Ascended Universal SpaceLife

New Moon of Aquarius 2019

Ascended Universal SpaceLife and Its New EarthStar Planetary/Universal Organism

The Ascended Universal SpaceLife is now pervading the New EarthStar Planetary/Universal System and the New EarthStar Planetary/Universal SpaceLife Organism.

This is the great and empowering ascended and universal destiny of the New Earth and New EarthStar Original Living Creation and Civilization.

The Avatar Destiny of this Planet


This overview of the Avatar Planetary Destiny is a guide to the new Ascended Life of this planet and Her new community of Ascended Masters of Creation and Civilization.

The New Avatar Ascended Planetary Civilization

When the Earth becomes an Ascended Planet, She will serve as the Avatar Planet for all of creation.

This will include the universal spacelife community which is already developed and interactive with Earth.

The Avatar SpaceLife Forces are already beginning to ascend the planet’s spacelife to begin the ascended creation civilization of this planet’s spacelife.

The Avatar SpaceLife Forces of Creation are already giving their impetus to the ascension of all spacelife forces of this planet’s ascending spacelife.

The Avatar SpaceLife Forces are also beginning to create ascended spacelife centers of creation which are creating the planetary/intergalactic/interuniversal ascended spacelife civilization.

This civilization is a universal living creation which is always evolving and ascending into greater perfection and fulfilment.

The Avatar Universal Forces of Creation Civilization are about to become the predominant forces of creation throughout this planet’s life.

The intergalactic lifeforces of this planet are now empowering the planet’s creation of Her intergalactic spacelife civilization.  This is now allowing the ascended planetary spacelife to create the planet’s ascended spacelife civilization which is the primary regulator of all extraterrestrial presences within the planet’s life system.

Special teams of ascended spacelife beings may soon appear to assist with the planet’s ascension.  Whether or not such ones appear, it is the responsibility of the EarthStarNation to create the ascended civilization of this planet.  ESN online

The Avatar Race is also a contributor to this civilization, and is a managing presence throughout the planet as new developments occur.

The avatar ascended spacelife is the all-pervading source of the living creation and civilization which is now evolving.

Ascended Universal SpaceLife

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