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QFS Rainbow US Dollar

BRICS Alliance   ⚜️QFS Rainbow US Dollar⚜️


⚜️QFS Rainbow US Dollar⚜️

Previously, I only introduced a part of it, but this is the new QFS US dollar bill that was secretly released in 2018.

As we have already shown in part, this is the new QFS USD note that was secretly revealed in 2018.

QFS Rainbow US Dollar
QFS Rainbow US Dollar

👇This was shared by JFK Jr. in May of last year.

 Here’s what JFK Jr. shared in May of last year.


👇Here’s the

 full story👀

👆As it is a limited release, there are no images available, but if you hit the video button you can see it🙏

 The image is not shown because it is limited, but if you click on the video you can see it 🙏

QFS coin uses blockchain technology, so it cannot be counterfeited, and even if you try to counterfeit it, it will be discovered immediately.

QFS coin cannot be counterfeited because it uses blockchain technology and even if you try to counterfeit it, you will be exposed immediately

Firstly, 👇 the color changes depending on the angle, brightness and black light, and it looks like the GPS is built in, so I don’t think it will be possible to fake it even if you try to fake it. 😎

👇I think because of the different colors at different angles or brightness or with black light like this and it is said to have GPS built into it, it would be impossible to fake it even if you tried.

It is said to be equipped with GPS, so even if it is used for a crime it will be possible to quickly pinpoint its location.

And as they are said to be equipped with GPS, it is said that even if they are used in a crime, their location can be tracked immediately.

Looking forward to seeing this QFS rainbow coin soon ~❣🥰


Update: RV/GCR

RV/GCR has its own frequency. 

It transmits a frequency that those tuned to it pick up that signal. This is why some of the people you shared with were not in tune with this frequency. You will find that those of us called to this are finding people similar to us in our vibration.

We are all tuned to the RV frequency, so we are all tuned to the frequency of others. Just like a radio has different channels and frequencies that it transmits, so do we and this RV.

AM and FM radio channels broadcast on different frequencies and if you are not tuned to the correct frequency, you will not receive that signal. We are the same. Our frequencies are tuned to attract people and opportunities. To find your way here, you have been dialed into a higher frequency. Know that your presence here is important and was not by chance. He was chosen based on his energy signature.


The process to reach the final version progresses this week. From all sources, it should happen this week. It is a zigzag process in which no lines are paid.

It all depends on which side you are on the GCR side or the trailer side and when you arrive. The whales get paid and stay quiet. They are part of the GCR side of things and the historical heritage.

We are on the VR side and waiting for the final release. This should end this week. There is a lot going on behind the scenes on a geopolitical, global and monetary front. I’ve never seen us so promising now for the launch. Never give up! Forever!

We will continue our daily meditation at 11:11 am EST. See the clique arrested and evil removed from the planet. See the world bright, beautiful and free.

See the divine miracle come to Earth and cover it with love and peace. Surround President Trump and his family, staff and military in a shield of protection. Do what you must do today.

Stay strong and keep the faith and may God bless each one of you. 



NESARA is here
NESARA is here



NESARA is here: Imminent surge predicted as gold prices soar to $27,000 per ounce!

NESARA, a herald of innovative financial reforms, not only promises a reboot of the global economy, but also predicts a return to a more stable, gold-backed financial system.

This reform initiative, shrouded in mystery and great promise, aims to restore financial freedom and justice, fundamentally redefining the value of gold in the process.

In a world filled with economic instability, NESARA stands as a beacon of hope, championing a vision that reconnects our monetary system with the indomitable strength of gold.

There it appears, a titan among metals, a giant on the financial scene – gold. This timeless and inflexible element now faces the barrel of a historic revaluation, which sees its value rising to an unimaginable $27,000 per ounce.

This is an educated prediction, drawn from historical precedent and rigorous economic analysis supported by NESARA’s comprehensive visions.

Why would gold, traditionally a bastion of stability, soar like this? Let’s dive into the depths of this imminent financial revolution as predicted by NESARA.

The Road to $27,000

Imagine a world where the very structure of monetary trust begins to crumble. Fiat currencies, legal tender currencies issued by the government and not backed by a physical commodity, are at their limit. Central banks around the world have been on a rampage of incessant money creation, a precarious game with potentially disastrous consequences.

With the rise of digital currencies like Bitcoin challenging the status quo and rumors of another looming financial crisis, the stage is ripe for a dramatic shift back to solid, reliable gold – as NESARA suggests.

Gold’s intrinsic value is about to explode as it becomes the cornerstone in a crumbling world beset by economic uncertainty. As global economic conditions teeter on the brink of volatility, gold is emerging not just as a safe haven but as the savior of modern finance, a crucial pillar of NESARA’s strategy to stabilize the global economy.

Underlying Analysis: A Price Set in Stone

NESARA’s push for a return to the gold standard is not just wishful thinking, but a calculated move supported by extensive analysis. We ask: What would be the implicit non-deflationary price of gold if the world returned to the gold standard? This critical question is central to NESARA’s economic strategy, which aims to anchor our currency in something real, something untouchable by the whims of government policies.

The analysis begins abruptly. Should confidence in fiat currency collapse, establishing a realistic and balanced price for gold becomes not only beneficial, but essential for economic stability. This need reflects historical lessons and is amplified by NESARA’s call for a fair and stable financial system.

Supply and demand: the immutable laws

As predicted by NESARA, the reduction in gold supply signals an urgent need for a return to a gold-backed currency. U.S. mine production has plummeted, indicating a strain on production capabilities. On the other hand, demand for gold, driven by central banks, hedge funds and ETFs, has increased – a clear sign that the market is sensing a shift, aligning perfectly with NESARA principles.

The math behind the magic number

With NESARA’s case for significant support for the gold coin, let’s look at the math that leads to the surprising number of $27,374 per ounce. Under NESARA guidelines, a substantial portion of the US money supply would require backing in gold, bolstering the value of the dollar against potential crises.

This calculation underscores the viability of NESARA’s vision: a robust financial system, backed by gold, that promises not only stability but also a fair redistribution of wealth and power in the global economy.

The end result

What we are witnessing could very well be the dawn of a new golden age, ushered in by the transformative policies of NESARA. The revaluation of gold against the US dollar is not a mere possibility, but an imminent reality, based on a confluence of historical insight, economic forecasting and immutable laws of supply and demand.

As confidence in traditional fiat currencies wanes, gold is poised to ascend to its rightful place as the foundation of the future monetary system.

As we stand at this crossroads, a path paved in gold leads to stability and confidence – a path less traveled in recent decades, but perhaps the only path that can lead us away from fiscal ruin, a path courageously charted by NESARA’s visionary agenda.



Payment for level groups involved in RV:

  • Dubai Accounts Fund the RV  : Dubai 1 funds Levels 1 and 2 of the RV and Dubai 2 funds Levels 3 and 4 of the RV, while Dubai 3 funds the Adjudicated and GESARA Accounts.
  • Payment of Securities and Currency   is made in the order of different levels. There are five levels that will be switched: levels 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.
  • Liquidity Release is done in a certain order  . The Elders, German Bonds and some Yellow Dragon Bonds must be paid first and have already been.
    A. Dubai 1   released for liquidity, which triggers Dubai 2 and 3.
    B. F&P   are released to recipients (they need liquid D1, this is their lag)
    C. Bonds   will be liquid (they need D1 to be liquid)
    1-4b   are notified. (they need D1 to be liquid)
  • It seems like   everything is ready to happen or almost at the same time!
  • Tier 1 Sovereign Nation Government Debt   : Chinese royalty, bondholders, payers, religious groups, CMKX, F&P, adjudicated settlements, ranch and farm claims, and other groups.
  • Level 2 Royals   , Elders, Whales, Military Generals and some political type Elites with currency platforms, corporations, etc.
  • Tier 3 Admiral Group   , American Indians, CMKX, large religious groups such as the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The Pentecostal group was now 100% under an NDA. Level 3 was all Dubai 2 Trust Money and originally it was the generals and the public. Now Level 3 includes groups with projects including the Admiral.
  • The Admiral   was sent to the back of the queue and renamed to Level 4A (actually just a slice of Level 3). The Admiral’s Group was made up of three parts – the most notable of which were the Tier4a Core groups and 130 VIP groups.
  • Tier 4B, (we, the Internet Group)   is the largest group and is made up of the general public who paid attention to Intel – the people who purchased currency and/or securities and followed the reset through information on the Internet.
  • Level 5   The general public who never paid attention to Intel.
  • The official GO for Tier 4b   has not yet been released. This can happen at any time.
  • As all Tier1-4b are funded  , we are waiting for the final release to reach our tier. It’s a process. It is tedious and time-consuming to make the necessary adjustments along the way for accuracy and safety for everyone involved. It is a very quiet and discreet operation where the general public is left uninformed for obvious reasons. Pay attention to the levels that are in front of us. This will help us better understand where we are in relation to achieving level 4b. BUT, it is unfolding. And when it reaches our levels, there will be no doubts. Is coming! Have faith.



I received news: things have started. 

It’s getting very exciting. I received a phone call and I won’t mention names, but right now the caller is in the bank about to receive their blessings. Things are happening. It’s someone I know, close to me. We will hear more about this.

We received an audio from the Pentecostal group, it’s ready. They have liquid cash and have received funds to distribute funds to members. The Pentecostal group has around 3 million people, so there is no one person responsible for distribution.

They have different leaders assigned to different platforms. He sent an audio saying that everything is ready. It was very exciting news for his people. I’m not on this specific platform, but on another platform in this group. He sent a text message saying it would be this week, but it would take his entire organization until August to pay all of its members.

Yesterday I should have received a message from Reno that group 4A should go first.

Unfortunately, I don’t know if something has happened yet or not. I have not received any messages from this source. I hope to get some messages from Reno.

Not much of Zurich. I received a message from Zurich that started some time ago. That’s all I know. I have European contacts, but none of them said anything.

Again, it’s a process. Some people are probably getting paid, but others haven’t gotten their turn yet.

For 4B we will receive it this week. It’s stressful, maybe Bruce knows more about it than I do. But 4B notifications are expected to be published today or tomorrow. IF the bonuses are paid, the coins will certainly come out.

It’s going to be exciting, and I was thrilled when the person at the bank called me. I am very happy for those who receive your blessings.

I’m not here to talk about Mauricio, but they are getting closer, but at this moment I need to keep quiet about their platform.

I’m sure this will happen soon, and then we will have three things:

1) Live emergency call –

2) YouTube video from a friend of mine, a member of the Liberty Trumpets, and then

3) The Opera. So I’m going to unmute the room so we can all celebrate!

Be careful, 

Wolverine (transcribed by Carpathia)



RUMORS: 06/19/2024

The QFS guarantees transparency, leaving no room for dubious negotiations behind closed doors. He wipes the slate clean, promising economic stability and an unyielding foundation.

This isn’t a random political change or a happy-go-lucky financial overhaul – this is a radical restructuring that will reshape the way we measure wealth, forever altering the course of our future.

So embrace this new financial dawn. The Gold Certificate is a gift that will guarantee humanitarian efforts, personal fortunes and global economies in equal measure. With currencies stripped of the whims of corrupt central bankers, humanity will finally enter the Golden Age we all long for.



The QFS, forged in truth and gilded in divine blessing, will lead us to prosperity where every coin, every note, is a solid guarantee of value as lasting as the gold that supports it.


Alliance and White Hats, please listen to me. 

While I’m so grateful for all your hard work, now it’s time to flip the switch. We, the woke patriots, are at our wit’s end with this painful, slow ending to this B movie. Many have lost waking loved ones, many are sleeping in their cars, some have lost everything in this war.

My heart goes out to everyone. We cannot afford to be happy and remain uncared for. This is our lowest frequency. Now I’ve made two of my divine animals hold on, because it’s always tomorrow. I know the medical beds are ready. They need help now. Please, I ask you for all the humans and animals awake, barely hanging on, that we move forward now… Most of us have been here since the beginning….



Starlink has military applications around the world: Starlink, RVs and GESARA, Quantum Financial System (QFS) and Stellar – the Fort Knox of ultra-secure global finance! In an era where technological advances are shaping our future, we are about to witness a colossal transformation that promises to revolutionize the financial lives of every nation and every individual on Earth – enter Starlink, the Quantum Financial System (QFS) and Stellar Network, merging to usher in an ultra-secure global financial ecosystem.


The revaluation of gold is already underway

So when Russia and China created the currency pair last week…

This is the first step towards creating the monetary “UNIT” that will replace the dollar in foreign trade.



The next logical step is for Russia/China to support “UNIT” with 40% gold.

I believe the revaluation of gold is underway.

This is clearly why the EU postponed the implementation of Basel III.


From “Interesting information”

From the mouth of President Trump

・Illegal immigrants will return home to receive “Gesara money”!

・Delete income tax!

There are many comments related to GESARA (^^)

It is said that GESARA will be implemented on the first day of the new administration.

When? !

(I can’t wait until November!)

From “Interesting Information/Polypara-san”

Everything will change in one week from June 17th! That is…

What do you think? !

I hope without waiting too long (^^)

So today too

I would like to spend my time with a positive attitude as I pray for the safety and good health of everyone in the “Army of Angels”


I am currently focusing on

✅ awareness of the fifth-dimensional world

✅ in the vision of Plan Q as a realistic reconstruction of the social system

As  I have said several times, the Q Plan is not created by magic. To materialize the new social structure established by GESARA, we must build and maintain the essential elements again.



So, instead of focusing on “When will GESARA be launched?”, we are focusing on “What is the status of the social mechanisms and elements that need to be in place before GESARA launches?”


✴️Trends in Iraq

Last weekend, Iraq’s largest bank, Rafidine Bank, announced that it had begun installing (promoting the installation of) ATMs in major branches, public institutions, commercial areas and shopping centers. Notice what  they say

♻️ “These ATM machines have cutting-edge technology and are cutting-edge.”

This is considered a response to the RV of the Iraqi dinar (including the introduction of low-denomination banknotes).


✴️ Advance to GESARA! BRICS countries become the main actors in the world! ?

I feel like this month (June) marks a big turning point for Q Plan on the main stage.

This  is because the BRICS countries that are promoting the realization of GESARA have finally assumed the leadership role in the world. Specific events are detailed in the article below, so please refer to them.

✅ On the front stage, the most important element is  to break and eliminate the enslaved society that the Cabal (DS, Globalists) has controlled for a long time.

This is because after the slave society is defeated and eliminated, it will be possible to launch a new GESARA society.

Of course it is not 100% yet, but the fact that “defeating and eliminating the enslaved society” has materialized is great progress towards a GESARA society! 👍


⚜️Do Dr. Charlie⚜️ 

Something big happened!

The BRICS countries have actually imposed an embargo on the US and Israel, the power of the dollar has disappeared and the BRICS are taking control and driving things forward. This has never happened before in history!


The QFS has already been implemented to the end. QFS on the physical side (communications)

QFS is already installed to the limit.

The Starlink system supports QFS on the physical side (communications, transmission) and is ready for deployment.

In the financial industry, terminal banking systems within banks (related to payments, etc.) (such as Basel 3) using QFS (Quantum Financial System) are almost complete.


Medical beds: be very careful with this issue. 

I neither confirm nor deny that this entire issue is in the process of being implemented, I just say that you should be very careful with usage lists in which they ask you for money to be on an access list for this type of bed.






Accounts in the QFS (today x today) are not inheritable. Biometric access will prevent fraudulent use of these accounts when you are not here.

A) One of the control settings will be limited access to these accounts, as there can only be one account holder. As executors, holders of this account, we will be responsible for the correct distribution and administration of this money.

B) | Under strict control of the QFS (IA), we will have spending and management restrictions. We will not be able to do whatever we want.

C) Forget trillions and billions, it is a value that will appear in the account and to which we will not have access. Pure marketing.

D) The Federal Reserve already has this gold to back these bailout bonds. In this link you can read how and who is responsible for managing it. Numbers with 24 zeros. This entire process is controlled and access limited

E) This money comes to be distributed. Getting money from these accounts for our expenses with limitations. Everything that is landed is inheritable and pays taxes. Money in the cloud (QFS) does not pay taxes.

F) Every movement we make to disembark money must be supervised by an international tax consultant. We can choose to live well and have a good economy or we can choose to create companies, provide good jobs, humanitarian projects, NGOs, foundations, etc. All of this is hereditary. Money left in the cloud (QFS) does not.

Malaysian currency now on RV path in gold-backed BRICS alliance  

Prime Minister declares strategic intention to join the BRICS Alliance, which would lead to a significant VR of the Malaysian Ringgit (MYR).

In this article

  • Malaysia’s formal application to join BRICS
  • The Early Revaluation of the Malaysian Ringgit
  • BRICS gold-backed trade currency and its implications
  • Malaysia’s strong economic contributions to the BRICS

Malaysia’s strategic decision to join the BRICS economic bloc has sparked significant discussions about the future of the Malaysian Ringgit (MYR).

Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim’s announcement highlights Malaysia’s intention to align with the BRICS, potentially leading to the revaluation (RV) of the Ringgit through the bloc’s gold-backed common trading currency, which will be made up of 40% gold.

Malaysia’s formal application to join BRICS

Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim’s recent statement represents a pivotal moment for Malaysia’s economic and diplomatic strategy. In an interview with Chinese media outlet Guancha, broadcast before Chinese Premier Li Qiang’s visit, Anwar confirmed Malaysia’s intention to join the BRICS, marking a crucial step towards the diversification of its strategic relations.

“We have indicated, as a matter of policy, that we will adhere,” said Datuk Seri Anwar.  “We made a decision. We are putting formal procedures in place soon.” This move aligns Malaysia with a group of nations collectively challenging the Western-dominated global order, potentially reshaping the economic landscape.

The Early Revaluation of the Malaysian Ringgit

One of the most significant implications of Malaysia’s membership of the BRICS is the potential revaluation of the Malaysian Ringgit.

The BRICS bloc plans to implement a common commercial currency backed by gold. The inclusion of the Ringgit in this basket of currencies could significantly increase its purchasing power and exchange rate, especially relative to fiat currencies like the US dollar.

The revaluation of the MYR would not only strengthen Malaysia’s financial stability but also increase its attractiveness for foreign investment. This economic shift is expected to elevate Malaysia’s status in the global market, offering new opportunities for growth and development.

BRICS gold-backed trade currency and its implications

The evolution of the BRICS bloc towards a gold-backed trading currency is a strategic effort to reduce dependence on the US dollar and promote economic sovereignty among member countries. For Malaysia, participating in this initiative means aligning the Ringgit with a stable and valuable monetary system, increasing its global economic influence.

This new monetary system aims to facilitate smoother and safer trade between BRICS nations by providing a robust alternative to the existing fiat currency system.

The anticipated revaluation of the Ringgit under this gold-backed regime is expected to offer Malaysia greater economic leverage and better terms of trade.

Malaysia’s strong economic contributions to the BRICS

Malaysia’s decision to join the BRICS is supported by its strong economic indicators and potential contributions to the bloc.

By 2024, Malaysia’s GDP is estimated to reach US$445 billion, with substantial exports in key sectors such as digital/electronic devices, electrical machinery, mineral fuels and industrial machinery. These economic forces position Malaysia as a valuable member of the BRICS alliance.

Malaysia’s top export destinations in 2023 included major economies such as Singapore, China and the US, highlighting its significant role in global trade.

The country’s diverse export portfolio, which includes electrical machinery, mineral oils and animal or vegetable fats, among others, demonstrates its ability to contribute effectively to a diversified BRICS economic bloc.

Experts such as Datuk Prof Dr Mohd Faiz Abdullah from the Malaysian Institute of Strategic and International Studies (ISIS) emphasize the importance of Malaysia’s participation in the BRICS. “Building our ties with these key countries will make our economy more resilient,” he noted, highlighting the strategic benefits of Malaysia’s move.

The end result

Malaysia’s formal intention to join the BRICS represents a strategic maneuver with far-reaching economic implications.

The potential revaluation of the Malaysian Ringgit, driven by the adoption of a common BRICS trading currency backed by gold, positions Malaysia for greater financial stability and global economic influence.

Coupled with Malaysia’s robust economic contributions, this move promises to solidify the nation’s position within the BRICS alliance, promoting new opportunities for growth and collaboration in the evolving global landscape.

Breaking News: Gold-Backed Military Quantum Financial System (QFS), Executive Orders 13818, 13848, 13959, XRP and XLM to Revolutionize the Global Economy!

The Quantum Financial System (QFS) is poised to revolutionize the global economy, ushering in an era where financial transactions are secure, transparent and based on real assets.

This unprecedented shift will usher in a new monetary paradigm, fundamentally altering the way we view and deal with money.

The essence of the QFS lies in its ability to back currencies with tangible assets such as gold, silver, oil and other precious commodities, ensuring that each monetary unit has real value to back it.

QFS  operates using quantum software  and quantum computers, making it the most secure financial system in the world, immune to hackers and fraud. Eventually, all  banking transactions will be carried out on QFS  , marking a significant change from our current banking systems.

Banks, as we know them, will undergo drastic changes. Under the QFS, all money will exist in digital format, although still backed by assets. Each transaction will generate at least 50 records, stored simultaneously across six main server farms within milliseconds, ensuring that no fraudulent activity goes unnoticed.

QFS will introduce digital wallets for everyone,  eliminating the need for traditional bank accounts. These digital wallets will offer unparalleled security, allowing users to make secure transactions, use debit cards directly linked to their accounts and transfer money globally without fear of fraud. The system promises 100% security with the introduction of Q Phones and Q Computers, ensuring a strengthened digital environment across the world.

Stellar, an integral part of this financial revolution, is a decentralized platform that tracks financial properties and assets. Unlike traditional systems, Stellar operates without a central authority, preventing any entity from manipulating the network.

The Stellar Consensus Protocol (SCP) updates the system every five seconds, ensuring accuracy and efficiency. This protocol is faster, customizable, and highly energy efficient compared to traditional proof-of-work systems used by early cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

The Stellar network, running on Starlink satellites, will become  the backbone of QFS  . It is a military operation designed to secure humanitarian funds and support global financial stability. Stellar’s software will handle the minting of cryptocurrencies for all countries, as per contracts with the new US Treasury Department. This decentralized, open-source network processes millions of transactions daily, becoming a cornerstone of the new financial order.

In preparation for  the full deployment of the QFS,  several protocols are being implemented. These include Protocol 17 for asset recovery, Protocol 18 for liquidity and market interoperability, and Protocols 19 and 20 for the global quantum matrix and financial stability. These protocols guarantee a continuous transfer of value between assets and networks, increasing liquidity and avoiding blockages.

By the end of 2024, only two cryptocurrencies will remain: XRP and XLM, both backed by gold. All other cryptocurrencies will disappear as they do not have  the asset backing required by the QFS  . XRP, an integral part of the Ripple network, will facilitate global money transfers, ensuring safe and efficient financial transactions. Ripple aims to replace SWIFT, the current leader in global money transfers, by providing a faster and more secure alternative.

XRP’s incorruptibility will play a crucial role in dismantling corrupt governments and criminal organizations. Executive Orders 13,818, 13,848 and 13,959 will allow the seizure of assets of people involved in treason, drug trafficking and other crimes. This will guarantee no safe haven for corruption, paving the way for a cleaner and more transparent global financial system.

The development of this visionary alliance between Starlink, QFS and Stellar represents a monumental leap in financial technology. It promises a future where financial security is a given, economic opportunities are limitless, and the harmony of a well-functioning financial system is felt around the world. We are on the cusp of a new era where today’s technological advances will become tomorrow’s financial realities.

The fusion of these advanced technologies means the birth of a secure and inclusive financial future. This new system is a beacon guiding us to a world where financial freedom is tangible and innovation is limitless. It is a testament to human ingenuity and a reminder that each step forward weaves a story of hope and progress. In this evolving world, we march to the beat of revolutionary advances, creating a symphony of an incalculable future, a new world order in finance.

The QFS, backed by Stellar and guaranteed by quantum technology,  represents the ultimate disruption in the financial sector. It is a system that will bring about the fall of the old guard, replacing it with a new and incorruptible financial order.

With digital wallets, asset-backed currencies and unparalleled security, this new system will redefine the way we perceive and interact with money. The global financial landscape is about to undergo a transformation of epic proportions and the  QFS will be at the heart of this change.

Prepare for a future where financial transactions are not only secure, but also transparent and fair. The Quantum Financial System is the beginning of a new era in global finance, promising a world where financial security, transparency and equality are the norms, not the exceptions.

Gold-Backed Military Quantum Financial System
Gold-Backed Military Quantum Financial System

Protocol 19: The Black Swan Event Ushering in the Dawn of a New Flare Network in the ISO Coin Family

Black Swan Event.

In the world of cryptocurrencies, where every move is closely scrutinized, there are moments that seem to come out of nowhere, like a black swan gliding gracefully through the waters of uncertainty. Protocol 19, a mysterious and transformative phenomenon, is about to disrupt the very foundations of the ISO coin family. It’s a revelation that promises to be both exhilarating and disturbing, a harbinger of changes few predicted.

As we navigate the twists and turns of this enigmatic journey, we will not only explore the depths of Protocol 19, but also discover the secret forces at play. In this article, we will pull back the curtain on this black swan event, revealing its meaning, implications and the conspiracies surrounding it. Get ready for a rollercoaster ride through the heart of the financial underworld.

The Birth of Protocol 19.  Protocol 19 is the hidden gem that the cryptocurrency world did not expect. It has been lurking in the shadows, an enigma waiting to reveal its true potential.

But what exactly is  Protocol 19  and why is it sending shockwaves through the ISO coin family?

Protocol 19 is an innovative technology that will serve as the backbone of the new Flare Network. For those unfamiliar, the  ISO coin family  includes some of the most influential digital currencies out there.  Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple (XRP)  and more are part of this elite club. The ISO family sets the standard for the world of digital finance, and the birth of the Flare Network under Protocol 19 aims to challenge the status quo.

Tik Tok​.​.​.​Time is up!

The cryptocurrency revolution.  Before we delve deeper into Protocol 19, it is essential to understand the backdrop against which this black swan event unfolds. Cryptocurrency, once seen as a fringe movement, has now become a global phenomenon.  It is a revolution that is shaking the foundations of traditional finance.

The cryptocurrency revolution is driven by the desire for financial autonomy and the rejection of centralized control. Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency, was born from these principles and lit a fire that continues to burn brightly. The Flare Network, powered by Protocol 19, is poised to fan these flames even further, ushering in a new era of decentralized finance.

Dark forces at play.  As with any major power shift, there are always dark forces at play. In the world of cryptocurrencies, these forces are no different. Protocol 19 has not gone unnoticed by those who hold the keys to the existing financial kingdom. The question is: how are these dark forces reacting to this imminent threat to their dominance?


Conspiracies abound and we can’t help but wonder if the powers that be are orchestrating covert operations to sabotage the Flare Network and Protocol 19. Could it be that the same institutions that cryptocurrencies were designed to challenge are now plotting their comeback? The stakes are high and the battle lines are drawn.

Protocol 19: The game changer

In this high-stakes game, Protocol 19 represents a game changer. It has a unique set of features that make it a force to be reckoned with. As we explore these features, it becomes evident why this protocol has the potential to revolutionize the ISO coin family and more.

  1. Decentralized Governance  : Protocol 19 brings decentralized governance to the forefront. It allows users to have a say in the network’s decision-making processes, reducing the influence of a select group.
  2. Interoperability  : Flare Network, built on Protocol 19, will bridge the gap between multiple cryptocurrencies by enabling seamless transfers and transactions between different blockchain networks.
  3. Smart Contracts  : Smart contracts, a hallmark of the Ethereum network, will now be accessible to the entire ISO family thanks to Protocol 19. This will open new avenues for decentralized applications (DApps) and innovations.
  4. Trustless Cross-Chain Swaps  : Protocol 19’s trustless cross-chain swaps will eliminate the need for intermediaries in cryptocurrency exchanges, reducing fees and increasing security.
  5. Scalability  : Scalability issues that have plagued some cryptocurrencies will be addressed by Flare Network, ensuring that it can handle a large volume of transactions without sacrificing speed or security.

Now, let’s peel back the layers of conspiracy surrounding Protocol 19. The enigmatic nature of this black swan event has fueled speculation and distrust among crypto enthusiasts. While we can’t claim to have all the answers, we can certainly shed light on some of the theories that have emerged.

  1. Government Interference  : Some believe that governments, fearing loss of control over their monetary systems, are colluding with traditional financial institutions to prevent the rise of the Flare Network.
  2. Competing Cryptocurrencies  : Established cryptocurrencies may view Flare Network as a threat to their dominance and may be working behind the scenes to undermine Protocol 19.
  3. The Elusive Creator  : The true identity of Protocol 19’s creator remains shrouded in mystery. Could this anonymity be a deliberate move to protect against potential retaliation from powerful adversaries?


In the world of cryptocurrencies, the only constant is change, and Protocol 19 is the embodiment of that change. It is a black swan event that has the potential to reshape the financial landscape as we know it. With decentralized governance, interoperability and smart contracts at its core, Flare Network is poised to revolutionize the ISO family of coins.

However, the conspiracy theories surrounding Protocol 19 serve as a stark reminder that the world of finance is not for the faint of heart. As we move forward, it is essential to remain vigilant, question the status quo, and continue to explore the hidden truths that lie beneath the surface.

In this era of uncertainty, one thing is clear: Protocol 19 is a force to be reckoned with. Its impact on the financial world has not yet been fully understood and the story is far from over. As we embrace the future of finance, we must do so with open eyes and a willingness to adapt to the changes that lie ahead. The Flare Network, under the watchful eye of Protocol 19, is a beacon of hope in a world full of intrigue and uncertainty.

Unseen, unheard of, unprecedented – the game of finance and currency is about to change forever. Prepare for a paradigm-shifting evolution that will leave the world breathless – welcome to the Black Swan Event, where the old guard of finance crumbles, giving way to a new world order, driven by Protocol 19.

Blockchain ISO

This is the beginning of the   ISO Blockchain   and the downfall of traditional fiat currency. The start of the Black Swan event will illuminate the landscape of Flare Network, the latest star in the ISO coin family. As the old world teeters on the precipice of obsolescence, we find ourselves in the midst of the twilight of the dark ages and the dawn of a bright future.

But what does it mean? In essence, we are talking about a seismic shift, a true Jumanji-style upheaval of financial systems as we know them. We are moving from the   Swift system to the   Quantum Financial System.

We are witnessing a transition from Bitcoin dominance to the regulation of asset-backed metals by ISO Blockchain. We are watching the mainstream media bow down to Project Starlink and Odin. This is a transformation of the well-known   US dollar   into a gold/currency with guaranteed activity. We are indeed moving from darkness to light –   the Black Swan Event.

Like the advent of a black swan, this event is a beacon of unpredictability. Black Swan events are as rare as hen’s teeth and cause colossal impacts that persist in their effects.

It was only in retrospect that the magnitude of these events was discernible. Seven cryptocurrencies now comply with the ISO 20022 standard, forming a powerful vanguard in this dramatic turnaround. But to truly understand the power of this event, we must first understand –   what is ISO 20022?

ISO 20022, an international standard for electronic data interchange, is the new lingua franca for financial institutions. Imagine a metadata repository, a kind of library, containing descriptions of messages, business processes and crucial financial information – this is ISO 20022. This standard covers the spectrum of financial data transfer, from payment transactions, securities settlements to credit and debit card transactions.

Simply put, the main objective of this standard is to facilitate frictionless communication between financial institutions, market infrastructures and their end-user communities. Imagine banks speaking different languages, with communication gaps creating friction. ISO 20022 is like implementing a universal language, smoothing these lines of contention and creating an efficient, frictionless communication system.

The importance of this change cannot be overstated. For years, we have been stuck with flawed, outdated, and inherently exploitative systems. The Black Swan event, like a deus ex machina, is a sign that times are changing, that the obsolete is giving way to the progressive.

In this transition scenario, the power of the Flare Network comes to the fore. Born out of   Protocol 19,   it is a radical change in the ISO coin family constellation. Bitcoin, which has long enjoyed dominance in the cryptocurrency landscape, finds itself having to share the stage with asset-backed metals regulated by the Blockchain ISO.

We find ourselves on the brink of this transformative event, a world away from the clutches of mainstream media. The eye is now firmly on the Starlink and Odin Project, promising a paradigm shift in the way we consume information and interact with our world.

The transition from the US dollar to a gold/guaranteed activity currency marks a significant departure from an era of controlled and centralized finance. We are heading towards a future where finances will be transparent, decentralized and guaranteed by the tangible value of gold. The old saying “  As good as gold”   takes on a new and profound meaning in this context.

While the promise of change and revolution is intoxicating, it is important to approach it with a certain level of skepticism. Changes of this magnitude will certainly meet resistance. There will be forces intent on maintaining the status quo. There will be storms before the calm and we must be prepared for them.

And yet, even in the midst of unpredictability, there is a beacon of certainty – that of change. As the famous Greek philosopher Heraclitus once said, “The only constant in life is change,” and that is precisely what the Black Swan Event represents. So let’s get ready for this rollercoaster ride that promises to reshape the contours of the   financial world.

Every end is a new beginning. The Black Swan Event is not just the end of existing imperfect financial systems, but a new beginning, promising transparency, efficiency and decentralization.

From the ashes of the old, a new phoenix is ​​about to rise. Let us embrace this change with open arms and open minds, for, in the words of Shakespeare, “What is past is a prologue”. We are entering a new era. From darkness to light. The Black Swan Event.


Black Swan Event
Black Swan Event




✨Gold Standard Restoration Act✨

This bill requires the Treasury Department to set the dollar value of Federal Reserve Notes using a fixed weight in gold based on the closing market price of gold on that day.

The Federal Reserve Banks must convert Federal Reserve Notes into gold at this price and create processes to facilitate exchanges between the banks and the public.

If a Federal Reserve Bank fails to do so, the Treasury Department must make an exchange and place an appropriate lien on that bank’s assets.

Additionally, the Treasury Department and the Federal Reserve Board of Governors must report on U.S. gold holdings.

If you have any doubts about what’s coming, consider this: Many countries are buying gold at record prices. Some are even revaluing their currencies, backing them with gold and moving away from the US dollar.

Blockchain technology now mints real-world assets like gold and provides a more transparent way to validate information. We must remember that gold and silver have always been considered “God’s money”, the cornerstone of financial stability.

In the past, efforts to return to a monetary standard for gold and silver failed because the technology was suppressed and some maintained control of financial accounting.

However, for the first time in human history, we can use AI and advanced technology to secure our financial future. This is a crucial moment that ensures greater transparency and trust in our monetary systems.

“Know what you have in your hands!!!”


Gold Standard Restoration Act
Gold Standard Restoration Act



“In the Works” – Goldilocks Seeds of Wisdom RV/GCR Update(s) 6/18/24



Goldilocks and Seeds of Wisdom

Washington, D.C. – Commodity Futures Trading Commission Chairman Rostin Behnam announced today that the Commission will hold an open meeting on Monday, June 24, at 9:30 a.m. (EDT) at CFTC headquarters in Washington, D.C. .

The public can attend the meeting in person, listen by phone, or watch a live stream at

The Commission will consider the following:

Financial and Capital Reporting Comparability Final Determinations and Orders for Certain Non-Bank Swap Dealers Domiciled in Japan, Mexico, the European Union (limited to France and Germany) and the United Kingdom

ForecastEx LLC Applications for Registration as CFTC Designated Contract Market and Derivatives Clearing Organization   |   Live broadcast


Stellar: Blackrock and Franklin Templeton Fuel Tokenized Treasury   |   Crypto News Flash


JUST IN: SEC Cryptocurrency Earthquake – Head of Crypto Unit Resigns – Bitcoin Sistemi |   Bitcoin System


June 17, 2024  Goldilocks Daily Breakdown Podcast  Link


Mastercard collaborates with Thought Machine to modernize banking |   Finance tycoons


Source:  Dinar Recaps


The New International Valuation Standards (IVS) will come into force on January 31, 2025.

The latest version includes new chapters on:

* Data and Inputs,
* Documentation,
* Financial Instruments.

“The International Valuation Standards (IVS) are a framework used by valuation professionals in more than 100 countries to ensure consistency, transparency and trust in valuations.”

The most significant changes will result in Data and Money Flow Models through which these new mechanisms will move payments across new Digital Networks.

New appreciations in monetary values ​​are part of these valuations due to new ways of doing business around the world, involving the use of Local Currency on a World Reserve Asset.

The currency valuation adjustments that occur between now and then in the markets, however distorted they may become during this period, will help to give rise to New Market Data that will go into the calculations of these new patterns.

IVSC   |  Glossary of IVSC Standards   |  Linkedin

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We have seen several bank mergers in recent years, but the pace of these mergers is about to really accelerate by the end of this year.

Did you know that since the 1980s the number of banks has decreased by around 70%? The anticipation of a new monetary system has been underway for some time.

The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) is currently working to close gaps so that customers of our banking systems can have better protection as we move closer to the deeper transition to the new Digital Banking System.

Best markets

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Vietnam has golden opportunities to develop the silver economy: expert-Xinhua

Vietnam has an aging population that will diversify its economy and expand it. Not only do they have the opportunity to grow through infrastructure opportunities, they also have the opportunity to grow within an aging population that will also take advantage of their medical service opportunities.

These two aspects of Economic Development will go a long way in advancing your currency demands to higher levels in the future.

News in English

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Vietnam’s outperformance relative to its peers is good news that doesn’t get enough attention. Like China, it is a communist country that has embraced entrepreneurship and growth. Others should study his method to be successful.

My first Uber was in Hanoi. Vietnam welcomes trade, commerce and innovation.   Twitter



Vietnam is rising.

It appears that its market status is becoming a reality. |   YouTube


Hello World!

Watch “Webinar: Latest changes to International Assessment Standards (IVS) – February 2024  ”   on #Vimeo |   Vimeo


Tokenization Could Provide More Efficiency to Global Markets, According to SEC Commissioner |   DailyHodl





source of intel:





🔥 Meditation by a Sacred Stream and Waterfall with Shakuhachi Japanese Flute | Paul White Gold Eagle🔥



This is Paul White Gold Eagles most powerful Guided Meditations/ teachings/ transmissions to date. From the Sacred Portal of Gaia in Nature by an idyllic stream, Paul takes you on a journey to the Kingdom of Heaven within. He transmits the Primordial Sound of Aum, the Sa breath and the Sound of Light to assist you in your Ascension Awakening Journey.

With the Mind of Buddha Paul guides you into the Bliss Codes resonating in your Sacred Heart center to Awaken your True Nature that has lay dormant until this Now moment… Enjoy this Meditation in the Light of Infinite Source Creator… Namaste

Click Here for the Meditation


Sample of Shakuhachi Performance from the Meditation







Payout for Tier Groups involved in the RV, 19 JUNE

 Payout for Tier Groups involved in the RV

The Dubai Accounts Funds the RV: Dubai 1 funds Tiers 1&2 of the RV and Dubai 2 funds Tiers 3&4 of the RV, while Dubai 3 funds the Adjudicated Accounts and GESARA.
The payout of the Bonds and Currency is done in order of the different tiers. There are five Tiers that will be exchanging: Tiers 1, 2, 3, 4 &5.

Liquidity Release is done in a certain order. The Elders, German Bonds and select Yellow Dragon Bonds must be paid first and have been.

  • A. Dubai 1 released for liquidity which then triggers Dubai 2&3.
  • B. F&P’s are released to recipients (they need D1 liquid, this is their hold up)
  • C. Bonds will be liquid (they need D1 to be liquid)
  • 1-4b


















     are notified. (they need D1 to be liquid)

It appears all is set to go on or about the same time!

Tier 1 Sovereign Nation Debt of Governments: Chinese Royals, Bond Holders, Paymasters, Church Groups, CMKX, F&P, Adjudicated Settlements, Ranch and Farm Claims and other groups.
Tier 2 Royals, Elders, Whales, Military Generals and some political type Elites with platforms of currency, corporations, etc.
Tier 3 Admirals Group, American Indians, CMKX, large church groups like the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The Pentecostal group was now 100% under an NDA. Tier 3 was all Dubai 2 Trust Money and originally was the Generals and public. Now Tier 3 includes groups with projects including the Admiral.
The Admiral was sent to the back of the line and renamed Tier 4A (really just a pie slice of tier 3). The Admiral’s Group was composed of three parts – most notable of which was Tier4a Core groups and 130 VIP groups.
Tier 4B, (us, the Internet Group) is the largest group and composed of the general public who paid attention to the Intel – the people who have bought currency and/or bonds and kept up with the reset by way of information on the Internet.
Tier 5 The general public who never paid attention to the Intel.
The official GO for Tier 4b has not been released yet. It can happen any moment.
As all Tier1-4b are funded, we await the final release to reach to our level. It’s a process. It’s tedious and time consuming – making adjustments as needed along the way for accuracy and safety of all involved. It’s a very quiet & discrete operation, where the general public is left uninformed for obvious reasons. Pay attention to the levels that are ahead of us.
 That will help give a better understanding of where we are, in relation to it reaching the 4b level. BUT, it is unfolding. And when it reaches our levels, there will be no doubts. It’s coming! Keep the faith.

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