Energy Update ~ Individual Upgrades & Collective Cleansings for Huge Timeline Jumps

Energy Update ~ Individual Upgrades & Collective Cleansings for Huge Timeline Jumps

By Lisa Brown, 01/27/2017

Ascension Tidbits, Individual Upgrades & Collective Cleansings for Huge Timeline Jumps: Teleportation, Materialization, StarGates, Transcending Human Drama Energies, Physical & Emotional Death Cycles

Aloha beautiful love family!
Ahhh, where to start. There is always so much (and nothing at all), all at the same time. Collectively, HUGE things going on and for those SOULS in the depth of huge body/cellular cleansings, huge outer-world re-alignments, huge upgrades, whether conscious of this or not. Everyone, in each dimension of Earth, playing out their current roles, doing exactly what is necessary for continual completion/re-birth, continual template cleansings, continual physical DNA/Genetic re-coding. Each one of us, Gaia Earth Ship and all Galaxies too.
Each dimension has a completely different physical reality. What is occurring on the lower density planes in no way affects the highest density planes, yet the higher density planes do intentionally affect the lower density frequency bandwidths of existence, and all of those in the middle will feel/experience the effects of both extremes. We use the word “extremes”, because the higher we go vibrationally, the vaster the distance between dimensions becomes collectively and individually as well.
The only way to balance extremes is to become fully (super) conscious of yourself, your surroundings, your energy, your beliefs, your mentalities, what you do and don’t allow, what you do/don’t do energetically, how you act/re-act, why and when you do certain things (your habits/patterns), when things appear/arrive/materialize in your own physical reality world (people and things), as everything that is made up of physical matter materializes in response to the vibrations you continually transmit out. If you are not totally conscious of yourself and when you go into lack/less, when you hold back, when you go small, when your ego triggers/shows it’s face, when your heart/mind opens/closes, when you get caught up in drama/story, you have no POWER over your PLAY. Where you go unconscious, you play out a loop that will now faster dissolve/collapse. The moment your heart opens wider, your mind syncs up to your highest awareness possible, the realizations come through and what you DO is up to you. That “doing”, whatever it is, creates a reality, a timeline, a parallel, for you to experience here. How long it takes for the “result” to come back around is determined vibrationally, and unless you are completely in-tune with/as your entire Universe/OmniVerse at all time, you will “suffer the consequences” or “reap the rewards” (re-reverberation) of your unconscious/conscious vibrational transmissions (actions, thoughts, doing/not doing).
The human aspect is prone to drama, chaos and continual victim/resistance/fight/struggle energy. One either hides/escapes (flight) or goes on the attack/offensive (fight) and gets defensive (protection mechanisms) which are all human separation here. Now, each will create an outcome that needs to be experienced in order to exercise/clear any energies that created all to occur. There are much easier ways. Every one of them must be conscious, intentional and from higher awareness if one is to experience with any ease at all.
Ease is peace, ease is alignment, ease comes forth as each resolves all inside. Ease and peace are RESTORED when one stops the inner battle, the struggle, the fight. Where this exists inside, it will also play out in each’s physical world. If things are not easy, then one has not gone inside to figure it all out yet, one has not aligned all back into higher soul understanding love, which means that the outside cannot re-align. This creates more chaos, more extremes, more “loss”, more everything, as the outside spins out of control, because the inside is out of control or hanging on too tight to resistance, non-acceptance, non-belief….. from a dis-connected state (again).
Every collective reality that plays out now, if you hold that program anywhere inside of you, in your cellular memories/imprints, then this will play out inside of you and in your physical reality too. Each must be fully present, fully paying attention, fully open to truly be aware. For the human, awareness is a weapon, a blame game, a finger pointing thing. This is not awareness, this is just one level of waking up. It’s just one phase of the process, becoming aware of the corruption, manipulation, deep separation that created the human experience here. This is “just the beginning” to waking up to the matrix simulation. The higher Collective Cleansingsdimensional planes have transcended all of that. This is where each is moving to, physically. The dimensions where pure love, peace, respect, unity, kindness, compassion, consideration, abundance, wealth, bliss, magic, support, working/co-existing as powerful soverign beings unifying their fields to amplify these energies to create MORE OF THIS. To bring this forth more, to anchor more HEAVEN on EARTH here. There is an entire network of us already here, waiting yet not waiting, for we wait for nothing here. WE open portals of opportUNITY, hold the Gates open for all to vibrationally walk through/arrive when they are ready too. We do not wait here. That was human too. We’ve gone on from the lower dimensional realms of consciousness and we do not allow them to exist in our own reality world here. Yes, it is that simple. No, you cannot exist in a higher dimension until your entire physical body, your emotional body, your mental body all align to the highest frequency possible at all times and you stop going back to the old mentalities and playing in lower density anything. You are the one that chooses, allows and creates. You are the one that must make the decision, in every moment, to commit yourself fully to your own highest consciousness existence here.
This is a challenging journey, one that is beyond human comprehension, yet so very simple, too simple for the human mind to comprehend. It loves to discredit, argue, not believe, live in lack, separation, drama and chaos. Not one of those vibrations can survive in these higher vibrations now.
First you start by observing yourself, focusing on being happy from within, not filling void spaces with “stuff” to avoid, not avoiding the discomfort of dealing with things that you tried to escape before. Pull away, get away from it all, get out in nature, go off by yourself. Consciously cleanse your own cellular programs of anger, hurt, pain… it has to be allowed to leave the physical body if you do not want to keep experiencing this over and over again. At first it may seem huge, get angry, scream, cry with everything you’ve got. Let it all go. You do not need it anymore. It was a program that you came here to transcend, in order to return to the purity of bliss, love, magic and home again. Do this consciously and intentionally away from others, by yourself, for the unconscious being waits until they are triggers and then projects these emotions/beliefs out at others. Go somewhere where you are not going to get carted off to jail or an insane asylum (yes, we look crazy when we do this, what’s new?), give it to the universe, it can take it. It’s just one of the gifts that Gaia and our Universe offer us here. Go bury your head under a pillow, scream, cry and go to sleep. Either one works. You pick. The energy will move faster if you move it intentionally. You must learn to work with all of this energy if you are going to have any intentional participation at all. One you clear/cleanse/release the lower vibrational programs, your body will need rest, alone time, sleep to integrate the light of your soul that activated from your “new” DNA in order to re-calibrate and tune your physical body to a higher frequency than before.
Your body will start emitting electromagnetic energy more and more. When your consciousness is expanding from inside of your body, there are many physical things that can occur. The effects lessen over time, as your physical body vibration raises and holds more photonic Quantum Light inside. Your Photonic Cells moving activate your LightBody which creates a vibrating inside. You will feel electricity at first, then this evolves into higher frequency light as you continue. Electricity turns into electro-magnetic energy, the more your heart is open, the more unified you are, the more love you hold, the more in-service you are, the more you intentionally transmit light all of the time, instead of the old unconscious programs. Your body will go through many “weird things” that are foreign (and scary) to your human, yet if you maintain that connection and surrender to the experience, fully, the fear will go and it can be replaced by the most amazing experience. In the beginning, we just heat up, burn off program/residue, our sugar drops, we lose consciousness and the ability to function, walk, talk, hold a thought… this is all part of this too. Your perception can be one of realizing this is important and to honor it, support the body (sit/lay/sleep/eat sugar/carbs/fruit/liquids/dark chocolate/water), give your body fuels, let your body sleep to integrate or to fight it, resist and go to fear. Your mentalities and actions will create the experience you have as your SOUL/SOLar Galactic Sun Core Center activates inside of you and fills your every cell of your body with higher light consciousness so that you can expand into/as Multiple Dimensional you.
Your access to other Universes, Galaxies and dimensional planes occurs for you as you let go, as you surrender, as you open up and as you stop trying to fight and control. The power that will come from within you, will obliterate all of the old, it will bombard your cells with charged ions, protons, neutrons and more to destabilize the matrix structures, programs and systems that your human template once held.  Your new systems and structures for your new realities are formed from inside of you. Your entire physical body/physiology being transformed, re-worked, re-constructed, re-formed, re-formatted, re-configured constantly. Your organs, glands, skin, hormones, endocrine, lymphatic, blood, bones, teeth, brain…. every micro-bioloic cell of this new living, breathing, intelligent form you call a body being re-vamped for you and in accordance with higher light consiousness and your own individual soul codes & sequences now.
We are seeing many in “victim mode” to ascension, to cave-time (not an escape, a gift), to the physical’ness of this experience. This mindset will only cause you to suffer the experience that you, as a Galactic Soul chose to come here to experience/do. The sooner you accept/resign yourself to this, the sooner it gets easier for you. Embracing these processes, welcoming them and intentionally “speeding them up” may be more extreme, yet it’s the faster way to achieve all of your Galactic Higher Self Soul dreams and desires here. Yes, it will be physically/emotionally “painful” as your body experiences separate “deaths” while the physical dense matter leaves your body on a cellular/energetic level, as well as the death of your ego, many times, the lower emotions that kept you anchored in the lower density matrix realms go. You do not achieve being a PURE LIGHT BEING, a Galactic, the ability to walk in/as Infinite Dimensions and physically experience Heaven on Earth,  and hold onto the lower density anything in your physical body form. It must upgrade to bring you through StarGates. Your dense body cannot get through. Decompression and expansion of galactic cells will continually occur all along the way. Eventually the process is just energetic, with minimal physical’ness, because your body does not hold the dense programs anymore. Instead it holds space, plasma energy and can expand and contract easily. Yes, your body will go through many weight changes. It was not created to hold this much photonic light. It will contort, if you will, all along the way to accomplish this process FOR YOU. Your human will have to let go of all previous perceptions of what this is like or you will keep interfering with the process that needs to occur for you to RETURN to your forgotten existences and hold all of this is your physical body vessel/suit/form. Shifting to excitement, gratitude and listening/honoring from inside is how you do this experience easier here. Your victim mentalities will create misery for you and all others that you try to subject to this too. The difference now, is those who get it, won’t cater to this anymore. You may find an abruptness if your “go to” is victim mode. The first time is understandable, because you didn’t understand. Once you are provided with new awareness to apply, if you choose not to, then you may find it getting harder quicker. You will have to shift faster if you desire to experience ease again.
Physical realities now play out for each, exactly what is necessary to wake all up faster, exactly what is necessary to move each into higher dimensional realms of existence, exactly what is necessary to dissolve/obliterate separation and create UNITY as a way of Existence here. Your Earthly plane’s vibration has been raised to the 5th Dimension (and so very much higher), so that old programmed realities dissolve faster and for those still trying to re-create from unconcsiousness, often abruptly, for the old energies, bodies, mentalities cannot pass through the NOW LINKED UP STARGATE SYSTEM that came online as of today. We completed this process yesterday and collapsed the timelines up to that point. Template wiping and constant re-calibrations occurred according to the new re-gridding process that’s been going on the last few weeks. This re-gridding tuned everything to a higher frequency and re-configured everything for you. This occurs inside of your physical body, in your bones, teeth, muscles and every cell. This occurs in our Earth, in the atmosphere…. as all is a huge system that constantly synchronizes now. Everytime one StarGate needs to “re-dial”, then another will now do this too. Before, these StarGates were not fully operational. Now they all are. This has been occurring all along…
Those who posses the desire to move through these StarGates that now govern your existence here. Each Galactic Holy Body has an entire StarGate System that synchronizes with Universe/Galaxies/Planets/Suns/Moons/Stars/Star Systems. The inside of your body constantly evolve whether you assist with this or not. If you fight/ignore/don’t honor, your bodies will go haywire, shut down, fight back (these are human words to describe what you believe)… when in fact your body is more conscious than you are, unless you are fully conscious and working in unison, as one system and fully aligned from within. Your body now has the capability to override you completely. It has been activated to upgrade or shut down as it needs to. It will go-offline and come online continually as it constantly re-calibrates, re-tunes and re-configures, re-patterns, re-structures your body’s systems to work very differently than before. Your glands, organs, chemical releases…. everything gets re-done.  Where there is lack of higher-knowledge, lack of listening/desiring to really truly know/understand, inability to honor, then the body will do what it needs to do. Where the human avoids, tries to run the show from old human beliefs/fears, tries to fit “all of this into a box”, then the body won’t be able to sustain. Without the full integration of one’s WHOLE SOUL LIGHT, the body will shut completely down and disconnect (death). The body only dies. The soul does not. It has completed it’s mission/purposes/contracts and it returns to the UNIFIED FIELD OF FULL CONSCIOUSNESS. The human aspect is not ready to understand this yet. Each will as they ascend and transcend those old mentalities of separation of existences now. The soul is pure. Everything else is human separation/unconsciousness and a part of the matrix program all agreed to enter in the “fall from consciousness” and SOURCE POINT, where the Point of Creation began. Then we go Galactic, beyond even that.
It is time for each to now complete/conclude their “Earthly Missions” and move into their Higher Consciousness Existence Ones”. This StarGate alignment … this one… and all others from this point on… move each further into the Highest Existence possible. This is what you/we all came here for. ♥
With deep soul love and respect. Get ready. It’s always “just the beginning” now. Constantly re-focus your energy continually and pay attention to what you feed your energy into. This creates your own experience. These amplification frequencies magnify your energy a gazillion fold to return a physical experience to you. ♥ It’s never been more important for us all.
p.s. A “hint”. The higher density planes have more choices, more options, more opportunties, more abundance, more exquisiteness, more awesomeness, more everything that you desire. You have to keep reaching higher, aspiring for more, connecting with your own soul from within and challenging yourself to transcend anything/all things human that present from inside of you. As you do, all gets easier for you, because you did. One you Master the “BEing, bliss, magic, everything is fun, simple” phase…. you/all will move into the “it’s time to step-up/boots on the ground/git’r’done” phase, where you are to anchor those higher dimensional realities in the phyiscal here. The “floating” will lessen, gravity will start to re-adjust in your body, as you’ve acclimated to the higher frequency realms and it will become less Lucid Dreamy as you Descend a 2nd time (or 3rd,4th or billionth, if you didn’t understand all of the other times/weren’t ready/still had human programs to clear from your physical body form). This “final descent” will mean that you must now bring the PURITY of Heaven/Galaxies, the KNOWLEDGE of all of the other higher dimensional realms into this physical for all here. The physical starts to become more solid again, as you’ve been exposed to higher consciousness long enough to “know better”. It’s time to walk it, be it, do it… in everything that you say, do, are. Your entire physical reality will depend on you, what you intentionally transmit out, intentionally contribute as love, intentionally “put into it”. You will find/see how responsible you truly are for everything, as SOURCE, AS CREATOR, AS GOD BEINGS AND GALACTIC CELESTIAL STAR BEINGS, LeMUrians/Atlanteans/Avalonians and more, the PURE ASPECTS without the distortions of unconscious programs like before.
Now it will be up to you to share, for you to step-up, for you to take command AS THE DIVINE POWERFUL LOVE BEING that you are. To bring your CREATIONS into the physical, to be totally visible, to be totally open, the supporting one, the contributing one, the one that is totally responsible and accountable for every breath that you transmit out…. You will connect up with the entire Universe/Gaia and all things physical matter will come to life too, breathe consciousness with you, as one organism as inanimate matter comes alive too. Your home, your car, your money… all has the life you give it, all connects energetically and becomes a part of a huge system created to support your highest existence here. As you unify inside then all outside does too. Where it does not, you will recognize this. You will have to continually choose what to allow and what to let float away to go elsewhere because synchronization cannot yet occur. This will challenge your human. It will be easy for your highest aspect you, because you will finally understand how teleporting, materialization, portals, stargates and physical matter taking form in response works. This is how you MASTER THE PHYSICAL… you become Source Creator and you decide/dictate vibrational realities, hold them in place, easily, naturally… for this is your “new existence” as a Super Quantum Light BEing here. ♦
Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼
Galactic Guardian of NEW Earth, Sacred Light BEing and Intentional Source Creator Holding our Highest Realities in Place


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