Full Moon in Scorpio May 18

Full Moon in Scorpio, May 18th, 2019 ~ Surrendering to Truth & the Earth’s Embrace

We carry inside us the wonders we seek outside us.


Beloved Light Emissaries,
At a time when our central Sun is helping to awaken the masses, an ongoing process since the beginning of the year, embracing Earth’s power is vital to descend this Higher Consciousness in the physical – co-creating with it to manifest a higher reality. It is so important to ground ourselves and anchor our soul creations that we¬†are blessed with a powerful and at the same time earthly Full Moon, at 27 degrees of Scorpio in May 18th.¬†

This is a Moon unlike any other, for it brings both the gift for us to move inward and uncover Truth, something that cannot be done if we continue to give our power to outer forces, and the healing and restorative Essence of Mother Earth.

This is a passage to honor our personal truth, who we are and what we do with our unique abilities, and Mother Earth, as cultivating our connection with Gaia, is vital, at this time. As a confirmation of the double purpose of this Moon, we have six Planets in Earth signs and three in Water signs, as a reminder that all we create in the ethereal, in the non-physical realms, is meant to be descended into our tangible world, to be enjoyed, to be loved and to be appreciated.
As we are all in our unique micro phases, for even though we can co-create with Planetary¬†energies, we all have our own soul plan and personal cycles, this Moon’s¬†essence will serve us for different aims, it all depends where you are in your path. If you need healing, then you could use this energy to work with grounding yourself and be aligned with the power that sustains your physical body.
This will serve those who have imbalances in their two main chakras so they can work with their sexual creative force as well, if they are not yet bringing into¬†form what they truly desired and is aligned with their soul’s Will. This is why working with polarized thought as well as the opposite forces/polarities that are within us, is so important, for we cannot create, if they are not yet unified.
For the ones who are at peace with their current reality, they can use this powerful Moon’s¬†essence for¬†establishing¬†a higher connection to the Illumined Realms, where they will descend more Truth that will help them to release more human illusions and fake programming that are still impeding them to¬†obtain¬†more clarity about their path and own¬†Divine¬†Abilities.
This will be a time for the ones who are also working with the opening of their 8th chakra, clearing their higher heart and all holographic implants, to be able to open themselves to receive clarity upon their soul mission as well as human journey Рknowing how to navigate through reality with the proper guidance.
For others, this will continue to be a creational phase, and this Moon will serve them to align with this creative influx so they can continue giving birth to the new reality that they desire to bring into form. Since during the Full Moon, we will have the Sun and Mercury, which are in Taurus, trine to Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn, we all could benefit from this abundant, loving and creative energy. We just have to know how to align to it and direct it to dissolve our inner limits that impede us to be the abundant beings that we truly are, in nature.
This is a time for us to restore faith, as Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto remind us, especially for those who believe in retrograde phases, for the three of them are, at this time, in slow motion. Faith in ourselves, in our path and in the unique mission we brought here. It is indeed a time for us to purify ourselves from what no longer serves and to finally ground our Essence on Earth, where we dwell, where we create and where we came to be of assistance. A time, as the Scorpio-Taurus Axis reminds us, to melt with Earth, descending our desires in the physical Рhonoring the aspect of us that allows us to master ourselves and experience the joy of being human.
Roots Healing 
The Scorpio Full Moon’s¬†essence is a wonderful one for us to go deeper into our roots, as Mars in Cancer invites us to do, and heal anything that is still disempowering us or impeding us to become sovereign beings. It is important that we understand that even though this is a Moon in Scorpio, which tends to be all about moving inward to find Truth and healing. In a more general way, we understand that this is not just about the Moon, but about the Planetary energies and what is also happening, in the macro, outside of our confine Universe, what truly determines the nature of the energies received.
As I shared above, due to the Earth’s current configuration, this is a month, and a Moon, to focus on the physical side of us as well as in descending our power, and soul visions, into the tangible. However, with this Moon we could go deeper, working on not just manifestation but on root healing – clearing familiar ancestral patterns, grounding ourselves, and our sense of abundance, as we continue to ground our first and second chakras.
There are many who can clearly feel, for as ascending souls, knowing our bodies is pivotal, that are now experiencing this traumatic wounds or simply imbalances into their two main chakras. If the main cause is a matter of not being grounded, then the main work is easier. Going into nature, color theraphy, any type of body movement (yoga, dance etc.) can help you to anchor yourself to Earth, again. However, if the root of what is causing imbalances in the first and second chakras goes deeper, further inner work will be required.
As you know, the importance of managing our sexual creative force is so important that two of our main chakras – 1st and 2nd ones – are in charge of it. It is pivotal that we connect with our feminine essence, commune with our soul and be open enough to become the witness of our own human experience to discern what is truly causing these imbalances.
When we understand and know the cause of being ungrounded is that we could finally deal with the main reason of why we are not fully manifesting the reality that we truly desire, and feeling as good as we used to, or as we are supposed to feel. This is one of the main reasons why some people cannot bring into fruition what they desire yet, because they are unaware that their main sexual creative centers are not working properly.
Having our main chakras grounded is essential for the vital energy of Earth to be transmitted to our body circuits, as it is naturally meant to be. This is especially more important for the ones whose main mission involves to work with the Earth Fabrics, for if they are not grounded and their connection with Earth does not remain pure, they could not do this task properly.
Some of the main tools to work with for us to heal our sexual or feminine imbalances – depending on what is causing it in your personal experience – are:
  • Earthing – through direct contact to the Earth.
  • Sexual organs and kidney support. This is pivotal for these organs are constantly releasing toxins and they are also our main fountain of life energy.
  • Implants: especially sexual ones through relationships, old beliefs, manipulative agenda sexual implants, whether physically implanted or through programs such as porn etc. Clearing these implants is key, if we desire to cleanse our body of negativity.
  • Emotional body clearing – debris, implants, old wounds, parasites etc.
  • Dissolving ancestral familiar patterns
  • Healing sexual traumas
  • Starseed lineage negative implants clearing
  • Merkaba – gender (masculine and feminine essences) correction
  • Feminine imbalances: Self-love/worth, abundance, creative energy disturbances, etc.
These are just some of the most basic and common issues that impede us to fully embrace our feminine essence and hence to be fully grounded, experiencing a total connection to Earth, as we do so too with the Illumined Realms.
This is why it is so important to know ourselves, to work on ourselves, daily, and the most important: to maintain an open mind, so we can realize when we are allowing old beliefs and/or human delusions to destabilize our bodies. If we do not first know ourselves and the core or main wound of our current misalignment, we cannot work with what is not balance because we are only treating the issue on the surface and then we will not be healing it from inside, from where everything shall begin to be healed.
Going into the main wound will help us know from where the pain comes. Feeling the part of our body that aches will also help us to know where the emotion is located or stagnant and depending on the part of our body that is in pain or has manifested the imbalance, we will know the main cause of the pain.
Self-love and respect for ourselves – as unique sparks of the Divine – bodies and purpose, is essential, if are working on healing. Feelings such as anger, resentment for what we did not do or did “wrong”, will only bring more unlove and disturbances in our emotional and mental bodies, and hence physical vehicles.
Nothing can be resolved from a space of fear and regret. When a tiny fraction of who we are is still dwelling in fear, a fragment of our soul splits. Regrets or any other similar feelings, impede healing to occur, and we will have to come back to work on forgiveness and compassion, before going into further healing.
Facing feelings
At the beginning of the article I shared the typical association made between Scorpio and feelings. However, like I also shared, focusing on just the traditional meaning of Scorpio will not help us embody the true essence of this Moon. Scorpio is in truth a very profound sign that does not fear navigating between the depths of our soul.
However, because of the other alignments from this Moon, as it is its opposition to Mercury and Sedna, we will be presented with the opportunity, especially for those who are working on expressing who they are, to express our hidden feelings, especially the unconscious ones that we have to bring into the surface, or the repressed emotions that due to our fears, we do not express as we should.
Facing our feeling, independently of their nature, is one of the main things that evolved beings do. When we are humble, work on polarity synthesis and cease judging ourselves and others, it is when the miracle of clearly seeing comes. For now we are free of the barriers and illusions that kept us from realizing the Truth.
Confronting all aspects of us is vital to understand our dual nature and our feelings. When we deny our feelings simply because we consider them shameful, or unloving, we are still judging an aspect of us. On the opposite, when we begin to embrace all, as equal, knowing it is part of our human experience to feel all kinds of states of being, we have begun the path of enlightened, as we are now ready to accept all of who we are, taking responsibility for all we think, feel and do, rather than hiding it.
Sharing who we are, our voice and the unique seed we came here to plant into this world, is important and is one of the main things we should do, not just for your own evolution but for that of All. Nothing that we are guided to share is irrelevant, unworthy or shameful. When we do not fully express our feelings, with love, when we do not let our soul expresses itself through whatever it is that we find natural to do, we are creating imbalances within and in our physical bodies because we are not allowing our soul to share its uniqueness.When it occurs it often happens due to lack of self-love, fears and doubts. This is why it is vital to clear old beliefs, and everything that disempowers us, before we consciously step into this journey. This is a blessed path, although it is not free of challenges, for we came here to remember the master within and it can only be remembered if we confront our shadows and create synthesis between our opposite poles.
Once we awake, it is our responsibility, if we truly desire to evolve, to do the inner work required for us to dissolve all that is impeding us to flourish as the sovereign beings that we are. It is our duty to listen to our soul, and allow God to express Itself through us, in this tangible plane, as if we do not do so, we will begin to lower our frequency until we finally decay in all we do not wish to experience.
As Starseed Souls and New Earth Seeds it is our main task to overcome egoic patterns, clear delusions and magical thinking and begin to embrace not the journey we have though was better for us but the one that our Soul prepared for us, which sometimes when we are not yet aligned with our Soul, is completely different.
This path that so many desire to walk involves discipline, devotion to service, constant inner work and commitment to express what we feel and receive for All. This is a humble path, this is not about us, it was never about us, but about All of us embracing our uniqueness to act as Divine Conduits. This is why it is so important that as ascending souls we see this journey for what it is, giving, sharing, but also allowing ourselves to receive, all the Divine Wonders, but also, the responsibility that comes with it.
This Moon in Scorpio brings the cosmic gift for us to bring unification in our feelings and lives, as Scorpio is precisely about exposing the inner wounds that are yet dwelling in separation and heal them by creating inner synthesis. This is the gift from this Full Moon: to uncover Truth, rediscover ourselves, and personal power, and to use it to heal what is fragmented, unloved, within the depths of our being.
Everything that surrounds us is, always, sending us signs, of love, healing and anything we need, at every single moment of our human existence – when we decide to align with this Loving Force and Purpose of acting as the LoveLight Beings that we, in Essence, truly are.
The personal choice of uniting with what brings you joy and helps you stay in your natural state of being or refuse to this loving influx and choose to experience what love is not, is always yours.
Declaration to release and surrender to Truth
I was deeply guided to share this declaration, at this Moon time. However, and as I always say, it is important to make it in your unique way. These are just my own words. You shall use the ones that best resonate with who you and where you are, now. This is just an example for you to use your own abilities as a creator and make your own declarations. If my words are in perfect resonance with your own guidance, then feel free to use it.
We do not do anymore the you are the master and I have to follow because you know more. No. This is called spiritual ego and inferiority and we do not do anything that disempowers us. What we do now is to help us empower ourselves by sharing and co-creating together, which is why we came here to show others the way to self-love, respect and sovereignty.

First of all, we call upon our Unified Self, Guides and all the LoveLight Beings with whom we have chosen to co-create with. We all tend to work with different Beings/Energies and embrace the protection given to us by these Illumined Forces, is vital. After that, we are ready to begin our declaration by being in a peaceful and empowered state of being as well as surrounded by a loving enviroment and other companions, such as crystals etc. that we may feel guided:

I _(your name)_ call upon my Unified Self, Monad and Guides who assist me on my human experience, and who only come from the Love, Light, Truth and Unity of God to help me release an old self and hence, reality, embracing the one that is aligned with my soul‘s true desires and Will.¬†
Thank you for helping me protecting my personal and sacred space of everyone and everything Рincarnated or not Рwho do not belong to the Light and unity of God. Thank you for co-creating a new desired reality with me and through me. Thank you for your love, light, Truth and assistance, Beloved Soul Family. 
With the Divine Power that, dwells within me, I now set the pure intention to release all fake concepts and magical delusions that have defined who I was and am meant to be Рremoving all assumptions that have ever been imposed on me. 
I now declare that there is no outer power that can determine who I am or can be, and¬† therefore shape me in any way. For I AM the Power that creates, transforms and decides who I become and do with the abilities given to me by Divine‘s¬†Will.
I now surrender to the Truth of who I truly am, to God‘s¬†desires and to what this Higher Intelligence has chosen to do through me.¬†
I now clear all parallel – past, present, future – timeliness, dissolving past energy and all beliefs that have trapped me within a limited view of what I truly am.
I now cancel all wrong programming that is still active within my body cells – impeding them to fully act as One – fulfilling their unique mission within my sacred human body.
I AM ready to surrender and accept who I am, who I always was, and embrace my true soul destiny and power. 
I choose to accept my Divine Legacy and descend it into this physical realm Рbeing grounded to Earth as I am too to the Illumined Realms that birthed me. 
I choose to dwell in unity, in stillness and in love, above any other form of human illusion, separation or fears.
I now thank all that has served me to realize, appreciate, honor and accept my inner beauty, power and unique abilities, choosing, at every moment to use them only to be in service to All physical and non-physical LoveLight Beings, Creatures and Forms of Consciousness of this Universe and All Multiverses, for I AM one dwelling in all spaces, dimensions and timeliness within Creation, as the Essence of who I AM knows no limits, for it only sojourns in Truth, Love and Divine Bliss. 
And so it is and it will be so by Grace and in a perfect way for All.
I thank my Unified Self, Guides and the Forces of Love and Light of this Universe and All Multiverses for the assistance in this declaration and in my human life experience.
With infinite love and gratitude,
__ (Your name)__
I hope this declaration of intention helps you in your path. I received it one night, woke up and wrote it for All, with great love and respect to your unique journey. I hope that you recognize your power, value and all you are and do for All. I hope that you manifest the magnificence of who you are as well as the reality that you truly desire, and deserve, Beloved Companions.
Have a magical and blessed Moon!
In love, light and service,
Natalia Alba
source: https://www.starseedsoul.com/2019/05/full-moon-in-scorpio-may-18th-2019.html

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  1. Sandy Bella

    I’m going through this tedious healing process right now where I focus on where in my body I’m most unwell and I release the issues connected but only a little of the congested energy releases and the rest moves to another area of my body. I’m slowly improving a tiny bit everyday. This update by Natalia Alba talks about our Power. Something that’s just come up for me is a fear of my Power and of being strong. It’s a catch 22 always needing to be strong but yet fearing it at the same time ‚̧

  2. Sandy Bella

    ‚̧ I’m so excited. One of the trees near where I live has suddenly many more Dryads. There used to be only 2 Dryads in that tree that I was aware of and one of them has disappeared but in her place there are multiple Dryads – too many to count. It is so chocked full of beings right now. Its amazing ‚̧‚ėļ‚̧

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