Entering the Portal – Matt Kahn

Entering the Portal – Matt Kahn

Matt Kahn

Hello Luminaries

Today offers a profound confirmation of renewed hope that all your efforts have been and will always move you forward into the fulfillment of your highest destiny. This is occurring whether circumstances are to your liking, or playing out in unexpected fashion.
Today’s date contains three numerical sections:


When we add each section independently, we get 7-8-9, which is an ascending sequence, or energetic amplifier. Anytime we see a sequence, such as 123, 456, 789 in any form of encodement, it is a message from the Universe that you are taking the necessary steps in your journey and have integrated much of the healing and expansions sent your way, in order to be lifted in consciousness to enter a new portal of possibility. 

The specific portal you are and have been aligning with is the 11:11 portal. It represents crossing an energetic threshold out of the density of personal victimhood to become a fully embodied light worker or earth angel in physical form. This has nothing to do with whether you earn a living as a healer, but celebrates the amount of ancestral imprinting and familial conditioning you have cleared, in order to have enough space in your energy field, where the frequencies of 5D consciousness can be anchored through your central channel and pour through your feet, as seeds of higher consciousness being planted wherever you walk and stand. 


In preparation for this life’s mission of becoming a fully initiated, activated, and integrated light being in physical form, many of us began seeing the number 1111, as a reoccurring moment of synchronicity geared to interrupt our unconscious collective relationship with time to remind us of the deeper mission at hand. As you began turning toward a more spiritually-inspired way of life, the number 1111 or often 111 or 1010, signified your successful trajectory towards the doorway of light that would inevitably open to welcome you through the 11:11 portal and into a new reality.

As your consciousness was further refined into alignment with your divine purpose of being an anchor of light, you often saw other number sequences, known as angel numbers, such as 222, 333, 444, 555, and so on. Even 666 represents a key insight. To an uninitiated soul, such a number represents a fear of darkness or even the possibility of not being in current alignment with the highest truths of the light. Often, as rapidly expanding light workers, such a number acts as a congratulations for clearing some of the deeper and darker aspects of your shadow to allow more light to fill your central channel and be grounded into the Earth plane. To a fully initiated soul, 666 no longer has any power and flips around to become 999, the number of karmic completion.

Over the past 10 years, so many of you have been entrenched in clearing much density and darkness from your energy fields; aligning with the 11:11 portal to shift the vibration of 666 into 999 to unravel all fears of darkness and reach a point of karmic completion to embody the truth of light on a cellular level. During this time, your 3D carbon DNA has been dissolving and replaced with 5D crystalline DNA. Such a shift often comes with long periods of exhaustion and chronic fatigue like symptoms. This specific state of exhaustion as you shift  on a DNA level from 3D to 5D through the 4th dimension of linear time will be the focus of my radio show tomorrow morning.

In my next energy update, I will outline what happens when you enter the 11:11 portal, the variety of experiences that occur when you enter it, and how to know whether such an event has already occurred.

In the mean time, may we embrace today’s energy update as a confirmation that we have made our way and continue to venture into higher dimensions of light without having to leave the planet or abandon our bodies. It doesn’t mean that those who have left the planet or discarded their bodies are less than in any way. They have successfully fulfilled their mission as catalysts of healing throughout their families and took their journey exactly as far as they were created to go in this particular lifetime. This is true no matter how their lives have ended. For those who still remain embodied, the mission is exciting and ever-rewarding from this point forward. Things that may have seemed so tumultuous and daunting, such as emotional triggers, limiting beliefs, or negative thoughts become easier to notice and even welcome without going to war with yourself or judging your performance as an evolving soul.

It is important to remember, its not a matter of aspiring to be beyond anything, but to embrace each feeling, belief, and thought as the light, even though its taking shape and form as seemingly anything but the light. The more we honor everything as the light, the more light we are able to activate, synthesize, embody, and ground into the Earth as a transformer of our individual realities, as well as a gift of evolution for the sum of the whole.

May we honor today’s ascending sequence of 7-8-9 in three specific ways.

Since 7 represents a confirmation of lessons learned, we ask ourselves, “How different will I allow myself to be as a result of all the memories I’ve survived and insights I’ve received?”

Since 8 represents the energy of abundance and reclaimed power, we ask ourselves, “Can I see power and abundance not as tangible objects, but as manifestations of light that come to me as I expand my worthiness to receive it?”

Since 9 represents the energy of completion, we ask ourselves, “Where is the unfinished business throughout my life that cuts the final cords to the old paradigm and allows me to be set free into a new dimension of excitement and enlightened possibility? What outdated habits and self-defeating behaviors am I willing to surrender right now?”

As we continue to shift out of the old DNA, clear our ancestral lineages, release inherited conditioning and enter into the fully embodied light of 5D consciousness,
I invite you to join me, either in-person or via live-stream at each of my upcoming events.
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May we allow today to be a day of renewed expansion and inspired growth, where we are willing to take a leap on behalf of all, instead of waiting for the Universe to give us a nudge. May we aspire to be better than ever before, while loving ourselves every step of the way.

All For Love,
Matt Kahn

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Entering the Portal – Matt Kahn

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