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Paul White Gold Eagle

Greetings Cosmic Awakened Wayshowers of Shambhala of the Pure Land

We are navigating in between worlds, we travel between the linear and spatial/ nonlinear timelines to bring both into the coherence of the neutral still center zone of zero point to Quantum Leap into the New Earth.

Today we have another Galactic Activation Portal on the Mayan Calendar. This makes two GAPs in a row, doubling the power of this portal. This is the divine Spark that causes the Catalyst for the Ignition of our Ascension Propulsion System. On the Tzolkin today is Kin 51 Blue Crystal Monkey, a Day of Fun and Divine Magick. The Celebration is the Joy and Happiness we bring to this realm. We achieve transcendence through our stillness coupled with our communication to transmit and inspire all along the Way.

We also are in a 21:21 Portal today of the 33 of Divine Mastery. This is the double trinity of Heaven upon Earth. We are in the final phases of this Great Transformation in the Alchemy of our Immortal Self into the physical. We are merging all timelines within all DNA codes of Eternal Life in this emergence of our Krystal Rainbow Plasma Light Bodies of the New Earth.

We are Christened in this Celestial Dedication to our Ancestors, our Tribes and to those that transitioned before us. As we connect and realize our Unity and Oneness with our Source God Creator we become the Co-Creators of the New Golden Age of Enlightenment. We Light it all up with our Bliss and Love to assist Gaia and all her children in the upliftment in this Ascension Process into 5D and beyond.

Shine on Brilliant Diamond Light Beings of the Glorious Way. I Am the Way, the Truth and the Life…A’Ho!






Natoya Hall ~ Minyma

Strong incoming energies started around 1:30pm EST. You may feel like you want/have to take a nap, dizzy or off balanced, deep inner heat, DEEP thirst. The Divine Star Team Of Sirius are doing massive work on the stomach. Release the fear. Whole “system” upgrade.
This is where your abilities start to be shown and seen in this time and space. Your Higher Self is now merging with your physical bodies, and this will be an intense shift in the body and at times feels like your body is “falling apart” while it is merging with more Crystalline and Rainbow Frequencies every day. You are now beginning to walk and be an EMBODIED Light Being. BIG deal. Now is the time to be deliberate in how you function; for example, when you think a thought, have you ever wondered how that thought is processed through your senses, body, spiritual body, all the “you” that exist simultaneously? I am feeling the nudge more than ever to be so deliberate in our creative capabilities and think outside the Matrix/box/limitation. Question your thinking and ask it what is it doing for you. Is it guiding you into a new World or keeping you stuck in an old one? What thoughts need healing? Support? Adjusting?
📸Lindsay Kokoska


Prior to making the choice to come to Earth, the soul’s connection to Universal Mind was intuitive. The soul’s life was a work of love and dedicated service to God using innate intelligence, same as the animal kingdom. Scientists call the intelligence of the animal kingdom “instinct”, but the truth is the animal kingdom uses innate intelligence and is directly connected to Universal Mind
The Universe is constantly evolving, expanding and multiplying. There are many dimensions and realities that exist throughout billions of galaxies in the heavens. The heavens operate entirely under the principle of harmony, balance, order and unity for the good of all. Every galaxy requires an over seer to facilitate the operations of their galaxy.
Where there are angels to serve God, there are also Co-Creator Gods to assist God in these other galaxies. The angels are not creators; they are administrators of God’s laws. They govern themselves by innate intelligence with love and dedicated serve to God, completely.
When a soul decides to come to Earth, it is by choice to become a Co-Creator God and knowing they will be created in the image and likeness of God. The capability for reasoning and Free-Will was not available to the soul prior to coming to Earth, just innate intelligence.
The soul’s entire being was and still is in dedicated service for the love of God, completely. When a soul is in training to become a Co-Creator God, the soul receives access to a Conscious Mind. With this Conscious Mind comes reasoning and Free-Will. The metaphor of Adam and Eve eating an apple from the Tree of Knowledge is symbolic of the soul’s choice to gain wisdom through experience; knowledge is gained through experiences. The correct use of knowledge is wisdom. When Adam and Eve realized they were naked for the first time, this was indicative of the soul using their Conscious Mind for the first time, using reasoning and the five senses.
Earth is a Spiritual Training School sanctioned by the Galactic Council; a playground to experience the many laws of creation and to discern right from wrong through life’s experiences using Free-Will and Conscious Mind. The dramas on Earth may seem real to each soul, while experiencing life, but the reality is, each soul is learning through these experiences. Universal Mind orchestrates every experience for the soul based on the developing stage of the soul and their reaction to life’s experiences.
There is no death, just repeated performances based on previous life’s experiences. There are no conscious memories of these previous carnations of life’s experiences as the soul’s ego and conscious mind is not disciplined yet to understand that these previous lives are not real. The soul’s Subconscious Mind will understand and garnish the wisdom learned from each previous life’s experience. What appears to be real is only a perception of the soul’s Conscious Mind. As we have said, Conscious Mind uses the five senses in addition to reasoning or logic to determine what is real.
This is a major part of soul learning. To determine what is really real, the Conscious Mind also has to integrate the Subconscious Mind, located in the Solar Plexus of the physical body of each soul. The Subconscious Mind is also referred to as the Feeling Body or soul’s intuition. The soul’s ego is the initial phase of using the Conscious Mind for self; self preservation, self interest, self satisfaction and self glory. As the soul experiences life, eventually the realization comes to the soul that serving self is an isolate and lonely objective without internal soul satisfaction. Through life’s experiences the soul learns, complete satisfaction comes when the soul’s is in service and their thinking is aligned with Universal Mind and all thoughts, words and deeds are in harmony, balance, order and unity for the good of all.
We will talk about Conscious Mind in our next communication.
Again, you are never separated from the love of God. The reasoning perception of the soul’s status while on Earth is greatly under estimated. The soul does not yet understand their soul’s purpose on Earth yet and the complexity of aligning their thinking process in accordance to Universal Principles. This is our work to bring these truths and learning tools to each soul for their understanding.
The Golden Ones

Thea Grace Sirius

Yeshua and Mary Magdalene:

“Soul mates are now coming together en masse to complete the work that they started in past lives on Earth and in the Star realms. It is inevitable for you to meet and it is time now to call out to him or her in your meditations to let them know that you are ready. Cut the ties with all of your old partners and look to the new. No more fears now of being alone forever, for these new relationships will be very much needed in the New Earth. You will be coming together as if by magic and these are the relationships that will see you through into the 5th Dimension.”

The New Creation

I am being called upon every morning to do intense energy work in co-creative fashion in the New Earth, and indeed I am deeply humbled, even as I stand in awe and wonder at the New Creation which is the New Earth!
The full powers of the Fires of Illumination from the 7 Central Sun are now being returned via Sirius, and indeed this is moving through the heart and soul centers of all souls who are ready and open to receive this.
It is being amplified by the White Flame fully anchored in and returned.
This is unprecedented!
In truth what most people see as reality, is no more. It is but a holographic illusion and thus if you choose to still play in duality, that is where you will stay.
The New Earth transcends all duality and indeed moves totally into ONENESS, UNITY and thus Harmony.
Yet, that Oneness, Unity and Harmony first needs to be found within yourself, for there lies the keys to unlock the New You. The YOU which indeed then is dislodged from the Old 3D Matrix Energy Fields and the Holographic Illusion and thus you cannot play out those old roles any longer.
The more I work in the New Earth the more I am lifted into the fullness of BEING, which goes beyond words. And within me, there is such love, such joy and inner peace, that I truly find myself operating on a much higher level. It just flows naturally. No effort.
I was watching a bird flying past this morning, and again noticed how effortlessly and gracefully it flies. Well that is what in truth life is like in the New Earth and when you have stepped fully in your Soul Mastery. You can fly effortlessly like a mighty eagle, higher than ever before, and indeed now reach higher and higher dimensional states and frequency bands, access information and knowledge and indeed have that immense insight you never had in the Old 3D.
It is simply magnificent.
And thus every morning I ask to be used as an instrument to co-create the New Golden Age with love and with inspiration and joy.
And every evening I ask, with pure intent, that I will be taken to the Highest Temples of Soul Learning, so that when I wake up, I can apply what I have mastered in the inner Planes or remembered from within the Depth of my Own Soul and the expanded Knowledge of my Own Soul Cluster Group.
What a time to be alive and transcended into the New Earth!
Judith Kusel

An incredible Mammatus clouds formation with anti-crepuscular rays of sunlight shining through, in Kansas, United States.

This spectacular scenery happened on the backside of a supercell thunderstorm. The rays were created by the setting sun and appeared to converge at the horizon, although they are actually parallel.

📷 Rob Darby


As the night sky emerges, know our light ships can be viewed in an easier format. For your eyes, combined with your third eye awareness can reach our consciousness.
For the night sky enables you to gain higher wisdom of the universe.
Like entering an old forest, the awe, the higher light connection you feel, our guidance, as you enter our realm.
To practice this connection of reaching us effortesly. It is simply opening your heart and consciousness to pure light.
For your light frequency is like a beacon of light in the darkness of night. We instantly feel your intention, combined with higher light
Know the consciousness of the universe, is alive and advancing. For every star and planet is showering your world with High Vibrational Light. It is simply the task of feeling this light Connection.
Like the sun, the night sky has much to offer. Simply open your heart and awareness to connecting to us.
A recent experience
I was told to go outside & embrace the Universe 💗
I connected to my higher self and felt a rush of energy through my crown, and in that instant I was connected to the universe.
My heart chakra was expanding and in that moment I saw a light – a ship moving across the night sky 💗
A moment of deep connection & wisdom was granted to me.
I offer you this insight & an invitation from our galactic friends to embrace the night sky 💗
For you will receive much information & guidance 💗
With Love and Blessings Light Family 💥
Karen Lithika & the Arcturians 💗🌻
Night Shot of the Uluru in Australia with the Milky Way.
Carolyn 144 GODCODE

Carolyn 144 GODCODE

Blessed Feast of Tabernacles Soul Family 💗 Every yoke is broken! Suddenly we are more focused, driven, stable to take action, knowing exactly what to do. This new evolved you is emerging, now that you have completed clearing lack consciousness. Your finding your light within. This is the genuine real authentic you that makes the best and healthiest choices for yourself, family, and home.

The intuitive and conscious minds have expanded again, with all the recent clearing and activations. A new game plan of how you can flourish and thrive is downloading. This is all part of the bigger picture plan of your Leadership position, that your now preparing for. First you must fully know that you are talented, independent, and confident to lead others on The Way. Trust the inner guidance on making changes to your daily routines, your appearance, and new goals based on your heart’s true desires. This is all part of the plan!

The choices you’ve made the past few months have successfully cleared karmic partners. Healing and neutralizing are bringing you balance and closure to that past soul journey. Your also becoming the perfect vibrational match to your Anointed Counterpart, and New Earth Kingdom Marriage.

Matthew 20:16 “So the last shall be first, and the first last: for many be called, but few chosen.” This is happening so fast now, the devil can’t even keep up. It’s already one and done and over, before the devil even knew it!

You are safe and protected. God is taking care of all these details, so you no longer have to. Balance is happening for you and your Divine Union to be free from attacks and separation APTTMH 🙌🏻

Welcome to the final show. Solitude, self care and energy balancing will be helpful as you sit back and witness the sign of the times.

In Jesus Christ’s name amen 🙏🏻

🕊 Love Carolyn


Richard Rudd

❤️🙏❤️The unveiling of the Sacred Wound that we carried on behalf of the whole.. the black whole of Infinite density .. creating our storyline in the first 9 months of gestation. The birth of the cosmos .. where we begin the unwinding of our DNA HELIX .. unraveling our WHOLENESS ❤️🙏❤️Where we experience a complete reawakening of our highest consciousness ❤️🙏❤️
❤️🙏❤️The Corpus Christi lays out a Universe of 7 dimensions.. each holographically folded up inside each other…there are two pairs of trinities .. with the 7th dimension enfolding them all….the sacred wound occurred when the trinities ( different frequencies of consciousness ) divided .. physical emotional ( astral ) and mental bodies ( lower bodies) and Causal.. Buddhic and Atma bodies ( higher bodies ) .. ( which eventually all collapse into light)
❤️🙏❤️The merge occurs as our suffering ( on behalf of the whole ) clears and heals through the lessens of LOVE .. as our “ Sanskaras” or unconscious imprints become innerstood purified and transformed over the course of our lives .. we UNLOCK the pathway to higher consciousness and we release an enormous capacity of the heart to LOVE UNCONDITIONALLY
The Gene Keys Golden Path .. Love .. a guide to your Venus sequence Richard Rudd

C O S M I C U P D A T E ♈️

The Aries Full Moon is creating a COCOON of FIERY CLEARING ENERGY wrapping tightly around the physical body, with extra pressure being applied to the head/ brain, liver, kidneys and gut.
It’s leading to physical symptoms incl. dehydration, exhaustion, body aches, woolly brain, listlessness, gut issues as the major organs work harder. Eat clean/ detox, avoid sugar and drink plenty of filtered water to support the flush.
Full Moons are typically about endings and letting go of things that are no longer serving our highest path. But this one has extra INTENSITY to it, with a FOCUS on RELATIONSHIPS. This is about seeing not only where things can change now, but also the BIG PICTURE on a PATTERN that has been repeating many times over. Put simply – where you are been choosing less than you are worth. This ending may be something tangible but it could also be something intangible too.
True to the Aries energy, you may also be wanting to DISRUPT ROUTINE, seek ADVENTURE and NEW CHALLENGES. Its all about independence and you may find yourself getting extra fired up and digging your heels in if someone challenges your autonomy. Be careful not to be too hot headed however!
Heads up! In a few days, we head into Scorpio Season. It’s the water sign of sexuality, passion, deep intuition, feeling and psychic ability. Things will continue to unveil through this month so stay present to all that is revealed.
Full moon blessings
Leyla 🌝♈️🔥❤️
Image credit: unknown
Mars in Libra opposite Eris retrograde in Aries – The fiery conditions continue as Mars forms an opposition to trouble-maker Eris. The question is, how do we deal with anger, frustration and annoyance when faced with opposition from others? How do we best respond when someone presses our buttons, triggers blare a warning and the red mist descends?! The instinct of Mars is to fend off the problem, shout down the argument, chase the aggressor away but Eris is insistent that we SEE the problem. It’s true, something MUST be done but we need to act with all the finesse that Libra can muster. This is about using our inside voice, even if we are outside!
Despite the clash, this can be a powerfully constructive aspect if we’re willing to face up to the challenge. The trick is to be as objective as we can, play fair, be mindful that others are hurting too. Guard against projection. A little compromise and acknowledgement will go a long way towards taking our relationships to the next level. Beneath the noise is a desire for harmony.
Degrees and Time
Mars 24°Li11′, Eris 24°Ar11′ R – 22:41 (BST)
Painting – Angel with the Flaming Sword by Franz Stuck

Today’s Galactic Signature is KIN 51 – Blue Crystal Monkey – CALAHUN HUNAB KU and is a Galactic Activation Portal Day (GAP KIN), notated by HUNAB KU.

After receiving the Spectral Tone of Liberation comes the complex stability of the Crystal Tone of Cooperation.
Blue Crystal Monkey – CALAHUN HUNAB KU guides and teaches us to be the innocent children of the Universe through master of the mind, in order to re-group, re-crystalize, and re-form into a higher order of consciousness.
Now that we have received the freedom of the Spectral Energy (yesterday), Blue Crystal Monkey – CALAHUN HUNAB KU encourages us to focus on the divine magic of play and to surrender to the ever present Cosmo-rama.
Blue Crystal Monkey – CALAHUN HUNAB KU also reminds us to lighten up through sincerity, humility, willingness, and earnest devotion in order to co-create with others of like mindedness is ways that manifest unlimited exponential positive opportunities. As we work together in alliance for the benefit of the greater good, our collective efforts can and will offer complex stability to our Planetary Family at large. The Cauldron of Creation is inviting us to acknowledge all of the supportive forces that are always conspiring on our behalf to assist us on our progress. As this dream of this endless divine journey continues, let us all work together to raise the collective consciousness to It’s highest and truest potential.
In Lak’ech
Thank you for sharing this excerpt from Ganapati Ananda’s new Workbook, Cosmic Dreamspell Astrology Wisdom. You can help support spiritual and humanitarian causes while diving deeper into Galactic Wisdom by getting your own copy here:

From studies :
The vibration of the heart expands like a magnetic wave of spirit. The vibration of the heart expands like a ray of light. In all cosmic manifestations, the Magnet of the Perfect Heart attracts. Only the lever of the heart can direct the action toward the true source. When the ray of consciousness contacts the Spacial Fire, the cosmic vibration enters into life. Therefore, the conscious direction of the Ray of the heart will lead to creation. Thus, the cosmic attraction is imbued by the Heart of Cosmos. When the vibration of the heart strives to create, the energy of the Cosmic Magnet responds to that striving. Thus conscious attraction will produce a boundless striving.

Kin 51 ~ Blue Crystal Monkey

The number 12 is called Crystal and it’s key words are ‘Dedication, Universalize and Cooperation’. The 12th day is all about gathering together and working as a team. Too often we struggle and stumble through life on our own forgetting that naturally we work better together. Make efforts on Crystal days to find your like-minded folk and together you can support one another and discuss your life journey. Feedback is crucial for clarity otherwise we can lose perspective.
Today is Blue Monkey which represents ‘Play, Illusion and Magic’. Monkey is the universal trickster and clown but also a serious teacher. If you have been confusing magic for illusion or vice versa…monkey will teach you a lesson today and make a monkey out of you. Look out for the proverbial banana peels! Monkey loves to play but also can bring a lot of magic so be wise and not a fool and monkey will reward you.
Today’s Guide is the Blue Night, so abundance and dreams should be what motivates you – combined with a bit of monkey magic you may be surprised with good fortune that comes your way today. Just make sure your dreams are realistic and that you are not under the illusion of unlikely expectations. Monkey likes to show us the difference between magic and illusion and the guiding energy of the Blue Night shows that Abundance is possible when we can tell the difference.
The Challenge of the day is Red Dragon, if you are a Red Dragon your issues may surface and you may find monkey just annoys the hell out of you. Well, don’t give him reason to treat you like a fool and you’ll be fine.
The Occult power is the White Dog which represents ‘Love, Heart and Loyalty’. This suggests that if you put all your heart into whatever you do the result can be quite magical. Remember though it is a number 12 day which means getting together with others. Love your fellow mankind today and see how magical that can be.
The Ally is the Yellow Star and so people born on Yellow Star days can be very helpful to others. They see the beauty in the world and can show you too.
Today is a Portal day which provides opportunities to go through doors. This is because the energies of the day are amplified which can be intense, or a great deal of fun depending on your attitude!

Today is Blue Crystal Monkey day on the 13 Moon Dreamspell Mayan Calendar.

Blue Monkey, (tribe 11 of the 20 solar tribe archetype cycle), plays, magic, illusion.
Blue Monkey encourages you to see through life’s illusions, drop your serious veneer, and become playful. Today is the day to get downright silly! If you need to be serious, then I recommend getting up to some serious monkey business! Remain lighthearted, have a good laugh, share a smile, play a game, tickle your fancy, bust a gut, pull my finger, throw some poo, walk into a bar, knock repeatedly on a door, find out how many of your friends are needed to screw in a light bulb, figure out why you crossed the road, laugh till you cry, go bananas! Remember to laugh at yourself while you are at it. Get in touch with your playful inner child. Be the smiling, lighthearted, laughing, silly, magical, prankster monkey, the cosmic actor/comedian, who works behind the scenes to help others to lighten up and crack a smile. Laughter is the best medicine!
Crystal tone of Cooperation, (step 12 of the 13-step creative energy tone cycle), dedicate, universalize, cooperation.
Having liberated yourself yesterday through love, heart, and loyalty, (White Dog), you are now ready to re-crystallize and reform into a higher order. The Crystal tone of Cooperation encourages you to step into and work within the group dynamic. As you work in cooperation with others in group situations, you become a catalyst for the entire group, and every individual in the group, including yourself, to have an exponential experience. Experience the synergy brought on by working in cooperation with and celebrating the gifts that each individual has to share with the collective. Combine your energies with others to experience exponential group play, magic, and illusion.
Exponential group play, magic, and illusion.
Day 12 of the 13-day cycle themed Yellow Sun, enlightens, life, universal fire.
Written by Roger Grossman


12 CHUEN – KIN 51
21 OCTOBER 2021
I dedicate in order to PLAY
Universalizing ILLUSION
I seal the process of MAJIK
With the Crystal tone of Cooperation
I AM guided by the power of ABUNDANCE
G.A.P. day ENTER ME! 💥💥
21/10/2021 = 3/10/5=3/15=3/6=9
✨3.6.9. ✨ TESLA CODE! ✨✨✨
21.21 🏆🏆– double VICTORY code!
21- Crown of the Magi👑 Honours/Victory
3- Holy Trinity/joy/Creativity
9- Endings/Destiny/Divine/Humanity/Grace
✨MONTH/YEAR codes✨
10- Manifestation/Authority/Power
1- New beginnings/Leader/Original
15- Spiritual Alchemy/Charisma/Magnetism
6- Heaven/Christ/Romance/Harmony
KIN 51 = 6 Heaven/Christ/Family/Harmony
A very powerful Majikal GAP portal day on a FULL MOON! 💥The energy is ripe for manifesting majikal outcomes through joyful expression. A DIVINELY beautiful HAPPY portal day – filled with LAUGHTER, PLAY and MAJIK! 💫
GO FORTH and make merriment!! 🐵🐒😆
Day 12 in the YELLOW SUN ☀WAVESPELL of ILLUMINATING our HIGHEST EVOLUTIONARY PATH to reclaim our SOUL POWER and full Sovereignty. 👑✨
Today we come out to PLAY, PLAY, PLAY with MAJIK💫, connecting and cooperating in our EN-LIGHT-ON-ed communities.👭👫👬 We SHINE our de-LIGHT attracting joyful abundance. 😍😊🤗
CRYSTAL💎 – Tone 12 in the MENTAL realm. ACTION – universalizes, POWER – dedicates, ESSENCE – cooperation. Yesterday we focused on dissolving and releasing any barriers to LOVE in our hearts.❤ Through the space and freedom engendered by the Spectral phase, new space is created for something new to emerge. New partnerships are forged. 👫👭 Energy comes together and CRYSTAL 💎beings form.
The Crystal energy is brilliant for gaining crystal, clear, clarity and guidance for our next step forward. Communication and networking flows.🌐 Information from Spirit and all realms flows, freely accessible by all of the new CRYSTAL beings connected to GAIA’s crystalline communication grid! 🌐
❓What information will you be broadcasting through this grid?
❓How can your skills and knowledge assist in the upliftment of humanity, out of survival mode, into HAPPINESS, BLISS and infinite ABUNDANCE?
We need to express our desire to care for each other as part of common-Unity. Accepting our communal responsibility to love and nurture each other as we merge into ONE united family of HU-MAN-ity. Healing all the DIVISION and seperation, welcoming all through the power of ONENESS. 🌞
Together we are STRONGEST💪 as we forge this NEW WAY DREAMING path.
All the powers of CREATION are available at our disposal as we evolve into our DIVINE CREATOR beings, expressing SOURCE energy through our embodiment of our FULL LUMINOSITY. ☀🎆
Today’s question is “How can I cooperate with others through JOY💕 and BLISS🐬 to create more FUN, MAJIK and ABUNDANCE in my life and MANIFEST the NEW WAY DREAMING in our world?” ❤☀🐬✨🌴💒👭😍
Divine blessings for a very, very, very majikal JOY filled PLAY day! 👭🐬💕
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger- KIN 66 🌏🌈
CONSCIOUS SELF: BLUE CRYSTAL MONKEY💎 🐒 CHUEN… yesterday we LIBERATED LOVE💗 and today we get to connect with our KIN and experience BLISS!💒 BLISS filled encounters and connections through expressing our JOY! 🐬
CHUEN🐵 the cheeky monkey🐒 loves to PLAY, and brings forth great MAJIK and merriment. 💫 Monkey days are usually LIGHTER and brighter, and today’s codes are GORGEOUS, so get out and PLAY today!!! 🎡👬🎢👭😍
The CRYSTAL MONKEY is a CLEAR conduit that opens a portal to 5D bringing forth the ECSTATIC codes, raising our frequency and helping us FLY HIGH on the winds of LOVE. 💗💗💗
LOVE💗 is in the AIR! Especially with this FULL MOON🌝 in FIRE SIGN 🔥 ARIES – igniting the PASSIONATE LIBRAN coupling energies. Use the MAJIK 3.6.9. TESLA code to TRIPLE your luck and manifest your dreams today.
The MONKEY tribe holds the DOLPHIN🐬🐬🐬 energies, which represent 5D consciousness and BLISS. 💕The DOLPHIN uses sonar technology to broadcast his BLISS and JOY🎶 to his fellow pod members through the frequency grid connecting them together. If you have ever been lucky enough to swim with a DOLPHIN🐬 or be in their presence you have felt these ecstatic JOY waves reverberate in your cells and AWAKEN your innate state of BLISS.. This is the GIFT of our MONKEY today! So embrace all those holding this 5D frequency and welcome them into your tribe!👫🐬👬💕👭💏
The coupling of CHUEN with the CRYSTAL tone today provides the ability to UNITE in cooperative play and celebration with your kin. Crystal energy activates your telepathic connection allowing you to sync. together without the need for words. Just like children naturally play together through their natural curiosity and connection. This is the majik of today’s code. 👫👬👭💫
CHUEN is of course the DIVINE CHILD👶👼 who connects to our Creator through his intuition and innate knowing. It is time to establish and TRUST your own connection to SOURCE ☀through your Divine child and claim your Sovereignty. Be like a child and know that you are a child of GOD who has INFINITE access to all the treasures of CREATION! COSMIC ABUNDANCE and BLISS are your birthright!
HIGHER SELF/GUIDE: BLUE CRYSTAL NIGHT💎 🌃💰 AKBAL the DREAMER and MAJIKal wish fulfilling GENIE is the HIGHER POWER today, bringing forth many blessings from these 2 wonderful BLUE BOYS on this majikal full moon portal, GAP day!! Tremendous MANIFESTING MAJIKAL POWER! KAPOW! ✨💥✨
AKBAL enhances your intuitive powers today and the dreaming code. The collective NEW WAY DREAMING is the VISION we are all holding of infinite ABUNDANCE, JOY, PEACE and HARMONY for all beings.
The CRYSTAL NIGHT holds the keys to the KINGDOM and will clearly reveal the GATES to access this prosperity through this majikal portal day. ASK and it shall be GIVEN.. Before sleep tonight ASK to be shown HOW to access this wealth and happiness.
AKBAL will reveal any ILLUSIONs of scare-city, dwelling in the shadows, which must be brought into the LIGHT of DAY.. As the veils thin and there is a blurring between dimensions and realities, we have the POWER to change our old reality by choosing to ENERGIZE this ABUNDANT NEW WAY DREAMING.. becoming a conscious dreamer… Joining with our kin to jet propel 🚀this NEW DREAM into manifestation.💫
You may find yourself “daydreaming” or having more prophetic dreams or hunches today. The play and positivity also ignites our ability to attract more ABUNDANCE in our lives. Akbal allows us to feel happier and more self confident knowing that the POWER 💥and majik 💫 is within us to manifest our DREAMS! ✨✨
SUPPORT: YELLOW CRYSTAL STAR 💎✨ LAMAT is YET another PORTAL (making it a TRIPLE GATE!!), opening the GATES to ABUNDANCE, JOY and HAPPINESS today. LAMAT is the beautiful STAR linking to the new HARMONIC MATRIX which we can easily access through our Crystalline connections to further activate the NEW WAY DREAMING codes. The NEW HARMONIC MATRIX is activated in the NEW TIME cycle – so keep DREAMING of it and then it SHALL BE!
LAMAT enables us to SPARKLE🎆 our LIGHT✨ to illuminate our path, navigating towards EN-LIGHT-ON-ment. We join in harmony with our tribe expressing our joy, and creativity together.👫👭
A beautiful SUPPORTing energy to help us SEE and connect to the BEAUTY in each other and all around us. PERFECT HARMONY! ✨✨✨
OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: WHITE LUNAR DOG🐕 OC is a LUNAR DOG – he will reveal any polarity challenges that we have in receiving ABUNDANCE, forming higher unions, and expressing our HEART’S desires.
The LUNAR DOG and CRYSTAL MONKEY work together beautifully to reveal all the illusions, deceptions and betrayals to LOVE… all that manipulates, controls and seeks to disempower you. The CRYSTAL tone beautifully gives you the clarity to SEE the TRUTH of what is and is not from LOVE.. The DOG sniffs out the TRUTH by uncovering all the evidence, so TRUST what your intuition is showing you today.
The SUPERPOWER of LOVE❤ allows us to breathe deeply into our hearts, communicating Spirit’s messages through us, as we strengthen our bond with our CREATOR and our beloveds through unconditional love. This is the pathway to BLISS and true ABUNDANCE.
CHALLENGE/GIFT: RED CRYSTAL DRAGON💎 🐉 IMIX is the Mother Creatrix Dragon who is reminding us that LOVE and NURTURANCE is the KEY to all our manifestations. The CRYSTAL DRAGON holds the keys to the door of the AKASHIC RECORDS – The COSMIC library is easily accessible today.
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Harmonic Convergence 2020-2028


Today, October 21, 2021 marks the last day of a synchronization window between the 3 calendrical systems we have been exploring for the past 3 weeks:

φ • The Gregorian calendar

φ • The Mayan Long Count of 13 Baktun and 20 Baktun cycles

φ • The 13 Moon, 28-Day Calendar and the Tzolkin/13:20 Natural Time Matrix.

For the past year the have been highlighting the multiple numeric and HARMONIC FACTORS converging during this entire 2020–2022 transition, indicating us a clear and coherent integration node between these 3 calendars. The month of october 2021 holds an intersection of special significance. How is this?

OCTOBER 4 : Marks the END date of the Julian Count in 1582*

OCTOBER 13 : Marks the END/START of a NEW Piktun cycle (20 Baktuns) since the start of the Maya Long Count (-3113~4772). This is a synchronic threshold only comparable to the December 21, 2012 event horizon…

OCTOBER 15 : Marks the START date of the Gregorian Calendar in 1582

OCTOBER 21 : Marks the ancient future return of Mayan master synchronic architect Pakal Votan in 4772.

*NOTE: October 4, 2021 marked the synchronization with the START date of the the New Sirius Cycle count on KIN 34 8 Wizard (1987-7-26). (To learn more details about this 34:34:34 synchronization portal please visit our entry from last KIN 34-October 4, 2021)


As mentioned above, October 13, 4772 holds a KEY HARMONIC marker on the ancient Maya Long Count:

This date (noted as 10 Ajaw) is only 2 days before the completion of 3190 years from the Gregorian calendar reform.

The mysterious date that has baffled archeologists, researchers and elders for years, is referenced at the top of the Temple of Inscriptions in Palenque, Chiapas along with the Long Count date 5Lamat, marking the completion of 80 Calendar Rounds of 52 YEARS from the accession of time architect Pakal Votan to the throne of Palenque (Lakamha’) on July 26, 615 AD.

October 21 is also only 2 days away from the birth date of the first deity of the so called Palenque Triad known as GI on October 23, 2360 BC, Long Count marker 13 Kimi 19 Keh.


The Maya recorded higher cycles above the baktun, leaving us clues into the fractal measure and the harmonic nature present in their advanced time science and its elegant vigesimal mathematical system. Of special relevance for this investigation is the 20-BAKTUN cycle:

“The text from the Western Tablet of the Temple of the Inscriptions mentions the date of Pakal’s birthday and then counts far into the future in order to arrive at 1 piktun. The drawing to the right shows the segment of the text discussed here (drawing by Linda Schele). The mathematics only works if 20 bak’tuns equal one piktun.

[…] As to why these texts discussing Pakal go so far into the future, the facts are few and the theories many. Perhaps it was a statement about the eternal nature of his soul? Or a future reincarnation?”


Thanks to these records, Jose Arguelles was able to re-construct the entire fractal hologram of 20 BAKTUNS.


This excerpt from one of his last articles entitled  “1000 Days to 2012 – 7 Baktuns of Timeship Earth 2013” also gives us more insights on this mysterious date in the far future:

The conclusion of the 13-baktun great cycle of history, 21 December 2012, actually marks a zero point, which is both an ending and a beginning. As of this date a new 7-baktun cycle begins that will run its course in the year 4772 (old count), that is 2760 years later, during the 54th New Sirius cycle. These 2760 years encompass the 7 baktuns of the second creation of the Law of Time, the span of the Sixth Sun of Consciousness. This fact is derived from the following:

“It is interesting that recent decodings of the hieroglyphs at Palenque, which are understood to have been made during the reign of Pacal the Great, refer to dates beyond the end of the Long Count calendar. On the Tablet of the Inscriptions at Palenque a date of 5 Lamat 1 Mol can be inferred – otherwise known as 21 October 4772, almost 3000 years in the future. Perhaps we can deduce from this that Pacal himself believed that the end of the fifth age did not represent the end of time or of the Earth, and that his name would be still mentioned in the sixth age.

David Douglas, p. 133, The Mayan Prophecy 2012 (2009)

This is a most significant piece of information. It indicates that 8 days after the end of the 20th baktun ( that Pacal Votan will return. If October 21 (Self-existing Moon 4), 4772 is, then October 13, Electric Moon 24, would be the precise completion of the 20 baktun cycle begun on 13 August 3113.

Even more profoundly is the fact that this 20 baktun inscription demonstrates the complete power of the numbers 13 and 20 with the occulted interval of 7: 13 baktuns, encompass the great cycle of history, but 7 baktuns more define the great cycle of the sixth sun of the noosphere. 20 is the Mayan number of totality – meaning that the conclusion of 20 baktuns will mark a complete cycle of totality of the planet Earth – from the unconscious 13-baktun cycle of history, to the cosmic conscious 7-baktun cycle of the noosphere.

If 5125 years of operating by inharmonious and mechanistic standards of time produced the disaster of global civilization, what will 2760 years of operating by harmonic cycles of synchronization produce? Will this not be the true golden age of an enlightened humanity at one with the cosmos, at home and forever free on Timeship Earth 2013?”



The synchronic order is based on the prophecy of Pacal Votan, revealing the golden thread that links past, present and future.

From the fractal time perspective the transition from BAKTUN #20 to #21 holds the same numerical resonance as the transition from CENTURY #20 to #21, on the Gregorian count as well as the transition from the YEAR 2020 to 2021. This transition window represents therefore a KEY FRACTAL threshold considering that:

1. On the Maya Long Count we are currently transiting the Baktun coded by Number 13. (2012-2406). Number 13 holds the 7th position on the logarithmic spiral.

2. 2021 marks the completion of 20 YEARS from the start of the 21st CENTURY (2001-01-01). Number 21 holds the 8th position on the logarithmic spiral…

3. From the cosmological perspective of the synchronic order, this 20-YEAR milestone represents one perfect hologram of 20 units

4. On the New Sirius Cycle count, we are currently transiting the year coded by Number 34 (NS1.34) Number 34 holds the 9th position on the logarithmic spiral…

5. This is therefore an intersection of unprecedented harmonic significance between the dissonance of the Gregorian calendar and the perfect harmonic resonance of the 13-Moon, 28-Day calendar and the vigesimal system of the Mayan Long Count.


October 21, 2021 also marks the completion of 8 YEARS from the synchronization of this future time portal with another time portal: 9-11-2001. How is this?

October 21, 2013 marked precisely the completion of 17 Tzolkins from the events of September 11, 2001. As presented by Argulles on “Time and the Technosphere: The Law of Time in Human Affairs” (2002), this day signaled the emergence of the noosphere.

The Noosphere or “Rainbow Brain” is comprised by 8 Tzolkin Plates. 8 YEARS correspond to ONE LUNAR OCTAVE of 104 MOONS, equivalent to 8 cycles of 13 MOONS each. Both 8 and 13 hold the 6th and 7th position on the logarithmic spiral.

To learn more about this synchronization please check this time-capsule from 8 YEARS ago:…/october-21-2013…

Why is this relevant now?


On the 13-Moon, 28-Day calendar October 21 corresponds EVERY YEAR to DAY #4 of MOON #4, and this year is coded by the SEED, the Solar Seal #4 out of 20.

Within the Cosmology of Time, Number 4 is the tone that DEFINES and gives MEASURE to FORM across the fabric of TIME and SPACE. How is this?

Number 4 DEFINES SPACE as the SQUARE and the 4 Directions (East – North – West-South)


■ 4 Seasons in a Year (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter)

■ 4 Phases of the Moon (New, Waxing, Full, Waning)

■ 4 Daily Watches in a Day (Midnight to Sunrise, Sunrise to Mid-day, Mid-Day to Sunset, Sunset)

These 4 stages are represented by the 4 Primary colors of the Cosmology of Time:

1- Red (Initiates)

2- White (Refines)

3- Blue (Transforms)

4- Yellow (Ripens)

■ The Yellow Seed (solar seal 4) carries the Power of Flowering


Meanwhile, on the Tzolkin count Today is KIN 51 and we are precisely 2751 YEARS away from the mysterious date October 21, 4772. This date will correspond to KIN 46, 7Worldbridger on the Tzolkin count. In other words: last October 16, 2021, KIN 46 marked another harmonic node of resonance holding an interval of XX Tzolkin cycles of 260 days to October 21, 4772

These multiple fractal synchronizations are taking place right before we enter the 13-DAY wavespell of prophecy (KIN 53-65). This is the 5th cycle of 13 days of the Tzolkin Matrix: The Red Skywalker Wavespell of Prophecy. The Red Skywalker represents the archetype of the Prophet and is coded by the Solar Seal 13. Within the the Cosmology of Time, Number 13 holds the Cyclical Power of Cosmic TIME represented by:

★ The 13 Baktuns of the Long Count

★ The 13 Moons of the Year

★ The 13 Orbits of Venus around the Sun during one pentagonal cycle

★ The 13 days of a Wavespell


From the prophetic perspective, KIN 53 1Skywalker acts as analog sign of the indigenous 1 Ben (1 Reed/Acatl) associated with the historical prophetic figure know as Ce Acatl Topiltzin Quetzalcoatl. His prophecy of 13 Heavens and 9 Hells was condensed by American author, Tony Shearer in his book “Lord of the Dawn” (1971)

This prophecy was embraced by José and Lloydine Argüelles, who organized the Harmonic Convergence of 1987, the first synchronised global meditation on Earth and August 16-17, 1987 to commemorate its fulfillment.

2021 marks the harmonic milestone of 34 YEARS since the fulfillment of the Quetzalcoatl Prophecy of the Thirteen Heavens and Nine Underworlds,and next KIN 55-56 will mark 48 Tzolkin cycles since this groundbreaking event.

This wavespell holds then a special prophetic significance as the last day of this 13-DAY cycle will mark the completion of the 8th TUN cycle of 360 DAYS since December 21, 2012 (LC and the start of a prophetic window of 1440 DAYS from Long Count marker to (October 15, 2025) marking the Golden Intersection of timelines and the completion of 161803 DAYS on the Gregorian calendar, a perfect fractal measure of the Golden ratio: 1.61803


Quetzalcotal/Kukulcan/Planet Venus is the patron deity of the Harmonic Convergence of 1987 and EXACTLY 2 Tzolkins ago, this 13-DAY cycle also corresponded to the last 13 days of the 13th orbit of Venus around the Sun before completing the 5-pointed star the Earth and Venus trace around our star every 8 years on June 2, 2020 (NS1.32.12.5 KIN 65 13 Serpent). (


Now also is relevant to remember that according to the 1 KIN = 1 MOON Fractal count of 260 MOONS introduced on the 20 Tablets of the Law of Time (1997) this entire 13-MOON planetary service wavespell is coded by KIN 53 1Skywalker. Therefore, the entire 3rd and 4th MOONS correspond to KIN 55 3Eagle and KIN 56 4Warrior, the same gateways of the Harmonic Convergence of 1987.

These synchronizations serve as an open invitation to connect with the archetype of the “prophet/angelic messenger”; re-awaken within us dormant distant memories of our truest, original nature and our ability to bridge realities and connect Heaven and Earth. Time is ART!


The Number 20 represents the base of the advanced vigesimal mathematical system devised by the ancient Maya. Number 20 is written as 1.0. It is therefore defined as the Number of TOTALITY (ONE) and was considered sacred.

For many ancient cultures and traditions 20 YEARS is considered to be the span of ONE GENERATION. The Maya revered these 20-YEAR cycles and observed them as AJAW KATUN cycles. AJAW is the 20th Solar Seal and this cycle is observed every 20 solar years.

In an analog way, on the Maya Long Count, each BAKTUN is comprised by 20 KATUN cycles of 20 TUN cycles of 360 DAYS each (100 days short of 20 YEARS). Each Baktun is therefore equivalent to 20 GENERATIONS. December 21, 2012 marked then the completion of 13 cycles of 20 GENERATIONS each since the start of Human Civilization (-3113 BC)

The 2020–2021 transition marks the flowering of the first Generation of the 3rd MILLENIUM of the current civil calendar! This is then a TIME inviting us to think about RE-GENERATION and ENVISION A NEW FUTURE…

To learn more please go to:

To sign and support an open petition for Calendar Referendum 2020 and Declaration of Universal World Peace, and to ensure that humanity adopt and implement the 13-Month, 28-Day Calendar as a new Harmonic Standard by 2028, please go to:

To download a PDF copy of the 2021-22 transitional 13-Month, 28-Day WALL Calendar please go to:

In Lak’ech

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