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A kind of new magic is in the air, as all is rapidly shifting now.
Our souls have been prepared for this moment through many lifetimes, and truly, those who are ready, will now experience more and more profound iNNER shifts, as an immense alchemical process is happening.

We are now being surrounded by vast conscious cosmic energy fields, moving very deeply into total cellular, and brain rejuvenation and reprogramming, as more and more of the static components of our mind (those faculties of the brain we have not used since the fall of Atlantis) are now being opened up again, so that we can function at a much higher dimensional level, and thus then vibrational frequency level.

We will suddenly start remembering what we have lost. We will start to find new doors opening up which previously were locked, as the Ancient Knowledge is returned and therefore the Higher Mind is more and more activated, with the higher Heart-mind.
It is truly something to embrace wholeheartedly.

Magical moments will unfold, if we are open and ready for it, and more than this, those AHA! Lightbulb! Moments, when a deep triggering of soul and collective soul memories open up, and we can at last see, what before has been hidden, and has been obscured, or totally had been removed from the planet.

All is systematically being returned, as we are ready to receive the blessings of the Divine, with immensely powerful upgradings, and remembering!

(Judith Kusel)


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