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magic makers

9:9 ENERGY GATEWAY – The UnRaveling (Creator’s Song ~ Divine Frequency Codes ) Blessed Rainy Day

9:9 ENERGY GATEWAY – The UnRaveling (Creator’s Song ~ Divine Frequency Codes ) Blessed Rainy Day



Paul White Gold Eagle

Greetings Starseed Earth Angelics of God’s Glory on Earth

Happy 9:9 Galactic Energy Portal!

We have massive energetics flowing into this realm from the most high. Keep anchoring in the Codes and Keys of our Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. Hold the Faith and the Light of the Dawning of our New Golden Age of Enlightenment for all our Good People of New Earth.

With these Higher Frequencies of Divine Resonance coming in we had a spike of white light on the Schumann Charts today at an amplitude of 40 hz, Fifth Dimensional Energetics Rising Up!

The Gold Ray of Buddha Mind is Flowing out from the Hearts of our Earth Angelics of the 144. Reach to the Heavens and allow the Holy Spirit to flow freely through your Sacred Vessel to assist Gaia and all her Children of the Sun in the Healing and Transformation Process of our Ascension Journey.

Pachamama also received 2 massive activations within the last 24 hours with a powerful magnitude 6.8 earthquake in Marrakesh, Morocco in Northern Afrika yesterday and today a magnitude 6 earthquake on the Ring of Fire in Indonesia at 14:43 UTC, encoded with our Crystalline Code of the 144 and Trinity Gate of the Threefold Flame blazing within the Hearts and Minds of our Ground Crew Team of our Rainbow Tribe of the New Eden.

Shine your Bright Virtue through the Flowering of Human Consciousness as we make our full compression breakthrough as SuperNova Souls of the Great Mystery made manifest on Earth…A’Ho!





Right now: Moon at 22°02′ Cancer, Sun at 17°05′ Virgo

sabian symbols

Current Sabian Symbols

Current Sabian Symbol for the Sun

Two girls playing with a ouija board.
Sabian Symbol for 18º Virgo

The current Sabian Symbol of the Sun is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing solar influence, the vital energy and the personality, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this day, while the Sun’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 18º Virgo.


Current Sabian Symbol for the Moon

The meeting of a literary society.
Sabian Symbol for 23º Cancer

The current Sabian Symbol of the Moon is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing lunar influence, the emotional background, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this moment, while the Moon’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 23º Cancer.







Guru Rinpoche / Padmasambhava

“Don’t investigate the root of things,
Investigate the root of Mind. Once the Mind’s root has been found, You will know the one thing that frees all.” ~
Guru Rinpoche aka Padmasambhava, the 2nd Buddha that brought Sanatan Dharma to Tibet in the form of Buddhism
Sanatan Dharma
Sanatan Dharma
As per the Tibetan calendar from 9-15/09/23 (25th day of the 7th lunar month) for  7 days its auspicious days to take a bath in the Waters of Mother Earth.
#Rishi_Star: This special astrological constellation cause the natural water sources on earth to be transformed into nectar- like liquids. It is therefore particularly beneficial to take baths on these days.
May this shower of rain be a blessing to our body, speech and mind. May it purifies all the negativities of all times.
Om Ahh Hung Vajra Guru Padma Siddhi Hung
Blessed Rainy Day
Blessed Rainy Day
UPDATE. It is accelerating. You are finding your grounding in the new space. It’s a new dawn. Clarity is about to come, fresh & big. There is surprise & magic in the air. Watch for random encounters-they are messengers for the right path.
Our Wise Elders
Our Wise Elders


Creator’s song, divine frequency codes reached into this earth field. We broke the low frequency artificial matrix!
It’s going straight into your DNA. Full activation

Open to receive Creator’s song✨


Catching stars
Catching stars

Going in the archives for today 9.9 #completion!! ❤

It’s not time to face reality
It’s time to create reality!
We are the dream weavers
We are the magic makers,
the creators,
Re-building our temples of light
Speaking our Dragons of yin/yang into being
Reviewing, Re-negotiating, Re-balancing
Releasing all that does not align
So that only Pure Love remains
❤ Valerie
magic makers
magic makers
The more we embody and stand in our power and our light that’s expanding – the more we may experience negative and dark energies opposing and/or those who are threatened by it.
Anyone still feeding off narc and egoic grids will certainly be triggered just by your presence ….
Yet it’s time to truly shine bright and become a beacon to a light so powerful that everything toxic and Negative doesn’t even touch you.
You are one with God and Gold, not the old.
God and Gold
God and Gold

9/9 Portal : 9th September 2023

Today is a strong energy day, the 9/9 portal which opens passages towards the Fall/Spring Equinox.
Today also there was a powerful and destructive earthquake in Morocco. Many of us are also feeling tired after a long Summer/Winter with many challenges.
But the 9/9 energy urges us to draw on our wisdom and our Inner Resources. It is a time to go inwards and allow yourself quiet time to connect with your Higher Self/Soul and your “Team”.
It is time to feel your true connection as an “Angelic Human” and to feel your commitment to the Transformation and the rising of the New Earth.
Truly we are in a different world : we need to focus on Love and Compassion as we see the turmoil as the old earth changes. But we can also already see the New Earth. We can feel the changes for the better as we create a new environment and a new Community that we “spin” out from our Sacred Heart and from Pure Love.
On this Sacred 9/9 day may you hear the whispers of the Angel’s wings and may these also be your own beautiful wings as you soar into a New Reality!
Have a beautiful 9/9 everyone!
99 Portal
99 Portal
On September 9th, the 9:9 portal swings wide, urging us to let go of the past, closing one chapter and welcoming new beginnings, filled with wisdom and clarity.
During this cosmic event, you might experience heightened awareness and a strong sense of closure, igniting a desire for positive change.
It’s an invitation to step into the next phase of your life with an open heart, ready to embrace new opportunities.
Divine Mother Goddess
Divine Mother Goddess
Yeshua Jesus Christ and Divine Mother Mary showed
To me..
last night:
Revealing that
The Great Cleansing & Earth Changes will continue
What I was shown in 1981 during my NDE,
flooded thru my entire being..
We are asked to HOLD PRAYERS for all souls…
TO REMEMBER subconsciously the Divine Plan.. To walk in truth and goodness🙏🏻🌏
And continue to pray for those experiencing great loss and suffering.💔💔
We hold the INFINITE LIGHT of Rebirth and Tranformation
Kindness, compassion
Love & Forgiveness.
WITH SACRED Vision..💫💫
9/9/23: September offers understanding, wisdom, and spiritual expansion and integration to those who choose to accept and are ready for more. Today, however, is the first of three days this month when the gates of Awareness open wide. Some of us have waited in line for this. Others are going through, ready or not. Again, how this applies to you is a very personal matter.
Any inkling of imbalance, discomfort, or longing you have discharged to the universe this year as an intent or even a whim has been heard and will be addressed by 2024. Take whatever insight or event comes to you today as a gift and an act of Love. Be gracious. You don’t know what you don’t know.
Lone Narwhal Caught Chilling with Gang of Beluga Whales in Canada
Lone Narwhal Caught Chilling with Gang of Beluga Whales in Canada

Devyani Singh ~ Isis Channelings

9:9 – The UnRaveling

“We often meet our destiny on the road we take to avoid it”- Jean De La Fontaine
🍁The Month of 9 -energies of 9:9-Endings and Beginnings , 7 planets retrograde , onset of Autumn-Season of Letting Go….
The ” UnRaveling” is what I got for this 9;9 day ….
🍂We have entered the last quarter of the Calendar year…tiny ,almost imperceptible but still very evident signs of Letting Go are beginning to circle around us, as a not so gentle Zephyr …slowly but surely plucking away leaves of old stories, old identities, old desires, old dreams ….a gradual UnRaveling is in place.
🍁And even though Retrogrades rank high on the sh*t list, there is no denying that the temporary pause in action and reassessment/ rerouting they initiate brings us a level of clarity that is often overlooked amidst hustle bustle of “Routine”…..IF We allow ourselves to “Surrender”!!
🍂Where are we resisting , where is our Ego refusing to see the writing on the wall….where are we being called to Surrender…lay down our arms and heavy burdens and Let Go ….
🍁Allow yourself to unravel …release the cords of containment that keep you chained to your past…A past that has served its purpose…honour it, grieve it, make your peace with it….n Let It Go….and Make space for The New To Enter in Divine Timing…
EnLight ,InGrace, InJoy
Be The Change You Want To See
Sa Kei Na
Magnetising Solar Mother Golden Light To Us Is Disturbing And Dispelling Every Distortion That Existed In Her Absence.
As She Increases Within Us,
The False Dark Mother Magnetics Within Us, Decrease.
Call For Her.
I Disconnect From The Dark Star.
I Call To Me The Fullness Of The Golden Light.
Freedom In The Embrace Of Our Solar Mother.

Ra James

The 9:9 Portal is bringing us heightened energies. The 9:9 Portal is preparing us for the 9:11 Portal, and the Autumn Equinox. The Autumn Equinox takes us into the Harvest Supermoon and the start of Libra Season. September brings a huge influx of Galactic Energies. Expect a huge influx of Andromedan Energies. September is one of the best times to see the Andromeda Galaxy. September also kicks off another Northern Lights Season. Expect some amazing auroras over the next couple of months. September will prepare us for the major energetic changes coming to us in October. If things are coming up for you to release, let them go. The number 9 is thought to unlock the secrets of the Universe. It’s a key to all of creation.
The energy we are in now are powerful for manifesting. It’s also a powerful space for the intentions we are sending out. It’s a great time to be cleansing and clearing your energy. This months energies are powerful for doing healing and activation work. The energies of the 9:9 Portal are all about the transformation we are going through. These are energies of awakening. Expect major DNA activations over the next several weeks. The 9:9 Portal is a doorway that we can step though to enter into better realities. Expect the Earth energies and Ley Lines to be extra active leading up until the Equinox. The next few weeks are a great time to be working your magic.
The 9:9 Portal energies are very high frequency. You may be experiencing ending, and new beginning vibes. You’re making space for something more aligned with your purpose to enter. Both the 9:9 Portal and the 9:11 Portal bring energies of completion. We also have a ghostly green comet overhead all weekend! This mysterious comet is now closest to Earth. Comet Nishimura will make its closest pass by Earth on the 12th. This is another Galactic Portal Day…
Athena, Goddess of Wisdom and her sacred owl
Athena, Goddess of Wisdom and her sacred owl


Dear friends, for many of us this first week of September has been quite intense, as we kept processing and integrating all the inner shifts that were triggered by the empowering light codes of August. Our Sun has also been sending us flare after flare this week, pushing deeper into our energy fields and stirring old stagnant blockages that needed to be dealt with before this upcoming Equinox.
On top of this, we are already being bathed by the energies of the 9:9 energy portal. The lightcodes of this 9:9 energetic window will also help us close old life chapters. The number 9 denotes completion. Are you finally ready to let go of those limiting, negative beliefs, or are you allowing the issues in your life to become bigger than they really are? When we learn to let go of the worry, despair, and sense of hopelessness, a positive new way or path will be shown to us.
Most likely, you already know deep inside the issues that need closure, so expect this weekend to give you some clarity and the strength to say “that’s it, this aspect of my life is over”. Honor yourself as you finish up, or celebrate, the completion of these life chapters. This weekend would be the perfect time to look ahead and use the wisdom you’ve gained to think about what else you want to achieve as we move into the Equinox energies on September 23.
And yes, you may be tired from the inner work of the last few weeks, but now is not the time to give in! Instead, tap into all of your inner reserves for that one final push. The enlightenment you’ve gained will be an invaluable resource as the year moves on. You may also notice that you want to experiment with different things in your life at this time, allow yourself to explore! All of these experiences will feed your spirit and offer you knowledge for your future timeline.
Have a wonderful weekend friends, and a productive 9:9 gateway. Much love ❤️
Diego E. Berman 2023 Ⓒ


Jenji and the White Wolf Tribe
Dear brothers and sisters
Greetings from the most high
We come in this Here and Now of His time, to share with you many news of His ever-evolving humanity, for in this time they are heading to Portal 9:9.
They’re leaving the Lion Portal, and everyone on this ascending path agrees that this year has been extraordinarily intense.
The reason Gamma Rays have been so prolific this year is because of the stage they have reached in their individual and collective Ascension.
We are being transformed from Beings with a two-chain DNA with a carbon base, to a Multidimensional Being with 12 chains of a Crystal base.
On an individual and collectively level, everyone is going through this extremely powerful transformative metamorphosis.
Therefore, within your calendar there will be very intense moments, in which the update and transformation will be much more acute.
In this particular Gateway, many people continue to experience high levels of exhaustion and many other symptoms, especially with regard to dehydration, headaches and nausea.
We strongly recommend that you work with simple natural remedies such as ginger, coconut water and plenty of rest and most importantly ensure that your body is constantly hydrated.
Gamma Rays are causing a lot of stress to the electrical circuit system, so for many it’s very important that you keep your systems well hydrated.
Hydration allows electromagnetic circuits to function at their highest and optimal level, sending all the Energy your organs, cells and molecules need.
The intensity of the Lion’s Gate is now happening, they will begin to feel a sense of recalibration, as they progress along their personal and collective trajectories.
Right now, in the spiritual community there are great expansions, as the many people who are awakening, are stepping fully into their Power, therefore, they are transcending the need for approval of others.
As soon as they transcend the need for approval of others, they stabilize into an extremely high level of spiritual mastery.
At this level, in their lives they can become a stabilized Lighthouse for all, therefore, others can tap into their frequencies to achieve their own stability.
Know that this is one of the greatest crescendos you will be able to reach on your spiritual path, inherent in the ability of others to access your Field, in order to tap into your own stability.
Portal 9:9 is an extremely important numerological date, which heralds the completion of many aspects of the annual evolutionary process.
Much of this planet’s Ascension is based on the successful and triumphant meeting of the 144,000 Twin Flames.
During 9.9 you will be strongly guided at a collective level, to send an Energy Boost for the Divine Masculine Enlightenment that is still entrenched in karmic relationships, with people who almost do not tolerate them.
Specifically, it will be worked with the Divine Consciousness of the Masculine Heart, to inspire to turn on the Divine Masculinity the frequency of courage, through the inner Spark of the Heart Space.
This will allow the Divine Masculinity, to see clearly from the heart and make the changes you need in your life, to align with the timeline of your highest destiny.
This is an incredibly powerful and auspicious time for everyone to deeply embody, at one of the greatest events in the Universe.
With the Love of Eternal Life
I am Jenji and the tribe of the white wolf
Today is the 9:9 (primary) stargate of September which is supporting us to bring closure to the Piscean Age themes, specifically those of public persecution that led to the repression of Divine Feminine expression.
This means that those who have experienced lifetimes of oppression due to the mishandling of divine frequencies…by self or other….can now free themselves thru all time, space & dimensions while under the remaining influence of the Pisces Full Blue Supermoon.
Freedom from oppression can also be felt in the body this month as the vehicle for our spiritual Self-expression is upgraded to withstand the multidimensional (Diamond) frequencies of Source. As our biology is released from bondage thru the 9:9 stargates, we are free to step into our fully activated, Divine DNA Template. With these upgrades, we are no longer limited by biological blockages that stem from the generational trauma that our monad has been working to overcome for centuries.
As we are resolved of all Piscean Age themes, the 9:9 gates open delivery portals into the new reality where we can begin to ground the potentials of the Starlight of our Soul that we recently birthed thru the 777 stargates of July. This is a month to liberate yourcellf from the persecution template so you can burst into the Divine DNA template that makes the manifestation of our Starlight possible. ✨🧬✨
Christ Consciousness
Christ Consciousness
9 9 2023




Today is a very important day as a new portal has opened and we are undergoing a very strong upgrade.
This new portal requires a lot of space!
This upgrade is all about freeing inner space so that the Yin and the Yang Principles can return to their truthful position according to Organic Creation and Natural Law.
And also it is about us merging with the universal orgone via an inner rain of orgone that each will experience when they will be ready.
This is just starting and it signifies the end of any pending illusions connected to the physical reality.
Update message:
‘’There are some souls who have decided to stay behind until the last minute until everyone else has gone through their transition.
These souls might experience such an unfolding of their divine plan that will purposely delay their transition.
This is part of their own pre-arranged path.
If you are one of those very evolved souls, do not judge or get carried away by what other souls choose.
Trust in your path as it is very important now that each one focus on their own ‘lane’.
The flow towards the final singularity point and into the next phase, is strongly waking up all the quantum aspects of the Self, so you might experience overwhelming emotions or thoughts coming up all at the same time.
Breathe is the main tool you have, please use it in order to allow all aspects to make it through the Spiral of Life.
This is a process of discharge which is taking one to inner peace and harmony.
You are becoming a tabula rasa so that you can start anew, this time, with the true understanding of the organic Yin and Yang Principles.
This phase is all about inner space.
You might also find your devices showing this to you.
This upgrade requires space!
You are the dragon masters and you know how to do this.
Twin Flames are experiencing a tremendous physical redirection at the moment.
Many of them might feel some kind of disorientation or loss of the mind for a while.
As these changes will be taking place, please know that this can be part of the process.
At the same time the ancient code will be seen by many.
This means that many are ready to decode the game!
The Cosmic Flame is becoming available to those ready.
This is the universal reconnection that will ignite a new kind of awakening for all forerunners.
This awakening has been already foretold and it is connected to the transformation of physical flows and reality which is very different from anything that has been experienced up until now.
This can be named as the 5th awakening.
Please celebrate and honour your mastery.
You did it!’’
Via the work that we did some months ago on the aspects of the quantum self/twin flames, we are now witnessing that the aspects are fully inside the flow of the Golden Spiral of Life.
This is a huge deal!
We are being freed by limiting conditions, connections and contracts that were affecting us for a long long time and we are moving to meet the final singularity point, our singular Self.
This is the first time that we will come in contact with the Cosmic Flame.
Really exciting times!
Blessings of Love to all!
Huna Ma Anata KUMARA
On Saturday, September 9th, the Moon, ruler of our unconscious responses, in sensitive, water sign Cancer is in a challenging square connection to Chiron, the Centaur and Wounded Healer, in active, fire sign Aries. Emotional currents are being stirred up today. This may relate to circumstances involving home, family, living situation, maternal figures, or feelings that lie hidden in the depths of our subconscious.
We may not even know what the feelings are about, as it could also pertain to past life wounds that are rising to the surface of our psyche in order to be released and transmuted. Recognize the waves of emotion that you may experience today. Allow them……breathe through them. Ask for healing to take place. As we heal and let go, we become “lighter” and allow for something new to come into our lives. Blessings of Love and Light to All! ❤️
the Moon, ruler of our unconscious responses, in sensitive, water sign Cancer
the Moon, ruler of our unconscious responses, in sensitive, water sign Cancer
Mars in Libra sesquiquadrate Uranus retrograde in Taurus – There’s an urge to assert our freedom but also a tendency to go about it in the wrong way, especially if we’re frustrated. Part of us may want to throw everything up in the air just to see where it falls, especially in relationships. If this is you and your nerves are jangling, consider where desires have been stifled or where you failed to ask for what you want. With Venus ruling the signs where Mars and Uranus dwell, underneath everything is a heart’s call for recognition, play and creative self-expression. Relax the reins but stay in control.
Reflect upon where you may have been working against yourself. Sometimes our inner rebel has a hidden agenda. Maybe you need some excitement to stimulate alternative ways of thinking; new experiences to remind you of your bravery; new challenges to inspire change; a different strategy to achieve your goals. You don’t have to tear it all down and start again. Inject some spontaneity into your day. Surprise yourself. All it takes is a few adjustments to re-awaken that feeling of being alive. Free your passion to find your balance.
Degrees and Time
Mars 08°Li01′, Uranus 23°Ta01′ R – 00:58 (BST)
© Leah Whitehorse
Painting – Laetitia, Lady Lade by George Stubbs
Laetitia, Lady Lade
Laetitia, Lady Lade

Kin 219 ~ Blue Spectral Storm

‘Spectral’ is the name for the number eleven and its keywords are ‘Liberate, Release and Dissolve’. The 11th day of the Red Moon wavespell is a challenge to the going with the flow agenda and so we are released from this and liberated. This comes as a huge relief for folk who struggle with surrendering. Ironic isn’t it? To be liberated from taking it easy sounds like a contradiction. The number eleven does its own thing and pays no regard to the theme of the wavespell. We all have a day off.
Today is Blue Storm which represents ‘Catalyze, Energy and Self-Generation’. This wavespell has been about letting go of control and not worrying about things, trusting that things are unfolding as they should. But today Storm is not taking a back seat anymore and demands to make changes. However, these changes are liberating, so do not be frightened of the Storm. The burst of energy it provides can be invigorating too. If you have been craving more freedom in your world then today provides the perfect energy to facilitate that. Liberate yourself ! The keyword self-generation is an important aspect of the Blue Storm and this symbolizes that energy is available to you, so you can reinvent yourself or make profound changes in your life.
The Guide today is also Blue Storm. A double helping of Stormy medicine.
The Challenge is the Red Moon and therefore relaxing and taking it easy, is simply not going to happen. If you are a Red Moon today may be tough for you. This is a break from the wavespell agenda and so relinquishing control today doesn’t produce results, a different more energetic response is necessary.
The Occult power is the White Wind, the communicator. The best part about the White Wind in this position is that magical communications can happen. Expect some surprising news or information. I really enjoy Storm days because of the White Wind being in this position. I find changes come about because of communication and – if I’ve been waiting for some news, I know it will likely show up on the next Blue Storm day.
The Ally is the Yellow Sun which is the symbol of ‘Enlightenment’. If you need help navigating this Storm, seek out a Yellow Sun. They can shed light on your situation. It’s funny how well the sunny Sun gets along with the stormy Storm. Yellow Sun people are so sunny they are amongst the few people who can handle Storm’s stormy temperament!
Kin 219
Kin 219


11 CAUAC – KIN 219
✨9.9. PORTAL ✨
I dissolve in order to catalyze
Releasing energy
I seal the matrix of self-generation
With the Spectral tone of LIBERATION
I AM guided by the power of my own power DOUBLED!
9/9/2023 = 9/9/7= 9/16=9/7=16=7
9- Completion/Destiny/Service/Humanity/Grace
16- Tower struck by lightning/Sudden unexpected events
7- Majik/Mystic/Spiritual/Solitude/Initiation
✨MONTH/YEAR codes✨
9- Completion/Destiny/Service/Humanity/Grace
7- Majik/Mystic/Spiritual/Solitude/Initiation
16-Tower struck by lightning/Sudden unexpected events
20- The AWAKENING/Clear vision
2- Partner/Twin/Cooperation/Alliances/Duality
23- Royal Star of the Lion/Strength/Protection
KIN 219 = 12 = 3 – Holy trinity/Joy
THIS STORM has arrived to LIBERATE the release of this next Planetary SHIFT💥🦁
We literally have a deluge 🌧🌧 down pouring today with the DOUBLE STORM ENERGIES🌪🌪 on top of the 11 th day in the GODDESS WAVESPELL… The GODDESS final rinse🌀 has turned into a turbo charged FLUSHING 🌪🌧
27 months ago we witnessed terrible STORMS🌪🌩🌦 and flooding rains in EUROPE – Germany, Belgium, Austria, CHINA and SAUDI ARABIA – flooding the parched deserts..
18 months ago as the SPECTRAL STORM returned, the EAST COAST of AUSTRALIA experienced unprecedented FLOODS..🌦🌧
This week GREECE has been deluged with floods from STORM DANIEL, whilst in the USA Florida is dealing with floods from HURRICANE IDALIA.. … GAIA is purging more density as she purifies the lands.
We are currently in the final days of this HUGE EARTH purification🌩🌧 and TRANSFORMATION as we transition from the old paradigm to the NEW TIME.. 🌟✨🌟✨
The WATERS of the GODDESS🌊💧🌊 have BROKEN, as the delivery of the new GOLDEN CHRISTED CHILD is imminent.. On 9/11 the COSMIC MOTHER DRAGON is preparing to B-EARTH🐣 as her COSMIC egg hatches. HALLELUJAH… beloveds CELEBRATIONS are nigh!!! 🎊🎉🎇🎊🎉🎈🎇
The SPECTRAL STORM ☔codes WILL AFFECT tremendous PLANETARY LIBERATION TODAY freeing humanity from the old control Matrix…💥💥💥
BOOM! 💥 CHANGE HAPPENS!! 🎇🎇🎇 Especially with a 16.16 DOUBLE TOWER CODE!!!
Needless to say, today is a very INTENSE 🔥day of PURIFICATION🌧 and CLEANSING🚿…… crumbling and collapsing the old structures, the STORM is clearing our way for a CLEAN SLATE on this 9.9. COMPLETION portal day!
🚫☢NOTE: BROLLY ALERT! ☔🌂Storm days often coincide with physical storms 🌧so be prepared!☔
Seek SAFE shelter from the double STORM today! 🌀🌪🌀🌪🌀🌪🌀🌪
Day 11 in the RED MOON WAVESPELL of the GODDESS,👸 who is enhancing our intuition and sensitivity as we PURIFY our vessels in order to find our FLOW. 🌫
Today is a day of RELEASE!!! Releasing all energies built up over the last 10 days, and manifested yesterday. The GODDESS is seriously CLEANSING our PLANET in preparation for this SHIFT to the higher frequency – all DENSITY must GO!!! 🌊🌊🌊
Today we are seeking to RELEASE more natural FLOW, 🌫💦 in order to accomplish LIBERATION💥💥 from what has kept us blocked from our natural God given FLOW!
There is tremendous WATER 💧energy in today’s code with DOUBLE STORM plus the Goddess👸. The MOON is currently in CANCER – which is a WATER sign!! Plenty of water works activating our EMOTIONAL body today!!
Utilize this purifying Universal Water 💦 energy for the most beneficial outcome. The DAM gates are fully OPENED (or rather have broken!!) and the waters are gushing through at tremendous velocity creating ELECTRICAL HYDRO -POWER!!
TODAY is A REVOLUTIONARY💥 day for catalyzing great personal and PLANETARY change! 🌩🌩🌩🌀🌀🌀
SPECTRAL 🌀is the 11th tone of creation. It operates in the EMOTIONAL realm and its actions are that of dissolving, releasing and liberating!
Today is all about emotional release – allow that energy in motion – to be expressed and dissolved , allow the tears, the laughter, the joy to be expressed, no holding back, connect with your higher wisdom giving you the intelligence to carve a new path of LIBERATION. 💥
This is a very powerful opportunity to RELEASE CORE WOUNDING of old ancient ancestral patterns and cycles. Choosing to RELEASE and LIBERATE all that no longer serves our wellbeing in order to FEEL greater FLOW. 🌫💧
✨✨IT IS TIME TO BREAK OUT OF JAIL!! (and ALL imposed restrictions!!)🔓🔓🔓
These are very powerful energies at work to create final CLOSURE, dissolving all impediments to us finally claiming our true Sovereignty and finding our Divinely ordained Destiny path.
Tone 11 SYMBOLIZES a gateway and polarity, inviting us all to step through into a NEW more DIVINE, REALITY in our perfected GOLDEN SOPHIA/CHRISTED LIGHT bodies. ✨🌞🎆
Open and ACTIVATE the FLOW🌊💧🌊 of pure consciousness, and unlimited Divine support to FLOW and carry your vessel through the Universal Waters of your NEWLY CHARMED RAINBOW life. 🌷☀✨
TODAY we have an extraordinary line-up of codes – GOD/wind🌬, DOUBLE GODDESS👸, SUN/☀Christ/Buddha, DOUBLE 🌪🌩STORM – transformation/FREEDOM and the 9.9. DIVINE DESTINY completion code!
If that combo. does not ROCK your dirty 👣 socks off – nothing will!!!
WITNESS the GLOBAL catalytic events today – the OLD world is collapsing, in order to make way for a new better world.🏛💕
✨✨So planetary kin, TRUST in the power🌩 of the DIVINELY sent DOUBLE STORM🌪🌀🌧🌦 and the DOUBLE GODDESS, to catalyze the tremendous changes that HUMANITY seeks. Get ready to walk through NEW DOORS as a LIBERATED SOVEREIGN👑 being!
Nova Gaia welcomes you!🌏🌈
Today’s question is “How can I harness the tremendous POWER of the STORM, to catalyze great transformation and LIBERATE pure DIVINE RAINBOW CONSCIOUSNESS?” 🌈🌞😍🌈
🐬🌈 ❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤
Divine blessings for UNLEASHING a GREAT DELUGE of prosperity, FREEDOM and Divine ILLUMINATION! 🌊 😊😄☺🌞😎💕💞
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈
CONSCIOUS SELF & HIGHER SELF!: BLUE SPECTRAL STORM 🌀🌀🌪🌪 CAUAC brings – transformation, change and self regeneration. This is AMPLIFIED through the9.9 COMPLETION code and 16.16 TOWER code – bringing sudden and unexpected change! Hold on beloveds our PLANETARY ASCENSION is on OVERDRIVE! .
BLUE STORM energies are DOUBLED 🌪🌪 today, so we have the capacity to reveal any Polarity distortions at play in our current reality. The SPECTRAL STORM is dissolving the duality conflicts to catalyze tremendous transformation, in order to create a new foundation for UNITY consciousness.
BLUE STORM’s energies are those of transformation.🌀🌀🌀 The STORM creates FRICTION through its powerful turbulent energies, which then RELEASES tremendous energies, in order to catalyze change, and facilitate Self re-Generation.
Just like the TOWER card in tarot, we must witness the collapse of the old before we can rebuild a better stronger foundation. It is imperative that our new foundations are absolutely pristine in their construction before we can start building the NEW. That is where the GODDESS revels in her role of purification.
We have a 16 TOWER code for all of SEPTEMBER – the 9th month of ENDINGS and COMPLETION so get ready for the old to topple this month, in preparation for the new beginnings to MANIFEST in OCTOBER.
Today’s energies will reveal what is lurking in the depths of your soul that need attention, love and liberation. BLUE STORM is the tornado🌪 or that stick that stirs up the mud in your lotus pond. You are that beautiful Lotus flower🌷 seeking the SUN and the LIGHT, your stem needs to GROW tall and strong to rise above the mud and debris that lurks below the surface.
Allow BLUE STORM and the GODDESS to purify and cleanse your soul, and your life, of all that no longer serves you, in order to start afresh shiny and new.
A HUGELY significant crossroads in our Planetary r-EVOLUTION 🌎
SUPPORT: YELLOW SPECTRAL SUN ☀ AHAU peeks through the STORM 🌥⛅🌤clouds as the radiant light codes ☀streaming forth from our SUN🌞 activating our R-evolution through grounding purer consciousness – LOVE, compassion, humility, grace and Wisdom , through en-LIGHT💡ON -ment! In so doing we are healing our cell-ves and our beloved PLANET.
The SPECTRAL SUN🌀🌞 dramatically ILLUMINATES the dark recesses as the SPOTLIGHT🔦 is switched on to FULL BRIGHTNESS.🌞 Once the SHADOWS are revealed in the stark dayLIGHT, the TRUTH can easily be discerned.
The SPECTRAL SUN is a brilliant SUPPORT to release the density IN ORDER to LIBERATE more LIGHT. Drop the burden of the heavy density and LIGHTEN your load!
We are currently in the stream of continuous Solar emanations 🌞🔥🌞🔥🔥 blasting their way towards our EARTH, breaching her Magnetosphere and setting hearts and souls ablaze with these new Solar frequencies. The SPECTRAL SUN will amplify these events today paving the way to LIBERATE the evolution of our species through these DNA and lightbody upgrades.
Sun bathing in the glorious sun rays will accelerate these upgrades, as we bask in the great outdoors in beautiful places that spark our creativity, imagination and our connection to the majesty of the Divine.
As we purify and purge our emotional bodies of toxins and density we become purer vessels, feeling and holding the changing frequencies of our PLANET’s electro-magnetic energies as they are transformed strongly by solar flares.☀ 🔥🔥
We are the Divine conduits through which these evolutionary energies FLOW. We are learning to live as clear reflectors of the LIGHT, feeling into what it is to SHINE🌟 our LIGHT🌞. We are the co-creators seeding the NEW TIME and our collective planetary Dreaming code, being manifested into form NOW.
The liberating STORM energies allow you to find the FREEDOM of being your own unique HU – through your own Sovereignty and independence of shining your LIGHT.
Soak in the Universal FIRE 🔥🔥 and Open your multi-petaled LOTUS🌸 as you lean towards the LIGHT and allow Le Soleil 🌞 to warm your soul and our Planetary soul! 🌎✨❤
OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: WHITE ELECTRIC WIND 🌬🌩🌩🌫IK provides the energies of Spirit, through the whisperings of the wind. IK represents the masculine aspect of GOD bringing forth a STRONG presence of DIVINITY 🕊🕊🕊 blowing in today’s catalytic WINDS.🌀🌬🌫
NOTE: The TRIPLE WIND – WHITE MAGNETIC WIND – KIN 222 🌬🌬🌬 closed off the LUNAR STORM YEAR on 24th July, 2021 so aptly DIVINE SPIRIT had the last word to end that turbulent year.. Now KIN 222 arrives this TUESDAY 12 SEPTEMBER to support and guide humanity after the HUGE shift on 9/11 – through the birthing of this new GOLDEN ERA.
The ELECTRIC WIND🍃 today is supercharged with ROCKET FUEL 🚀🔥 as today’s SUPERPOWER. The AGENDA governing KIN 219 is to 💕BOND HUMANITY TOGETHER IN SERVICE TO THE DIVINE..💑👪💕
The ELECTRIC WIND has a charge and will IGNITE 🎇 the electrical component of the SPECTRAL STORM, giving it exceptional conductivity to get Spirit’s messages heard by ALL HUMANITY.👬👫👭
The STORM🌞🌪 merges with WHITE WIND🌩🌫 and is thus Divinely directed in its path of minimal destruction, for the purpose of bringing you to a place of greater purity within your soul. The agenda of Divine Spirit is to ensure our total cleansing and purification, further raising our frequency upon our path to enlightenment. Catalysing great change with the communication of Spirit, guiding our evolution back to wholeness.
LISTEN to the great WHITE WIND, and allow the STORM to carry these encoded messages through our knowingness. Allowing all these powerful forces to channel through us, as we align with Divine Will and allow Spirit to express itself through us, as Divine conduits.
CHALLENGE/GIFT: RED SPECTRAL MOON 🌀🌜 MULUC brings forth yet another layer of PURIFICATION power with the WAVESPELL energy!!!! How much WATER 💧energy is pouring forth in today’s code???? TWO STORMS🌧🌧 and TWO GODDESSes🚿🚿 = 4x the PURIFICATION! PLUS the SPECTRAL tone of RELEASE and LIBERATION with a 16.16.TOWER code!!!!!!!!!!!🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊 KAPOW! 💥 SUPER TURBO RINSE CYCLE! 🌀💧🌀💧🌀💧🌀💧
The GODDESS cleansing is today’s GIFT, and we are double blessed as it is day 11 in her purifying wavespell. MULUC works synergistically with BLUE STORM to PURGE every last remnant of any toxins you have been holding in your body, mind or life.
CLEANSE,🚿 CLEANSE,🚿 and CLEANSE.🚿 CLEANSING🚿🚿 our individual bodies and that of our collective soul! 🛀
Bathe in the UNIVERSAL WATERS 💧🌫💦 of the Goddess👸 to purify all that is not of LOVE, or from Divine SOURCE. Allow the purification of your emotional body to manifest MORE ABUNDANT FLOW 🌫💦 in your life. Opening up to allow the LOVE💕 of the GODDESS energy 👸💕to FLOW🌫 through your being.
To reap the gifts offered today, MULUC asks you to become an empty vessel and shine your LIGHT, becoming the beacon of AWAKENED AWARENESS.
As you open to the remembrance of your true LIGHT 🌞the voice of Spirit will freely FLOW through your purified vessel, filling it with the GOLDEN LIGHT from AHAU 🌞 until your cup runneth over!🏆
Open and ACTIVATE the FLOW🌊💧🌊 of pure consciousness, and unlimited Divine support to FLOW and carry your vessel through the Universal Waters of your NEWLY CHARMED RAINBOW life. 🌷☀✨
TODAY we have an extraordinary line-up of codes – GOD/wind🌬, DOUBLE GODDESS👸, SUN/☀Christ/Buddha, DOUBLE 🌪🌩STORM – transformation/FREEDOM and the 9.9. DIVINE DESTINY completion code!
If that combo. does not ROCK your dirty 👣 socks off – nothing will!!!
WITNESS the GLOBAL catalytic events today – the OLD world is collapsing, in order to make way for a new better world.🏛💕
✨✨So planetary kin, TRUST in the power🌩 of the DIVINELY sent DOUBLE STORM🌪🌀🌧🌦 and the DOUBLE GODDESS, to catalyze the tremendous changes that HUMANITY seeks. Get ready to walk through NEW DOORS as a LIBERATED SOVEREIGN👑 being!
Nova Gaia welcomes you!🌏🌈
Today’s question is “How can I harness the tremendous POWER of the STORM, to catalyze great transformation and LIBERATE pure DIVINE RAINBOW CONSCIOUSNESS?” 🌈🌞😍🌈
🐬🌈 ❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤
Divine blessings for UNLEASHING a GREAT DELUGE of prosperity, FREEDOM and Divine ILLUMINATION! 🌊 😊😄☺🌞😎💕💞
Namaste’ 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈




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Implant Removal Shaman Ceremony ~ Cutting all Cords, Attachments and all False Soul Contracts ~ Freedom from all Negative Programs and Entities

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 Violet Flame decrees~ ❤

I call upon the Elohim of the Violet Ray to pour Divine transmutation through all that I Am..
I call upon the Amethyst Ray to transform every cell, every atom of my body into higher Light.
I call upon the Violet Flame to burn within my Soul and release all veils that separate me from Spirit.
I call upon the Violet Ray to burn away my Illusions, to burn away my resistances, and transmute my fears into Love! ❤ ❤
Violet Flame decree
Violet Flame decree

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