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Twin Dragons

The Blue Crystal – THE CALLING ~ When your True Destination Calls – Divine Flame of the Holy Spirit – Golden Line Lineage Return

The Blue Crystal – THE CALLING ~ When your True Destination Calls – Divine Flame of the Holy Spirit – Golden Line Lineage Return



Paul White Gold Eagle

Greetings Rainbow Dragon Nation of the New Lemuria Rising

After yesterday’s massive X Class Solar Flare our local Solaris released a powerful M Class flare today maxing at M 5.51 at  18:40 UTC pumping out more Gamma Plasma Waves of multidimensional Light for our Great Ascension Process. All these higher energetics and frequencies pouring into this realm from the most High are preparing us for this most powerful Lionsgate Portal, Tuesday on the 8:8, for the next phase and plateau of our Ascension Journey back into the Light. 

We are very close to our Divine Dispensations and Transformations of the New Earth Manifestation. We are completely resolving all the interference patterns held over our 5D New Earth. We hold the keys and the codes to our Salvation within our 12 Strand Crystalline Star DNA. All our Holy Nations are with us Now to assist all Starseed Earth Angelics of the 144 in our Divine Missions of Uniting under the ONE Banner of Peace and Prosperity for all our Good People of our Rainbow Tribe of the New Jerusalema.

This Great Transfiguration and Transmutation begins in the subtle realms and as she gains momentum becomes more tangible in the physical realms until the engagement of our full Quantum Leap of Consciousness into the New Human we call homo-Luminous beings of Infinite Light. Our Avatars are being prepared and upgraded to hold more Light as Vessels of the Holy Spirit on Earth…A’Ho!




Right now: Moon at 25°38′ Aries, Sun at 14°13′ Leo

sabian symbols

Current Sabian Symbols

Current Sabian Symbol for the Sun

A pageant moving along a street packed with people.
Sabian Symbol for 15º Leo

The current Sabian Symbol of the Sun is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing solar influence, the vital energy and the personality, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this day, while the Sun’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 15º Leo.

Current Sabian Symbol for the Moon

A man possessed of more gifts than he can hold.
Sabian Symbol for 26º Aries

The current Sabian Symbol of the Moon is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing lunar influence, the emotional background, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this moment, while the Moon’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 26º Aries.





Wobble, wobble
Time to unleash your Inner Dragon!
The Dragon GATE is open..
No more Playing it safe
What do you need to rise?
❤ Mama G
Butterfly Princess
Butterfly Princess
The Divine flame of the Holy Spirit burns brightly in the heart of mankind…
The Creator’s brilliant and magnificent light sweeps the earth accompanied by the renewed flames of the Holy Spirit, cleansing everything that speaks against the Creator…
The flame of the Holy Spirit fills the earth at unprecedented levels and consumes all unrealities allowing mankind to rise to the highest level…
There is no rebirth without destruction…
First the worst, now the best…
Keep being strong…
Now we only have to wait for the upcoming events which will reveal various deceptions among the awake people…
When you become truly awake it won’t be comfortable…
Soon you will see what you don’t want to see…
Divine flame of the Holy Spirit
Divine flame of the Holy Spirit

💛🌈 Golden Line Lineage Return  🌈💛

The way to return to the golden timeline is through one’s own lineage.
Through our lineage is the way the golden timeline returns to earth through us.
To bring ones own line into the golden timeline
Is to reclaim all aspects of one’s lineage from all timelines and dimensions
This is magnetically done by a reconnection to the magnetic light of Mother.
This is how we bring the lemurian giants back
Through each one of us
Through our ancestors.
Through our past incarnations.
The wholeness of us are the giants we are calling in.
This is the way it is called for to ensure trust, continuity and responsibility and that nothing in our family line is ever lost.
Standing in our place with the source light shining through the ancient codes of the body of our family line, we give light to our family code.
We bring the eternal of our family into the earth.
The eternal presence of our family know the way.
To bring your line to you with the assistance of magnetics of Mother.
Blessings in the golden line 💛

art by meistro: Frank Frazetta

 een, and for Others, beginning important rapid upgrades. These upgrades to the physical Vessel are necessary to advance the Christalign process of the Vessel to the next level of resonance, which is the next vibratory reality that has been Created through the Great efforts of the Divine Vanguard.
Your physical consciousness is kept at the higher level and in resonance with the new paradigm reality to be the direction for the physical Vessel to follow in its empowerment upgrades. It is necessary to keep the consciousness out of the fear spectrum so as to not amplify and distort the discomfort that may come with these upgrades. Rest as You must and in most cases, You will have no other choice as to rest.
There is an unprecedented prepared energetics now leading into the Lion’s Gate linear date of Aug 8th and a 3 day period following this of a recalibration of reality into higher frequency. Keep Your focus upon the Heaven on Earth scenario and beyond, and do not let Your consciousness settle for any thing lesser. The more aligned the Divine Co-Creators on the surface are with the Heaven on Earth scenario, the quicker this reality is Created and the Divine Mission is completed for many in this dimension and extending into the next level of dimensional space and time. Many energetic threads are culminating to the linear time between Aug 8th and 12th.
Love and Light
88 Lionsgate Portal
88 Lionsgate Portal
8/6/23: This is your day to uplift body and soul. Do something that fills you up… anything that makes your heart happy and satisfied. Your heart has a target on it this month, but that’s not a bad thing. It’s a natural human feeling thing. And when you elevate it to a spiritual thing you will connect with the divine. Because that’s where the magic begins… through your heart and out into the world. That’s where your power, your mission, and your essence generate your reality. So it’s vital to let it do what it’s built to do… feel, empathize, express, and share. It truly does start from within and it does matter. You are the candle that can light a thousand candles with just the courage to be yourself.
light a thousand candles
light a thousand candles
AUGUST 6 2023


‘’When the true Destination calls there is nothing more important in Life than this.
Nothing else matters, no one else matters.
This calling is going to be a different kind of calling.
It will enliven all senses, it will be an energy of purity and rejuvenation that will move through the body.
The Earth Star chakra will rise and will move you to the meeting point.
No resistance.
It will feel like you always knew what to do.
Now everything starts clearing in order for the calling to be heard, seen, felt and met by all the bodies in alignment.
The chakras are re-adjusting.
The calling is for the meeting point.
Once the meeting point is met then the most beautiful and amazing journey to the attainment of the True Destination can begin.
All paths lead to One and only path.
Up until now you were just preparing.
Make sure you have your Heart open and listen to your senses and inner voice in order to make it to the meeting point in wholeness and free will!
Twin Hearts are you listening?’’
Blessings to all!
Huna Ma Anata Kumara
Fb: Crystal and indigo guide to the galaxy
Join the Telegram channel:
”Όταν καλεί ο Αληθινός Προορισμός
δεν υπάρχει τίποτα πιο σημαντικό στη Ζωή από αυτό.
Τίποτα άλλο δεν έχει σημασία, κανένας άλλος δεν έχει σημασία.
Αυτό το κάλεσμα θα είναι ένα διαφορετικό είδος καλέσματος.
Θα ζωντανέψει όλες τις αισθήσεις, θα είναι μια ενέργεια αγνότητας και αναζωογόνησης
που θα κινηθεί μέσα στο σώμα.
Το τσάκρα του Aστέρα της Γης θα ανυψωθεί και θα σε μεταφέρει στο σημείο συνάντησης.
Καμία αντίσταση.
Θα νιώσεις ότι πάντα ήξερες τι να κάνεις.
Τώρα όλα αρχίζουν να ξεκαθαρίζουν προκειμένου το κάλεσμα να ακουστεί,
να φανεί, να γίνει αισθητό και να πραγματοποιηθεί
από όλα τα σώματα σε ευθυγράμμιση.
Τα τσάκρας αναπροσαρμόζονται.
Το κάλεσμα είναι για το σημείο συνάντησης.
Μόλις το σημείο συνάντησης εκπληρωθεί τότε το πιο όμορφο και εκπληκτικό ταξίδι
μπορεί να ξεκινήσει για την κατάκτηση του Αληθινού Προορισμού.
Όλα τα μονοπάτια οδηγούν στο Μοναδικό μονοπάτι.
Μέχρι τώρα απλά προετοιμαζόσουν.
Βεβαιώσου ότι έχεις ανοιχτή την Καρδιά σου και ακούς τις αισθήσεις και την εσωτερική σου φωνή
για να φτάσεις στο σημείο συνάντησης με την ολότητα σου και με ελεύθερη βούληση!
Δίδυμες Καρδιές ακούτε;’’
Όσοι έχουν το εσωτερικό κάλεσμα να συμμετάσχουν σε αυτήν την εργασία,
μπορούν να μου στείλουν μήνυμα για τις λεπτομέρειες της συμμετοχής.
Ευλογίες σε όλους!
Huna Ma Anata Kumara

Ra James

The energies are picking up intensity as we prepare for the 8:8 portal. You want to be tapping into these energies. They can help you so much with what is coming up for you during this time, what you’re moving through, what you’re working on healing, and manifesting the future that you desire. We are receiving a huge influx of energies right now from our Central Sun, Sun, Sirius, and Orion right now, as all are in a powerful alignment with Earth for the rest of the Lions Gate Portal.
We are receiving a huge influx of light codes, and with them intense DNA activations. That’s why this is one of the best times to be dong energy work and practicing self care. August began with the Lions Gate Portal. It will be ending with a rare Blue Supermoon on Aug 31st. This Moon is all about your hopes, dreams, healing and closure. It will be helping you to let go, so expect endings. That means with the energies so intense you may be having a lot come up. The frequencies are only getting higher and are pushing you toward healing on every level. Expect the frequencies to continue to climb the rest of August. We have Venus Retrograde still, and in exactly a week’s time she will merge together with our Sun forming a Venus Star Point. That means this Lions Gate is bringing a strong desire for love. Expect huge shifts over the next week in your love life…
art :@jensfineart
88 portal
88 portal

WEEKLY ENERGY FORECAST: AUGUST 7-13 2023 ✨ 8:8 Lion’s Gate climax and the start of the integration period.

Dear friends, we are starting this energetically important new week bathed in the cosmic rays of a strong X class solar flare that took place during the last 24 hours. These solar lightcodes are intensifying the 8:8 codes we have already been receiving since July 26.
But this week marks the beginning of the end of this long energetic transformative passageway. Since the 7/7 portal, energies have been streaming down and clearing us deeply. As many of you have felt in the last few days, the energies have been intense. Some of you may be experiencing physical as well as emotional clearings together with deep personal insights. It takes a minimum of three days to integrate these new light codes into our systems, so please be patient with yourselves.

The 8/8 gate on Tuesday of this coming week is truly a time to celebrate our journey through the cosmos and our own soul evolution. It’s a

wonderful time to connect with the infinite Love that resides within us.
As we emerge from this Lion’s gate by the end of the week, we will be carrying with us new information that will propel us into the rest of the year, and hopefully into a new reality for each of us. New paths and timelines holding more Light and abundance that will illuminate our journey personally and collectively will be consolidated during the next months.
Here’s a message from our Cosmic friends from the Sirius star system: “Beloved Ones, once again you have passed thru the gate, a gate towards more Love and a deeper understanding of your true nature. Keep waking, keep growing, keep loving yourselves. The road through the stars is long but you are never alone. Look within and you shall find a well of wisdom and light. You are us, and we are you. Blessings”.
Much love friends, have a great week. ❤️
Diego E. Berman 2023 Ⓒ
Twin Dragons
Twin Dragons

Isabel Garcia Garcia.


The time is coming when the Angels Choir and the Earth Choir will be in unison to awaken the last beings who want it.
It is the Blue Light that represents Alchemy, the Fusion of the Ethers performed within us, fusion of the Ethers taking place on Earth.
The Blue Light corresponds to the Blue Crystal brought upon this Earth by the Elohim during the creation of the Atlantis. This Blue Crystal, by resonance, is a witness allowing to resonate and facilitate the return of Light.
Blue Light is a Song of the Holy Spirit coming from Sirius as this Planet. The Earth’s crystal nucleus freed, generates Sirius’ Song and Sound. This Sound, whose marker is the Blue Crystal deposited by the Elohim, is activated. He is manifested in different parts of this Planet, announcing the return of the Holy Spirit and his revelation.
This Blue Light anchor continues from now on, at an accelerated rate above Earth. The installation, after the drilling of the Earth’s magnetosphere, as well as the ionosphere, the possibility is increasing to crystallize this passage to Earth.
The Blue Light is the witness of the Resurrection, preparing for the return of Vibrational Light in its entirety. White Light comes from the center of the Alcyone Galaxy, called the Galactic Center.
Isabel Garcia Garcia.
The Blue Crystal
The Blue Crystal

Asara Adams

🌟💜🌟 Energy Update by The Pleiadian-Sirian-Arcturian Council of Light
“We are here now.
We love you.
We are you, from your future, to assist you on your path.
Beloved One, the Lion’s Gate Energies are powerful Activators of high dimensional experiences.
This means, that some pieces in your life will be either removed or moved into your reality.
May it be in your immediate environment or in the way you relate to others, everything is shifting and moving.
This intense movement causes the Ego Mind to become very uneasy, because the things it relied on to keep you in the Illusion are being taken away.
For some, this can cause negative emotions…
But, for some, who continue to connect to Source, the I AM Presence The Holy Spirit and other Beings of Light, there is a feeling of Divine Alignment in this movement.
The more you are staying in Harmony and the more you are focusing on this Divine orchestration, the easier you will move through this transition.
Simply remind yourself that every delay, every change serves you and will propel you into a higher reality of Light.
Be kind to others and to yourself…
At the other end of the Lion’s Gate Portal, you will find the Light of Source, the Love of Source, the Divine Beauty and Wellbeing of Source.
You are well on your way, Beloved One.
Welcome Home!
We are holding the vision of the Divine New Earth with you and from our vantage point it is glorious.
We are with you, every step of the way.
You are loved beyond measure.
We are with you… always. We love you.
We are you. Namaste.”
Thank you, Pleiadian-Sirian-Arcturian Council of Light!
Channelled through Asara Adams
Lion's Gate Energies
Lion’s Gate Energies

Gene Key 7 ~ Virtue is its own Reward

August 6th – August 11th 2023

Division – Guidance – Virtue

“The 7th Gene Key definitely has potent leadership potential, but they’re not always leaders per se. They’re people with influence. In any group, the 7th Gene Key carries this power that when it speaks, others will listen.” – Richard Rudd, 64 Ways



Gene Keys: Unlocking the Higher Purpose Hidden in Your DNA – by Richard Rudd –


Beloved Ones,
We are approaching the 8/8 Lions portal. As many of you are already feeling, this is a time for profound healing, stabilization, and light body activation, a message that is confirmed by the Sol/plasma emanations that we have been constantly receiving, and that yesterday increased with more X Solar Flares. Guides remark on the importance to focus on creating more balance, at all levels, for this is how we allow the process of conscious integration to occur, gradually, gracefully, and peacefully.
Guides universally share a very loving, healing, and stabilizing frequency for All who are willing to tune into it, the delta frequency, which are waves that oscillate between 0HZ and 4HZ. These help us put our brain into a state of peace and surrendering, so it allows the healing required for our bodies to recover, for they are massively integrating many different frequencies at this time.
The energies that we integrate depend on what our body is prepared to hold. There will be many who are working at this time with the reconnection of their light bodies, especially the opening of their fifth-dimensional soul portal, and others who will be moving into a more stabilizing phase, expanding their hearts and embracing higher levels of love, wisdom, and power, as Guides shared many times recently.
Others, as I previously shared, will be moving into further stages of gridwork, for part of their missions involves the restoration of the Earth’s organic portals. It is all perfect within the Divine Plan, for we all help in our unique way, and nothing is higher or better than any other role within Creation.
It is precisely our desire to unite as One that triggers the planetary transformation and transition, that is already taking place, for this journey is no longer about us, but about All together. At every moment we are being assisted into this process, we do not need a specific portal to co-create, heal or expand, for this is limited and fixed. We can always, through our heart portal, connect with the energies we desire to align for our unique purpose.
To help us activate the two main body portals in our bodies that need to be open to allow these energies, Guides share two crystals, the second one I received today, is for all who are guided to work with them: turquoise and a charoite. The first one is going to help us with the opening of our heart center, thymus, and throat (soul portal), to help us reconnect, regenerate and move away from what no longer serves our highest good. A stone that will too help you in speaking courageously your personal truth, standing firm in who you are, and in your power.
The second one will help us in the opening and reconnection of our sixth, eighth, and ninth chakras. These are the ones, especially the eight ones that we are invited to work with, at this time, to consciously connect, and integrate, the current energies.
Energies that will help us in aligning with the eighth dimension, opening your Gold portal, which is the connection to your soul records, and continuing until reaching the ninth chakra, as the Monad complex extends from the seventh chakra to the ninth one. When this occurs, you have activated your galactic essence, free yourself from control, and trauma, and regained the memories of who you are, and your unique role within Creation.
I wish you all a healing, loving and expansive portal, Beloved Ones.
Within Infinite Love
88 Lions portal
88 Lions portal

New VENUS retrograde in Leo tip!

While Venus moves in retrograde motion through Leo (until Sep 3) you see more clearly than ever what you are actually focused on, and realize without a doubt – wherever your focus goes, your energy goes!
How are you spending your time when it comes to the pleasure of creating?
Venus in Leo thrives when you ADORE what you do and feel adored by others.
Make a special point of observing:
Where am I placing my ATTENTION?
This is especially important when circumstances invite you to take your power back or step up your leadership skills, yet you may be doubting your own lion-hearted strength.
⭐️ If you’re not happy with a situation, your main empowerment tool is your attention.
⭐️ Lavish attention on it, and you empower the situation.
⭐️ Take away your attention – which gave the situation power – and you transmute and disarm its impact on you!
Photo: Stefan Stefancik
VENUS retrograde in Leo
VENUS retrograde in Leo
On Sunday, August 6th, the Sun, ruler of our personal power, is in domineering Leo the Lion and making a challenging connection to Jupiter, ruler of exaggeration, in stubborn Taurus. Jupiter is known as the planet of blessings, but can blow things out of proportion according to where one’s beliefs and perceptions are in the moment. There could be fixed opinions and judgments that are standing in the way of seeing a greater potential.
The Sun in Leo can be lighthearted and playful when given the chance, and Jupiter can expand his confidence, hope and creative expression if raised to a higher energy perspective. Rise above the lower vibrations and see things from an expanded and spiritual vantage point. This could shift present circumstances into one where we are able to see the gifts that are being bestowed upon us. Blessings of Love and Light to All! ♥️
Sun in Leo the Lion
Sun in Leo the Lion
Lunar aspects. Juno in Cancer square Eris in Aries. Neowise stations direct in Scorpio – The Moon is now in vigorous, energetic, goal-oriented Aries but something is amiss. Weak points are exposed, armour is dented, tools are insufficient to do the job. Motivation takes a hit and it’s hard to muster the energy to make a start. Juno’s argument with Eris intensifies as Luna looks on. Their spat means commitments are bedevilled by discordant energies. The inclination is to slam the door on the world and sulk in silence muttering, I didn’t want to do it anyway! But oh, how we wish the troubles would go away so we could just get on with what needs doing!
Yes, the Moon is moody and muddled for some of the day but as she begins to engage with the North Node, we start to see that there is a way through. Little signs appear, a tiny nudge, a gut feeling, a whisper on the wind. Something somewhere is trying to help. Comet Neowise promises new wisdom born from deep introspection. Comets are heralds, messengers of changing times. Look up. Have faith. Blaze your trail.
Degrees and Times
Moon, Chiron 19°Ar52′ R – 13:46 (BST)
Neowise13°Sc52′ – 17:08 (BST)
Juno 25°Cn14′, Eris 25°Ar14′ R – 21:03 (BST)
Moon, Eris 25°Ar14′ R – 23:03 (BST)
Moon 25°Ar17′, Juno 25°Cn17′ – 23:08 (BST)
© Leah Whitehorse
Painting – Gran cometa de 1882 by Jose Maria Velasco
Gran cometa de 1882
Gran cometa de 1882

Kin 185 ~ Red Electric Serpent

‘Electric’ is the name for the number three and its keywords are ‘Activate, Bond and Service’. The third day of any wavespell activates whatever day it falls on. Imagine there is a big red button with the words GO written on it. Press that button and activate the day. Service is also a keyword and this reminds us that we are on duty, and we do serve the greater good. On Electric days, it’s good to remember to be of service to others.
Today is Red Serpent which represents ‘Life Force, Instinct and Survival’. Serpent is such a slippery critter it is hard to pin down its message. A serpent can bite you, squeeze the life out of you, or show you how to reinvent yourself by shedding your old skin. People born on Serpent days have this natural ability to throw out the old and take on a new persona or lifestyle. If your life has become stale or stagnant, take this opportunity to renew yourself. This is a very profound, shamanic process and you may feel like you’re in a trance today but stick with it and by the evening the transformation should be complete. As it is an ‘Electric’ day, we are activating this process.
The Guide today is the Red Moon, the flowing energy that insists when it is guiding, that we all take a chill pill and let events unfold naturally. Don’t interfere with what is already set in motion. The Serpent is very sensitive and uses his senses to work out what is going on around him. The Moon insists that any information you instinctively receive from Serpent, you take in your stride.
The Challenge is the Blue Eagle which means all the activity today is happening on the ground. This means that instead of seeing things from high above, we look at the world from the Serpent’s view. This is because no one has a closer relationship to the Earth as the Serpent, representing a closer perspective. If you are an Eagle, you may not fly high today nor have any visions.
The Occult is the Yellow Warrior which represents ‘Questioning, Intelligence and Fearlessness’. When in this position, the Warrior invites us to go on a magical mission. This energy really helps the trans-formative process today. The Warrior encourages us to ask questions and use our intelligence. When in this Occult position the Warrior insists that the questions we ask are of a magical nature. Because the Warrior is an intelligent character whenever he influences the day, he insists we use the integellience that we have been gifted. In this respect, today use whatever Occult knowledge you do have, it may come in very handy.
The Ally is the White Wizard who is a very willing and helpful Ally to have around today. If you need assistance or a good teammate, your best bet is to find a Wizard. If you are a White Wizard, cast a friendly spell on anyone who comes to you for assistance today. If you don’t know one, take a leaf out of their book of spells and use you charm today to achieve your goals.
Kin 185
Kin 185


6 AUGUST 2023
Bonding instinct
I seal the store of LIFE FORCE
With the Electric tone of Service
I AM guided by the power of Universal Water
6/8/2023 = 6/8/7 = 6/15= 6/6 = 12=3
✨✨6.6. HEAVEN’S GATE✨✨
12- Acquiring spiritual strength/wisdom
3- Holy Trinity/Joy/Happiness/Creativity/Communication
✨MONTH/YEAR codes✨
8- Infinite Abundant Source Flow
15- Spiritual Alchemy/Charisma/Magnetism
6- Heaven/Christ/Romance/Family/Fertility/Joy
20- The AWAKENING/Clear vision
2- Partner/Twin/Cooperation/Alliances
23- Royal Star of the Lion/Strength/Protection
KIN 185 = 14=5 Change/Transformation/Freedom/Liberation
A very powerful planetary DESTINY code today to ACTIVATE our DIVINE SERVICE through enhancing our LIFE FORCE.. Aa brilliant prelude to the 8.8. LION’S GATE… Heaven is truly OPEN its doors to the NEW EARTH SOVEREIGNS.
The DREAMTIME PORTAL opened 2 days ago, and now we witness the RISE of the RAINBOW SERPENT.🌈🐍. who brought forth all of CREATION through the DREAMTIME… absolute MAJIK happening now!!✨🎇✨
Today’s code KIN 185 -occurred 45 moons/months (5 Galactic spins) ago on Jan 13, 2020 as the RED ELECTRIC SERPENT🔌🐍 was ACTIVATED 💥 during the Solar Umbilical Cord☀🔌 reconnection at ULURU during the Grand Planetary Alignment! Remember THAT event?? Has it truly been that long ago?
Today we are REACTIVATING and energizing this POWER💥 through the wormhole! We are POWERING up ULURU,🔥🔥🔥 the planetary SOLAR PLEXUS chakra, and BOOSTING GAIA’S GRID.
The STAR🌟 BLISS🐬 SUNS 🌞– are en masse claiming their POWER💪💪💪 during this 8.8. LION’S GATE and OVERTONE WIZARD YEAR of RADIANT EMPOWERMENT! 👑👑👑
The Solar 🌞Umbilical Cord 🔌 was RECONNECTED in the early dawn of Jan 13th, 2020 whilst the Anunga people danced and performed a sacred ceremony at ULURU.
As the Sun🌞 rose from the shadows to bring the LIGHT, 🌅 the ELECTRIC SERPENT🐍 was born and takes FLIGHT… bringing forth the SUPERCHARGED Electrical POWER from our SUN and the GREAT CENTRAL SUN .. reconnecting us to our origins and the great cosmic wisdom stored in our DNA.⚛.
Our TIME has come, and the GRID is pumped up for maximum capacity – rocket fuel BOOST for our planetary kin now!
Today’s code is extremely STRONG, RAW 🔥and potent as the ELECTRIC🔌 SERPENT 🐍is the most “charged” 🎇 Serpent of them all! This ROCKET FUEL🚀 will propel our Planetary forward momentum and success!
A definite ‘TESLA” DAY!! 🌩 amplifying the TESLA 3.6.9. code for extra MAJIKAL manifestation. KABOOM!! 💥💥💥
NOTE: As always on powerful SERPENT days, keep an EYE 👁 on GAIA’S🌏 expulsion of excess POWER💥 through our Planetary Grid system🌐 – particularly Volcanoes 🌋 and SOLAR FLARES today!
We have entered the DREAMTIME🌃 portal and today is day 3 in the BLUE NIGHT WAVESPELL of dreams, intuition and ABUNDANCE. Where we are collectively DREAMING the NEW WORLD🌈🌏 into reality!
Today we are activating our LIFE FORCE🔥 and ABUNDANCE 💰☀through our intuition and instinctive responses. Our original Australian wise ones were in the global spotlight 45 months ago, to lead us into the “New way” of dreaming and they continue to regularly hold ceremonies to transport us into this new golden era.
Divine and infinite gratitude for these guardians of Gaia🌏 who have safeguarded our Planetary DREAM… through 65,000+ years! 🙏🙏🙏
What a superb commendable achievement.👏.. full planetary recognition to these beautiful people – leading those of us who have “forgotten” back to Eden.🙏💟🙏💟🙏💟
NOTE: This rocket boosting ELECTRIC SERPENT🔥🐍 is preparing us for entrance to the ✨NEW TIME✨ through the 🦁8.8. LION’S GATE🦁 and two successive ✨STAR-GATES✨ in the coming 20 day transition from the 9th AUGUST to the 29 AUGUST – through to the COSMIC STAR..
Have you got your GOLDEN TICKET ready for admittance?
ELECTRIC 💡is tone number 3 in the tone of creation. It is the first of the three EMOTIONAL realm tones. Its focus is on ACTIVATING and being of SERVICE to others through the action of BONDING,👫 that is coming together with others to cocreate and be of SERVICE.
This ELECTRICAL POWER is brilliantly harnessed and DIVINELY ILLUMINATED through today’s 6.6. HEAVEN’S GATE, SUPER ACTIVATING us to get moving on our MISSIONS!! 💥💥💥🚀🚀🚀
ELECTRIC energy provides the ignition or SPARK🎇 for your manifestation, it is a current that needs to keep moving and flowing, transmitting energy.. It also adds POWER💥 to anything you are creating today. An extra electrical boost to draw upon. The power of 3 is derived from 2 units merging and creating the third, more powerful entity. This action duplicates the essence of bonding in service that the Electric tone provides.
Today we may experience close BONDING💏 in divine/destined relationships👫 with our kin 👭👬 in order to ACTIVATE the collective DREAM of planetary abundance and realize our own personal dreaming.
An absolutely BRILLIANT tone of creation as we bond with our Planetary kin👭👬👫 as ONE WORLD🌏 – praying, meditating, singing, dancing, celebrating and anchoring these potent electrical – life restoring energies to fuel our personal and Planetary mission – providing the potent force needed for us all to step fully into our destiny as Galactic citizens.
ELECTRIC 💥 people can accumulate great WEALTH, POWER and RESOURCES 💰💰💰– so use this explosive TESLA POWER today to FUEL your GENIUS and accelerate your Success and that of our PLANET!.
So beloveds TODAY IS A VERY INTENSE🔥 and SUPER ACTIVATING 🎇, SPECIAL PLANETARY DAY with a hyper-sensitive, creative genius electrical 🔌 flow.
How will you direct this current today?❓
Today’s questions are “How can I harness the POWER of the ELECTRIC🔌 SERPENT🐍 to restore VITALITY,☀ activate ABUNDANCE 💰and manifest my greatest Dreams?” 🌴🏝
How can we assist Gaia in restoring and anchoring this LIFE FORCE in our Planetary Body through our collective service?
🐬🌈 ❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤
Divine blessings, ENJOY the RAW CHARGE🎇 of renewed LIFE FORCE,🔥 VITALITY☀ and PASSION 💋💃throughout our Planetary Body – the DREAM of PEACE on EARTH is unfolding now!
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈
CONSCIOUS SELF: RED ELECTRIC SERPENT💡 🐍 – CHICCHAN – energies relate to the lower three chakras, survival, instinct, kundalini, vitality, life force, POWER and PASSION! 💕
RED SERPENT represents FIRE 🔥energy and when we couple this with the ELECTRIC TONE in the emotional realm – we have very combustible ROCKET 🚀 FUEL.
Electricity🔌 and FIRE🔥 can be a very dangerous☢ mix if not directed with caution and wisdom. Channel these electrical conduits in the direction of your DREAMS, remember to fully ground this through your intuitive guidance to fully ACTIVATE your manifestations.
✨✨✨NOTE: If you are a RED SERPENT🐍 or have CHICCHAN anywhere in your signature code you MUST ensure you GROUND and discharge any excess electrical energy today (or visualize it charging up Uluru/Katu Tjuta’s battery which stores this life force) – you will be supersensitive to these currents…
Any kin with the ELECTRICAL 🔌code must do the same. The BLUE NIGHTS🌃 will be fully anchoring the PLANETARY DREAM today which is their role, whilst YELLOW SEEDS🌾 – will be sowing and fertilizing this new beginning…. the RED DRAGON🐉 tribe will also feel the potency as they are close kin with the Serpent tribe and they will be B-Earthing the New world…
BLUE EAGLES👁 will strongly hold the future vision of divine perfection and project this from the DREAM… Worldbridgers🌉 will be fortifying and connecting the Rainbow bridge which the Rainbow Warriors🌈🏹 will fearlessly lead us through to the New World, of course the SUN – AHUA 🌞tribe will be fully illuminating our journey …..
All AWAKENED kin will be super active and involved in their own unique and specialized way according to their Galactic signature and mission during this evolutionary passage.
Tune in and ASK your higher self – HOW can I be of Planetary service today?
RED SERPENT🐍 and RED MOON 🌛👸 belong to the RED BLOOD❤ clan. The RED BLOOD clan are the INITIATORS, they take what is RAW and make it more palatable. This clan sees the potential of the NEW in the prevailing energies, seeking to assimilate the new to transform and upgrade the old.
This is RAW🔥 primal life force energy available today. We will be FEELING and sensing our raw impulses flowing through our bodies, and our planetary body – chakras, meridians – as we intuitively respond to the day’s energies.
NOTE: As we are adding ELECTRICAL🔌 FIRE🔥 this increases the INTENSITY of the day. Primal FEARS may be activated and often arise to be cleared and transformed through the power of the Serpent🐍 to shed its skin, and be born anew. Our CORE fears, beliefs and conditioning are all being stripped away and released.
If you are BALANCED and in the LIGHT side of RED SERPENT🐍 you can attune to the more positive aspects of the Serpent giving you more vitality and life force to fuel🔥 your PASSION,💃 whether that be of a romantic nature, or of a creative expression focus, with the emphasis on attracting ABUNDANCE and your primal desires!.
The SHADOW of Red Serpent🐍 can arise today bringing up our instinctive connection to SURVIVAL, particularly in regards to financial and emotional issues, wherever you perceive lack, FEAR or DANGER. Dissolve this fear through transforming it into your PASSION🔥 and drive through your creative expression.
CHICCHAN is the symbol of the healing caduceus, so utilize this panacea for your wounding today. WE can visualize the caduceus being released through our antahkarana channel, and Gaia’s, to restore balance and heal any dis-ease, revitalizing our cell-ves.
CHICCHAN, the spiralling serpent also symbolizes our DNA ,- so we have potent ELECTRICAL energy to supercharge our cells and IGNITE💥 our dormant DNA… all engines switched ON 🚦and firing! 🔥🔥🔥
HIGHER SELF/GUIDE: RED ELECTRIC MOON💡 🌜👸– MULUC is leading the way, bringing forth the feminine nurturing, healing and wisdom codes of the Goddess as our higher guide today.
Muluc is infusing this RAINBOW SERPENT 🌈🐍day with the POWER of the Goddess to restore PEACE throughout the land. Muluc is seeking to purify and cleanse your vessel (and Gaia’s) of all limitations and FEAR based thinking in activating your perfected Wellness Divine goldprint and Universal Abundance Code!
Using the power of the Goddess👸 through her Universal Waters🌊 to PURIFY your emotional and instinctive responses, integrating this purity and flow from pure unadulterated consciousness. The purer and more balanced your emotional state, the more space exists for wisdom and inspiration to FLOW through.
If your focus for today is on abundance, housing, security or clearing FEAR from your body then you can utilize the RED CLAN energies to provide a safe haven to grow these desires.
The RED ELECTRIC🔌SERPENT🐍 plummets into the watery depths of the Universal waters💧💧💧 flowing from the Planetary Water vortex in New Zealand and the sacral womb of the depths of Lake Titicaca, Thailand and Glastonbury – through our collective unconscious and e-motion-al bodies to retrieve and ACTIVATE the DREAMS of Health and Abundance for all beings’.
SUPPORT: WHITE ELECTRIC WIZARD💡🔮 – IX – we have VERY POTENT MAJIKAL energy today through the DOUBLE overlay of WIZARD energies with the OVERTONE WIZARD. Woot woot!! 🎉🎉🎊🎊
The ELECTRIC WIZARD is the most HIGHLY CHARGED ( and dangerous!!) wizard of them all – so make sure you STAY CALM and grounded to use this POWER safely!! The key is to be STILL and tap into the Wizard’s connection to timelessness throughout all realms.
IX provides the power of timelessness, giving you patience, and creating a calmer environment rising above the intensity of today’s energies. We surrender attachment to the busyness by relaxing into stillness, in the present moment. tuning into our intuition. Tuning into the cosmic solar codes and the whisperings of Spirit and Mother Gaia.
As we become more receptive, we can realize a greater and deeper connection to our roots and to the ancient wisdom able to flow through our veins – reconnecting to the DREAMTIME and remembering our collective great DREAMing.
The WHITE ELECTRIC WIZARD is a potent ally and will help you take command over these UBER powerful forces today, utilizing this majikal manifestation energy into more desirable creative outcomes. ELECTRIC IX activates your WHITE MAJIK powers today breaking the hypnotic spell of the dark DREAM-SPELL.
How will you direct the great ELECTRICAL🔌 SERPENT🐍 today?
Charge up your MAJIK WANDS!! 💫💫💫
OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: YELLOW SPECTRAL WARRIOR🌀🌈🏹 – CIB gives us the courage to purge our primal FEARS as our hyper sensitivity today reveals what lies in the unconscious realm of AKBAL. The SPECTRAL WARRIOR is a powerhouse to dissolve and release all that is not of the DREAM, in order to LIBERATE our UTOPIAN VISION for the future.
Today the MOON is in ARIES🐏 – which brings more FIRE🔥 energy to the mix! ARIES symbolizes the WARRIOR🏹 , doubling the RAINBOW WARRIOR energy today, and wields the sword of TRUTH which bluntly cuts through all falsities and opponents.. Use it with discretion and purpose!
YELLOW WARRIOR urges us to FEARLESSLY focus on our QUEST for FREEDOM. The FREEDOM gained through FINANCIAL ABUNDANCE and the final realization of our incubated DREAMS. Liberating all that energy that had been bound within you, unleashing your POWER,💥 your PASSION💋 and your VITALITY☀ to create a new life and New World.
The fearless Rainbow Warriors take charge and lead us back HOME over the glorious rainbow bridge 🌈🌉 to claim the Holy Grail. 🏆🏆🏆
POWER💥 and the PASSION 💋– Midnight Oil
CHALLENGE/GIFT: BLUE ELECTRIC EAGLE💡 👁👁– MEN beckons us to TRUST our VISION of the bigger picture, and the New Way Dreaming- our BRILLIANT New future.
3 MEN is the coding for when the nuclear bomb was dropped on Hiroshima💣 This EAGLE holds the EXPLOSIVE 💥 NUCLEAR POWER to END WARS!! 💥 This combination is very combustible seeking to LIBERATE humanity from the old paradigm WAR timeline with a BANG! 💥💥💥 ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.!!
We are in the process of FULLY closing the OLD cycle, and claiming our COURAGE, POWER and SOVEREIGNTY through this LION’S GATE, ready for the NEW to begin.
BLUE EAGLE challenges you to greater AWAKENING 💥 through the emotional space that has been liberated. Allowing for greater EXPANSION✨ and witnessing how energy is transformed through spaciousness.
As we have the capacity to SEE the bigger picture, we can then set our intentions to manifest those new horizons. Feeling, sensing and intuiting when it is time to leave the nest and take that MAJIK FLIGHT! 💫
The BLUE EAGLE TRIBE – will fly ahead and guide us – into grounding the greatest DREAM for our Planetary AWAKENING.💥✨💥.
So beloveds TODAY IS A VERY INTENSE🔥 and SUPER ACTIVATING 🎇, SPECIAL PLANETARY DAY with a hyper-sensitive, creative genius electrical 🔌 flow.
How will you direct this current today?❓
Today’s questions are “How can I harness the POWER of the ELECTRIC🔌 SERPENT🐍 to restore VITALITY,☀ activate ABUNDANCE 💰and manifest my greatest Dreams?” 🌴🏝
How can we assist Gaia in restoring and anchoring this LIFE FORCE in our Planetary Body through our collective service?
🐬🌈 ❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤
Divine blessings, ENJOY the RAW CHARGE🎇 of renewed LIFE FORCE,🔥 VITALITY☀ and PASSION 💋💃throughout our Planetary Body – the DREAM of PEACE on EARTH is unfolding now!
Namaste’ 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈




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Sandra Walter

Divine Ascension Code Invocation

I fully accept these Divine Ascension codes, harmonics, tones, cosmic rays of evolution and Source Light amplifications into my cells and energy fields, fully and amplifying the Krysted, Ascended state of consciousness, across all densities and dimensional expressions of Self. (Pause and feel it, let the alignment of Source-Universe-Galactic-Solar-Self-Gaia align.)
I call forth the highest quality Divine HUman DNA within me to fully activate. I call to myself the highest quality Divine crystalline HUman DNA. I reclaim my purified Krysted DNA across all timelines, densities and dimensional expressions back to my cellular structure. Activate, etherically reconnect, rebundle, and replicate throughout my body and energy fields.
(Visualize the DNA rebundling, like a giant structure spiraling up within your Ascension column. 12 strand DNA activate, 13th strand of Kryst consciousness activate, 14th strand of Source activate, 144 strand DNA activate, 244 strand DNA activate – whatever level is complimentary for your path.)
Beloved DNA, light up and rewrite my form and energy fields into sacred geometric patterns, reflecting my Divine Highest Self. I fully reclaim my Highest expression, and welcome forth my Krysted Universal Self. Crystalline DNA, activate to the highest level which compliments my journey.
I command this under all graces and forces of pure Source consciousness, to express as a palpable reality, raising all of my consciousness to resonate with the Primary Christed timelines of the pure and true Ascension. So it is.
Blessed Healers of the Earth
Blessed Healers of the Earth

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