ILLUMINATI Ritual Super Bowl 52 Halftime Show ~ Demonic Prince Idol

Well, that was a really weird Super Bowl Halftime for me. The post I made this morning manifested right before my eyes. The picture I posted of Prince, getting Resurrected from the dead, by the High Priest Justin Timberlake this morning is on the left and the actual Superbowl Halftime show with Justin Timberlake resurrecting Prince is on the right. Oddly, they are the same.

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Remembering Your Fifth Dimensional SELF

We, the Arcturians, have come into your awareness within this NOW to remind you of your own Inner Power. We realize that your taking an earth vessel in order to assist with personal and planetary ascension has been a difficult situation for many of you. You have volunteered, mostly for the planet Earth, whose Soul is known as Gaia, to educate the humans who are still unaware that they, too, have a “Soul Essence” that is in total alignment with Gaia.

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