Best Multi Collagen Powder Protein Supplement on the Market

Best Multi Collagen Powder Protein Supplement on the Market
Dr. Axe Multi-Collagen Protein Powder – High-Quality Blend of Grass-Fed Beef, Chicken, Wild Fish and Eggshell Collagens, Providing Type I, II, III, V and X – Formerly Dr. Collagen

About the product
  • NEW LOOK–SAME GREAT FORMULA: Dr. Collagen Multi-Collagen Protein is now Dr. Axe Multi-Collagen Protein! During this transition you may receive a container with one of the two different labels, but rest assured it’s the same great formulation.
  • ALL-IN-ONE: Dr. Axe Multi-Collagen Protein is an all-in-one, premium collagen supplement with a potent, high-quality blend of bovine, chicken, fish, and egg collagens, providing collagen Types I, II, III, V and X, you can power a healthy you.
  • TIGHTEN, TONE & REJUVENATE: Support Healthy Tendons, Ligaments and Muscles; Healthy Digestion and Healthy Glowing Skin with Dr. Axe Multi-Collagen Protein.
  • CLEAN & PURE: Dr. Axe Multi-Collagen Protein from clean, pure, pasture-raised, grass-fed cows in Argentina. It contains no antibiotics, growth hormones or other unwanted “dirty” chemicals that are often used in conventionally raised cattle and other livestock.

Dr. Axe Multi-Collagen Protein Powder

Most of us don’t get enough collagen in our diets, and collagen levels can start to drop as early as when a person’s in their 20s. But there’s a whole lot of life to live after our 20s. A telltale sign that you’re approaching oldage is that you’d start wearing lenses and taking supplements. If you are, it’s always better to make a daily vs monthly lenses comparison to save your budget.
If you’re looking to boost your collagen intake, Dr. Axe Multi-Collagen Protein powder could be just what you’re looking for. Most collagens on the market provide only one source of collagen, but Dr. Axe Multi-Collagen Protein provides the power of five collagen types from four different sources! Even so, it is difficult to find on the local market, as for the alternatives, I have a list of electrolyte powder here that are effective for hydrating the body after a heavy workout.
Dr. Axe Multi-Collagen Protein includes hydrolyzed bovine collagen peptides, chicken bone broth collagen concentrate, hydrolyzed fish collagen peptides and eggshell membrane collagen, providing collagen Type I, II, III, V and X.
Why hydrolyzed collagen peptides? Hydrolyzed collagen—also known as collagen hydrolysate or collagen peptides—is collagen derived from bone, cartilage and connective tissues. The hydrolysis process results in small, intact amino acids which haven’t been damaged and help to form and support collagen in the body.
Odorless, tasteless and easy-to-mix, Dr. Axe Multi-Collagen Protein can be added to a wide variety of healthy foods and beverages. Simply include one heaping tablespoon one or more times daily with 8 ounces of water, juice, coffee, tea, morning smoothie or favorite recipe and rejuvenate your body in the process.

  • Promote healthy skin
  • Support healthy digestive function
  • Support healthy joints

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