You are currently viewing Brotherhood of the Syrian Blue Guides ~ RETURN OF ERIS (Hidden Kingdoms Emerging) Albion Lightbody Activations

Brotherhood of the Syrian Blue Guides ~ RETURN OF ERIS (Hidden Kingdoms Emerging) Albion Lightbody Activations

Brotherhood of the Syrian Blue Guides ~ RETURN OF ERIS (Hidden Kingdoms Emerging) Albion Lightbody Activations



Paul White Gold Eagle

Greetings Holy Spirits of our Ground Crew Earth Angelics of Ascended Mastery

Our local Solaris released another powerful Solar Flare today maxing at M 3.3 at 7:13 UTC. This Celestial Event was encoded with our Codes of 33 of Divine Mastery and 37 into the 73 The New Heaven upon the New Earth. Another M Class Flare was released from the Sun maxing at 1.13 at 00:23 UTC. This Solar Activity is flooding this realm with Gamma Plasma Adamantine Particles of Source Light.

Pachamama also received a powerful activation with a magnitude 6.1 earthquake on the Ring of Fire in Russia at 20:49 UTC.

The Violet Dragons of St Germains Holy Flame are with us now to assist Gaia and all Her Children of the Sun in this Great Transfiguration of our Ascension Process. We are transforming ourselves into Rainbow Light Bodies of Higher Resonance while simultaneously shifting this realm into the Paradise she has always evolved to be.

In the Self Realization of Buddha Mind we Rise in the Awakened State of Pure Awareness, our True Nature of the Tao. As our Good People of the New Earth Return to the Natural Way, Living in Harmony with Mother Earth. Through the Silence of the Zero Point Still Center we become empowered with the Heavenly Light of the Holy Spirit and bring all into balance to usher in the New Golden Age of Eternal Life…A’Ho!





Right now: Moon at 19°05′ Aries, Sun at 10°08′ Virgo

sabian symbols

Current Sabian Symbols

Current Sabian Symbol for the Sun

A boy moulded in his mother’s aspirations for him.
Sabian Symbol for 11º Virgo

The current Sabian Symbol of the Sun is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing solar influence, the vital energy and the personality, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this day, while the Sun’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 11º Virgo.


Current Sabian Symbol for the Moon

A young girl feeding birds in winter.
Sabian Symbol for 20º Aries

The current Sabian Symbol of the Moon is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing lunar influence, the emotional background, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this moment, while the Moon’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 20º Aries.





10D Stargate corrections are complete.. With this the Rod repair is stabilizing (6D masculine principle.) All false light inverted matrices for the current collective bandwidth are coming offline ATM. Huge awakenings in the collective..activations in newly Awakening souls causing anti-life timelines to rapidly collapse-base 10 spin rates corrected to ORGANIC spin rate. The Guardians have reclaimed many future parallels that had been compromised. Oversoul integrations👑 Exciting day for the ascending collectives! 🎉❤️
Violet Dragon
Violet Dragon

A word from the Whales

Widespread perceptible changes are beginning to filter through the layers of consciousness which much of humanity associates with “physical reality”.
The more easily humanity lets go of the rigidity of what once was, the more easily we may together flow through what IS and what will Be.
With Great Love from the Cetacean Collective
Widespread perceptible changes
Widespread perceptible changes
Frequency levels are rising, the collapse of 3D is imminent. Things will accelerate one or two more levels as we enter September/October 2023. This will be a historic milestone in human evolution as we advance toward a purging era. You are witnessing the beings/entities that are being exposed.
Please keep the peace and quiet. Let Earth/Gaia do its thing. You are protected if you follow universal guidelines. ☀️
Always time for tea with a forest spirit
Always time for tea with a forest spirit
9/2/23: Today is an exit… an out. Take your ball and go home. You’ve been changing all year, but you may not yet see how much because you’re so wrapped up in the old game. Step back now so your divine support team can work its magic. Your Right Action is to focus inwardly as life unfolds around you… without your help.
This is considered a “lucky” month, likely because you’re too mentally or emotionally worn out to get in the way. Let things play out naturally while you continue your mission of self-discovery. Less is definitely more right now. Make peace (be patient) with your surroundings!
mission of self-discovery
mission of self-discovery
Something BIG is Definitely BREWING. . .
Can you FEEL It in the Air?
If you are getting Goosebumps. . . there’s a Good Reason for that. . .
This is the “GREATEST SHOW on EARTH!”
It is NOT just on Earth. . . or in Earth. . . It Is in the ENTIRE GALAXY!
It Is the GREATEST SHOW in this GALAXY!!!

195 -RETURN OF ERIS -195 🤯

WOHA.. BIG NIGHT last night feeling and hearing the big SOLAR (solaris) wave (energy update)coming our way.. had dreams of contact .. heard my mums voice…
The big solar 🌞🌊CME hit last night and will sweep through tonight and tomorrow …bringing INformation and Energy from Mercury and Venus which were hit early last night…
I kept hearing …the rise of ERIS (sister of Mars… the feminine WARRIOR, truth teller…) …
So many levels of reality are being deconstructed…
🌎Our Earth’s magnetic field will be challenged.. but she will move the energy through her corridors.. Ley lines.. (dragon lines) .. the sky will be more charged , more electric.. (storms will brew and move quickly) 🐉
👉🏼We need to prepare our nervous systems for this:
✔️Magnesium (mineralise your blood)
✔️B12 liposomal vitamin for nerve strenght
✔️Vitamin C increasing oxygen in the cell
✔️Lots of grounding (Earthing) bare feet
✔️Shake medicine, trembling, breathing, moving the body .. with love and grace… Dance.
🌳Nature immersions…
💤Sleep, lots of it – as much as you need- when you need.
..💫Connect to this Stargate portal which is being opened as big planets are all in decagon nodes.. I know this can be a lot to take at once .. but we are made for this.
☄️This is all in preparation for upcoming Equinox 23 9 23 The 5 9 5
We need to RIDE this wave with KAUR (corazon-Heart-Courage)
Be strong everyone!
~Miri Naad
Blue Fairy Light
Blue Fairy Light

✨Hidden Kingdoms Emerging✨

Powerful energy purging the dragon lines. They speak of prosperity & peace.
Empresses & Empires. Golden fire (breath) and silver rain (tears). High relief. Balancing.
🐉🌟 Goldie is here to stay. The solar dragons bringing vital life force and powerful, grounding light code energy. Sacred feminines & masculines grounding this into our beautiful dragon lines. Bringers of heaven, standing in Earth. Portals to the new.
Dragon eye looking at Japan… Triskelion with Japan, Aotearoa, North America & Maui in the Heart 🐉👁️🌟 Balance.
Happiness. Joy. Abundance. Peace.
What we feel becomes real. Manifestation mastery.
Albion Lightbody Activations. Hydrate & sit in the sun.
Hidden Kingdoms Emerging
Hidden Kingdoms Emerging


You are stepping into a wide expansion of space. With the increase in vibration, it is a higher energy and a bigger space. It is the feeling of intensity in changes, speed, and movement into the new timelines as well as an intense change in your DNA. With all this said, you are still all present in your physical bodies. Sometimes it is very uncomfortable.

Look at the light beams. Receive the light beams because a lot of information is getting directly to you from the sun. You don’t need anymore transmitters or anybody else to translate for you. You can now transcribe these messages yourselves and infuse this energy in your bodies. With time speeding up, you are speeding up your ability to understand the messages and to receive the energies. All this is happening simultaneously which is very good. Otherwise, you would be feeling frustrated because you would be getting delayed messages. This is not what is happening, you are getting everything at exactly the right time, at the right speed and the necessary information.

You no longer need to worry about a solid connection. When two energies touch each other, and exchange patterns, they go on their own trajectory. This is something new for you. In the past, whenever you got something, you wanted to solidify it, name it, and frame it.

The work that is coming now is very different because it is recognizing, acknowledging, registering, and moving forward. There is no time for building these unnecessary accessories that will be left behind anyway. This is related to all parts of your personal life, meeting people, and talking to people. The same with your business life. You are finding the best way to go by connecting. The same with all the energy and processes that are happening on Gaia right now.

Thanks to all these processes happening simultaneously, the information can be uploaded to the grid wherever this energetic connection is happening. The new grid is now holding all of this for you. Whenever you want to ask a question, or to download it for yourselves. It is all there.

This process is moving quickly, and you will be able to recognize this in September.

Hugs and love to all of you,



embody the Divine Feminine
embody the Divine Feminine




By Philippe François


September in numerology is 9, the 9th month marks the end of a cycle..
We are in year 7 (2023) this September will therefore be the 9th month of year 7 which makes 16 (destruction of the tower in tarot)… Which suggests there will be a lot of matches
It represents a tower whose head is opened by a tongue of fire coming from above, which triggers a multitude of manifestations, effervescences, seizures…
This is the opening of the crown chakra…
The tower is an image of ourselves and our body being led to opening up to something unexpected, new, baptisms of fire…
Bubbles are Adamantine energies, symbolizing the joy of living, of reconnection with Divine energies, with the states of Grace…
The Arc of the House of God is a symbol of opening to the Spirit, light, baptisms of fire and therefore the Mystical Marriage…
Many beings will not be able to open their cells to Pure Light if they vibrate too low… They won’t be able to absorb burdens which will trigger exits and therefore releases as the matrix is dissolving and cannot. then retire ….
Many human souls will not be able to withstand this influx of Love in the heart and will see their vital functions stalled.
It’s also a DNA mutation, a cellular, biological, energetic mutation and therefore not everyone will make this transition…
These souls will be taken to another place..
These are majestic and tragic times.
Tragic for those who refused to heed the endless warnings transmitted for so many centuries on the surface of this planet…
It is the positioning of consciousness to what emerges that allows the temple (the body) to light…
Consciousness is Vibration… It is a light that comes to illuminate a shadowy area, from which new eyes emerge, it is not consciousness that operates transformation, but light and therefore consciousness can only see later in this world of darkness…
Hence the purification of conscience so that she returns to a virgin before disappearing into immaculate whiteness…
Water brings transparency and purity It’s refreshing and nourishing. She is the Source, she is the Life… water flows like fire…
Fire is the very nature of Love and Light: a consuming Fire, for Water is the origin of the Fire…

Isabel Garcia Garcia


My name is Sereti, Blue Guide of the land of Syria, I salute you.
Today the Word became flesh entirely and the Truth of Love emanates more and more everywhere on this Earth, on every planet and on every Sun of this system. And there is nothing left, in any way, but to only welcome and reap the fruits of Grace and Love.
From now on the Brotherhood of Syrian Blue Guides close and surround the Earth, making themselves visible to some of you and in the same way, sensitively to certain places. We come to provide assistance, in a specific way, to your Resurrection in the Light of Life. We came to deposit at your feet, and in your hearts, the Love that we carry for you.
Just as the peoples of nature became perceptible and visible, our presence also becomes perceptible and visible, leaving no doubt as to the emergence of the comprehensive revelation of Light.
We circle the Earth to accompany it in its dimensional leap, just as the Angels of the Lord and other peoples of the unified carbonated worlds come near each of you. We are, the Earth Angels, not in an anthropomorphic appearance but in our Blue radiation, giving them to experience the completion of the Resurrection. We also accompany the Mariana Fleet ensemble in an eighth dimension and demonstration.
As the Earth already sees its own Ascension, you are invited to manifest and renew your own Liberation. The set of prior circumstances and events prior to the event has been fulfilled and is manifested from now on.
I am addressing each one of you; I invite you to go beyond words, to penetrate the essence and truth of what I say, to test it in your heart.
Our massive presence around Earth is emergency for the intersection of old and new, the intersection of 3rd and 5th dimension. We watch, for your Presence and your Brilliance, for the good development of events, so that every child of the Law of One is returned in integrity to what he is, to what he has chosen in his Freedom.
We call ourselves Blue Guides of Syria, the Blue Cloak of Grace offered to you by Mary entirely, is the suit of Light emanated from us.
Watch and be available in your heart, whatever your employment of time, every hour and every minute, because the Gift of Grace can no longer wait; so the Earth decreed, so the Sun decreed. Being covered with the Blue Cloak of the Grace, no one will touch a hair or thread of your eternity.
Allow me to place at your feet and in your hearts the blessing of the Brotherhood of the Syrian Blue Guides.
In the Love of One, Seréti embraces you.
Isabel Garcia Garcia.


Dear friends, as we were mentioning yesterday, the Sun woke up from its “August nap” and is welcoming September with a series of solar flares. We are currently experiencing a moderate geomagnetic storm that may last the whole weekend.
As we approach the 9:9 energy portal and the Equinox on September 23, we should expect an increase in solar activity. I know it’s been an intense period of integration and inner shifts, but we are definitely going into another active month, energetically speaking. However, the type of energetic work we will be doing in September will be different compared to August. While August was about empowering ourselves and letting go of limiting beliefs, September’s solar winds will be in charge of creating more inner space for deeper future changes.
Our nervous system will be the one feeling all these solar flares, specially if you are sensitive to the sun energies. Our crown energy center will be absorbing these incoming light codes and little by little will be sending this new information for processing into several different brain areas. Expect some cranial symptoms, such as headaches, ear ringing, watery eyes, dry mouth, and some jaw/throat and neck/sinus clearings.
Stay hydrated and rest as needed. I’ll be posting updates as the energies roll in. Much love ❤️
Diego E. Berman 2023 Ⓒ
144,000 dancers of the sun
144,000 dancers of the sun
We have reached a powerful precipice. Our collective heart is shattering. This is not a time to give up, even if we feel quite lost. It is a time to open up! We are in the process of a major breakthrough. When we unpack and integrate this powerful time, we will have access to more of our divine selves and have more capacity for love and compassion and a renewed strength that will move mountains. This is a significant time in our ascension process.
Powerful frequencies are shaking us up. They are pulsating throughout the earth’s ley lines. It feels like our nervous system is being pushed to the limit. We are dying to the past energies and programs in a grand finale of sorts, while new and powerful energies are flooding in. Timelines are beginning to split and we might feel a little split as well. We are vacillating between realities so dramatically now that everything feels shaken up or fractured. Reality is not showing up as we “expect“, and we begin to realize expectations come from past experience. Our expectations of the hardest things to let go of.
When heightened frequencies pulse through the earth the first thing that we face is another layer of our collective shadow. We are facing a major clearing of unspeakable wounds that have accumulated not just in years, but in entire ages. We can feel the epic atrocities and utter devastation that humanity has been responsible for. These wounds, our collective shadow, are the last vestiges of miscreations that are being asked to be acknowledged, healed, and finally released back into the light. How much of our collective shadow we release will be equal to how much divine light we will receive.
Remember this process is not personal, it is planetary! We may not know many of the details of the collective wounds are releasing as we process them through our light bodies. We don’t need to know. Although many of our personal issues are intertwined with the collective may arise to be released as well.
We have outgrown who we were and new aspects of ourselves are birthing. It is a very confusing time. We might feel a bit lost for a while between not knowing who we are and who we are not. We have been walking through life with only a partial presence. We have become painfully aware that some parts of us are missing. This knowing motivates us to keep seeking to embody our full divine presence. Seek and we will find. We will not be the same after this transformation. This is one final and massive step toward the ultimate goal of true oneness and ultimately a world devoid of duality upon a foundation built with unity in our diversity. What an exciting time to be witnesses to this transformation.
Over past ages, bit by bit, we have built a nearly impenetrable armor around parts of our sacred heart to contain and control our shadow selves and all the unhealed miscreations that were becoming too overwhelming to face. But the problem is we can not hide from our unhealed parts of ourselves without also losing access to our divine presence. A solution to this problem is now being offered. Our protective armor around the collective heart is being stripped away by these new rising earth energies, in tandem with our collective desire to be fully present. Our will, and the collective will, is working in tandem with the universe.
We are being made vulnerable in a holy state of surrender. All that we have avoided in the past is rising in a tsunami of bittersweet, healing love of brokenness. We understand now that there is no longer any benefit in avoiding our shadow. Our desire to be completely present and awakened within our divinity is stronger than our fear of facing the shadow that holds us back. We are no longer prisoners incarcerated by our fears and insecurities. Facing our shadow now becomes a spiritual crowbar to release our imminent rising into our presence and our divine destiny.
We are coming to a place where we enter territory that is brand new to us. One of the ways we can enter this new territory is to break open even further. This is exactly what’s happening now in tandem with splitting timelines. Our great losses, unimaginable betrayals, and life-altering devastations are all part of our divine plan. If they didn’t break us open when we experienced them the first time around, they will break us open now. Our collective heart is stretching and expanding beyond what we have ever experienced before. It is very intense and deeply painful, yet we discover a new brave but innocent place inside of us to help us take yet another step into the great unknown. We are on the ride of our lives, just remember to breathe.
We are going deeper and higher than any place we have experienced thus far in our soul’s journey. This has been triggered in part by the gift from an unspeakable and life-altering devastation that has taken place on the spinner wheel/heart pump of Mother Earth. This is the horrendous loss and simultaneously rising of profound LOVE that is the Aloha spirit of Lahaina and Maui. Anything that takes place on any one of the four sacred heart pumps affects the whole planet and all life. This sacrifice is unmeasurable and is unlimited to the levels of transformation it will birth. We are only beginning to see what this event has triggered in the hearts of all life on Mother Earth. We are being readied to expand into our holy vessel of light further than we have ever gone before.
This is the time when humanity must face the shadow with us that needs the most unconditional acceptance, love, and compassion. We are unveiling ancient hidden places within us that are storehouses for the missing pieces of ourselves we seek. But to get to those misplaced pieces of divinity, we must face the shadows first. The things we seek are hidden in the places we avoid in ourselves. No wonder we have avoided these places for so long. But IT IS TIME! Our collective soul is getting restless and is ready to move us further into our divine holiness.
We are discovering new foundations for ourselves and a new way of experiencing life. This has been a part of the divine plan all along. We are packing up the old 3-D house we have been living in and we are moving into a much bigger divine vessel created within ourselves so we can assimilate and merge with the new frequencies all the spaces that were once filled with the wounds we tried to ignore.
This is what we came here for. We are breaking free from limiting patterns that were set into existence for eons. We will let go of our deep heaviness so we can fly again. We will let go of fear, anxiety, guilt, shame, and feelings of unworthiness. We will feel connected again and put an end to the isolation that comes with hiding from ourselves. We will let go of the resentments and the rage that came from being mistreated, abused, and ignored. We will forgive ourselves knowing we wasted so much of our life on things that didn’t deserve our energy. We will forgive ourselves. And… We will heal.
So my friends here we are. We are in this together. We got this! Please take care of each other. Take care of your neighbors, your friends, and your family. Be there for them when they hit the hard places. I feel we are so close now to getting through the last of this. Even though time is irrelevant, and I prefer her not to post any predictions, I feel like we will be working through this process for several months. You didn’t come this far to quit now. We are in the last leg of an epic marathon. I am cheering you on!
Hugs and blessings to you all
Aluna Joy
PS…. Took me a long time to write this message. I rewrote it several times. When I read it, over and over, sometimes it felt really clear, and other times it didn’t. I think timelines are splitting or merging and I don’t know which timeline I am writing for these days! This new wobble is making it hard for messengers out here! So I hope it makes sense to all of you amazing beings out there.


A Mother’s Last Baby
A Mother’s Last Baby
On Saturday, September 2nd, the Moon, ruler of our emotional body, has shifted from the sensitive Full Moon in Pisces energies, into fiery Aries, the Ram. Today Luna will be connecting to Mercury, ruler of our perceptions, Chiron, ruler of past life wounds, and approaching a challenging connection to Pluto, ruler of death and rebirth. As we are in the waning phase of the Moon, a time to release and let go, we should focus on our feelings and thoughts regarding Self……your independence, self-confidence and courage.
Are you allowing insecurity to hold you back from moving forward in some way? Are you repeating old patterns that you need to shed? Are you not being assertive with what you want for fear of making the wrong choice? It is time to set free what is no longer working. Realize that some situations, circumstances, mind-sets or belief systems have served their purpose and now need to be transformed or transmuted. You are being guided and protected, but you must also believe in yourself! Blessings of Love and Light to All! ♥️
the Moon, ruler of our emotional body, has shifted from the sensitive Full Moon in Pisces energies, into fiery Aries
the Moon, ruler of our emotional body, has shifted from the sensitive Full Moon in Pisces energies, into fiery Aries


Neptune retrograde in Pisces square Vesta in Gemini – Deep in the flow, focused, studying, working, unwavering concentration until…
Tap, tap. Tap, tap, tap. The unconscious comes a-knocking, mind monkeys jiggling, restless, playful, annoying. Distracted by dreams, distracted by the wind or the rain or the sun, distracted by memories. What was it? When was it? What was I doing? Lost my train of thought.
And so the day goes and yet, somehow it is overlaid with a sweet and dreamy vibration, a soft call for a little soul-searching now and then. It’s a delicate brokering of an inner agreement to make time for concentrating on important tasks and to take time to relax. Read spiritual texts to calm the mind. Investigate new teachings to find your way out of the echo chamber. Ask gentle questions to promote deeper enquiry. Let the answers come to you. Hold space for curiosity. Resist polarization. Avoid false dichotomy. The truth is there, somewhere in the in-between. Follow the river, back to the source.
Degrees and Tomes
Neptune 26°Pi43′ R, Vesta 26°Ge43′ – 13:43 (BST)
© Leah Whitehorse
Painting – Spring Mist by Stanisław Witkiewicz
Spring Mist
Spring Mist

Kin 212 ~ Yellow Self-Existing Human

‘Self-Existing’ is the name for the number four and its keywords are ‘Definition, Form and Measure’. With every wavespell, on the fourth day we must take stock and consider more carefully our situation. It is vital you know where you stand before you take another step forward. Consult a map, ask for directions etc. We can all experience self-analysis on number four days and this can make us feel a little insular.
Today is Yellow Human and it represents ‘Free Will, Wisdom and Influence’. Yellow Human days are about opening oneself up, so messages from spirit can be channeled. All humans are psychic naturally. It’s not just animals that can sense when an earthquake will occur or when rain will come….we too can do this but we have lost touch with our natural abilities. These abilities dwell within us and have not been lost, they just lie dormant in most people. On Human days it’s good to tune in and activate that channel. ‘Free Will’ is a keyword too because we have free will to do with this information what we choose. Intuition is a handy tool and it’s up to you, if you wish to use it. As it is a number four day, it is important to look very closely at any message you receive, even if at first it doesn’t make sense to you.
The Guide today is Yellow Star. Yesterday, the Yellow Star was the Ally and tomorrow it’s in the Occult position and today we are guided by the Star. There’s a lot of beauty to be appreciated at the moment. Follow the guiding star today and it will lead you to a beautiful place or experience.
The Challenge is the White Wind, the communicator of the Tzolkin. When in this position expect crossed wires, misunderstood messages and possibly arguments. Try to be clear with what you say today and don’t take everything you are told as accurate. If you are going to sign anything today…read the small print!
The Occult power is the Red Moon which happens to be the wavespell we are in as well. ‘Going with the Flow’ today can result in magical encounters and all that moon energy makes channeling easier too.
The Ally is the Blue Hand which is the symbol of healing. If you need a friend, and you are lucky enough to know a Blue Hand, give them a call. If you are a Blue Hand expect to be in demand today. Otherwise you can expect friendly healing experiences today because the Blue Hand is the Ally.
Kin 212
Kin 212


4 EB – KIN 212
😊✨✋✴📦 🌟😊
Measuring WISDOM
I seal the process of FREE WILL
With the Self-Existing tone of FORM
I AM guided by the power of ELEGANCE
😊✨✋✴📦 🌟😊
2/9/2023 = 2/9/7 = 2/16=2/7 =9
✨MONTH/YEAR codes✨
9- Completion/Destiny/Service/Humanity/Grace
7- Majik/Mystic/Spiritual/Solitude/Initiation
16-Tower struck by lightning/Sudden unexpected events
20- The AWAKENING/Clear vision
2- Partner/Twin/Cooperation/Alliances/Duality
23- Royal Star of the Lion/Strength/Protection
Using our intelligent MIND to BREAK OUT of the 📦💥
27 MONTHS ago KIN 212 occured on 14 July, 2021 – of course this was BASTILLE DAY – The French National Independence Day which commemorates the Storming of the Bastille prison in order to FREE the people from the tyrannical king’s rule. They literally BOMBED their way out of the jail box… 💣💣💥💣
Today we link back through the Tzolkin to this convergence of TIME – choosing to FREE ourselves once again, choosing PEACE and HARMONY over greed, power and control..
Whatever we CONSCIOUSLY REJECT👎 enables us to DEFINE exactly what it is we wish to CREATE👍.. ✨✨✨The process of elimination of the undesired events and patterns, makes way for the GO(O)D🕊 to FLOW.
😊✨✋✴📦 🌟😊
KIN 212 = 5 – Freedom/Liberation with the TOWER CODE for all of SEPTEMBER – BOOM! 💣💥
A day of consciously choosing to redefine your REALITY, in order to BREAK OUT 💥 of the OLD BOX! 📦
Day 4 in the RED MOON WAVESPELL of the GODDESS,👸 who is enhancing our intuition and sensitivity as we purify our vessels in order to find our natural FLOW. 🌫🌫
Today we are DEFINING HOW to “GO WITH THE FLOW”, by measuring our WISE choices, which influence greater FLOW🌫 in our lives.
SELF-EXISTING – Tone 4 operates in the MENTAL realm. ACTION – measures, POWER – defines, ESSENCE – form. SELF-EXISTING number 4 takes form 📦 and we have ourselves a square shape. Self-existing, measuring and defining, very intelligent, fascinated by self. We now have built a sturdy platform upon which further growth takes place.
Today we delve into the MENTAL realm and use our MINDS🤔 to align with our HIGHEST POTENTIAL DESTINY, and DEFINE what it is we wish to BUILD in our life.🔨🛠 🏠
❓❓What FORM will our life take in the future?
Defining how we can access more elegance and FLOW in our lives, using our FREE WILL and God given powers!!!. Dispense with the rest and build your new solid foundations on the basis of elegance and PEACE through your PURE MIND..
Go forth and BUILD this new foundation, for our ELEGANT New World to take FORM! 🌍🌎🌏
🌟Tune in and SURRENDER🏳 to the Divine Plan for your life, and the greater plan for HU-MAN-kind.🌟🌟🌟
😊✨✋✴📦 🌟😊
✨✴✨So precious hearts, TODAY WE BREAK OUT of our old box💥📦 and GO WITH THE NEW FLOW 🌫 leading us all to greater HARMONY and JOY.
✴✨✴NOW IS THE TIME to move to a BIGGER more beautiful🌹 BOX! 📦 🏠💒
Today’s question is “How can I DEFINE a better reality, through DIVINE WISDOM, choosing positivity❤ in order to GO WITH A NEW FLOW!?” 🌫💕
🐬🌈 ❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤
Divine blessings for FREELY FLOWING in a purer stream of consciousness…🎵…merrily, merrily, merrily down the stream we FLOW! 🎶
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈
CONSCIOUS SELF: YELLOW SELF-EXISTING HUMAN📦 👴– EB relates to wisdom, intelligence, free will and abundance. Honouring our free will, and making better choices using our BUDDHIC MIND. Through integrating our sensitive intuitive side with our fearless intelligence, we can allow WISDOM to be the walk!
Today we are focused on how we can DEFINE this greater WISDOM, allowing it space to take form, to influence and unite others in HARMONY. We are also defining PURE consciousness🌫 through choosing to think POSITIVELY and more creatively OUTSIDE THE BOX in order to redefine our reality.
🌟In order to SHAPE a better world we MUST align with Divine Will, so that the natural Harmonic Matrix is kept in balance. Our choices need to make our world a better place for ALL inhabitants. 🌟🌟🌟
EB asks us to honour our ancestors, and the wisdom that came before us, all the wisdom we have accumulated from our ancestral Earth walking!. Making wiser choices and decisions, focused on FLOWING🌫 with our evolutionary changes for the continuation of our species. Choices that create better outcomes for humanity and our planet. We can recognize that our FREE WILL can assist us in becoming wiser elders that can influence future generations.
🌟The choices we make NOW, MUST benefit our children 🚸and future generations. This is MANDATORY!🌟
😊✨✋✴📦 🌟😊
HIGHER SELF/GUIDE: YELLOW SELF-EXISTING STAR 📦🌟 LAMAT is the VENUS STAR✨ of beauty, elegance, grace and harmony. Today we use our MINDS to DEFINE what such a world of beauty would look like in our ideal reality. Focusing on creating a world with the Highest Potential for love, compassion, harmony and peace.
A world which allows us to be creative, so that we can build a solid foundation for our common-unities to live together harmoniously in PEACE, with an abundance of happiness, joy and prosperity. ☺😊😋😃
LAMAT is a STARGATE ✨– a portal to the NEW EARTH and NEW TIME.. When we add the builders code – 4 SELF-EXISTING – we have just been handed the tools to construct our NEW HARMONIC WORLD.
The Self-existing STAR✨✨✨ encourages us to build a platform where we can really SHINE🌟 and express our creativity, enriching our lives and the lives of our kin – all for ONE, and ONE for ALL.👍
😊✨✋✴📦 🌟😊
SUPPORT: BLUE SELF=EXISTING HAND –📦✋ MANIK inspires us to complete our Healing cycles, especially healing our MINDS of toxic and outmoded thoughts, beliefs, programs and patterns. Clearing out the debris to upgrade to DIVINE MIND. Accomplishing the final closure of what was incomplete or needed our attention, in order to FREE up our energy and LIBERATE us from the past. 💥
SELF-EXISTING MANIK gives us more tools to ACCOMPLISH our thoughts and desires.. whatever we can IMAGINE we can CREATE. Use your MIND, just as TESLA did, to first formulate your designs, refining them over and over, until you are READY to BUILD the prototype.
MANIK encourages us to PUT UP OUR HANDS, volunteering for new responsibilities and acquiring new skills, channeling more wisdom and guidance to set us on our new path of Divine Service with greater FLOW..🌫
😊✨✋✴📦 🌟😊
OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: RED PLANETARY MOON 🌎 👰– MULUC the GODDESS is today’s SUPERPOWER – DOUBLING the GODDESS energies, purging and detoxing any remaining stagnation or restriction in our FINAL RINSE stage. MULUC is pairing with MANIK 🙌 to effect great transformation and healing.
MULUC assists us in expanding our MINDS as a result of LISTENING to, and following the synchronicities and multiple opportunities, through attunement to Mother Gaia/s natural cycles. Allowing your intuition and feelings to guide your MIND into making wise choices today. Respecting the natural world by allowing ourselves to FLOW with the changes, accepting and honouring them as the WISDOM from Great Spirit.
The PLANETARY MOON invites us to focus on our Global needs and Planetary body, ensuring that our Ascension journey is in full alignment with one another. Purifying and caring for our Earth Mother🌍 and all her kingdoms, in a caring, responsible and sustainable manner. The Planetary tone enables us to PERFECT the manifestation of these greater ideals and purpose on a global scale. 🌎🌎🌍
MULUC then allows us to FLOW with the new current-sea, allowing the power of Universal waters to support and guide our boats, steering us in the NEW direction, all downhill from here folks!, Yeeee ha!!🌫🌫🌫
😊✨✋✴📦 🌟😊
CHALLENGE/GIFT: WHITE SELF-EXISTING WIND📦 🌬🍃– IK challenges us today to align our FREE-will with the will of Spirit. Becoming a hollow pure vessel receiving the whisperings of the wind to guide our path. We are all but conduits for the Divine Will to FLOW through us. Open to the MAJIK and be receptive.
We are challenged to accept becoming partners, acting in unison with the will of Spirit, in order to effect greater influence and become the wayshowers and leaders of our new communities. Drawing together to allow pure golden consciousness🌟🌫🌟 to FLOW through our vessels for the betterment of us all.
🌟Tune in and SURRENDER🏳 to the Divine Plan for your life, and the greater plan for HU-MAN-kind.🌟🌟🌟
😊✨✋✴📦 🌟😊
✨✴✨So precious hearts, TODAY WE BREAK OUT of our old box💥📦 and GO WITH THE NEW FLOW 🌫 leading us all to greater HARMONY and JOY.
✴✨✴NOW IS THE TIME to move to a BIGGER more beautiful🌹 BOX! 📦 🏠💒
Today’s question is “How can I DEFINE a better reality, through DIVINE WISDOM, choosing positivity❤ in order to GO WITH A NEW FLOW!?” 🌫💕
🐬🌈 ❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤
Divine blessings for FREELY FLOWING in a purer stream of consciousness…🎵…merrily, merrily, merrily down the stream we FLOW! 🎶
Namaste’ 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈




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Wave Genome
Spiraling Helix
Love Streams
Krystal Waterways
Hydrogen Bonds
Ionic Plasma H2O
Imprints Energy
Information @
Light Speed
Fractal Light
Zero Point Flux
Life’s Magnetics
DNA Ethernet
Standing Waves
Holographic Image
Liquid Crystal Domain
BroadBand Spectrum
Laser Modulation DNA
Source Seeding Imaging
Imprinting Eternal Life
Photonics Continuum
Krystal Hearts
Higher Dimensions
Light Going Galactic
Mother Father Child
Creation Pillars In
Lemuria 5 OS
Flash Point
Parasites Out
Wave Genome
Wave Genome

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