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Atlantis Stargate

SIRIUS ISIS BLUESTAR KACHINA ~ The Sacred Prophecies Of The Dragon Worlds ~ “Shakti” Awakened

SIRIUS 🌟 ISIS BLUE 💎 STAR KACHINA ~ The Sacred Prophecies Of The Dragon Worlds ~ “Shakti” Awakened


Paul White Gold Eagle

Greetings Rainbow Dragon Nation of Mothership Super Nova Gaia 33

As this realm continues to be flooded with Massive waves of Bliss and Activations, Mother Earth is being enveloped in the codes and frequencies of the New Earth Transformations.

The Great Spirit is sending us consistent signs, symbols, synchronicities and omens of our Great Ascension and Awakening Process moment by moment. We recognize our communication with Spirit with the eyes to see and the ears to hear these Sacred messages.

Our local Solaris released more Intense Gamma Plasma Waves of Higher Light with multiple C Class and a Trinity of M Class Solar Flares today. One of them was encoded with our Ground Crew of Earth Angelics of the 144 with a M 1.44 Solar Flare at 15:50 UTC.Pachamama also received another powerful activation with a magnitude 6.1 earthquake on the Ring of Fire in New Zealand at 9:18 UTC, very deep at a depth of 374 km.

We also experienced 37 hours of Blackout on the Schumann Charts, encoded with our 37 into 73 Heaven on Earth Codes. This symbolizes our journey through the Void, through the Silence the Stillness and into the Great Mystery beyond all words and concepts, our True Nature of Buddha Mind.

As we continue through the Shift of the Ages from the Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius we are resolving and healing all trauma, torture, pain and suffering for our self, Gaia and the collective consciousness of all Sentient Beings of Mother Earth and all realms in this Now.

The Sacred Dragon energies are flowing freely and smoothly through the Song Lines of Pachamama activating every portal and Sacred site all over the Holy Lands of Terra Nova Gaia. With these new patterns, sounds and frequencies we Rise together into the Garden of Eden of Eternal Bliss Consciousness…A’Ho!






We’re Navigating the Atlantis Stargate Today including NEW Codons (DNA + Genetic Updates). What’s your Memory?
Atlantis Stargate
Atlantis Stargate
⚜️555⚜️ – a change is happening in your life, focus only on the positive things, as you are attracting those you put energy into, expect positive growth, love, light, and the manifestation of your dreams.
It’s happening 😇

Elizabeth Peru

Are you ready for a much-needed fresh start? This week’s cosmic alignments suggest that your solutions are ready to appear ♡


magenta girl
magenta girl




UPDATE. Something profound is changing. Like a deep pattern. A truth is being shown about a way of yours, as if you can see how it has been leading you. Its « origins » even. This same old chapter & now outgrown and here comes your freedom. As you change, your world changes. You are the key. A big turnaround in the physical could be around the corner.
Seashell Goddess
Seashell Goddess


The Schumann Resonance has been down for 2 days. We have Proton Flux Energies at crazy levels starting your day. With all the solar flares shooting off the Sun, they can cause Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs). We have had many of them but none fully earth facing. Today, we will be feeling the effects of CMEs that are near the planet but not directly. They’re called transient CMEs.
The Solar Winds can pick up the plasma of the CMEs and push them right into the atmosphere. It can cause a very unstable solar energy day.
With the Galactic Energy consistently pushing in you’re also in a jump gateway window now through Feb. 23 for the Love Wave. It’s another one of those days where energies will grow and grow until anything is possible. The Earth-bound X flare is expected to enter the atmosphere Feb. 14 and a Cosmic Event may take place.

🐍Serpent Energies Activated for Festival of Fertility/ Valentine’s day and MahaShivratri.

🐍The Gateway of Imbolc activates The Serpent Energies. As the serpents of Gaia begin stirring from their deep slumber of the winter months with the return of the Light, we too begin to feel similar stirrings within us. This Full Moon in Leo coinciding with Solar Imbolc activated Serpent Energies and in particular the energies of Medusa.
♥️Serpent Energies are The Divine Feminine Energies-they represent movement,dance, sensuality, sexuality,nurturing and creation energies . They represent Root and Sacral Chakras- our Foundation, Protection , Safety , Interconnectedness and Belonging. These are energies of awakening, stimulation, activation , pleasure and desire which are prerequisites for the Act of Creation. Serpent energies are LifeForce itself-The Kundalini- The Awakening of the Primordial Energies of Life, Creation, Feeling,Sensing , Innate Knowing…the thread that interconnects us to the entire web of Creation.
🌈Serpent Energies is “Shakti” Awakened/ Rebirthed who then begins her journey through the 7 Chakras to meet with Shiva at the Crown. Divine Union of Polar Opposites essential for Enlightenment/ Ascension/ Higher Consciousness.
🌊Shakti – the tumultuous chaotic waves of the ocean racing to meet the shore/ Shiva-steady and ready to receive the gifts that the waves bring in.
💧💦Shakti is the torrential Rain falling on the parched land/Shiva bringing it the gift of Life. Both different, unique and complete …yet their destinies interwoven and intertwined.
🌀Shakti is the Energy In Motion, Shiva Receives and Gives The Direction to the Energy….CoCreation!!!
♥️And So the Serpent Energies have been activated for the Festival of Fertility- Lupercalia / Valentine’s Day (14th Feb) and Maha Shivratri (Feb 18th)- The Union of Shiva -Shakti!!
🌈We are in the year of 7, the year of the Rainbow Bridge – Crossing The 7 Gates into Higher Consciousness achievable only via Balance and Union of the Opposites within and without.
🐍 Is the Shakti/ Divine Feminine truly embodying her Truth and Authenticity , courageously and fearlessly owning her shadows as well as Power no matter how scary or overwhelming and standing tall in her Sovereignty disrupting patterns of Patriarchal control and dominance…
🔱Is The Shiva/ Divine Masculine ready to receive and withstand the power of the crashing waves of Shakti??? .
🔥It is the ‘Fear’ of The Chaotic Rawness and Disruptive Overwhelming Power of the Shakti that has birthed the much maligned myths of Serpent Energies through ancient times as an energy to be feared/outcast /controlled and dominated!!!
♥️However only If Shiva is open and receptive to Shakti ….. will Transformation occur…the Gifts Shakti Brings will Transform Both and Transcend the current status quo of Patriarchal overlay into Balanced Cocreation.
EnLight ,InGrace, InJoy
Be The Change You Want To See
Sa Kei Na
Serpent Energies Activated
Serpent Energies Activated

Something MONUMENTAL, HUGE and AWESOME is happening NOW.

When I was 18 years old I was taken back to the future and I saw in great detail how HUmanity had woken up and were living in a pristine and totally harmonious Earth and life together.
I have been taken on a journey through these years seeing and living the signs I was shown. Just as You are. Each awakening at their chosen time.
Sages and Seers, Ancients, and Tribal Elders have foretold of this time of mass awakening.
And NOW Earth, Gaia Herself, is giving her Voice in the WAKE UP call to end all calls, to the HUman Heart.
You have been feeling it mounting from WITHIN, spiritually, physically, mentally and above all, I”in your face” emotionally.
Earth has always Sung Her Song. And technically it has been called the “Schumann Resonance”.
Up until the late 80s it has been around 7.83 Hz and has slowly begun to rise to be around double in 2012 and has continued to rise to 75+. Some days it shoots up to peaking well over 100..
Gaia is Calling and every Heart on this planet is being opened. No one will not be able to feel this change in some way. Nor continue to keep stuffing their truth of Who they really ARE, down into their subconscious.
Think of the consequences of this Great Move on so many who have been asleep for ages and now woken ‘suddenly”.
Your people need you.
Will you stand up with hand on Heart? Will you breathe your breath of LIFE ( LIGHT and LOVE)?
Will you walk with calm and dignity? Will you touch the Earth and feel Her GIFT?
Will you be Present for others and show them the simplicity of this so that they may have a day to day way of finding a place in the chaos that they will be feeling.
Do you have the courage and commitment to be ALL YOU CAN BE.
There is no choice anymore.
WE go with the FLOW regardless of what is coming up in us All because it is leaving.
Shine On.
I So Love You
PS: And all we have to do is Go Within by dropping our attention from mind into Heart on any given occasion.
Every time you choose Love in the face of fear, doubt and uncertainty, you raise yourself, and our entire Collective up.
This is the SHIFT OF AGES.
The Great Central Sun : The Sacred Dragon Worlds : The Newly Conscious Sacred White & Pure Blue Dragons : The Sacred Prophecies Of The Dragon Worlds :
From The Great Central Sun Sacred Scripts Akashic Records :
The Sacred Scripts Akashic Records Of The Sacred Dragon Worlds Together With The Sacred Dragon Prophecies :
These White & Pure Blue Sacred Dragons
Have Completed The Necessary Stages
With Their New Higher Selves & Virgin Births
Whilst retaining all their other dragon forms being non physical
Inevitably Their Roles Differ
Vast numbers of the Sacred Dragons From Other Dragon Worlds
Are very active and rejoice at these Newly Conscious
White & Pure Blue Dragons
Who have received many visits as all share in their joy and excitement
The Dragon Worlds have over long durations been brought into being thus manifest conscious with Father & Divine Mother together with some Masters of The Elohim
This does not include The Archangels & Angels of
The Elohim
Going back to beyond time immemorial there have been many New Dragon Worlds which have become Conscious
Giving ongoing New Dragon Worlds Which Continue
Through many centuries the myths surrounding Dragons have grown
In these present times many people on Gaia have seen Dragons which then adds to the whole of Dragons being loved whilst having innumerable roles of love and service to The Great Central Sun & Creation
As well as to many on Gaia who have long awaited this recognition and profound awareness
Dragons gift Gaia and inhabitants Protection
Which have wide ranging aspects
The Different Dragons
Can be seen to have their unique roles and paths
Suryananda has seen several Dragons
Initially a Female Emerald Dragon up a tree during sleep a few years ago
But since 2015
A Sapphire Blue Water Female Dragon
During meditations with AED and at Home
The Great Central Sun
Having become aware of a Fire Dragon
Again fascinating as a Red Orange Colour
With sensing also
White Dragons
During this session I was very much aware of
White Dragons
Pure Blue Dragons
Which live together within
The Newly Conscious
Dragon World
Having Received New Higher Selves With Their Virgin Births
It is very different these two exquisite colours together in this
Newly Conscious Dragon World
As Dragon Worlds Have Their Specific Colours
Each of
The Dragon Worlds
Have their own
Sacred Prophecies
Many coming into being in these present times on Gaia
AED & Suryananda’s journeys on
The Great Central Sun & Creation continues.
The Great Central Sun
The Divine Presence
Father & Divine Mother
Adam El Daoud & Suryananda
Supreme Consorts.
Monday 13 February 2023 💙
The Dragon Worlds
The Dragon Worlds


We are currently dismantling the confines and constraints of 3D linear time and Duality Reality by Reclaiming and Recalibrating our New but Old Light Bodies.
This is quintessentially what is occurring for all of humanity, despite your “status” or whether one is conscious of this occurring or not.
Purification through generating our sovereign plasmic codes releases the notion of warnings of extinction and Armageddon doomsday prophecy.
Exciting the mythos held in the cells to dance and zing as a shaking off of that which is static within elemental structures and our living breathing reality This is the true essence of Neter.
Innerstanding the mechanisms of Omni dimensional Principles ~
Dissolution can only occur at the end, if the elements at that stage are vibrating at the exact same rate of propulsion as that of its original inauguration.
This is tricky business, as within ‘linear time’ – separated consciousness – reality does not exactly appear to be the same at the end as in the beginning.
But if the two states of being i.e. Alpha and Omega are looped back on themselves whilst holding consciousness of what operates beyond duality reality, they are instantly terminated from 3D sub scope, which as you are well aware creates Omni Space.
You see the lens of duality, is the manifesto of atomic principles in matter, otherwise ALL Co-Exists beyond entropic matter.
This is also a form of suspended animation.
The basis of our Omni nature and the principles governing this, include the principles of anti gravity techniques, also the disentanglement of karmic imprints and the collapsing of space and time relativity constraints along with the opening of wormholes generated by our supra 🧬 consciousness directly interfacing with our spiritual and natural world. In this way, we are all instruments for Spirit materialising through matter.
The seeking of purpose, be it service to others, or service to self has us all ultimately on the same trajectory Interestingly Service to others influences service to self. Service to self will still utilise the same gateways of pure love, gratitude, harmony in order to extract/ experience for themselves, and in so doing these source coded vibrational reference point rub off.
In separation the illusion of space-time is used as a medium for the development of the result of these choices freely made. In this way, ultimately all entities learn no matter what they seek. Therefore time may be a measure by the speed of the outcomes being observed as either rapid or slow
In this manner, we can observe galactic entropy or negentropy within the natural laws and conditions governing stellar consciousness as fluid not set.
As you know the compounds of Time Release Factors are encrypted in the Divinity held in Nature. You also hold these in your DNA and genetic make up
GENE-ISIS as a Key Code for this internally:
Within the limitations of linear time and duality reality / polarity pull one perceives Genesis as being a one off event.
However, outside of linear time Gene💫Isis is perpetually occurring.
As each of you recall many shared experiences with your soul groupings, you will begin to re-cognize the importance of what each of you carry for yourself and the Earth – individually and collectively – beyond the notion of life-times being dictated from within the limitations of falsely introduced time line constructs, inserts and inverts.
Eternalite spiralling is key in dismantling linear matrix limitations and quickening consciousness
The codex of the living libraries of Gaia Galactica are held within your own DNA patterning. Open the book and now glean
This is quintessential Reading!
Simultaneous Release and Recapture – The QuintEssence of our elemental nature / Neter
Go back, go forward and bring it into Now. May you reconfigure ’in time’ to activate individual and collective codal formulas.
As these elements are metamorphosing within you now, co-creating a new seed coda for True Earth and the collective consciousness of HUmanity
💫💎🧬🌏🧬💎💫 ~ Raeline Sqs Brady
Inside of a Cello
Inside of a Cello
We are in the midst of huge transfiguration and transition such as never known nor experienced before.
Things are happening and going to happen on all fronts now.
Even the unawakened are feeling this but cannot give voice to it.
It is the moment to go deeper into the heart and soul and allow Divine Light, Divine Love, Divine Power, to lift you through.
Immense Plasma-like energy is being released, as a mass awakening of long forgotten and dormant energy is awakening, of the 7th dimensional Elysium, Lion Kingdom, Avalon, Mu and Lemuria.
These energies are now released as the New Earth is rapidly ascending back into the 7th and 9th dimensional state.
Our physical bodies are having a hard time keeping up with all the changes, thus quietude, rest, meditation and sacred prayers are so necessary. Whatever practices, which assist you to keep your equilibrium.
Those who started these civilizations have returned and many souls incarnated were the forerunners of these.
Your soul memory banks are being reactivated, as the ancient highly advanced technologies, energies, consciously now amps and revs up.
The prophecies are being fulfilled.
The Divine Feminine is birthing new life and new beginnings for us all.
Embrace it.
Welcome it.
Become the act of Love, the heart and soul of love, which is rebirthing the new humanity and the New Golden Age.
You are called.
You are loved.
You are protected and guided and all your needs are provided.
Onwards and upwards we go!

Gene Key 30 – Celestial Fire

February 13th – 18th 2023

Desire – Lightness – Rapture

“We rise and we fall in life. Sometimes we’re flying and sometimes we’re dragging. We have to see that Desire isn’t ‘unholy’. There is no holy and unholy. That’s what creates heaviness and guilt. Lightness is when we can look at Desire with equanimity.” – Richard Rudd, 64



Gene Keys: Unlocking the Higher Purpose Hidden in Your DNA – by Richard Rudd –

Boundaries have been successfully made with distorted masculine energies that have been attaching and draining the solar plexus chakra. Those cords are clearing, freeing you to go forward on the journey to discover the truth of what unconditional love from the Divine Masculine Christ is.

The Divine Masculine Christ is awakening to the journey to reunite with the Divine Feminine Christ as well. Messages, signs, and omens are guiding him to pursue this connection.

The Masculine and Feminine are clear and open to see each other from a different perspective, now that external energies are not able to influence their thoughts and opinions. Communication, movement, and changes are happening today to continue us forward with the reunion of the Beloveds.

In Jesus Christ’s name amen. God bless you 🕊 Love Carolyn



lenticular cloud was hovering next to Mount Shasta
lenticular cloud was hovering next to Mount Shasta


Adrienne Elise

It’s been an intense week with Mercury catching up to Pluto at the end degrees of Capricorn. Mercury spending over two months in the serious sign of Capricorn has made it an energetically heavy time. Mercury made three squares with Chiron in Aries, speaking to this as a potent time where we must stand up and fight for our right to an organic, human, autonomous life.

Mercury moved over into Aquarius on Feb. 12th, bringing a new perspective. We can rise above the stories of our everyday lives and see the bigger picture. But Pluto holding on at 29 degrees Capricorn is in argument with our freedom. It’s a last massive bloom of control energies, trying to hold back conscious evolution. But it’s not working and its starting to get really silly.

Perhaps it’s showing us that we are in a psychological game type simulation. Okay, maybe we are. So how do we break free? It seems like distractions and traps everywhere as well as emotional manipulations that bring a false sense of security.

Venus is coming into conjunction with Neptune in Pisces saying that a spiritual revival is the only way out of our dark past. The heavens are opening up, we just need to make sure we are in alignment with our greater power, and not giving it away. The saviour mentality has been our downfall in the Piscean Age. There is no other way forward than to claim our soverignty and right to a divine life.

There is something brewing in the cosmos with Black Moon Lilith in Leo. We are finding the dark side of egotistical power, but at the same time, realizing that we must stand up and defend, to OWN, and fully embrace our permission and right for our own autonomy and spiritual light. They have taken what cannot be taken. Are we going to just roll over and say ‘oh well’? That won’t work for SuperNova Souls, and a quiet but extreme frustration is brewing inside. SuperNovas are growing in power. They will no longer allow themselves to be held back.

The closer you get to Spiritual Truth, the more alone you feel. It seems like the forces of darkness can work through any one or any situation to knock you off of your game. This means you are really getting somewhere. And the cool thing is, there are a bunch of us hanging around at this precipice, together. Feeling completely alone, but really we are doing it together.

It’s time for us to stand up and live the truth that we deserve better and more. Black Moon Lilith in Leo is asking us to stand up for our royal right. Mercury now in Aquarius will come into opposition with Black Moon Lilith on February 14th. We are all a true leader and true king in our own sovereign right. So why do we continue to let ourselves be knocked down and treated like dirt?

Mercury, opposite of Black Moon Lilith will then square up with the Nodes of the Moon on February 16th. This will make a Grand Fixed square at 6 degrees. The Fixed signs hold in place our reality. Maybe it’s time for a change. We are imprinting a new energy of possibility into our field. It’s a new perspective on the future, once we get over our shadows that have been keeping us from expressing our God Light.

We will be feeling Black Moon Lilith in square with the Nodes at 5 degrees for the next couple of months. Our refusal to shine has allowed the fakers to take over. But now, all that is dark must come into the light. And the light must BE the Light. We are seeing them for who they really are, empty shells who are nothing with out the power they have managed to manipulated away from us.

This week offers a powerful come to Jesus moment with Venus in exact conjunction with Neptune in Pisces and the Sun in exact conjunction with Saturn in Aquarius. It’s important to note that these conjunctions of our personal and trans-personal planets are happening one sign over from each other in the last two signs of the zodiac. The old way will not do. This is a desperate cry for spirit to flood back into our life. Deep desires for a more spiritual existence are calling.

The Sun and Saturn together in Aquarius is an activation of our role as we move into the future. It’s time to stop waiting and start BEing. We have no choice but to start living a life that is more true to who we really are. Starting right now. At first it feels very alone, but its how we begin to find each other. We must live each moment in the conviction of a greater life. We must BE that alignment, although it feels like going against everything around you. We are doing it, SuperNovas. Keep up the great work!


Cloud Breaker
Cloud Breaker
Last Quarter Moon in Scorpio. The Moon opposes Sedna – As we come to the last turn in this lunar cycle, deep emotional material arises. Feelings erupt to the surface, perhaps surprising us with bitterness, sorrow, regrets, old stories about broken trust. Friendships, the future, the part we play in society, all seem to push us to dive deeper into the psyche. There are truths here that will serve us if we dare to look. Embrace the mystery. Untangle emotional threads. Soon the waters will settle, clearer than before.
Allow for contemplation and stillness. Explore your motivation for change. Understand why you desire, what you desire. Consider what needs to be released to leave space for spontaneity and novel experiences. What old image of yourself, or the past, do you need to let go of to become the new you? Follow your intuition to regain control.
Degrees and Time
Moon 24°Sc40′, Sun 24°Aq40′ – 16:00 (UT)
© Leah Whitehorse
Painting – Combing the Hair by Edgar Degas
Combing the Hair
Combing the Hair

Kin 11 ~ Blue Spectral Monkey

The number 11 is called ‘Spectral’ and its keywords are ‘Dissolve, Liberate and Release’. As we get nearer to the end of a wavespell, the energy starts to dissipate. The eleventh day releases us from the agenda and allows us to take a break from the theme we have been engaged in since day one. So, that means today you forget about what you started at the beginning of the Red Dragon wavespell. You have permission to forget about it all for one day. Come out of the cave and be liberated.
Today is Blue Monkey and key words associated with it are ‘Illusion, Magic and Play’. Poor Monkey has not been having fun lately because when we go through the Red Dragon wavespell, the Dragon’s energy is too strong and Monkey is challenged by Dragon. But today is different, Monkey gets a break and it’s a double Monkey day as well (number 11 days are always guided by themselves). Monkey may create a little mayhem today or he may create some magic. Keep on your toe, cause with Monkey you never know. The chances of being liberated by magic are very high or another way of looking at it…is that we can be released from the illusion! Permit Monkey to show you the difference between Magic and Illusion today, I guarantee it won’t be in the least bit boring.
Today’s Guide is also Blue Monkey, so a double helping of monkey medicine .
The Challenge of the day is the Red Dragon, and we’ve been going through the Dragon wavespell but today Dragon and Monkey swap places. Look out Dragon folk you may find a monkey on your back. The rest of us might find nurturing hard to come by as there is too much monkey mayhem going on.
The Occult power is the White Dog which represents ‘Love, Loyalty and Heart’. Dogs and Monkeys love to play and so expect some magical fun. Dogs will get a real kick out today and they may feel less tenacious than usual and more playful. Monkey does suffer a bad rep sometimes and we can forget that his superpower is his great big heart. Always remember that when Monkey is trying to teach you a lesson, it’s for your own good because he is a loving Monkey and he cares about us.
The Ally today is the Yellow Star and these people naturally get along with Monkey and so it will be an easy day for them. If you need support from an Ally today, wish upon a star! Or alternatively, call one up if you happen to know one personally. Their sparkly nature is always pleasant to have around.
Kin 11
Kin 11


11 CHUEN – KIN 11
13 FEBRUARY 2023
🐒🐒🌀✨ 💕🐒🐒🌀
🐒🐒🌀✨ 💕🐒🐒🌀
I DISSOLVE in order to PLAY!!!
I seal the process of Majik!
With the Spectral tone of LIBERATION.
I AM guided by the power of MY OWN POWER DOUBLED!
🐒🐒🌀✨ 💕🐒🐒🌀
13/2/2023 = 4/2/7=4/9 =13=4
✨🍥13/4 🍥✨– majikal portal to the NEW TIME!✨
13- Goddess/Cosmic Consciousness/Natural Lore/Synchronic Time
4- Form/Structure/Foundation/New Earth/Angelic frequency
✨MONTH/YEAR codes✨
2 – Twins/Partners/Alliances/Cooperation/Duality
7- Spiritual Test/Initiation/Solitude/Majik/Mystic/Magician
9- Completion/Endings/Mission/Destiny/Service/Humanitarian/Grace
20- The AWAKENING/Clear vision
23- Royal Star of the LION /Strength/Protection/Support
KIN 11 – 11- Portal/Gate/Polarity/Illumination
SPECTRAL TONE 11 = 11.11
🐒🐒🌀✨ 💕🐒🐒🌀
TODAY we have the POWER💥 to time travel through dimensional doorways to DISSOLVE all illusionary timelines and realities, and ✨TAKE BACK our GOLDEN TIMELINE coded through the 13/4 GODDESS frequency of the SELF-EXISTING MOON YEAR. ✨
“I now call upon ✨DIVINE CREATOR✨ on behalf of humanity, to implant the Highest Divine Timeline for HUMANITY!
🐒🐒🌀✨ 💕🐒🐒🌀
NOW it is TIME to ✨LIGHTEN UP✨ and reclaim the MAJIK💫 of PLAY, JOY and BLISS in our day! 🐬🐒💕
27 months ago KIN 11 occured on ✨CHRIST-MASS DAY ✨🎅🎄 – A day of HIGH MAJIK when the children on our planet are filled with JOY, exuberance and pure BLISS, through the de-LIGHT of receiving more toys 🎁 to PLAY🐬 PLAY✨ PLAY! 💕
CHRIST-MASS🎄🎅 DAY over the previous 2 years – 2020/21 was HIJACKED, Our planet was plunged into great darkness, through the PLAN-DEM-ic, there was not the usual SUPERWAVE of pure Bliss💕 encircling our planet – so we have much to make up for today!
✨Today we WILL be using our MAJIK POWERS💫💫💫 – to walk through this 11.11. 13/4 GATEWAY and declare the return of 🌞CHRIST-MASS🌞 CONSCIOUSNESS🌞 and DIVINE MAJIK💫🕊💫 back on EARTH. ✨🌍🌎🌏🌈
We are LIBERATING our new foundation built on MAJIK and PLAY!💫💫
Day 11 in the RED MOTHER DRAGON Wavespell 🐉 where we are incubating in the Womb🍥 of Creation… We are being guided to focus on nurturance and compassion, for ourselves and others, and our Planet.. Realizing the importance of self-love, in the giving and receiving of unconditional love, in order to grow and flourish and be born anew!🐣
Today we are RELEASING all ILLUSIONS to LOVE💟… Dissolving all the chains and restrictions, in order to LIBERATE our Majik💥 and Innocence, so that we are FREE to PLAY with our kin, in a very joyful and BLISS filled way! 😍😍😍
Mother Dragon is bringing more love and nurturance for our beloved family kin.. The Spectral Monkey🌀🐒 will LIBERATE BLISSful💥💞 experiences – but if you are not self- AWARE – beware the TRICKS, deceit and illusions that the Monkey reveals through the smoke screens 🔥🎇🔥..This is fuel for increased volatility and clashes💥… choose the path of LOVE💕 and NURTURANCE to anchor the 5D codes in your family environment.💏
SPECTRAL 🌀– Tone 11 operates in the EMOTIONAL realm and its actions are that of dissolving, releasing and liberating! The Spectral tone provides FULL purging transformative power. When we go SPECTRAL💥 we learn to RELEASE ALL that we have manifested, in order that we may commence the next cycle. Solid forms dissipate and dissolve.
✨✨✨We are finally FREED from the emotional baggage and debris that we have carried deep within our cells in order to LIBERATE more MAJIK, JOY and BLISS.. 💫🐬❤✨
Spectral is tone 11 and BLUE MONKEY🐒 is tribe number 11…and the SPECTRAL MONKEY is KIN 11… giving us an 11.11.11 CODE for this KIN. A HUGE Gateway to FREEDOM!! 💥
Eleven is the process of disintegration, stripping away the layers down to your core essence. With the Spectral Tone of 11, ideals, beliefs, and images of all kinds are being brought up for you to re-examine, illuminate, and transform .
With PLUTO currently exiting in the final degrees of CAPRICORN until APRIL, we are certainly feeling this disintegration process of the old paradigm..we are currently in the FINAL CLOSURE to this ILLUSION!! The curtain is being drawn!
The RED DRAGON is still in her B-Earthing stage, preparing for the wondrously MAJIKAL WIZARDRY cycle FAST approaching on 16 FEB 2023. 🐣🌸🌼🌺
Examine EVERYTHING that is not born of LOVE💗 in your life then LET IT GO!!💥 These codes today are EXTREMELY powerful and effective in granting the LIBERATION of your new life! ✨🐣✨
These are very powerful energies at work to create final CLOSURE, dissolving all impediments to you finally freeing you from all seriousness, limitations and imprisonment of your soul essence.. to make way for greater LOVE, nurturing and total soul regeneration.💗✨🐣
The CHRISTOS/SOPHIA energies are being RESURRECTED today as ALL our GLOBAL family are finally LIBERATED from the evil DREAMSPELL.
🐒🐒🌀✨ 💕🐒🐒🌀
Today’s question is; “What ILLUSIONS do I need to dissolve and RELEASE, in order to LIBERATE more Majik, so that my DIVINE CHILD can perpetually PLAY in a BLISS filled reality?”
🐬🌈 ❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈
Go forth and LIBERATE your MAJIK today💞
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈
🐒🐒🌀✨ 💕🐒🐒🌀
CONSCIOUS SELF & HIGHER SELF: BLUE SPECTRAL MONKEY🌀🐒💥🌀🐒 💥CHUEN – TODAY is a day of incredibly HIGH MAJIK!!💫💫 IT IS DOUBLE BLUE MONKEY DAY today!!! We also have all the phenomenal 11.11.11. codings … bringing forth SUPERNATURAL WHITE MAJIK today! 💫💫💫💫
✨Perhaps we shall witness some ✴ MIRACLES ✴– so make a WISH!
The BLUE MONKEY 💙🐒💙– CHUEN loves to PLAY, PLAY, PLAY, and brings forth great MAJIK and merriment. Monkey days are usually LIGHTER and BRIGHTER but today’s code may have a more sombre note, due to the coupling with the Spectral tone, seeking to LIBERATE us from any Dark Magic spells.
BLUE MONKEY represents our inner child, and generally most of us carry serious deep wounding there. This may have been rooted in this lifetime, and/or numerous past lifetimes. This deep core wounding has kept us locked in negative self deprecating patterns creating endless suffering, imprisoning our souls in an ILLUSION of FEAR – False Evidence Appearing Real..
When you are experiencing pain, suffering and trauma, your life is devoid of joy and happiness.😢😥😢
The best solution is to invite more PLAY and LAUGHTER😆😂 which is the best medicine, and BLUE MONKEY revels in this arena! However this can be short lived, as the problem soon returns if the wounds have not been healed properly. Placing a bandaid over a deep festering wound is not ideal if infection has set in.
Fortunately today we have strong forces at play (pun intended!) that will enable us to permanently remove these core wounds, and soothe our wounded Divine child – particularly the familial karmic patterns that have divided us through the hypnotic Dream-spell.
GREAT MAJIK is at PLAY today! 💫💫
BLUE MONKEY is the MAGICIAN🎩, the Master illusionist, and the great TIME LORD who has mastered the realms of time and space in order to BEND REALITY.. and create the ILLUSION that his witty mind seeks to project..
BLUE MONKEY is tribe number 11 – which is the doorway to Majikal realms…accessed through the Hall of Mirrors, which reveals the illusory world as a reflection of your inner mind’s eye..
KIN 11 contains very HIGH MAJIK indeed as the DOUBLE MONKEY🐒🐒 combining with the SPECTRAL🌀 release💥 tone unlocks the POWERS of HARRY HOUDINI🎩 the legendary Magician, Illusionist and ESCAPE artist..
✨Today’s codes afford the opportunity to ✨ESCAPE REALITY!!✨
Rise Above The Matrix Control Net, Free Yourself
ANY REALITY!! Whatever BOX📦 or PRISON 🔒 you have created for yourself – KIN 11 enables you to collapse the container and SET YOURSELF FREE… 🔐💥🔑💥 Particularly with the 13.13 and 4.4. CODES enabling you to construct a better BOX of COSMIC proportions!! 🍥📦
It is time to CHANGE THE TRAJECTORY📈 of your LIFE! 🌀⏳💥🌀⏳💥
NOTE: The shadow side of BLUE MONKEY is deceit, betrayal, illusion and trickery. so make sure you brush all seriousness aside and entrain your “monkey mind” to relax, let go, flow and enjoy your day. Keep it LIGHT and innocent and keep your FOCUS on WHERE you want your reality to FLOW!
🐒🐒🌀✨ 💕🐒🐒🌀
The BLUE MONKEY’s🐒 totem is the Dolphin🐬. The GIFT that CHUEN yields within his Divine Child is the 💕5D BLISS CODES💕 – exemplified by the pure JOY and spontaneous desire to PLAY and frolic that the Dolphin displays. Dolphins love making people happy and they relish playing with their kin, particularly when surfing the waves🌊🌊🌊.. and cruising in their family pods 🐬🐬🐬
All these beautiful possibilities exist to be experienced when you make the CHOICE to align with the 5D BLISS💕 codes available and broadcast today.🌈🌈🌈
TODAY is the day to LIBERATE more EN-DOLPHINS!! 🐬🐬🐬 😆😂😆😂
🐒🐒🌀✨ 💕🐒🐒🌀
SUPPORT: YELLOW SPECTRAL STAR 🌟LAMAT is another powerful portal to the Starry realms adding to the 11:11:11: escapism… LAMAT is providing the LIFT OFF – so you can escape the dross and reappear in your new BRILLIANT REALITY – one that is filled with beauty, peace, harmony and abundant creativity..
The land OVER THE RAINBOW🌈🌈 – use your double majik wand today to transport yourself beyond the Rainbow🌈 where bluebirds fly. 🐦🐦🐦
Make a WISH🌠 upon the GREEN COMET ZTF💚🌠💚 and maybe you will WAKE-UP up where the old world is far behind you! Gather your beloveds today and head down the new yellow brick road together – skipping hand in hand!
HAPPY GALACTIC B-EARTH-DAY 🎂 to Jose’ Arguelles’ – Valum Votan – the revolutionary Aquarian, and FATHER of the Dreamspell and Harmonic Convergence.! Jose’ is/was a TIMELORD, MASTER MAGICIAN and a GALACTIC MAYA keeper of the codes.
Jose’ co created the DREAMSPELL Galactic codex with his partner Lloydine Arguelles – Bolon Ik, and what a legacy they left for humanity.. The roadmap and LIGHT codes to pave the path to our New World of Harmony, Peace and Love aligning with the Harmonic Matrix and natural Creation cycles.. What a blessing to us all! 🙏💟🙏
The SPECTRAL MONKEY is one of the KEY🔑 kin that can BREAK the old DREAM-SPELL of the Artificial Control Matrix – and what a superb role model Jose’ was in SMASHING the ILLUSION💥 of this false reality… He definitely attracted much controversy and ire, as he strived to AWAKEN humanity from the dark DREAMSPELL and teach our Planetary kin how to align with natural time and the new Harmonic Matrix.
Jose’ and Bolon Ik are especially happy and celebrating the rebirth of CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS☀✨ and Humanity’s AWAKENING💥 on this special LIBERATION day… We have come a long way from that August day in 1987 when the Harmonic Convergence set the pattern for our Planetary Revolution through LOVE, PEACE and UNITY. HALLELUJAH✨
Thankyou for leading the way forward to the NEW TIME and opening the GATES to the 5D NEW WORLD! 🌏🌈🌎🌈🌍🌈 WE LOVE YOU & GAIA LOVES YOU!!! ❤❤❤
AH YUM HUNAB KU EVA MAYA E MA HO!* *this means “O Hunab Ku, One Giver of Movement and Measure, All hail the harmony of mind and nature!” This phrase combines Mayan and Tibetan language.
🌟🌟🌟 p.s. You may wish to INVOKE Jose/Valum Votan on this special day and ask for his guidance/wisdom moving forward to the New World.
🐒🐒🌀✨ 💕🐒🐒🌀
OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: WHITE ELECTRIC DOG 💡🐕 OC is THE BEST – SUPERPOWER to have TODAY.💞💞💞 The ELECTRIC DOG – has the hidden AGENDA of BONDING together with his kin in devoted Service to Spirit, through loyalty, compassion and LOVE for one another.. Yesterday’s PLANETARY DOG 🌎🐕– laid the foundation by enveloping our entire planet with a rapturous blanket of LOVE.💞. Today this blanket is available through today’s SUPERPOWER to transmute ALL DARKNESS into LIGHT. ✨✨✨
TUNE in and FEEL the LOVE enfold you and all your kin today. We are all ONE HAPPY GLOBAL FAMILY!👭👬👫💕
OC encourages us to love, nurture and play with those we trust. When we feel SAFE and secure our Inner Child is FREE to PLAY, PLAY PLAY.. As the limitations MELT away – the barriers and bars dissolve, and the whole world awaits our new adventure.. Inside every adult is a beautiful pure innocent soul. who desires love and nurturance and to be FREE to create, explore and EXPAND.. A foundation of true LOVE provides this FREEDOM..
❓❓Are you FREE to be your natural authentic self around your nearest and dearest?
❓❓Do you like the person that you are, reflecting within those relationships?
To be your true and authentic self you must be FREE to reveal your inner nature without fear or ridicule. If any barriers exist to your true loving expression, then today is the DAY to set your LOVE FREE! 💕
🐒🐒🌀✨ 💕🐒🐒🌀
CHALLENGE/GIFT: RED SPECTRAL DRAGON 🌀🐉 IMIX – How DIVINE receiving a DOUBLE DOSE of Mother Dragon’s🐉🐉 T.L.C. today – through the Wavespell too – HUMANITY needs much LOVE and NURTURANCE on this potent spectral day. Recognizing and appreciating our beloved families and kin, honouring our CONNECTION and UNITY through nurturance.
IMIX is the Mother Dragon who is watching over her young brood as they hatch and begin to explore their surroundings.. She provides the LOVE and nurturance her offspring need. in order to grow strong and confident as individual and unique soul expressions. IMIX also provides the SAFE space for her young to heal, from any bumps and bruises they acquired through their curiosity and exploration.
Today’s SPECTRAL code with DOUBLE MONKEY is very potent and can be uncomfortably forceful, but the beautiful trinity of feminine energies today – LAMAT🌟, OC,🐕 and IMIX 🐉– all within the umbrella of the RED DRAGON🐉 Wavespell, create a more subtle and gentle RELEASE of the deep trauma and wounding of our Inner Child and familial patterns. This action is deeply transformative as it is much more effective to HEAL and release through the gentle harmonious power of LOVE💕 rather than an explosive and antagonistic struggle!
These codes today are EXTREMELY powerful and effective in granting you LIBERATION💥.. a BRILLIANT opportunity to release very deep core wounding – especially going back to the womb, all Mother wounds, seperation, abandonment and betrayal energies.
Anything regarding LOVE and Nurturance – or rather a lack of – can be healed and made whole today – so tune in and be mindful of what arises today through family triggers – that need to be gently and LOVINGLY released. 💥💕
This is the GIFT🎁🎁🎁 and blessing that Mother IMIX👪 provides today – the majikal power of transformation💫 and healing through the greatest POWER in the Universe – the POWER of LOVE!💞.
The CHRISTOS/SOPHIA energies are being RESURRECTED today as ALL our GLOBAL family are finally LIBERATED from the evil DREAMSPELL.
🐒🐒🌀✨ 💕🐒🐒🌀
Today’s question is; “What ILLUSIONS do I need to dissolve and RELEASE, in order to LIBERATE more Majik, so that my DIVINE CHILD can perpetually PLAY in a BLISS filled reality?”
🐬🌈 ❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈
Go forth and LIBERATE your MAJIK today💞
Namaste’ 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈




🔥 Implant Removal Ceremony 🔥


Cutting all Chords and Soul Contracts ~ Freedom from all False Programs, implants, inserts and overlays:






This is a vibrant year of Transformation – use the energies wisely to create the Divine reunion of Self-as-Source.
Divine reunion of Self-as-Source
Divine reunion of Self-as-Source




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