Happy Friday the 13th – August 13 2021 ~ Divine Feminine Goddess Magdalene Activation 💛

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Happy Friday the 13th – August 13 2021 ~ Divine Feminine Goddess Magdalene Activation 💛


13 AUGUST 2021
13/8/5 = 13/13 =4/4=8
We have a DOUBLE ✨13/13 GATEWAY!! ✨
This GATE is OPENING following the CLOSURE of the 🦁LION’S GATE🦁 yesterday on 12th AUGUST –
As ONE door closes – another OPENS! Keep walking through these powerful GATEWAYS precious HEARTS as they are constantly ACTIVATING and AWAKENING our dormant DNA propelling us forever FORWARD. 🚀🚀🚀
The 13 is an incredibly potent frequency, and when you align with this frequency it AWAKENS your INNER GODDESS👸 – your intuitive🍥 and psychic GIFTS, as well as EXPANDING your consciousness..
For this reason it was considered too dangerous for the masses, as the 13 could lead to people becoming enLIGHT-ON-ed beings who could THINK for themselves and SEE through the illusions in the false control matrix.
Thus the number 13 was “demonized” through superstitious programming so that people would FEAR this frequency and not align with it. Another way in which the DIVINE FEMININE power has been so strongly suppressed in our society.
The 13:20 coding is the frequency of the ✨MAYAN TZOLKIN CALENDAR✨ and the foundation of the DREAMSPELL GALACTIC CALENDAR which PULLS YOU OUT of the MATRIX – and brings more SYNCHRONICITY into your life through resonating with the 13 COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS frequency. Very POTENT indeed!
AND now that YOU know the TRUTH of the POWER 💥 of the 13 – CHRIST☀ plus his 12 APOSTLES – it is time to CLAIM IT – and actively
✨CELEBRATE the GLORY ✨that the 13 is bringing us today!
P.S. If you happen to have a BLACK CAT 🐈🐾in your household (as I do – and 2 of my closest friends do) you are extremely BLESSED to have such a MAJIKAL guardian and protector.
CATS and in particular🐈 BLACK CATS🐈 were revered by the Ancient Egyptians, and worshipped as Goddesses, which is where they developed their superior status of GODS!
In Ancient Egypt black cats were representations of goddess Bastet. Bastet was the protector of women and households, goddess of women’s secrets, fertility, childbirth, and cats. She was popular among both men and women since every man had a daughter, wife, or mother who benefitted from the protection of Bastet.
Cats were respected in Egypt also because they kept homes and grain granaries free of mice and rats and provided their owners with almost a maintenance-free company.
Egyptian civilization was built on grain. Cats don’t eat grain, but they eat meat which they get by hunting rodents such as mice and rats. Therefore by keeping granaries free of rodents cats supported Egyptian civilization.
In Ancient Egypt black cats were known for keeping evil spirits away. A person caught killing a cat could face the death penalty.
In Medieval times black cats became a sign associated with the D-evil.
In 1233 AD, Pope Gregory IX, head of Catholic church, declared black cats to be an incarnation of the Devil himself. Since the Church was at that time, the most powerful and influential organization in Europe, Christians started hunting black cats and burning them alive. They were so eager that cats became almost extinct in some parts of Europe by the 14th century.
In the time of the notorious witch trials during the 16th and 17th centuries, simply owning a black cat was enough to get you condemned as a witch. Most “witches” ie. pagan and natural healers – had a cat as a companion, so cats became guilty by association.
And that is WHY of course BLACK CATS were deemed to be unlucky and banished by the fat controllers!
✨✨NOTE: August 8th, 2021 was deemed to be GLOBAL 🐈CAT DAY 🐈– which is quite amusing as it aligned with the BIG cat’s – 🦁LION’S GATE🦁– so it is very appropriate that today as the LION’s GATE officially CLOSES, our BLACK CATS have come out in force through the POWER of FRIDAY the 13th!!
EDITOR’S NOTE: My beautiful BLACK CAT🐈 – is named MAKEDA – which was the name of the legendary Queen of Sheba👸 – the Egyptian/Ethiopian Queen👑. She whispered her name to me during meditation the night before she came to our family – she was 2 years old and a rescue cat! Very fittingly she arrived on August 1st, which we celebrate as her birthday. There is a very long story associated with her arrival – that relates to King Solomon 👑and Queen of Sheba👸 – but that is for another day!
We are deeply grateful for having our beautiful and MAJIKAL MAKEDA in our family now for the past 7 years, as our devoted HEALER, guardian and protector – She takes her Royal duties very seriously – and is a very evolved soul! 🙏🙏🙏
When it comes to a culture’s affinity for cats, there is no contest: Egypt wins hands down. Cats appear in ancient Egyptian art and writings going back thousands of years. In fact, the Egyptians are credited for likely being the first society to live and love domesticated cats – which are noted as having Star origins in SIRIUS – like many of the EGYPTIAN pharaohs and “GODS”.
If you wish to adopt an EGYPTIAN name for your feline companion – here are some suggestions
In honour and appreciation of our feline friends – great and small! 🙏🙏🙏
Namaste Christina ❤😍❤
PICTURE CREDITS: Black cats – DIVINE GRATITUDE to unknown artists 🙏❤🙏❤


Today is Friday the 13th of August of 2021. Throughout history this day has been enshrouded by multiple layers of fear. The Number 13 is considered a harbinger of bad luck by “popular belief”… This has motivated airlines and builders to suppress the number from their creations. It has even inspired terror movies…
As we have presented throughout past years on this page, FEAR to the Number 13 is at the root of the mind control program known as the Gregorian Calendar.
This is the only Friday the 13th of the year 2021, so it is an opportunity to focus our attention on the HARMONY behind this date and redeem this FEAR program of the artificial time matrix. How? By making conscious these unconscious layers and contemplating world events from a higher perspective.
From the Natural / Fractal Time perspective the 5-DAY window from August 8 to the 13 of this year 21 holds a new threshold of harmonic resonance between the Gregorian calendar, the 13-Moon, 28-Day calendar and the vigesimal system of the Mayan Long Count.
This is a new stage of integration within the ongoing process of Galactic Synchronization and the harmonic convergence of timelines (spirals) between these time-tracking systems that we have been carefully documenting and mapping on this page since 2013.


August 13, 2021 is written in some places as 8.13.21. These 3 numbers hold the 6th, 7th and 8th positions on the Logarithmic Spiral and are in perfect harmonic resonance with the Golden Proportion. This is therefore a UNIQUE intersection on the Gregorian Calendar considering several harmonic factors :
1 φ • It is taking place also during the CENTURY 21, so this numerical alignment will not EVER repeat again.
2 φ • August 13 also marks DAY 225 of the Gregorian Year. DAYS 224–225 mark the Golden Section of ONE 365-DAY cycle. This is because 365/225≈ϕ
3 φ • Every year the date August 13 marks then the Golden Section of the Gregorian year…
4 φ • On the 13-Moon count DAYS 224–225 correspond to the last DAY of the 8th MOON of the 13-MOON year and the first DAY of the 9th MOON marking 5 remaining MOONS of 28 DAYS to complete the 13-MOON YEAR. 5:8:13.
5 φ • In other words: DAY 224/365 marks the PERFECT OCTAVE of the 13-MOON YEAR. 8:13::224:365
6 φ • THIS UNIQUE HARMONIC ALIGNMENT TAKING PLACE BETWEEN THE “OLD TIME” TEMPLATES and the “NEW TIME” TEMPLATES is indicating a new layer of integration and synchronization between timelines and setting the tone to the completion of 34 YEARS from the Harmonic Convergence of August 16-17 of 1987 that took place on KIN 55.

TIME IS ART! 8:13:21:34:55 !!!

7 φ • On the Tzolkin count of 260 DAYS yesterday, KIN 241 7 Dragon also marked the entrance to the 13th and final 20-DAY Harmonic Run of the Tzolkin Matrix, comprised from KIN 241 to KIN 260. On the fractal count of 13-Baktun Map of Recorded History, KIN 241 corresponds to KATUN 241, marking the entrance to the most turbulent period of human evolution: the 13th and FINAL Baktun of the Mayan Long Count (1618–2012).
8 φ • TODAY corresponds to KIN 242 8 Wind. Number 8 represents the GALACTIC tone of INTEGRITY and HARMONY and the Wind represents the COMMUNICATION from SPIRIT. This is the 8th DAY of the of the 13-DAY cycle of the EAGLE (VISION + MIND). TODAY KIN 242 8 Wind marks the completion of 2 TZOLKIN cycles of 260 DAYS each since the current planetary emergency was declared by the World Health Organization and 1 TZOLKIN of 260 DAYS since the experimental injection treatment was announced by the media and entities controlling the 3D narrative. It was also on Friday the 13th of March of 2020 when the US declared a National Emergency.


The Gregorian Calendar represents the institutionalization of fear, entropy and disharmony. The 13-Moon Calendar and the 13:20 Tzokin Matrix, establish a new harmonic standard for timekeeping that promotes greater access to our inherent creativity and capacity to live in right relationship with each other and the planet. We do not have the luxury to ignore this clarion call. Our lives and the lives of generations yet to come depend upon our willingness to do what must be done. Harmony, balance, and synchronicity is what we have to gain. Adopting a new calendar means a new society and a new way of doing things.
The proactive choice now is to change the calendar yourself. That’s right. The way to change the old paradigm is to begin to live by a timing standard that is a harmonic reflection of the cycles of nature. The 13-Month/Moon 28-Day Calendar is an indigenous calendar for a sovereign humanity, a new calendar for a new time!
To learn more please go to:
To sign and support an open petition for Calendar Referendum 2020 and Declaration of Universal World Peace, and to ensure that humanity adopt and implement the 13-Month, 28-Day Calendar as a new Harmonic Standard by 2020, please go to:

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