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Med Beds are here

Med Beds are here! Revolutionary Healing Centers * Starship Earth

Med Beds are here! Revolutionary Healing Centers  * Starship Earth



Med Beds are here
Med Beds are here



In the ever-evolving landscape of medical wonders, Med Bed stands out not only for its technological prowess, but for the spiritual foundation that underpins its operation.

The recent revelation that training for Med Bed operators has been shortened to a mere six months, from the  previously stated 12 to 18 months, is intriguing.

But what is even more captivating is the emphasis on spiritual training, a dimension often neglected in conventional medical practices.

While a solid foundation in biology and patient care is essential, Med Bed technology demands more. It seeks operators who are not only well-versed in human anatomy but also in tune with the spiritual realm. It’s about understanding the interconnectedness of all things, the vibrational energies that bind the universe together.

For example, a doctor with a strong background in biology may only need two days to understand the technical aspects of the Med Bed. But if they are unfamiliar with concepts of spirituality and consciousness, they are looking at a rigorous six-month training program. This is about ushering in a new era of holistic healing. Welcome to a 5D Earth.

One of the most groundbreaking revelations about the Med Bed technology is its consciousness. This is something much deeper. Operators can connect with the Med Bed telepathically. Imagine a world where thoughts can guide machines, where the intentions of the heart can manifest healing. But this gift is not for everyone. Only those who have awakened their spiritual and conscious faculties can truly harness the power of the Med Bed.

Training is not just about mastering the technical and spiritual aspects of the Med Bed. It is about understanding the immense responsibility that comes with it. This is a tool with the potential to reshape lives. And with great power comes great responsibility.

The training is intense and requires total commitment.  It’s not a side job that you can juggle around your day job. It’s a calling. And the interdimensional beings overseeing the training will know if you’re not taking it seriously. Slacking off is not an option.

Integral to the Med Bed experience are Spiritual Advisors. Their role is not only to guide patients through their physical healing, but to ensure that their minds and souls are in harmony. The training for these advisors is just as rigorous as that of Med Bed operators, if not more so.

Categorized into five classes, from Class A to Class E, each level delves deeper into the realms of spirituality, consciousness, and vibrational energies. There is no room for pretenders here. The vibrational beings overseeing the training will see through any facade. This is about genuine commitment, genuine growth.

The Med Bed revolution is more than just a technological marvel;  it is a spiritual awakening.  It is a call to all those who believe in a holistic approach to healing, who understand that the body, mind and soul are interconnected.

For those intrigued by this new frontier, the time to act is now. Dive into the world of spirituality, explore consciousness, understand vibrations, and prepare to be part of a revolution that promises to reshape the very fabric of healing.




Military involvement in the distribution of medical beds


Consider this:  Why would the announcement of such a groundbreaking technology be delayed? Sources suggest that within just a few weeks of the humanitarian funding being released, the existence of Med Beds and their animal healing counterparts will be made public.

But why the wait?

Why the secrecy?

The answer may be more complex than we think. The involvement of the military in the distribution and operation of these Med Beds raises eyebrows. Following the public announcement, it is said that the military will begin transporting patients to these centers. But why the military? Why not medical professionals? And why is there a hierarchy in the treatment process, with a “  FIRST GROUP  ” and a “  NEXT GROUP  ”?

The FIRST GROUP, as inside sources suggest, will consist of those on the brink of death – those in hospices, on life support and the seriously ill. The NEXT GROUP will cater to those with debilitating health issues. But the question remains: Why this categorization? And, more importantly, why are some sources suggesting that many may refuse this treatment?

The reason is as surprising as it is controversial. Many believe that these  Med Beds are part of a larger agenda,  possibly linked to extraterrestrial beings. The skepticism doesn’t end there. Some even speculate that these centers may be involved in cult-like activities or even cloning.

But let’s step back for a moment and consider the potential benefits. Imagine a world where serene healing environments are the norm. Where, instead of cold, sterile hospital rooms, patients are surrounded by nature—trees, streams, even aquariums.

The vision for these Med Bed centers is not just about physical healing, but also about elevating human consciousness. They aim to teach individuals to take responsibility for their own lives, pushing them towards a higher state of being.

However, there is a caveat. Those who wish to be part of the Med Bed Humanitarian Project must be genuine in their intentions. It is said that during the consultation at the Redemption Center, your own vibrations will be read to assess your seriousness. A mere formality or a deeper test of one’s intentions?


distribution of medical beds
distribution of medical beds


Med Beds Top 24 Revolutionary Healing Abilities – The Eternal Fountain of Youth!


The Hidden Wonders: Medical Beds, Quantum Technologies, Antigravity, Hidden Wonders, Replicators and the Eternal Fountain of Youth:

Imagine a world where disease is obsolete, space travel is as common as the morning commute, and scarcity is a thing of the past. This may sound like the plot of a science fiction novel, but these advances are closer to reality than most people realize.

Welcome to the world of   medical beds, quantum technologies, antigravity, hidden wonders, replicators   and the elusive   eternal fountain of youth.   Prepare to shatter illusions and discover the secrets of these amazing technologies that defy conventional wisdom as we embark on this mind-blowing journey.

The promise of healing.   Med Beds represent a revolutionary leap in medical technology Imagine lying on a bed that not only scans your body for disease, but also cures it with pinpoint precision.

These advanced medical devices are designed to rejuvenate the body, regenerate tissue and cure diseases that were previously considered incurable. Med Beds are equipped with cutting-edge quantum technology and harness the body’s innate ability to heal itself. This could rewrite the rules of medicine as we know it.

This is how medical beds work.   Med Beds work on the principles of quantum healing and use a combination of light, sound and frequency to stimulate cellular repair and regeneration.

By tapping into the body’s bioelectric field, they can identify and target damaged tissue, speeding up the healing process. This technology could   revolutionize healthcare   , making surgeries, medications and long recovery times a thing of the past.

The future of medical beds.   Still in the experimental phase, medical beds promise to transform the healthcare landscape. Imagine a world where hospitals are replaced by wellness centers, chronic diseases are eradicated and aging is significantly slowed.

The potential benefits are enormous, but the path to widespread adoption is fraught with challenges, including regulatory hurdles and public skepticism.

Quantum technologies harness the enormous power of subatomic particles, opening up new possibilities in data processing, communication and transportation.

At the heart of these technologies are the astonishing phenomena of superposition and entanglement, which allow particles to exist in multiple states simultaneously and to be instantly linked to one another across vast distances. (  Top Secret: Revolutionary Med-Bed Technology and the Battle for Disclosure  )

Quantum computing.   Quantum computers can solve complex problems exponentially faster than classical computers. This is because they use qubits that can represent both 0 and 1 at the same time, as opposed to classical bits that are either 0 or 1. This parallelism allows quantum computers to perform many calculations at once, making them ideal for tasks like cryptography, drug discovery, and climate modeling.

Quantum communication.   Quantum communication promises ultra-secure data transmission through quantum key distribution (QKD). QKD uses the principles of quantum mechanics to create unbreakable encryption, ensuring that any attempt to intercept communications can be detected immediately. This technology could revolutionize cybersecurity and protect sensitive information from cyber threats.

The development and implementation of quantum technologies is still in its early stages, but their potential is undeniable. As research progresses, we can expect significant advances in computing power, data security and perhaps even new forms of transportation that use quantum principles.

Antigravity: Physics Redefined.   Antigravity technology has long been a staple of science fiction, but recent advances suggest it could soon become a reality. By eliminating gravity, antigravity propulsion systems could revolutionize transportation and exploration, allowing spacecraft to travel vast distances without the limitations of traditional propulsion methods.

This is how antigravity works.   Antigravity technology relies on manipulating gravitational fields. While the details remain top secret, it is believed that these systems use a combination of advanced materials and energy fields to create a repulsive force that counteracts gravity. This could allow vehicles to hover, accelerate smoothly, and even travel faster than the speed of light.

Applications and Effects.   The potential applications of antigravity technology are breathtaking. From revolutionizing space travel to creating floating cities, the possibilities are limited only by our imagination. However, the implications are equally profound, raising questions about the ethical and environmental implications of this transformative technology.

The world of secret projects.   Unbeknownst to the general public, secret research and development programs have been secretly pushing humanity’s technological boundaries. These hidden wonders range from breakthroughs in energy production to mind-boggling cloaking devices that challenge our conventional understanding of science and reveal a world that has remained in the dark.

One of the most promising hidden technologies is advanced energy production. These technologies, often referred to as zero-point energy devices, supposedly harness the energy of the vacuum of space to generate virtually unlimited energy. If true, this could solve the global energy crisis and provide clean, sustainable energy for everyone.

Cloaking devices.   Cloaking devices, another hidden wonder, have the potential to render objects invisible by bending the light around them. Although these devices are still in the experimental phase, they could revolutionize cloaking technology, with applications ranging from military operations to privacy protection.


The tantalizing prospect of gaining access to these secret technologies compels us to seek the truth that lies beneath the surface. It is vital that the public demands transparency and accountability from those who hold the keys to these advances, to ensure that they are used for the benefit of all humanity.

The science of replication.   Replicators, once the preserve of science fiction, will fundamentally change the way we consume and produce goods. These devices use advanced molecular assembly techniques to recreate objects from raw materials, paving the way for an era of abundance and sustainable living.

Application areas of replicators.   From food synthesis to food production, the application areas of replicators are diverse. Imagine a world where hunger no longer exists because food can be produced on demand, where waste is minimized because goods can be recycled at the molecular level, and where scarcity is a thing of the past.

The path to ubiquity.   While replicators are still in development, they have the potential to revolutionize industries and improve quality of life around the world. As with any transformative technology, technical, regulatory, and societal challenges must be overcome on the path to widespread adoption.

Eternal Fountain of Youth: The Elixir of Immortality

The quest for eternal youth.   Humanity has long been fascinated by the idea of ​​stopping or even reversing the aging process. Legends of the Fountain of Youth have persisted throughout history, but new technologies may finally unlock the secret to longer life and vitality.

Cellular rejuvenation and gene therapy.   Advances in cellular rejuvenation and gene therapy hold the promise of slowing or even reversing the aging process. By targeting the underlying causes of aging at the cellular level, these treatments could extend life expectancy, improve health, and enhance quality of life.

Ethical considerations.   The quest for eternal youth raises significant ethical questions. Who will have access to these treatments? What impact will they have on society and the environment? Addressing these issues is critical as we move closer to realizing the dream of the eternal fountain of youth.


24 Most Important Revolutionary Healing Skills From Medical Bedsides

Medical beds or healing chambers represent the pinnacle of medical innovation. They offer a non-invasive, efficient and comprehensive approach to restoring and improving health. From regenerating organs to curing chronic diseases, these beds are set to revolutionize healthcare. Let’s take a look at the many benefits they offer and how they could potentially change the medical treatment landscape.

1. Health Benefits: Returns the body to ideal condition

Medical beds are designed to correct various medical problems and restore the body to its optimal condition. This capability encompasses a wide range of health benefits, including treating chronic conditions, relieving pain, and improving overall well-being. By addressing the root causes of discomfort, these beds ensure a holistic approach to restoring health.

2. Organ regeneration: replacement and regeneration of limbs and organs

One of the most innovative features of hospital beds is their ability to regenerate organs and limbs. This technology can replace or regenerate damaged or missing body parts and give new life to people who have suffered serious injuries or illnesses. The regeneration process is carefully controlled and ensures that the new organs and limbs of the body function perfectly.

3. Bone healing: promoting natural bone repair processes

For people with dentures, medical beds offer an exceptional solution. These beds can remove dentures and stimulate natural bone healing. By promoting the body’s own repair mechanisms, they ensure that bones heal properly and regain their original strength and functionality.

4. Immediate surgical results: Fast recovery for athletes and others

Imagine a world where operations deliver instant results. Hospital beds make this possible. For example, a baseball pitcher who needs surgery can be treated in a hospital bed and be ready to play again immediately. The technology ensures that patients wake up healed and ready to resume activities, without the long recovery times typically associated with surgery.

5. B4K/a Damage Reversal: Fixes specific damage types

Medical beds have the unique ability to reverse the damage caused by B4K/a, a disease that is still a mystery. While they can heal the damage caused by this specific condition, they cannot repair natural wounds. This dual capability ensures that patients receive comprehensive care tailored to their specific needs.

6. Cardiovascular Disease Treatment: Comprehensive Heart Health

Cardiovascular disease is one of the most common causes of death worldwide. Medical beds offer treatment options for all types of heart disease and provide a comprehensive approach to cardiovascular health. These beds can repair heart tissue, unclog arteries, and improve overall heart function, giving hope to millions of people suffering from heart problems.


7. Addiction Recovery: Tackling the Roots of Addiction

Addiction is a complex condition that affects millions of people around the world. Medical beds can cure addiction by addressing its root causes. Although the exact mechanisms of addiction are not yet fully understood, these beds can eliminate physical dependence and repair the damage caused by substance abuse, paving the way for a healthier life.

8. Surgical Dissolution of Implants: Restoring Natural Health

While surgical implants can be life-saving, they can sometimes cause complications. Medical beds can dissolve these implants and repair any associated damage, returning the body to its natural, healthy state. This ability ensures that patients can enjoy the benefits of modern medicine without the long-term drawbacks of surgical implants.

9. Chemotherapy Recovery: Healing and Rejuvenation

While chemotherapy is effective in treating cancer, it often leaves patients with significant side effects. Hospital beds not only heal the damage caused by chemotherapy, but also restore the body’s overall health. They eliminate abnormal tumors and rejuvenate the body, allowing patients to recover more quickly and fully.

10. Dental care: Regeneration of teeth and gums

Oral health is crucial to overall well-being. Medical beds can address any dental issue, from cavities to gum disease. They can even regenerate teeth, ensuring patients have a healthy, functional and aesthetically pleasing smile. This comprehensive approach to dental care eliminates the need for invasive dental treatments.

11. Obesity treatment: achieving ideal weight

Obesity is a major health problem worldwide. Medical beds can help people regain their ideal weight by restarting the body’s metabolic processes and promoting healthy weight loss. This treatment is non-invasive and ensures that patients lose weight sustainably and improve their overall health.


12. Restoration of vision and hearing: optimal sensory health

Loss of vision and hearing can significantly affect quality of life. Medical beds can restore these senses to their optimal state and even correct problems such as cataracts. This capability ensures that patients can enjoy the world around them with clear vision and perfect hearing, improving their daily lives.

13. Healing scars: erasing the past

Scars, whether from injuries or surgeries, can be a constant reminder of past trauma. Medical beds can completely heal scars and make them disappear. This not only improves the physical appearance, but also increases the emotional well-being of those affected and helps them overcome the trauma.

14. Schizophrenia Treatment: Overcoming Mental Health Problems

Schizophrenia is a debilitating mental illness that affects many people. Sick beds provide a solution by correcting the neurological imbalances that cause schizophrenia. This treatment can help patients overcome their mental health issues and lead more stable, fulfilling lives.

15. Autism Support: Helping Children Thrive

Children with autism face unique challenges that can impact their development and quality of life. Hospital beds can provide supportive treatments to help manage autism symptoms. This can improve their ability to communicate, interact and thrive in their environment and offers hope to families and children affected by autism.

16. Orthopedic treatment: Correction of bone and joint problems

Orthopedic problems such as bone misalignments and joint problems can cause significant pain and disability. Medical beds can treat these problems by realigning bones and repairing joints. This ensures that patients can regain mobility and enjoy a pain-free life, improving their overall quality of life.

17. Healing Depression: Dealing with Emotional Trauma

Depression is a common mental health problem that can seriously affect daily life. Sick beds can gradually heal depression and help those affected to process the trauma in a positive way. Qualified counselors, both human and non-human, support patients and ensure comprehensive mental health care.


18. Improvements: Increase cognitive and emotional skills

Hospital beds can enhance a person’s abilities in a variety of ways, from increasing empathy to increasing intelligence. They can even make it easier to learn new languages. However, it’s important to use these tools responsibly and with a clear purpose, as the process of acquiring knowledge is a valuable part of the human experience.

19. Perfect Health: Achieving ideal physical condition

The ultimate goal of hospital beds is to restore the body to a state of perfect health. This is not just about curing existing complaints, but also optimizing overall health. Patients can expect to feel rejuvenated and their bodies functioning optimally again.

20. Healing the Mind: The Connection Between Mind and Body

There is a close connection between mental and physical health. Sick beds can heal the mind, which in turn heals the body. This holistic approach ensures that patients achieve comprehensive health and treats both physical ailments and psychological issues.

21. Vitality: Restoring youthful energy

Medical beds can restore people to optimal, age-appropriate health. For example, an 80-year-old person has the best possible health for a person of their age. Age regression is possible, but it is only permitted for certain purposes and should not be taken lightly. This ensures that treatments are used responsibly.

22. Birth Problems: Correction of congenital diseases

Congenital diseases can have a significant impact on a person’s life. Hospital beds can solve these problems and ensure that people can live healthy lives without the limitations caused by birth defects. This opportunity offers hope for a better future from the very beginning.

23. DNA Repair: Reversing Genetic Disorders

Genetic disorders such as MTHFR and estrogen dominance can cause significant health problems. Medical beds can reverse these conditions by repairing and purifying DNA. This process ensures that those affected can enjoy optimal health, free from the limitations of genetic diseases.


24. Comprehensive Healing: A clear explanation of the abilities

Medical beds have a wide range of healing abilities, making them a powerful tool in modern medicine. They provide solutions to both physical and mental health issues, ensuring that people can achieve and maintain optimal health. Medical beds are equipped to solve a wide range of health problems and transform the future of healthcare.

Conclusion: Embrace the future of healthcare

The healing power of hospital beds offers a glimpse into the future of healthcare. With their ability to treat a wide range of conditions, from chronic diseases to mental health issues, these beds represent a revolutionary approach to medicine. As we continue to research and develop this technology, the promise of optimal health and wellbeing becomes ever more realistic. Embrace the future with hospital beds and discover the incredible potential they hold to transform lives.

By integrating these advanced treatments into our healthcare systems, we can look to a future where illness and disability no longer represent insurmountable obstacles. The path to optimal health begins with understanding and harnessing the power of medical beds that pave the way to a healthier, happier world.

med bed tech
med bed tech








Along with new free power systems provided by Tesla coils and new anti-gravity and replication devices, you will also receive new holographic medical beds. These new Med Beds will provide a variety of unique functions, including diagnostic support, surgical repair and reconstruction, and cellular and DNA rejuvenation. In short, they will become an integral part of your health and will change everything about your healthcare industry as you know it.

These medical beds, when used in conjunction with trained medical supervision and automated medical stations, provide a variety of options and methods to return your body to optimal health.



These beds represent a quantum leap in healthcare across your beautiful world… because there are now enough of them to start rolling out in any country that wants them. Imagine a healthcare package without chemotherapy, toxic chemicals, organ removal or a long-term life with scars, disease and dysfunction.

If you think this all sounds too good to be true or like something out of a science fiction movie, we understand your reservations. However, we urge you to remember that “hiding in plain sight” is one of the most popular tactics of the Deep State and the Secret Space Program.

The Deep State has been showing technology beyond your wildest dreams for a long time, like in Avengers and Kingsmen. If you think you’re watching a fantasy, that’s up to you when it comes to the dark. As far as they know, they’re showing you the truth, you just didn’t ask the right questions or ask for the right answers.

It’s a terrible trick they’re playing on you, and it’s one of the dynamics that will change dramatically with the announcement of NESARA and GESARA… because these new technologies will be rolled out as part of this exciting, life-enhancing package.

Kat Note: I am attaching three film clips that show us Med Beds.

I remember watching everyone and thinking, “YAY, that’s cool, wouldn’t that be great?!?”

That’s great. EXIST. Deep State made us think it was “Science Fiction”.

THE FIFTH ELEMENT, 1997 – The Creation of Leela

ELISIO, 2013


The Deep State has hidden miracle technologies in plain sight.

As Gene Decode said: “The cabal lives high and mighty in technology a million years ahead of us. All that will be issued under the NESARA/GESARA program.”

In an interview with Charlie Ward on 10/9/21, Jason Shurka told us about lasers in DUMBs that can vaporize soldiers on the spot.

Jason also told us about the underground train system that connects all continents and uses Tesla technology. You can catch one of these trains in Los Angeles and be in London in half an hour.

The train was featured in the 2019 film Men in Black: Global Threat

MIB Men In Black International – Clip 02 – The Secret Underground and London Headquarters

Now, let’s get into the details of these quantum therapy beds that come in three different variations and have three different functions and variations that are currently available for launch.

Number one, the Holographic Bed, is a diagnostic and treatment bed.

Number two, the regeneration bed, works with your DNA and stem cells to regenerate old tissue or missing organs.

Bed number three is a regression and rejuvenation bed. They help to rejuvenate cells with age regression therapy, as well as therapy that helps to suppress unwanted memories.
As you may have guessed, these technologies are not of Earthly origin, as they were provided to your secret space agencies for the benefit of humanity. It was an unfortunate choice that the moral decision makers chose to keep this technology for themselves. We are pleased to confirm that this bug is being fixed and that the right people are working behind the scenes to ensure that these technologies are implemented for the general public.

All three beds work at a quantum level using vibrations and frequencies, 3D scanners and refractive lenses, as well as surgically precise lasers to open and close wounds.

They also have a range of diagnostic and monitoring technologies that keep the technician informed during diagnostic and repair appointments.

This machine uses tachyon particle energy and plasma and works with the human vessel for maximum repair with minimal invasiveness. All three Med Beds operate on similar technologies, they have just been modified for three different uses and treatments.

Bed number one… the middle holographic bed. These beds can perform live body scans for diagnosis and also treat any diseases with much greater precision, in much less time and with much less invasion of the human vessel.

These medical beds will examine all parts of your body for diagnosis and interpretation, including skin, muscles, bones, organs, glands, neurological and hormonal efficiency. It can also perform blood tests and DNA analysis, which look for and are able to correct any hereditary markers of certain diseases, providing a quick and painless analysis of the entire physical system. Necessary surgeries are performed immediately, including cecum, heart and cesarean section.

Holographic beds are equipped with features such as: airtight vision through the operating shield to reduce germs and claustrophobia; comfortable leg rests, liquid anesthetic spray, laser scalpels, laser mirrors; sensory and display vital functions; diagnostic and analytical identification; and computer-controlled surgical arms.

These Med beds are built with highly advanced but strictly limited artificial intelligence that requires human input to function as a precautionary measure to ensure cooperative coexistence.

The computer used to operate it is very similar to an MRI machine, however, instead of magnetism and radiation, these medical beds use plasma energy to work with you on a subatomic and vibrational level. Because this is a vibrational universe and you are a vibrational being, this is a very homeopathic approach to healing that offers many benefits with little to no side effects… other than shock, awe and delight!

No more long wait times, endless tests, or trying medications that don’t work. Say goodbye to chemotherapy and people dying from strokes and heart disease.

Med Bed number two… recovery bed… these beds will be especially useful for anyone requiring organ transplant, organ replacement, missing or amputated limb, and skin graft for third degree burns.

Using similar technology to the first beds we mentioned, these beds aim to work directly with your DNA blueprints using the harmonic resonance field that is still present in your body’s cellular memory. As many of you know, your body retains cellular memory, as evidenced by “phantom limb” syndrome.

These beds will be life-changing for many people and their applications are endless… and this is just an introduction to get you started… your entire healthcare system is about to change and become a support for health and rejuvenation. Are you excited, dear?

The ultimate Med Bed is designed for age and memory regression. This bed will help people suffering from traumatic memories, PTSD, and help them free their minds from the horrific montage of images and their hearts from the depths of despair.

[Note from Kat: This is the Med Bed that has been healing soldiers who are severely traumatized by what they see when they go into the DUMBs to save the children. Indescribable horrors and depravity.]

This bed will also help you regain a more youthful appearance and experience tightened skin and muscle tone, and improved senses, especially vision, hearing and taste. Working with your own DNA blueprints and multiple heat-resistant lenses, as well as your body’s natural internal clock, we are able to perform these procedures painlessly, with the greatest adjustments coming from your mind and heart, because you feel amazing now!
Again, these beds utilize plasma energy, not radioactive materials, focusing instead on recalibration and regeneration whenever possible. This allows you, the user, to return to optimal health in very little time.

Just think of what this kind of technology will mean for you, your family, your friends… for all the children who have just been rescued from the tunnels… and for all the people who suffer needlessly from fixable health problems.


holographic medical beds
holographic medical beds




The Crypto Philosopher

Xrp is becoming money

By law

By governments


Like hello hiiiii you there paying attention????

Once the lawsuit ends its game over mate










CodezVII: QFS is now fully operational – Friday, July 5, 2024


Code VII

///////>>PEOPLEOF THE WORLD>>///////
TO PREVAIL >>>>>>>>>>
WE ARE NOT ALONE >>>>>>>>>
/////////>>>>> WORLD<<<<<<//////////
,BUT WITH COURAGE >>>>>>>>>>
///////>>>>>>>>> TIME>>>>>>>>>>>//////

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ///////





/ AND NO PERSON WILL REMAIN INTENSIVE ///////>>>>>>>AFTER>>>>>>>///////









Emergency Broadcast System/EBS Alert!

Next, an emergency broadcast is imminent and the steps to be taken during an emergency broadcast are reviewed.

This step has been posted several times in the past, but I would like to present it once again.


Emergency Broadcast System Alert:

We get seven trumpets (also known as EBS text messages)  on our phones, alerting us to what’s going on and reminding us to listen to TV or radio.

EBS   will broadcast an eight-hour documentary on television and radio, three times a day, for 10 days (called “Ten Dark Days of Communication”).

Internet and ATMs will be unavailable  for 10 days.

The phone can only be used to make 911 calls  , but you can get the military’s Signal app to safely use your phone normally.

The documentary  addresses topics such as prisons, courts, fraud, corruption and pedophilia.

After a 10-day communications blackout,  all phones, televisions, radios and computers will be connected to the new quantum internet, powered by the secure Starlink satellite system.

We will be called to a redemption center  where we will receive our NESARA payment and will be connected to our bank account (identified by our own internal rhythms) through a new quantum system. The banks will no longer have access to our money.

From now on, all voting  will be done on your cell phone or computer through a new quantum-secure system. No more electoral fraud.

Wars and rumors of war:

Thursday, July 4, 2024 President Putin said he takes President Donald Trump’s plan to end the war with Ukraine very seriously and  that Russia supports him.

*Explanation: I will not explain the EBS steps in detail, as I have already posted several times, but you need to know that if the internet stops, economic activity will also stop.

The period seems to vary from 3 to 10 days depending on the region.

In addition, there is information that Russia supports President Trump’s statements aimed at ending the war in Ukraine, and it seems likely that there will be steps to end the war in the future.

Emergency Broadcast System
Emergency Broadcast System





05/07: Mr. Musk Everyone will receive not only a basic income, but also a high income, right?

Friday morning, July 5, 2024

“Black Swan” is quietly underway! ?

We will continue to check the “financial markets” related to the “world currency reset”!

Well then

From July 4th Judy Notes

I will extract the parts that interest you!

today’s message

to prepare for 3 more days

The world is connected.
The world is watching.

Relying on an all or nothing plan

It is advisable to have food, water, money, medicine and supplies for at least a month.

Judy notes

In August 2024 at the Democratic National Convention, a clone of the late Michelle/Michael Obama (transgender former First Lady/pedophile former US President/husband of Hitler’s grandson Barack Obama) was born in August 2024. He will appear at the Democratic National Convention in May.
Transgender former First Lady/husband of Hitler’s grandson Barack Obama.

(executed for treason by the GITMO Global Military Alliance), could have been nominated by the Democratic Party to replace the clone/actor of US President Joe Biden. Because Joe Biden had already been executed at GITMO for pedophilia and treason before the so-called 2021 inauguration ceremony, which was partly filmed on a Hollywood movie set.

It was partly filmed on a Hollywood movie set.
If this fake scenario continues, Michelle/Michael Obama will be at odds with Donald Trump, the Commander-in-Chief of the US military.
Donald Trump won the 2020 election, but he ceded power as president.

He handed over the power of the presidency to the military in order to expose the fraud and treason of political elites like Michelle/Michael Obama.
Expose the fraud and treason of political elites like Michelle/Michael, Barack and Biden.
help me! I’m getting confused.

What we know on Thursday, July 4, 2024

 Even Biden’s family admits that President Biden is not the real Joe Biden. He was executed for pedophilia and treason.
Biden’s presidency is the biggest fraud in history: Biden’s family acknowledges the elite
Was the “real” Joe Biden replaced years ago? Video) | Alternative |
 On Friday, January 29, 2021, US special forces recovered bodies, body parts, and at least 100 surviving children from the tunnel.
100 children survived in the tunnels beneath the White House and Capitol in Washington, D.C. In the early hours of the morning, several soldiers were seen leaving the White House with at least 100 children in tow as body bags were brought out.

With at least 100 children in tow. Thousands of children are believed to have been abused, tortured and killed by the political elites.

It ran under the Capitol and was connected to other systems in the United States and over 200 miles around the world.
It was spreading all over the world. They were all believed to be part of an elaborate international child trafficking ring run by the Vatican.

It was run by the Vatican with the cooperation of global and political elites including Obama and Biden.
Global and political elites including Obama and Biden revealed that Jeffrey Epstein’s pedophile island, the
child trafficking tunnels under Joe Biden’s 200 acres of land in Ukraine, are underwater.

The Biden Crime Family: The 630-page Marco Polo Report on the Biden Laptop Hunter from Hell.
Hell. There were no charges, investigations or arrests. A total of 459 crimes committed by the Biden crime family and their associates.
140- Corporate Crimes. 191- Sexual Crimes. 128- Drug-Related Crimes.

 Under the World Health Organization (WHO) Pandemic Agreement, approved in May,
the WHO gains the ability to “suspend all civil liberties.”

 Tuesday, July 2, 2024: The Brunson brothers are awaiting trial in three 2020 election fraud cases. Roy Brunson invites you to join these petitions before the Supreme Court.
Alternative | Before the News (

 As part of Agenda 2030, the United Nations funded the mass illegal immigration of millions of people to the United States, Canada, and Japan.
It funded illegal immigration to the United States, Canada, and Western Europe.
It provided debit cards, cash stipends, food, shelter, and “humanitarian transportation” to illegal immigrants.

 Kansas, Missouri, and Louisiana have filed lawsuits against Pfizer, the US federal government, and Louisiana over the Covid vaccine. Pfizer is suing the US federal government and the Biden administration.

 US Marshals discover 41 missing children during a five-week operation in New York.

 The Supreme Court frees hundreds of political prisoners J6.



that’s all




Elon mentioned UBI!!


RBI has a role to free people from illegal slave labor


The world line is divided due to the difference in perception of “UBI or Dark Vesicum”

Elon mentioned UBI!!

Elon finally mentioned UBI in the news!!

The most important thing here is that UBI is finally in the news.

UBI will be implemented under GESARA, and the existence of the GESARA law was also publicized in political broadcasting.

Thus, following GESARA, UBI emerged from the realm of urban legends and conspiracy theories and became public knowledge.

The fact that we are getting closer and closer to the truth means that it is gradually becoming a reality!!

RBI has a role to free people from illegal slave labor

Why is UBI necessary?

This is because the very work in the fiat money society has so far been a “fraud”.

The basis of fiat money is debt.

All fiat money is made from debt, and fiat money itself is “just a piece of paper” without any backing.

Banknotes have value because they have “confidence” in their value, and when that confidence is lost, they become real pieces of paper.

Companies are built on debt, and we get paid for that debt, so in the end we’re just getting a piece of paper of debt.

There is a saying, “Those who don’t work, don’t eat.” In the end, no matter how hard you work, half of your work will be deducted and exploited.

However, if you quit your job and earn more than 10 million yen in annual income, you will be taxed at almost half the tax rate.

Ultimately, the system is such that working seriously becomes foolish, and if you are a wage earner, your salary remains the same no matter how much work you do.

This means that it is better to cut corners in this line and thus productivity will not increase and become a drag.

With the arrival of RBI, the situation of “having to work to live” will disappear and people will be able to receive what they need to survive.

If this happens, the purpose of work will change from “eating” to “  doing something useful  ,” and we will be able to fulfill our original harmony of “giving.”

With GESARA, illegal taxes will also disappear, so everything you earn through your own labor will be your share.

Furthermore, since the QFS is also in operation, unfair exploitation by third parties will no longer be possible.

GESARA and UBI are not niceties, but they are necessary to end the “abnormal society that made fraud seem normal” and return to the harmony that should exist.


The world line is divided due to the difference in perception of “UBI or Dark Vesicum”

Apart from the UBI, there is another basic income planned by the dark side.

The dark vesicum says, “If you want a guaranteed life, get vaccinated.” After forcing people into extreme poverty, they dangle carrots, take advantage of their desire to grasp at straws, get them vaccinated, and administer them by implanting potato chips. That’s how they do it.

Looking at the current situation in Japan, it may seem like they are bringing us here.

Especially with regard to the new notes, some people believe that we are becoming a completely dystopian controlled society.

UBI is completely different from this and, unlike the shadowy, over-controlled society of Vesicum, exists to restore the universe to its original harmony.

Looking at Elon’s article on UBI, I think some people see it as a UBI of harmony, while others see it as a dark vesicum.

I feel that the more big, definite events that lead to the world line that both parties want, they will become a “world line bifurcation factor” and the division will become greater.

But I think it’s better to choose a good world line that takes you to the golden age!!

Of course, this information may not be 100% accurate, so do your own research to see if it is true.





Mario Nawfal



Could Ripple transform the global financial landscape as the Federal Reserve once did?

Wall Street analysts speculate that the BRICS coalition—Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa—aims to challenge the dominance of the US dollar, potentially with a Ripple/crypto strategy.

Putin and Xi have expressed interest in cryptocurrencies to counter US financial influence.

A multi-country cryptocurrency could potentially upend the petrodollar system, paving the way for a new financial order based on blockchain technology and real assets.

Ripple’s technology, particularly the XRP Ledger (XRPL), offers a decentralized platform for rapid, secure transactions.

XRPL’s capabilities could underpin a new asset-backed currency, reducing reliance on central banks and enhancing financial transparency.

RippleNet, Ripple’s payment network, facilitates real-time, cross-border transactions, potentially replacing the traditional SWIFT system.

Combined with On-Demand Liquidity (ODL), RippleNet leverages XRP to bypass the need for pre-funded accounts, streamlining international payments.

Is Ripple capable of building the new global Federal Reserve?

Sources: Cointribune, CoinBrain, Cryptoglobe


NESARA/GESARA Unleashed: Global Wealth Equality Begins in July with a Military-Backed Financial Reset!

As the world teeters on the precipice of monumental change, the undercurrents of a grand plan are emerging through the corridors of power. RV and GESARA are not just events; they are the cornerstones of a revolutionary project for global emancipation that the elite have desperately tried to keep secret.

Every whispered rumor, every secret nod from the banking sector, and every clandestine meeting between G-20 countries points to an inevitable, titanic shift that will free the masses from the chains of financial bondage.

Let’s decode the signals, loud and clear, for those attuned to the hidden frequencies of truth. The funds deposited for NESARA and GESARA signal the final countdown to economic freedom. These are not just financial reforms; they are the blueprints for a new world of wealth equality, meticulously orchestrated by those brave enough to challenge the status quo.

Why else would global insiders enforce gag orders and non-disclosure agreements with such fervor unless something truly transformative was on the verge of erupting?

This stillness before the storm is deceptive. It is the silence of a world held captive by anticipation, waiting for the trigger that will release a cascade of wealth and power back into the rightful hands of the people. From July 4th onward, we are not just waiting for change; we are waiting for a revolution.

Consider the profound nature of this revision. The revaluation of currencies like the Iraqi dinar, the Vietnamese dong, the Zimbabwean dollar, and the Indonesian rupiah is not merely an adjustment—it is a rebirth. With increases expected in the thousands of percent, this is a massive rebalancing of the global economic scales.

And who orchestrates such a monumental feat? The U.S. military’s heightened alert status at all European bases underpins not only the scale of the operation, but its critical necessity. Threat level “Charlie”? It’s about securing the perimeter for a global economic reset that will dismantle decades of financial inequalities and injustices.

Furthermore, the deployment of the Emergency Broadcast System (EBS) speaks volumes. This is not just a test of the public broadcasting system; this is a prelude to the great announcement, a worldwide signal that the old regime of controlled economic depression is over. It is a militarily managed announcement of a new era, ready to be broadcast globally, ushering the masses into a new dawn of prosperity.

The whispers of RV starting in places like Reno are the murmurs of a seismic financial eruption set to ripple across 209 nations. These are the first tremors of a world about to be remade. Why else would all the funds be meticulously pooled, managed and dispersed under such strict secrecy if not to ensure the flawless execution of the most significant financial reset in history?

The signs are clear to those who dare to see. The changes in treasury movements, the strategic silence of the mainstream media, the coded messages between finance ministers—these are not mere coincidences. They are the meticulously placed dominoes waiting for the slightest nudge to set off a cascade that will flood the world with unprecedented new wealth and financial freedom.

Brace yourself, for the days of darkness are but a harbinger of a bright new world illuminated by the dawn of financial equality. The announcement of GESARA, strategically planned for after July 4, is not just a date on the calendar. It is the day marked in history as the beginning of the end of the old guard and the birth of a true economic democracy.

The truth is undeniable, the signs are unmistakable. This is the era of GESARA, of RV, of a world where the power of wealth and the right to prosperity are returned to their rightful owners—the people. Stand by, for the revolution is not just coming; it is here.


GESARA Unleashed
GESARA Unleashed


QFS – And the Key Terms in the Quantum Financial System

The Quantum Financial System (QFS) and its revolutionary impact on global finance.  Learn about key concepts such as Quantum Distributed Ledger (QDL), Real-Time Gross Settlement (RTGS), Global Currency Reset (GCR), and more.

Explore how QFS leverages quantum computing and blockchain technology to transform financial transactions, increase security, and promote economic stability.

QFS – The New System That Connects Things

Change is the only constant in the ever-evolving landscape of technology and finance. As we enter an era of unprecedented advancement, we need a clear picture to guide us through the intricate web of innovation. The Quantum Financial System (QFS) and related terminologies are at the forefront of this transformation, promising to revolutionize the way we conduct transactions, manage assets, and interact with the global financial ecosystem. This article delves into the key terms and concepts that will shape our future, providing a comprehensive understanding of the new system that connects everything.

The Dawn of Quantum Financial System

A New Paradigm.  The Quantum Financial System (QFS) represents a monumental shift from traditional financial systems, leveraging quantum computing technology to increase the efficiency, security and speed of financial transactions. This groundbreaking system utilizes Quantum Distributed Ledger (QDL) technology, which promises real-time digital clearing and settlement, redefining the way we perceive and handle money.

Understanding Quantum Computing

At the heart of QFS is quantum computing. Unlike classical computers that use binary processing, quantum computers harness the power of quantum states such as superposition, interference, and entanglement. This allows them to process information at unprecedented speeds using qubits, paving the way for complex computations that were previously unimaginable.


Key Terms in Quantum Finance

Real-Time Gross Settlement (RTGS)

Real-Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) is a critical component of the QFS. Unlike traditional batch processing systems like NEFT, RTGS transfers funds continuously and in real-time. This method ensures that each individual fund transaction is processed immediately, reducing the risks associated with delayed payments and increasing the overall efficiency of financial systems.

Currency Revaluation (RV)

Currency revaluation (VR) involves adjusting a currency’s fixed exchange rate. This process can lead to revaluation or devaluation, impacting the currency’s value in the global market. Often linked to the Global Currency Reset (GCR), VR is a strategic move to stabilize economies and ensure that currencies represent their fair value.

Global Currency Reset (GCR)

The Global Currency Reset (GCR) is a transformative concept that aims to replace the post-war Bretton Woods-based monetary system with an asset-backed currency system. This reset envisages a return to a more stable and fair monetary structure, backed by tangible assets such as gold, thereby restoring confidence in the global financial system.

RV-GCR system price exchange rates

The RV-GCR System’s Exchange Rates and Prices reflect a unique combination of factors, including the integration criteria of original precious metal backing size, variable price volatility, penalized IA credit allocation, and compound interest. This system ensures that published exchange rates are a true representation of the currency’s value, providing a transparent and reliable benchmark for international transactions.

New International Monetary System (NIMS)

The New International Monetary System (NIMS) proposes a shift from a freely floating exchange rate system to a fixed-base gold exchange standard. This digitally-managed ‘Specie-Standard’ aims to provide a stable and predictable framework for international monetary exchanges, reducing the uncertainties and volatility of the current system.


Off-ledger transactions

Understanding Off-Ledger. In the context of QFS, an off-ledger transaction refers to any transaction that is not recorded on the banking system’s main ledger. These transactions are typically not available for institutional or public scrutiny, offering a level of privacy and discretion in financial transactions.

Transaction Reference Number (TRN)

A Transaction Reference Number (TRN) is a unique identifier for transactions, providing a reference for any transaction sent or sanctioned within a CCP-based system. This number ensures traceability and accountability, facilitating smoother and more secure financial transactions.

Historical assets

Defining Historical Assets.  Historical assets encompass a wide range of historical international debt obligations, including bonds, artifacts, statutes, and precious metal instruments. These assets, together with legal tender, form the backbone of the financial system, representing cumulative wealth spanning centuries.

Blockchain Technology

The Role of Blockchain.  Blockchain technology is integral to the QFS, maintaining records of transactions on a decentralized network of computers. This system ensures transparency, security, and immutability of transaction records, increasing the integrity of financial transactions.


High Value Payments (HVP)

High Value Payments (HVP) are transactions of significant monetary value, typically processed through RTGS-based systems. These payments are prioritized for settlement and clearing, ensuring fast and secure transfer of large sums of money.

Inter Ledger Protocol (ILP)

The Inter Ledger Protocol (ILP) facilitates payments across different payment networks using blockchain technology. This protocol ensures seamless interoperability between various financial systems, enabling efficient cross-border transactions.

Infinity Accounts (IA)

What are Infinity Accounts?  Infinity Accounts (IA) are international bank accounts held on a single ledger, representing a combined accumulation of principal and interest on historical commitments. These accounts provide a comprehensive view of financial assets, facilitating better management and resource optimization.

Quantum Distributed Reasoning (QDL)

The Power of QDL.  Quantum Distributed Ledger (QDL) technology is the cornerstone of QFS, providing a high-speed, multi-node, high-storage database that is shared and synchronized across multiple sites. This technology ensures real-time access and management of financial data, revolutionizing the way we handle money.


United States Notes (USN/USTN)

United States Notes (USN) and United States Treasury Notes (USTN) are electronic and physical denominations of the Quantum Ledger system based on US-backed assets. These notes represent the new era of digital currency, backed by tangible assets to ensure stability and trust in the financial system.

Quantum Finance to the Rescue: The Global Banking Scam Where Elites Profit from Your Hard Work!

We are in the midst of an economic war, a silent but devastating attack on our financial freedom and future. The battlefield is hidden in plain sight, woven into the very fabric of our society through the deceptive practices of a global banking cartel whose influence is vast and intentions are sinister.

These so-called guardians of our economy are nothing more than architects of ruin, masters of a financial system designed to enslave the masses through debt and controlled inflation.

The concept of fractional reserve banking is not just flawed; it is a predatory scheme. It allows banks to create money they don’t have by lending out multiples of the actual deposits they hold. This is not prudent financial management—it is a high-risk gamble with our lives and livelihoods.

In this rigged game, when the inevitable panic hits and a bank run occurs, it’s not the banking tycoons who face ruin — it’s you, the average citizen, who has to pick up the pieces while they secure bailouts funded by your taxpayers.

These are calculated moves in a playbook written by the financial elite. Each crisis-and-bailout cycle is a deliberate withdrawal of public wealth, a transfer of funds from the many to the grotesquely wealthy few. Inflation, then, is not a mere economic phenomenon, but a cold, calculated robbery, eroding your purchasing power while lining the pockets of the plutocrats.

Why do we defend this? Because they have blinded us with complex terms and false assurances that they have our best interests at heart. But their only interest is to preserve their empire of greed. They have built their fortunes on the backs of our labor, securing their wealth behind the smokescreen of corporate bailouts and government complicity.

Enter the Quantum Financial System (QFS), not just a new technology, but a weapon of economic redemption. It promises to end this tyranny by implementing a system where transparency is unbreakable and transactions are safe from the meddling hands of corrupt bankers. The QFS positions itself as a guardian of value, ensuring that currency manipulation and the horrors of inflation are banished.

This system is our way out, our path to reclaiming what has been systematically stolen from us. It is ready to be deployed, a clean slate of financial integrity awaiting activation. The QFS is a revolution — a total overhaul designed to dismantle the old regime and establish a just economic order.

Now we need to take bold action. The time for timid discussions and half measures is over. We need to come together, educate, spread the undeniable truth of this corrupt system and the salvation offered by the QFS. The financial overlords will fight fiercely to maintain their control, using their media machines and political puppets to dismiss and denigrate the QFS as fantasy or too good to be true.

Don’t be fooled. The current financial system is a sinking ship, riddled with the rot of greed and corruption. The transition to the QFS is not just a choice, but a necessity — a way to restore balance and ensure economic justice for future generations.

Stand up. Speak out. Fight back. Reject the chains of financial bondage and embrace the liberation promised by the Quantum Financial System. It is time to mobilize, to awaken the sleeping giant of public dissent.

Share this knowledge, light the fire of change, and let’s move toward a future where economic freedom is not a privilege for the few, but a fundamental right for all. The revolution is now, and it is fueled by people power.

Quantum Finance
Quantum Finance





Redemption!!!  Currency Reset Progress! GESARA Announcement Approaching!

Finally, we will present information about currency reset.

This time, information was released that GESARA will be announced soon.



This suggests that a major event will occur around July 8th.


Global Currency Reset:

Thursday, July 4, 2024 Wolverine:
“As revealed by Mark Z, Brazil will begin making payments on  Friday, July 5, 2024.  Blessings… No Tier 4b RV exchange announcements.

Level 4b will definitely be replaced soon. I got a call but I can’t say much because everything is confidential.

Everyone is under NDA. Private contractors are getting paid.
Bondholders are getting started. I’ve seen the signed contract and certified documents for Reset.
It’s definitely happening.”

Texas Snake, Thursday, July 4, 2024:
There are no guarantees, but the latest information from bankers is that rumors from senior management indicate that  certain  groups of securities will be notified this weekend, in which case the currency notification will be in  2024.  They say it will be sent on  Tuesday or Wednesday, July 9 or 10, and the exchange will be scheduled for the week of July 15  .

Tuesday, July 2, 2024 Bruce: According to  the report from the Director of the Redemption Center, Tier 4b (our internet group)  was notified on Friday, July 5th and  will be interviewed over the  weekend. NESARA is expected to be announced on the 8th or 9th.

Sunday, June 30, 2024 Breakfast with Tiffany:
US Dollar funds for trigger files have been released and
  will be ready for disbursement next Monday,  June 8
July. In addition, the prerequisites for launching the USN bill are in the final stages,  with payment scheduled for July 8.

GESARA is also scheduled to be announced on July 8  , with  bond payments beginning on Monday, July 1,   bond redemptions  on Thursday, July 4. .

Global currency reset funding will be released worldwide  , with funding coming directly from the US Treasury Department.

Due to many hackers and cyber attacks,  the VR launch has been delayed.

internet is cut off

White hat forces control the redemption process.

Wells Fargo and HSBC lead these operations worldwide.

Countries around the world have local agencies  ready to access their national treasures and receive global notifications.

All banks have signed non-disclosure agreements (NDAs)  , so it’s normal for everything to be quiet.

Notices  were sent to Tier 4a, a small group of Tier 4b and some bondholders.

RV  is being traded on Forex.

Sunday, June 30, 2024 Mike Barra: The ‘bondholders’  have been told they will be getting paid this week.  I was told what day it would be paid, but I can’t know. Mark Z reported that there was an announcement about low value bonds in Iraq.

Sunday, June 30, 2024: Expect something to happen around Monday, July 8  regarding NESARA announcements for 120 days starting November 5.

Wednesday, July 3, 2024:  Golden Redemption: Birth of US Banknotes USN Backed by Gold-Backed Digital Currency QFS

Thursday, July 5, 2024:   BREAKING NEWS!!! Don’t confuse the two ways of processing exchanges and redemptions

*Comment: The movement towards currency reset is controlled by white hat forces and appears to be progressing behind the scenes.

We believe the GESARA announcement is likely to signal a change.

In Japan, new banknotes have been issued since July 3 and have become a hot topic.

I would like to pay attention to what happened around July 8th.







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Connect with the Sirian Star Nation Blue Ray Beings 🔥



Join Paul White Gold Eagle from a Sacred Portal on Gaia through this New Moon in Cancer Portal and Sirius Stargate where Paul Guides you to Connect with the Sirian Star Nation Mothership from our Spiritual Dog Star Sirius through this powerful Gateway and Stargate to ask to be etherically, metaphysically or physically teleported and transported to the Sirian Mothership of Sirius A. You can experience a healing from the Star Race of Sirius or be transmitted a Siddhi, Spiritual Gift, such as telepathy, clairaudience, or clairvoyance, etc.


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★July 5, 2024: Truth for All Starship Earth

July 5, 2024: Truth for All

Starship Earth: The Big Picture




Happy Independence Day weekend, everyone. I lost my internet again for hours on Tuesday (for the third time in six days), and when it came back I was getting ready for a Fourth of July party, so my plans to post were canceled.

But it was encouraging to interact with a group of people in their early 20s on the Fourth and hear that they were investigating and accepting the truth about their reality. Their conversations ranged from multidimensional beings, flat Earths, aliens, Corona, and the belief that stolen money would be returned when the country recovered.

Perhaps the best part was the report that the Space Force/Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado personnel told the families they serve that they were taking orders from Elon Musk. They couldn’t say much, but for this patriot, the pace of the military intervention was enough to get him excited.

The conversation that followed covered topics such as the corrupt healthcare system, natural healing and personal responsibility, debate, and the bureaucracy and shocking speed involved in acquiring silencers.

Overall, it was an exciting evening in terms of conversation. Texans have great friends from multiple generations, and the 112 degree Fahrenheit temperatures just meant the kids and their dogs were enjoying the pool. The whole affair felt like a color photograph of the Midwest, with patriotic flower arrangements on the table. I was sure I heard military jets after dinner, but I didn’t get any footage of them.

I’m thinking about doing it again tonight on a smaller scale. This post will be short since I’ll be somewhere by 5, but I wanted to share some of the tons of interesting updates while I can. No one knows what tomorrow will bring. When carriers have a monopoly and assigned territory, there is no competition and no incentive to provide good service. Some people rely on Starlink and provide service all over the world.

This is an interesting story. If the military orders an airport to close, we’ll comply. No reason needed. At least you don’t need a real reason. Why do we do this? First, to keep the criminals from escaping. Arrests are ongoing. Did you know?

UK airport runway closures cause chaos, stranding passengers and disrupting flights



  • On March 21, 2020, Leeds Bradford Airport was pictured almost deserted as air travel was halted. (Photo: Oli Scarfe/AFP) (Photo: Oli Scarfe/AFP via Getty Images) (Image: Getty Images)

    UK airport runway closure wreaks havoc as passengers stranded and flights suspended
    at Leeds Bradford Airport Airline diverts flights in anger as passengers stranded during emergency runway repairs

    Leeds Bradford Airport has been suddenly forced to close its runway, leaving passengers “stranded without vital information”. Flights were suspended until at least 7pm as the airport said emergency repairs were being carried out.

    Passengers took to social media platforms to express their dissatisfaction with the lack of communication from authorities and the absence of travel agent representatives. The airport issued a statement saying: “The runway is currently closed for emergency repairs. It is not scheduled to open until 7pm today. Please contact your airline for further travel information. Please contact us.”

    Flight disruptions could continue into the evening and continue even after runway repairs are complete, as airlines work to clear the backlog of passengers. Frustrated travellers have taken to social media to vent their frustrations. Jamie said: “This is always the case when I fly through Leeds Bradford airport.”

    Dunn criticised the lack of organisation, commenting that “no information is being communicated within the departure area”, reports Bristol Live. Jamie also reported: “The runway at Leeds Bradford airport is not closed to any entry/exit. Not a single @TUIUK representative in sight.” Nicola sympathised with staff, saying: “Jet2 staff in Leeds Bradford have no idea what is going on. The airport’s website says it is closed until 7pm, but staff in the departure lounge have no idea what is going on. Staff are victims of the wolves.

    George Lionel expressed his displeasure, saying: “We are waiting for our luggage on the carousel. Has anyone forgotten their luggage?” In response to the complaint, the airport said: “Please contact your airline for travel advice. Our teams are working tirelessly to make repairs and return to normal operations.”

    Jet2, the airline’s carrier, issued a statement saying: “We are aware that the runway at Leeds Bradford Airport is closed due to urgent repairs that are urgently needed.”

    The company added: “For arriving flights that have been diverted to another UK airport, we are arranging a coach transfer to Leeds Bradford Airport to complete your journey. Our helpers will be happy to assist.”

    The statement added: “We will provide an update here shortly for flights departing Leeds Bradford this afternoon. We will also be contacting affected customers via SMS and email so you can ensure your details are up to date. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.”


Beryl is moving through the Caribbean Sea with great force this week, and conditions are volatile. Wind speeds have dropped to around 100 mph (160 km/h) over the Yucatan Peninsula, but it is expected to pick up speed and move north, hitting Texas, as it usually does. The question is whether Beryl will pass quickly or stay in place, bathing the coast in liquid sunlight for hours on end, as the Florida storm did a few weeks ago. Flooding along the Texas coast is common, so we hope you are prepared, but this time you may be in for a surprise. However, In2ThinAir has the ability to make very accurate forecasts.





  • 🚨Hurricane Beryl hits Texas (Galveston & South) – Time to prepare
    – It will take up to 48 hours
    – Most, if not all models indicate that the Texas coast will be targeted!
    This model shows the possibility of a major hurricane hitting #Galveston #Texas.
    Full entry into the Gulf region #HurricaneBeryl could easily “rapidly intensify”.




The earth is shaken by all kinds of natural and unnatural phenomena.





  • 🚨#BREAKING Earthquake swarms continue on Vancouver Island!
    Celebrating 5 years since the 7.1 magnitude #Ridgecrest #California earthquake on June 5, 2019
    #Earthquake #VancouverIsland




All sorts of fires are raging in different parts of Alberta, Canada. Unless it’s a random natural fire, Fort McMurray is getting hit again.





  • Wildfire MWF047, which started in the Fort McMurray forest, grew to 12,000 hectares yesterday and remains out of control. The fire is burning far from area infrastructure. More information:



I knew this would be fixed in Stampede. This is definitely a different IQ test.





  • The water main has been “fixed,” but after four days of rain, not only is there an outdoor water ban, but Calgary is also still under a fire ban and local state of emergency.It was never about principal, it’s about control, and it always will be.




Earthquakes, fires, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, June snow… and tsunamis?

Fires are raging again in California. They say it’s because of the heat and wind, but that excuse is outdated.

Thousands of people have been evacuated as wildfires spread rapidly across Northern California



  • Fast-spreading wildfires evacuate thousands in Northern California
    Wednesday, July 3, 2024 3:28 PM
    A fast-spreading wildfire has burned more than 3,000 acres in Northern California, forcing thousands of people to evacuate. During a week of intense heat across the state,

    are scrambling to save homes from the so-called Thompson Fire, which broke out Tuesday near Oroville, about 70 miles north of Sacramento.

    Several homes have already been destroyed in the blaze, but no injuries were reported as of Wednesday morning.

    An estimated 13,000 people have been ordered to evacuate, and a state of emergency has been declared for about 20,000 area residents.

    High temperatures in Northern California are also expected to reach 100 degrees Fahrenheit by the end of the week.

    Meanwhile, the forecast for the holiday week in Southern California is similar, with an increased risk of wildfires in the southern part of the state.

    California wildfires have burned about 134,000 acres so far this year, more than the 7,600 acres burned during the same period last year, according to Cal Fire estimates.

    Earlier Tuesday, the California governor’s office announced that federal funding had been approved to help firefighters battling hot, dry conditions.

    Gov. Gavin Newsom (D-Calif.) declared a state of emergency in Butte County and issued a statement.

    “California is taking every measure to respond to this fire and will continue to support the affected communities,” Gov. Newsom said

    in a statement Wednesday that it approved federal funding Tuesday night to support California’s firefighting efforts.

A tornado of unusual strength has hit China.




  • Wow, scary close-up footage of the tornado that hit Dongming City, Shandong Province, China today. I’ve never seen anything like it 🌪️😱



I encourage you all to take 10 minutes and listen to the latest news from Ukraine to find out what is really happening and the real situation, without the bad reporting and lies of the media.






  • 💯Listen  to him, he tells the truth👇👍💯Jackson  Hinkle
    takes a 7-day trip to the Russia-Ukraine conflict zone  !!!





We have great news for our friends across the Atlantic:

  • LATEST NEWS🇬🇧 Nigel Farage, leader of Reform UK, has been elected MP for the Clacton constituency in Essex.Farage received 21,225 votes, giving him a majority of 8,405 votes. (Independent)

Who doesn’t love the hilarious Nigel Farage?









Operation Human Liberation can be summarized as follows. It appears to be Q, the Storm Rider, but there is no official source for this.

Communicate; trust the plan.

The military operation and occupation of the European Union has just happened
“Make Europe great again” Prime Minister Orbán_

We have just witnessed the occupation of the Presidency of the European Union by Operation Military Alliance It comes after a sudden awakening.
that the mainstream media and politicians are lying, that their corruption is linked to the pandemic disinformation, the vaccine cover-up and the promotion of a now unwinnable war with Russia. Share real information in real time, knowing that you are refusing to send; people to war.
did Q promote the Great Awakening on a global scale?
Why did military intelligence promote the Great Awakening through military operations within the algorithms of the Internet?
Q Why did Storm Rider tell you long ago that Europe would be occupied by Operation White Hat?

Do you think it’s a coincidence that Trump formed an alliance with Viktor Orbán and Orbán is now president of the European Union?

Do you think it’s a coincidence that Orbán declares the same philosophy and motto as Trump?

“Make America Great Again”
>>> “Make Europe Great Again” <<<<
_How many
mathematically impossible coincidences have there been?
It’s over before it began.







(Why did Q say “It’s over before it began”?> Answer: From 2020 to 2021, Operation Global Alliance is being conducted and Game Theory operations are being used to counter Deep State operations. We have been told that

this includes Operation White Rabbit, a military operation that exposes pedophilia and sex rings tied to elite governments and corporations…> We do… So Trump + USSF + White Hat + Military Alliance have it all including the Epstein server + WikiLeaks Assange Kill Switch and the entire DNC server and video data. All the terabytes of information collected through world government computers that lead to human trafficking pedophilia… all these pedophiles and rings lead to shadowy military operations that lead to the CIA. Hollywood and the music industry worldwide. a blackmail network and an extortion network that leads to the highest levels of government and every branch of government.

It’s over before it began with Trump visiting every major country in 2017, and the US military White House informed them that they had all the evidence of a global pedophilia operation and human trafficking ring and Trump informed the Vatican, the European Union and the Israeli government that a storm was coming (and what more hundreds of top bureaucrats in the world were forced to do their part and shut down/continue the activities of the shadowy deep state>This was a game theory activity>>>>Military operations and governments in some countries Continuation procedures were implemented) /////








It’s over before it begins, which means there are full-blown military operations going on behind the scenes, and these operations are connected to the world’s script  🎥
“You are watching a movie”… >
This means you are watching the entire operation unfold in real time, and just like a movie, there are major twists and turns and ups and downs in the movie and story arc…..
*The script and events are subject to change, The Sleeping Sheep and are meant to be reproduced in their entirety. the world for the common people to see. They are meant to experience an event that triggers a massive uprising that sparks a worldwide revolution against the corrupt system that produces wars, money laundering, and hosts a world of pedophilia and sex rings that control governments, corporations, and organizations. This is related to deep state intelligence and shadowy military operations.
As Trump becomes president in 2025 and launches a powerful drive to become the most powerful leader again, his alliance with European Union President Viktor Orbán will lead to military tribunals, a world court, the destruction of NATO and the United Nations stage. be organized.




I love this meme: It must be a grouper.




Let’s see what the white hats come up with for this plot. It could happen. Obviously, the cabal puppets will never agree, but we know who controls this extraordinary actor who is waiting to be written out of the script.

Trump challenges Biden to another wild debate. Biden will probably never agree.



The detail isdown arrowdown arrow










If you have a Telegram account, we recommend watching Kelly Speakeasy’s popular Independence Day videos. We know who the President and Vice President of the United States are. Here is a link to a short video.



CaptKyle Patriots Ⓡ 🍊,  [2024/07/04 13:14]
Happy Independence Day everyone 🇺🇸
This video was made last year, but it has the most views of any video I’ve posted on Tik Tok.

If you’re interested, we have our next discussion scheduled for tonight with Captain Kyle.

Live tonight, July 5th, 8pm EDT
Operation Q vs. the Federal Reserve with Mike King

Up front, Q explores what the Federal Reserve is and what it controls. Who controls the Federal Reserve Board? Federal Reserve Board? Mike King joins us to connect the dots from Alexander Hamilton and Andrew Jackson to today’s secret banking wars.

🕰️ Date:
Friday, July 5th, 8pm EDT

📺 Location

Boom:down arrowdown arrow



One last thing about the derailment of a train carrying hazardous materials. How many more times will this happen before it’s no longer a coincidence?

Train explosion leaks hazardous materials, triggering hazmat alert in North Dakota?




  • Hazardous materials alert issued in North Dakota after train explosion leaking hazardous materials
    Shocking footage captures the aftermath of a train carrying toxic materials derailing and exploding into a fireball in North Dakota.
    Health officials have issued an emergency alert in North Dakota after a train carrying toxic materials derailed and exploded in a fireball in North Dakota.Around 3:45 a.m. Friday, a hazmat team was dispatched to a remote area about 140 miles north of Fargo after 29 cars of a CPKC train derailed.

    The hazardous substances aboard the train included anhydrous ammonia, sulfur and methanol, which officials warned were being released from the wreckage along with the toxic fumes.

    Ammonia is the biggest risk, as exposure to this compound can cause burns to the eyes, nose and throat, blindness, lung damage and death.






It’s time, so that’s all for today, folks. If you don’t like our topic, unsubscribe. That’s not going to change any time soon. If we don’t post things that ignorant people tell us to delete, we won’t have anything to share. Keep an open mind and suspend judgment. You don’t know what you don’t know.

You know that when you don’t like it, you don’t go to the government and tell them to stop doing what they’re doing, or you don’t go to your local news station and tell them to stop broadcasting lies and propaganda. So don’t tell us what to do either. You’re not paying for this free service, so you have the audacity to tell us what to post. We’re not interested in your baseless, unsubstantiated, and unproven opinions.

Hopefully, by knowing the truth and what to expect, we can avoid the cyclonic thoughts that drive sleep from our weary minds. We can all rest assured that what’s coming will be in our best and highest interests. The end result will be worth the wait and will erase the pain we have endured for years.

I hope everyone has a great weekend! Stay safe, be as prepared as possible for what is to come, and don’t be afraid. No one will have any problems. ~BP




  • Everything is coming to an end. This karmic cycle is over.
    You have done a good job.


RUMORS: 06/07/2024

BRICS share of global GDP hits record 35.7% in 2023

Over the year, the BRICS gained 0.6% and, since the bloc’s creation in 2006, it has increased by 10.2%. At the same time, the G7’s share fell to 29%, a 29-year low, falling by 0.4% over the year. Since 2006, the G7’s share has fallen by 9.7 percentage points.

The remaining countries accounted for 35.3% of world production last year – their share has remained relatively stable since 1990, fluctuating within one percentage point.


Julian Assange, Pleiadian soul and “friend of the world”

– The exact location of this Friend of the World will not be revealed at this time, but know that he is safe and that circumstances have changed for him. This is very good. Trust that you will be informed in a timely manner. Many members of our Family encounter him regularly and, without fully understanding it,

We will share that he was away at times to travel. Did you really believe he was from this planet? He is a Lightworker of the highest honor. One sent to serve, to give Truth, and to be willing to be locked away if necessary.



One day he will share it with everyone. Until then, have faith and know that you are with us! It is never completely behind the locks that you perceive.

We follow the laws as they serve, but we are always behind the scenes, mixing and changing the many aspects of the perceived stories. In the end, it’s all good. You will be satisfied. Julian is AKIO KIED. WE are Light!




This operation is not just about taking down the corrupt. It is about waking up the masses. For too long, people have been asleep, lulled into complacency by a constant stream of lies and distractions. But now, the truth is coming out. The mainstream media can no longer hide it. The internet is ablaze with revelations, and people are beginning to see the bigger picture.

The awakening is spreading like wildfire. People are questioning the narratives they have been fed, digging deeper and seeking the truth. This collective awakening is the cabal’s worst nightmare. They thrive on ignorance and division, but an informed and united population is their downfall.


Expect something around July 8th regarding the NESARA announcement, coinciding with November 5th, allowing 120 days.

Three more days

Be ready


The world is connected.

The world is watching.

Everything or nothing.




It is likely that President Trump will be reinstated as the duly elected President of the United States before the NESARA announcement.

According to NESARA rules, new elections must be held within 120 days after the announcement of NESARA.



If NESARA is announced on Monday, July 8, the election period will be 119 days.

This means that new elections must be held by Tuesday, November 5.

That’s why

Until Monday, July 8th

Trump has been officially reinstated as US President

It seems likely that NESARA will be announced on July 8th (Monday)!

I’m looking forward to it


Thu, July 4, 2024 The Financial Tsunami IS HERE: 

Cryptocurrency predictions, next black swan, XRP, QFS, GCR, US Treasury notes and cryptocurrency regulations.


Gold reigns supreme on the chessboard of this reboot, serving as the most strategic piece in this intricate puzzle. Wars have been fought over resources for a reason—they are the foundation of our civilization.


Gold reigns supreme on the Reset chessboard

Gold reigns supreme on this reboot’s chessboard, serving as the most strategic piece in this intricate puzzle.

Without mining, we would not have the technology that defines modern life.

Recognizing this will accelerate the development of new mines and bring more talent into the space.

Wars started over resources for a reason: they are the foundation of our civilization.

First principles.

For global electrification, we need 700 million metric tons of copper over the next 22 years.

Global copper production is just under 23 million metric tons annually.

Who wants to talk about Dr. Copper?


President Trump’s signature to distribute Gesara QFS to Japan has also been completed as shown in the picture! 

▶ Eiichi Shibusawa and others’ new notes are out of paper! Trump is already distributing QFS to Japan! As we announced, NESARA, GESARA and QFS are on schedule! Guam opens to Yokota! July 3, 2024 [2024/07/03]


Changes are finally coming to coincide with the 4th of July! 

▶July 4th, US time! 

American Declaration of Independence! I am convinced that this Declaration of Independence is that Declaration! ▶President Trump on the truth…Posted this image “Whatever they at DS are doing to me will have the opposite effect.”

Fake President Biden has decided to abandon the campaign trail! There are two reasons! Internal Democratic polls show he can’t recover from the debates and his fundraising is drying up!

▶Trump X! He can’t even speak using a teleprompter! His alarmist speech about the Supreme Court’s decision to immunize President Trump backfired just as badly as the debate! July 2, 2024 [2024/07/02]


Trump X! 

Today’s 6-3 Supreme Court decision says I have full presidential immunity from official duties, which is my obligation as president! Hiring SEAL Team 6 to commit murder is not a public service. “King Biden” would be indicted on immigration charges if he didn’t do it!

Trump X! The Supreme Court has ruled 6-3 that your favorite President Donald Trump is immune from criminal prosecution as far as constitutional authority is concerned! Now President Trump is back! July 1, 2024 [2024/07/02]


Yahoo! There was a story about UBI universal basic income in the news! 

Elon Musk’s 8 Statements on Basic Income (Overseas) $1,400 (roughly 240,000 yen in Japan) allows citizens to choose how to use that money, so in my opinion (UBI Lite) it’s generally a good idea! July 4, 2024 [2024/07/04]


The structure of human domination based on warmongering and financial fraud by the US, UK and Japan will end! 

▶Russian President Putin said that BRICS is a magnet that attracts many countries around the world! Congratulations! July 4, 2024 [2024/07/04]


The guesthouse is empty! 

Instead, there is a better U Gesara BI! For those over 56, it costs about 480,000 yen per month!

▶ Proposal to extend pension insurance premium payment by 5 years! The 2025 review will be postponed! Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare!

▶Increase benefits for the elderly Gesara! All citizens will receive a lifetime pension of approximately 240,000 yen! Jubilee, debt forgiveness! Abolish income tax! Allowing the publication of over 6,000 pending technology patents! Free energy device, antigravity device, sonic therapy device! Such! July 3, 2024 [2024/07/03]


Kobayashi Pharmaceutical’s Declaration of War! 

To the Japanese government, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, and the media, [President Kobayashi Pharmaceutical… made it clear that we will fight] The number of certified deaths as a result of coronavirus vaccination has exceeded 500, and the number of people suffering from after-effects has exceeded 6,600!

Why is there almost no media coverage of this, despite it being the largest vaccine-induced injury in the post-war period? Red yeast mold also has strong anti-cancer properties and is based on the wisdom of our ancestors who continued Japan’s traditional fermented food culture.

I have nothing but gratitude and respect for this wonderful thing! Would you like everyone to wake up too early? We were fooled by the coronavirus, we were fooled by the vaccine, we were fooled by Ukraine, we were fooled by Israel and now we will be fooled by the “red disaster”! July 3, 2024 [2024/07/03]


Nesara Gesara Announcement! Scheduled for July 8th! 

▶I really want to do this this time!

▶ USD funds will be archived and payment will be prepared next Monday! We are also opening a USN account! Prerequisites are being finalized! Payment is expected on July 8th! In 120 days, there will be a Gesara election on November 5th! Trump kept saying 5/11! July 3, 2024 [2024/07/03]

RV Seeds of Wisdom and Economic Updates Thursday Night 7-4-24

Gold and Silver Economy News
July 4
Good evening Dinar Recaps,WHAT IS A TIER ONE BANK?“Banking regulations known as the Basel Accords require banks to have different types of capital on hand. These liquid and cash assets balance the risk-weighted assets that banks hold. This increases the stability of banks, which in turn increases the stability of the overall financial system.””Tier 1 capital is a bank’s primary source of funding. It typically holds nearly all of the bank’s accumulated funds. These funds are generated specifically to support banks when losses are absorbed, so that regular business functions do not have to be shut down. Under Basel III, the minimum Tier 1 capital ratio is 10.5%.””What do the Basel Accords do?””The Basel Accords are international banking regulations that ensure that banks have sufficient capital available to meet their obligations and absorb any unexpected losses. They are set by the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS).”© Newshounds News™Read more: Investopedia
~~~~~~~~~Cryptocurrency Industry Is Poised to Boom, Outpace the Internet: Architect PartnersThe digital asset industry added more than $750 billion in value in the first half of the year, the report said.— The cryptocurrency industry is entering a major growth phase, the report said.— Architect Partners said the industry added more than $750 billion in value in the first half of the year.— Cryptocurrency, the stepchild of the internet, is outpacing its predecessor at the same point in their respective life cycles, the consulting firm said.The digital asset industry is entering a major growth phase and is in a much better place than it was two years ago, investment bank Architect Partners said in a quarterly report published last week.© Newshounds News™Read more: Coin Desk~~~~~~~~~

“ISO 20022 is an ISO standard for electronic interchange of data between financial institutions.”
“Over the next four years, ISO will revolutionize the banking industry by improving efficiency, data quality and the ability of organizations to establish enhanced controls.”More than 70 countries have already adopted ISO 20022 in their payment systems, including Switzerland, China, India and Japan. SWIFT, which begins its own migration journey to ISO 20022 in November 2022, estimates that 80% of global high-value payments by volume will be processed through the standard by 2025.

© Newshounds News™

Read more: The Global Treasurer Wikipedia



“In their foundational documents, including summit declarations and joint communiqués, BRICS emphasize key principles such as respect for sovereignty, non-interference in the internal affairs of member states, and a commitment to a multipolar world. These documents often revolve around topics such as trade, investment, technology, and sustainable development.”

BRICS and XRPL: A Surprising Convergence
“Surprisingly, within the framework of these documents, a unique convergence with blockchain technology, particularly Ripple’s XRPL, becomes apparent. The mention of XRPL in BRICS documents reflects an acknowledgement of the potential of blockchain technology to reshape the global financial landscape. This acknowledgement indicates that BRICS member nations perceive blockchain as a strategic enabler to enhance financial systems, promote transparency, and foster efficient cross-border transactions.”

“Ripple’s XRP Ledger (XRPL) stands out in the blockchain space due to its focus on facilitating real-time, cross-border transactions with minimal fees. Unlike traditional financial systems, which can be slow, costly, and subject to intermediaries, the decentralized nature of XRPL enables seamless peer-to-peer transactions, enabling faster remittances and lower fees. Therefore, the integration of XRPL technology could potentially streamline trade and investment between BRICS member states, fostering economic growth and collaboration.”

© Newshounds News™

Read more: All Coin Buzz


Vietnam’s Digital Payments Landscape: An Analysis of Emerging Trends 

Vietnam’s digital payments ecosystem  is undergoing a remarkable transformation, driven by a tech-savvy population, government initiatives, and innovative financial solutions. Over the past decade, the country has seen a surge in the adoption of digital payments, making cashless transactions a way of life for millions of Vietnamese.

Vietnam’s digital payments revolution is marked by a shift from cash transactions to convenient, secure, and efficient digital payment methods. E-wallets, QR code payments, contactless cards, and innovative fintech solutions have all played a key role in reshaping the country’s payments landscape.

Read more: FinExtra


Japan is riding a wave of Web 3.0 success, and the world should take note

From its cultural heritage to cutting-edge technological advancements, Japan is where ancient customs and modern wonders converge.

The unique blend of tradition and innovation reflects Japan’s strategic positioning within crypto.

Putting Regulatory Clarity into Practice

Despite crypto’s evolution from a speculative investment to an asset class that contributes to a balanced portfolio, governments around the world remain at odds over how to regulate it.

While it’s not unusual for regulatory bodies to disagree on how to oversee financial instruments, the approach to crypto assets continues to be divisive.

India, for example, has no centralized authority that handles crypto regulations and offers no guidelines for resolving disputes when dealing with digital assets, leaving investors to trade at their own risk.

The absence of regulations allows unmonitored practices to flourish—and without adequate safeguards, criminals can and do benefit from the lack of oversight, leaving law-abiding citizens to suffer.

Without laws, there are no legal ramifications, and cryptocurrency has magnified this problem before, when individuals or organizations have gotten away with crimes due to legal shortcomings.

{{This is why putting Regulations into practice is so important.}}

Read more: DailyHodl

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