Ria Aurora Athena Ash

Beloved Ones –
My sisters & Brothers …
I Come to speak to you in
Zero point of The Now
Within the centrefold ‘ of your hearts …
To express many developments within your planetary sector that are taking place …
within your perceived linear now..
There is much going on behind-the-scenes that it’s best not to be placed in your awareness due to events’ that are out of your control ‘ …. of Free Will And universal laws …
However ….
I will express to you all that ‘
Your corporations .. your media and other compartmentalise aspects of your governments and military ‘ Are aware that there is a (heavenly body )
That is moving towards your planet…
They call it Astroid 2006QV89 ….
We will Stress here intentively that this astroid is not an object that is to interface with your planet … on the contrary’ it is a galactic space midway-station that is , to position itself around a new elliptical orbit outside your Earthly bio sphere …
Let’s us explain in your Linear understanding:
There was a time outside your Matrix ‘ where a great war was taken place ‘ in and around the solar system …
The planet (Marduk/Maldek) … Was imploding…
At This time there were many space stations that belonged to the federations that were placed in and around this planet Marduk/Maldek, at the time the planet was destroyed many space stations were sent to the four corners of the solar system , one of those space stations was ( Chiron ) as you have come to call it …..
Chiron ( Space station )
was heavily damaged in the war , and was placed into elliptical orbit around Saturn Uranus and your sun ‘ …
Chiron Moves in a particular (circular path ‘orbit ) , that crosses that of Saturn and passes just inside that ‘
of Uranus ….
within this quadrant sector Of space …
Chiron 1 was then Occupied by our Federation and by our Fleets
to become a midway point space station for the federation in Quadrant six….
Along side Ganymede/ Jupiter Headquarters in quadrant4
After The great war in your linear expression of Time … as we occupy many timelines as you understand we are multidimensional…. and in Zero point….
Chiron has now ‘ duplicated itself ….
Yes duplicated: To Chiron 2
becoming two aspects of its-self : One physical and One Etheric…,
The Etheric Ascended Chiron 1
, will stay in its original orbit within the higher dimension of expression of self .., as the solar system is ascending everything ascends with it …,
And ‘ To a degree’ it will still be noticeable by your telescopes in its same Orbit
however …..
The lower physical 4/5D Chiron 2 ‘ is travelling on its way to Earth Now 🌍 …..
You have been told by your Scientists & media that an Astroid 2006QV89 could potentially hit the Earth
This was fabricated by the Compartmentalised
(NASA that is the ( NSA’) “
just switch the SA )” NSA( NASA)…
and the European Space Agency…

This is not the case beloveds …..
Chiron 2 ( galactic space station)
Has a new mission , and many members of our Federation have been tasked with this new mission , in support of Chiron 2 and it’s a new elliptical orbit around your Earth ,
your scientists and governments cannot hide this truth from you ….
In time ‘ you will start to see this for yourself…..
As Your planetary realm is ascending, we in the federations require more , …
midway point space stations within the orbit of Earth ‘ that Positions itself along the Galactic highway …
For support..,. Yes it’s getting crowded up here with our ships 🛸….
As many of you wonderful hearts are taking wonderful photographs of our ships as you are Ascending and raising your consciousness…..
Chiron 2 : will become a
New Galactic Midway point space station on the Galactic highway…
So “please “ there is “no fear” ….
Allow yourself to use your inner discernment that is your heart that is the zero point key in understanding your planet 🌍
is ascending , it is not going to be destroyed , it is growing and given birth to the most beautiful new reality and new timelines and you beloveds ‘
are given birth to this reality And convergence of timelines… .
So look to use Sky’s ‘ soon you will see Chiron 2 obviously we have a different name for it
in (light language )
but for your earthly terms we call it ( Chiron 2 ) ….
So be on the lookout and remember to use your discernment ‘ to follow your hearts “
take what resonates ‘and leave everything else behind ‘
that does not resonate “ ….
As you move into higher consciousness and higher awareness you come to understand discernment ‘
and really truly follow your instincts with your heart….
We love you all Beyond measure …
We are with you always….
Stay in your Hearts !
Stay in joy!
Stay in laughter !
Stay in love !
Stay in Unity.. Not division …
Stay in discernment !
All my peace and love …
I am Commander Ash’Tar

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  1. Sandy Bella

    ❤ Thankyou for ‘The Seventh Sacred Seal’ picture ❤☺❤

  2. Jo

    Your beautiful Sandy Bella – the whispering angels have come through you.
    Nalu is born!
    i love you and our precious sacred
    earth so much!

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