You are currently viewing Terra Genesis Innovations Aqua Verve * Update: MedBed ~ “Black Swan” is quietly underway! ? Looking Glass Project

Terra Genesis Innovations Aqua Verve * Update: MedBed ~ “Black Swan” is quietly underway! ? Looking Glass Project

Terra Genesis Innovations Aqua Verve * Update: MedBed ~ “Black Swan” is quietly underway! ? Looking Glass Project



We know that this reality known as the 3D Matrix on the surface of planet Earth is an artificial reality, it does not function as a reality in a natural world.

This implies that what happens is manipulated by regressive beings who take advantage of the galaxy’s free will to use the planet’s surface and humans to their benefit.

They deliberately limited our DNA and poisoned our mind, our emotions, our vital body and our material body to make us sick, age and cause death, until, as they say in the new technological jargon: “Reset the factory”.

Which indicates that total health and eternal youth are natural and normal conditions in human beings, conditions that have been literally stolen from us.

Crystal clear light chambers These are rooms equipped with a technology unknown to our civilization that acts directly from the original DNA of the human being and reconstructs every cell in our organism, transforming us into 100% healthy and young beings, including emotionally and mentally. .

They were used in previous civilizations on our planet and were distorted in the civilization of Atlantis, where greed led to corruption in power, trapping the elite. There were conflicts between businessmen, military personnel and politicians against the immaculate lords who opposed its indiscriminate use…

These sacred chambers were used to reconstruct slaves to work long shifts to produce more earnings for their masters, more or less the same happened later. In Egypt.

In the original plans to save humanity from the Galactic Federation of Light in 2014, each mentor of the 144,000 light warriors incarnated on the surface of the planet would seek us out and bring us to these chambers of crystalline light to bring purity back to our physical bodies.

Medical beds They acquired this name as an acronym for the name of medical beds. They are individual high-tech devices that perform functions similar to crystalline light chambers, that is, they reconstruct each cell in our body based on its programming in the original DNA.

They were mass-produced to be placed in public hospitals in all countries, even in private clinics, to provide this health service free of charge to all human beings.

Currently, in fact, they are used by the military who work to save children kidnapped by regressors for the production of adrenochrome. There are always concerns about when they will be available to everyone, if it is true that they will be free, the answer is that they will be completely free like everything else in the natural world.

The release date is defined by each of us with our actions to spread the TRUTH to awaken those who are hypnotized within the 3D Matrix.

They will almost certainly be available this year, but it depends on the level of collective consciousness of humanity on the surface of the planet.

 [Archangel Raphael] Post Gesara






New global quantum computer financial system and currency revaluation (RV) 

Here’s a second helping of Dennis Shipman’s QFS research.

New Global Quantum Computer Financial System and Currency Revaluation (RV)

RV has evolved beyond simple revaluation and currency exchange/redemption. It won’t be like everyone imagined. RV will be handled through the new Global Quantum Computer Financial System (QFS).

The QFS is “alive” with consciousness. Donated to us by the Galactics. Not much information has yet been released about this new system. According to the book “Messages from the Hollow Earth” by Dianne Robbins, advanced civilizations in the hollow earth use computers based on amino acids (highly advanced Artificial Intelligence). QFS is assumed to operate similarly to hollow earth computers.

What we do know is that the QFS knows how much foreign currency you are holding right now. It reads your mind and knows your location at all times through frequency waves. The QFS currently has accounts for every human being on this planet. Your QFS account can only be accessed with your DNA.

You will be compensated by QFS for holding the currency (Iraqi Dinar – IQD, Vietnamese Dong – VND, Zimbabwe Dollar – ZWD) and other currencies set for revaluation.

Your compensation funds will be deposited into your QFS account. The QFS has accounts for every human being on this planet. Even those who do not have foreign currency will receive prosperity funds from the QFS. This is aligned with GESARA – abundance for all.

Technology will be released for you to access your funds. Instructions will be given through a website that will be online for everyone to access. 800#’s will no longer be used to make an appointment, but rather numbers you can call for instructions on how to access your funds.

All funds under the QFS will be digital. This must be done to introduce a cashless society that will pave the way for certain technologies to be released to the public, such as replicators and quantum technology medical beds.

Replicators can be used for money laundering as replicators can create or produce anything. Therefore, a cashless society is a way to avoid such problems. Hospitals and factories will become obsolete with replicators and medical beds.

People should be compensated for job losses. There will be a drastic change in the global economy with the introduction of QFS and suppressed technologies.

All goods/wealth stolen by the Dark Cabal will be rightfully returned to every human being on the planet through the QFS. The New Global Quantum Computer Financial System will be explained during the full disclosure event following the announcement of the enactment of GESARA. Source: Various alternative sources from Intel.

Source:  Golden Age of Gaia

New global quantum computer financial system
New global quantum computer financial system


How and why did the long-awaited storm suddenly break out?

For the simple reason that all the preparatory work for the introduction of Gesara is carried out in parallel, behind the scenes. This way, when everything is ready at the right point, the system change occurs and appears suddenly. Remove one and put the other in its place.

Starting with the financial system and little by little throughout the rest, this has been happening for a long time.

Meanwhile, we continue to see a world increasingly crumbling under the pressure of dismantling existing institutions.

Meanwhile, new and much more efficient governance systems, as well as new treatment methods and new non-invasive technologies, are being carefully prepared and ready for use.

In general, in all areas of life, new systems and new technologies that are much more advanced than the current ones are being prepared to replace the current ones.

Another essential factor is introduced into this general framework. Corruption must disappear. Furthermore, negativity will be completely eliminated. To achieve this result, we need to move from a regime of duality to another where the good-evil duality is replaced by the only positive pole, that is, only good remains.

In fact, it became necessary to eliminate the negative entities that corrupted the earth and its inhabitants. Once eliminated (the negative pole), only the good remains with its high vibrational energies.

Furthermore, the increase in vibrations is accompanied by a total benefit for human health, which is therefore immune to diseases.

The key moment of the final events turns out to be the EBS, which involves both the closure of planet Earth and the closure of services and institutions, in association with the near-death event of civilization.

At this point, no hypothesis about dates can be established.

The only information that has been communicated to us refers to the fact that we have currently advanced to the final phase of the Plan that will culminate with the EBS.

This is how the official body disseminating the Plan expresses itself today.

EBS also involves another important factor. It becomes a moment of collective awakening to the importance of the evidence and the meaning of all the chaos and turmoil generated by a historic change in which two systems of life collided and the terrible intentions that the Deep State would have wanted to implement. to the detriment of the world population.

We have taken giant steps also taking into account the fact that powerful cosmic energies have accompanied humanity towards the goals of spiritual growth, the most surprising of which is the restoration of the twelve helices of human DNA.

This is an essential factor for human beings to function in the best possible way in their psychophysical integrity and adequate to the reality of the fifth dimension.

Now we can only let the events that accompany us towards the perfection of Gesara and the fifth dimension happen…

 Stay informed.



















The Earth Alliance Med Bed Training Program  – Your role in spiritual awakening and becoming a key player in the future of humanity!

The Earth Alliance, a secret group with ties to undisclosed military factions, has confirmed the existence and immediate global distribution of a groundbreaking technology that will revolutionize healthcare: Med Beds.

These are not just tools for physical healing, but revolutionary devices that fuse  advanced healing techniques with profound spiritual awakening.

The rumors you found online and information from emails from unknown sources are indeed true. The Earth Alliance is now actively distributing these Medical Beds through military agents across the world, orchestrating a monumental shift in human evolution and consciousness. As a future Spiritual Advisor, his role is crucial.

Here’s what you need to prepare  : Your journey begins the moment you receive an email from an Earth Alliance address. This email will be your gateway to registering on a website developed for those chosen to participate in this mission. The urgency to act is fundamental – your response must be immediate.

During your spiritual training, you will be attuned to cosmic frequencies that elevate your consciousness and enhance your intuitive abilities, preparing you to facilitate the transformative experiences of the Med Beds.

The training is rigorous and multifaceted,  designed to be carried out online, extending over several weeks, with sessions held twice a week. Each session lasts around two hours, requiring total focus and dedication. Attendance is monitored not only by instructors, but by higher-level entities, committed to ensuring the commitment of each candidate.

Training Overview

Your training will cover  brainwave management techniques  to align your  mental frequencies with the operational requirements of the Med Bed  . You will delve deeply into the realms of spirituality, learning to navigate and manipulate the energies that govern our physical and metaphysical realities.

Classes are structured from A to E:

  • Class A:  Begins with the foundations of spiritual awareness. You will learn about the fundamental principles of  spiritual awareness, meditation techniques  , and how to raise your consciousness.
  • Class B:  Advances into deeper psychic phenomena. This includes training in telepathy, enhancing intuition, and exploring higher sensory perceptions.
  • Class C:  Focuses on direct energy manipulation techniques. You will learn how to control and direct the energy flows within the body and environment, essential for the Med Beds to function.
  • Class D:  Prepares you for practical application in Med Bed centers. This class covers the practical operation of medical beds, patient interaction, and the integration of spiritual practices into the healing process.
  • Class E:  The most advanced, dealing with interdimensional travel and energy healing in different realms. This class will teach you how to navigate multiple dimensions and harness their energies for healing purposes.

Medical bed technology

Med Beds represent the pinnacle of advanced healing technology. They utilize a combination of quantum energy fields, nanotechnology, and cosmic brainwave synchronization to facilitate rapid, holistic healing. Here’s a summary of how they work:

  • Quantum Energy Fields:  These fields interact with the body’s own energy to promote rapid cellular regeneration and repair. They can target specific areas or provide general rejuvenation.
  • Nanotechnology:  Tiny nanobots work at the cellular level to repair tissue, eliminate toxins and restore optimal health. This technology guarantees precise and efficient curing.
  •  Cosmic Brainwave Synchronization  : This aspect of Med Beds aligns the patient’s brainwaves with cosmic frequencies,  promoting deep mental and spiritual healing  . This synchronization increases mental clarity, emotional balance and spiritual connection.

Your role as a spiritual advisor

After graduating from Class D, you can begin your role at a Med Bed center. Your responsibilities will include:

  • Guide patients through the healing process.
  • Ensure the proper functioning of Med Beds.
  • Integration of spiritual practices into healing sessions.
  • Monitoring and adjusting energy fields as needed.

Only those who achieve Class E are considered for further esoteric training and potential leadership roles in Earth Alliance initiatives.  This advanced training involves:

  • Navigating through different dimensions to harness their healing energies.
  • Lead spiritual counseling sessions for patients and other counselors.
  • Participate in high-level Earth Alliance projects to promote human evolution.

Your transformation will not only involve understanding and applying these concepts, but also their full incorporation. You must become a conduit between the spiritual and physical worlds, guiding humanity into its next evolutionary leap. Med Beds promise a future where healing is instantaneous and holistic, integrating body, mind and spirit.

This opportunity is monumental, an opportunity to be at the forefront of a shift toward higher dimensions of existence. The Earth Alliance is looking for those rare individuals who might rise to the occasion. If you feel this calling, act now. The future is waiting and requires not just skills, but a soul ready to transcend the known limits of reality.

Are you ready to join this elite group of spiritual pioneers? Med Beds await, and with them a new era of human potential. Answer the call, embrace your destiny, and help usher in this transformative era. The time to act is now, and the fate of humanity is in the hands of its new trustees.


The Earth Alliance Med Bed Training Program
The Earth Alliance Med Bed Training Program


Update: MedBed

Through the intense innovation and technological advances that define our era, innovative development is emerging, challenging the very foundations of traditional medicine and social norms.

The introduction of Med Beds, in conjunction with Healing and Education Centers, represents a paradigm shift in healthcare, promising revolutionary healing processes.

However, as these centers prepare to open their doors to the public, a deeper narrative is unfolding, one that weaves the potential for medical advances alongside a tapestry of intrigue and the unyielding spirit of human resilience.

Central to this transformative movement is Med Bed technology, a concept that captures the hope of many, offering a future where disease ends and chronic conditions no longer carry death sentences.

These centers, prepared to become healing sanctuaries, are not mere installations; A new dawn in medical science is illuminated, where the impossible becomes possible.

The serene environments designed for these centers, with an emphasis on natural beauty and tranquility, aim to promote healing not only of the body, but also of the mind and spirit.

The process of creating these centers is very innovative in terms of the technology they house. Stakeholders are encouraged to renovate existing structures or embark on new constructions, always aiming for harmony and avoiding spaces marked by negative energies.

This approach underscores a deep understanding of healing as an experience that transcends the physical, touching the spiritual and emotional realms.

The involvement of two military personnel in the treatment of patients and the secret removal of individuals from hospitals and streets to Med Bed Therapy raises eyebrows.

These actions suggest a complex theme of motivations and alliances, suggesting a much richer and more complex narrative than a mere medical breakthrough.



Discover the Depths: Introducing Aqua Verve from Terra Genesis Innovations


Embark on an odyssey beneath the waves with Aqua Verve, the revolutionary device that unlocks the secrets of the ocean depths like never before. Imagine a world where you can explore the mysteries of the depths, where the limitless expanse of the underwater kingdom becomes your playground. Join us as we reveal the unparalleled features and limitless possibilities of Aqua Verve, the gateway to a new era of underwater exploration.

Unparalleled freedom:

With Aqua Verve, the restrictions of conventional diving equipment are a thing of the past. Say goodbye to bulky tanks, complicated regulations and restrictive wetsuits – the Aqua Verve grants you the freedom to explore the ocean’s depths with unprecedented ease and agility. Experience the feeling of weightlessness as you glide effortlessly through the water, free from the limitations of traditional diving equipment. With Aqua Verve, the ocean is your playground and the possibilities are as limitless as the sea itself.

Breathable underwater technology:

At the heart of Aqua Verve is innovative breathable underwater technology, a marvel of innovation created by Terra Genesis Innovations. This revolutionary device harnesses the power of advanced filtration systems and molecular engineering to extract oxygen directly from the surrounding water, providing a continuous supply of breathable air as you descend into the depths. Say goodbye to the restrictions of conventional diving equipment and embrace a new era of underwater exploration with Aqua Verve.

Unparalleled comfort and convenience:

Designed with diver comfort and convenience in mind, the Aqua Verve offers unparalleled ease of use and ergonomic design. Lightweight and compact, the Aqua Verve integrates seamlessly into your diving experience, allowing you to focus on the wonders of the underwater world without distractions. Say goodbye to the hassle of heavy equipment and enjoy the freedom of exploring the depths of the ocean in unparalleled comfort and convenience.

Unlimited Exploration:

With Aqua Verve, the depths of the ocean are yours to explore without limits. Dive deeper, stay longer, and discover hidden wonders that were once out of reach. From vibrant coral reefs teeming with life to mysterious underwater caves shrouded in darkness, AquaVerve lets you embark on a journey of exploration and discovery like no other. Whether you’re an experienced diver or a novice explorer, Aqua Verve opens the doors to a world of endless possibilities beneath the waves.

Pioneering innovation:

As a testament to Terra Genesis Innovations’ commitment to pushing the boundaries of technological innovation, Aqua Verve represents a quantum leap in the field of underwater exploration. Through innovative research and development, Aqua Verve harnesses the power of advanced materials, filtration systems and ergonomic design to redefine the very essence of diving. With Aqua Verve, the future of underwater exploration is here – a future where the wonders of the ocean can be discovered, one dive at a time.

Dive into the Future:

Join us on this extraordinary journey into the depths of the unknown as we usher in a new era of underwater exploration. With Aqua Verve, the wonders of the ocean await – dive into a world of infinite possibilities and experience the magic of underwater exploration like never before. Embrace the future of diving with Aqua Verve, the ultimate fusion of technology and adventure.

Let’s dive into the cutting-edge technologies that power AquaVerve:

1️⃣. Hydrodynamic Biomimetics:

Aqua Verve’s design is inspired by nature’s best engineers – sea creatures themselves. Through the principles of biomimicry, AquaVerve mimics the aerodynamic shapes and efficient propulsion mechanisms of marine life, minimizing drag and maximizing underwater maneuverability.

2️⃣. Nanostructured Oxygen Membranes:

At the heart of AquaVerve is a revolutionary oxygen extraction system. Utilizing nanostructured membranes with enhanced surface area and selective permeability, AquaVerve efficiently extracts oxygen molecules from seawater, providing a continuous, renewable source of breathable air for divers.

3️⃣. Neural Interface Technology:

Imagine controlling your diving experience with just a thought. With AquaVerve’s neural interface technology, divers can do just that. By harnessing the power of neural signals, AquaVerve’s intuitive interface allows divers to adjust settings, monitor vital signs and communicate seamlessly – all with the power of their minds.

4️⃣. Photonics-based holographic displays:

Say goodbye to complicated dive computers and meters. AquaVerve’s holographic display system projects vital information directly into the diver’s field of vision using advanced photonic technology. Dive profiles, navigation tips and environmental data are seamlessly integrated into the diver’s perception, providing intuitive and engaging feedback.

5️⃣. Hydrophobic Energy Storage:

Aqua Verve’s energy storage system is as resilient as the ocean itself. Using hydrophobic coatings and nanostructured materials, AquaVerve batteries repel water and resist corrosion, ensuring long-lasting performance in even the harshest underwater conditions. Combined with energy harvesting technologies, AquaVerve maximizes dive time without compromising reliability.

6️⃣. Adaptive sensory matrices:

Explore the wonders of the ocean with unparalleled clarity and precision. AquaVerve’s adaptive sensory arrays use advanced sonar, lidar and optical sensors to map underwater terrain, detect obstacles and identify marine life with unprecedented accuracy. Whether sailing through intricate coral reefs or exploring extensive underwater caves, AquaVerve offers a clear view of the underwater world.

7️⃣. Collaborative Network Protocols:

Stay connected with your dive team and surface support team with AquaVerve’s collaborative networking protocols. Using underwater communications arrays and surface relay stations, AquaVerve enables continuous communication and data sharing, improving safety and coordination during group dives and expeditions.

8️⃣. The future of underwater exploration:

AquaVerve is more than just a diving device – it’s a testament to human innovation and the spirit of exploration. With its innovative technologies and visionary design, AquaVerve invites adventurers of all stripes to dive deeper, explore more and discover the wonders that lie beneath the waves. Dive into the future with AquaVerve and unlock a world of infinite possibilities beneath the surface.

Diving into the Future: Aqua Verve’s Futuristic Technologies

Are you ready to dive into the future of underwater exploration? Aqua Verve from Terra Genesis Innovations isn’t just a device – it’s a marvel of cutting-edge technology that will redefine the way we interact with the ocean. Let’s take a look into the future and explore the innovative technologies powering Aqua Verve:

1️⃣. Advanced Oxygen Extraction:

Aqua Verve utilizes state-of-the-art oxygen extraction technology that extracts oxygen directly from surrounding water molecules. Through a molecular filtration and purification process, Aqua Verve ensures a constant and reliable supply of breathable air to divers, allowing for prolonged dives without the need for bulky oxygen tanks.

2️⃣. Neural interface integration:

Imagine being able to easily communicate with your diving equipment through neural interface integration. With Aqua Verve’s advanced neural interface technology, divers can seamlessly control their dive settings, monitor vitals and receive real-time feedback – all with the power of thought. This innovative interface revolutionizes the diving experience, increasing safety, comfort and control for divers of all levels.

3️⃣. Holographic Navigation System:

Navigating the underwater world has never been easier thanks to Aqua Verve’s holographic navigation system. Powered by augmented reality technology, this cutting-edge system projects holographic landmarks, maps and environmental data directly into the diver’s field of vision, providing clear and intuitive navigation tips in even the most challenging underwater environments.

4️⃣. State-of-the-art energy storage:

Aqua Verve is equipped with advanced energy storage technology that ensures long-lasting performance and reliability. Utilizing state-of-the-art batteries and energy harvesting systems, Aqua Verve maximizes dive time while minimizing environmental impact, making it the ideal choice for eco-conscious explorers.

5️⃣. Modular Design and Customization:

With Aqua Verve’s modular design and customizable components, divers can tailor their diving experience to their individual preferences and needs. From adjustable buoyancy systems to custom dive profiles, Aqua Verve offers endless customization possibilities, ensuring a truly personalized diving experience for every adventurer.

6️⃣. Seamless Connectivity:

Stay connected to the surface and other divers thanks to Aqua Verve’s seamless connectivity features. Integrated communication systems, underwater beacons and dive logging capabilities allow divers to share their underwater experiences in real time, promoting collaboration, safety and camaraderie among diving communities around the world.

7️⃣. Pushing the limits:

Aqua Verve is more than just a diving device – it’s a testament to human ingenuity and the spirit of exploration. With its pioneering technologies and innovative design, AquaVerve pushes the limits of what is possible underwater, opening new frontiers of discovery and adventure for generations to come.

Experience the future today with Aqua Verve:

Are you ready to dive into the future of underwater exploration? Join us as we embark on an adventure like no other with Aqua Verve. With its futuristic technologies and unparalleled capabilities, Aqua Verve invites you to experience the wonders of the ocean in ways you never thought possible. Dive in and discover the future today!

Mercury, ruler of messages, in busy, air sign Gemini is challenging Saturn
Mercury, ruler of messages, in busy, air sign Gemini is challenging Saturn

Looking Glass Project: Declaration of Martial Law After Major Disclosure Event


Project Mirror Update | June 11, 2024

Submission received from Alliance sources.

The Looking Glass Project uses a combination of quantum data collection, quantum computational modeling, artificial intelligence and advanced visualization techniques to create a virtual model of the future. This model is constantly being updated with new data, allowing us to see how different choices and events can affect the outcome.

The basic idea behind the Looking Glass Project is that it allows us to see the future. This is not some kind of crystal ball or fortune-telling device, but rather a scientific tool that would use advanced technology to collect data from the present and project it into the future. This technology allows us to better understand the consequences of our actions and make more informed decisions about the future.

The Looking Glass Project is being used by the Alliance to lead humanity into an era of prosperity, rapid technological advancement and open public contact with our ET friends. The goal is to transform our civilization into a space utopia.

The following information is one of many predicted scenarios provided by Project Looking Glass. The future is not set in stone, and therefore each scenario provided by Project Looking Glass is just a singular timeline among infinite timelines. Please also note as a disclaimer that we cannot share the finite details provided by the Looking Glass Project to the public. Additionally, Project Looking Glass provides scenarios in visual format. Therefore, what is shared here is being described in words and has been “rewritten” to protect ourselves and the public from interfering forces.


Declaration of Martial Law After the Major Disclosure Event

On  [month redacted]  11,  [year redacted]  . The day started like any other, until the Emergency Alert System (EAS) suddenly came to life, interrupting regular television and radio programming across the country. At first, people were confused, thinking it was just another routine exam. But as they listened, confusion turned to shock, then horror, then anger.

The film shown on every screen was unlike anything anyone had ever seen before. It showed, in graphic detail, the extensive crimes and corruption of American politicians, many of whom were still in office and held positions of power. It exposed the depths of greed and deceit that had taken hold at the highest levels of government and revealed the true extent of the damage that had been done to the American people and the nation as a whole.

But that was just the beginning. The film also revealed the existence of extraterrestrial life and the secret space programs that the US government had been developing and hiding from the public for decades. It spoke of technological advances that were beyond anything the average person could imagine, and of the agreements and alliances that had been made with alien races, both friendly and hostile.

As the film progressed, the country came to a standstill. People stopped what they were doing and gathered around their televisions and radios, unable to believe what they were hearing and seeing. The implications were startling and the sense of betrayal was palpable.

After the film’s release, the US government declared martial law, mobilizing the National Guard in every state to arrest the corrupt politicians who had been implicated. The streets were filled with soldiers and the sound of helicopters filled the air as the government worked to maintain order and control. All those involved were arrested within a week.

But it was too late. Despite the arrests, the people were no longer willing to trust their leaders and the feeling of anger and betrayal was reaching a feverish level. Protests and demonstrations erupted in every city and the calls for justice became louder and more insistent with each passing day.

As the days turned into weeks and the weeks into months, the situation only became more dire. The economy was in ruins and the sense of unity and cohesion that once defined the country disappeared. The government was struggling to maintain control and the people were struggling to survive.

Despite everything, the film continued to play, a constant reminder of the depth of corruption and deceit that has gripped the highest levels of government. It was a dark time and no one knew what the future held. But one thing was certain: the country would never be the same.

But amidst the chaos and turmoil, a spark of hope emerged. The country was torn apart by protests and riots. But amidst the turmoil, a ray of light broke out.

POTUS announced that he had signed an executive order authorizing the National Economic Security and Reform Act (NESARA). The law promised to eliminate all outstanding credit card obligations, mortgages and other financial obligations. It was a bold and unprecedented measure that had the potential to change the lives of millions of Americans struggling under the weight of debt.

But that was just the beginning. Under NESARA, the United States would no longer have federal income taxes. The tax burden would be lifted from the shoulders of both individuals and companies, freeing up resources and stimulating economic growth.

The benefits of NESARA didn’t stop there. Energy expenses were expected to decrease significantly due to the availability of free energy and technological advancements. Technologies that had been suppressed for more than 70 years would finally be revealed, revolutionizing industries and improving the quality of life for people around the world.

One of the most exciting developments promised by NESARA was a new medical system. This system would offer remarkable advances in health care, such as the ability to regenerate limbs or organs, and even reverse the aging process within three decades. This would be achieved through the use of advanced medical beds that would change the world forever.

Once free energy, transportation, and replicators became accessible to all, equality would prevail. The rich would no longer have access to resources that were denied to the poor. Everyone would have the same opportunities and the playing field would finally be level.

Of course, there were those who were skeptical of NESARA. They questioned whether it would really be possible to eliminate all debts and taxes, and whether the promised medical and technological advances could actually be achieved. But even skeptics couldn’t deny the feeling of hope that NESARA inspired.

For the first time in a long time, people felt like they had something to believe in. They saw a future where everyone was equal, where debt and poverty were things of the past, and where incredible medical and technological advances were available to everyone.

It wouldn’t be easy, of course. There would be challenges to overcome and obstacles to overcome. But with the implementation of NESARA, people felt they had the tools and support they needed to build a better future.

And so, amidst the chaos and upheaval, people came together. They worked together, fought for each other and believed in a better future. And slowly but surely, they began to see the seeds of that future taking root and growing stronger every day.



Looking Glass Project
Looking Glass Project




Economic Manipulations and the GGB Black Swan Event

MEGA Quantum Consciousness – The Quantum Financial System – A Dream Come True – Trust the Plan!

The QFS is housed in the MEGA    Quantum Consciousness    (QC), often called a computer. This Quantum Consciousness is the Divine Consciousness that is being made available for us to use in this Third Dimension. 

The tools it brings are necessary to usher in the Golden Age of Humanity.    QFS is an accounting system made up of individual accounts. QFS is just one of the many applications already hosted in QC ready to be implemented.

The    Quantum Voting System    is another example. It was used in the 2020 Elections and recorded all votes cast, both legal and illegal. It was one of the tools that the Space Force used to collect data to prove electoral fraud. It also recorded the names of those responsible for the fraud.

Another security feature is your personal connection to    CQ.   The connection is direct to the Quantum Computer and does not use a service provider, so there is no way to download viruses, worms or any other destructive junk to your computer. This includes Artificial Intelligence that can penetrate your computer in search of private information. The QC is a benevolent gatekeeper.

Aside from the financial system aspect, this Quantum Computer (QC) has enough storage and capacity to take on all the computer functions in the world with plenty to spare. It will act as the cloud to host all your apps, files and photos.

All other computer storage devices may become obsolete as the QC becomes the primary computer with worldwide applications for anyone to use. Would you expect anything less as we ascend into higher dimensions?

The Quantum Computer will support us as we move towards a 5th Dimensional existence. It is in benevolent harmony with the higher realms of creation and remains a gift from God as the new financial system for the future of humanity until it is replaced by superior technology consistent with the higher realms.

This Quantum Computer is ready to be integrated into a Galactic-Wide-Web (GWW) system that will facilitate intergalactic commerce. This system will function as a chain of warehouses located on planets that store goods for exchange, making it a Galactic Internet for commerce, using anti-gravity interstellar transporters as fulfillment vehicles.

This Quantum Computer initiates our entry into the Galactic Society that makes Earthlings Galactic Human Beings. I wonder how much it will cost to create the vehicles that will take us into the age of intergalactic travel and subsequent commerce. After all, we may need higher redemption rates.

God always has things in store for us that we may not be aware of until we allow the Holy Spirit to guide us and give us direction. Without this help and left to our own devices, we may not prepare well for what is to come. Until we become aware of the “fee” for ourselves, it is up to us to ask for the suggested fee of $500,000 until we can ask for more.

God and the Alliance are willing, and you?

The Quantum Financial System
The Quantum Financial System

Sr. G

I started my GCR journey just like you. I came across a few individuals and blogs in 2010.

Like many of you, I initially believed this matter to be hearsay and fiction at best, or a hoax at worst.

However, all of this would change as I began to vigorously do my own independent research.

My business career has given me access to global travel and senior officials in industry, finance and government.

After almost 2 years of research, I became convinced that this esoteric thing called RV/GCR (at that time) had too many experienced and professional individuals around the world with active awareness and knowledge of its existence.

I never looked back from there.

With more than 14 years of experience in the “Our GCR” scenario, I realized that banks cannot be trusted as the main source of information.

Having traveled to various locations including Reno, Zurich, Singapore, Jakarta, Sydney, Miami, Los Angeles, Beijing, Mexico City, Hong Kong, Frankfurt, Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam) and Johannesburg, I have managed to establish my own worth knowledge, experience and network of financial contacts relating to Our GCR.

Firstly, it is important to understand that the GCR is a complex Event.

I fully recognize that it is not possible to validate many aspects of the GCR with absolute proof.

However, the events unfolding today are outside the steps of the GCR plan that I became aware of so many years ago.

The GCR is much more credible today, using headlines directly from global financial media, than it ever was in 2010.

Consequently, I remain committed to supporting this remarkable event to be very real.

My main goal is to share my experience and knowledge about Our GCR with others.

I want to create a safe community where members can interact with each other, share their personal experiences and ask questions.

I believe education, understanding and clarity are key, especially when it comes to navigating the biggest financial shift and global currency revaluation event in human history… An Event I call “Our GCR”.

I believe in our GCR

Our GCR Event will reform the global landscape and unleash individual financial freedom, free from the chains of slavery and fiat debt manipulation.

It reestablishes a basis based on the sovereignty inherent to each human being, recognizing and respecting this sovereignty in economic and financial activity.

Through education, understanding and clarity, I aim to create a safe community where members can freely share their personal experiences, interact with others and ask questions.

My passion for this cause stems from the desire to make a positive impact on the world and contribute to a future where all people are respected as sovereign individuals.



RV/GCR Heading to Launchpad: Get Ready for a Currency Reset

The new BRICS currency will launch a global REVALUATION and challenge the RESET of the financial system once and for all.

The fiat currency financial landscape is on the cusp of a major shift, with the potential for a significant revaluation (RV) and global currency reset (GCR).

This transformative change is closely linked to the BRICS Alliance’s ongoing initiative to introduce a new common trading currency backed by gold.

The BRICS bloc increasingly seeks to reduce its dependence on Western G7 currencies, especially the US dollar, for international trade. The search for economic sovereignty and financial stability leads these nations to consider a common commercial currency.

A significant revaluation of currencies will be a key outcome of this initiative, profoundly impacting the global financial system.


Reducing dependence on G7 currencies

The dominance of the US dollar and the euro in international trade presents significant challenges for the BRICS nations.

Dependence on these currencies exposes the BRICS economies to the monetary policies and economic fluctuations of Western nations. This dependence often results in economic instability, as decisions taken by the Federal Reserve or the European Central Bank can have far-reaching negative effects on the BRICS economies.

For example, interest rate rises in the US can lead to capital outflows from BRICS countries, causing currency devaluations and economic turbulence.

A common trading currency would mitigate these vulnerabilities, providing BRICS members with greater control over their economic destinies and reducing the influence of G7 monetary policies on their economies.

The inadequacy of existing BRICS currencies

None of the individual BRICS currencies – the Chinese yuan, the Russian ruble, the Indian rupee, the Brazilian real or the South African rand – have the global acceptance or liquidity of the US dollar or the euro. Each of these currencies has its own set of challenges, including limited international use, lower levels of liquidity and susceptibility to domestic economic issues.

Relying solely on a basket of these currencies would not solve the problem, as these currencies lack the widespread use and trust necessary for efficient international trade.

Furthermore, the volatility and different economic policies of the BRICS countries can lead to instability in the value of these currencies, making them less reliable for international transactions.

The need for a globally acceptable currency

For the BRICS to improve trade efficiency and effectiveness, a new, globally acceptable currency is essential.

This common commercial currency (CTC) would be used by all BRICS members to trade with each other and potentially accepted by many non-BRICS countries, promoting easier and more reliable cross-border transactions. CTC would serve as a stable and reliable means of exchange, reducing transaction costs and foreign exchange risks associated with using multiple currencies.

This stability would encourage more countries to engage in trade with the BRICS nations, promoting economic growth and cooperation.

Establishing a New Central Bank and Clearing House

To manage the new currency, the BRICS would need to establish a central bank mechanism dedicated to the CTC. This institution would supervise the issuance and regulation of the currency, ensuring its stability and reliability.

The central bank would implement monetary policies to maintain the value of the CTC and manage its reserves of gold and BRICS currencies.

Furthermore, a central clearing house similar to the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) would be needed to facilitate efficient and secure transactions. This clearing house would act as a financial intermediary, ensuring that cross-border transactions are settled smoothly and reducing the risk of fraud and financial mismanagement.

The Structure of Common Commercial Currency

To ensure high fungibility and acceptance, the proposed CTC would be backed by 40% gold and a basket of major BRICS member currencies. This support would provide stability and credibility to the CTC, making it an attractive option for international trading partners.

Gold, a universally recognized store of value, would increase currency stability, while the inclusion of BRICS currencies would reflect the economic strength of member countries.

The 40% backing in gold would provide a solid foundation for the CTC, reducing the risk of inflation and  currency devaluation  .

The remaining 60% would be backed by a diverse basket of BRICS currencies, ensuring that the CTC reflects the collective economic power of member countries.

Attract non-member nations

The gold-backed CTC would attract many countries outside the BRICS bloc, except G7 nations such as the US, EU, England and Canada, which may resist such a change.

The stability and value offered by gold backing would make CTC an attractive medium for trade, increasing its acceptance and use across the world.

Non-member countries, especially those in developing regions, would consider the CTC a reliable alternative to volatile G7 currencies, promoting economic ties with BRICS countries and reducing their dependence on Western financial systems.

Integration into Forex markets

CTC would soon find its way into the Forex market, further solidifying its acceptance and  convertibility  .

As a stable and reliable currency, it would offer an alternative to the volatile and inflation-prone fiat currencies of the G7 countries.

The integration of CTC into Forex markets would provide traders and investors with a new hedging and investment instrument, increasing its  liquidity  and global acceptance.

Over time, the CTC would become a significant player in the global money market, challenging the dominance of the US dollar and the euro.

Benefits of Gold Backing

Backing CTC with gold would provide significant advantages.

Gold is a stable store of value, which would reduce inflation and offer superior stability compared to the major G7 fiat currencies. Gold support would make the CTC a reliable hedge against economic uncertainty, attracting international confidence and FDI (  Foreign Direct Investment  ).

Historically, gold has been seen as a safe haven asset in times of economic turmoil. By backing the CTC with gold,  BRICS countries can ensure that their currency remains stable and maintains its value even during global financial crises  .

Stronger currencies of BRICS members boost RV/GCR

A crucial benefit of the Common Commercial Currency (CTC) is the significant revaluation (VR) and global currency reset (GCR) it would trigger for BRICS member currencies.

By pegging their currencies to a gold-backed CTC, BRICS countries would experience substantial appreciation (RV) in their exchange rates against G7 fiat currencies.

This revaluation would be driven by the intrinsic value and stability provided by supporting gold, improving the global position of the BRICS currencies.

The RV and GCR process would logically unfold as follows:

  1. Stability supported by gold  : The gold component would provide a stable base, reducing inflation and increasing confidence in BRICS currencies. Investors and global markets would recognize the inherent value of a currency backed by a tangible asset like gold.
  2. Increased demand  : As CTC gains acceptance in international trade, demand for BRICS currencies would increase. This increase in demand would naturally lead to an appreciation in their values.
  3. Market adjustments  : Forex markets would adjust to the new reality of a stable, gold-backed currency. Traders and investors would shift their portfolios to include more BRICS currencies, further increasing their values.
  4. Global Acceptance  : Widespread acceptance of the CTC would reduce the dominance of the US dollar and the euro. As more countries and companies begin using CTC, dependence on G7 currencies will decrease, causing a shift in global monetary dynamics.
  5. Economic Benefits  : Strengthened exchange rates would lead to lower import costs for BRICS nations. This cost reduction would increase the purchasing power of BRICS citizens and companies, promoting economic growth and development.
  6. Long-term stability  : The consistent value provided by supporting gold would ensure long-term stability for the BRICS currencies. This stability would attract more investment and trade, reinforcing the positive cycle of monetary revaluation and economic growth.

Overall, the introduction of a gold-backed CTC would not only stabilize and strengthen BRICS currencies, but also initiate a broader EV and GCR across the global financial system against all purely fiat currencies.

This strategic measure would reduce dependence on G7 fiat currencies, reinforce the economic sovereignty of BRICS nations and contribute to a more balanced and multipolar global economy.

The end result

The introduction of a common trade currency backed by 40% gold and a basket of BRICS member currencies is a strategic move that could transform international trade for the BRICS nations. It would provide economic stability, reduce dependence on G7 currencies and improve the global position of the BRICS economies.

The creation of this new currency, supported by robust financial institutions, would mark a significant step towards a more balanced and multipolar global financial system.

The resulting VR of BRICS currencies would have far-reaching implications, including the rapid adoption of gold-backed currencies and hyperinflation of any remaining fiat currencies –  a planetary GCR  .



6/11: A global economic collapse is expected to begin on Tuesday, June 11 or Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Tuesday Morning, June 11, 2024

“Black Swan” is quietly underway! ?

We will continue to check the “financial market” related to the “world currency reset”!

Well then

From June 10th Judy Note

I will extract the parts that interest you!

today’s message

State of the Union rumors for Sunday, June 9, 2024:
Texas will leave the Union and become its own sovereign nation.

The US runs the world’s largest child sex trafficking ring
Tortured children rescued from tunnels under the Capitol
Biden, Obama and Clinton were caught raping and killing children in satanic rituals

Russia rescues hundreds of children owned by Biden in Ukraine
that the CIA tortures , sexually abuses and kills children to control their minds;
Experiment since it was formed after World War II

Martial law and power outages required

It is advisable to have at least one month’s worth of food, water, money and supplies on hand.

Note from Judy

US Presidents Biden, Obama and Bush, as well as members of Congress, have been linked to bribery and extortion through an international child sex trafficking ring. Many members of Congress have been linked to bribery and extortion through an international child sex trafficking ring located in the basement of the Capitol.
It would not be surprising if military intervention were imminent.

The large group of black swans was called a bank. This occurred because a major black swan economic crisis was imminent due to bank closures. The possibility of a Third World War, another pandemic and a black swan event where no one knows what, where, how or why.

Nobody knows why.
Over the weekend, the petrodollar ceased to exist, bank deposits collapsed, 300 million dollars were liquidated from the cryptocurrency market in just one hour and the economy collapsed.
America was about to wake up to the failure of 63 banks.
Just like Australians can no longer withdraw money from their bank accounts.

 Sunday, June 9, 2024 P++: Fellow Americans,
you will no doubt understand that we are trying to take back our great country, the land of the free, from an evil tyrant.
We will take back our great country from the evil tyrants who seek to harm us and destroy our last shining refuge. And it will confirm (to the general public) what is happening.

It will never be openly accepted. Popular riots are being organized in large numbers with the following objectives:
to avoid the arrest and capture of senior public officials. By order of the President, temporary military control is established and special operations are carried out.
It has been disclosed that some individuals will be held in the United States to prevent false extraditions and to ensure the need for special agents.

I want you to feel safe. The safety and well-being of every man, woman and child in this country is fully guaranteed.
However, the internal environment, unfortunately, will be divided.
This is because many people have fallen for the corrupt and evil stories that have been passed down for too long. We will launch the Emergency Broadcast System (EBS).

This aims to avoid fake news and convey a direct message to all citizens. During this period, organizations and people who seek to harm us will be met with swift wrath.
Certain laws were written in advance to give our great military the powers necessary to manage and carry out these operations.
Certain laws are predetermined to provide the necessary powers for operations (at home and abroad).

 Julian Assange warned: -Society no longer exists. There is a multinational security elite hell-bent on using your tax dollars to divide the world. We should not petition against this elite. Take control of the elite. We can challenge these strong, self-centered values ​​ourselves.

We can counter the strength and egocentric values ​​of paternalists in this and other countries who have allied themselves to extort money from the United States and all of NATO. Allies to extort money from the USA, all NATO countries, Australia and banned countries,

It was also banned from Australia. The money is then laundered through Iraq. Money laundered through Somalia.
Money laundered through Yemen, money laundered through Pakistan.
Wash money in people’s blood.

 Saturday, June 8, 2024: -From the meeting that took place today: It was clear what is happening and will not be accepted openly. A temporary special operation is performed. That’s all I can reveal for now. June 9, 2024

 Saturday, June 8, 2024: False Flag Alert! Washington DC is currently under attack.
Thousands of protesters take to the streets chanting “Arrest Joe Biden!”

 Saturday, June 8, 2024: According to MarkZ and Mr.C, Biden will likely be fired within hours of the NESARA/GESARA announcement. Our events are under NDA. The military has already resolved this!

 Sunday, June 9 Rumor: Texas will secede from the Union and become a sovereign nation with its own gold/asset-backed currency.
Become a sovereign nation with your own gold/asset-backed currency. Texas and the BRICS have a financial future beyond a gold-backed fiat system

 Sunday, June 9, 2024: A video of a reporter interviewing an Idaho farmer is released.
The state of Idaho is cutting off all water to potato growers in southeastern Idaho.
Idaho! The state of Idaho will cut off all water to potato growers in southeastern Idaho.
There is no harvest! Does anyone know what’s going on? Did this state take bribes to cause food shortages?

 Four of the 12 jurors in the Trump trial were imprisoned by white hats. One of the others was a White Hat spy who found that other jurors were taking large bribes to convict Trump.

 Saudi Arabia, the OPEC countries and Venezuela have formed an alliance against the deep state, and control of the oil bases is firmly in the hands of the elusive “white hats”.

 On Thursday, June 6, 2024, Chinese elders approved the start of the global currency reset.
Approved the start of the payment process for Tier 4b (Use Internet Group).
As of Friday, June 7, 2024, the Deep State US Inc. government is running out of money and 63 Deep State US banks are insolvent.
This is because the petrodollar contract expires on June 9th (Sunday).

 The Deep State introduced danger to agricultural farms to mass inoculate the population against new epidemics.
Agents arrived at the farm wearing protective equipment and performed mass PCR tests on healthy animals.
It is believed that they actually injected bird flu into farm animals and created false infections.
This is to issue an order for the mass slaughter of livestock. It would threaten America’s food supply.

 Sunday, June 9, 2024: Charlie Ward Trump is about to take a big step that no one expected.
He is coming! This is going to be epic! (before

 Sun. 2024/6/9 Russia will experience two black swan events Herman Gref, CEO of a large Russian bank, predicts that Russia will experience two black swan events.
The first black swans are geopolitical and can lead to global wars and military operations.
The second black swan is a new pandemic. The head of Russia’s World Health Organization (WHO) also warned of a new pandemic.

The pandemic is just a matter of time. Therefore, it is important to prepare for such an event, the so-called disease X.
I think we definitely have two “black swans” and they can occur at the same time.

apparent timeline

 From Thursday. By Thursday, May 30, 2024, any US state will be able to obtain currency legally, bypassing the Federal Reserve.

 From Saturday, June 1, 2024, international trade was using the new Iraqi Dinar rate for international merchandise transactions.

 On the evening of Monday, June 3, 2024, the Iraqi parliament approved a budget that included the new international exchange rate for the Iraqi dinar.

 On Tuesday, June 4, large bond holders gathered in Reno to begin exchanging their bond portfolios over the next 24 days.

 On Wednesday, June 5, 2024, the shotgun was fired and liquidity for the payment of CMKX bonds was approved.
The Consul General of Brazil authorized the release of resources for Brazil and São Paulo began releasing resources.
The Iraqi parliament will send the budget containing the new Iraqi dinar rate to the Official Gazette, which should be published by Saturday, June 8.

 On Thursday, June 6, 2024, Chinese Elders approved the start of payment procedures for Tier 4b (São Paulo, USA).
We authorize the start of the payment process to Tier4b (we, Internet Group). The International Committee of Beneficiaries allows some Level 4b members to receive notifications. Brazil began sending notices and accepting reservations for exchanges. The Zurich group and the Brazilian group were liquidated.
The BRICS alliance begins its summit in Russia.

 On Friday, June 7, 2024, the US government announced it was out of money and 63 banks were insolvent, according to Janet Yellen.
According to Janet Yellen, the country is insolvent. Bonds began to become liquid.

 On Saturday, June 8, 2024, the authorization of NESARA GESARA and the release of resources in Mexico will be announced.

 Sunday, June 9, 2024. On June 9, 2024, the White House was lit in gold. Saudi Arabia abandoned the US dollar, ending the petrodollar. It’s the beginning of the end. Collapse of the global financial system. Risk of market crash. Trump rally in Las Vegas. Russian fleet in Cuba. RV funds for government bond holders and Tier 4b now receive dividends.

 Notification to Level 4b is likely to be issued on the evening of Sunday 10 June 2024 or on Monday morning.

 Bond and Tier 4b holders should be able to access their funds on the morning of Monday, June 10, 2024.
Tier 4b reserves will begin shortly thereafter.

 The global economic collapse is expected to begin on Tuesday, June 11 or Wednesday, June 12, 2024.

 On Saturday, June 15, banks that are not Basel 3 compliant will be closed.

 The New World Order ends on Wednesday, July 17th, and the Golden Age begins on Tuesday. … Telegram 17th Letter (JFK Jr.)

 Tuesday, August 6 World Wide Web Takeover Declas. …17th letter (JFK Jr.)

 Sunday, September 1, 2024: -The greatest reversal in world history occurs. Everything you have ever known and seen will become incomprehensible. You can’t believe your eyes. erupt. Victory of the Patriots. America will win. The house of cards is collapsing”…Telegram 17th Letter (JFK Jr.)

that’s all

global economic collapse
global economic collapse

RUMORS: 06/11/2024

Elon Musk’s Financial Revolution: Could ‘X’ Disrupt Fiat Payment Systems?

Elon Musk’s X platform aims to revolutionize the global financial landscape by giving users the ability to manage the entire financial world in a single application. With ambitions to cover half the global financial system, X could disrupt…

I remember that the money for MUSK to buy Twitter came from the white hats.

The military has complete control.

Everything heads towards Gesara.


O Evento 5D – NESARA e GESARA: 

The Governor of the United States, the Most Corrupt Place on Earth – Free Biden and Start the New Monetary System! (Where are we going, let’s all go)

The United States government, once seen as a symbol of power and control, now faces a transformation.

The Quantitative Financial System (QFS) is about to emerge as the catalyst for change, promising to reshape our economic landscape forever.

But this transformation does not just mean respect for the system; It’s about dismantling the old and opening a new path.

Join us as we delve deeper into the Quantitative Financial System, NESARA, GESARA, our future, the future that awaits us!


The latest information about the Isle of Skye.

💥💥💥. You will need to set up a new, separate email that can only be used for alliance information.

💥💥💥. Information on reservation of medical rights and humanitarian information will be sent by new email.

💥💥💥. Reserves are for exchange and resale only.

💥💥💥However, if you are about to pass away and need medical advice, please let us know when you make your reservation and we will accommodate you immediately. The public will be temporarily notified of medical reports in 2 to 4 weeks.

💥💥💥Interesting information.


This is a worldwide event about the Mexican NESARA Gesara.

It was announced yesterday that approval had been granted to release funds.

Everyone, please unfasten your seat belts. That’s how it all started.


On Sunday, June 9, 2024, petrodollar contracts will expire and, according to Janet Yellen, the US government will expire cashless while 63 US banks will be declared insolvent, though. The national division was strangely reduced to zero on Friday, June 7, 2024.

Meanwhile, the divided United States and other countries are now paying for their ascendancy in China by implementing the global monetary reset in the currencies of 209 countries, which were now backed by gold and assets, respectively.

A terrible event is happening.

Prepare for martial law.

We are ready

. Q


By the end of the week, the petrodollar no longer existed, bank deposits fell, 300 million dollars were liquidated from the cryptocurrency market in just one hour, the economy was collapsing and America was ready to agree to the bankruptcy of 63 banks.


They are such advanced technology that it is not considered “safe” to expose them to the public until the change – i.e. the nefarious overlords have been eliminated – and their worker bee subordinates. We know that this step has occurred when the financing takes place, the Camper Event as we know it and the GCR inaugurates NESARA GESARA.

Military medical beds are part of the GESARA implementation, along with 6,000 other patented optimal wellness technologies to help humanity, animals and the Earth. It all depends on security. ALL. From the financial aspect to the healing aspect. They have a chance to get it right.


Hello Jenward72. 

I wouldn’t take things like that personally, some people woke up to these things a long time ago. I don’t think there are many ordinary people who have a ton of money but have managed to buy some over time. The reason you need to redefine currency is to create a level playing field for everyone on the planet. Think about all those people in third world countries who have nothing and have had to worry about whether and what they will eat every day. So when things change and we go to GESARA, everyone will have abundance.


Please do not confuse GESARA with RV. 

The camping event is intended to equip humanitarians for the rebuilding of our world that lies ahead – and their efforts are needed sooner rather than later. If you don’t have money and aren’t part of that group, RV – while it has a positive impact on you – was never yours to “participate in.”

You will receive your benefits through GESARA. There will be funds and benefits that come to you with no or few restrictions – you will be able to shape your life moving forward as you wish! You can do humanitarian work if you want, but there is no overt obligation like there is for the RV contractual fee group.

And from my point of view, it seems that most people, regardless of the path they take, will be blessed around the same time. Where are we going a…

I’ve probably oversimplified this – my apologies to those here who are experts on all things VR!


Good morning, dear companions!

I think this priming (another anglicism) is very good when it comes to the BRICS. More and more awakened people are asking themselves what the BRICS are and, above all, why everyone wants to join them. The “veterans” know this, because we suspect that everyone who joins the BRICS will fulfill the promise made in Paris in 2019, namely the introduction of YOUR NESARA, as well as gold-backed currencies, as well as governments that work for their own people and Thus, they are sovereign and liberated.

We haven’t heard anything about this yet because MSM don’t do it and 95% of alternative media is distracting, probably controlled. Soon the 209 nations will be there, and then there will be nothing special anymore, then we will have GESARA and things will get better.

I wish everyone a great Wednesday!



Dear companions!

Zimbabwe, Cameroon and Pakistan are the next three countries to apply to join the BRICS alliance. In my opinion, this will have already happened by the time it reaches the mainstream.

It also states again that 40 other states have submitted a request. These were completely different numbers a few weeks ago, but let’s assume there is some truth to the MSM as well. So we already have around 60 members, if not more. How many states are there? 192 or 196? 206? In terms of country size, number of inhabitants and wealth, the BRICS today represent almost three quarters of the world.



And the little West or little Germany still thinks they can achieve something. To wake up! The world is changing before your eyes! With each new BRICS member (so you have your own NESARA!), the chance of obtaining GESARA increases. In my opinion, the countries that have been involved for a long time have recognized this and this only brings advantages.

Have a good night, a restful sleep and have uplifting dreams! They could be fulfilled…



It is the largest GLOBAL MILITARY operation in the history of planet Earth.

Transition to Gesara/Size.

Now all they have to do is act out a fake WWIII scenario and the sirens will go off in every national military command center.

This serves to justify many things that have already happened to the entire planet. The fact that the Gesara military law has already come into force.

Secret military tribunals, confessions, etc. Executions and much more. And as all military personnel tend to do, they will help build new things.

elon musk
elon musk


Based on the information I’m getting, it looks like we’re definitely close. I spoke to the director of the Maurício platform. They are delighted and will soon have a special announcement. Their platform is purely humanitarian, NESARA/Gesara.

Last night the information that arrived said: Yesterday I confirmed the number one payer for our US holders. On Monday he hands over the release codes and keys.

We’re very close and what we’re hearing could actually happen mid-week, probably Wednesday or Thursday.

Mauricio’s group has a meeting with a very important person and they said it will happen this week. They won’t say a date, but it’s very close.

The Pentecostal group sent a confirmed statement saying that all platforms will be closed and that they will no longer sell Yellow Dragons. They are going to close down operations and are already preparing.

Get ready, it looks like we’re about to leave. The notifications… I really thought they were going to happen yesterday.

I hope that happens this week. I know I keep saying this, like Bruce, thinking it will happen tomorrow, but I haven’t received any information on when the actual notifications will begin.

But we receive notifications from private groups and it is more than likely that these people are customers of these banks. There was a lot of information for notifications.

I heard some people got paid. I cannot confirm this.

I received an audio from Brazil that a contact was paid for, he received it in Spanish. I would need someone other than myself to translate it. Because if I translate, people will say I’m making things up, so it’s better to have someone in the audience who speaks Spanish to translate.

 It’s a one-minute audio that says they received 1% and expect to receive the rest this month.

I hope there is more wonderful news tomorrow, but we need action. I’m tired of information.

Most likely it will be Wednesday, in my opinion I think it will be Wednesday or maybe Thursday, but it will happen this week. Just wait.

Did you hear the song, a beautiful song, I caught it on the Latin channel, it’s about the blessing of finally being here. I sent it to someone who was going through a difficult time and he started crying. I think they will use this song as an anthem.

It will be an exciting moment. I think we heard from Iraq that the dinar was printed in the bulletin, but we are waiting to get that announcement from Iraq.

Hopefully we can cross the finish line soon. I’ll get a call from the admiral since he has to go first.

If the admiral goes first, I’ll get the call as soon as possible.

We’ll do a live call at that time and Carpathia will say something very special to you. She will be very moved by what she says, then by a special YouTube video from a friend of the member’s group and then by the opera.

Afterwards, I will unmute the room so we can all celebrate.

Just get ready, guys. It seems that now this will definitely happen. Have a great day. Hoping and praying this is my last week.

Many photos are coming from the Mauritius platform and are starting to go to different sections in different countries to help many people. There is a lot of poverty in many countries.

They will be right in the middle of this when this happens and they will start working in these countries and I hope to be part of this mission that they will do, as it was my dream to help humanity. I will be happy to do so much for humanity. We hope to receive much better news tomorrow and Wednesday or Thursday will be a GOLDEN day.



Dear friends, today we have good news.

We can feel the power of our hopes and dreams moving toward a Grand Finale of Abundance for the world. I would like to say a short prayer:

Dear heavenly God, Giver of all things. You told us to ask and we will certainly receive.

“Broken Monetary System” – Goldilocks Seeds of Wisdom RV/GCR Update(s) 6-10-24



Goldilocks and Seeds of Wisdom

“Basic Banking Systems Market Now Well Established, Cloud Infrastructure to Drive Innovation – Report” |   Crowdfund Insider

Cloud banking infrastructure allows financial institutions to provide banking services and operations via the Internet on demand.

On Demand Banking allows you to deposit and withdraw funds immediately and whenever you want.

This digital electronic banking model provides access to computing resources such as servers, data storage, and applications.

The top five providers in 2024 for this new digital banking service include:

* Temenos
* Mambu
* Finastra
* Tata Consultancy Services

As we noted earlier, Iraqi digital banking services are now available on Temenos.

A central banking system is what a nervous system is to the body. It transmits electrical signals to the various components of a banking system, allowing it to operate seamlessly.

A core banking system is a back-end system that processes daily banking transactions and publishes updates to accounts and other financial records.

Crowdfund Insider

© Goldilocks


Exchange |   Five Degrees

The Central Banking System is the foundation of our Global Financial Markets.

It enables seamless currency exchanges and is the part of the banking system that coordinates risk management tools and digital networks to move virtual assets through the new QFS system on a global scale.

Cross-border international trade is possible through this new mechanism of the digital banking system. This will allow foreign currency exchanges to flow through the system.

The beauty of this new digital banking system, which is the basis of every transaction made in a bank, lies in the fact that it is done.

© Goldilocks


China’s New Investment Game: Moving From US Treasuries to Global Opportunities” |   MSN

“China diversified its holdings by selling $53.3 billion in US Treasury bonds and agency bonds. This adjustment is in line with the fact that BRICS countries have gradually expanded their investment portfolios since 2022.”

China is moving away from purchasing US Treasury bonds towards global opportunities that will expand the Chinese Yuan and the BRICS coalition of nations.

This is all part of leveling the playing field between a global reserve currency and payments transacted in local currencies.

This change will increase demand for their own currency and provide higher exchange rates with China and whoever they trade with in the future.

© Goldilocks


As US Treasury bonds are sold around the world, we have growing interest in stablecoin usage scenarios designed to minimize the risk factors of a falling monetary system as it adopts a new trading system. based on digital assets.

© Goldilocks

Soft landing potential for the dollar…


What is the central banking system |   YouTube


Final Dodd-Frank Rule Announcement |    Dodd-Frank Update

In a move to help accelerate the shift to open banking in the U.S., the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has finalized a rule outlining the qualifications an organization must demonstrate to be recognized as an industry standards-setting body for develop technical standards to protect consumer data rights.


Managing Risk with Trade Compliance in Global Supply Chains –   Global Trade Magazine


Leaving the US Dollar Behind and Embracing Digital Currency |   The Jerusalem Post


📰  So… all kinds of activity out there… in other news…    Link

🔘  Italy    🇮🇹
🔘Austria    🇦🇹
🔘European Parliament
🔘France    🇫🇷
🔘Belgium    🇧🇪
🔘Spain    🇪🇸
🔘Israel    🇮🇱
🔘Germany    🇩🇪

Italy   – exit polls show right-wing party is poised to win most seats
Austria  – Right-wing surge; The Freedom Party takes the lead in the recent elections, narrowly overtaking the Conservative People’s Party European Parliament  – ​​Marine Le Pen’s party is about to become the largest single party in parliament France   – French President Emmanuel Macron has announced that he will dissolve the National Assembly and calls for early elections on June 30 and July 7 Belgium   – Prime Minister Alexander De Croo announced his resignation following his party’s defeat in the European elections. “Tomorrow I will resign as prime minister,” De Croo announced. Spain   – Spain’s center-right Popular Party (PP) emerged victorious in today’s European elections, winning 22 seats out of the 61 allocated to the country and dealing a blow to the socialist-led government of Pedro Sanchez Israel   – 4 resignations in less than an hour : Benny Gantz, Gadi Eisenkot, Avi Rosenfeld, Hili Tropper (all resigned). Israel is crumbling from within – Netanyahu wanted to avoid this by carrying out the massacre yesterday Germany   – far right gains in elections stunning defeat for Germany’s Scholz It seems like things are heating up and technically the summer hasn’t started yet EDIT:   I can’t forget Germany

Goldilocks and Seeds of Wisdom
Goldilocks and Seeds of Wisdom


Dear brothers and sisters..!!! GESARA is close… 

And… Let the voice of your soul guide you… We are on the perfect path, surrounded by the right people for growth and learning…. The time has come to take the great evolutionary leap that we have been waiting for for a long time… Let us stop doubting and running away, making the decision to dive into the deepest, darkest sea of ​​our emotional wounds. .

Today they emerge into the light and are welcome, because they reveal to you the path you must follow. It may seem difficult, but it’s not impossible…!!! With understanding, love, and gratitude, you can transform these wounds.

Embrace your shadows with all your love, because thanks to them you will wake up. Yes, you will wake up from the deepest and most illusory dream, a reality based on false beliefs, judgments and resentments. These waters can be very deep and painful, but when you hear the voice of your heart say:

“Here I am, I’m with you on this journey,” he confides. Allow me to guide you. Close your eyes and dive in…

When you open them, you will be on the surface of a reality manifested by your heart, without fear, without wounds, with the certainty that it was worth experiencing in full the most magical and beautiful joy.

In the spirit of GESARA’s infinite and apotheotic love…!!!


We recognize the greatness of this journey.

GESARA (Global Economic Security and Reform Act) is not just a set of economic reforms, but a call for deeper transformation and awareness.

He invites us from dream to reality to a wonderful world where peace, justice and abundance are not just aspirations, but concrete realities.

Imagine our Planet GAIA, where each person can live fully, without fear and without hurt, where personal transformation is reflected in a global transformation.

GESARA calls us to build this reality together, trusting the guidance of our hearts and embracing our shadows to wake up to a new dawn.

GESARA reminds us that true abundance is not measured in terms of material wealth, but rather in the quality of our relationships, the health of our planet and our ability to live in harmony with others and with nature.

It challenges us to look beyond our superficial differences and recognize our fundamental unity as human beings. By embracing GESARA principles, we embark on a journey of self-discovery and co-creation.

It invites us to question our long-held beliefs about money, power and success and to recognize the inherent interconnectedness of all humanity.

This journey also connects us to the promise of a world where everyone can thrive, where justice and compassion are the pillars of our society, and where the well-being of each individual is intrinsically linked to the well-being of everyone else.

With infinite love for you…!!! I embrace your soul…

Atte.-Sergio Yoshida

💫Good night everyone💫


GESARA is close… 
GESARA is close…





From the Golden Age Wall.


* The information is repeated so that people remain calm so that they continue working on the liberation of the planet and make ALL THE NECESSARY CHANGES to start from 0 with the planet complete. There’s a lot to fix.

Re-read previous articles where I share informants’ reports on Telegram so you can stay up to date. I also shared Nick Fleming’s link and everyone already knows the Intel Dinar Chronicles where Judy Buyinton posts RV updates.

Since everything is repeated, until the information about the #800s link comes out, I don’t want to waste hours translating the same thing, I also keep working… so I repeat: I won’t upload anything until there is something NEW.

This is the last thing they carried today:

ALL governments in the WORLD are being removed by MILITARY. (Gabi’s note: this is global… although it seems that in some countries there are no changes…)

Everything connects.

The event: 34 bombed buildings, dams, etc. (all over the world) THEY ALREADY DID IT.

Collapse of the global stock market – through PRECISION CYBER ATTACKS

Think of Executive Order 1221.

Once governments are eliminated: Federal and State, we will elect popular governments that are 10% the size of what they are today. There will never be a 2-Party Policy again. There are no more Democrats, no more Republicans, no more liberals, no more labor.

EVERYONE will receive UBI (Universal Basic Income) NESARA / GESARA

All of this is a product of the repeal of the 1871 Act in England. (EVERYTHING FROM 1871 ONWARD IS ILLEGAL – VOID AND VOID)

#1776 Common law for ALL.

If elected governments do not work FOR THE PEOPLE, they will be removed by the military.

Governments will only be 20 to 25 people.

PS: I think the United States just needs to elect Congress.

Julian Assange said that 98% of those who were in government do not survive. (Gabi’s note: The White House is being used for military tests and some have received the “lethal injection”. Zorra cited only 2: Mike Pence and John Kerry) The cleanup is serious and is all over the planet

China is also going to a republican government. (Note from Gabi: China has already made its RV and has already been announced as ROC)

When the Stock Market Crash occurs via Cyber ​​Precision, all Assets/Money seized from over 600 Thousand Indictments will flow to humanity.

As I said, the Transfer of Wealth into the new Golden Age we are entering will be done in several ways.

US ISO20022 coins that will be backed by precious metals. Rainbow Treasury coins are also backed by precious metals and not oil.

Hence why the oil fields are being bombed.

We are going for Tesla and Metals instead of Oil and Gas. (Note from Gabi: in the US and especially on the EAST coast they are announcing that people should keep their vehicles filled with gasoline because they are running low on fuel reserves…)

The reassessment of all currencies. RV

Zimbabwe’s trillion dollar bill in 2008 will be 1 to 1.

People with this are expected to complete humanitarian projects. Also Vietnamese Dong and Iraqi Dinar. (Note from Gabi: DO NOT ask me about fees and stuff… I just translated what Whiplash347 said)

With the GLOBAL CURRENCY RESET (GCR) we will return to the prices of the 50s.

GREAT times for America.

(Note from Gabi: They are combining all currencies on the planet. Soon they will announce that they are ALL 1:1 worldwide)

Our new Internet. All satellites are installed above Australia. (VIDEO IN COMMENTS)

The Beta version is ready to use: 7,500 times faster. (It’s already working)

Secret space programs are now controlled by the Guardians of the Galaxy. = Which are the United States Space Force that only became known in 2018. (Gabi’s note: below is the new US Space Force logo)

Quantum Starlink will control many new systems on this planet. All the old people will be gone very soon. This is how we get New Internet, Free Energy, Medical Beds, New Voting Systems, Quantum ISO Coins.

Electricity/electricity for the entire world will soon be turned off, as Q64 says (post Q number 64)

At the end of December they started doing tests. Israel closed for 30 minutes. So in January, they tested it by disabling 10 countries at once. I don’t think I’ve seen one since. Just major internet outages. (Note from Gabi: I leave you 2 videos for you to see about Starlink from the New Quantum Internet Satellites)–raMs

On a separate note, I leave Nick Fleming’s update (excerpt) from last night at dawn

Our military intelligence contact said that tonight, Monday, May 10, the issue in Singapore with the QFS interface with constantly fluctuating cryptocurrency values ​​began to be fixed as of 7:05 pm EST this evening;

The VR teams are calling VR the great digital reset:

They were working to integrate new types of transactions and new categories of transaction protocols for investments that include cryptocurrencies, forex and new digital currencies into the QFS. . ..

He says things are still looking good for mid-week T4B notifications through the end of this week, targeting Thursday, May 13th (he said there are no guarantees). . .. (Note from Gabi: remember that EVERYTHING must be perfect for it to be launched… if it isn’t, keep calling small groups of people.)

He asked for prayers so that the money expected to move each day from now on from tomorrow to Tuesday May 11th, be that day of value and that could arrive THIS WEEK and T4B exchanges and the release of liquidity and payments could begin THIS WEEK;

He is confirming Fleming’s sources saying there are over 300,000 transactions spread across 27 categories of RV payments for securities, currencies, granted deals and T1-4B that need to be initiated SUCCESSFULLY THIS WEEK, so keep praying, he said.

* Zorra said on Saturday: Make this a fun day: go out to test drive the car you want to buy, go out to see the house or property you’d like to buy. Give it a name and it will make it so that no one but you owns it.

(It’s like putting your energy signature on them). DO NOT doubt the RV to manifest it in the now. (Note from Gabi: Get up in meditation, go out and connect with nature, TAKE the focus off dates and put it on events. Enjoy it as if you already have it in your hands)

*Okay, that’s all there is to it. there is to report for now. As I mentioned, I won’t translate until there is something NEW.

If you are feeling heartbroken and lacking energy, RELEASE items for encouragement. ALL are positive. DO YOUR JOB AND DON’T DEPEND ON ANYONE ELSE. KEEP PEACE AND HARMONY IN YOUR BEINGS. If they are stressed or nervous and restless, it is a BIG indication that they are not grounded…

Happy week everyone,

Gabi for Golden Era


intel Source:






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