You are currently viewing ‘Extraordinaire Equinox’ & ‘SuperNatural March 23rd’ – the FLASH EVENT for Humanity and Gaia
Flash Event

‘Extraordinaire Equinox’ & ‘SuperNatural March 23rd’ – the FLASH EVENT for Humanity and Gaia

‘Extraordinaire Equinox’ & ‘SuperNatural March 23rd’ – the FLASH EVENT for Humanity and Gaia







Sangeeta Handa

Hello patrons of the TEMPLE and the LIGHT TRIBE on earth!

A great deal of protection has been taken right now to scribe this powerful post.

On Feb 16th, a phenomenon task was performed in the Himalayas of India. The Star alignment was unusual and the day was sacred. 2 big Havans or Fire Ceremonies were conducted in the solitude and height of the Himalayan mountains. Before we go further, it would serve to be understood that there are 2 sublimely potent Portals on earth – the Great Pyramid of Giza (Cairo, Egypt) and the entire Himalayan range of India. The Giza Pyramid is the “Receptor” of God’s Light from the Great Central Sun (GCS) and the Himalayas are the “Reservoir” of this Light. This is where the Light is held and stored – the PowerStoreHouse and the LightHouse of God. Both places are under the evil-eye constantly.

Now, we have the Equinox on the 20th/21st March (timing: IST 2:45 am on 21st). This is not a regular annual event. And this is why – (hope you have read the previous article on “Pluto enters the Fated Degree of 29:

Pluto, after pinnacling @ 29 degrees in Capricorn on Feb 11th/12th of 2023, enters Aquarius at “0 Degree” (on March 23rd) and – the Equinox (on March 21st) also occurs at “0 Degree” (Aries). Both these events occur at ZERO Degrees, a powerful fulcrum pivotal point.

Quote from the earlier article:

“29th Degree is also known as the“Anaretic Degree“, or the “Fated Degree”. This is the degree that is considered the “Critical Degree” is “29” because, as a planet or a luminary moves through this degree with only one more to go—the “30th”—its energetics become very powerful in their unleashing. Herein the energies manifest with utmost power and formidable force. But that’s not all! Energies that manifest here are uniquely different from energies at any other degree. So, one they are at their strongest, then most difficult, and lastly very different.”

Similarly, “0 Degree” is considered equally powerful and holds greater meaning (coz of being at the cosmic o point) and also due to the potent nature of being at the beginning of the sign. So, consequently, this Equinox is a ZERO-POINT EVENT on a personal and on a cosmic level.

Sticking first to the Equinox date, lets begin to explain what is the ZERO-POINT LEVEL. Please refer to page 87 onward in “The Blue Sapphire Tablet of the Blue Ray1”. The Tablet explains in sheer non-complexity the formation of the “Internal Light Plasma”, a brief extract from which follows –

“INTERNAL PLASMA, can break the following “CARBON-ATOM-STRUCTURE” of the “666”” ‘Base “666” Carbon Atom’ (of a Carbon-based human body) The Mark of the Beast Up until now, the human body was quarantined by the 666 atomic structure. Quarantined by the Beast! Now, since the human body is made up of atoms and ions (electrically charged atoms, by adding electrons or removing electrons from an atom), it naturally performs a function of ‘biological ionization’. And this process generates Plasma when exposed to certain forces. Now, how does “biological ionization” produce Plasma naturally? When the Atom loses electrons, it generates a positively charged heated gas that when mixes with the existing (negatively charged) electrons – discharges extra energy, creating a ‘strong electromagnetic field of high temperature’ that causes the formation of Plasma.”

The Zero-Point Energy

The understanding of which forms the bases of what is going to be scribed now.

Zero-Point Energy is when the electron is at an infinite distance from the nucleus. As the electron comes closer, the energy decreases, condensation occurs, the energy of the system becomes negative. Now, when an electron is infinitely distanced, which means removed, the energy becomes heated and a Zero-Point is reached, at which point – the Internal Plasma is formed. It is a state when the brain is actually at rest and asleep but the internal evolution is at its heightened level, thru the heated gas and high temperatures (remember heat is added to return to Light and heat is removed for energy to condense and solidify) generated by the biological ionization process. This inadvertently intensifies and enforces the action of healing and regeneration, that which then takes center stage and the spiritual evolution of the body gathers speed. This all occurs because of the ionization effect, which produces the Internal Plasma Light (without the generation of this Ascension is a very very far away eventuality, spread over innumerable lifetimes).

Now, from the very onset of the major transmutational year 2023 (no 7), the Solar Activity began to amplify as we entered deeper into the Photon Belt, receiving thereby a higher onslaught of Photonic Light as well. This year is the most deadly year, being a number 7 of the Violet Fire (at its assigned pinnacle in implosions) and, being as well now the “Twilight Year of the Kali Yuga”, as we have subsequently now reached the border of 2024 – the anticipated end of the Kali Yuga.

The Zero-Point, is the significant pause between the Old Draconian Matrix and the New Permanent Causal Matrix, about to be activated! At the strike of Equinox (IST 2:54 am, 21st March), that occurs at exact “0 Degrees”, all duality shall come to a pause … neutralize … a stillness of the Zero-Point shall occur … not a ripple … not a wrinkle … not any disorder nor, any disturbance! The Zero-Point shall be anchored and all in meditation shall have immediate access to it. The Churning of Matrixshall occur, as all polarity neutralizes and balance of Unity is re-established, since when Atlantis was commanded into obliteration by the “Burning of the Scroll” and Lord Sanat Kumara was Instructed to switch-off the main Crystal (Pls read “The Voice of Silence”) and Thoth thereby removed the Causal Matrix. This Equinox at “0 Degree” shall set the energetic impulse for the New Permanent Causal Matrix.

The influxing New Light, streaming forth at present, is a dimensional, and frequency-shifting experience. The Zero-Point Energy, which the Portal Opening shall usher in, shall have a veil-thinning effect for all ready and in-preparation for it. This Blue Light is affecting the Causal Dna (the Core) of both the human and the earth, thereby, it’s about to become a CORE SHIFTing explosion for all at the very Core level. Because at the very Core, lies our Dna. It is to be a very high empowered, Light-Informational-Intel Encounter, to integrate and to absorb! Lets make sure we are ‘the’ Vibrational Match for this Core Shift Energy of the Blue Light! It shall be absolutely extra-ordinaire and fertile in its potency. Meant to shake our body and consciousness so as to en-able our entry into the 5D reality of the New Permanent Causal Matrix, that which is to be activated and initiated on March 23rd , 2023. Just a reminder – since a while back – we have been reading about the Core of the earth and that it has stopped rotating. Not much is known about the Core as our scientists have been more concerned in peeping into our neighbours courtyard than studying the Core of its own home 🙂

A Sacred Space has already been created by the Universe for us thru the much transformational light-influxes of the X Class and the 2 Sacred Light Ceremonies we conducted in the Himalayas in Feb, 2023 (stated afore). It is time for our Experience now and time for us to feel the flow of God thru us. It is indeed time to express our Gratitude too, by Honouring the Presence flowing thru. Alight the AntahKarana, empower the Rod of Power, activate the Kundalini thru Prayers, Decrees, Chants and Align all your bodies with Perfect Connectivity to God Source of everything and all ( info, regarding which, is provided in “The Amethyst Tablet”).

I was just told: Once the Sacred Space and Time for the New Permanent Causal Matrix was determined, I was dispatched to the Himalayas to conduct the Ceremony, at the anointed date of a very auspicious Star Alignment, upon the Holy Reservoir of God’s Light, that holds stores and transmits God’s Light into earth and humanity. The Fire Purification Ceremonies were undertaken to remove all and any chance of the Dark Lodge to sabotage the Activation of the New Permanent Causal Matrix on March 23rd. So, the first Fire Ceremony was inducted with voluminous red chillies and 108 Mantra chants into the Sacred Fire to burn away the shadows of the KalYug. That took advantage of the Kalyug allowance and conducted artificial calamities worldwide – esp earthquakes and fires, and of recent – splitting of land in the Himalayas and dissolving of the mountain range. The Dark Lodge, if could not succeed in capturing the Himalayas, ventured relentlessly in destroying it. This was a physically tough endurance Ceremony for the priest and myself. The 2nd Ceremony was to express our gratitude to the Universe and its Creator for protecting us. And also included, in return by the Light, a sealing of the area thru Divine Protection and anchoring of Divine Intervention and Divine Providence for all on earth. This was the Satya Yuga Ceremony of Fire!

“With every karmic contract you Eliminate

you create New ‘karma-free’ Contract for your future!”

The New Permanent Causal Matrix shall be uploaded soon, and Spiritual Progression is assured and rewards are around the corner with Abundance Manifestation soon to be made tangible and easily accessible for all on the Path.

The official activation of the New Permanent Causal Matrix, which has its copy in the Causal Body of the Logos of the planet (Lord Buddha and the Regent Logos – Lord Sanat Kumara), is scheduled for March 21-23, 2023. In the New Matrix, the Light Hierarchs shall upload the “5D Program” along with its entire 5D infrastructure, that which shall be launched at the causal level, wherein all the energies of events and timelines are created and stored.

Moreover. Its only thereafter that the new Ascended Masters will settle down in the earth’s field. On a Subtle Plane, the main point of their location will be at the renewed Shambhala, now located at Mount Kailash, and within its underground infrastructure. Plus, in territorial branches within Eurasia. In some cases, Ascended Masters could also be found incarnating into living people, through transmigration within already existing human bodies by agreement with their Souls. In other cases, they will remain in 4D, but if necessary, can be temporarily embodied in 3D to solve specific tasks, as the former inhabitants of Tibetan Shambhala used to do.

The establishment of a new reality on earth will not be quick and easy. There are still many battles ahead with the remnants of the Gray eons and their civilizations, which still prevail on our planet.

Now, on March 23rd, when the New Permanent Causal Matrix of the Planetary Logos shall be laid to replace the Old Draconian Luciferin Matrix of the Dark Lodge, earth would finally receive its Freedom from the slavery-imposed imprisoning 3D Matrix and the New Programs of the 5D and its New Infrastructures shall be uploaded. This shall finally bring in Abundance from the Universe thru the Trinity Frequency of the 369! Can you now see how systematically we are heading toward the END of the “Beginning of End of Kalyug” by 2024?

Why is the replacement of the old matrix important?

Today we know that our Dna (deoxyribonucleic acid) is one of the three main macromolecules (the other two are RNA and proteins) that stores, transmits from generation to generation and implements programs for the development and functioning of our organism, its individual organs and systems, at the cellular level. Physical Dna has a copy in our Causal Body, which accumulates and stores the energy of our thoughts and feelings and, in accordance with them, corrects our life. This double strand or Causal Dna – is the basis of the main bio-energetic shell, through which the Light enters us, or hardly enters due to one’s growing karma. Causal Dna is a mechanism that ensures the fulfilment of our mission on 3D earth, as contracted before incarnation. It carries the Program of who we are in the present lifetime in absolute detail. As per the Contract, this Causal Dna triggers the Corner-Stone Events for experiences to occur – eg diseases, divorces, marriages, encounters with people that could be so hurtful that it changes one’s life from its Contract.

Similarly, earth too has a Causal Dna. This Causal Dna is stored in the core of the Logos of the planet and it runs the planet (which is said to be the manifestation body of the Logos). It ascertains all its vital activity: atmosphere, climate, winds, volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamis, and all other natural processes and natural calamities. It also synchronizes its energies with the energies of the Universe at large. Now, long long ago the vital activity of the planet was captured by the Dark Lodge and its Draconian Dark Archons who then artificially changed the entire program and re-matrixed it. Imprisoning mankind for…ever….but now, with March 23rd, if no further evil interference occurs, earth shall finally have a New Permanent Causal Matrix to replace the draconian superseded one. Apparently it has been tested twice already – once by engaging the monads of the LightBeings on earth and second, by directly injecting it into the body of the planet. This required increased velocity of light voltages and therefore ‘X-Class Flares’ were released by the sun (coming directly from the GCS) to whip earth. This is why from Jan 9th of this year we have been experiencing the impact of such heighted solar activity and its frequency whipsaw effect of the highest order. This is cause behind unusual and severe Light Ascension Symptoms being experienced by humans at a genetic, cellular, skelton, atomic and molecular level. Symptoms such as extreme enfeebling exhaustion and feeling of emptiness, chest and heart pain, total wakefulness when we shld be sleeping and drowsiness when we shld be awake, shivering followed by hot flashes, running nose, sneezing, fever feeling, flu like feeling, severe nerve pain, bone and joint pain, profuse migraines, eyes swollenness and under immense pressure, strange density in the ears – unexplainable pressure sensation in the ears, blurred vision, strong dense stools, even constipation, water retention, weight gain, breathing challenges, fall in immunity levels with return of previous illnesses and pains, depression and lethargy to levels of total disinterest in any work, sensitivity heightening to noise and crowds, bouts of intense depression and rejection of life and outside world.


The ride therefore, however rough and nerve-wrecking is endurable, as you have been given a peep into the bright future ahead. You have been shown the Dawn that is coming for sure, soon after the darkest hour of despair that you all are yet travelling through. You are taking back your power, visible to all by now, and that is enroute to ultimate Freedom (soon). Just as you are doing your bit (by continuing to tread forward despite having to walk on broken glass with bleeding feet and in deep deep pain) without deterring off-course (exhibiting your endurance spirit, commitment to the cause, and readiness for freedom) we the Universe too are working hard on building the ‘New Infrastructure’ for you, when you arrive, toward which you are already treading! As you approach the New Marker of 2024 (August), the ground shall be ready to receive you! This is the Change you shall experience after a long dreadful endurance. This last mile out of the Blind Maze is not going to be easy, not all shall survive, some may even retreat, but, in the end – all shall reach the destination! Alone must you walk now, but with the Universe watching over you. Help is everywhere, but may not be visible. Faith is your weapon. Endurance is your passion. Wisdom is the foresight that feeds your Faith. Connection is with Us … and all of my Light Hierarchy! Darkness is everywhere on the Path and temptation is visible. Freewill or WILL, is no longer a choice! There is no choice as you are already on the Path. With every footfall, you are truly dissipating the Darkness and eliminating the old Karmic Contracts! With every karmic contract you eliminate, you create New Karma-Free Contracts for your future!

The Stars are alighting your path with their alignments, conjunctions, squaring and trining. This is a Magical Last Mile Home as it has never been trodden before! And, the Universe is applauding your every footfall on the path, as it is getting you closer and closer to unimagined and unexpected Victory! You have made this Experiment successful, victoriory is yours indeed!

So now both – Light and You are walking towards each other! Alas, the Dawn is becoming visible even though the Darkness grows in proportion to abort the progression. It is now, more than ever, that clarity becomes mandatory!

So, the “Non-Stop Flight” to clearing, cleansing, and transformation is zooming at high speed. Tighten your seatbelts. Remember, Re-construction cannot occur without destruction! It is the end of the world as you know it—the end of an age, an era, an eon, in the space and time continuum. You are approaching the end of “Kali Yuga”, and its end phase is most chaotic. You are still traveling through Darkness but, now prepare for “landing in LIGHT”!

And. As you know, there are no coincidences so, the Equinox occurring on a moon-less night/day holds gentle reassurance for all (The Amavasya (moonless – no light) starts at IST 4:17 pm on March 20 (already in progress) and ends at 1:23 pm on March 21) that –

In The Midst Of The Darkest Night,

We are LIGHT!”

In the most fierce Wind of Unexpected Circumstances, we are Power!

In the Brokenness of Beautiful Dreams, we Begin again and again!

Through Homes that End and Children that Leave, we Continue with Grace!

When news continues with the Unimaginable and we Weep for strangers, we find our Heart!

Through Peril and Wrong Choices, we learn Great Wisdom!

Through Nights of Not Knowing the Answers, we find ourselves in Sacred Silence!

The SILENCE of the



The only ‘permanent’ and ‘real’ qualities anyone can ever have are








Flash Event
Flash Event




This Equinox portal is no ordinary event. It holds a KEY INTERSECTING NODE of PAST-PRESENT-FUTURE TIMELINES, signaling another MASSIVE TECTONIC shift across the fabric of TIME-SPACE. How is this?

There are 9 harmonic factors to consider:







‘EXTREMELY RARE’ FARSIDE CME: Something big just happened on the farside of the sun. During the early hours of March 13th, SOHO coronagraphs recorded a farside halo CME leaving the sun faster than 3000 km/s:Because of its extreme speed, this CME is classified as “extremely rare,” a fast-mover that occurs only once every decade or so.” Screencap: :
Movie by: Apollo Lasky via :



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By Four Worlds International Institute It was told that two distinct cultures, represented by the condor and eagle…


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Since the start of 2023 we are experiencing a peak of solar activity and we are almost double the predicted values. Source:
A time-lapse image of two major sunspot groups moving across the surface of the sun between Dec. 2 and Dec. 27, 2022. (Image credit: Şenol Şanlı)






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