Convergence Gateways are Open – Now for Stargate Synchronization for our Much Higher Timeline Convergence to Occur

Convergence Gateways are Open –
Now for Stargate Synchronization for our Much Higher Timeline Convergence to Occur

Convergence Gateways

♦  REALity is based upon our Expanded Consciousness ♦
Aloha beautiful light holders,
More than ever now, we all have the ability to ANCHOR the absolute highest timelines in our physical and it takes us all…. ready…
This is a pivotal “moment” for us all as we up-shift and shift completely out of the old programs that held the old Matrix in place. Many have been holding on out of fear and a disconnected state and we’ve been working with alleviating this in every capacity possible here.
It is time to let go of those beliefs and mentalities and start to focus every bit of energy on OUR NEW, to come together like never before and to open up fully now.
I’m keeping this short today, just to share my most recent video to assist with shifting and expanding more. Today I’ve written a NEW LIGHT ENCODED ACTIVATION for you to utilize for anchoring y/our highest timelines in our physical here.
It is a part of a much bigger project that I am to complete and share, so I’ve put it on it’s own page of my website, as it will be included as just one small part of a much larger Divine Grand Evolution Plan/Project/Design, that we’ve received the encodements for over the years, which have culminated for embodiment this entire year. This is a huge galactivation/activation of geometrically light encoded schematics outlining implementation of our Galactic Soul Civilizations here. It takes the complicated and simplifies all back into Unity-Love-Consciousness for us all…
I’ve also posted the most current cosmic energy report thus far today. It is on my FB and Website, with the link below for all who desire this. ♥
Keep embracing all new from within you and expect amazing to BE your new reality, while continuing to release all that no longer aligns and supports your own/all of our highest existence as PURE LOVE here. ♥
Look for simplicity, expect the awesomely unexpected and hold peace inside of you as you do. ♥
Unity heart blessings from me to you from Kauai ♥Lisa Transcendence Brown~ Lisa Transcendence Brown

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