From the artificial time matrix to the divine matrix ~ part 4: blood moons, shemitah year and the restoration of the organic timeline

From the artificial time matrix to the divine matrix ~ part 4: blood moons, shemitah year and the restoration of the organic timeline

KIN 167


I dissolve in order to know
releasing Healing
I seal the store of Accomplishment
with the spectral tone of Liberation
I am guided by my own power doubled

“For once you have tasted flight you will walk the Earth with your eyes turned skywards, for there you have been and there you will long to return.” Leonardo da Vinci

Here we are… We finally entered the most powerful and decisive Gateway of 2015: The Solar Eclipse ~ Equinox ~ 4th “Blood Moon” Eclipse (last of the 2014-15 tetrad) and since the publication of our last reportPlanet Venus/Mother of the World/Quetzalcoatl went DIRECT, and time seems to keep accelerating as many events and signs that can be considered prophetic in nature have been intensifying and manifesting throughout the planetary life. If we just recapitulate the last few days, we can get the picture of what is transpiring:

9.10.2015 (NS1.28.2.19) KIN 160 4Sun (Galactic Signature of Christ):
Eve of the 14th Anniversary of 9.11: Amazing rainbow over NYC falling almost on top of the new One World Tower.
Typhoon Etau hits Japan generating severe floods and ocean contamination via Fukushima nuclear waste.

9.11.2015 (NS1.28.2.20) KIN 161 5Dragon:

Crane collapse kills at least 107 in Mecca Grand Mosque.

Worth noting here that it was EXACTLY 3 Galactic Spins ago, on KIN 160 (July 22, 2013 ~ Noosphere Day) that we posted an extensive report on the relevance of the Kabbah as Earth’s anchor point for the energies of the “Cosmic Harmonic Convergence” (more on this later…)

9.12.2015 (NS1.28.2.21) KIN 162 6Wind:

Wild fires exploded across California scorching large areas of the Golden State.

9.13.2015 (NS1.28.2.22) KIN 163 7Night:
Violence erupts at Temple Mount in Jerusalem during the celebrations of the Jewish New Year. Japan’s biggest active volcano erupts

9.16.2015 (NS1.28.2.25) KIN 166 10WorldBridger:
Powerful 8.3 Earthquake strikes the coast of Chile, triggering Tsunami alerts throughout the Pacific and ongoing aftershocks.

If on top of these news we add the ongoing escalation of the refugee crisis, the rumors of wars in Syria, the rise of artificial intelligence technologies and the dangers posed by CERN Large Hadron Collider running at record speed, seems evident that Humanity is transiting a very sensitive, decisive and volatile window. Eyona Cvitan from “Evolutionary Earth Ascending” summarized with great skill the magnitude of this passage on a recent post:

“There is no hiding now. This is what you asked for. This is what we have all been waiting for and it will be intense, it will move you along in one way or another and your willingness to enter into a conscious dance with these new energies will make it an easier and more fruitful passage. […] we must remember that we are transforming the planet through raising our vibration and staying connected to a vision of wholeness and beauty. Dwelling on all the terrible things that are going on in the world only holds that reality in place… it counteracts your efforts to raise your vibration…”


Probably one of the most publicized dark prophecies involving the 4 Blood Moon eclipses of 2014~15 is related to the Shemitah Timeline:

In Jewish tradition every 7 years is celebrated what is called a Shemitah Year. The year following the culmination of 7 cycles of 7 years is considered holly. According to the Torah, personal debts were to be waived and a sort of financial reset occurred in ancient Israel after the 7th Shemitah. Time was set aside for the nation to rest and devote themselves to worshipping and fellowshipping with God. Disobedience to the Shemitah law brought God’s judgment! (Exodus 23; 10-11, 2 Chronicles 36:20-23)

Since the last solar eclipse from 9.13.2015 occurred on the first day of the Year of Jubilee and signaled the period of 10 days before Yom Kippur/Judgment Day/Day of AtONEment, day the meeting of the Pope with Obama, this date has become a focal point of special esoteric interest and it is raising a great deal of attention considering several facts:

  • The year of Jubilee starts right at the end of the Day of AtONEment. 
  • This is the first year of Jubilee since the reunification of Jerusalem under Israeli control after the Six-Day War of 1965, and the first time Jews (read “zionist khazarian mafia” not traditional Jews) gained control over Jerusalem since the destruction of the Second Holy Temple by the Romans in 70 AD.
  • Most recently both the years 1916 and 1965 were the 7th Shemitah years, preceding the year of Jubilee. In the 1916/17 Shemitah year, followed by the 1917/18 Jubilee year, Jerusalem was liberated from the Ottoman Empire (December 11, 1917). Similarly, during the 1965/66 Shemitah year, followed by the 1966/67 Jubilee year, Jerusalem was liberated from Arab control (June 7, 1967).
  • “Bestselling author of The Harbinger and the new book, the Mystery of the Shemitah, Rabbi Jonathan Cahn has uncovered a startling connection between the Shemitah and the financial markets  in the US. Rabbi Cahn’s investigation reveals that since 1973, every US financial collapse combined with subsequent recession has occurred during the Shemitah 100% of the time! That includes the financial collapses of 2001 and 2008, the worst in US history.” (…)
  • French Foreign Minister and US  Secretary of State John Kerry mysteriously announced onmay 13, 2014 that “the world has 500 days before there will be climate chaos“. The 500th from the day of the announcement falls on Sept 23, 2015 Yom Kippur, Day of AtONEment, 2015. 
  • 9.23.2015 corresponds to the Eid-al-Adha (Feast of Sacrifice) in Islamic tradition, a day to commemorate the willingness of Abraham to follow Allah’s (God’s) command to sacrifice his son Ishmael. Muslims around the world observe this event. 
  • The date September 23 has been subliminally advertised and programmed in the collective unconscious in countless occasions by Holly-wood. There are plenty of videos circulating on Youtube where you can find enough evidence to convince even the most skeptical.


““Prophecy is Natural Law and when we are studying the Law of Time we are studyingcomprehensive science. Comprehensive science unifies what we usually think of as science. We must remember, science actually is an endeavor to discover the truth. Genetically modified food is a deviation from true science and has something to do with the need for prophecy. We say that prophecy is Natural Law, and that prophecy has to do with correcting the genetic order in time. […] Prophecy is Natural Law which corrects for the deviant understandings of death, and its purpose is to continuously bring us to new levels of order which correct for the defects that have arisen.”

~ José Argüelles, Ph.D. Valum Votan ~ 28 Meditations of the Law of Time

Man made or not, scripted or not, this crisis is inviting all of us to reflect on our role as “active observers” and our power to infuse the 3D reality hologram with a “vision of wholeness and beauty”that can transmute all the chaotic forces at play and revert/neutralize the apocalyptic scenarios. How? The Synchronic Order provides us with the “antidote for doom” in the form of a new comprehensive science of time with powerful telepathic tools, that enable us to perceive the harmony behind the apparent chaos and reshape reality through the power of our higher awareness, pure intent and creative imagination.

As the already in-famous date of September 23, 2015 (Jewish “Day of AtONEment” / “Judgment Day”) approaches and we see all the ingredients and actors of biblical prophecy coming together for the historic visit of Jorge Bergoglio (AKA “Pope Francis”) to the US, his meeting with Barack Obama and his address to the nations of the world at the UN, it seems necessary to revisit some POSITIVE aspects of Prophecy that are relevant to contemplate now considering the current set of events unfolding…


“Did you know that the Gregorian calendar repeats its program precisely every 28 years? In any28 year slice, there will always be exactly seven leap days/years. That means there are large 28year Gregorian recordings that are playing beneath the surface of events. A significant determining point will be a good place to begin to look at these 28 year cycles and see how they are programming us. What is a significant determining point? How about the atomic bomb in 1945? Didn’t that change everything? It most certainly did. Or how about the 9-11 in 2001? So let’s count in 28 year cycles after 1945 and see what happens. First 28 years, 1973 – now here’s something: April 4, 1973, the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York City were dedicated. 28years later? 2001. 9-11. No more Twin Towers. Twin events like Hiroshima and Nagasaki, two 28year cycles earlier. How about 28 years before 1945? 1917. America enters World War I. 1945, America ends World War II. Are we, after the 9-11, starting World War III? 28 years before 1917, 1889. Hmm. The Eiffel Tower, world’s tallest structure in its time, three 28 year cycles before the Twin Towers. Do you see how the calendar repeats its programs? Do you really want another 28years of this program? Maybe we do need a fundamental change. Maybe stopping time to change the calendar could be a great opportunity after all. To start over again in a time of peace. The choice is yours.

~ José Argüelles, Ph.D. Valum Votan ~ Stopping Time and Getting on With the Second Creation

It is also important to emphasize now that these series of articles only pretend to bring clarity over a subject that has been enshrouded in a veil of fear, distortions and misconceptions generally related to this “End of the World / Armageddon / Doom & Gloom” scenarios and expose the TRUTH behind these mind control programs. During the years preceding December 21st, 2012, Mayan prophecy was unfortunately associated with this kind of energy, and as we can appreciate, this record/program is still playing out through the collective unconscious.

There are already enough books, articles, documentaries and videos with wild theories and misinterpretations of prophecy already circulating all over the cybersphere, so there is no need to add here more wood to the fire. So, let’s review NOW then some POSITIVE aspects of Prophecy related to current world events:

  • This year marks the exact midpoint of the 9-11 armageddon timeline triggered into full motion with the attack of the Twin Towers of 2001.Since the Shemitah cycle is entangled with the corrupted 28-year artificial timeline program of the gregorian calendar and we are on the New Sirian Cycle 28 this is the precise moment in time to disable it. According to the Law of Time, 28 is the “Harmonic Measure of Galactic Order”. This is the 28th year since the Harmonic Convergence of 1987 that signaled the end of the Prophecy of Quetzalcoatl of 13 Heavens and 9 Hells and the inception of a new harmonic standard of time on the planet, that thanks to those human beings who adopted it, reverted the  genetic damage over Human Consciousness induced by the artificial time program. 
  • “There are precisely 5,125 days between September 11, 2001 and September 23, 2015 (Equinox). This is a fractal of the 5,125-year Great Cycle of history (3113 – 2012 AD). These dates are coded respectively by 4Monkey and 4Skywalker. (Note that 911 reversed is 119, the area code of Iraq)”. ( This is then a full-blown fractal time opportunity to revert the  Babylon artificial timeline imposed on humanity since the beginning of history.  This program “officially expired” on December 21st, 2012. 
  • In Buddhist tradition 49 days (7×7) corresponds to the Bardo Cycle and in Christian/Jewish tradition the Celebration of PenteCost refers to Divine Descent of Holly Spirit on the 50th day (49+1) after Jesus Resurrection, hence after crossing the Bardo… From this perspective we are crossing the last days of the Bardo, before the Planetary Resurrection. 

My role as an individual who has been studying the subject of Prophecy for the past 7 years and documenting it here since 2013, is simply to pacify and re-balance those negative thought-forms in the best way I can, by presenting a new perspective on the subject and bringing a new light upon it. This perspective is based on my own experience and interpretation of the Law of Time and the incredible body of Knowledge left by Dr. Jose Arguelles/ Valum Votan: a man who dedicated his life to bring an entire new science of Time to the planet and whose existence was in itself a living prophecy unfolding… In order to to this, we need to re-member the past so we can establish a connection with the present moment, and envision a positive future. Therefore I will be bringing back to memory some excerpts of previous posts related to this Blood Moon Cycle. For those new here, we will do our best to summarize and recapitulate below some basic elements of this cosmic narrative, but we recommend to refer to all SIX prior reports on this subject to fully grasp the depth of what is transpiring:

Blood Moons & Planetary Redemption: A Galactic Master Peace of ART




All prophecy has to do with time, and so the “Judgement Day” prophecy is the prophecy that has to do with the deviation of the humans from natural time. The point of Judgement Day — which the Maya knew about because they counted Baktuns by 144,000 days — was precisely the point when they knew the Law of Time would emerge. The Law of Time has one practical application: theThirteen Moon Calendar. So there is much more to a calendar than you might have thought.” ~ José Argüelles, Ph.D. Valum Votan ~ 28 Meditations of the Law of Time

In order to fully comprehend the current powerful window we are transiting, it is important to first examine the entire path/route we have covered since the First Blood Moon Eclipse of the 2014-2015 Tetrad… Doing this will give us a wider context to follow the “signposts” along the path to find our way back to the Stars/Future Selves. It is also important to remember that eclipses come in pairs (Solar (+)/ Lunar (-)) and act as gateways for (Male (+) / Female (-) ~ Electric (+) / Magnetic (-)) energies to re-adjust. See it as transiting a “Time Tunnel/Vortex” where navigating conditions get turbulent, because of the enormous amount of influx/out-flux energies… 

The current eclipse window is probably the most intense we have experienced (already palpable in the current state of affairs and geopolitical events at the planetary level) and is particularly rare, as the closing event is a harvest moon lunar eclipse taking place also on the day of the closest supermoon of 2015.


Based on Nostradamus Quatrain writing style we already established on prior posts the intrinsic connection between Prophecy and Verse, Poetry, Rhyme (Rhythm), and conferred to IT the “status” of a “form of ART”. The word “Quatrain” also originates from the inherent harmonic value of the number 4. In Galactic Time Cosmology number FOUR represents “FORM” as the primary organizational time construct present in All Nature:

4 Seasons in a Year (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter)
4 Phases of the Moon (New, Waxing, Full, Waning)
4 Daily Watches in a Day (Midnight to Sunrise, Sunrise to Mid-day, Mid-Day to Sunset, Sunset).
4 Primary color frequencies and their qualities:
Red (initiates) ~ White (refines) ~ Blue (transforms) ~ Yellow (ripens).


Quatrain = Prophecy = 4 = Time= Harmony = Verse = Poetry = Art

T(E)=ART = “Time is Art”



When we entered this 4-Blood Moon Time Tunnel last April 15th, 2014 – KIN 167 11 Hand we were able to establish this day as a KEY TimePortal Marker based on its revelatory fractal qualities. These revelations lead us to Leonardo DaVinci and a beautiful “time pattern” emerging to the surface linked to the Roerich Peace Pact, the Banner of Peace and the Cycles of the Moon As we can remember, this event synchronized very elegantly with Leonardo Davinci’s 562nd Solar Return and other important historical, astronomical and religious events:

  • THE COSMIC HARMONIC CONVERGENCE (Sirius meeting the Cube @ Mekka on the Grand Sextile) The eclipse took place exactly 260 days right after this alignment, amplifying and extending the Cosmic Time Portal Wave.
  • The Jewish Passover
  • The 79th anniversary of the Roerich Peace Pact Signature in New York City by FDR and 22 world leaders.

    Today as I write this report, it is already the 260th day of the Gregorian Calendar and the world celebrates International Peace Day Weekend right at the core of this last turbulent passage… We are now feeling the compounding power of this process acting upon our reality:


The second Blood Moon of the current Tetrad/Quatrain occurred on October 8th (3.19) KIN 83 5Night, only one day before from Nicholas Roerich and John Lennon BirthDays 10.09.14 (3.20) KIN84 6Seed.


The third Blood Moon (Verse) of this Tetrad (Quatrain) took place on April 4th, 2015, (1.10)  KIN 1 1DRAGON: Start of the 260-day Tzolkin count and first day of the Planetary Moon of Manifestation,and occurred precisely one 260-day Galactic Spin from July 18/2014 (13.22) KIN 1 1DRAGON, date when an amazing crop circle appeared in Germany with the Banner of Peace pattern and the 13.22 (date of its appearance) encoded in it.

By examining the entire 4 Blood Moon Portal day interval (period in between end/start dates) from 4.15.14 (GATE) to 9.28.2015 (EXIT) we can notice it corresponds to 530 (53x10) days: Frequency of the Manifestation (10) of Sirian ReBirth (52 +1)  RINRI Project Newsletter Vol.III -3.4. “Sirian ReBirth of Quetzalcoatl”  

The Banner of Peace contains three red circles ( Art • Science • Spirituality) held together by aLARGER Red Circle of unity signifying One Blood. The 530-day marker represents then the 4th Blood moon as the Outer Red Circle around the 3 inner circles. Quetzalcoatl (53) “bites his/her tail once again” with perfect artistic, scientific and spiritual attributes as a truly remarkable Cosmic Master Peace.


As we all know by now, the fourth and final Blood Moon (Verse) of this Tetrad (Quatrain) will take place on September 28th, 2015, (NS1.28.3.9)  KIN 178 9MIRROR. As presented in full detail in the past, the Prophetic 4 Blood Moon Tetrad/Quatrain cycle of 2014-2015 was encoded from start to end by the Great Master Leonardo DaVinci ~ KIN 177 Red Galactic Earth, revealing a Time MasterPeace that we gave the name of the “DaVinci TimeCode”

This entire cycle” OPENED EXACTLY 260 days after the Grand Sextile Alignment of 7.29.2013, right on Da Vinci’s 562nd SOLAR RETURN and will CLOSE one day after Da Vinci’s 637th GALACTIC RETURN on KIN178 or 177+1 (Frequency of DaVinci’s ReBirth), while there is an interval in-between eclipses of 177+/- 1 DAYS each. TIME IS ART!


169 = 13 x 13.
  13 is the key number to the divine feminine matrix.” 
“The name “Red Queen” is not indicating Queen in the conventional sense. It does not signify a hierarchy or a rulership. Not at all. It is a CODE  and time release program, a terma, symbolized by number 13

Stephanie South/Red Queen
Unveiling the Feminine Matrix: Isis, Inanna and Islam
Electric Update: We are the Galactic Seeds


As presented by Stephanie South/Re on her blog “Unveiling the Feminine Matrix: Isis, Inanna and Islam” when adding the KIN/Galactic Time Frequencies of the 4 Blood Moons we have a KEY NUMBER:

KIN169 ~ 13MOON. Red Cosmic (13) Moon (9) ~ 9.13: The “Code of Prophecy”:

13 Heavens & 9 Hells: Prophecy of Quetzalcoatl
Dedication of the Tomb of Pacal Votan:
Frequency of the return of Quetzalciatl as Lord of the Dawn ~ KIN 113 Red Solar(9) Skywalker (13) ~ Last Day Out of Time that occurred exactly 2 moons ago.

 KIN 169 (13×13) is also the 13th kin/day of the 13th wavespell, and the numeric code for the 13 Moon Synchronometer and corresponds to the last day ~ Earth’s “Magic Flight” ~ of the 13-day Wavespell of Synchronicity and Evolution (date that this report is being published). Therefore, from the cosmological perspective, the message is quite clear: Earth’sTranscendence from artificial Time is NOW being declared once again through the Time Magic of the 13 Moon Synchronometer.


Within the Cosmology of Time the Moon corresponds to the Healer archetype of the Universal Waters, so it is then VERY important to fully grasp now that it is WITHIN the Feminine Matrix(WOMB/WATERS) in the Human Body, where either Life or Death/Purification occurs every 28days… Without any exclusion of race, religion or social condition, EVERY WOMAN ON THIS PLANET ready to bring Life is and has been affected by this celestial body and goes through this LIFE CYCLE every 28 DAYS since the beginning of history, therefore the 4 Blood Moons are acting as an Archetypal Constructs of a Larger Cycle of the Moon: A “Blood Moon Cycle” of 532 dayscorresponding to her 4 phases:


Blood Moon Cycle calculation including END & START dates.

So, as a Celestial PACE-MAKER of the biological cycle and as the of ruler ofTides/Waters/Emotions, these series of 4 Blood Moon Eclipses represent a FULL GENERATIONAL HEALING PORTAL for Humanity.  This generational healing quality is symbolized by the “BLOOD” element alluding to the Woman’s Cycle of Life/Regeneration, and it does NOT correspond to apocalyptic biblical prophecies… We are healing years and years of history where Humanity’s collective energetic unbalance, cultural repression and sexual abuse has reached a limit and needs to be cleansed NOW through LOVE and HIGHER AWARENESS


If we take our “micro-cosmic cycle” of 28 DAYS as a Divine Template to measure/understand andENTRAIN with this Larger Template Cycle of 532 DAYS as a Holographic projection of the Human Life/Death Purification process, then we gain greater awareness of its qualities and SIGNIFICANCE by understanding how this larger Time Cycle is also connected to the LARGER PATTERN OF LIFE: THE DIVINE MATRIX. In this way each phase of the Moon Cycle on Earth corresponds to each of the 4 Blood Moons.


As a full embodiment of the Feminine expression, these 4 Moons are also equivalent to the 4 Aspects of the Feminine: The 4 types of LOVE relationships or 4 roles that every Female/Woman on Earth play in relationship to the Masculine/Men. These 4 aspects are: •Daughter ••Love Partner •••Mother••••Sister This a perfect gateway then to celebrate LIFE and the Divine Feminine… and to look for nurturing environments and people.. If from here we expand into the 4 Seasons Hologram, this position would correspond to the “Harvest Moon”: name for the full moon nearest the autumnal equinox.



As yet another confirmation of the DIVINE NATURE of this 532-DAY “BLOOD MOON” HEALING Cycle if we divide the total number of days by 28, we arrive to a beautiful realization:



meets in Perfect Harmony and Resonance



the Harmonic Measure of Galactic Order (28)
factored by
The Command of GOD (19)
(See 441 Dictionary of Number)

When our brains/bodies/cells entrain with this LARGER PATTERN then our thought-forms / mental waves entrain in TIME with the Sacred Geometrical proportions and ratios we can see present in ALL NATURE and also present in the FABRIC of TIME… Our purpose now is then to FIND these HIDDEN HARMONIES behind all the APPARENT CHAOS (generated by static/disharmonic nature of the 12:60 Artificial Time Matrix Malware)  and through our conscious attunement and understanding of this patterns, FLOW with the Energies to DISSOLVE and TRANSMUTE once and for ALL the remaining GENERATIONAL karmic aspects that keeps us repeating an endless tape of recurring mistakes as a species ..

“Leonardo da Vinci studied the Flower of Life’s form and its mathematical properties. He drew the Flower of Life itself, as well as various components such as the Seed of Life. He drew geometric figures representing shapes such as the platonic solids, a sphere, a torus, etc., and also used the golden ratio of phi in his artwork; all of which may be derived from the Flower of Life design. Components of the Flower of Life have been a part of the work of Alchemists. Metatron’s Cube is a symbol derived from the Flower of Life which was used as a containment circle or creation circle.”SOURCE:

As mentioned above, within the Mayan Cosmology of Time, the number 4 corresponds to the SelfExisting Tone of FORM and the Power of DEFINITION and MEASURE (related in this case to a FULLY formed EGG/FLOWER OF LIFE ready to crack and bring NEW LIFE).
Finally, to FULLY understand, absorb and appreciate the SIGNIFICANCE of this SYNCHRONIZATION please watch Nassim Haramein describing the Flower of Life ~ MOTHER of ALL Sacred Geometrical Figures / DIvine Matrix ~ and its multiples expressions within the HOLOGRAPHIC UNIVERSE MODEL on this segment of the groundbreaking documentary “Thrive”:





“I am the root and the offspring of David, the bright, the morning star.” Revelations 22:16


As presented on the preceding parts of these series, Venus has been the orchestrating force behind this reconstitution of the Divine Feminine Matrix, this special occasion is not the exception and theStar of the Mother of the World/Quetzalcoatl/Jesus is announcing her return shining at her brightest on September 21st, right before the Equinox and at the entrance of DaVinci’s 13-day Wavespell of Love:

“As Venus moves into the morning sky it grows in brightness until September 21, when it reaches it maximum intensity.  At this time it appears over 20 times brighter than Sirius, the brightest star in the night sky.” SOURCE:…

This solid, abundant and elegant numerical evidence confirms that the 2014-2015 Tetrad of 4 Blood Moon eclipses encoded in it, is intimately related to the holographic restoration of the Feminine Matrix to culminate the process of planetary healing that sstarted Red Solar Moon year of Supreme Healing. This healing process, encapsulated in the 169:13MOON code (summoning power of the 4 Blood Moon frequencies) is then occurring NOW at the telepathic level and, believe it or not, is intended to reach 3rd dimensional Manifestation right at the end of the 4th Blood Moon.

On pART 5 we will go in detail into more layers of significance of the 13:13 Divine Feminine Matrix within Prophecy and elaborate on the continuous stream of portal events and powerful numerical correlations and alignments that are serving as anchors for this potent frequency.

I will end this report with the same words used to close the last “Blood Moons and Planetary Redemption” report, since they seem to be even more relevant today as they were back then and with an invitation to join to the thousands of groups all over the world that will celebrate International Peace Day in meditation and prayer for the next 3 days. Remember: “We are the peacemakers in the world. We are the leaders, the organizers, the conscious creators whose vision and actions are helping to evolve our planet…” Please go to for ideas to celebrate Peace this weekend!

“We are in the midst of a very significant astrological gateway. The challenge I am sure many of you are feeling at this point is to stay present and balanced. The awareness of all distortions that reflect separateness are being made apparent. This processes is allowing us to strengthen our 5th dimensional connection and the unity consciousness that has emerged within ourselves (individually and collectively)[….] The energy frequency on Earth will be demanding the unity consciousness be integrated into our physical reality. Although it has not yet manifested into our 3rd dimensional reality, the vibration of unity consciousness, the 5th dimension, is now present. Our job now is to become comfortable with how that feels and works, and to adjust our lives (individually and collectively) to reflect and align with that energy.

This transition is the gateway to our future of living in love and unity. Our job at this time is to align and balance our outer reality to this unity consciousness. This will be the only vibration that will be supported as we move further into this new vibration.

In all situations during this transition, anything that reflects or causes us pain or suffering demands more love. I cannot stress the importance of this enough right now… Give more love to yourself! Give more love to everyone! Embrace, accept and heal the shadow aspects of yourself and those around you, as they continue to arise. Do not try to reject, suppress or ignore the shadow aspects of yourself for it will not work. This energy is being driven from the shadows to the surface right now in order to finally be healed and released. When faced with the shadow, self-exploration, acceptance and love is the only solution.” ~Simon Voster~

Assignment filed and completed by
Galactic Agent 113 Red Solar Skywalker
as a part of the Quetzalcoatl Project.

Year of the White Planetary Wizard
Lunar Moon, Silio 28 (2.28)
KIN169  Red Cosmic Moon
Summoning Power of 4 Blood Moons
(Gregorian Calendar: 9.19.2015)


“According to the “Fair Use” clause of International Copyright Law, the authors declare that the use of the photos, videos
and information in this academic research are analyzed for purposes of “criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching,
scholarship, or research” according to Section 107 of Title 17 of the US Code.”

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