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Paul White Gold Eagle

Greetings Starlight Seers of the Visions of Heaven on Earth

Gaia is receiving more Gamma plasma X Rays directly from the Great Central Sun, magnifying her electrical/ magnetic field for her Ascension into the Light. Pachamama received another massive activation today with a magnitude 6.1 earthquake in Sonora, Mexico with the epicenter being in the Gulf of California. This occurred at 10:02 UTC.

As we continue our journey closer to the Full Lunar Eclipse Full Blood Moon in Taurus we dive deeper into the unknown and navigate through the void and into the Clear Light of Eternal Bliss Consciousness.

Let go into the Peace within, the Still White Magnetic Light in the Center of your Being, your Pure Awareness of the Unborn Mind of Buddha.

In the meditation of this Eternal Now we come to the Self Realization of our Christ Consciousness and expand our Awareness into the Infinite MultiVerse ofΒ  the Totality of the Universal One. In the resolution of all conflicted perceptions we release all that no longer serves and integrate all that is for the highest good of all. This is the final purging and cleansing of the old false ways that were hijacked by the nefarious ones for control and manipulation. The dark took everything that is good and righteous and twisted and flipped it for their dark agendas.

We are freeing ourselves and all sentient beings from the false negative suffering timelines and setting right all that was converted to the three hells of negative thoughts, feelings and emotions. We are healing from all trauma and coming into the balance and harmony of the five elements. All the false ones have left is false projections of fear, manipulating perception and trauma based mind control to keep humanity in the shackles of misperception.

The programs of ignorance and deceptions are ending and we embody the True Gnosis of our multidimensional Eternal self. As good people of knowledge we are the Shamans and Sages of the New Earth to lead and guide all our Rainbow Tribes to the Holy Lands of Milk and Honey. With the Compassion in Unity Consciousness we set right all that went out of alignment and bridge the two worlds of Heaven and Earth.

Through our Sacred Heart Centers we become the Rainbow Bridges of the New Lemuria…A’Ho!








Valerie A. Elster

Opening the Gates as we Navigate our HIGHEST Collective Timeline. Jump in TIME 1030 + Plasma / Shift in Linear Applications. 🀍🀍

Timelines are FLUID, in that they shift based on the collective shift and other variables!
✨✨Clarity on Timelines✨✨
-They are points of light,
-Frequencies of possibilities,
-Dimensional realities,
-Agreed upon constructs,
Collapsible architecture that encompasses our 3D reality
Time is an illusion..
So we create packages of scenarios to “run through” and remember
Not really to learn,
Mainly to re-learn or re-member and make profound changes in the collective hologram.
So muuch love! ❀
Clarity Timelines
Clarity Timelines



Sophie GrΓ©goire

A window of massive opportunities is open. Feel it. Take your breath. A new path is opening. Underneath the fog energy you may be feeling, the flow is leading you in the right direction. Chapters are being closed & new doors are opening, right in front of you. Some don’t accept the expansion of your light anymore, and this is being put in front of your eyes too. Unexpected events & plot twists, or encounters, could bring you just closer to your destiny. Follow the plan. Follow the mystery.


Luxor temple
Luxor temple


Pars Kutay

WE Are NOW in the Supreme SUPERNAL Embrace of Crystalline INFINITE PRESENCE!

WE Are in the Midst of these GRAND MomentousΒ  CHANGES Right NOW!
Everything is Evolving and Revolving around us and within us. So WE Continue to ALLOW the Process of CHANGE to move through us.
This is ALL Purposeful.
The Changes and the Movement from the third-dimensional expression to the Fourth and HIGHER Dimensional Expression Shall Continue.
The Momentum of those CHANGES is increasing rapidly NOW!
Everything at this Time is certainly in Flux as the LIGHT is Pouring into the Planet. . . and the Vibrational Frequency is Increasing across the planet and Bringing HIGHER Consciousness. . .
Bringing a Knowing and a Remembering to more and more People. . . as more and more are AWAKENING from their Slumber.
This is NOT the same β€˜Same Old. . . Same Old.’
What WE Are Witnessing is the same playbook from those of the dark forces. That is why it seems the same. . . for they are showing the same.
That playbook that they continue to utilize is KNOWN by those of the Forces of LIGHT. . . including those of us who are a part of the Forces of LIGHT.
WE are a part of the Alliance. You may not even be aware of that. For WE Are the AWAKENED Ones.
WE are the Ones that have come from many different systems. . . many different planets. . . to BE a part of this CHANGEOVER Process Here.
And Everything NOW is Leading to this Great CHANGEOVER!
It appears NOW at this Time that this Great Changeover will move Ahead in small increments. . . and then gain more and more Momentum. . . just as it is NOW.
For WE have been through the small increments. . . and the Larger CHANGES are Upon us at this Time.
All WE Need to Do is to continue to BE AWARE of what is Happening. . . but NOT a part of what is Happening. . . and NOT BEcome re-attached back into the third-dimensional expression.
But Rather. . . Look at it from AFAR. . . just as our Galactic Families are from their Ships.
The TIME is Upon us NOW. . . each and every one of us. . . to continue to embrace the CHANGES as they come.
And also to continue to TRUST in the Process. The Process of our Ascension. For ALL is included NOW in this Process of Ascension.
ALL that is Happening. . . ALL that is Going NOW is Moving NOW Toward our own Personal and Collective Ascension.
WE Only Need NOW to continue to TRUST and ALLOW for Everything to continue to Play Out.
WE Know NOW that Finish Line is Approaching. . . or rather WE Are Approaching the Finish Line. ALL of us. . . just as when WE run a Marathon. . . it is mile upon mile. . .
moving to the FINISH. . . where WE have Moved many Miles to Come to this FINISH LINE!
WE Allow the Momentum to GAIN within All of us. And Let the Process within us continue to PLAY OUT just as WE Destined for our SELVES Long Ago.
~ πŸ’œ ~
Photo: Incoming Rainbow Light Codes – captured on 03.11.2022 by Francesca Mccready
Incoming Rainbow Light Codes
Incoming Rainbow Light Codes



Grandma Chandra

The timeline has changed. Your Path is like a straight beam of Light that is passing through half circles. Instead of going through waves, you are now going straight forward on an accelerated timeline. A lot of things that you were supposed to pass through are either behind or beside your main Path. You did it! You are on it. You are supported by it. You are it. You are inside, outside and seeing everything from all sides. You are all over multidimensionality!
Hold on to your hats! This is where things get real exciting!
Hugs and love to all of you,


Lyran family of light
Lyran family of light


image by Β Octavia Vasile

Ally Raye

Beloved friends, please take good care of yourselves today. We are in the midst of POWERFUL multidimensional electromagnetic energy (for an extended period). This is A LOT for our physical bodies to handle, as well as our mental and emotional states!
Be sure to take good care of yourself.
Rest. Hydrate. Ground in nature. Swim. Meditate. Exercise. Do some artwork. Listen to soothing music. Do some toning. Do some journaling. Enjoy a cup of tea in the garden.
Do what you feel to be in a state of peace, ease, and grace.
And, if you’re feeling rushes of creativity, follow them through.
Your HEART KNOWS what is needed!
Be well, beloveds!
I so love you!!
Love Is. Love Is. Love Is. ✨🀍✨
God Is. God Is. God Is. βœ¨πŸ™βœ¨





Diego E. Berman, PhD



Dear friends, planet Earth is moving steadily into next week’s Lunar Eclipse and the end of this eclipse passageway. The pre-eclipse lightcodes are already flowing in, aided by the solar wind geomagnetic storms we are experiencing right now. These solar winds might speed up and gather strength this weekend as we approach the eclipse itself next Tuesday. And right after the eclipse, we will find ourselves once again immersed in this year’s 11/11 manifestation portal.
As we navigate together the end of this energetic corridor, I will continue posting daily updates on the energies to help you make sense of what might be happening within you and around you.
During the last stretch of this intense transitional period, you may feel as if being β€œsqueezed”. The energetic pressure of the new information riding on the waves of lightcodes can feel too much at times. Some days you may feel you are on top of the world and other days may feel like the world is ending. Actually, both things are happening at the same time. As you can see in the graph, every time we are exposed to these cosmic events, we enter into a transformative energy tunnel that shifts aspects of our being from 3D into 5D. We are literally moving through an energetic birthing canal. Parts of our physical, emotional, and mental fields are being β€œupgraded” and we are being reborn on the other side. During this passageway, we leave behind outdated aspects of ourselves and we make space for the new higher timeline to manifest.
All this ongoing human metamorphosis is part of a divinely guided universal cosmic dance. And sometimes all we can do is simply relax and be transported by the flow of the music. So, if you feel you are not receiving clear guidance about your future steps, please relax. Often, not receiving guidance is guidance in itself. Allow yourself to flow naturally through this re-birth, and open your heart to the next adventures that lie ahead beyond this passageway.
The details are being woven. Our challenge is to keep trusting when, on the surface, it appears that nothing is happening (or too much is happening and we have no idea which way to turn!). These days of intense energies, please give yourself permission to slow down, switch off, and rest. Give your nervous system a little break and focus more on your heart. You’re being reminded to have patience and to trust cosmic time. To trust that things are being woven on your behalf. It may not be happening as fast as you’d like, but if you gather up the patience it will be orchestrated better than you can ever imagine. All in divine timing.
We are currently having moderate geomagnetic storms as well (with a Kp4-5 index), which adds to the energetic pressure. We are nearing the end of this eclipse passageway and we are getting the β€œlast push”. These crystalline lightcodes are doing their final deep clearing. Symptoms may be felt in the chest: tightness, heart palpitations, and difficult deep breathing. Anxiety, irritability, skin issues, and digestive system issues may also flare up. Remember to practice daily grounding, heart reconnection, and to stay hydrated to assist the flow of information (old and new) within your body. Sea salt baths will also relax all of your systems.
Have a peaceful weekend friends. much love ❀️



Suryananda Aed

THE GREAT CENTRAL SUN & THE VIOLET FLAME SUN TIMELINE & THE VIOLET FLAME SUN STARGATE 4 November, 2022 Have Released Onto Gaia A Tripple Shift & A Tripple Download. These Are Not A Virgin Timeline & Not A Virgin Stargate : But Stands Alone To What Has Been Shared On The Violet Flame Sun & The Violet Flame Sun Stargate In The Past.
With Father & Divine Mother & The Elohim.
From The Great Central Sun Akashic Records.
This Tripple Shift & Tripple Download Is Very Specific Inevitably As All Shifts & Downloads Are :
Opens Into A Greater Expansion Of Consciousness To Seekers On Gaia :
Into & With :
The Omnipresent Omnipotent Power Of Creation : Existence Itself :
The Violet Flame Sun :
Having A Newly Released :
Has long been pre-destined for inhabitants on Gaia.
This The Violet Flame SUN TIMELINE KEY having been waiting whilst the necessary pre-requisite steps and stages had been implemented as have been shared recently :
Have begun to gift to vast numbers on Gaia
Greater Assistance Into The Combined Aspects Of The Violet Flame & The Violet Flame Sun :
Whilst Being Aligned & Connected To :
One Of Many Violet Flame Sun Stargates :
Each Having Their Own Unique Roles To Assist Gaia & Inhabitants.
Aed & Suryananda’s journeys on The Great Central Sun & Creation continues.
Adam El Daoud & Suryananda
Divine Consorts.
Friday, 4 November, 2022. πŸ’œ
Readers Of The Great Central Sun Sacred Scripts Akashic Records & The Great Central Sun Akashic Records.
Also Both Aspects : The Great Cosmic Sun : The Great Galactic Sun : The Violet Flame Sun : Amenti : Atlantis & Many Others.
Honorary Attendees To The Violet Flame Sun Stargate.
Honorary Attendees To The Violet Flame Sun Timeline.
Honorary Attendees To The Violet Flame Sun Metamorphosis & Transcendence Virgin Timeline & Virgin Stargate.
Honorary Attendees To The Great Central Sun & The Great Galactic Sun Virgin Timeline & Virgin Stargate.
Honorary Attendees To The Great Central Sun & The Great Cosmic Sun Timeline & Stargate.
Seers To The Great Central Sun : The Great Cosmic Sun : The Great Galactic Sun : The Violet Flame Sun : Amenti : Atlantis & Others.
The Surya Sun Seers.


photo by Markus Varik



Aurora Ray

The Galactic Federation: A Mission Of Peace

The story of ascension is as old as the Universe itself. Sentient beings have been experiencing, evolving, and ascending since the dawn of time. This is what the Creator wanted for itself, and for us. This is why this magnificent Universe was conceived.

You need to know that certain beings play a vital role in this ascension process that has been going on for ages. These beings and species went through the same process we are living in now and are now here to take our hand and walk us toward the light.

They also have their history. They had to go through so many experiences, challenges, and changes to evolve and reach the point of high consciousness and enlightenment to come here to this planet and be our guides on this journey.

They lead humanity into the Golden Age by example; they want us to avoid old mistakes and prevent us from losing the track that leads to God Itself.

It is not the first time in the history of our Universe, and others, that a group of different beings has worked together to help a planet reach its β€œGolden Age.”

But who are these beings, and why do they want to help us?

To understand who they are and their mission here, you just have to think of your own experience and your beautiful human life.

Very probably, you’ve been through so many changes and challenges in your life; you faced fear and stepped into the light when darkness seemed as the only thing left; maybe you had to take a leap of faith when hope was lost; or you’ve risked many things to fulfill your dreams. So, these beings did!

And once you overcome your obstacles and challenges and are on the other side of the unknown, who do you relate to and want to offer your help the most?

To those who are going through the same things that you went! You’ve learned from your mistakes and want to be an example to others and guide them whenever you can.

This is why these beings have this mission of helping humanity in ascending to the realms of light and love. They want to help us as you would help someone facing what you have already met.

So, having had their own experience and, to help us in the best way, these different beings decided to unite as a cooperative alliance, founding what we refer to as The Galactic Federation.

This Galactic Federation is a cooperative group of advanced spiritual beings watching over the evolution in consciousness and ascension of Gaia and her sentient life.

They represent other Galaxies, densities, and other aspects of time. They are mainly comprised of five different types of high beings who are assisting planet Earth and Humanity in this time and space.

They can be differentiated into five primary Star Nations: PLEIADIANS, ANDROMEDANS, LYRANS, SIRIANS, AND ARCTURIANS. Having many more alliances with other star groups and star nations, just like any diplomatic relationship between countries, but this being intergalactic.

These are highly evolved spiritual beings of the Universe who operate and work together as the Family of Light. And they only have one mission: to ensure PEACE throughout the Universal and Galactic societies.

Also, all these groups have deep connections with planet Earth; this is why they heard the call and decided to step forward to incarnate in the physical realm, coming as sages, healers, ambassadors, and warriors of light.

The Galactic Federation is the only Intergalactic alliance conceived to help humanity, no matter how many names may be given to it. And those who say otherwise just want division. They build stories of distraction, so you don’t do the actual work, which is to look in the mirror and find your true self there; to work on yourself so you can be free and be an example to the rest of the world.

Therefore, as members of the Family of Light, we are now here as system busters: we are here to assist and prepare humanity for global ascension, to be an example of pure love, and to guide this world into paradise. We are the bringers of the new dawn!

Don’t forget that the highest teaching is the same in all the Universes. And it is as simple and infinitely powerful as this:

β€œGod is You. Love God-You with all your Heart”.

First, love yourself unconditionally and then love all of creation unreservedly. This is the only way to a fifth-dimensional experience. The door to heaven on Earth is LOVE.

And remember,

You are not alone.

We love you dearly.

We are here with you.

We are your family of Light.

We are the Galactic Federation.


Divine blessings to all,

Aurora Ray

Ambassador of The Galactic Federation

Copyright 2022 Aurora Ray. All rights reserved.



A Mission Of Peace
A Mission Of Peace


photo byΒ Sarah Dewey



Carolyn 144 GODCODE

Carolyn 144 GODCODE

Spirit is expanding through the conscious awareness this weekend. Heightened intuition reveals knowledge that was once hidden. Open the door to this consciousness field through third eye chakra connection, relaxation, naps, and meditation. Opening up this portal of existence will bring your own heart healing through yourself.
This will unlock the hidden Akashic records held in your DNA to help you rewrite your life story. Moving forward, recovery of old timelines will complete. You and your Spirit can step fully into a new fresh start with love, positivity, clarity, and alchemy, ready to create your new life together.
In Jesus Christ’s name amen.Β  God bless you πŸ•Š Love Carolyn


image byΒ Rosa-Maria Marquez


Adrienne Elise

We are feeling a powerful culmination of energies as we head into next Tuesday’s Total Lunar Eclipse. This Eclipse is happening at 16 degrees, One minute, Taurus and is exposing anything that has been hidden, deep in our subconscious, that might be keeping us from receiving our own inner treasures and abundance.

This Full Moon will be exactly conjunt Uranus in Taurus, making this Eclipse a major activation of higher frequency vibrations. Hold on to your hat! The Moon and Uranus will be directly opposite of the Sun and Mercury. It’s a meeting of our higher and lower mind, and a looking in the mirror. Our higher and lower consciousness are coming together like a star council. The topic is, how do we recognize and embrace our true higher power?

Venus and the Sun have been close for the last couple of weeks. We are called to heal the shadows and distortions of the feminine archetype. Venus just crossed over the South Node of the Moon, bringing up all of our deepest, hidden emotions and vulnerabilities to the surface. We are cleaning out the closets, so we can stop letting the stories of our past define our current experience.

The Sun comes up to the South Node of the Moon on November 6th, and Mercury catches up the day after. Mercury and the Sun will be exactly conjunct for this Total Lunar Eclipse, but also in square to Saturn in Aquarius, making a Fixed T-square with Uranus and the Moon in Taurus.

Venus is the first to trigger this Saturn square Uranus. Venus will oppose Uranus and square up with Saturn this weekend. Then, Mercury and the Sun together make this T-square for the Full Moon Eclipse. With our personal planets triggering this intense square, it’s all coming to a head. The pressure is on, to make the changes that are being asked of us to make.

It’s time to live true to who we really are. Mars retrograde in Gemini is bringing up everywhere, over lifetimes, that our voice has been silenced. Frustration is building around where we have not been able to live and express the whole truth of who we really are. Mars square to Neptune is making us feel really confused about the whole thing. We shut down our voice so strong, that we forgot we even had one. The effect of this silencing, over lifetimes, is being felt on a deep internal level.

Black Moon Lilith in Cancer is in exact trine with Neptune in Pisces. We are dreaming a new dream of connecting back with Mother and Source. This energy is about magically spiritualizing the darkest dark of the feminine, and transforming deep trauma and pain, back into true compassionate love. The greatest poison, can also be the greatest cure. Let love rule.

Jupiter is back in Pisces bringing up symptoms and stories of the past. We are re-living all that we have been dealing with for the last couple of years, and many lifetimes. It feels like we are going backwards, but we are just revisiting these dramas in order to clean them up for good. It’s time to write a new story.

Starting at the middle of November, Jupiter will be at 28 degrees, just 2 degrees out of sextile with Pluto, at 26 degrees Capricorn. This ‘touch of magic’ sextile between the end degrees of these Earth and Water, and last feminie signs of the Zodiac, is about busting out of jail. Are you ready to be free? We are being given an opportunity to finally and fully set ourselves free of the oppression and persecution of the Piscean Age. It’s time to get out of the dungeon for good! Jupiter turns direct on November 24th, and will enter back into Aries on December 21st. Get ready for rebirth!


Green Merkaba Mantra
Green Merkaba Mantra

Leah Whitehorse

Venus in Scorpio sextile Ceres in Virgo – As these two great Goddesses reach out to one another, we’re filled with an impetus to express kindness to all. With loving appreciation, it’s easier to see where we have been blessed in life. As Ceres is in Virgo, she reminds us of the small things – sweet berries for breakfast, giggles with a colleague, children at play. Small happenings, priceless beyond measure, are offered to the heart to be treasured like gold. Ceres hands us these moments as if they were tiny sleeping kittens, tender and precious. Hold them carefully, she says. Nurture them.
Venus in Scorpio is intensely focused on the quality of bonding and intimacy in relationships with others. She’s also firmly of the belief that love is the answer to fear. In her connection to Ceres, this is about knowing that we are all fragile. We all fear loss. We all need to be held. Take care of what you have. Tend to houseplants and pets. Go on a litter pick. Clean your living space. Tidy the garden. Wrap your arms around your lover. Wrap your arms around yourself. Connect with your inner mother to bring profound comfort.
Degrees and Times
Venus 14Β°Sc47′, Ceres 14Β°Vi47′ – 03:03 (UT)
Β© Leah Whitehorse
Painting – Mother and Daughter by Federico Zandomeneghi
Mother and Daughter
Mother and Daughter


Kin 170 ~Β White Magnetic Dog

β€˜Magnetic’ is the name for the number one and its keywords are β€˜Unify, Attract and Purpose’. Today we begin a brand new wavespell and this one, is a 13-day adventure with an agenda of Love. The first day of a wavespell is about identifying the β€˜Purpose’ and psychically setting yourself up for the journey. Try to contemplate what you would like to achieve during this period, every wavespell is an opportunity to learn – grow and experience time on a different level. Unity is another keyword associated with this number and this represents that all of the days of the wavespell are united under one purpose.
Today is White Dog which represents β€˜Love, Loyalty and Heart’. The message of the White Dog is – love what you do and put all your heart into it and love your fellow humans too. Show everyone how big-hearted you can be. If you are a White Dog, you’ll love this wavespell. This is a great time for getting things done with that doggy determination. Be stubborn about what you want, if you want to yield real results. Loyalty is another keyword for the Dog, and this reminds us to think about our own loyalty issues. Who or what do you owe allegiance to? If, like a Dog, you think with your heart – then you’ll understand how important loyalty is.
The Guide today is also White Dog and so a double helping of this teaching. (The first day of a wavespell is always guided by itself.)
The Challenge today is the Yellow Sun which represents β€˜Enlightenment’. When in opposition, the Sun doesn’t shine so brightly. Sunny people are normally concerned with intellectual pursuits and logical thinking, the Yellow Sun thinks with his head and not with his heart (most of the time). If you are a Yellow Sun, you may feel less sunny today and through this whole wavespell. You too can make good use of this time by considering matters of the heart, so time to rise to your challenge. For the rest of us, enlightenment is harder to experience because we are succumbing to our emotions and not thinking so straight.
The Occult power is the Blue Monkey who suits this position naturally because a keyword associated with Monkey is magic. Monkey is at his most powerful on Dog days and for this whole wavespell, he will be empowered. Monkey has some great magic tricks up his sleeve and if you respect magic, it will work in your favor. However, if you are being foolish ….Monkey will show you the errors of your ways!
The Ally is the Red Moon which symbolizes the go with the flow energy. If you want to hang out with someone laid back today, find a Red Moon. It’s their task today to be an Ally to everyone, so call one up if you happen to know one. If not, take a leaf out of their book and chillax! The Dog and the Moon are great buddie as they both like to chill out and take it easy.


Kin 170
Kin 170


Christina Papageorgiou



1 OC – KIN 170
I UNIFY in order to LOVE
Attracting LOYALTY
I seal the process of HEART
With the Magnetic tone of purpose
I AM guided by the power of MY OWN POWER DOUBLED!!
πŸ’πŸ•πŸ’•πŸΆπŸ’ž πŸ’πŸ•πŸ’•πŸΆπŸ’ž
4/11/2022 = 4/2/6 = 6/6 = 12=3
4- Form/Structure/Foundation/Earth/Angelic
12- Acquiring strength/wisdom
3- Holy trinity/Joy/Creativity
✨MONTH/YEAR codes✨
11- Portal/Gate/Polarity/Illumination
2- Twins/Partners/Cooperation/Alliances
6- Heaven/Christ/Family/Romance/Fertility
8- infinite Abundant Source Flow
20- The AWAKENING/Clear vision
22- Architect of PEACE/Master builder
This HEAVEN’S GATE – is a magnificent doorway to access the infinite FLOW of love, money, resources and wisdom from SOURCE through the ZERO POINT FIELD – the magnetic centre of our HEARTS.❀ Keep raising your vibration and ALIGNING with this infinite field of LOVE to access all of your pure heart’s desires during this wavespell.
A beautiful beginning for our next chapter, uniting with our BELOVEDS πŸ’ to build a new foundation through the power of LOVE. πŸ’’
πŸ’πŸ•πŸ‘ͺ🌹 πŸ’πŸ•πŸ‘ͺ🌹
A beautiful new wavespell rediscovering UNCONDITIONAL LOVE ❀ and our connection to SOURCEβ˜€ and each other – leading into a brand New Golden Era of DIVINE LOVE❀🌈
Today we commence a brand new 13 day cycle, that of the WHITE DOG.πŸ•β€
Day 1 in the WHITE DOG WAVESPELL of unconditional love, loyalty, devotion, Service, friendship and Faith.. We are uncovering and healing all that separates us from SOURCE LOVE in order to BE the full embodiment of LOVE! ❀❀❀
MAGNETIC⏺ is tone number 1 in the SPIRITUAL realm as we initiate a new wavespell cycle. Power: Attracts Action: Unifies Essence: Purpose. Day one of a new wavespell always starts with the Magnetic tone of purpose. In the beginning was the ONE!. From out of nothing, here ONE comes. Spinning happily – magnetising all that it requires for more excellent adventuring. Once strong in purpose, all will effortlessly come together.
The Magnetic tone is all about ATTRACTION.πŸ’• Attracting everything that you require to fulfill your purpose and your Mission. People, resources, relationships, money, support and all that you can imagine.
Today we are seeking to attract LOVE ❀ & LOYALTY πŸ’‘ through expressing ourselves as PURE SOURCE LOVE. πŸ’ž To align with the unconditional love of SOURCE -Father/Mother God/dess. The attraction seeks to unify all as one! Thus MAGNETIC kin have a very strong connection to SOURCE, and a gravitational pull to return there and bring all their buddies with them.
The power of ONE is very strong today, as it unites us all as ONE HU-MAN-ITY! This will also be the THEME for this wavespell – UNIFICATION through the power of LOVE!πŸ’ž
AS we ALL journey HOME together – we remember that we are all connected and all roads eventually lead back to SOURCE!β˜€β˜€β˜€
Today’s question is “HOW can I ATTRACT endless SOURCE LOVE, β˜€β€ MAGNETIZING this through my OPEN HEART ❀ unconditionally, to UNIFY us all through our ONE HEART! πŸ’ž
🐬🌈 ❀🐬🌈❀🐬🌈❀🐬🌈❀
Divine blessings for the Magnetic attraction of pure unconditional Divine LOVE, Miracles & BLISS bombs today.
May Goddess bless you 1,000 ways in the coming days! πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈
πŸ’πŸ•πŸ‘ͺ🌹 πŸ’πŸ•πŸ‘ͺπŸŒΉπŸ’πŸ•πŸ‘ͺ🌹
CONSCIOUS SELF & HIGHER SELF: WHITE MAGNETIC DOG πŸ•πŸ’•πŸ•– OC. TODAY WE HAVE TRIPLE THE LOVE POWER!! ❀❀❀ Double White Dog PLUS the new wavespell. We are very CONSCIOUS of the POWER OF LOVE today, and are strongly guided by our HIGHER SELF through the LOVE of our Creator – God/Goddess.
Today the moon is in PISCES🐟🐟 highlighting HIGHER LOVE,❀ SPIRITUAL LOVE❀ and DIVINE LOVE,❀ through beautiful daydream connections. We are heading into the FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSEπŸŒ’πŸŒš in TAURUSπŸ‚ on NOVEMBER 8TH, ruled by VENUS – the GODDESS of LOVE.πŸ’ž These beautiful VENUSIAN peacemaker energies, amplified by the eclipse, and aligning with the WHITE DOG WAVESPELL, are a true BLISSING for humanity.
What a beautiful precious GIFT🎁 to UNITE humanity through the POWER of LOVE – to move forward out of the GLOBAL FEAR holocaust of the past 2 years. This heralds much promise that we are well on our way to a better BLISS filled life for all. ❀😍❀
TODAY is THE day to sit quietly and have your very own personal ✴– Conversation with God/dess/SOURCE/CREATOR! ✴
GOD/GODDESS is like the loving parent who is always there for you, ready to provide financial, emotional, physical or spiritual support. Always at the end of that phone line, ready to get in the car, and come and get you wherever you are in your hour of need! Ready to lend you money when you fall short, ready to come and babysit your children, and at your side providing love, nurturance and comfort when you are hurt or suffering.
GOD/DESS is all of these things beyond this veil of illusion. Many of us feel unworthy or ashamed to make that direct connection to Spirit/source/our Creator. However Spirit is ready and waiting, LISTENING and ready to respond to your every request.
Precious hearts reach out to your Divine parentsπŸ‘« today and ASK SO THAT YOU CAN RECEIVE!
❓❓WHAT is IT, that your TRUE HEART DESIRES????.. πŸ’• WHERE IS THE LOVE???
WHITE DOG πŸ•– OC brings our focus to our HEARTS ❀ today and matters of LOVE, loyalty, trust, integrity, friendship, forgiveness, acceptance, compassion, relationships and romantic partnerships. These are the themes we will be examining during this 13 day cycle. We are seeking to become MAGNETS for love. ❀ Anything that impedes this will arise to be healed and transformed in order for us to evolve and become the true Angelic embodiment of Divine Love. .
WHITE DOG πŸ• also denotes the faithful and loyal companion who is eager to please his Master. During this Wavespell you will be more motivated to step up in a greater capacity to serve humanity through your greater Galactic Mission, and purpose for incarnating on this beautiful planet.
✨DEVOTION to others through selfless SERVICE,πŸ™ is a speciality of WHITE DOG. Connecting through compassion, we can forge strong heartfelt unions. Nova Gaia is calling all her newly Ascended STAR BLISS SUNS to step up into greater service now, embracing a grander MISSION. .
✨DOG πŸ•– spelled backward = GOD,✨ and indeed our canineπŸ• companions are the true embodiment of GOD as they epitomize pure unconditional LOVE. πŸ’ž The prime contract of our loyal and faithful buddies is to teach us HU-mans UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.❀ DOGS live an average life span of 10 years. This has been divinely orchestrated, as their departure from the EARTH plane, cracks OPEN our HEART as we grieve from the loss of our loyal companions. In this way both Adults and children experience emotional growth through dealing with the DEATH process – a very painful, but valuable lesson for us all.
DOGS teach us to OPEN our Hearts❀ to receive and give LOVE❀ to our cell-ves and each other, our Common-unity! No strings attached, no conditions, just pure unadulterated divine love through our precious hearts. ❀❀
DOGS have a very special connection to SOURCE through their heart chakra, that is so strong and so pure, that they have an INFINITE supply to bestow upon others. No limits! Their pure presence provides comfort and healing to all those humans lucky enough to be in their presence.
OC reminds us today of the pure unconditional love we need to connect to, and then reflect to others without judgement. This is our natural state of be-ing and one to which we need to return. A field of total ONENESS and connection through our HEARTS❀, each heart connected through our planetary heart, the cosmic heart and the heart of GOD/GODDESS! πŸ’ž
SUPPORT:RED MAGNETIC MOONπŸ‘Έ 🌜– MULUC Unconditional LOVE flows endlessly from our connection to SOURCE, particularly from the GODDESS, our Mother aspect of SOURCE. MOTHER GODDESS provides all the LOVE, nurturing and comfort that any child craves. We just need to OPEN our hearts❀ and allow the FLOW! What a beautiful partnership between OC and MULUC.. wherever OC goes the LOVE flows, and our DIVINE MOTHER is always close by.
Allow MULUC to wash away any impurities and heart walls you have constructed in order for LOVE to flow endlessly once more! As the DIVINE FEMININE power is restored now on Planet Earth – the GODDESS has reclaimed her throne alongside Father God – the Divine Masculine aspect and so we have a beautiful BALANCE of DIVINE ENERGIES flowing endlessly through our consciousness. Connect with your intuitive, sensitive side and allow the LOVE TO FLOW! πŸ’•
The MAGNETIC MOON is the supporting energy throughout this whole 13 day cycle. She will align with the SELF-EXISTING MOON GODDESS of this year, to ensure her AGENDA to help us soften and become more compassionate towards our fellow men is prioritized.
OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: BLUE COSMIC MONKEYπŸ₯ πŸ’– CHUEN brings forth powerful COSMIC MAJIK πŸ’« today, for the most powerful force in the UNIVERSE and on this planet is the POWER of LOVE.❀
BLUE MONKEY encourages you to return to your purity and innocence as the innocent Divine ChildπŸ‘Ά in order to reclaim your forgotten majikπŸ’« and reclaim your power.
Babies and young children are born of innocence, their PURE HEARTS and MINDS have an impenetrable connection to SOURCE as they channel the wisdom through their OPEN HEARTS.. They just KNOW and it shows. Babies have the power to heal rifts in families, youthen grandparents and bring eternal deLIGHT to their families, as their MAGNETIC LOVE touches the HEARTS of all.
Sadly as we age this connection wears THIN and the VEIL of SEPARATION takes hold disconnecting us from the FLOW of this DIVINE LOVE. DOGS, animals and children have this LOVING connection, and so the COSMIC MONKEY teaches us to rekindle this LOVE through our own DIVINE CHILD deep within us all.
The COSMIC MONKEY holds the codes for JOY and ecstatic BLISS🐬 – accessed through SPONTANEITY, and the purity and innocence of your Divine Child, which is ALWAYS connected to SOURCE.
Remember to LAUGH and PLAY in order to heal your inner child’s desires for spontaneity and FUN, returning you to a state of complete wholeness. Connection to our KIN through PLAY and FUN forges a STRONG CONNECTION to divine LOVE.
Allow CHUEN to energize your true Heart’s desires, allowing all your GREAT dreams to come true! πŸ’«πŸŽ†
CHALLENGE/GIFT: YELLOW MAGNETIC SUN🌞 – AHAU challenges us to reclaim our DIVINITY through ENLIGHTENMENT.🌞 Reclaiming our power, independence and RADIANCE, by embodying the Solar codes pulsing through our fields.
The MAGNETIC SUN🌞 challenges us to return to our SOURCE – remembering that we are all CHILDREN OF THE SUNπŸ‘«πŸŒžπŸ‘¬πŸŒžπŸ‘­ as homo luminous – of the ONE GOD/GODDESS – and that we are eternally connected to that SOURCE. β˜€ When we need our cup replenished, we can connect with our SOURCE, to fill it with GOLDEN honey nectar, divine LOVE. All that we need and require in our vessels.
AHUA ILLUMINATES our solar intelligence, enabling us to embody greater LIGHT from the harmonic grid of consciousness, through all the suns into SOURCE itself, which ultimately resides in our own precious Hearts! πŸ’• Fortifying our connection to SOURCEβ˜€ through every cell in our being, so that it is inseparable! Connecting deeply into the HEARTH of Nova Gaia, expanding far out through our SUN, the Central Sun and the Great Central Sun into the Stars and Galaxies, in order to return home to the RADIANCE of the ONE HEART! πŸ’— πŸ’πŸ’—
WE ARE ONE!!πŸ‘­πŸ‘«πŸ‘¬πŸ‘ͺ
AS we ALL journey HOME together – we remember that we are all connected and all roads eventually lead back to SOURCE!β˜€β˜€β˜€
Today’s question is “HOW can I ATTRACT endless SOURCE LOVE, β˜€β€ MAGNETIZING this through my OPEN HEART ❀ unconditionally, to UNIFY us all through our ONE HEART! πŸ’ž
🐬🌈 ❀🐬🌈❀🐬🌈❀🐬🌈❀
Divine blessings for the Magnetic attraction of pure unconditional Divine LOVE, Miracles & BLISS bombs today.
May Goddess bless you 1,000 ways in the coming days! πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹
Namaste’ πŸ™β€πŸ™β€πŸ™
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈




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