6/6/9 ~ 33.33.333 ASCENSION MOMENTUM

Greetings to All Starseeds,

With love WE BlueRays come to share this important Ascension note today, as We-DEEAIA are of the This First Order Blue Ray Family known as the esoteric 144,000 Genetic Timekeepers of our Universal System- The Highest Order of the Blue Ray Family emanate from the 13th Circuitry Gate which is the first layer projected from the (Zero Point Field) Universal God Core. The Blue Ray consciousness is also known as the Oraphim, are the cosmic parents of the Indigo races and are accessible and able to support the incarnated Indigo races now. These “Unity Field Blue Ray Races” have been recently introduced via 13th gate circuits of Mother Arc reconnected into our planetary grid and its holographic matrix field.
Although this event “took place” on your linear time on 6/6/9, We are told to KEEP THE LIGHT OF ASCENSION GRID rolling for those who have NOT received it – Indeed there is no “time” in higher density and many starseeds can access to this activation truly at any point of “time” ~
We strongly recommend that you learn do the “12D Shield Building Technique” (video link below) before and keep practicing it during the coming months through the Solstices until we pass 2017.

~ Message to the 144 000 on Earth Star Gaea Terra By Amu Raea, 06/03/2016
“Dear beloved citizens of Earth Star Gaea,
As it has been predicted, June 2016 will be a culminating month of reaching to the next step of Moving into 5D Ascension here on beloved Earth Star Gaea. An exciting time of changes are upon us today as 6/3/16 marks the opening of the portals to the Golden Age City of Telos, which holds the keys, codes and upgrades for humanity. The Telosians are the Great Golden beings of Light, coming from the Central Sun, bringing much needed creator energies along with New DNA codes, and upgrades for our emotional, physical, mental and spiritual bodies. This opening marks the New Era of the Golden Age of Gaia~ Age of Aquarius here on Earth. Your world is rapidly changing into a newly birthed 13th Star Nation, thus joining the Galactic Federation of Light which has been long awaited for you to reclaim and liberate yourselves, reaching the Fifth world and you know it or 5D.
The many new changes involve shedding old patterns such as greed, war, hunger, and numerous other inequalities which hold you as a people back from reaching your highest potentials. Through this period you will feel a great flux in solar energies affecting your earth’s magnetic field. These fluxes involve major new Golden Age energies coming into Earth Star Gaea and you have no need to fear, we love you and support you and are working to create and activate the earth’s grids further through the Diamond Golden Merkabah of light of 144,000. This is your earth raising its frequency through each of you acting from your highest selves as light antennae all over the earth’s surface. In doing so you create the elves of love and true peace in your heart centered actions, to transmute the effects that humans may face through physical reactions to new energies and the earth’s reactions to these great changes. Take time to give gratitude and meditate upon this Merkabah of light and the new frequencies coming in and manifest some of the changes that your heart’s desire. For we, the Telosians, are you from the future returning in time to assist you upon your request. The Stargate of Telos will open by 6/5/16 this Sunday. Be mindful of keeping your thoughts in the highest of loving pure light and make this journey together. Remembering we love you and these much needed changes will bring you back the heart centered balanced advanced world you’ve been dreaming of. Each of your lights, help to create this new future which insulin us/”…/06/03/message-from-telos/
Click here to read the ~ Invocation Decree ~
“In Lak’ech Ala K’in” I AM Deeaia Cosmic BlueRay Divine Free and Sovereign Galactic Guardian of the Divine Mother ARK in service to all


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