GOD is ENERGY ~ Divine Union RE:BIRTHED ~ The “DOOR” of the Liquid LOVE has been OPENED!

GOD is ENERGY ~ Divine Union RE:BIRTHED ~ The “DOOR” of the Liquid LOVE has been OPENED!



Paul White Gold Eagle

Greetings Celestial Star Keepers of the Universal One

Today we have a powerful 11:22 Portal of Divine Mastery assisting Pachamama into her transformation of Mothership 33 of the Fleet of the Universal Federation of Light. This is preparing us for the coming Full Super Moon in Sagittarius this Tuesday the 14th of June. The heat is on as the Fires of Shiva burn bright for our full transfiguration into homo-luminous; Enlightened beings of the Pure Land of Bliss and Abundance.

The Zero point has shifted the assemblage point to align and Assist in the Great Shift of all Ages into the New Golden age of Eternal Life. We are elevated up the Ascension Spiral and through the Omega Point of the Way and into the Exodus to the New Jerusalem. Mother/ Father God through the Great Central Sun are transmitting their highest love and light for the Coronation of our Royal Legion of Lemurian Descent.

Our bodies and DNA are being recalibrated and our nervous systems rewired for a better flow of Chi, life force energy. The Universal Omniscient Energy is pulsing through every living vessels of Light as all Ground Crew of the 144 are initiated in the Great Mystery of Eternal Life. As we transform from carbon based 3d physical entities into Crystalline Light beings of the New Earth we receive the upgrades to our encoded DNA into 12 Strand Rainbow Bodies of Buddha Consciousness.

We hold the keys and codes within our Divine DNA Blueprints and together we complete the totality of Cosmic Consciousness made manifest on Earth as it is in Heaven. We activate them Now for the final countdown of full compression breakthrough…A’Ho!


Right now: Moon at 17°49′ Scorpio, Sun at 21°09′ Gemini

sabian symbols

Current Sabian Symbols

Current Sabian Symbol for the Sun

Dancing couples crowd the barn in a harvest festival.
Sabian Symbol for 22º Gemini

The current Sabian Symbol of the Sun is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing solar influence, the vital energy and the personality, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this day, while the Sun’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 22º Gemini.


Current Sabian Symbol for the Moon

A path through woods rich in autumn coloring.
Sabian Symbol for 18º Scorpio

The current Sabian Symbol of the Moon is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing lunar influence, the emotional background, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this moment, while the Moon’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 18º Scorpio.


source: https://www.astrologyweekly.com


All of LIFE is ENERGY✨
Everything is made of energy. Everything is made of atomic particles, molecules. And at the core of this energy is Alpha and Omega, the Father-Mother light, the energy that is the source of life on earth.
The Divine Purity
The Divine Purity
Feeling upgrades in the MONAD Soul Groups come in last night:
New Assisngments coming in
☀️Super sonic Coding (plasma field)
✨An update in Pineal & Over Soul Chakra
Divine Union specifically!
 WE are being RE:BIRTHED into the Timeline of Tomorrows!
#shambhala #eden
MONAD Soul Groups
MONAD Soul Groups
Flow of energy through our HEADleft right brain realignmentirritationconfusiontears coming up & realities merging while we are “Restoring our Light”
The Great Handover
The Great Handover
With a Super Moon coming up this week, many may be experiencing ‘sore necks’ at the same time that cosmic energy is intensified. I’ve spoken about the Vagus Nerve in relation to this and how the Vagus Nerve is incredibly important for transporting light through your body and for catapulting spiritual progression.
chain of events
chain of events

You might experience heavy pressure in your body, especially the head, sinuses, third eye, the jaw and also the neck. The energy coming into the system through the crown chakra is going down the body/chakras but it is not able to exit the system through the base chakra to get out the old energy that is staying within the system. Having both energies within the body – the high and the low frequency energy – can cause even more pressure and make you feel annoyed, angry, sad, irritated.
The energy and the lack of action we have felt in the last few days/hours (the feeling we are stuck within the bubble) is shifting. The base chakra doesn’t let through the high frequency energy as fast as it could and should go because it is time for us to clear another layer of family line (primal/base family) fears, wounds and blocks that are stored, programmed into the base chakra. This is happening on the collective level too which means we are clearing for the collective too and making sure we reach a certain frequency until the solstice that will enable us to rise to a higher level Collectively. The full moon that is coming up in a few days will push us into the clearing/healing mode even more. ❤️
The “DOOR” of the Liquid LOVE has been OPENED!
Indeed. . . the ENERGIES are Ramping Up.
NEW PHASE is coming upon us where WE will find our SELVES Awakening even More NOW.
Finding ourselves in the HIGHER VIBRATIONAL FREQUENCIES. . . even More NOW. . . and Remembering Who WE ARE More and More.
The Veil is BE-ing LIFTED and We are Entering into ONENESS with All-That-Is!!!
~ 💜 ~
Photo: Divine Perfection – captured over Sweden on 09.06.2022 by Kasia Basia della Orba 💜
Divine Perfection
Divine Perfection
Been in a Zone all this Week, like I am here but not here.
Doing a lot at a multidimensional level it feels like, been more tired than usual.
The Energy moving through this body is being felt very very deeply even into my bones. Feels like everything inside is spinning or vibrating, wild feeling really.
Even my Muscles have a mind of their own here lately, like they are being recalibrated as well. With the Higher radiation levels our bodies are constantly adjusting and then we have all these other man-made frequencies flying around, it can be deafening some days.
We are experiencing so much at once right now it will feel exhausting, like you worked a double or triple shift. Our gravity is being influenced by the Activity of our Galactic Sun as Mother Earths magnetosphere adjusts to it all. Plus it may feel like a splitting off of dimensions.
Just setting back taking it all in Loves, so much is going to be revealed to humanity that we as the Light Workers and Wayshowers must be open to their needs, their fears and reassure them all is well.
We will keep climbing the ladder of this ascension process, even if some days you may not feel as if you are, or have this sense of loosing hope.
Have a Magical Weekend Dear Ones, I will be outside most of it.
Love and Light to all you Beautiful Souls. ❤
ladder of this ascension process
ladder of this ascension process
The golden fleece is here
On Monday night I was shown a rather odd-looking, yellow furry object and as I tried to make out what it was, I heard ‘the golden fleece’. This was the fleece of the flying ram Chrysomallus, whose wool was pure gold. Chrysomallus was the son of the god Neptune (water) and the nymph Theophane (who was descended from the sun god Helios), who was sacrificed and turned into the constellation Aries. His golden fleece was hung in an oak grove and guarded by fire-breathing bulls and a fiercesome dragon until Jason, of Argonauts fame, succeeded in stealing it – with the help of the enchantress Medea’s magic. This is one of the most famous mythic quests: the hero’s journey to claim the prize that would win him back his throne — the most desired object in Ancient Greece.
Is what we have been seeking for so long about to be gifted? The golden ‘fleece’, symbol of kingship and sovereignty, symbol of the sun and of the sacrificed son, of the union of fire and water. To me the fleece represents Christ consciousness, the golden divine light of which all is made.
We are on the the cusp of a truly quantum shift. Last night my dream was of the magnitude of the upcoming Solstice and the preparation our bodies are receiving for this – and also a crystalline technology that has been placed in our fields to be fired up by the incoming energies on that day. Earlier that evening I had seen a diamond spinning in Gaia’s core, hurling out lightning bolts of energy. She is operating at full power and we will surely follow her lead.
Huge thanks to Jason Mowry for this depiction.
golden fleece
golden fleece
Venus conjuncts Uranus in the next couple hours on June 11th… Asking…
Are you ready to receive a new direction based on the ways you are truly unique, and divine?
Your inner feminine is ascending!
Bringing a new love of freedom! Or freedom in love.
Based around a new level of self love and self worth!
How are you valuing freedom right now in your life? How are you opening up to recieve more love or value for how unique you are?
source: http://Inrstelr.net
Venus conjuncts Uranus
Venus conjuncts Uranus
10 June 2022
Hello All
I’ve been putting off this update as I too have been experiencing a time of much necessary rest.
This past week may have been intensely difficult, painful, and tiring for most.
There is a very good reason for this. A huge mass consciousness shift has occurred, and we are now in Recovery. The amount of Light that has been continually flowing onto and into this Earthly realm, was stepped up, again, in preparation for what was to be an ‘unplugging’ from another layer of the old ‘matrix’.
Much Head and Neck pain along with overwhelming fatigue, may have been experienced.
Pain in different parts of the body, especially the soft tissues, due to the required bodily/cellular upgrades for our ongoing evolution.
With pain can come feelings of despair and loneliness. Please continue to reach out to those you feel to, and communicate. Give your self all you need to feel Comfort. It’s Essential at this time.
Please know, that these feelings will subside as you allow rest, so your body can adjust.
It’s been a big ask, I/We know, but you are a Very important part of the overall healing.
Keep Stepping Through Dear Soul. You are Loved, So Very Much.
We are here, this time around, to heal ourselves and our ancestral lines.
Going All the way back, takes a lot of commitment and stamina.
It also requires a wise approach to Rest.
Listen…. to Your body.
Why do we need to come ‘here’… to this Earthly realm to heal this?
Because we, and our Divine Earth Mother, and All whom have lived upon Her, have been harmed via Old Energy Distortions, Energies that do not have the All’s Best Interest at Heart.
We, along with our Dear Earth Mother, and All the creatures whom have lived upon her, have a Divine Right to Be included in this Over All Healing.
I/We understand that Fear and Grief is overwhelming, and many are still at odds with the How’s and Why’s of Being here, at this time. I/We ask you to keep searching your hearts, and to Listen to the Divinely connected Wisdom, of Your Heart. There… You will come to Know and Feel that what We are achieving here at this time, is of Utter Importance, to Every Single Person, Every Energy, and Every Star System. Allow the Love you hold within You, to come to the fore.
I/We Love You, Beyond words, and in All Ways.
Keep going.
We are well on our way.
With Deep Love,
Tanya von Kluck xxx
Divine Earth Mother
Divine Earth Mother


Sending Waves of
BLUE Ray Healing
We Shower You with Ancient Light Rays to Expand your Light Consciousness.
To Awaken Your Light Intelligence.
Ask US to Assist Your Light Journey
For we Collectively Work With Every Being On the Path To Light.
Feel the Light Body Advancements
Breathe in Cosmic Light
Cellular Light Advancement
Love for your day Brothers and Sisters.
Uprising in Global Unity.
Karen Lithika xo
source: KarenLithika.com
impenetrable Sacred Heart
impenetrable Sacred Heart
Beloved Ones,
After the intensity of the 6/6/6 harmonic portal, we now welcome another intense passage a Super Full Moon in Sagittarius together with the Solstice on June 21. Harmonic and very transformational energies that continue descending upon Earth and that will remain for us to co-create with them, when we are ready, for we are all on different paths of our ascension journey.
The Sagittarius Full moon brings us the opportunity to come back to a state of peace, joy, and excitement for all that is yet to be created and enjoyed, in our physical plane. It is a time to move from fear, delusion, and sadness into a more joyful space, restoring faith and hope in who we are as species, and as individuals who are evolving.
As I always say, the Moon has a vast history behind it, and we all need to listen to our guidance, as we all have our own time to understand that the moon is just an artificial inorganic satellite. It is the energies that surround it and the conglomeration of the many alignments that take place within it, that bring us the many benevolent energies for us to work with. We need to become aware of it and remember that, not to fall again into manipulative traps.
The Sagittarius Moon sextile Saturn and makes a T-square with Neptune in mutable signs. We have the Sun in Gemini, the Moon in Sagittarius, and Neptune in Pisces, which is the peak of the T-square. Neptune, which also trine Pluto at the Moon time, is often called the planet of illusion. However, Neptune’s essence is one of spirituality, compassion, intuition, and a higher connection to the Divine. Neptune can be our ally, if we know how to integrate its powerful frequency, to help us move from a low state of consciousness into a more illumined one.
It is with Neptune that we have the opportunity to awake to the human dream we are living and begin to remember who we are, as it offers us the opportunity to step into other dimensions. As we too have Saturn influencing this Moon, they make a very good couple as Saturn will help us to be grounded, emotionally strong, and have the discipline, the devotion, required for us to shift what is needed within and in our physical reality.
This is a time when many are passing through a rough time in their evolutionary journey, feeling confused and not knowing anymore where they are heading. This cosmic alignment will help them move into a state of hope and faith, understanding that transformation often requires a void, where we do not know or see the end, but that is because we are releasing at the same time that we are integrating, and there is a gap until we finally adjust to the new level of consciousness that we are now embodying.
This is where Sagittarius has a major role, as Sagittarius teaches us the importance of living and enjoying the moment, rather than feeding old or future timelines, as all we desire to manifest, comes precisely when we are focused on the Now moment, using the present energy to build and be aligned.
It is with Sagittarius that we resurrect from the ashes of the old into the illumined beings that we are, regaining our authentic essence, which is, as I always say, one of joy, love, and compassion. This passage is very important for it is helping us to reconnect with our Divine Self, restoring hope and faith, as many are trapped in confusion and need to shift from desperation to hope.
Sagittarius invites us to be conscious of the importance that enjoying the journey has, more than getting to the “final destination”, being grateful for all the “lessons” learned in the path itself, knowing that in truth, there is never a final purpose or destination, for we are forever evolving and becoming anew, within the infinite realms of Creation.
A purifying and cleansing passage for us to reconnect with our Divine Essence, seed more love, harmony, and joy, and hold more faith in our personal journey, and that of humanity, for there are many things that we are not able to envision, from our human view, and we cannot know why all that is taking place occurs. However, we can be sure that all have a Divine purpose behind it.
We are evolving, moving forward within the endless spiral of Creation. We may not see it, but for many of us who are already creating our own harmonic reality, it is a fact, for we feel it already, and that is enough for the ones who trust in the Divine Universal Plan for All Creation.
Have a blessed passage and Solstice, Beloved Ones,
Within Infinite Love,
Natalia Alba
Super Full Moon in Sagittarius
Super Full Moon in Sagittarius




Tania Gabrielle

11 Portal opens: Venus conjunct Uranus

Good news! These next few days carry a delightful, relaxing energy.
On June 11 the planet Uranus, currently in Taurus, is conjunct Venus – ruler of Taurus – providing wonderful opportunities to create new beginnings.
It’s a powerful union happening on an equally powerful day – June 11.
11 coupled with Uranus stimulates your willingness to let go – and awaken to all that is fresh positive and exciting.
So now is a great time to start a new creative project.
Be open to experiment.
Honor your own and everyone else’s uniqueness.
With Venus in play, financial windfalls are enhanced.
Especially if you tune into pleasure and playfulness, you tap into the fun surprises this conjunction brings.
Explore as far as your creative imagination can go. Uranus loves to take chances and reach into the unknown.
Relationships also get a burst of excitement…
Venus has a calming effect on Uranus, especially since Uranus is also in the peaceful and grounding sign that Venus rules – Taurus – helping you balance the desire for freedom while also feeling secure, calm and pleasant.
It’s a fantastic opportunity to feel creatively and positively engaged with your life!
Joyful Blessings,
absolute indestructibility of Knowledge
absolute indestructibility of Knowledge
Venus conjunct Uranus in Taurus sextile Juno in Pisces and semi-sextile Chiron in Aries – The Goddess of Love and Harmony throws open the windows of her home and inhales the scent of fresh air. Goosebumps ripple across her skin, a frisson of excitement. There’s something new on the wind and she recalls the promise she made to herself not to get stuck, not to get so comfortable that life cannot change and grow. On her walk to work, she takes a different route, bumps into a friend, makes plans to visit a new restaurant.
Sometimes we don’t need huge changes to generate new energy and a different perspective. Maybe you just need to take some valuable ‘me’ time to reconnect. At other times, radical shifts are required to free the heart. Sometimes change can be painful but the liberation it brings quickly cauterises the wound. Take a step back to consider what you need. Remember to be a friend to yourself.
Degrees and Times
Venus 15°Ta41′, Juno 15°Pi41′ – 00:02 (BST)
Venus 15°Ta48′, Chiron 15°Ar48′ – 02:15 (BST)
Venus, Uranus 16°Ta52′ – 23:57 (BST)
© Leah Whitehorse
Painting – Café Lafayette (Portrait of Kay Laurel) by William James Glackens
Café Lafayette
Café Lafayette

Kin 24 ~ Yellow Spectral Seed

The number 11 is called ‘Spectral’ and its keywords are ‘Dissolve, Liberation and Release’. The 11th day is all about letting go, releasing whatever holds you back so you may feel liberated. What needs dissolving in your life? Has a certain situation passed its sell by date? To progress through this wavespell, you must lighten your load. Imagine you have been traveling upward on a mountain path and now you must reduce the things you’ve been carrying in your backpack. Be ruthless and practical …you will feel lighter! The number 11 is always the odd one out of a wavespell because it does not follow the agenda. This is very liberating as you can just free fall and do what you fancy.
Today is Yellow Seed, and the keywords associated with it are ‘Awareness, Targeting and Flowering’. We all have wisdom and knowledge to share and Yellow Seed days are great for doing just that. If you were born on a Yellow Seed day you are always striving to get your message across and today, you are in your element. As it is a ‘Spectral’ day this makes for an interesting combination. The information you share today will have a liberating effect on you or the person you are imparting that information to. So, if you want to feel lighter and make your journey easier… share vital information or accept knowledge that will enable you to release. Knowledge liberates us from darkness. Well informed is well armed! It’s always a great idea on Yellow Seed days to plant whatever you wish to harvest in the future. So, make plans and lay down the groundwork. You can also reap what you have sown in the past today. Enjoy the fruits of your labor and feel liberated is the message! Targeting is a keyword too for the Yellow Seed and this suggests that by focusing exactly where to plant is crucial. I mean, you wouldn’t plant a tree in the shade and expect it to grow, would you? So, use today to decide what area in your life you should target.
Today’s Guide is also Yellow Seed and so it is a double helping of ‘sowing awareness’. Number 11 days are always guided by themselves. (number 1 & 6 too). When there is no external guide the day’s meaning is simplified and more concentrated. There’s no outside influence. People that are guided by themselves also have no outside influence which means they must figure everything out for themselves.
The Challenge of the day is the White Wizard, so if you are a Wizard, you will find it difficult to sow awareness….all you can do is draw upon your charm, enchant people so they are captured by what you have to say. There is still plenty of knowledge for you today you may just have to strive harder than everyone else. This is the challenge to our current wavespell as what always happens on the 11th day. Any spells that the Wizard casts today, doesn’t have a lot of strength and his charms don’t get him very far either.. Don’t attempt to wave your magic wand as it’s not really going to work.
The Occult power is the Red Earth which symbolizes ‘Evolution’. This suggests that today’s attempts to sow awareness can lead to evolving on a magical level. Remember that regardless of what day you’re born on, always look to the Occult position for strength…anyone can tap into it. It is the most powerful energy of any day. When we have the Red Earth in this powerful position, we can connect to the Earth in a profound and magical way. Try to get yourself some nature time today and see how that facilitates ‘sowing awareness’. These two, the Red Earth and the Yellow Seed have such an interesting relationship. We plant Seeds in the Earth symbolizing that awareness comes from our connection to our planet!
The Ally is the Blue Eagle, the one who sees everything from a higher perspective. Those born on Blue Eagle days will be a great help to others providing support and friendship and offering their viewpoint. If you can’t get hold of one, be like an Eagle and fly high with your mind, be creative and try to see the bigger picture. The Blue Eagle and the Yellow Seed are best buddies and get along well because they both use their intelligence and are concerned with awareness.
Kin 24
Kin 24


11 KAN – KIN 24
11 JUNE 2022
I DISSOLVE in order to Target
I seal the input of Flowering
With the Spectral tone of LIBERATION
I AM guided by the power of MY OWN POWER DOUBLED!!!
11/6/2022 = 11/6/6=11/12=2/3=5
✨11/22 ✨– Triple ILLUMINATION Portal✨
11- Portal/Gate/Polarity/Illumination
2- Twins/Partners/Cooperation
5- Freedom/Change/Transformation/Liberation
✨MONTH/YEAR codes✨
6- Heaven/Christ/Family/Romance/Fertility
12- Acquiring strength/wisdom
3- Holy triad/Joy/Creativity/Divine
20- The AWAKENING/Clear vision
22- Architect of PEACE/Master builder
KIN 24 = 6 Christ Consciousness/HEAVEN/HARMONY
Day 11 of White Wizard Wavespell using the Wizard’s majik through his pure HEART to cast his new Majik Dreamspell…
Today’s code the YELLOW SPECTRAL SEED – is when we can LIBERATE our DREAM SEEDS so they can GERMINATE!
We also have a beautiful synchronic alignment of ✨STELLAR celestial codes✨✨ in the HEAVENS above!
VENUS – planet of BEAUTY
ROMANCE and ABUNDANCE who is EXALTED conjuncts URANUS in the pleasurable home of TAURUS.♉..
Unexpected financial windfalls and pleasures!!
Beauty FULL Surprises!
VENUS the daughter is returning home to visit Dad‍‍ – Uranus for her Father’s BLISSings and gifts…
DEEP GRATITUDE to my BRILLIANT Astrologically informed sistar Foteini Karaelefteriou for this powerful imagery and info.
It is TIME to claim our FREEDOM and DIVINE REWARDS!
Today we are being RELEASED from the Dark Magic Spell casting that had humanity enslaved and created a PRISON PLANET.. The WHITE WIZARD with the SPECTRAL TONE is LIBERATING our WHITE Majik within our HEARTS, to release ALL BLOCKS, allowing our personal and collective destiny to unfold at our greatest POTENTIAL flowering.
On a PLANETARY LEVEL we are TARGETING AWARENESS as a focus point for GLOBAL AWAKENING seeking to bring back BALANCE and HARMONY to our Planet.
Through this process of DISSOLVING all barriers and ILLUSIONS lies our REWARD…
Through LIBERATING the TRUTH we align with our HIGHEST BLISS TIMELINE.. anchoring it into the concrete SOLID foundation we have constructed.
SPECTRAL is the 11th tone of creation. Tone 11 SYMBOLIZES a gateway, creating a POTENT LIBERATION PORTAL. WE also have an 11 day code and a 22 code from 2022 giving us an 11.11.22 PORTAL – to LIBERATE us from the old Polarity game! SHAZAM!! ✨✨✨
The SPECTRAL TONE is providing an EXIT DOOR for us today, inviting all to WALK THROUGH leaving all our BAGGAGE BEHIND!
The SPECTRAL TONE operates in the EMOTIONAL realm and its actions are that of DISSOLVING, RELEASING and LIBERATING! This is a beautiful blessing from Spirit today as the SPECTRAL actions amplify our PLANETARY LIBERATION events today.
CABAN- RED EARTH is the occult power today – making KAN’S focus expanded on a GLOBAL level. This creates a very potent transformative power.
Today we have a whole panorama of releasing, dissolving and cleansing old debris in order to LIBERATE NEW EARTH, new MAJIK and our NEW LIFE.. Anything that stood in the way of expressing your Spiritual MAJIK✨ through your Divine Mission WILL be OBLITERATED!
Today’s questions are “What must I DISSOLVE and RELEASE so that my HEART can fully BLOOM and LIBERATE my MAJIK VISION?”
“How can we DISSOLVE the old dark Dreamspell, RELEASING the TRUTH to LIBERATE global AWARENESS of our collective DREAM?”
Divine blessings for our PLANETARY LIBERATION and successful SEEDING of our NEW reality!
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger
CONSCIOUS AND HIGHER SELF: DOUBLE – YELLOW SPECTRAL SEED KAN indicates that the TIME is ripe for NEW BEGINNINGS… This is the GREAT AWAKENING CODE – as we have DOUBLE KAN = TARGETING AWARENESS… With the SPECTRAL TONE this may provide the IGNITION needed to AWAKEN more of the sleepy, MSM hypnotized masses…
11 KAN will also AWAKEN the majik DREAMSPELLS within our Planetary EARTH WIZARDS. ✨✨
Get READY for FIREWORKS – detonate the gunpowder!!!!
Today we release into the world our ✨HIGHEST HOPES✨ for our collective future. It is time to SEED the NEW TIME, as the cocreative potentials for growing awareness and SEEDing the New Earth paradigm PERMANENTLY!
All over the planet people have been setting their roots into the NEW TIME, demanding change!
Today we feel the LIBERATION of this energy as it takes hold in the collective consciousness.
The BRILLIANT flowering STAR BLISS SUNS gather as ONE TRIBE, in our unwavering focus on the collective feeling of
✨WHAT WE CAN GROW into, and
✨The ABUNDANCE that this planet can SPROUT for all beings.
The emotional release of previously heavy, anchoring energies allows for the levitation of all energies, rising upwards into a huge growth spurt for our collective awareness. We can then all SHINE as the ripening STAR BLISS SUNS in ONE PLANETARY field, maturing into FULL BLOWN SUN-FLOWERS, reaching for the LIGHT of the SUN, thus becoming the SOLAR LIGHT BEINGS of our Divine Destiny.
The biggest FEAR the dark controllers have is that of a FULLY AWAKENED LIGHT WARRIOR! ✨
SUPPORT: BLUE SPECTRAL EAGLE MEN After 10 days of receiving and anchoring these POWERFUL new MAJIKAL frequencies, upgrading our DNA and our Galactic MIND, we are now ready to RELEASE and fertilize OUR COLLECTIVE VISION to the world.
The far SEE-ing Majestic BLUE EAGLE releases the VISION and solution, to any impediment to our growth and successful accomplishment of our Divine destiny. The growth phase fuels our capacity to receive the VISIONS of the future, released from the core of our being.
Our capacity to FEEL the VISIONS, and FEEL what we SEE as REAL and possible for us and our PLANET, is held and energized in our MIND’S EYE waiting to be fully LIBERATED.. This DISSOLVES the need to stay small, and allows our-cell-ves to find our wings and FLY HIGH soaring in the blue panoramic skies.
Today the PLANETARY MIND held by the BLUE EAGLE TRIBE – will be upgraded as the HIGHEST POTENTIAL PLANETARY VISION is LIBERATED through this POTENT MAJIKAL 11.22 portal.
BLUE EAGLE is holding the NEW WAY DREAMING for the collective, and will SEED this DREAM into EVERY MIND and HEART of all beings on our PLANET… A VERY fertile day for planting NEW SEEDS!
OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: RED ELECTRIC EARTH CABAN provides the moist, fertile soil in which to plant and nurture our newly sown seeds.
CABAN is showing us that we are about to commence a new evolutionary cycle in which humanity needs to BOND together, in SERVICE to Mother Gaia and each other.. UNITING as ONE GLOBAL family for the betterment of ALL.
The ELECTRIC tone is also the tone for this YEAR of the ELECTRIC SEED – so the POWER to BOND together to LIBERATE this AWARENESS in our PLANETARY MIND is DOUBLE TODAY! BOOM BOOM
The ELECTRIC tone is IGNITING change today through our EARTH MOTHER – keep an eye on Mt Etna – and the RING OF FIRE for EXPLOSIVE IGNITION through these Volcanoes, releasing our collective pent up frustrations and ANGER through Mumma Gaia’s meridians.
GAIA has reached a MAJOR TURNING POINT – a new GROWTH cycle.
Look for the SIGNS and synchronicities aligning with your HIGHEST VISION to navigate your way forward, knowing how to receive the proper nutrients you require to achieve your dreams.
As the tone of this OCCULT power is ELECTRIC, we have very POWERFUL SIGNS appearing today… The ELECTRIC tone is the rocket fuel – the SUPER FERTILIZER – the DYNAMIC LIFTER, to boost our GROWTH and our DREAMS today…
RED ELECTRIC EARTH will provide the GLUE that holds us all together, UNITED in our common cause of PLANETARY LIBERATION for our PACHAMAMA!
CHALLENGE/GIFT: WHITE SPECTRAL WIZARD IX provides DOUBLE THE MAJIK today, with our Wizard Wavespell overlay of Majik empowering our DREAM SEEDS.
Our WHITE WIZARD allies take us on a shamanic journey deep into the dark underground to examine our roots. The Majikal WHITE WIZARD in unison with BLUE EAGLE can uncover the dark, damp energies that have been polluting the potential of the seed, to sprout and take form. Any thorns that have penetrated the ROSE of our PURE HEARTS will be extricated.
IX will provide his majik sword of TRUTH, to sever those binding energies, freeing the SEED to allow its roots to grow deeper into the soil. This provides a solid foundation for this NEW DREAM and NEW WORLD to fully anchor, prosper and grow into a beautiful garden of BLOSSOMING ROSES
It is TIME to finally release and LET GO of the old shackles and MOVE FORWARD!
What a wonderful BLESSING we have today with this Shamanic power of the WHITE WIZARD finally FREEING us all from the Dark DreamSpell so that we can truly LIVE THE LIFE of our DREAMS! ✨
Today’s questions are “What must I DISSOLVE and RELEASE so that my HEART can fully BLOOM and LIBERATE my MAJIK VISION?”
“How can we DISSOLVE the old dark Dreamspell, RELEASING the TRUTH to LIBERATE global AWARENESS of our collective DREAM?”
Divine blessings for our PLANETARY LIBERATION and successful SEEDING of our NEW reality!
Namaste’ ❤❤
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger







Implant Removal Ceremony


Implant Removal Ceremony
Implant Removal Ceremony



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Pleiades 1 Messages

P1 or Pleiades 1 is not a Pleiadian groups from the Pleiades. Even if we are all ONE, as has already been said, for a clearer and more comprehensible understanding, we will explain better.

P1 or Pleiades 1 are beings of the 17th dimension and are not Pleiadians as some people think.

They come from the seventeenth dimension through a portal in the Pleiades Star System, one of the countless interdimensional portals that exist there.

This group of spherical consciousnesses entered through the portal of the number 1, existing there at the Pleiades. Therefore, let’s say: Pleiades 1 = Consciences that have entered through the Portal 1, the Pleiades.



Pleiades 1 Messages June 11 2022

P1 calling Terrans for origins recognition! Attention for calls in PVSE / SdE !!

New centenarians reveal themselves!

Creativity continues on the rise!

Expansion of mediators in progress.

Cellular globules dissolve.

Damage counts decrease.

Harmonization of pearl sensors in progress.

Cell restructuring accelerated.

*Hi-HumanS Support+++ Eleven QuanTUN +++ General ++++++++ >>>>>>>>> Exceptional progress >>>> 9% (non-regressive).

21+++++++ Approved and intensified in Transcendental Crossing and – Neutron. >> SUPPORT 37% (non-regressive).

21+++++++ Approved and intensified in Transcendental Crossing and – Neutron. >> REVERBERATION 36% (non-regressive).

*Neva+R+++: 13th Akashic Projector aimed for support assessment. 92% (non-regressive). Next >>>14. Forecast of 19. +++ AUTHORIZED. JEBÊNÇÃO.

Falls of current imitatives in progress.

Fluidity of reasoning advances.

Edenic Serpents are consumed in divine aromas.

Temporarily, end of transmission.

Pleiades 1 (INTEGRATING >>>> Hi-HumanS!)



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Today is Yellow Spectral Seed day on the 13 Moon Dreamspell Mayan Calendar.

Yellow Seed, (tribe 4 of the 20 solar tribe archetype cycle), targets, flowering, awareness.
Yellow Seed encourages you to treat your life like a garden. Plant seeds that you want to grow in your life/garden, or for other people to grow in theirs. In our culture, we have trained ourselves to do this process backward by focusing on what we don’t want as opposed to what we do. Words like no, don’t, can’t, shouldn’t, wouldn’t, couldn’t, etc…, go unrecognized in the manifestation process. The world we live in is user-friendly, it is set up to give you exactly what you want. What you think about, what you believe, and whatever you say, are the seeds that you plant, and what produces all of the manifestations in your life. When you say what you don’t want, the universe eliminates the negative words and acts upon the rest. When you catch yourself doing this, forgive yourself, we have all been doing this because it has served a larger purpose of teaching us this important lesson, and in the process, helped us to grow. Find the proper words to ask for what you do want. Sometimes these words require a bit of thinking because the ingrained pattern we have created usually defaults to the negative statement. I often will repeat the positive message three times, (aloud if appropriate), to give it added strength. Once you get the proper seeds planted, cultivate them. Give them the care, and positive attention that they require, and they will grow big, strong, and healthy. Visualize what you want is already manifested. Keep the faith, and stay positive. All of the seeds that you plant will sprout, but only those that you care for will thrive and flourish. Conversely, Yellow Seed encourages you to weed out those things that you no longer want to have growing in your life/garden. Pluck those things up by the roots and toss them onto the compost pile and they will immediately stop producing results.
Spectral tone of Liberation, (step 11 of the 13-step creative energy tone cycle), dissolve, release, liberate.
Following yesterday’s perfect manifestations that came within the realm of the Blue Night, dreams, abundance, intuition, it is now time to liberate yourself of those manifestations that are no longer serving you and your highest vision of yourself. Release any attachments, ideas, fears, restrictive thinking, and unnecessary rules that you have imposed upon yourself. Liberate yourself by dissolving limiting patterns and belief structures so that you may expand to unlimited new possibilities and horizons. As you liberate yourself through targeting, flowering, and awareness, you clear the way and create opportunities for tomorrow’s cooperative group activities involving survival, life force, and instinct, (Red Serpent).
Liberation through and about targeting, flowering, and awareness.
Day 11 of the 13-day cycle themed White Wizard, enchants, timelessness, receptivity.
More information is available in the comments section.
Written by Roger Grossman
Artwork by Tamara Phillips
Yellow Spectral Seed day
Yellow Spectral Seed day
I am the innocent one
Coded by the yellow seed
I step into your Universe
Through the fourth gate of light
My number is four
Clear, self-existent, intrinsic
Consciousness is my nature
Transparent and radiant
Planting the seeds of the Earth’s omniscience
I am the blossom of inner consciousness
In a pure conscience, I reap the fruits of the spirit
I am the unimaginable burst of the new
Immaculate by desire, invention or secret motivation.
I am the holy fool
People confuse me with a simple
But I’m just the face reflection of all your projections
If it’s pure and you want it
I’m gonna share my secret with you
To know me is to lift the forced spirit
And resist everything that is not good
Coded by the yellow seed
Coded by the yellow seed
When the Dream has manifested (read yesterday’s Oracle, Planetary Blue Night) what happens is a work of deep alchemy. A transfiguration takes place within, a transmutation that can only be intense because it is a process that completely engages all our subtle fields, reaching the physical. If we co-create Time, we become Time.
Thus this fundamental function of our lives becomes formable matter and we with it.
We become the Dream we gave life to.
And how the Dream can expand to every where if we give credit to our Vision, so we can do it at every level of our essence.
Give ourselves permission to exist!
Let us give ourselves permission to wise up our effectiveness in the world. We carry a weight, we take up space.
Are we really aware of this?
Or are we standing behind a glass waiting for life to act for us?
The Yellow Seed resonating with the Spooky Tone is the release of all layered uncertainties about self-love because of the great fear of not being loved, not being seen, not being included.
However, if we really want to go out in the world with our talent, we have to defend uniqueness and this also goes through the deep acceptance of our uniqueness, both in its acceptance of being alone (solidarity! ), be in their acceptance of being alone!
We should have learned by now, so why still relive what is already so clear? As always, we decide!
From day 9, Second Tower of the Wave, galactic energy has resumed its upward course after descending in the first 4 days of the Wave, being pushed horizontally, to contact with the Earth’s energy in the days Wave 5, 6, 7, and 8.
Now we are moving towards the exit towards the Cosmos, which will happen on the 13th day, and in these ascension days, galactic energy has entered our body through breathing and solar radiation and terrestrial emanation, so that it transmutes us deeply.
This is the beauty of riding the Enchanted Waves of Time = Art that resonates in 13:20.
Each of them, in their becoming, changes us deeply, because we are immersed in their emanation.
Being aware of the quality of Synchronous Time of the Galaxy plunges us into the Magic of the Cosmos.
Today, day 11 of the Enchanted Wave of the White Magnetic Magician of the Yellow Spooky Seed, kin 24, we ourselves emit galactic energy, releasing into the air (Spooky tone keyword) the Transformation (Seed keyword) that we are experiencing endo day after day, subjected to constant and gentle action of the Heavenly Forces.
The Dreamtime we experienced yesterday on the day of the Blue Planetary Night has produced a change in us, thanks to the contact with the etherical reality of the Dream World, which manages to transport us to the Sacred Cities of the Ascension Masters.
Today the Yellow Spooky Seed completes this Transformation process, allowing us to emit a new breathing vibration, of essence.
And in this emanation I move, releasing sizzling light particles in the air, that illuminate my steps and actions.
And so I stay, in my awareness of my Essence, Present to Myself, in the Joy of my Manifestation.
Now Galactic Energy is making its way back to the Center of the Galaxy, to bring Earthly contribution to the Hunab Ku.
This means that in our dimension the interaction between collective consciousness and celestial vibration has resulted in the birth of a very strong resonance of transformation, which the Yellow Seed perfectly embodies: we decide to want to go carry on with confidence, because now we know that everything that happens is perfect, As a sign of unconditional love that the Galaxy sends us back. Not knowing what we will become is no longer an obstacle because we are certain that it will be wonderful.
We do not know what we will become because it will be the expression of a very bright, new and inconceivable essence for us now because our consciousness has not yet come to us.
We then want to climb those stairs that will allow us to get there.
The Guide today is always the Yellow Spooky Seed, as in all days that resonate with the Magnetic, Rhythmic and Spooky vibration (day 1, 6 and 11 of the Wave). Only we can lead ourselves – let’s just listen to what we believe in and start the walk on the right foot.
In the stream of demonic liberation I discover the starseed that I am and shine brighter I can’t to share my talents.
The rainbow bridges I am learning to throw are seen and crossed by many souls now, ready to receive the vision of starseed and rainbow light within them, along with the invitation to discover them explore their potential, fully respecting the process of integration and illumination of shadows.
I throw seeds, actually I throw myself like a seed into the world, ready to sprout, to each then his path, his field, his soil and his garden, to be “worked” with passion, sacrifice and dedication so that they can produce and harvest f burp.
In the end
When the Dream has manifested
When the Dream has manifested
Kin 24 Yellow Spectral Seed
How to release and let go?
Kin 24 Yellow Spectacle Seed
Focus, Releasing Perception with the power of Flourish
Kin 24 Yellow Spectacle Seed
Kin 24 Yellow Spectacle Seed
Spectral tone (BULUC) stands for the power of creative dissolution and dissonant structure. What may seem like chaos and destruction may actually be a force needed to release and release rigid structures and paradigms. As I release what no longer serves me, I create new opportunities for new knowledge to emerge. Spectral tone pulls me out of the grind, freeing me from predefined expectations and notions, freeing me on a spectrum of possibilities! Spectral power guides me to dissolve fixed concepts, fears, or patterns installed in my mind. Tom Spectral declares: “I attract upheavals and discoveries, I dissolve identities, I make room for new models, I handle dissonance as a force that liberates, I dissolve limiting beliefs and I build – no boxes, no separations, without borders”.
The Yellow Seed (KAN) represents the miracle of life, the symbol of the living potential that resides inside me waiting to be released. It symbolizes growth of creative intelligence, maturing, blossoming, wisdom. Just as a flower knows how to grow and blossom in the Earth, the Yellow Seed knows how to manifest my deepest intentions. What I need to do is respect the space and opportunities needed for that to happen, without letting my mind or my ego control how I think things should happen. The Seed encourages me to focus on what I desire to flourish in my life, it invites me to plant seeds with intention and precision. Once planted and watered, the natural process of flowering takes place, bringing its beauty and richness. She alone already possesses the entire hologram of her development within herself, the process of manifestation follows a natural order. Planting a new seed, even in old belief soil, can bring unexpected growth.
I let go ! Absorb life breath in new air I am flexible to the formless flow of the universe. Allowing my focus to cover a vast range. I dissolve the feelings that bind me. I embrace spontaneity and unexpected detours. I undo, break, mix everything! Allowing my energy to travel where needed. I free myself of all boundaries, beliefs, structures and limitations. i am truly free I bring release energy to all areas of my life that needs to be filled with freedom. I believe that everything is possible, that I exist in a limitless universe. I dissolve all forms of defeat thinking and habits that drain my power. I let go of or give up anything that keeps me from shining my light.
Text: Sonia Dias
Kin 24 Yellow Spectacle Seed
I dissolve in order to focus
Letting go of the perception
Seal the entrance to bloom
With the spectrum of release
I’m Guided By My Own Double Power
“I dissolve shackles, evolve and I can flourish. “
Phrase : Mirta Blassia
TOM 11: Spectral (BULUC) – How to Release and Let Go?
POWER – Dissolve | ACTION – Release | ESSENCE – Liberation
SEAL 04: Yellow Seed (KAN)
POWER – Bloom | ACTION – Focus | ESSENCE – Perception
Kin 24 Yellow Spectral Seed
Kin 24 Yellow Spectral Seed



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