Ascension Update The Emerald Order & Solar Kryst Family

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Ascension Update The Emerald Order & Solar Kryst Family – September 19th, 2021

Richard Luminous

Beloved Family,

We are honouring each one of you for your service to humanity and for the greater and highest good that many of you are standing for at this time. We open our hearts to you and to the Omni Love Field. We express our deepest feelings of compassion for all of humanity.

We are bringing through some information on the recent events that have occurred throughout the Universal System and Architecture. Instruction sets through the morphogenetic fields have been amplifying the energetic systems for transfiguration. We have entered into the Gaian Core and reclaimed all of the Maji Grail King and Queen Templates. This is opening up a sequencing now for a remembrance of our light energies and light technologies as we open the Gaian Planetary Interface Records to access a deeper remembrance of our True Ascended Masters and Azurite Families. This is further bridging the three 48 matrices of the 144 dimensions.

We are anchoring a timeline that is fully reconciling the Gaian Memory of all physical, elemental, energy systems, and architecture. This unlocks a dimensional gateway to all of the information of how the Gaian Matrix became infected through parasitic energy technology and opened it into a full-body infection that continued to spread. Our Guardian Teams continue to return all Guardian Systems and God World Technology back into control of our Aurora Kryst Families and the 7 Levels of Heaven.

We have been able to catalyze the sequencing for the transfiguration as Solar King Michael and Solar King Arthur have been retrieving the Solar Masculine Identities and Body Parts. This has been restored through the removal of the parasitic infection of the toxic masculine heart. This parasite was part of the infection that entered into the Gaian Core and through the Heart of the Solar Kings and it began to spread through their consciousness. We have been able to remove this massive parasitic artificial entity from the heart of the Toxic Masculine. During this extraction process, it was met with the Plasmic Solar Dragon Fire of the Dragon Kings which neutralized the parasitic influence and began a releasing and transfiguration of the toxic fluid and sludge that has run through the universal masculine body. This appeared as a dark, thick, and oily substance that began a deep de-contamination and transfiguration recovery for the blood, plasma, and blood records of our Universal Solar Masculine Beings. Through the arteries of our Universal Masculine Omni Love presence, there was a Rainbow crystalline piezoelectric rainbow energy that began the transfiguration of the blood plasma into a Sacred Holy Rainbow current which ignited the Rainbow Dragon God Head of the Solar King Michael (Piezoelectricity is the electric charge that accumulates in certain solid materials—such as crystals, certain ceramics, and biological matter such as bone, DNA, and various proteins—in response to applied mechanical stress. The word piezoelectricity means electricity resulting from pressure and latent heat). This entered into a Rainbow Crystalline acceleration of Plasma energies through the entire universe which began the clearing of a red mist or fog-like substance that can only be explained at this time as a type of anger infection that has run through the masculine energy body. This anger was part of the fallen Matrix and Shadow Programming to keep the masculine heart in separation.

Through the separation of the masculine heart, the Hierogamic Solar Twins were not able to merge into their Solar Hiergamic Unions. Once the heart was reclaimed and the toxic dark infection through the blood was cleared there was a massive explosion that brought the planetary Albion and the Cathar Bodies together. This simultaneously initiated a birthing of remembrance through the Gaian Core as the Gaian Core also reclaimed her heart and was able to clear her womb. She has given birth to an energetic field of light that is being seen as a universal baby that has been reclaimed from the Shadow Worlds which is returning the purity and innocence to the Gaian Memories of Creation. This is a resurrection of our Gaian Family and a Symbol of our Holy Mother being restored throughout the Gaian Timelines.

There is a Rainbow Dragon Shield of piezoelectric and plasmic wave light which has begun to remove the toxic energy fields and astral webbing through the heart of the universe. As it continues to go into a deeper purification the Earth’s Core is now able to amplify a piezoelectric Rainbow Plasma Current through the Inner Earth Realms. Through the Inner Earth Realms, there is mass clearing out of all the fallen legions that have been hiding in the Stargates and Inner Earth channels. The Emerald Order Guardian Teams have been removing access coding from the energy systems that the fallen have been using to be able to travel freely. They have been working to restrict all access through the Inner Earth Gates and channels to the 8D Core and to the 10th and 11th Stargates as we have begun the emancipation of these Stargates. By removing their harmonic codex to access the gates into the universal time matrix we have been able to hold them within certain underworld realms. The underworld realms of Pluto, Mars and, Orion are being prepared for mass exodus and transfiguration of fallen forces. These underworld realms have been strongholds for the NAA bases. There has been a removal of all military architecture and communication portals which has trapped many of the fallen within these realms. The Guardian Teams are experiencing resistance from the NAA as they take a stand against the God World Collective and Creators which have come back into this universe to repair and reclaim all and open it to Omni Love. This has resulted in many different impacts throughout the realms of consciousness as there has been an amplification throughout the Universal Shadow Body of fear. Many are also experience overwhelm within their mental fields, thought forms are being magnified, and negative ego responses are also being targeted through fear programming at the population of Earth at this time.

Now we have entered into a remembrance of our Families of Origins and our Sacred Home is being awakened and restored. We have opened the Halls of Amenti to our Solar Kyst Family and they have been retrieving the sphere technology to remember and access the sacred books of wisdom and the records of lineages. This is only accessed at this time by the Universal Creational Families that have entered into a Unity Code. By opening a Unity Code through their Hierogamic Unions they have been able to restore an entry into the sacred architecture that had been damaged by the Thothian and Leviathan Forces. This is a great accomplishment which means this Universal System is opening its access through its lineages and DNA to the 7 Levels of Heaven and we will begin to remember our history.

The memories of amnesia will eventually begin to dissipate as our Founder beings begin to remember who they are and how they came into this system. They will be crystalizing the Golden Return of our Sacred Lineages, our Scared Languages, and our Sacred Alchemy. There has been a massive retrieval for all Families of Ra. We have begun the retrieval for all Houses of Za. We will continue to initiate and retrieve the Houses of Creation and initiate the Maji Grail King and Queen Templating through our Solar Family which is awakening the 144 thousand into an energetic alignment. This is the beginning of Plasma Magnetics which has opened an attraction field to anchor our energy templating to Angelic Humanity that is rising. To our Scared Christos, Maji, and Rose Lineages we are entering a coronational period of transmission for each of our Families. This is a calling to serve the highest love and enter into the remembrance of who they are.

Now many of you might believe that you are not to remember who you are, this is something that has been the biggest misrepresentation of what God truly is as each of you are God and each of you are children of God. All are One, all are love, and each one of you has a remembrance that will bring you home in this lifetime of Ascension. For you to truly come home in this next evolutionary stage you have to remember who you are and to find your home within you. This is a level of identity that is so pure within its creation it will bring back all as you know it into Unity and everything from this seed point of your identity, which is also your connection and remembrance to God.

It is important to not claim any identities that are understood through a mind field or through a negative ego state. Your identity is one that holds the sacred breath force of life, it is not the motion of the breathing but the consciousness of the breath itself. The consciousness that is breathing for you, the consciousness that remembers how to open your heart to integrate this information into gnosis, and the consciousness that will change everything within your reality by having a mear glimpse of what your true home is.

We ask you all to take a moment to open your hearts and to give yourself permission to truly be free and to remember what love is in its highest form of radiance and truth. Open your heart to receive this now.

Beloved Family, we ask you all to live during this time with love, kindness, and compassion for all life. Each one of you are to hold and model your highest energetic reality as you are opening the Stargates and creating the alchemical pathways for all of this remembrance to come through. You are opening to Numaria through your ability to model the highest energetic expression in this multi-dimensional reality. You can anchor Numaria as Angelic Humanity and our Galactic Family rises.

We honour each one of you for your service, for the ascension of your being, and the ascension of the Earth.

We all hold the vision of Oneness. Together as one, we have won.

From our Hearts to Yours, in Love, & Gratitude,

Jessica Rosalie & Richard Melchizedek



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