Anchoring Heaven on Earth ♥ Highest Consciousness Everything

Anchoring Heaven on Earth  ♥ Highest Consciousness Everything

by Lisa Transcendence Brown
Author, WayShower, Light Embodiment & NEW Earth Physical Ascension Guide

Rainbow Rays
Aloha love family!

I’m sharing a recent photo of the magnificent rainbow rays coming through, accompanied by our interstellar Light BEing andaras for anchoring more magical amazingness too! ♥
Are you ready to be continually surprised now? You will be “shocked”, literally, at the amount of super kinetic, electromagnetic, amplified Quantum Photon Charging energy continually amping up everything!
We have been really anchoring and embedding the new galactic schematics in our physical body gridwork (and our Earth too!). Many releasing density from their bodies to walk/exist in higher dimensional frequency bandwidth, as the old matrix was held in the muscles/physical body structures and what kept each’s Quantum Field from expanding freely from within.Anchoring Heaven on Earth
These are Huge. These upgrades and re-gridding to these new/high codes are beyond anything we’ve experienced before. (As it always is). As the body drops density, it embeds new codes within the structures, re-working each’s system and how all functions here. This is a very physical process of integrating our Soul Galactic Highest Consciousness Energy into our body form. Our form constantly changing to adapt, with continual upgrades to accommodate more energy as we go. Our “old life” as we know it dramatically changes. How we exist so very much different than before. Honoring our own individual process first is beyond important. Everything else falls in place for us as we do. The physical world gets easier, yet nothing like it was. Energy, frequencies, vibrational everything dominates your life as you/we/all continually become ‘JUST ENERGY, PURE ENERGY” in physical form here.
We are completing the “Earth Experiment” phase of Ascension and transition further into the “Implementation Phase”. This implementation phase is not new, we’ve been doing this part for years, yet we’ve “kicked it up a notch/into high gear” compared to before. Now it is time for us to fully Implement these Galactic Realities into our physical one here.
I’m working on more newsletters to inspire, explain, support… I have to flow with the changes, transitions and how our physical work goes too. It’s sooooooo challenging to do the “work work” part the higher we go.
Now that more finally “get it” and actually step-up to embrace, invest in them selves fully, step-up to be an integral part, step-up to also support what we do freely more, realizing THIS IS OUR FUTURE now, the easier it is for all of us to anchor HEAVEN ON EARTH in our physical together. It’s beyond beautiful to observe as each pulls out/leaves the old program matrix and joins us “on the other side” of the veils. It’s party time loves! We worked hard for this. Pat yourself on the back and do a happy dance for these amazing high-vibing realities available to all who are ready and doing this with us too!
Galactic Soul Parties everywhere! Keep shining your light, raising your own vibration and doing whatever it takes to transcend, unify and BE MORE AWESOME LOVE again! ♥
Your energy is precious and so are you! ♥
Always, love, honor and respect you! ♥
This opens a portal for others to do this too! ♥Aloha Nui Loa from magical LeMUria,Source Energies, Kauai ♥Lisa and the Awesome Team! ♥


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