EDEN – NEW EARTH – The Elohim are the Starseed Nation ~ Return of the Bird Tribe

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EDEN – NEW EARTH – The Elohim are the Starseed Nation ~ Return of the Bird Tribe



We read in the original religious texts that the human Beings were created by the Elohim, that means Gods, not God, it is a plural word.

Who are the Elohim ? They are you dear starseeds. You are the Gods spoken in the Bible. And you choose to come back here to what you can consider your past in order to bring back to the core of Creation the original Plan for this beautiful Blue Planet.

The original Plan was made by different Star Nations that wanted to create a cosmic Garden (Eden), a place where the Unconditional Love of the Source could have been expressed in many ways, a Paradise where all the data could have been stored through frequencies.

The Human Beings were created through genetic engineering in the image of the Elohim and they were perfectly balanced, loving, gentle and harmonious Beings, supposed to be earth keepers and garden custodians.

What happened next ? A race of Beings Who do not honor Life and lack empathy, the Draco (Anunnaki), came in and took over. There were wars fought in space between the Elohim and these reptilians Beings (Star Wars …), Earth became their territory.

They have controlled humans from another dimension, but they have been also able to incarnate here only through some specific lineages.

They didn’t want the human Beings could Remember the original Plan, in order to control them they erased the Memories and reduced the DNA of the Humans from 12 strands to 2 strands, creating a distorsion between Masculine and Feminine energies, so that all the fears, hatred and lower emotions could become the rule here. They used a distorted frequency to let the “Service to Self” and the “Power over Others” become the only available thought forms, creating Greed, aggressivity, injustice.

Their agenda has always been the same: to keep humans in a low vibrational frequency environment so to steal their Life Force. They are cosmic parasites.

Earth has been in quarantine for eons in order to stop this Darkness from spreading into the Milky Way Galaxy.

Of course these stories are Just a reflection of the different ages of Consciousness the Humans have to experience in order to understand Unconditional Love.

This is the tale of the Bible Genesis, Adam and Eve tempted by the Snake (Reptilian), that is not the beginning of the human race on earth, is Just the beginning of the distorsion of the earth keepers, the fall from Eden and Grace.

But the Elohim are so powerful because connected to Source, that they knew the time would have arrived for the restoration of the original Plan (book of Revelation), so they created in the genetic process a way to Ascend again to the Divine Origins through Unconditional Love.

This is what you are experiencing now in your earth calendar of March 2019.

You are activating in your body the original DNA Blueprint of 12 Strands so that Earth Will be again the beautiful cosmic garden It was supposed to be and the human Beings the harmonious, gentle and loving earthkeepers of the original Plan.


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