Blue Ray

Greetings dear StarONES, with LOVE we come to share this Update

New Assignments for New awaken StarSeeds on the way

After Galactic Conferences bring Updates to All Star Families
Elders in Venus remembered in completion
Awaiting for new mission on the New Aqualine Grid
New group Gathering requested
Energy is Speeding up and so is the time…
In Oneness
With Love and Grace
Deeaia Cosmic BlueRay I fly to the Stars to greet you on the MotherShip 🙏💎💙💦
“Sparklers erupt from the planetary fires.
Classifieds are presented to the masses.
Egoics are seen running.
Semmerance combines with the multitudes.
Enlightenment follows.” Gaia Portal
Gratitude of Love to the Artist 💙

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  1. Lorie

    Hi Paul, thanks for your daily updates!! My cats enjoy your kitty Diety’s transmissions too. I am not good with technology, I haven’t learned much about you, your team, mission, business etc yet…..but through listening daily now, I learn more and more! Wonderful experience listening to you!!
    I have been listening to utube videos on the topics you discuss for the last 3 years. I recently discovered you, your voice is so calm and genuine and all the synchronicities are wild. I want to learn how to blog, never did that before, to connect with other Lightworkers and Starseeds! That would be helpful too, I have some physical limitations and I can’t get out of the house for too long or as often as healthy people. Those like minded connections are precious. I think I am a FB friend of yours? Thanks again for all you do! Peace and gratitude, Loriedove

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