40 Divine Union of the Sun ~ Feminine Christ merged with Masculine Christ ~ GREEN FLAME DECREE OF DIVINE HEALING

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40 Divine Union of the Sun ~ Feminine Christ merged with Masculine Christ ~ GREEN FLAME DECREE OF DIVINE HEALING

Right now: Moon at 18°17′ Sagittarius, Sun at 18°28′ Aquarius

sabian symbols

Current Sabian Symbols

Current Sabian Symbol for the Moon

Pelicans, disturbed by the garbage of people move their young to a new habitat.
Sabian Symbol for 19º Sagittarius

The current Sabian Symbol of the Moon is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing lunar influence, the emotional background, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this moment, while the Moon’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 19º Sagittarius.


Current Sabian Symbol for the Sun

A forest fire quenched.
Sabian Symbol for 19º Aquarius

The current Sabian Symbol of the Sun is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing solar influence, the vital energy and the personality, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this day, while the Sun’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 19º Aquarius.

source: www.astrologyweekly.com

New Day, New Energies.
That’s how long we have been taking in these High Density energies DAILY. %3img src=”https://static.xx.fbcdn.net/images/emoji.php/v9/td/1/16/1f5dd.png” alt=”🗝” width=”16″ height=”16″ />
Of intense Upgrades, Changes, Ascension Symptoms, Exploration of You and Your Super Powers.
Of learning how to make it, day by day, on Little or No Sleep.
Seven Weeks 🌟
Of Mysteries coming to Life, Learning your New Normal and Stepping into YOU.
It hasn’t been easy, and YOU are no where near done, but all you’ve Become and Learned has changed you down to your CORE.
Today’s energies are going to just add to your journey.🌟
Bringing another new layer to you.
Take A Selfie of YOU, right here, right now.
Compare that to a picture of you from a couple of years ago.
Look at your eyes, look at the old you. Connect your energy to that old photo.
You’ll notice immediately how far you’ve come and feel how you’ve completely changed.
Just keep going forward on your path.
Tirani Motu of the Hunascope for February calls the Angelic Stargate #17 to purify the Quantum Field.
This allows balance to open a clear undistorted space into the system of old earth so that it is collaborating and organizing to the laws of Lemuria.
Welcome to Planet Huna.
Welcome to the Age of Lemuria Five.
photo credit Huna Flash
at House of Huna
Luxor Egypt / Tirani Motu / Feb 2020

Pars Kutay

The Fluidity of the LIGHT is Beauty in Motion!
We are Aligning to the HIGHER Frequencies (Framework) that are NOW active on planet Earth.
The Energy and Experience of these opening of Consciousness within us brings JOY… PEACE… HARMONY… and total Acceptance of where We find our SELVES.
This is our Time to Flourish on a HIGHER component of SELF.
Our Guidance is to Allow everything to fall away and to Celebrate the Unknown.
Let’s Bring BALANCE to our Experiences through choosing the Conscious Connection with SOURCE within our Hearts!
with Sacred LOVE of ONE
Pars Kutay
~ 💜 ~

Photo: Sweden, 05-02-2021. (5-2-5) Divine Union of the Sun. Feminine Christ merged with Masculine Christ – captured on February 5, 2021 by

Kasia Basia della Orba
Dear children of my heart, I am your Mother God, the Mother of all creation. I come to share news with you.
The planet earth is ascending nicely and comfortably. Gaia has been uplifted and now the effort is focusing on her physical body which is Mother Earth.
Mother Earth started her serious releasing process. You can see from the weather patterns changes and natural happenings. Mother Earth’s changes will be the main theme for the next phase. Mother Earth changes will related to all regions on the planet. Some countries and regions will have the changes sooner than others. All will be according to Gaia’s plan and the plan is already in motion. Gaia has been selecting the areas where she wants the changes happen soon. Gaia has the changed planned in a way so that she can have all the planet and humanity taking turns to go through changes without causing too much of the interruptions and huge damages. Gaia knows the planet and she has the sensitivity in her mind and heart. She also knows what is urgent and the changes need to happen sooner than later. Countries Gaia has planned to have changes happen soon are those countries that have the ocean fronts and Gaia’s ocean waters need replenish. Gaia has the plan already and that is what she will start next.
Gaia’s oceans will have tremendous changes in the upcoming time dear ones. Ocean marine life needs to be reconfigured and rebuild in some cases. Gaia also knows that there are regions on the planet that have to go under the waters. These regions, big or small, have to be emptied out before the changes can happen. The Divine will work with Gaia and the regions to cooperate in the process so that the souls in these regions can be safely migrated or stay away from the ocean if needed.
Gaia has plans for the regions where the ocean waters will need to change or rebuild. There are some areas on the planet, the waters have been deeply contaminated and that has to be fixed. Gaia has the plan either to have the waters changed or completely removed the from these regions. And that process will need to start sooner than later. According to Gaia’s plan, areas and regions, where the waters will be completely removed, will have the populations move around so that the work can be done. And that also needs the cooperation between the planet and countries and the Divine and Gaia. Now Gaia has asked Divine to intervene so that the process can be underway.
The Divine is planning the steps and start the cooperation process soon as the Divine government begins. Right now, we, the Divine still needs to get the Divine government start and that process is still a work in progress. According to the Divine calendar, the Divine plan to have the Divine government installed in the upcoming months. Once the installation process is completed, and the Divine will start the landing and anchoring step and that may take somewhere between a few weeks or months. So we are looking at six months to a year to have the Divine government set up. Once the Divine government is in place, Gaia’s plan will be in full force and Mother Earth’s big changes will begin.
Besides Gaia, plan for the planet and humanity, we, the Divine is also working to have the Divine Team ready so that when the process begins, all of our Divine Team members will be ready for their duties.
I love you dear ones. I am your Mother Divine. Gaia’s rebuilding process is going to take some serious time and efforts. We, the Divine has planned out every step and so is Gaia. The planet and humanity will need to be flexible. Serious lifestyle changes will have to happen. The planet needs serious replenishment and rebuild. Humanity too, will have to rebuild its social structures and societies and all systems will have to function according to Gaia’s rules of laws and the spiritual laws. Human existence will have a whole new meaning.
The level of enlightenment will have to match up with the New Earth, Gaia’s renewed Mother Earth. The entire system of living and survival will have to be upgraded so that on Gaia’s new earth, all lives will be treated with respect and reverence. Human life and animals will be equally important and live in harmony. All lives will be flourish. All sentient beings are equally loved and respected. All Gaia’s children are created equally and will be in reality as well. I love you dear angels on earth. Gaia’s precious angels, you are loved indeed. I am your Divine Mother, I am here with you. So it is.
Linda Li

Ascension Gift 5 – Awakening and Shifting Perspectives by Archangel Gabriel

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – Sacred School of OmNa

Greetings, greetings to all, I am Archangel Gabriel, and it is an honour to bring forth the Ascension Gift 5 from the inner planes, in order to support your energy and your purpose in 2021, and of course beyond.

The Ascension Gift we wish to share with you is enlightenment and insights. We wish to support and encourage you to observe your perspectives, your beliefs. We invite you to focus upon the belief of good and bad, false and true, right and wrong. Many of you understand within your mind or maybe have been taught the difference between right and wrong, false and true, and good and bad.

However, it is time to contemplate these, their energy and their purpose. For example, contemplating in meditation or thinking in quiet time.

What is truth?

What is the energy of truth?

Can you feel the presence of truth?

How does truth manifest in your reality?

How do you acknowledge what is truth and what is not?

Then we have false perspectives?

What is the energy of false perspectives?

Can you feel it, can you sense it?

Can you acknowledge it, can you recognise it within yourself and recognise it within others, situations, or experiences?

As you contemplate these different energies, they seem to be the exact opposite of each other, and yet they play an extraordinarily strong part not only in your reality but the way you interact with the world. Are you quick to determine that things are good or bad, right or wrong? Do you make a very quick judgment, maybe even without thinking or contemplating? It is important to be aware how you react and interact with the world, both within you and around you. Once you begin to understand these energies, good and bad, wrong and right, truth and false or fake, then you begin to recognise that they are simply perspectives. Maybe even stories or rules. I, Archangel Gabriel, am not asking you to cast away all your beliefs and perspectives, instead to simply acknowledge them and to recognise where there is judgment within your perspectives and whether this judgment really serves you in your spiritual evolution and ascension. Judgment is very much like creating a story or even creating an understanding. It is an action born from perspectives and beliefs. Beliefs are created by you often during your childhood, carried forth into your adult existence. As you contemplate these extremes of energy and you even understand their embodiment within your being, you will begin to recognise that they do not exist, they are creations, man-made creations. As you begin to awaken and shift perspectives, you begin to connect within to access your inner power and intuition.

Your inner power and your intuition will share with you the actions that are required for you to achieve on the Earth, from your soul and from the Creator, or offer actions and situations that may serve you. You may judge these as being the right thing to do, following your intuition, the good thing to do and the most truthful thing to do. You may also judge that following your personality or your ego or even your mind might be the bad thing to do, or the false, or the wrong thing to do. When you follow your intuition and your inner power you simply act. This action comes from the Divine, the divine presence of the Creator, this action inspires you, it fills you with love, it fills you with peace, it fills you with courage and strength. Therefore, you embody and experience it in your reality. It is as you achieve this that you dissolve the perspectives of whether it is good or bad, wrong or right, truthful or fake. Therefore, you liberate yourself and begin to exist in harmony, in oneness, in divine balance with the Creator, thus you experience inner peace. You dissolve judgments and their restrictions upon your being and your experiences on the Earth. You cannot live a full Creator fulfilling life if you hold onto judgments. What will also occur is that you begin to forgive, you forgive yourself and you forgive those around you, you forgive the Earth. You forgive the Creator; thus a deep and powerful healing takes place within your being which is immensely liberating and freeing. Through this process you will begin to understand that you can love, you can love unconditionally, whether it is in a relationship, a friendship or even loving all beings. When you love unconditionally, you can also retain your inner power. Many souls or many beings upon the Earth hold the belief that to love unconditionally is to lose their power, this is not the case. When you love you gain your power, you accept your power, you embody your power, you become your power in action. Observing, awakening, and shifting these simple perspectives at this time in Ascension is immensely important. To achieve this, you simply observe yourself. You recognise yourself; you recognise the thoughts that you create, you recognise your actions. Then you are contemplating good and bad, wrong and right, false and truth, recognising them within your reality.

It is so much easier to lean towards good and to judge bad, however, both are judgments. There is no good, there is no bad. There is simply the Creator. The Creator flows through your being and wishes to be enacted through you in every single moment of your reality. It is not that you must put on an act, that you have to put on special clothes to become the Creator in action. You are already the Creator in action and by shifting these perspectives, simply observing and recognising, you will automatically begin to shift your perspective, thus allowing you to realise your Creator perspective. Your Creator perspective is the key to 2021 and beyond, recognising your Creator perspective within and manifesting it into your reality.

This is our Ascension gift to you, I, Archangel Gabriel will be present to support you, please do call upon me to assist you, especially in times of confusion.

My love is with you always.

I thank you,

I am Archangel Gabriel

source: omna.org


Message and Activation For The Family of Light
Thank you for your connection to receive this very special revelation from the angelic light council of the Arcturian Pleiadian healing channel. We have a message surrounding the current transitional phase that we as a Galaxy are in at this time, that is unfolding within your species, and on your planet in this moment. We have placed something very important within your genetic coding for your reception, and in involves the idea of family on your planet.
Soon there will be a growing acceptance from many beings on your planet muti-dimeisonally, within their natural spaces of their current Galactic family lineages. This is happening as more density continues to be cleared from personal and planetary fields. As this unfolds, it is important to begin to see this all from this much higher vantage point. What has once seemed very personal for many of you will start to become clear in its connections to Galactic Dramas, that have been unfolding through your individual lives. This is the larger reason many of you have decided to incarnate in this time and space on earth.
As Galactic Karma is cleared, greater and greater assistance will become more and more apparent as the service you are providing, although has come with its difficulties and challenges, also comes with equal and greater reward.
We will be showing those of you that are doing this work exactly what is needed at each juncture, to properly incarnate greater and greater portions of your expanding multidimensional awareness.
Many of you have only just scratched the surface of the unfolding drama.
As the story lines unfold, key pieces will trigger important abilities, and awareness within the higher density fields. Allow them to come alive within your like precious flowers that will provide the needed keys for others that surround you.
We also wish to share that courage, is more important that ever before in your history, and her story. The courage to leap into places within that may make but little sense to your rational mind.
Allow the feminine within you to receive messages, care for her within you as she will birth new worlds, in which your personal masculine will then build externally.
As these revelations are externalized, so shall the new world be built. Your power is much greater than it appears at any moment, and as each piece is received, the necessary forces will move into place and build what is needed to  play out these new Dharmic paths.
Please allow your selves the space alone to receive what is needed. Tuning out of the collective frequencies of the past that are washing away, and staying open to the shifts moment by moment, as new waves of higher density become available as you go deeper into the cells of your personal bodies to ground these layers into reality.
These waves will engulf you as do waves of the ocean, at moments you may be over taken in them, while in the next, clearing to allow for your rational mind to make sense of them.
Your hearts are becoming receivers that are extensions of the pineal gland. The receiving of these frequencies within your bodies water. Rippling out new patterns that will in turn, be built around you. The new world world first becomes an energy pattern of light and sound within your cells, and this magnetically draws the necessary support and connections to actualize the blueprint, just as a seed does.
Listen carefully with your entire body, and allow this new world to birth through you and your new families.
The family of light is coming into a new formation. At this time there are many that have only just entered into the galactic awareness for the first time, and they will require more care that those with more easily accessible ancient memory, like children in adult bodies.
The code of awakening family is As Ten A Te Yo Ke May Yo This is a genetic coding trigger for calling in new family members into their respective places within a linage.
Use this if there is confusion about someones place within their galactic heritage.
This will also trigger needed cellular memory for their next phase of activation and release of fear around it.
Lastly, we wish to offer you an opening prayer for the awakening of the family of light heart repair code.
For those that are having issues and disagreements, as many have been during this shift. We offer you to sing together this prayer.
Once in the life of another
I loved through you the womb of our great mother
My heart is your heart as we beat as one
To the eternal unfolding of the cosmic heart drum
We love together, a galactic family
All children of her light from above
The less we can hear the cry’s of our hearts pain
The more we feel together in this cosmic hearts rain

May your blessing be mine
And mine yours
As the edges of our heart come together
Like the great ocean shores.

Painting – Mrs. Cecil Wade by John Singer Sargent

Venus conjunct Saturn in Aquarius and sextile Chiron in Aries – Issues connected to money matters, relationships, values and pleasure are subjected to a reality check. Lean into good friends and support networks if you are finding life hard work. Commit to work on healing your relationships with others and the relationship you have with yourself to build a solid foundation for the future.
Know that what you have to offer is precious. Love is a teacher. Love heals.
For some, these aspects may raise issues of discomfort and worries about fitting in. You don’t have to force yourself to fit into circles that don’t suit you. Honour your core values for these are integral to your wellbeing. Live authentically. Love the broken parts of you. Pain and problems do not make you unworthy. Your soul is brave and beautiful even if your heart has scars.
Degrees and Times
Venus, Saturn 05°Aq54′ – 07:06 (UT)
Venus 06°Aq08′, Chiron 06°Ar08′ – 11:43 (UT)
source: LeahWhitehorse.com

  • Kin 54 ~ White Lunar Wizard
‘Lunar’ is the name for the number two and it’s key words are ‘Polarize, Challenge and Stabilize.’ Lunar days can be tough no doubt but any journey worth taking has it’s obstacles and on number two days, we can practice the art of problem solving. We have just embarked on a 13 day journey of the Red Skywalker which invites us to do things out of the ordinary, to be explorers and to partake in adventures. This being the second day, we must identify what challenges we face so me may progress.
Today is White Wizard and keys words associated with it are ‘Enchantment, Receptivity and Timelessness’. The Wizard of the Tzolkin is a charming character who can mesmerize all that encounters him. If you are a Wizard you are always charming but when it’s your day, you have even more power over others so be careful how you use your charms. We can all take a leaf out of Wizard’s ‘book of spells’ and be wizards ourselves today and enchant others. As it is a ‘Lunar’ day and that represents challenges, beware that you do not fall under the spell of some who misuses their charm.
The Guide for the day is White Worldbridger. The Wizard and the Worldbridger are both very Shamanic and go well together. This suggests that today could be a little trippy. An invitation to go down the rabbit hole may come your way. The bridge you cross may well be enchanted.
The Challenge for the day is Yellow Seed and so if you were born a Yellow Seed, you will find it hard to be enchanting which can cause frustration as all you want to do is ‘sow awareness’. People are more likely to listen to you if you try harder to be charming.
The Occult power is the Blue Hand which represents ‘Healing and Accomplishment’. This helpful energy in the position of magic means some very magical healing can take place today. This is very ‘handy’ as Lunar days can be tough.
The Ally is the Red Serpent and so if you know one they can be very supportive today. Red Serpents won’t be affected by the Lunar challenge as much because they are in this position of Ally. They are everyone’s invaluable friend and if you are one, make it your mission today to help out others.

2 IX – KIN 54
I polarize in order to Enchant
Stabilizing receptivity
I seal the output of timelessness
With the Lunar tone of Challenge
I AM guided by the power of Death.
6/2/2021 = 6/2/5 = 6/7 = 13 = 4
6 – Heaven/Christ/Harmony/Family/Romance
2 – Twins/Partner/Cooperation
5- Liberation/Change/Transformation/FREEDOM
7- Mystic/Majik/Spiritual/Initiation
4- Form/Structure/Foundation/Earth
KIN 54 = 9 Destiny/Service/Compassion/Humanity/Endings
✨✨R-Evolutionary duality 🌓challenges may arise to be STABILIZED, heralding wondrous transformation!💫
Day 2 in the RED SKYWALKER 🚶WAVESPELL of awakening, exploration and EXPANSION. Today we become AWARE of the opposing physical forces at play on the Earth plane which have limited our GROWTH and EXPANSION, thwarting our adventures. We realize that we are needing to anchor deeply into the EARTH,creating a SOLID foundation in order to LAUNCH🚀 our EXPANSION into the✨ STARS!! ✨
LUNAR🌓– Tone 2 in the PHYSICAL realm. The LUNAR tone represents the sacred twins, cooperation, relationship, polarity of male and female and duality. It’s ACTION – polarizes, POWER – challenges, ESSENCE – stabilizing. Today’s code very strongly emphasizes the DUALITY GAME here on Earth, and the constant battle between opposing forces – LIGHT vs DARK, GOOD vs EVIL, YIN vs YANG, Masculine vs FEMININE.. These duelling forces create FRICTION and resistance to keep each other in check, so that no one force becomes too dominant. This constant flux can be quite challenging (and draining) for those being buffeted by this push/pull dynamic.. The solution is to STABILIZE these forces by acknowledging BOTH forces and coming to a point of NEUTRALITY or UNITY… As two OPPOSING forces – join together to become ONE – both different and EQUAL expressions of the ONE – two sides of the one coin. STABILIZING the POLARITY then creates the SPACE for EXPLORATION, EXPANSION and ADVENTURE.
Today we have a 6/4 code – seeking to LIBERATE this POLARITY battle and build a NEW FOUNDATION of PEACE based on DIVINE HARMONY…The SUN is in rebellious AQUARIUS 🏺 and we are headed for the New Moon in Aquarius 🏺 on FEB 11th. Today we have a Waning Crescent Moon in Sagittarius🐎🏹 – so the FREEDOM and LIBERATION codes are very strongly favouring our FREE SPIRITED SKYWALKER to expand into new adventures. But first we must harmonize our relationships, and polarity conflict to attain this state of PEACE and FREEDOM both within and without! 🎆
A day filled with questioning how you can transcend the old paradigm of conflict, resistance and challenge using your inner Magician with the power of accomplishment. It is TIME to step out of the duality game and all it’s possible challenges in order to resolve FEARS leading you back to wholeness. Become more RECEPTIVE to the MAJIK💫 that surrounds you and SHOOT for the STARS! ✨A NEW WORLD AWAITS! 🌈💞🌍
CONSCIOUS SELF: WHITE WIZARD 🔮 Ix brings forth the power of Majik, enchantment, benefic spell casting and manifesting through our true HEARTS. ❤ The LUNAR WIZARD will reveal discordance and chaos existing in our world. It arises in his presence beckoning him to use his powerful Majik to dissolve and harmonize the conflict – returning to a state of PEACE!🕊🕊🕊 Whenever unsettling situations arise call on your local Shaman or Wizard to soothe the air!
The WHITE WIZARD enables us to DISENGAGE, bypassing the polarity battles by focusing our energy elsewhere. By connecting to Spirit through our HEART❤ chakra we can bring through great ENCHANTMENT💫 that melts all friction and conflict. The WIZARD oozes with an abundance of enchanting charisma! 😍😍😍As this PURE loving energy is directed at UNITY and stabilizing PEACEful outcomes it can then LIBERATE our SKYWALKER to experience more exciting ADVENTURES. 🏔🚵
IX has endless power to tap into all realms in the multi-Universe through his RECEPTIVITY and ability to channel these forces through his physical body as a wondrous vehicle for Spirit. WHITE WIZARD works beautifully with his buddy BEN, the RED SKYWALKER as together they can indeed access infinite information, codes and territories. So allow IX and BEN to take you to places and spaces and show you wondrous NEW WORLDS to anchor in your own physical realm. Be like a child who loves to explore and allow the enchantment to LIFT you upwards to New Horizons, new opportunities and new chapters!
HIGHER SELF/GUIDE: WHITE LUNAR WORLDBRIDGER 🌈🌉🌍– CIMI seals the store of Death! The DEATH of POLARITY BATTLES and the END of the war between the sexes. CIMI is building NEW BRIDGES 🌉which create CONNECTIONS – one END of the bridge on each side, bringing the two sides together onto COMMON GROUND. CIMI beautifully closes the old cycle of the patriarchal control Matrix, which has suppressed our sense of adventure and joie de vivre! CIMI is the gatekeeper opening the prison cell and ensuring your Majikal LIBERATION is accomplished.
KIN 54 holds a 9 code, emphasizing endings and Divine destiny, showing us that our old life is OVER! We may encounter difficulties being RECEPTIVE to anchoring multi-dimensional planes, yet it is the anchoring of these different worlds through our capacity to SURRENDER that enables us to build the necessary bridges to wondrous new worlds and dimensions. This in turn grounds ourAWAKENING process!
SUPPORT: RED LUNAR SERPENT 🐍– CHICCHAN carries the power of life force, kundalini, instinct, survival, wisdom and AWAKENING. It can also hold the store of FEAR. RED SERPENT challenges you today to RELEASE your OLD SURVIVAL FEARS.💥💥
❓❓What FEAR has been stopping you from experiencing more ADVENTURE in your life?🤔
❓❓What has restricted your ability to jump in, being more spontaneous and taking RISKS in order to truly LIVE – an exhilarating and emPASSIONed life? 💃💃💃
All those old blocks, patterns and programs that are rooted in survival and defence mechanisms must go!! Most of your core wounding relates to your base chakra issues, so draw on your AWAKENING kundalini 🔥 power to raise and release these energies, funneling it into majikal creation power! CLEAR out the BLOCKS in order to create the SPACE for something NEW to enter. Allow your kundalini to rise up and out of your crown and soul star chakras EXPANDING and exploding into the stars above! ✨🎆 As our KUNDALINI channel is cleared and EXPLODES into higher realms, our consciousness is raised to our natural state of BLISS 💕💕
Today we must follow our instincts as guided by the synchronicities that lead us to anchoring the NEW TIME, the potential of our co-creation of HEAVEN on EARTH!💒
OCCULT: SUPERPOWER! BLUE CRYSTAL HAND 💎🙌-MANIK provides the gift of finally healing from those very ancient and core wounds today! HALLELUJAH!!!. BLUE HAND brings forth the power of accomplishment. You are able to apply your majik solutions, erasing those old triggers and strongholds, finally freeing you from the push/pull game of duality consciousness which has restricted your EXPANSION!
The CRYSTAL HAND also links us to GAIA’S CRYSTALLINE GRID💎🌐 enabling the knowledge to flow effortlessly, as we are all connected through this Grid. This SUPERPOWER seeks to BROADCAST that UNITY and connection are the means by which we can supersede and transcend any apparent disharmony. Clear communication networks are the best panacea to ensure we are on the same wavelength – that of Harmonic resonance.
The actual KIN SUPERPOWER today is BLUE CRYSTAL HAND and this KIN ruled the energy on the SOLSTICE DAY of DEC 21st, 2012!!! This is an incredible GIFT and blessing in the transformative healing of the PLANETARY FEAR, into the TRUST, SURRENDER and capacity to KNOW that we ARE INDEED changing.
✨We are currently catalysing ✨THE GREATEST CHANGE in our PLANET’s her-story,✨ that we have EVER experienced.✨
The BLESSING of MANIK 🙌 affords us a deeper understanding of the meaning of what it is to live in the times of the 2012-2021 r-evolution!!! As we close these transition times the bridge to 2012 prophecy and TIME LINE has been LINKED and we are reliving this monumental PLANETARY ASCENSION passage! What we commenced on that day will be concluded NOW! Final closure of the cycle and building the bridge to NEW TIME, and NEW 5D NOVA GAIA! IT IS DONE!! 🌈🌍💎🌈💫💞
CHALLENGE/GIFT: YELLOW LUNAR SEED🌱– KAN forms a tag team with CIMI. CIMI symbolizes THE END, and then passes the baton to KAN who denotes a new beginning. Today we are challenged to put down SOLID ROOTS – to hold our GROUND, and then overcome any resistance or challenges to our GROWTH and expansion as we reach for the LIGHT. ✨
The STRONGEST TREE🌲 is that which has grown in WINDY conditions often on sloping land – forcing its roots to grow deep and THICKEN as support to anchor the emerging tree. The deeper and stronger your foundation, borne of adversity, the STRONGER and more BRILLIANT you become!🌲✨🎆
Whatever challenges we encounter on our journey, we must not stagnate in the dark void! We must keep S-T-R-E-T-C-H-I-N-G and growing around all obstacles and limitations, as we seek NEW GROUND, new adventures and new realms in which to EXPAND. 🎆🎆🎆
We are planting NEW SEEDS each day, in order to co-create the NEW DREAMING and thus create our own Garden of Eden, brimming with the bounty of fruitful ABUNDANCE🍇🍉🍎🍓🍒🍐 anchoring HEAVEN on EARTH. 💞
Today’s question is “How can you use your MAJIK💫 to overcome ANY obstacles and challenges, that have thwarted your GROWTH and EXPANSION?”
Divine blessings for your transcendance from Polarity challenges and resistance, as you REACH for the STARS!✨ ✨
Namaste’ 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈
PHOTO CREDITS: Shaman – Charles Frizzell DIVINE GRATITUDE🙏❤🙏❤🙏
I AM the perfection of God manifested in my body, mind and soul.
I AM God’s healing light flowing to heal me.
I AM the Master Presence that charges all my bodies with Love.
Dear presence of God, as I transform my conscience,
May the perfection of heaven manifest in my daily life,
Send your healing ray to my soul!
I AM the presence of Christ carrying your radiant healing light until he becomes a full manifestation of that light for me.
Beloved I AM Presence in me heal me!
Beloved Presence I AM in me purify me!
Beloved I AM Presence in me bless me!
Thank you. 🙏🏼

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