GALACTIC CENTRE is talking directly to Earth during the next few days 17th-21nd Dec.

Now is the hour – GALACTIC CENTRE is talking directly to Earth during the next few days 17th-21nd Dec.

At the top of the image we can see the Milky Way Centre’s Light ‘bulge’ (sorry no black hole) – the dots that look like stars are actually globular clusters of dozens or more solar systems, single solar systems like ours or Sirius are too small to see on an image this size.
The ratio between individual solar systems and galaxy centre is telling.
Physics has proven “two locations can interact over any distance in realtime” –
our work (35yrs) has been to develop a Stargate Roadmap, pin pointing optimum “Time Portals”.
In retrospect it appears a number of initiates activated their Stellar Gateway chakra around 1984 – this is the chakra that links us in a conscious way to Milky Way Centre Admin (the unification of psychic experiencer and the scientist who can provide factual evidence had already taken place at the Crown Chakra).
Gamma-rays are the highest-energy form of light (information) in the universe, researcher comedian Charles Fleischer (Roger Rabbit) has found Galactic Gamma Rays aren’t randomly positioned – they’re spaced in golden ratios (when looking from our solar system) – the Galactic Internet nodes are firing data to us, and the message (like all Halls of Records at famous sites) is as much in the *Design* as the content..
Trust you all have exceedingly optimistic lucid dreams and inspirational innovative experiences.
alphanumerically (a=1 – z=26) ….
all phrases here total to 222
the centre of the galaxy
central galactic points
celestial civil service
local universe agents
overseeing the galaxy
galactic administration
real galactic federation
group psychology
galactic wide unity field
Galactic Centre

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