transmutation, of shedding your lower vibrations of matter and matter consciousness and moving into higher frequencies of thought, feeling, and being.

This is the process of letting go of what no longer serves you and embracing who you are in today’s moment.

When your consciousness expands, you expand. You expand from the illusion of separation and limitation and move into the awareness of your oneness with the Universe, with the Divine, and with the God-Self.

Ascension is energy that reminds you that you are never alone. It is the energy of unconditional love, compassion, and divine connection. It is the energy that comes from being one with God, with Spirit. Spirit’s energy is responsible for bringing forth the charismatic light of God within. It is the energy of divine spiritual consciousness.

Ascension Energy is continuing to flow through you and into Mother Earth. Although you may not yet feel the effects of this energetic shift, you are definitely feeling the effects of it.

It is very powerful. It is giving you an opportunity to release the old and to move into the new. This shift in energy is giving you an opportunity to create new ways and create a new paradigm.

You may feel the effects of this energetic shift in many ways. You may notice your physical body shifting, but this shift can also affect your mind and emotions. This shift is helping you to free yourselves from the false truths that you have lived with for eons. As these false truths are finally released, you can begin to experience the truths of our being.

You are awakening to the truth. You are beginning to see through the veils of illusion. You remember your true power, and you begin to step into it. You remember that you are powerful creators. You remember that you are the creators of your own reality.

As you continue to release the old, you are also creating the new. You are forming a new paradigm, and this paradigm does not include the duality that has existed for so long. This paradigm will include the truth about your true essence.

At this time, so many of you are being triggered by the energies of Ascension. There are so many events occurring in the world, both perceived and unseen, that are causing great upheaval on your planet.

These events force you to see and experience in a variety of ways and allow you and everyone else who is experiencing them to make decisions for their own consciousness and journey in life. These decisions could lead you in any number of directions and could be around creating, changing, or liberating yourself from something — or someone — in your life.

Right now, there is so much beautiful energy for you all to use at your will. However, your will needs to be activated in order to be open enough for these energies to flow through you fully. Your minds need to be open enough for these energies to flow through them fully. Your emotions need to be open enough for these energies to flow through them freely.

Ascension energy is a gateway for positive change. You can be a powerful creator of this shift. You can direct the energy of ascension energy into the places where you need it the most. You can direct the energy of Ascension energy into your homes, your businesses, your churches, and your temples.

You have the ability to direct the energies of ascension energy into your minds and emotions. You can direct the energy of ascension energy into the places where you need it the most.

All is in flux in these times, yet you have a golden opportunity in front of you to create what you will.

We love you dearly.
We are here with you.
We are your family of light.

Aurora Ray
Ambassador of the Galactic Federation

Copyright 2023 Aurora Ray. All rights reserved.



family of light
family of light


For the path is multi-channelled, as you navigate the path of Light.
Be Observant with the challenges before you 🙏
Ancestral awakening of your DNA is a complex path to unravel. For it is integrated with ancient layers of light experiences, connected to your soul family of light, your physical family in this reality.
A complex layer of ancient ways, ancient light stories, highlighting a pathway for you.
The task is to engage in the circumstances before you. Hold a torch of light in the sphere of your consciousness, to perceive and navigate your higher light wisdom as the physical – light experience occurs before you.
You may be called to Ancient lands, to integrate the journey thus far. Understand this is deep complex light work. As you navigate your light path.
Connecting you to many lives, many experiences to be healed and cleared 🙏
For the task of the Ancestral Light Decoder is complex.. In many cases, only destined for the most advanced Souls 🙏🌿
Rest and Activate in Light 🌿💥
With Love For the journey before you.
Together, We Join In Light 💥
Arcturian Light Team
Karen Lithika

This weekend we are launching significantly more forward into our rebirth. This includes union of the Divine Masculine and Feminine Christ. This Holy Spirit is delivering guidance and messages of the reunion of the Beloveds, showing us the Way to unite.

Hidden knowledge is surfacing providing clarity and understanding of how to be a heart opened and unconditionally loving match together. Whatever kept the Masculine and Feminine out of balance and separated us neutralizing away. This includes this and past life karmic relationship cycles that kept us bound. We have cleared this down to Genesis for the Re-Genesis 2.0 to commence with the Most High.

In Jesus Christ’s name amen. God bless you 🕊 Love Carolyn


Blue Lion Nation
Blue Lion Nation
Mercury conjunct Eris in Aries – ‘But what about THIS?’ Eris shoves her nose in where it isn’t wanted. Just when we thought we were on a roll, along comes the Goddess of strife and discord with her annoying comments and pointy finger. ‘YOU!’, she says, looking at Mercury. ‘What do you have to say for yourself?’ Actually, it’s a lot, mostly expletives. If only Mercury would stop for a moment and listen. Avoid a war of words. Don’t shoot the messenger.
Sometimes the mind blurts problems where there are none. At other times we get an alarm call from the unconscious to say, you need to look at this! Rather than shouting down inner (or outer) voices, sit with them a moment to see if there is any truth to them.
For some, today’s aspect may be exactly the warrior mindset needed to galvanise action, bravely speak up or challenge others. With asteroids Vesta and Einstein involved in this discussion, brilliant revelations of sacred knowledge are possible. Be open to new theories.
Degree and Time
Mercury, Eris 24°Ar24′ – 13:29 (BST)
© Leah Whitehorse
Painting – Listening to the Orchard Oriole by Childe Hassam
Listening to the Orchard Oriole
Listening to the Orchard Oriole

Kin 57 ~ Red Overtone Earth

‘Overtone’ is the name for the number 5 and its keywords are ‘Empower, Radiance and Command’. The fifth day is like a shift into higher gear, and since we are in the wavespell of the Red Skywalker that means that our adventures are getting very interesting. If you have been getting out of your comfort zone, by now you should be feeling very empowered.
Today is Red Earth which represents ‘Evolution, Synchronicity and Navigation’. If you are going in the right direction, synchronicity increases. If you are heading in the wrong direction, nothing will come together easily and you will hit brick walls. Do consider how you are navigating today and then redirect yourself if necessary. This will be a useful process that will help you evolve. We are journeying with the daring Skywalker for 13 days and today on the fifth day, we must ensure we know where we are going. You may need to recalibrate plans and adjust your course. The number is powerful and this ensures success with this redirection, and so by the end of the day – you will feel empowered by the process.
Today’s Guide is the Red Serpent and as the serpent is very sensitive to what is going on in the vicinity, this teaches us to be guided by our senses. This is great for navigation. Keep your ears open and your eyes peeled as there are sign posts to show you the way today. As always when the Serpent guides us, we can feel very oversensitive. This certainly helps navigate but it can be uncomfortable too. Be aware that everyone is also feeling sensitive, so try not to get into arguments.
The Challenge is the Blue Hand, the healer of the Tzolkin. People born on Blue Hand days will find it harder to evolve. It is challenging to accomplish what you want as well. This just means you must strive harder than the rest of us. For everyone else, today can slap us in the face rather than give us a helping hand. It is not an ideal time for any form of healing or treatment.
The Occult power today is the Yellow Seed which represents ‘sowing awareness’. When in this position of magic, Yellow Seed people have the knack for making us ‘aware’ of magic. The relationship between the Seed and the Earth is so natural. The Seed is planted in the Earth symbolizing that through becoming aware we evolve!
The Ally power is the White Wind and so expect helpful communications today. Messages may get to you in unexpected ways…through dreams or coincidences. Don’t dismiss them, they are coming to you to help you navigate. If you need help locate a White Wind, they may have some important information for you.
Kin 57
Kin 57


5 CABAN – KIN 57
31 MARCH 2023
🌏☀🌱🙌🌹 🌎
I empower in order to evolve
Commanding synchronicity
I seal the matrix of navigation
With the Overtone tone of radiance
I AM guided by the power of life force
🌏☀🌱🙌🌹 🌎 ☀🌱🙌🌹🌍
31/3/2023 = 4/3/7 = 4/10=4/1=5
31- Genius number/think outside the box!
4- Form/Structure/Foundation/Earth/Angelic
5- FREEDOM/LIBERATION/ Change/Movement/Transformation
✨MONTH/YEAR codes✨
3- Holy trinity/Creativity/Joy/Happiness
7- Spiritual Test/Initiation/Solitude/Majik/Mystic/Magician
10- Manifestation/Authority/Power/Leader
1- New beginnings/Original/Leader/Independent/Unique
20- The AWAKENING/Clear vision
23- Royal Star of the LION /Strength/Protection/Support
KIN 57 = 12 = 3 Holy Trinity/Joy/Creativity
🌏☀🌱🙌🌹 🌎 ☀🌱🙌🌹🌍
Another POWER PACKED day💥💥💥 following our RAINBOW WARRIOR DAY yesterday, creating our new foundation and breaking out of the OLD BOX! KAPOW! … 💥
Today we are BREAKING FREE on this REVOLUTIONARY DAY – setting our course for NEW EARTH!! HALLELUJAH 🌟🌟🌟
NOTE: Today we have a SPACE WEATHER ALERT as the SUN🌞 has developed a massive coronal hole – 20x larger than the EARTH!! This is expected to release MASSIVE CME’S/SOLAR FLARES 🌞🔥🔥🔥 heightening AURORAL activity and possibly affecting communications. Stay GROUNDED beloveds!
Day 5 in the RED SKYWALKER WAVESPELL of awakening, exploration and NEW ADVENTURES!
Today we are NAVIGATING through our new ADVENTURES, following the synchronicities and natural cycles of our Planet to accelerate our RADIANT EVOLUTION. ✨🍥✨
OVERTONE ☀ Tone 5 in the SPIRITUAL realm. ACTION – commands, POWER – empowers, ESSENCE – radiance Number 5 represents the Center, core purpose, foundation and central intent. It is the CENTER of the wheel from which all the spokes emanate. This is the phase where the energy of Creation returns to the center and then RADIATES outwards. Overtones command the unbounded. They order it to BE and so it becomes! Their power radiates from their soul essence through a pure connection to SOURCE, this is the TRUE source of unlimited power.
The 5th day of the RED SKYWALKER Wavespell is the one that EMPOWERS.👑 When we give ourselves permission to leave the past behind, and aim higher. We can GROW and EXPAND in NEW DIRECTIONS to transform our lives.
❓❓❓Which aspects of your life or outlook would you like to transform, in order to feel more EMPOWERED? 👑👑👑
Moving beyond our own personal accomplishment, we can UNITE and step forth RADIATING the DREAMING of ABUNDANCE, for all souls on our beloved Pachamama! This COLLECTIVE WISH – is our COMMAND!
HER-STORY is in the making!! 📔🌎🌏🌎🌈
Today’s question is “What can I learn from the past, in order to EMPOWER myself, others and my world, so that we can all RADIATE as sovereign SOLAR beings?” ☀🌞🎆
We have a very beautiful and POWERFUL ancient code activated today, linking the past, present and future into this NOW wondrous moment of DIVINE MAJIK!
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈
🌏☀🌱🙌🌹 🌎 ☀🌱🙌🌹🌍
CONSCIOUS SELF: RED OVERTONE EARTH👑 🌎– CABAN is your evolutionary compass that shows you which path to take and how to navigate through your life’s journey. SKYWALKER is also a NAVIGATOR as he EXPLORES and EXPANDS into new realms and dimensions..
The TWO RED tribes together are a significant marker today, flagging the way FORWARD on our evolutionary journey – signalling the way to travel in order to have a beautiful life filled with joyful ADVENTURES!
9 MONTHS AGO – KIN 57 aligned with BASTILLE DAY – 14 JULY 2022 – the anniversary of the FRENCH INDEPENDENCE DAY! (Interesting to note that this occurred in 1789 the last time PLUTO was in AQUARIUS, which has just happened AGAIN on 23 MARCH 2023.
On 14 JULY 1789, 233 years ago.. during the FRENCH REVOLUTION against the oppressive French Monarchy – the FRENCH people rose up and stormed the BASTILLE PRISON… They blew it up with gunpowder💣💥 in order to set the prisoners FREE..💥💥
Shortly after the storming of the Bastille, late in the evening of 4 August, after a very stormy session of the Assemblée constituante, feudalism was abolished. On 26 August, the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen (Déclaration des Droits de l’Homme et du Citoyen) was proclaimed.
This uprising CHANGED the course of HIS-STORY for the FRENCH people as they then became an independent and FREE nation..🎈🎉🎊
Synchronistically on this day of EMPOWERED EVOLUTION, the OVERTONE EARTH is the pivotal point in EARTH’s HER-STORY, when WE the people 👫👬👭finally become LIBERATED💥 from the dark controllers of our time…
Today we have a 5 LIBERATION code for the day!!
🌏☀🌱🙌🌹 🌎 ☀🌱🙌🌹🌍
RED EARTH generally has a softer, more feminine and flowing energy, compared to yesterday’s masculine Warrior challenges! However with today’s 31/4 AND 5 coding – highlighting LIBERATION and BREAKING out of the box, coupled with all the SOLAR ACTIVITY – anything can happen!! Stay tuned!
Yesterday the RAINBOW WARRIORS 🌈🏹 questioned and thus rejected the status quo, now CABAN is bringing forth the era of PEACE!. Changing the combative and competitive culture to one of PEACE and UNITY, in harmony with Mother Gaia and the natural synchronic flows.
Today we tune in and LISTEN to the heartbeat of our Mother 💓 – the Schumann resonance, and begin to fully connect as ONE being. As we synchronize with the natural rhythyms of Mother Earth, we become empowered through the LIFE FORCE coursing through our bodies, flowing through us, as we radiate this pure divine essence through our presence.
✨MIRACLES HAPPEN✨✨ when we are IN SYNC with Mother Gaia 🌏 and the natural synchronic order. ✨
We look back into the cycles of the past to understand the present, and see WHERE we are headed. We connect to our Ancestors and the indigenous people who understood the cycles and the whispers of Pachamama. We HONOUR them🙏🙏🙏 for protecting our planet with their lives, often losing their land, culture and communities in the process of warning us of the dangerous path we are trekking.
✨✨✨We need to COMMAND better for our species, and our offspring, learning from the past and demanding that we be heard and acknowledged.
The indigenous tribes foretold of the prophecies, and they hold the keys and codes for our Ascension. Today we remember them and give gratitude🙏🙏🙏 to those that came before us, as the GUARDIAN’S of PACHAMAMA. so that WE actually have a planet to inherit.
Now WE are the GUARDIAN’S and must treasure GAIA for the future generations, following in our PEACE FILLED footsteps, through these evolutionary cycles.
LET US UNITE together on this DIVINELY GIFTED DAY and honour PACHAMAMA🙏🌎💞 – our beloved EARTH MOTHER with blessings, love and gratitude from the core of our being and then RADIATE🌞 this out through our ILLUMINATED presence. ☀
🌏☀🌱🙌🌹 🌎 ☀🌱🙌🌹🌍
HIGHER SELF/GUIDE: RED OVERTONE SERPENT ☀🐍 CHICCHAN We seek to understand what is the best way to SURVIVE, by flowing with the synchronicities and natural cycles in order to evolve, awaken and EXPAND our consciousness so that we can RADIATE!
The COSMIC RED SERPENT🍥🐍 is the final GIFT of our 13 day cycle of the SKYWALKER, when we can fully EXPAND our consciousness into the BLISS filled realms of the COSMOS.. ❤❤❤
Today the OVERTONE SERPENT👑🐍 as the HIGHER POWER is assisting us in claiming our POWER💪 in order to experience that total EXPANSION on day 13. We need to accept responsibility for our energy, our level of consciousness, and our soul’s evolution. The more AWAKENED we are, the further we can EXPAND our consciousness!
The OVERTONE SERPENT is a very sensuous and charismatic Serpent, ❤🐍 alluring admirers through her RADIANT reflection. Drawing on the potent vitality within her vessel, and COMMANDING admiration by taking charge of her POWER and energy body. A great day to honour and admire our physical bodies, and show off our unique skin suits!😍💃🌹
The OVERTONE SERPENT seeks to be in harmony with the Earth, and all 5 elements. We align our chakras with those of our Mother Gaia, being at ONE with the Earth, feeling the LIFE FORCE flowing up through our feet from the magnetic Earth below us.
As our Australian indigenous people say – We are ONE with the LAND, and the LAND is US. There is no division! Visualize this powerful kundalini life force🔥🎇🎆 rising up through our Earth Mother🌏 providing the fuel, passion and vitality we require to energize our Ascension journey.
NOTE:🔥🔥🔥 The OVERTONE SERPENT👑🐍 as the HIGHER guiding POWER today, in conjunction with all these codes adds COMBUSTION and volatility to these AQUARIAN energies – so rebellion, revolution and UPRISING is very probable today.. 💪💪💪
The OVERTONE SERPENT also ACTIVATES our planetary POWER CENTRES today, in particular ULURU and the RAINBOW SERPENT LINES – so draw forth the EARTH POWER needed to fuel your MISSION.
🌏☀🌱🙌🌹 🌎 ☀🌱🙌🌹🌍
SUPPORT: WHITE OVERTONE WIND 👑 🌬🍃 IK is a beautiful support to PACHAMAMA – the power of SPIRIT coursing through the veins and meridians of our EARTH body. 🌐🌏 Communicating through the 5 elements and the nature kingdoms.
IK is supporting CABAN in guiding you to LISTEN to the whisperings of Spirit, through the Earth signs and synchronicities. Attuning to the natural rhythyms and flow of the Earth, through channeling Spirit through your hollow pure vessel. Bringing HEAVEN to EARTH and being the bridge for this DIVINE ESSENCE to overflow through your RADIANCE. Empowering others through the messages you receive, guiding us back home.
So much heavenly advice and POWER is prevalent today. Let IK’s wind navigate your ship⛵ in the right direction. Full steam ahead!
Aho beloved STAR🌟 BLISS 🐬SUNS 🌞– we are on course for NEW EARTH now! 🌈🌏
🌏☀🌱🙌🌹 🌎 ☀🌱🙌🌹🌍
OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: YELLOW SOLAR SEED 🌞🌱🌾🌻 KAN indicates the time is RIPE for new beginnings! Today we release into the world our Highest hopes for the future.
KAN’S superpower today is SOLAR 🌞 force meaning we can PULSE forth very strong INTENTIONS to fuel our evolutionary process. 🚂🚂🚂
It is time to SEED the NEW TIME, as the co creative potentials for growing awareness and SEEDing the New Earth paradigm permanently! All over the planet people have been setting their roots into the New Time, demanding change!
Today we feel the LIBERATION💥 of this energy as it takes hold in the collective consciousness… The STAR🌟 BLISS 🐬SUNS 🌞 can gather with unwavering focus on the collective feeling of what can be, what we can GROW into, and the ABUNDANCE that this planet can SPROUT for all beings.
The SOLAR SEED enables us to target a HIGH LEVEL of AWARENESS and AWAKENING, and pulse forth this wisdom ACTIVATING others to AWAKEN too. More R-EVOLUTIONARY energies!! The IMPETUS for BENEVOLENT CHANGE!
The emotional release of previously heavy, anchoring energies, allows for the levitation of all energies. rising upwards into a huge growth spurt for our collective awareness. 📈 As we vow to focus on the GROWTH of the greatest LIGHT on our planet, that we have ever seen…HALLELUJAH!! 🔥🌞✨
We can then all RADIATE🌞 as the STAR-SEEDS in one field, 🌻🌻🌻 reaching for the LIGHT of the SUN,🌞 thus becoming the SOLAR ☀LIGHT BEINGS of our Divine Destiny. 🎆
🌏☀🌱🙌🌹 🌎 ☀🌱🙌🌹🌍
CHALLENGE/GIFT: BLUE OVERTONE HAND 👑🙌 MANIK challenges us to HEAL OUR PAST, both personally, collectively and planetary. It is time to COMMAND progress – using the POWER of your renewed LIFE FORCE to fuel your evolution.
MANIK provides the means to access healing knowledge, and the wisdom needed to overcome any challenges to your growth. Allow the fingers of MANIK✋ to remove any thorns in your skin to allow more RADIANCE to flow through. ✨🖐✨
MANIK brings forth the gift of accomplishment, enabling us to accomplish GREAT healing, becoming WHOLE and EMPOWERED once more.
Moving beyond our own personal accomplishment, we can UNITE and step forth RADIATING the DREAMING of ABUNDANCE, for all souls on our beloved Pachamama! This COLLECTIVE WISH – is our COMMAND!
HER-STORY is in the making!! 📔🌎🌏🌎🌈
Today’s question is “What can I learn from the past, in order to EMPOWER myself, others and my world, so that we can all RADIATE as sovereign SOLAR beings?” ☀🌞🎆
We have a very beautiful and POWERFUL ancient code activated today, linking the past, present and future into this NOW wondrous moment of DIVINE MAJIK!
Namaste’ 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈




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