Every Moment NOW

It’s JUMP Time in Every Moment NOW

By Lisa Brown, 03/22/2017

Aloha beautiful light family!
Every moment is powerful now. Every moment is one of new higher consciousness, intentional focus and conscious choice. We are at “choice point” again… Each JUMP means that everything not in alignment with your highest vibrational reality must be reviewed, adjusted (tuned/tweaked), and opening up to NEW to come forth the moment we let go of anything that we’ve been holding onto that needs to be released to be free….
Every energy that you hold onto, builds up inside of you. The “breaking point” necessary for that energy to break, can be easy, subtle and beautiful or it can be intense, harsh and break the energy for you.
There are many ways to do this journey. Unconscious brings forth one type of experience that we don’t particularly injoy, yet is necessary to move us in a certain direction. Conscious means we are often doing the uncomfortable thing, to move the energy out, to transform the situation into one that is in-service to love and the light that we all truly are.
Every time we JUMP, everything has to be reviewed, released and honored from within. The old (un)consciousness realities and relationships that fed the energy of lack, they don’t get to remain in these higher frequency bandwidths here. Where all are conscious, then the outcome is easy and a conscious choice. Where there are attachments/dependency/safety mentalities or functioning from fear stories by listening to the transmissions in one’s head and believing them there is a lack of self-love/trust/inner power and inner responsibility for being fully conscious. Every Moment NOW
Each one of have to do this for ourselves from a place of inspiration and desire for higher consciousness realities that make us happy and contribute to and support higher consciousness realities. This can not be done from Separation Consciousness and Lack Mentality. For the human, fear and loss will cause them to start to move energy where they were not willing to before. Something has to BREAK the old consciousness. These are what we call “breaking points”. We either break the energy ourselves from within us or we experience a break that’s intense. One is soft, intentional and understood, the other is harsh and only understood after the energy is released from one’s cellular memory/physical body so that unification can occur.
The human aspect does not like to deal, it doesn’t want to be conscious or see what’s hidden/held deep inside because it judges what it sees, fears what will happen, doesn’t like the feeling and doesn’t want it’s world to change… Many do not realize that they hold onto fear out of safety because the fear the unknown more and don’t want to give up their perception of control.
What we relinquish control to is us…. our higher selves, our universe, our higher consciousness versions that are here to bring forth awesome and amazing realities that we’ve dreamed of and desire in order to be fulfilled. Yet fear stops this… and often the human’s unconscious choice is suffering to break the old energy and get it out.
This is a purification process of all distortions, illusions and programs of old habit unconscious mentalities and belief systems that created, supported and held the old realities in place. Lack realities must go. They cannot exist here. There is no need for safety and protection. This is a journey of becoming fully empowered and standing in our power again from within, which expands our fields out to activate those realities we do desire to experience here.
The moment one goes into separation and lack mentality energies, the heart closes down so that the head can take over and start playing old programs to hear and feel again. The moment the heart opens fully, our energy relaxes and the body does too. Light Energy is able to move and cells open up to release. This is a process where everything is connected and affects everyone and everything.
WE, as higher self aspects have to be stronger than our human aspect is. WE have to see and choose what to listen to, what to put our energy into. We have to move our own energy in the direction of inner desire, inspiration, happy which contributes for all here. WE have to choose to embrace us and the journey or “get drug through”.
This does not have to be as hard as we make it to be. The more human, the more it does. The more open, listening, honoring and IN-VESTED we are… the easier it is…. for our hearts are open, which means our energy is free to expand across all dimensions again.
Moving through every moment from inside means that we have the choice of consciousness and are taking responsibility for our own energy here. Mastery is us observing while interacting and managing the energy of all. It’s us as love, truth, honor, integrity seeing the energy of all. This vision means we are expanded through our field of super consciousness and realities are a vibrational response.
It’s jump time loves… in every moment now. This is huge for everyone. It’s all of your existences in this space right here right now. Honor your process…. I love you! ♥
Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

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